About the 100 Baby Challenge

Thank you for accompanying Cadence Sierra throughout the 21 single births, 26 sets of twins, 9 sets of triplets which contributed to 55 baby girls and 45 baby boys. It was an incredible journey which Cadence would not be able to make through without your support.This amazing journey would be undertaken by Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra.
To all readers, thank you for reading and following the 100 Baby Challenge, helping the site garner a total of 280,000 views and counting since it started!
Fun Facts about The Sierras:
  • Cadence is pronounced as KAY-DENCE
  • Mikolaj is originally a boy's name but I thought that it was a nice name for a girl. It means Victory of the People. Coincidentally, Mikolaj emerged victorious amongst all the Sierra daughters to take on the 100 Baby Challenge
  • Mikolaj is pronounced as MEEK-O-WHY
  • Do you know that Cadence had a rough and bad childhood?
  • Mikolaj had traits which totally did not suit the criteria of the heir of the 100 Baby Challenge, she was evil and mean-spirited while Cadence was family-oriented and loves big families.
For ideas and contributions, feel free to drop me a mail at cadencesierra@hotmail.com
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