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Cadence Sierra: Life after Challenge

With a heavy heart, Cadence picked up the phone and left the Sierras. She was sad but had to leave so that Mikolaj could be independent. "Hmm..where should I go?" Cadence dialled for the cab.
"Erm...Hello, This is Cadence Sierra speaking...I need a vacation. Any suggestion?" Cadence spoke.
"Oh! You have come to the right place. We have this new 3 in 1 package which brings you to Egypt, China and France at a irresistable price!" The person on the other side of the phone sounds enthusiastic.
"3 in 1 vacation? Sounds good! That shall be it!" Cadence was quick in her decision.
The cab came in 10 minutes, whisking her off to the first far flung country: China!
It was a bittersweet feeling for Cadence. Throughout her life, she has been attached to the 100 Baby Challenge. It was a lifetime opportunity for her to go on a break. She never had the time to go on a break, much less a vacation.
To her, taking time off to sip her favorite cup of coffee was a luxury to her. "A vacation?! Sounds totally unthinkable for Cadence Sierra!" She muttered and smiled as she waved a relucant goodbye to Appaloosa Plains where Mikolaj Sierra and her kids lived.
TA DA! The land of the Dragon: Shang Simla, China!
"Looks so majestic!" Cadence looked at the surroundings and saw a notice board.
"Lovely lovely koi in the pond!" She took a deep breath and breathe in the fresh air. This was the first time she could walk around and smell the roses without worries of the kids, the mundane housework and finding the next 100 Baby Challenge father.
China is the home of Martial Arts. Shang Simla is a peaceful community set near a mountainous area of China near the Great Wall. It was founded by a group of monks with an ethos of discipline and Martial Arts.
It is full of colorful flora, such as Chinese elms and cherry trees, growing on deep green hills.
"How nice! Swimming next to lotuses!" Cadence took a dip in the pool.
Amidst the peace and quiet, Cadence can't help but think of her kids and grandchildren's boisterous laughter and screams. It was all too quiet at Shang Simla, China.
Cadence had an interesting time exploring the stores and interacting with the friendly store keeper.
And Cadence finally saw a kid! She was having some withdrawals symptoms from being away from the 100 Baby Challenge. In Shang Simla, Sims will bow to each other when greeting, instead of shaking hands.
Cadence ordered her first plate of Chinese food: Chinese Dim Sum!
"Ahh...chopsticks! Where's my knife and fork?" Cadence was totally not used to the Shang Simla's way of eating.
Cadence laughed as she struggled with the pair of chopsticks. Bits of food kept falling through the chopsticks as Cadence could not hold and grip them the proper way.
It was an uphill task for Cadence to even bring food to her mouth!
"What an obedient child! Ahh...I miss those kids..." Cadence thought as she looked at the little Chinese girl.
"Rolling in the deep...You had my heart inside your hand...And you played it to the beat" Cadence sang as she cycled and explored the town.
She did cultural exchange with the locals...
as well as explorers....
She was recognised by this explorer as the legendary Cadence Sierra! Boy was she mighty pleased that she was recognised in Shang Simla, China!
She even learned some chinese phrases during her time there.
"Ni Hao Ma!" She spoke in jest. That means Hello in the Chinese language.
She went on a little adventure....
Which involved some wits...
...and strength...
"Oh my god! This is tough work! What am I getting myself into?" Cadence worked on the boulders.
Cadence wielding an axe, exchanging them for her usual milk bottles, mops, brooms and diapers.
Come on! Cadence! You are about to unravel a new treasure!
Hard work does pay off!
Cadence found the key to the treasure!
Another first for Cadence: The Fireworks! Fireworks can be bought at Shang Simla Market for 75 simoleons. Sims light them and watch fireworks displays.
"Ahh..I will have to bring back some for the kids! They would love this!" Cadence thought as she set off the fireworks.
"Amazing!!!" Cadence shrieked as she saw the spectacular display of fireworks.
She did not have enough and lighted up another one.
Cadence being Cadence, suddenly remembered a quote as she looked at the fireworks, "We are all like fireworks. We climb, shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart. But even if that time comes, let's not disappear like a firework, and continue to shine... forever..."
Fireworks were indeed the highlight of Cadence's tour at Shang Simla, China. She lighted fireworks on her last night at China to end her Shang Simla tour with a resounding boom!
Lovely display of fireworks from map view.
An awesome sight to behold!
Cadence spent the night travelling and finally reached her new destination: Al Simhara, Egypt: The Land of the Pharaohs.
It was dry and hot at Al Simhara. Everywhere was parched and a land of desert. Al Simhara is an ancient land built against a river, full of magic and mystery. It is a land of mummies, pyramids, and crocodiles. It is found in Egypt and features activities and items drawn from Egyptian culture. The name is a reference to the Sahara Desert of Egypt. This town features fully explorable tombs and hidden tombs, including famous Egyptian landmarks such as the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.
Best invention ever for travellers: Shower in a Can! Legendary adventurer Jared Jenkins created this product for adventurers who need a quick way to refresh themselves when returning to society. In a tense moment around a campfire, he learned it was also great for putting out fires.
Cadence getting the kick out of it using the Shower in a Can.
"This is perfect for babies!" Cadence washed her armpits.
Cadence seemingly the perfect person to endorse this product.
No matter how hard Cadence tried, she could never get the snake out from her amateur snake charming skills!
"Hello? Knock knock! Anyone there?" Cadence reached into the basket to check if the snake was sleeping.
"Ouch! That was a painful one!" Cadence was bitten by the disturbed snake.
Snake Charming in front of the Great Sphinx!
The seven wonders of the world: The majestic Pyramids! It was a great end of the Egypt tour to see the Pyramids in its full glory.
The last leg of the tour: Champs Les Sims, France. Champs Les Sims was settled towards the end of the Medieval period and has a rich history and culture. The town is modeled on rustic small towns in France and features activities and items that reflect French traditions. It has brick buildings and yellowish pastures. It is excellent grape-growing country, and has a strong sense of history about it.
Cadence taking a few silent moments at the wishing well.
"Hope to be back one day!" Cadence threw a coin into the wishing well.
Champs Les Sims, France offers the cultural elite some of the finer things in life. La Gallerie d'Art: Museum Catacombs was a place for Cadence to appreciate the finer side of life.
Cadence and her favorite piece of art.
It brought back many fond memories at Egypt.
She spent a good amount of time exploring the art museum.
It is never complete without a visit to the Champs Les Sims Nectary as France is the home to Nectar Making.
Cadence taking a sip of the famous nectar.
As Cadence was soon coming to the end of her whirlwind 9 days vacation, she was comtemplating lots of questions...where to stay, what to do for her rest of her life....
Cadence can't get enough of the nectar!
"Hmm...should I make nectar making as my income generating hobby? What should I do? Where should I go?" Cadence pondered as she was due to return from her vacation.

What will she do?


  1. What will she do? Enroll in the university and start a legacy.

  2. Oh and thanks for the memories for Candence and Mikolaj. It's really have been so much fun enjoying the stories straightforward and I will remember and still remember them cherishly. Kudos! xD

  3. Get married, have another couple of babies, live opposite or next to Mikolaj and have a vacation once every season. Good luck for the future !!!

  4. Loved it love it please follow my blog ill follow urs!


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