Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cadence Sierra's 100 Baby Challenge

Cadence Sierra, the predecessor of the 100 Baby Challenge completed the 100 Baby Challenge and passed on the baton to her daughter, Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra.
Read all about Cadence's amazing feat here:


  1. I love your kids.
    I am trying to do an 100 baby challenge but i had a husband and i just used him but i got to 15 babies but never 100

  2. i had a sim who had 17 children but between them all they had 3 dads.
    i am trying to have 100 but just after my sim had triplets my sims has stopped working so now i am in the process of fixing it and hoping that my family hasn't been deleted.

  3. I want to do something like this but not the challenge. I just want to have like 100 babies with one guy!

  4. Neat challenge! :) Quick question, though: I'd read your rules (for Cadence), and since you play on Epic, does/did she/you just wait all that time for her kids to reach a certain age before continuing on with her 100 baby goal, or did you two just have her baby/babies, then literally "Try for Baby" fairly soon after the birth?

  5. I've been thinking of doing my own 100 baby challenge! Can I use some of your Sims for it?


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