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Supernatural Moonlight: Fly Fairybaby 43 and 44!

"Hmm...Moonlight Falls...where werewolves..witches and all thing evil lurk...hur hur..." Mikolaj cackled in an evil tone. Having the evil trait, Moonlight Falls seemed to be the perfect town for her! With its misty waterfalls, deep forests and fog shrouded coves, Moonlight Falls casts a spell on all who enter. The town is known for its peculiar potions, made from the plants, gems and minerals unique to this quiet corner of the world. Some ingredients can only be found at night, but only the truly adventurous stay out after dark... some say its a whole different world under the moonlight.
The first stop that Mikolaj explored was La Shove Beach which almost look like a rocky coastline on the middle-east area of the suburb.
Little Alafia trying out the new toy in town: The Claw Machine Game! It delivers actual prizes (toys and sometimes simoleons, gems and other loot).
"Come on...abit more..abit more!..." Alafia really wanted the toy in the machine.
"1 more cm and you will be mine! Come on!" Alafia tried to control the claw machine.
"Grab hold of it! Tight!" Alafia held her breath as the claw went down to grab the toys.
"YES!! Yes! Hang in there..teddy!" Alafia watched the claw returned to the drop intently.
"NOOOOooooooo....I told you to hang in there!" Alafia was so disappointed that her teddy bear fell through the claws.
There goes her very first attempt at the Claw Machine Game.
Don't sulk! Alafia! It's not the end of the world!
"Hmmph! I'll conquer you one day!" Alafia said with resolute. "If only you could put the same amount of effort into your studies, you will be the top student in no time!" Mikolaj teased Alafia as she walked over to give the game a try.
Mikolaj aiming for the bag of money!
"That's a very big bag of simoleons!" Mikolaj's eye literally widened as she watched the claw moved. Alas! Mikolaj failed as well!
"Come here! Alafia! This is fun! Let's have a stone throwing competition!" Mikolaj picked up a stone and threw it as fast as she could.
"We will throw at the count of three....1......2..........3............!" Mikolaj shouted.
"I'm going to beat you to this, Mama!" Alafia laughed as she picked up a small stone. It was a great mother and daughter bonding session for both. Mikolaj should go on such trips with her kids on a more frequent basis!
As with other new towns, Mikolaj was busy checking out new hangout places at Moonlight Falls. She found a small cosy place called The Toadstool. The warm homey atmosphere of The Toadstool makes it a great place to unwind. Grab a rocking chair by the fire or take a seat on the upstairs balcony for a perfect people watching location.
A little girl was starstruck after spotting Mikolaj the five star celebrity at The Toadstool. Werewolves, fairies, witches and zombies may be a common sight at Moonlight Falls, celebrities like Mikolaj were a rare sighting.
Mikolaj turned on a mood light at The Toadstool and was amazed to find her skin turning blue. Does that mean that she was feeling blue?
She wasn't too bothered about it and checked out another new game: Smack a Gnome.
As the name suggests, it literally meant smacking the gnomes when their heads appear.
Mikolaj turned off the moodlight after the game and she was back to her normal skin.
Ahh! Mikolaj's favorite! The Red Velvet Lounge. While the Red Velvet Lounge might not look like much on the outside, this vampire lounge sits on prime real estate near the river, and is known as one of the more posh locales to enjoy some plasma or get down on the dance floor.
"Alcohol! Here I come!" Mikolaj was craving more some alcohol.
"Wow! Nicely decorated." Mikolaj was impressed at the Red Velvet lounge.
Unlike other lounges, there were no mixologists in sight. Mikolaj helped herself to the drinks.
The very first sighting of the Supernatural! A fairy!! Look at those intricate lovely wings!
She was actually a paparazzi, here to take some photos of Mikolaj.
Another fairy paparazzi! With his good looks and big rippling muscles, Mikolaj was totally memerised by him and was pretty determined to make him the father of Baby 43.
Mikolaj tried to draw attention to him by posing for him.
She also gave him an exclusive interview, her very first interview ever since her relocation to Moonlight Falls. How privileged!
Shadow on the other hand wasn't too excited with his first sightings of fairies at Moonlight Falls. "They are just normal sims with wings..that's all? What is so special?" He paid more attention to his drink.
"You are gorgeous, Mikolaj! My pleasure dancing with you!" The suave man introduced himself as Victor Bean, a paparazzi in Moonlight Falls. "You too! Are all male fairies as good looking as you?" Mikolaj giggled and blushed like a schoolgirl.
"So what other powers do fairies possess? I mean they can bestow gifts to others and carry special auras that increase their skills as well as the skills of those around them. What else, you guys seem powerful!" Mikolaj was really interested to find out more about fairies. She has heard about fairies in fairytales but had never meet them in real life, much less a hot and handsome one to boot! So meeting Victor was an eyeopener for Mikolaj.
"All fairies are great artists. They are wonderful painters, sculptors, singers, dancers and are great with musical instruments. Fairies have a special magical fairy power meter, just like some other supernatural beings. When fairies use auras, this will drain the fairy magic. The meter will be drained. But the meter will eventually be filled again, as time progresses." Victor explained. "Wow! Sounds so cool and magical!" Mikolaj was even more determined to have a fairy baby.
In the meantime, Shadow discover this mirror at the Red Velvet Lounge. It looked like the mirror in the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves where the evil stepmother would ask who was the fairest of them all!
It was a magic mirror! Spooky huh!
Shadow opted for a magical transformation and he started to float in the air! Magical indeed!
His outfit was magically changed into a spiffy blue suit. "WOW! This is what I call amazing! Not some wing like person!" Shadow looked at the mirror.
"Let me show you some fairy tricks and magic!" Victor took Mikolaj to a corner. "Okay! Definitely!" Mikolaj was really excited to see what tricks Victor had up his sleeves. 
"THE Cold Chatter...." Victor whispered in a mysterious tone and all of a sudden, Mikolaj seemed to be jolted from a cold faraway place.  
"Brrrr...Oh my..I see snow ski mountains....I am skiing.." Mikolaj felt a sudden chill. It was as if she was in winter wonderland.
"That's the cold chatter trick...sending you to the coldest of winters!" Victor explained while Mikolaj shivered in cold.
"Teeth chattering from cold? Now you know the true meaning of Cold Chatter!" Victor was proud of his fairy trick. "Snow..I see snow...please stop it! I'm dying from the frost and cold!" Mikolaj seemed to be suffering in her little summer dress.
Victor then stopped his fairy trick almost immediately. Then Mikolaj flared up,"You could have warned me earlier!" "But you wanted me to show you fairies tricks, isn't it? Fairy tricks have to be spontaneous and fun, not pre-empted!" Victor tried to find an excuse.
Victor almost immediately turned into a little fairy light and playfully pestered Mikolaj.
"What are you up to next?" Mikolaj looked at Victor who smiled cheekily.
"WOW! Firefly! Fairyfly!" Mikolaj was fascinated at Victor changing into a little fairy light.
Victor teased Mikolaj who was tickled with this fairy trick.
"You can't catch me!" Mikolaj made a funny face at Victor.
"BOOO!!" Mikolaj tried to blow the light off.
"TADA!" Victor transformed to his fairy form and gave Mikolaj the first peck on the lips. It was a magical and special fairy kiss.
That totally caught Mikolaj off guard and Mikolaj thought that it was a really sweet gesture.
After meeting Victor, Mikolaj was having fairy fever, she dreamt that she was a flying fairy with purple wings. Though she realise the fact that she cannot be a fairy due to her 100 Baby Challenge, the best that she could do was to dress like a little fairy. She had dreamy curls tied up into a loose side braid. She also wore a headbead adorned with precious stones.
With her fairy outfit, she looked every bit like a little fairy sans wings!
Little Melon playing with blocks.
Victor got along very well with the Sierra kids. This was him trying to show little vampire Alafia his fairy trick. He was doing the Hot Head trick where it will make a Sim's head heat up, blowing steam out their ears. The target may be singed.
Alafia was obviously too stunned for words with this hot head trick.
"Wow! Nice sky and lovely moonlight! What a great day to bask under the moonlight!" Mikolaj exclaimed as Victor and her dated at the Moonlight Point.
Moonlight Point made the perfect location for dating couples like them. It has a romantic setting and one might even catch sight of werewolves and witches in the moonlight!
"What other fairy tales and facts have you not shared with me? Victor, I'm considering to have a fairy" Mikolaj tested waters with Victor, she wanted to see if he was keen to be the father of Baby 43. "Fairies have the same basic needs as other Sims, but live five times longer with 100 days spent in Young Adult. You want to have a fairy baby with who?" Victor asked.
"With you! Oh my! I need alcohol right now!" Mikolaj said quickly and giggled. Her face blushed. "With me?!" Though Victor has expressed some liking to Mikolaj, he was taken aback by Mikolaj's straightforwardness. 
"You are the paparazzi, you would have known that I'm doing the 100 Baby you like to take up the challenge?" Mikolaj said as they relaxed by the beach.
"WOW! I'm so flattered and honoured to be part of the 100 Baby Challenge. Now, I get to be part of the action rather than always the reporter writing stories about you!" Victor agreed as Mikolaj and him gazed at the stars under the pale moonlight.
"Is that a wishing star?" Mikolaj's eyes brightened up and pointed to the vast blue sky.
"Yes, it is! Make a wish! Make a wish!" Victor said excitedly. Mikolaj closed her eyes and secretly wished that one day she would make it big as a renowned singer.
"Look Mikolaj! I can fly!" Victor showed Mikolaj more stunts. "I knew that long ago! All fairies can fly in stories!" Mikolaj was not impressed. Fairies can do a flying maneuver. This gives a big, fast boost to Fun, and using this just a few times can fill the meter.
"We can do the Aura of body and mind too!" Victor unleashed his powers. In
Aura of Body and Mind, Logic, Charisma, and Athletic performance are improved.
"Hmm! Still not impressed?" Victor was glowing green from the aura as Mikolaj admired the crescent moon.
"Ahh! Let's see...what about the Flight of Felicity?" Victor suggested. "What's that?" Mikolaj said not looking at Victor. "Instead of me flying, I can make you fly!" Victor answered.
With this sentence, Mikolaj answered really fast and said, "Really?!? You can make me fly? How? Now? Can you do it now!" Mikolaj always wanted to fly like a fairy.
In Flight of Felicity, the fairy will bless a Sim, allowing them to fly like a Fairy.
"This is incredible! I feel so powerful and light now!" Mikolaj took a good look at herself.
Flight of Felicity makes normal Sims float above the ground and move at the same increased speed as a Fairy. "Can I really fly now?" Mikolaj was literally glowing in purple light, her favorite color!
"Of course you can, but let me remind you with greater power comes greater responsibility. Don't abuse it!" Victor whispered into Mikolaj's ears.
The two lovebirds hugged as the sun rised from the horizon.
Mikolaj found a new place to woohoo: The Gypsy Caravan.
Mikolaj scored another new high by making Baby 43 in the caravan.
After showing Mikolaj the fairy tricks and bestowing Mikolaj the flight of felicity, Victor has almost depleted all his fairy energy, it was time for him to recharge at the fairy house. A fairy house cannot be seen as it is a rabbit hole and it is a "very-all-purpose object." This small house looks like a letterbox, but is in reality a house for little fairies! Both toddlers and elderly can hide themselves, party all night or sleep in this house. The fairy house allows fairies to go in and satisfy some of their more everyday needs. They can even throw a Fairy House Party inside with some of their friends. Fairies can demonstrate their ability to tranform into a smaller form and enter these homes. Inside, they can drink Pollen Punch, which fills a bit of hunger and can give a 2h +50 moodlet. Not as good as a meal, though it is a bonus.
Baby 38 Shadow Sierra all grown into a fine young man and ready to soar out of the Sierras. This was him taking a last look at his childhood home.
Mikolaj trying out her new bestowed flying skills after soaking at the hot tub.
"Gosh! This is amazing! This is totally amazing!" Mikolaj flew around the Sierras.
"Flying and floating around feels great! A fairy life seem to be quite good!" Mikolaj was envious of fairies.
Baby 42 Dreamer Sierra celebrated her birthday! She looked very adorable with straight hair and green eyes.
"I hope my baby will turn out to be a fairy baby!" Mikolaj smiled at her tummy as she tend to the garden. All Fairies have the Green Thumb trait. They love gardening and have a special relationship with plants. Mikolaj really hoped that she would have an adorable baby fairy!
Two Fairies would naturally have a Fairy Baby, but any other combination leaves a 50% chance the offspring will be a Fairy, so Mikolaj has to keep her fingers crossed.
Victor was a sweet challenge father, he wanted Mikolaj to rest more during her pregnancy, so he would often drop by to help take care of the Sierras kids. Look at the well defined muscles when he carried little Melon.
A future doting father in the makings!  
They aren't called twins for nothing! Check out the striking resemblance in their actions!
The twins enjoyed their baby food heartily.
Being a vampire meant that little Alafia was very active in the wee hours of the morning.
Baby is coming!
"ARGH!!! Can it just fly out like now!!!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy and rushed to the hospital.
It was another set of multi-gendered twins! Welcome big brother, Baby 43 Nikolas Sierra(Thanks to Leah Smith!)
Victor carrying little sister, Baby 44 Siri Sierra (Thanks to Hannah Sclimenti!) It was not known if they have inherited Victor's fairy genes as baby fairies do not have wings. Time will only tell when they grow into little toddlers!
Check out the next post to see if they are little fairy babies with little cute wings!
Update: Unfortunately, the game crashed and my game was running really slow. Therefore, Mikolaj's journey to 100 babies was cut short abruptly. If any readers is interested to continue Mikolaj's journey, do let me know! It need not be the 100 baby challenge. It can be her journey towards a Superstar - something she yearned for.  


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