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Preparing for The Sims 3 Supernatural: Baby 42!!

A cute Aviator Snow Cap from stargirl18! Thank you!
Thank you Kylierose19 for the lovely Lustrous Lucky Fish Tank. It did brighten up the Sierra's home!
Thank you Sissy150 for the cool The Straw Boater with a Choppy Hairstyle for Boys!
"I miss this home....Bro... I don't want to leave..." Penny said with a perpetual woeful look on her face.
"Me neither..." Dime took a last look at the house before he officially becomes a young adult.
Within minutes, Baby 36 Penny Sierra was all "transformed" into a young adult and all ready for her life outside the Sierras. As much as she was relucant to leave, she was eagerly awaiting to see the outside world. Dime and her has decided to shift to the bustling town: Bridgeport.
Baby 37 Dime Sierra with an explosive head of hair as a young adult. Both twin sister and brother had the tiniest eyes and the biggest nose.
Little adorable Alafia drinking from the bottle.
Being a little vampire toddler meant that she was really active in the night which totally wrecked Mikolaj's timetable. She was constantly kept awake by Alafia's cries and feeds in the middle of the night.
Stress and little sleep got the better of her as she broke down trying to juggle her career and kids. It has been a long time since she has performed her last gig or even sang. She simply has no time for that!
Mikolaj's solution to stress? She decided to snip off her long locks and opted for a fresh japanese school girl look. 
The Sierra kids are trained from young to help round the house.
Shadow doing a great job in cleaning the milk spill left by his little sister, Alafia.
"Am I seeing things? Am I going mad or hysterical?" Mikolaj was feeling giddy as she tried to compose herself. She rubbed her eyes and did a double take as she thought she saw a blue floating ghost at the Sierras.
She walked closer to the ghostly figure and tried to grab hold of it. "Eh? Gone? Mikolaj, you must be going crazy. You need a break!!" Mikolaj was very sure that her eyes were playing tricks on her.
"Oh my! Mikolaj! Poor you, what are you doing here like a haggard housewife and maid. You are meant for bigger things like going onto the glitzy stage and performing for the masses! What is a five star celebrity doing here? All holed up at home?" Mikolaj seemed to be really depressed and having withdrawal symptoms from not singing and advancing in her singer career.
Little Shadow can't get to sleep even though he had been lying in bed for a long time.
Counting sheep and reading tons of bedtime stories did not help a single bit. He had million of thoughts in his mind. "Teenageeeeee....hooooooddd...mmmm....puberty..girls...homework..graduation...high school.." Tons of thoughts preoccupied the little mind of Shadow, so much so that it badly affected his sleep.
"The D-day has arrived..." Shadow muttered as he made his way down the double decker bed. Just look at his sullen face and one could tell that he was totally dreading teenagehood.
Oh! Give a little smile! Teenage life isn't so bad! Baby 38 Shadow Sierra smiled weakly for the camera as he transited into teenagehood. He had huge ears and crystal clear puppy eyes.
More celebrations in the house! Baby 39 Alafia Sierra grew up into an adorable little girl with a round face and much pinchable cheeks!
As Shadow grew into a teenager, he realised his passion in cooking. He started off by frying simple food on the fryer. "Please don't make it burnt! Please!" Shadow was keeping his fingers crossed on his fried turkey stick.
Aha! Shadow's finished product: A yummy plate of fried turkey stick!
A cool chic rocker look for Baby 40 Carnelian Sierra! He looked mega cute with Mikolaj's purple eyes and pink-purple hair from his father. It was a great combination and one would definitely concur Carnelian as one of the cutest toddlers that Mikolaj has produced thus far!
Crawl! Carnelian! Crawl!
It was an interesting sight at the Sierras with Mickey the dog on fours and Carnelian the toddlers on fours too! Who will win in this crawling competition?
Twin sister Baby 41 Melon Sierra gotten most of the Sierra genetics and looked completely different from her twin brother, Carnelian.
"A kiss for my little darling Alafia!" Mikolaj gave Alafia a peck on the forehead. "I love you Mummy!" Alafia smiled.
Daughters are such angels sent from above to fill a mother's heart with never ending love. How true is that for Mikolaj and Alafia.
Cadence would have been so pleased to see such a heartwarming sight.
"Not again?!" Mikolaj was very sure she saw the floating blue ghost lurking round the corners.
"I can't be that deprived of sleep to hallucinate right?" Mikolaj was very sure she had enough sleep and wasn't seeing things.
"HEY BUDDY!! STOP HIDING AND come out NOW! PRONTO!!" Mikolaj totally blew her top when she knew the ghost was playing games with her.
"Ermm....errmm...hi...." The blue ghost finally appeared after Mikolaj shouted for five minutes. "I knew it! You have been around for many days right? I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! You little devil!" Mikolaj confronted him.
"I'm sorry! I did not mean to! I had no choice!" The blue ghost said.
"What do you mean by you have no choice? Get out of my house. This is the Sierras! Get out of here! Please! Don't disturb us and this is no haunted house..don't scare my kids! We need our peace!" Mikolaj shooed him off outright.
"Oh please! Let me stay for a few days!" The blue ghost later introduced himself as Nami Hamilton. He was a new ghost which meant that he had just recently passed away and could not find his tomb and resting place. He had no choice but to lurk around. He was hydrophobic and died while drowning so he avoided most places with water. The Sierras seemed to be the best choice for him as it was kid friendly and there were no huge swimming pools. "PLEASE!!...Have a heart...let me stay...I promise I will leave when I find a resting place!" Nami pleaded with Mikolaj.
"Well..I also have a sister who drowned in the pool. She was the Baby 32 of my mother's 100 Baby Challenge and boy do I miss her so!" Mikolaj and Nami huddled with each other to seek comfort.
"Aww....hush hush! Don't cry..." Nami comforted him as she cried on his shoulder.
"Tell you what..I will allow you to stay for a few days on one condition: Be the father of Baby 42." Mikolaj request from the puzzled Nami who have not heard about the 100 Baby Challenge. Mikolaj proceeded to explain the rules of the challenge and Nami immediately agreed.
"Argh! Having a ghost baby is really straining on the bladder!" Mikolaj was feeling weird in the tummy in her first trimester.
"Ah! Please don't lose it on me! Wetting my pants at this age is not funny!" Mikolaj pressed on her bladder.
The impending arrival for the ghost baby was a perfect start for preparation for the Sims 3 Supernatural where we will be seeing some witches and werewolves.
Mikolaj hoped that the baby would be a ghost baby.
Though there might be chances that the baby would turn out looking normal.
Let's awaited with bated breath: The arrival of Baby 42! Drumrolls!
The apple of Daddy's eye: Baby 42 Dreamer Sierra! (Thanks to Hannah Le Clos Mitchell!) Mikolaj was slightly disappointed that the baby did not turn out to be ghost baby but nonetheless she was cute as a button!
Little Dreamer dreaming and sleeping soundly and safely in the strong arms of Daddy.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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