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Messages of Love: Baby 40 & 41!!

"Hmm..I think this is the Sierras? Am I right kitty?" An unknown purple haired tanned man (Thanks to tiggerwv!) scooped up Minnie the Sierra Cat as he looked at the unfamiliar surroundings. He had a hard time looking for the Sierras ever since they shifted from the Starlight Shores.
"This must be the Sierras! Even their cat has supernatural powers to fly! I must meet Mikolaj Sierra, the mother to be for 100 babies! Wow!" The dark skinned man marvelled at how Minnie the cat flew into the air.
"Supernatural powers? Who is this man?" Katniss laughed as she saw the man playing with Minnie.
"Meooooooooowwwwwwwwwww...." Minnie perched into an upright position in the air.
"You have purple fur just like me...well..i mean hair for me...!" The man told Minnie as she purred in response.
"Who's that?" Mikolaj heard his voice and went out to take a look. She was in the midst of cradling the newest addition to the Sierras, Alafia to sleep. "Hello there! I'm Chinensis Plantani. I finally found the Sierras! Why did you shift from the Starlight Shores? I thought your dream was to be the greatest star? I had a hard time looking for you!" Chinensis said.
"You were looking for me? I shifted back to Appaloosa Plains after giving birth to Alafia due to the umpteen crashing of the game! I decided that I could be a star anywhere! So it's okay! My star power won't diminish because of that!" Mikolaj was really confident.
"That's good! I am actually Chinensis, a messenger of love. I have been sent by your Mum, Cadence Sierra to tell you that she is fine and she would be sending a letter to you guys soon!" Chinensis said in a matter of fact tone. "MY MUM?!? WHERE IS SHE? TELL ME WHERE IS SHE?!?! I did not receive anything from her!!" Mikolaj became really excited and hyperactive when she heard news about Cadence.
"Relax..chill down!" Chinensis did not expect such a big reaction from Mikolaj. "Let me explain to you. I can't tell you her whereabouts but all I can say that she is happy and fine in whichever town she settled in. I am here to check out how you are and report to her. Her letter would come in soon in the next few days so hang on tight for it!" Chinensis explained slowly. "REALLY?!? I will be so grateful to you if I really get a letter from her! Tell you what, I will make you the father of Baby 40 if I do receive the letter. It's your reward for telling me the truth." Mikolaj's eyes widened as she listened to Chinensis intently. Chinensis nodded, smiled and left Mikolaj his namecard before leaving the Sierras.
"Whee!! Can't wait to hear from Mum!" Mikolaj had a happy makeover. She had bangs for her new look!
Check out her cheeky hot pants that screamed "Touch my butt!"
"Que Sera, Sera, Whatever will be, will be..The future's not ours, to see..Que Sera, Sera..What will be, will be.." Katniss sang as she planned her future. She wondered if she would be married one day.
Katniss clapped for her birthday!
Que Sera Sera!
Baby 34 Katniss Sierra as a young adult! She looked rather out of this world with her huge eyes!
Dime having a great time playing with his imaginary friend.
Primrose's turn to "transform"!
Baby 35 Primrose Sierra chopped off her locks to differentiate herself from twin sister Katniss. After all, they had the same hairstyle since birth to teenagehood. She felt liberated to be different from her even though they were going to live together.
"Goodbye! Everyone!" Katniss bade farewell to the home she grew up in.
Baby 39 Alafia Sierra as a little toddler. She looked really adorable with her little pink dress, hairband and pacifier. She was indeed a true blue vampire with her brightly lit eyes and the vampire mark on her neck.
"Come to Mama! Alafia!" Mikolaj called out to little Alafia.
More growth spurts at the Sierras! Baby 37 Dime Sierra grew up! He had the weirdest features with the tiniest eyes and biggest nose. His eyes were so smallest that one have to walk up close to see if he had eyes!
It was the same for twin sister, Baby 36 Penny Sierra. Her eyes were barely visible though she applied heaps of eyeliner on it. Both siblings had a distinctive look that resembled one another!
Baby 38 Shadow Sierra had the Sierra's pink blonde hair! He had a weird shaped pouty mouth.
Little Alafia whining for attention! She wants to sit on the baby swing but Mikolaj refused to relent. She did not want her to depend on the baby swing to sleep.
Look at those doeful eyes! Mikolaj eventually succumbed to it.
Penny working on her musical skills.
Little Shadow and Minnie were obviously impressed with it!
The strong and muscular Dime look like a mafia while carrying little Alafia. He was actually a big friendly giant at heart.
Mikolaj's heart skipped a beat when she saw mail in the mailbox. "Could it be Mum?" Mikolaj reached into the mailbox quickly.
"Bills, bills and more bills! Neverending!" Mikolaj complained as she paid her bills.
"Anything else for us? Ms Postwoman?" Mikolaj looked at her eagerly and sighed as she shook her head.
Mikolaj opened the mailbox with bated breath everyday, straight after the postman delivered the letters. One bright and fateful morning, Mikolaj saw a parcel and letter in the letterbox.
"Oh my gosh! I can feel butterflies in my stomach! My heart is beating like crazy! My god! FROM MUM!!! FRRRROOOOOOOOOOMMMMM MUMMMMMMM!" Mikolaj jumped and shriek with joy. Tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks as she saw the parcel.
She opened the letter and found a polaroid photo with the all familiar face: Cadence Sierra. Cadence was waving and saying hello in the photo. She looked radiant, refreshed and happy in the photos. Mikolaj kissed the photo and exclaimed, "MUM!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!" Cadence did not write much in the letter, there were only two lines and a link. "I am doing great! Hope you and the kids will like the presents!" and she ended off with
"Is that Mum's hint to me? What link is this? Is that her new blog!? Mikolaj immediately rushed to her desktop to look at the blog.
In Cadence's gift parcel were two of the most sought after gifts in the Sims world: Premium content Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer and the Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine.
"Ever the thoughtful Mum to give such practical gifts!" Mikolaj beamed with delight as she explored the new Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine.
"Wow! Instant ice cream? The kids would love this!" Mikolaj admired the new appliances.
Mikolaj fiddled with the machines all night and smiled sweetly at the thought of her Mum, Cadence.
Getting the Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer started!
Gifts of love from Mummy dearest made Mikolaj a happy little girl!
"Hmm..let's see..sugar...a little will do..." Mikolaj made ice-cream for the Sierra kids!
"Less sugar! The healthier choice!" Mikolaj was sounding more and more like a sensible and caring mother!
"THIS IS AMAZING! Looks delicious!" Mikolaj can't wait to get her hands on the ice cream.
"You are so right, Chinensis! My Mum finally wrote me a mail after disappearing after my Baby 30! Here's an ice-cream treat for you! You deserve it! I wonder where is she now? I hope she will update her blog real soon!" Mikolaj invited Chinensis for the makings of Baby 40.
"Just read her blog for more developments, that's all I can tell you!" Chinensis said while relishing his ice-cream treat.
"Yummy soft serve ice cream cone!" Chinensis praised Mikolaj.
"Of course! Made with love by Mikolaj using a gift of love from Cadence Sierra! Definitely the best ice cream in the world!" Mikolaj boasted as she tried her hand at making fried ice-cream.
"A round of applause for me and my Mum!" Mikolaj was totally immersed in her own lalaland.
"Almost done! Smells fantastic!" Mikolaj lifted the deep fryer.
Mikolaj was still very much fascinated with the new "toys".
"Perfect golden brown!" Mikolaj was proud of her first attempt at frying fried ice cream.
You will need sheer arm strength to climb up the pole while balancing a plate of fried ice cream.
Ever since Cadence send the parcels and wrote Mikolaj a letter, Mikolaj has been in very good spirits.
She literally had a smile plastered on her face all the time!
See what I mean? Smiling when she was eating!
Chinensis waited for Mikolaj to finish her fried ice cream. He played with little Alafia for a while.
Too cute for words!
"I'm hydrophobic, you know....." Chinensis was all jittery in the hot tub. "Oh come on! Just relax like this!" Mikolaj lifted her arms and rested on them.
"Like this?" Chinensis tried to follow suit but was very nervous about being in the water. He had a near drowning incident when he was about five years old and the incident had been haunting him since.
"Here, a little kiss to ease your nervousness!" Mikolaj gave him a peck on the cheek.
It's all about love! Messenger of love with messages of love!
Taking a breather!
Mikolaj feeling sick in the first trimester.
Getting bigger and bigger!
A picture of tranquil as she entered the third and final trimester.
Rubbing the face of Cadence and her tummy!
It was a little baby boy for Baby 40!! He had medium tanned skin and was named Carnelian Sierra! (Thanks to summersky!)
It was a pair of boy girl twins! Double the joy! Daddy's little girl, Baby 41 was named Melon Sierra! (Thanks to allstarcutie!)
It was no doubt that Melon is growing up to be Chinensis's favorite girl!
A floating Melon in the air! A little magician in the makings?
Mikolaj the wonderwoman with her newest pair of twins!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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  1. Great post! I can't wait to see what happens in Cadence's life and see Mikolaj continue her challenge. She's almost to baby 50!! ^_^

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  2. Thanks Hailey!! She's almost on her halfway mark!!

  3. Fun chapter! Hope you use my name suggestions :)
    Girls: Maria,Zoe,Zeffie,Zara and Johanna. Boys: Rory, Marty and Flint.

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  5. Hey there, a new reader and follower here.
    So I just started reading your challenge and omg, I love the feud between the twins, it's somewhat realistic yet at the same time unique. It's not often you see sibling rivalry get the best of both worlds.
    And I just wanted to let you know I too have started a 100 Baby Challenge, mostly because of how exciting it looks on your blog. Hopefully we can become friends! ^^

  6. Love the chapter., all the chapters!!! I cant wait for the next one!!!!

  7. Thanx for using my name suggestion! :D
    It's too bad Katniss and Primrose moved away, they were so cool.:( Alafia is also pretty, her name shows how mysterious she is,since it rhymes with 'mafia,' (that is, if I didn't mess up the pronunciation.?) Awesome post, cant wait 4 the next one! :)

  8. thank you so much for everyone's comments:)


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