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In the Arms of the Shadow: Baby 38!!

Thank you Springfairy556 for the BahHaus Fence! Useful to keep pesky paparazzi away from the Sierras!
A Baker Boy hairstyle from MissMessy221! Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge thus far.
A regal new look for Mikolaj!
Mikolaj putting in more effort to spend time with the kids.
And she was getting good at it!
What a huge difference between the old rebellious Mikolaj and the new Mikolaj. Though she was still far from Cadence's maternal ways, Mikolaj has taken a huge leap in attempts to be a good mother for her Sierra kids.
Baby 36 Penny Sierra as a toddler! She had green pasty skin with Mikolaj's pink-blond hair and purple eyes. Her features resembled her dwarf father and Mikolaj was relieved that she did not inherit his dwarf genetics though she had his facial features.
Baby 37 Dime Sierra, on the other hand was not so lucky. He grew up into a dwarf and was totally submerged in the ground when he grew up into a toddler!
This was him as a toddler with only the floating hair in sight! How scary can that be?
Mikolaj had no choice but to age him into a kid.
Baby 37 Dime Sierra as a child!
He had the roundest and biggest head making him lose his balance at time. He had short stumpy body just like his dad. His legs were non-existent! He also had a perpetual sad look on his face.
Katniss bawling at the high-chair as she waited patiently for her food. Don't you love her gorgeous blue big eyes?
Those eyes complemented her bright orange hair really well. She looked like a little angel, angelic and cute!
Watch this little angel transform into a little devil and monster as she lost her patience.
"Ahhh! NOOOOoooo" She screamed and whined with her limited vocabulary.
"OOOOOUTTTTTtttttT!" She wanted someone to pick her out of the high chair.
"AHHhhhhhhh....AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" She continued her screams and no one was in sight to entertain her.
Finally, Mikolaj served her the baby food which she immediately dipped her little fingers into.
Alas! Food does not seem to be to her Katniss's liking! She lifted up the huge bowl and sent it crashing to the floor!
Argh! Naughty Katniss!
"You shall stay here and keep quiet! Stay still!" Mikolaj picked her up and put her on the Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing. Katniss was really enthralled with the toy mobile on the swing.
Within minutes, she fell asleep and was back to her angelic self! It was as if the baby swing could tame her!
Amazing, the swing was a godsent for many busy parents like Mikolaj. Katniss's eyes were so huge that she could not close her eyes completely when she slept.
Little Genie Smurfy was helping Mikolaj with her household chores.
He could make the house sparkling clean with just a chant.
"Ah ha! Done! I'm done, Mum!" Smurfy told Mikolaj who was mighty pleased with his work. Everything in the house was spick and span including the dishes, laundry and dirty potty.
"Bro Loopsy, what did you eat to grow so tall? I want to be like you, tall and strong!" Poor little Dime does not realise that his dwarfness was in his genetics. "You can eat more steak! They make me strong, healthy and tall!" Loopsy adviced Dime. "Steak? Really? They will make me tall? I want to be tall like you! My friends are calling me Mr Potatohead! I really hate that!" Dime confided in Loopsy.
"Mr Potatohead? Ignore them! To me, you are my cute little brother! I love you!" The caring and kind Loopsy hugged Dime.
" sweet...." Mikolaj's heart melted at the heartwarming sight.
"I love you too, Bro Loopsy." Dime returned the family hug.
Definitely one of the heart-stirring moments of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
"Alazakam!" Smurfette loved being a genie girl.
Oh no! Poor Penny! Her heavy and big head was too huge for her little body, so heavy that she had to tilt her head while crawling.
The Sierra's cat, Minnie was mimicing the way little Penny was crawling.
Time for celebration!
It was Loopsy's birthday!
Baby 31 Loopsy Sierra grew up into a fine young teenager boy with refined features and looks. He had a pronounced chin which made him looked mature.
What was little Penny up to?
Playing hide and seek in the toybox!
She had so much fun in it!
"AAAah!" She shrieked as she found a toy car in the box. It was as if she found a treasure in the box!
"Clever girl! What have you got there?" Mikolaj praised her little daughter.
The weirdears duo were celebrating their birthdays! Baby 35 Primrose Sierra as a sweet little girl! She looked like a little princess as she adorned a little purple flower in her pink-blond hair. She wore a cute little yellow-pink dress that complemented her hair and skin colour very well.
Not to be outdone, Baby 34 Katniss Sierra also chose the same hairstyle as her twin sister. She wore a blue dress that matched her eye colour. She looked like a little Kewpie with those huge peepers!
Can the twin sisters get along?
Looking at their expressions, probably not! Sibling rivalry could be sensed even when they were little toddlers.
"Let's see who's better at singing karaoke!" Primrose looked at Katniss and challenged her.
Of all songs, they chose their favorite cartoon character, the Spongebob Squarepants song to sing! Mikolaj looked on as she watched the twins sang on the karaoke machine.
"Ohh... Who lives in a pineapple under the sea??" Katniss sang. "SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!" Primrose screamed into the microphone enthusiastically.
"Wow! Such singing prowess..Shall groom them into the Singing Twins! Marketable value!" Mikolaj had thoughts of grooming the good-looking twins into singers.
"Absorbant and yellow and porous is he! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!" Katniss shouted even louder than her twin sister. "If nautical nonsense be something you wish
"Great job girls! Great chemistry! Lovely vocals!" Mikolaj encouraged the girls.
"SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTSSSssssss!" The twins chimed and shouted into the microphone trying to outdo one another in terms of the voice level.
"Enough! Stop screaming and screeching into the microphone! You sound like a slaughtered crow!" Katniss insulted Primrose. "A slaughtered crow? You sound like a dead pig!" Primrose argued.
Before Mikolaj could interfere, the twins broke out into a fight!
"Aha! I won the fight! You weak ugly duckling!" Katniss was full of herself when she won.
"OUCCccchhhhhh...My back hurts!" Primrose whined to Mikolaj who berated her and said, "Stop girls! Stop it! Serve you right for hurting in the back!"
"Girls! Go back to your rooms now! I don't want any nonsense!" Mikolaj scolded them as Mickey the dog came to check out the commotion. The twins totally ignored Mikolaj's warnings and continued staring at each other.
Just when Mikolaj thought Primrose reached out to hug Katniss, another fight broke out! She was actually attacking her!
"Let's see who wins this time ROUND!" Primrose clenched her fists and pounced on her twin sister with all her might.
Mikolaj sighed as she looked at the catfight.
"Mickey! Be careful! Don't get hurt!" She was worried for Mickey's safety who inched forward to take a closer look.
"Who sounds like a slaughtering crow? WHO? WHO? Says who?" Primrose grabbed Katniss by the neck. This was one serious catfight!
"AAAAAAAHhhhhh!" Katniss was thrown to the ground by Primrose's sheer strength.
"Hmmph! Let's see if you would dare to lay another finger on me!" Primrose showed Katniss what she was made of.
"SCRAM! NOW!! And anyway, you sound like a freaking toad when you sang!" Primrose was evil with her words.
"How can you say that? You girls are twins, sisters and friends forever!" Mikolaj tried to knock some sense into Primrose.
"She insulted me first! I did not do anything!" Primrose retorted as Mikolaj continued scolding her as Katniss smirked in the background.
"Go and reflect on your wrongdoings now! Time out!" Mikolaj raised her hands as if she wanted to slap Primrose who immediately stepped back.
While Primrose was punished by standing in a corner, Katniss also got her round of scoldings from Mikolaj. Though Mikolaj wasn't as good as lecturing her kids compared to her Mum, Cadence, she was definitely improving. In the past, she would cheer and laugh if her kids fought.
Baby 31 Loopsy Sierra was all grown up and ready to spread his wings and fly out of the Sierras. All the best for your future endeavours, Loopsy!
"Argh! Craving for alcohol! Stop it! Mikolaj Sierra!" She was craving for alcohol badly and tried very hard to curb her alcoholic cravings.
"Eh? Ah?" Little Penny was all confused sitting on the floor.
The next morning, all bright and cheery, Mikolaj ran to meet the next father of her 100 Baby Challenge.
"Wow! A machine man and robot man indeed! Pardon me...but are you able to have kids?" Mikolaj paused and hesitated as she looked at the Robotic Man (Thanks to damon12!), as he has addressed himself in the email.
The Robotic Man totally ignored Mikolaj's question and instead was mesmerised by her beauty.
"Gosh! It's really you, Mikolaj Sierra! Flawless complexion, great skin, silky soft hair! Lovely eyes and perfect little mouth! Goddess of Beauty! Epitome of Superstar!" He clapped as he praised Mikolaj. "Well, that's what alot of people say of me!" Mikolaj laughed as she joked with the Robotic Man.
As part of the deal, Mikolaj agreed to perform a "You are Special" Sing-a-gram for the Robotic Man. It has been a long time since Mikolaj performed for some. The reason for this short hiatus was that Mikolaj wanted to spend more time with the kids.
"Surprise for you!" Mikolaj whipped out a tool which had fireworks sparkling in the background!
Mikolaj was a pro at it.
"A special song for a special someone like you!" Mikolaj said in the sweetest voice.
"Thank you! Thank you so much! It was great!" The Robotic Man hugged and thanked Mikolaj.
"Let's get down to business!" The robotic wasted no time while Mikolaj was still clad in her performing outfit.
A little warmup!
There they go! Baby 38! Woo! GO! GO! GO!
The stride of pride!
Mikolaj whistled and hummed all the way home.
She was definitely in good spirits!
"Mum! Could you please tell me how to grow tall? I really want to grow tall desperately! I have been teased incessantly in school and I can't stand it anymore! PLEASE?!" Dime pleaded with Mikolaj who felt gulity for giving birth to him. "Dime, let me explain to you. Everyone comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, you are special and unique. You don't have to bother about what people say or laugh about you. You are Dime Sierra and as Grandma always say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all Sierra kids are beautiful." Mikolaj tried to explain to Dime.
" don't understand, Mum. How it feels to be called Mr Potatohead all the time. You are a normal human being, unlike me." Dime said sadly.
Mikolaj's heart broke into a million of pieces when she heard this. She felt like she had done the wrong thing by choosing a dwarf as the father of the 100 Baby Challenge. "I can't even sit on the sofa like a normal person would..." Dime uttered softly.
"Did Dad look like me too? Why don't I have legs? And why does my twin sister look normal?" Dime had lots of question for Mikolaj. "You looked exactly like your father, Dime. Though he was a dwarf, he had a kind and caring heart just like you. That's the most important, my son. Even the prettiest or most handsome face can never win friends with an evil heart." Mikolaj commented as Dime listened and nodded.
"Will I ever get married one day? Will I marry a pretty bride one day?" Dime was practically sinking in the purple sofa as Mikolaj looked on, stunned.
"You will! You will marry a pretty bride one day! And you will be the happiest groom on earth, I promise!" Mikolaj assured Dime. The dwarf twins were having a good time interacting with Mikolaj.
"All you need is love, my son! With love, you can overcome everything." Mikolaj had this piece of advice for Dime.
"I'm even shorter than you, sis..." Dime compared his height with his twin sister, Penny.
The Penny and Dime twins!
"Argh! Morning sickness for the umpteeth time! Will there ever be any pregnancy without it?" Mikolaj was literally sick of morning sickness.
Mikolaj doing a projectile vomit. The sacrifices a Mum make for their baby...
"Stop acting like some studious girl, okay! You fako!" Katniss disturbed Primrose who was concentrating on her homework. Primrose totally ignored her twin sister as she knew that a fight would ensued if she retorted back.
Mikolaj missed Cadence so much that she put on Cadence's 100 Baby Challenge maternity tee for this pregnancy.
"With this shirt, Mum feels like she's here with me for this pregnancy." Mikolaj muttered under her breath. As the saying goes, you only cherish what you have until you lose them. How true for Mikolaj. She took Cadence for granted when she was still at the Sierras, expecting her to do the chores and take care of the kids on her behalf.
"What's that lump in your tummy, Mum?" Dime was curious about Mikolaj's pregnancy.
"Haha! It is not a lump! There's a baby growing inside. There's a life in it!" Mikolaj laughed. "Can I touch?" Dime reached out his hands and tried to rub Mikolaj's tummy but to no avail.
Wearing the maternity shirt that Cadence once wore for her 100 Baby Challenge made Mikolaj felt all important to carry on this 100 Baby Challenge legacy that her mother had passed to her. She was carrying the all important task of having 100 Sierra kids. Having Cadence's face on the shirt made Mikolaj more peaceful and less worried about the future.
"Mum, I have learnt how to predict the gender of the baby, can I try the chant on your baby? Please?" Smurfette was eager to use her new spell. "Try it on your little sister or brother? That's abit too risky! I can't take this chance.." Mikolaj said as she held her tummy.
"Just once? I swear I can predict the gender!" Smurfette pleaded with Mikolaj who shook her head.
Seeing that Smurfette was really disappointed, Mikolaj then suggested, "You may not be able to predict the gender of the baby but you can use your powers to magically clean me! I would gladly appreciate that!" "REALLY?!?" Smurfette's eyes immediately lit up and she "cleaned" Mikolaj promptly. She was glad that she was of some help in the house.  
"Mum..Baby...Mum..Baby...Mum, do  you know I'm having Baby 38?" Mikolaj rubbed her tummy as she looked at Cadence's image on her shirt.
"I know! I'll sing as I wait for the arrival of my baby!" Mikolaj suddenly entertained a thought.
"Attention everyone! Microphone please! Let's put your hands together and welcome Domestic Diva DaDa!" She pretended that she was on this imaginary stage.
"Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing, we're just one big family!" Mikolaj sang to the hit song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.
"It's our God-forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved...So I won't hesitate no more, no more! It cannot wait I'm sure...." Mikolaj was hoping that the baby would get some singing genes from her!
"Well open up your mind and see like me! Open up your plans and damn you're free!!" Mikolaj enjoyed herself so much that she almost forgotten that she was carrying a big tummy! She bended down and kneeled on the floor as if she was not pregnant.
The strenuous activty must have induced the birth!
"Oh my! The lump is coming out! Oh! I mean the baby is coming out! It's coming!" Dime was close to breakdown when he saw Mikolaj howling in pain.
"I can feel it coming! NOW!" Mikolaj grinded her teeth.
"SAVE ME! SOMEONE! SAVE ME!" Mikolaj's eyes widened.
"AHHH!! AHHH!! HELP!! PLEASE!" Mikolaj shrieked.
"OoooooooOOOOOOO!!!" It was definitely one of the most painful labour that Mikolaj has ever experienced.
"Are you okay? Mum? Ambulance is on the way!" Smurfy was concerned but Mikolaj was in such intense pain that she did not answer him.
"Where's Mummy?" Smurfy saw the magical sparkles in front of him.
It's a home birth! Baby 38 could not wait any longer and decided to arrive there and then.
Under everyone's blessings, the Sierras welcomed a bouncing baby boy with friendly and virtuoso traits! Those singing sessions that Mikolaj had did helped! Baby 38 was named Shadow Sierra.(Thanks to Alisha Blair!)  
"Welcome my dear little one!" Mikolaj whispered as she held on tightly to Baby 38 Shadow Sierra.
"You are Baby 38!" Mikolaj took a good look at her precious bundle.
It was as if Cadence was looking at Baby 38! Definitely safe in the arms of Grandma Cadence Sierra!
Baby Shadow winking at the Cadence's motif on the shirt!
Mikolaj ought to learn how to aim better! Poor Shadow had the bottle shoved at his chin!
Higher! Mikolaj! He's not getting the milk from the bottle like this!

The Sierras would like to thank each and everyone of you who has made the arrival of Baby 38 possible! Thank you!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Wow.... already at baby 38! Poor Dime as a tot.... how were you able to age him up if only his hair was visible??!
    I really like how you matched up Primrose and Katniss's hairstyles to their dresses, Primrose is so cute right now, but I do wonder how will look as a teen?
    I also like all the interesting new types of daddies you've had ever since starting the game with Mikolaj. The mummy daddy, the toy man, the genie, the robotic man, the dwarf man... very cool! :)
    You probably already have my name suggestions, but the way there was so many comments on the other site, I dont know if you found my suggestions:
    for girls: Kalliope, (Greek, meaning 'beautiful voice,) Rani, (Sanskrit, meaning 'queen,) and Esperance (Latin, meaning Hope.)
    for boys: Felix (latin, meaning 'happy'), Carnelian, and Seung, (Korean, meaning 'winning.)
    Hope you use one of them! :)

  2. WOW! Good job with this! :) LOVE the house they live in, where did you find it?

  3. I also tried it but one mother and one father. I stop at 38 when my game crashed...

  4. @Summer: Thanks for your name suggestions:) Glad u like my ideas in my challenge.

    @Bella: I use but modified bits of it.

    @Anon: Sorry to hear about that. That's why I kept saving my game...

  5. thanks for choosing to use the name!

    Alisha x

  6. Heyheyhey!!! I love your blog! Next baby should be named melon! Seems fitting for some reason ;p anyways where'd you get the baby outfits?

  7. @Alisha: I love your name suggestion!

    @Allstarcutie: Thank you! I get them from

  8. I likewise attempted it however one mother and one father. I stop at 38 when my diversion smashed... baby swing


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