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The Mystery Donor: Baby 39!!

The horse ride at the Sierras were amongst the hot favorites of the Sierra kids.
Grandma Cadence was so right to have the huge and expansive playground at the Sierras home.
Little orange-hair Katniss was having a perfect Sunday playing at the playground, without her twin sister Primrose, of course. The twins were always at loggerheads with one another.
A new look for Mikolaj. She looked so youthful with this sexy windswept hairstyle.
She put on a turquoise tight fitting dress which accentured her great figure. Mikolaj being Mikolaj, would definitely complete her look with matching shoes and accessories.
Little Smurfette was still going through her morning routine when she was due to grow into a teenager!
She let out a loud yawn. "Mum, I'll still in pyjamas! Can you wait for me to change to my dress?" Smurfette was conscious of her looks.
On the other hand, Smurfy can't be bothered.
He was still at the bedside as he excitedly usher in his teenhood.
Baby 33 Smurfette Sierra as a teenage genie. She looked gorgeous with those bewitching eyes and quirky heart prints on her cheeks.
Baby 32 Smurfy Sierra had the same skin, hair and eye color as his twin sister though they do not look alike in terms of features.
The first thing mischievious Smurfette did was to burn the party effect machine.
"Oh wow! It's a fire! A fire started!" Smurfette looked on nonchanantly, aware the trouble that she had created.
Fortunately, Smurfette is a genie and she was able to use her genie powers to put out the fire.
"Mali Mali Hoom! Hoom! OOOom!" Smurfette concentrated as she chanted.
"Ta da! I'm great!" Smurfette was so full of herself when she put out the fire before Mikolaj noticed.
Baby 38 Shadow Sierra in the most adorable cupcake hat when he grew into a toddler!
Judging from his pink brows, it was not difficult to tell that he had inherited the Sierra's pink-blond hair.
Mikolaj attending to Penny's needs.
Little Primrose Sierra clapping to the Happy Birthday song.
What a growth spurt it was! Baby 35 Primrose Sierra blossomed from a plain Jane to a pretty and attractive lady. She looked like a real life Barbie Doll with her heart-shaped face, perfect blue porcelain eyes, pink lipstick and coral blush that swept across her face. However, Primrose wished that she doesn't have such a wide forehead, she felt that it made her looked like an alien from outerspace!
Twin sister, Baby 34 Katniss Sierra has the same heart-shaped face and features though Katniss's eyes were much bigger. Primrose had a softer look compared to Katniss who looked fiercer perhaps due to her fiery orange-yellow hair. This was Katniss without make-up.
Check out the wonders of make-up, how it transforms a girl! Baby 34 Katniss Sierra with her false lashes, and warpaint on.
Sibling rivalry part 2! Seems like their childhood grudges were passed on to their teenhood.
They were competing at the mechanical bullride, to see who can last longer in the level 3 of the ride: The Crazy Cowgirl.
"Fall! Fall! Fall!! I will be crowned the Crazy Cowgirl of the Sierras!" Primrose stood firmly and confidently as Katniss nearly fell off the mechanical bull.
"Lousy...." Primrose uttered when Katniss was at the edge of the bull.
"YAHOO!! Who said I was lousy!! Watch me, SISTA!" Primrose managed to tame the mechanical bull!
Before Katniss could finish her sentence, the mechanical bull gave a big shove that sent her hanging on to her dear life.
"Aha hahaha! See? Told you so! Let's me show you what a real Crazy Cowgirl is made of! Real steel!" Primrose had a good laugh when Katniss fell with a loud thud.
Poor Katniss! All cross eyed from the shock of the fall.
"Hehehe! Hehe! Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall! Humpty Dumpty had a great fall! A great fall! Haha!" Primrose giggled.
"Stop laughing! I'm not Humpty Dumpty! Stop insulting me!" Katniss was furious.
"Let's see what you can do! I was on the bullride for 4 minutes and 58 secs! I will be watching you with my big eyes!" Katniss said.
"Woahhhhhhh....Go Primrose GOOOOO!" Primrose encouraged herself.
"Yyyyyyyyyyooooooouuuu can't loseeeeeeeeeeeee....." Primrose lost her balance as Katniss smirked.
"So who is calling who Humpty Dumpty?!" Katniss challenged Primrose.
"Wheee hoo!" Primrose shrieked as she sat calmly on the mechanical bullride.
In a split second, Primrose was lifted to the sky and fell badly onto the ground.
Instead of helping her twin sister, Katniss laughed and screamed, "HUMPTY DUMPTY! You were on the bullride for only 4 mins 12 seconds! You lost!" Katniss was so pleased over her win!
"Your face looked like an egg! High, round and smooth forehead! Just like an egg! What a befitting title! Humpty Dumpty! I'm the Crazy Cowgirl! Yesh!" Katniss pumped her fist in triumph.
"Stop being jealous of my pretty looks! Everyone knows that I AM prettier than you! So what if you won? Hmph!" Primrose was a sore loser.
Katniss was really sensitive when people comment on her looks. She always felt inferior because of her alien eyes and fiery hair. "Who says you are prettier? You think you are some Barbie Doll? Dream on, Humpty Dumpty! What a smooth forehead you have!" The duo broke into an argument.
"SHUT UP!! And stop your nonsense about Humpty Dumpty!" The bad tempered Primrose could not take it anymore and gave her twin sister a tight slap.
Katniss was speechless and seeing stars!
"You slapped me?!? I hate you! How I wish I don't have such a twin sister like you! You are my evil twin! I HATE YOU! You were the one who started this Humpty Dumpty crap!" Katniss was still stunned from the tight slap.
Primrose glared at her fiercely and Katniss gave her a "Talk to my Hand" gesture.
"I, KATNISS SIERRA hereby declare MS PRIMROSE SIERRA as my nemesis!" Katniss screamed into Primrose's face. "Fine! Anything! Fine! I accept this statement, PERFECTLY!" Primrose answered.
"What's the commotion, girls?" Mikolaj walked over to the fighting duo and shook her head.
"Mum, ask her. We are nemesis now. We can't talk." Primrose said.
"Shall we catch a movie The Hunger Games tonight? You girls are named after the characters! Shall we?" Mikolaj tried to bring the girls together.
"Not if she's going! I don't mind a movie with you, Mum!" Katniss said in a fit of anger.
"Me too!" Primrose clenched her teeth.
"Girls! Listen, you girls are not just sisters and siblings. You two are twins! Do you know how special is that? Both of you were in my womb at the same time and both of you shared this affinity to be together as twin sisters." Mikolaj explained. "Maybe we were already fighting for food and water inside your womb!" Katniss said in jest.
Mikolaj brushed it off and said, "Do you girls realise how precious is that? Sisters annoy, interfere, criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers. Understand what I'm saying? When you girl grow up, both of you will be living together. I want you to co-operate and look out for one another." Mikolaj sounded wise!
"I don't want to live with her! I don't want the newspaper headlines to be The Sierras Sisters Kills One Another!" Primrose whined at the prospect of living together with Katniss. "Neither do I!" Katniss shook her head in horror as Mikolaj sighed.
"You girls will get it one day! Sisters are like bras! Close to your heart and there for support all the time." Trust Mikolaj to say things like this! You will never catch Cadence saying such quirky things! The twins laughed but ignored each other and walked away.
"Goodbye my genie twins! Take care! Mummy loves you!" Mikolaj bade farewell.
Mikolaj looked fantastic in this new hairdo, suitting her to the tee.
"Awwwww...I will miss this house...I will miss you Mummy and my little siblings..." Smurfy said softly in a sentimental tone. He had a new feminine shoulder length hairdo. Mikolaj looked away and said, "We are just streets away! Come back and visit!" Mikolaj tried to sound chirpy to hide her sadness.
"ARGH! Which one to choose?!? Dilemma! How I wish Mum was here!" Mikolaj was really vexed as she looked through her emails. It was filled with tons of applications to be the next father of her 100 Baby Challenge.
"KATNISS SIERRA! CLEAN up after YOURSELF! I'm not your servant and there is no maid at the Sierras! Don't expect me to clean the dishes for you!" Primrose shouted and there was no reply.
"Whatever! Let your bowl of Mac and Cheese rot here for all I care!" Primrose rolled her eyes and proceeded to clean her own plate.
Katniss was actually having the time of her life enjoying a deluxe massage on the Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair.
Katniss was totally oblivious to the Primrose's voice while enjoying her foot massage.
"Looks really comfortable! Katniss!" Mikolaj was all ready to try the Sierra's gift: Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper.
"Wow! Looks hi-tech!" Mikolaj sat on the Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper.
Mikolaj set the sleepwaves to Oceanwaves so that she can hear oceanwaves while sleeping. How relaxing can that be?
The Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair was like the baby swing to teens and adults. Katniss slept like a baby when having the foot massage.
Little Dime's limbs grew out as the days went back.
He was no longer the little dwarf! Boy was he thrilled!
"I can now slide down stairs! Whee! YAY!" Dime was so happy with his new look.
Little Penny's head still tilted to one side as it was too heavy.
Dime was finally taller than his twin sister, Penny.
"Time to grow up, my sister." Dime hugged Penny. Mikolaj wished that Katniss and Primrose could be as loving as this set of twins.
Penny literally leaping into childhood.
Baby 36 Penny Sierra as a little girl. Her head was still bigger than normal!
Don't the twins, Penny and Dime looked alike?
They had the same perpetual sad and forlorn look on their look. Cheer up! Penny and Dime!
"Mystery Sperm Donor? Sounds interesting! Hmm..exciting!" Mikolaj was reading this news about what the hospital has to offer for mothers to be. It was a little procedure that the mother to be has to do to conceive. To Mikolaj, it seemed perfect and was the best shortcut to have Baby 39. There was also a surprise element for Mikolaj as she would not know who the father was until she gave birth. Being the adventurous lady she was, Mikolaj immediately signed up for the procedure.
"Wow! Amazing! I have really conceived!" Mikolaj was delighted that it was a quick and fuss free process.
No prizes for guessing whose genetics Katniss inherited! She has deep interest in mixology and Mikolaj found her dabbling with drinks late at night.
"Let's see..." Katniss took a sniff of the drink that she has mixed.
"BLEARGH! This is bad!" Katniss choked on her drink.
"GOsh!" Katniss puked out the contents.
"Wow! So bitter!" Katniss stuck out her tongue.  
"How would the baby look like? What will be the traits? Will he or she be dark or fair?" Lots of questions floated through Mikolaj's mind throughout this pregnancy as she has never seen the father. 
"AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Water has broken!" Mikolaj screamed and whined as she got ready for labour.
It was a precious little girl! She was slightly tanned with a cheeky smile. Welcome to the world, Baby 39 Alafia Sierra! (Thanks to Lani Kurland!) 
Mikolaj found out that the sperm donor was Floyd Mcmillan. Mikolaj did a little search on him and realised that he is a vampire! Will Alafia grow up to be one? Stay tuned!
Do check out the Simlish dictonary at http://learnsimlish.blogspot.com

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Best chapter in a while! I can't wait to see how Alafia turns out, i'm sure she will be gorgous! I'm really looking forward to the next post :D

  2. I have just finished reading both of your 100 Baby challenges. They are great. I am doing a 100 BC, though I am not a blogger. If you want you can use any of the males in my studio on the Sims 3 website. My screen name there is tiggerwv. I look forward to seeing how your newest baby challenge comes out. I do have one question though. When you shift to a new town, DO you loose all of the babies from your family tree, or do they stay there?

  3. Mystery Donor? WOW! How did u do that?! Is that possible on sims, or did u just not mention Mikolaj's meeting with Floyd?! Either way, that's neat! Hopefully Allafia wi;; look like Flyd so that we can find out how he looked like.... Primrose and Katniss look so unique, and they are absolutely stunning! ur sims always have unique but also perfect features...:)

  4. I love your blog so much!!!! I have an idea for a baby name.


    ~ makemeshine

  5. Hey!! I've been reading you and your mothers blog about the 100 baby challenge, and I've decided to do so myself my website is danabrownthe100babychallenge.wordpress.com my name is dana btw and my sim is Dana Brown

  6. hi i would like to know where you get the hair and dads please

  7. whee is your hairstyles from and the drawfs, gengies etc

  8. @Anon: Thank you for your kind comments!!

    @Tigger: I used your sim for baby 40 and 41!!

    @Summer: I made that up:) They actually met in the game but I left it out.

    @Anon: Thanks for your names!

    @Dana Brown: Will drop by to take a look! Have fun simming!

    @samantha: http://sims3inspiration.blogspot.com/

    @sky: Here u go: http://sims3inspiration.blogspot.com/


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