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Snow White and the.....2 Dwarves? Baby 36 & 37!!

A big thank you for kaylavarnell4736 for the four lovely gifts! Thanks for cheering up Mikolaj with the Sharper Sim's Super Sleeper!
As well as the Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair!
A cute Cupcake Head for the Sierra toddlers!
Another cool hairdo, Slanted Beret! Thank you so much for your generosity!
Thank you nedswife for the lovely and cosy Enchanting Faire Love Seat!
Baby 34 Katniss Sierra grew up! She has gotten Daddy's genes! Totally doll-like with her mega huge blue round eyes and orange brown hair! It might be too early to tell if she has inherited those huge weird ears from her father.
Baby 35 Primrose Sierra was the exactly opposite of her twin sister except for their identical round face and blue eye colour. She had the dominant Sierra genes with the pink-blonde hair.
Little Primrose sitting there, prim and proper, looking really sweet and adorable with her flushed rosy cheeks!
Mikolaj with a serious looking Smurfette.
This explained her seriousness! She had soiled her diapers. "Big business huh? Why so serious?" Mikolaj teased the toddler by clawing her. Mikolaj was a fun Mum like that.
"Argh! I don't want to grow up! I don't want to grow up! NOOOOOoooooooooo...." Tullula covered her ears as if it would help. It was all too late!
"No! Don't take away my teenage years! NOOOOooooo" Tullula shrieked as she grew up into a young adult.
"Do I still look good?" Tullula was really conscious of her looks.
"Of course! My dear girl. Mikolaj Sierra's daughter is defnitely gorgeous! I will miss you, my girl!" Mikolaj hugged Tullula tightly.
"I will miss you too, Mum! I'll keep a lookout for Grandma! I'll tell her that you miss her if I ever see her..." Tullula was a sensible lady.
Sensing some sibling rivalry here! Katniss was eyeing twin sister's blocks while playing on the xylophone.
Seems like the grass is always greener on the other side!
Cocoa embracing her last moments of her childhood on her favorite horse ride.
"Wah wooo!! Horsey..I love you!" Cocoa shrieked as she rode on the horse.
"Ready Cocoa? Let's go..." Cocoa had a unique way of prepping herself for teenhood.
"1.....2....." Magical sparkles filled the air and it was amazing against the background of the starlit sky.
"And.....3!" There was a magical transformation. Where's Cocoa?
"Aww...I can't ride on horse rides anymore..I have grown up......" Cocoa looked at the horse ride with sadness.
Baby 30 Cocoa Sierra as a teenage girl. It was very obvious that her favorite colour was green and the colour green complemented her eyes very well.
Cocoa was a kind and caring girl who suggested to Mikolaj that she could help out around the house, especially with the little ones in the house.
The genie twins garnered some attentions from the pets in the house. Mickey was really intrigued by her blue skin colour.
Why was Loopsy clapping?
Time for him to grow up!!
Asian looking Baby 31 Loopsy Sierra grew up! Though his features resembled his father, he had the purple eyes and pink-blond hair from Mikolaj.
Check out Mikolaj's expression!
Mikolaj's evil trait would act up when she was stressed.
Mikolaj was in desperate need for a makeover! She transformed into a sweet looking lady with this innocent braid hairdo.
An angel's face with a devil's hot body! Keep out! Caution! Hot Mama alert!
Mikolaj looked totally suited for the stage with this daring outfit.
Mikolaj trying to train Cocoa into a songbird.
Cocoa seems to be enjoying it!
One wonders if Mikolaj's taped up dress was safe?
It looked like it would split anytime!
Loopsy playing on the Sierra's new toy: Skeeball!
"Go in, go in!" Loopsy chanted as he threw the ball.
"Argh! Missed!" Loopsy slapped his forehead.
"Oh no!" Loopsy cried as he missed another ball.
The gutsy Cocoa has gotten Mikolaj's genes indeed. She has finally upgraded from riding her kiddy horse ride to the official mechanical bull ride!
This was Cocoa on the mechanical bull ride!
"WOoOOOOhaaaaa..." Cocoa screamed as she rode on the pink bull.
Watch out! Cocoa! Be careful!
"This is sooooooo thrilling!" Cocoa shouted in excitement as she managed to tame the bull.
"Here I come!" Cocoa cheered.
Oh no! Cocoa hanging for her dear life.
"Wow! That was a ride of my life! Oh my god! My horsey did not do this to me when I rode him!" Cocoa tried to stand upright but to no avail.
Cocoa looking very cross-eyed after the adventure ride.
"Mum, your outfit will break into pieces if you ride on the bull!" Cocoa jested as Mikolaj walked out to check out the commotion. Cocoa was shrieking way too loud when she was riding on the bull.
Smurfette getting her morning feed.
Tension was definitely sensed between the twins! Katniss eyeing Primrose with jealousy as she played with the blocks happily.
Katniss looked on as Primrose preened and smiled for the camera.
"Look here! Look here!" Cocoa called for the twins' attention as she took a photograph of them.
Baby 33 Smurfette Sierra looking great in pink and looking very much like a true blue genie!
"Mekka Lekka Hi Mekka Pekka..." Smurfette testing out her magic as she finally grew up into a child. Toddler genies do not have any powers.
Baby 32 Smurfy Sierra as a child!
It was really useful for Mikolaj to have the genie twins! They could clean the house and make it spotlessly clean with just a chant!
"Aaaaaaaaaalllla...Muhha..." With some concentration and wave of her hands, the Sierras' dirty toiletbowl, piles of dirty laundry, dirty dishes and floors were immediately cleaned!
Smurfette was very excited with her genie powers and tried to use them.
With a click of her fingers, a plate of angel cake immediately appeared on her hands! And it smells really good! Straight from the oven!
Smurfy on the other hand wasn't too keen to explore on his genie powers. "Stop using these powers, especially in school! People would think we are such showoffs!" Smurfy warned his twin sister.
"Whatever! I can choose to use the power whenever I wanted to! Who cares!" Smurfette retorted.
Mikolaj and Smurfette checking out the photobooth.
"Let's look at our photos, Smurfette!" Mikolaj retrieved the photo excitedly.
"So cute! Our silly photo!" Mikolaj took a look at the photo.
Check out their silly photos!
"Mummy?! Mum! Mum! Is that you?" Mikolaj ran as fast as she could when she saw a faint figure that looked like Cadence. She was out admiring the stars at night.
The faint figure that resembled Cadence did not turn back when Mikolaj cried out for her. It was the familiar bunned up hair and the trademark red and white outfit. Was it Cadence?
"Mum! I finally found you! I finally found you!" Mikolaj ran downslope to the faint figure standing in front of the sea.
"MUM!! Stop there! Wait for me! I miss you!" Mikolaj shouted as she approached the faint figure.
The faint figure disappeared as Mikolaj neared! Was it Mikolaj's hallucination?
"She's gone! Mum's gone! Where is Mum? Whereeeeeeeeeeeee?" Mikolaj cried.
"WHEREEEEEEEEEE AREEEEEEEEE YOUU?????? MUMMMMMMM......MYYY!" Mikolaj was crying badly.
Though she had promised Cadence not to cry, she really missed Cadence heaps.
"Mikolaj! Stop your crap! Stop it! Be strong for your kids!" Mikolaj wiped her tears.
"ARGHHHHHHHHH!!! MIKOLAJ SIERRA! Snap out of this!" She bellowed.
To relieve her stress, she decided to hop over to The Brightmore for some drinks to unwind. "What's that? A tuft of grass?" Mikolaj looked at the weird sight and walked out. She was more interested to get her drink and her skinny dip. Yes! Skinny dip!
The tuft of grass was actually a dwarf (Thanks to dannerro!) who had tripped over when he was getting out of the lift! Poor dwarf!
"Woohoo! No one in the house!" Mikolaj cheered at the opportunity to skinny dip.
Her eyes glinted and sparkled at the chance to skinny dip. She never had the chance to skinny dip at home as there were always kids in the house. And with her doing the 100 Baby Challenge, it was almost impossible to skinny dip at home.
"What's that??" Mikolaj saw something in the hot tub.
"Whatever!" Mikolaj ignored and continue to relax in the hot tub.
Mikolaj was so startled when she saw the dwarf coming out of the hot tub. She tried to maintain her composure.
"Oh wow! That's a very cool hairdo! I thought I saw something like that at the lift just now!" Mikolaj said in jest. " was me, being very clumsy again. I'm not called Clumsy for nothing!" He said in resignation.
"Clumsy? Interesting name!" Mikolaj wasn't exactly paying attention to the dwarf as she inspected her new pedicure.
"What?! The dwarf, Clumsy took my clothes?" Mikolaj was left with only a towel when she was finally done with the skinny dip.
"Argh! When did he ever did that?" Mikolaj was puzzled as she recalled what had happened.
"You evil dwarf! Clumsy! Took my clothes away? I hate you! Get away! You shorty!" Mikolaj shouted as Clumsy approached her. "What?! It wasn't me!" Clumsy totally denied.
"Get away! I said get away!" Mikolaj shooed him off.
"I must say you look quite good in a towel! Not everyone can pull off this look!" Clumsy complimented her.
Mikolaj being Mikolaj, was very flattered and pleased with her comments. "What slender legs you have!" Clumsy said as she shared the lift with Mikolaj. Poor Clumsy only reached the height of Mikolaj's hips.  
"What are you looking at?" Clumsy asked as Mikolaj walked towards the sea. "Looking for my mother..." Mikolaj's voice trailed away. She was hoping to spot Cadence again after sightings of her that fateful night. "Don't do anything silly! You look suicidal, especially in that towel of yours!" Clumsy commented.
"Here! A hug from the friendly dwarf, Clumsy!" Clumsy reached out to give Mikolaj a friendly hug.
"That's something new! Hugging a dwarf! So cute!" Mikolaj laughed. It was quite a funny sight to see!
"A bunch of beautiful flowers for Ms Mikolaj Sierra! Just beautiful as you!" Clumsy presented a bunch of purple flowers for Mikolaj.
"Purple?! How did you know my favorite colour was purple?!" Mikolaj was so surprised with Clumsy's gift.
"Fresh flowers for the most elegant lady in Starlight Shores! My honour knowing you!" Clumsy was a sweet talker and very good with his words.
Mikolaj looked like she was doing a photoshoot with this blissful expression amidst the background of the glistening sea.
Mikolaj and the "tuft of grass"!
What are you looking at, Clumsy?  
Hugging a dwarf can be quite an experience for Mikolaj!
Moreover, she was cladded in only a towel! Mikolaj decided to make Clumsy the father of Baby 36!
" do I actually kiss him?" Mikolaj puckered up her lips for the first kiss.
It was so romantic to be standing on the sandy beaches...
...with a little dwarf! Clumsy followed Mikolaj home and the rest is history. Sounds of the baby lullaby were heard at the Sierras.
To make space for the new baby, Cocoa decided to grow up and leave the Sierras.
"What will I upgrade to? From horse ride to bull ride to?" Cocoa was anticipating her future.
Cocoa as an adult!
Mikolaj missed skinny dipping in the hot tub. Now that she was pregnant, she could only settle for soaks in the shower tub.
Her stomach was so huge that she could not reach her feet!
Mikolaj all ready to pop!
Keep out! Caution! Baby on the way! The Sierras welcomed a bouncing new addition: Baby 36 Penny Sierra! She was a green little baby girl! Can't wait to see how she looked like when she grew older!
It was a multi-gendered twins! Girl-boy twins! Baby 37 Dime Sierra! (Thanks to Dawn Turner for the names!) It was an ingenious idea to name the twins Penny and Dime! Mikolaj hoped that with their names, they can live rich and luxurious lifestyles like tycoons!
Mikolaj was so expert in handling babies that she could carry Baby Dime like a shopping bag!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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