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Short and Sweet: Baby 34 & 35!!

Baby 32 Smurfy Sierra as a little genie boy! Looking cute as a button in blue and hazel brown floppy fringe!  
Baby 33 Smurfette Sierra looking exotic with her brown plaits! She was the female version of her twin brother, Smurfy.
The twin genie babies looked similar with their blue skin and brown hair. No signs of the Sierra's genetics of pink-blond hair and purple eyes!  
The only Sierra trait they possessed was that they loved playing with blocks just like many other Sierra kids.
Mikolaj going for a grunge and ragged look for this makeover.
Don't you think Mikolaj looks lovely and motherly with soft curls?
Growth spurt alert! Baby 28 Aerius Sierra grew up into a young sporty man with tanned skin and small cute beady brown eyes.
He was sad that he had to leave the Sierras, his childhood home ever since he was born.
"What?! There's news about Mum? Really?" Mikolaj was thrilled to bits when she heard there was news about Cadence.
"False alarm? Huh??!" Mikolaj has gotten a false alarm to sightings of Cadence.
"This is not funny! Stop playing such pranks!" Mikolaj was pissed by the false alarm.
Introducing Starlight Shores's latest resident, Mathew Weirdears (Thanks to toriapj11!). Just as his name described, he has weird ears as huge as pancakes and can hear every conversation in town! He landed on the Starlight Shores ready to embark on a Magician Career, definitely a career suitable for him! One can imagine the amount of props that he can fit into his ears!
"I heard you have been checking the whereabouts of your Mum, Cadence Sierra." Mathew introduced himself to Mikolaj. "Who are you and how do you know? Have you seen her?" Mikolaj asked. "I'm Mathew Weirdears and I can hear almost every conversation in town! And I hear you are doing the 100 Baby Challenge!" Mathew said. 
"Mathew Weirdears? Hmm..I can see that!" Mikolaj laughed. "At least my ears made you smile! That's something good! Fancy having a kid with huge and weird ears like me?" Mathew suggested and hinted his interest in the 100 Baby Challenge.
"You can hear everyone? Then can you hear what my Mum is doing now?" Mikolaj was curious to Mathew's claims that he could hear almost everyone. "She's too far away for me to hear anything, but I can try. Shall we try for a baby first? It might help in my hearing!" Mathew was totally out of the point.
"Fine, I don't mind a baby with such cute ears! They are pretty hilarious and kinda adorable!" Mikolaj and Mathew wasted no time in making the baby. "I hope the baby gets my genes!" Mathew smiled and turned to look at Mikolaj.
"Weirdears, weirdears, weirdears..." Mathew chanted with the background of the baby lullaby music.
"So does trying for a baby improves your hearing? Can you hear my Mum now?" Mikolaj said. "Sadly no...." Mathew said. "Then go away as far as you can..I don't want to see you anymore!" Mikolaj walked away dejected. She felt cheated by Mathew but the only good thing that came out of this was that she was pregnant with Baby 34.
Poor Tullula had a bad case of stomachache.
Baby 29 Tullula Sierra grew up into a gorgeous lady! She had the silkiest and smoothest hair, huge purple peepers with long lashes and a sweet pouty smile. She looked like a princess who had just stepped out from a fairy tale book!
Download her at
Tullula was really good with kids. Naturally her younger siblings stuck to her like bees to honey.
Who wouldn't love such a caring and loving sister like Tullula?
It was bedtime for little Loopsy but he seemed to have some difficulty falling asleep.
When he saw Tullula playing with Smurfy, he wanted to get out of the crib and play too! He was bawling and screaming for Tullula's attention.
Little Cocoa woke up to a tingling sensation! It was the growing up vibes that she was feeling!
Baby 30 Cocoa Sierra as a little girl!
She was a introverted girl who loved playing and talking to her imaginary friend.
"Wow! What a setup!" Tullula gasped as she walked over to look for Mikolaj. Mikolaj had been holed up in the "adult building" for days and Tullula wondered what she had been up to. Looking at the colourful and bright stage setup, she knew it was Mikolaj's masterpiece and hardwork.
Mikolaj was really serious about her singing career and wanted a platform at home to show off as well as hone her singing skills. She was adamant about reaching to the top of the Singing Career just like she did for her celebrity status. She had totally transformed the living room into a mini concert setup with those flashy lights and stage props!
She was now a level 3 singer with her hard work and conviction.
As the days passed, Mikolaj was seen swaddling like a duck at the Sierras. Minnie their resident cat must have been very used to such a sight at home.
The date of delivery has arrived: Out popped two pink bundles of joy! There were no signs of huge or weird ears for both of them, but only time could tell! Announcing the grand arrival of Baby 34 Katniss Sierra!
...and Baby 35 Primrose Sierra! Welcome to the world! (Thanks to Kristine Cheyenne Bell for the names!) 
With Mother's Day approaching, Mikolaj missed Cadence badly. She wondered where she was and wondered why Cadence had not been contacting her. This Mother's Day, she dedicated a song to her, "You Raised Me Up" by Josh Groban.
"You raise me up so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas..I am strong when I am on your shoulders..You raise me up to more than I can be...Where are you, Mum? Where are you?" Tears formed in Mikolaj's eyes. She hoped to find an answer. That would be the greatest Mother's Day gift for her.
"This totally sums up our mother-daughter relationship..." Mikolaj braved her tears as she reminisced about the ups and down with Cadence while reading the quote from The Little Quote Girl at


Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.



  1. Happy Mother's Day to Cadence and Miko!

  2. Great post... I can't wait to see if Mikolaj finds her mum. I miss mine so much today.


  3. katniss and primrose?! haha, those are names part of "The Hunger Games" trilogy. You just made my day even happier with including both names!


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