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Genie Twins in a Bottle!: Baby 32 and 33!!

"I miss Grandma..." Dai whispered to his little sister, Cocoa.
Mikolaj opting for a chinese pugilist look with two buns on her head.
She donned Katy Perry's watermelon's romper. She was all ready to rock the stage with her stagename "Domestic Diva Dada!"
"This round pearl thing on my head is so annoying! It keeps hitting my forehead!" Mikolaj whined.
"I'm gonna grow up now! Can't believe this day is here..!" Gwenda cheered in disbelief.
A confident and brave young lady! Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra grew up well.
Time for her twin brother, Dai to grow up.
Baby 27 Dai Sierra looking alot like Mikolaj! Such a heartbreaker! Look at those puppy eyes!
"Wow! You are a carbon copy of Mum!" Gwenda exclaimed when she saw Dai as a young adult. "Wow! You are a carbon copy of Dad. We are unidentical twins! Wow!" Dai imitated Gwenda.
Mikolaj admiring her photo from the photo booth.
With lots of Lifetime Happiness Points to spare, Mikolaj used up 30,000 lifetime happiness points to get a dusty old lamp. "Let's see how this works...Can I teleport Mum back to the Sierras with this dusty old lamp?" Mikolaj gave the lamp a good rub.
"Oh my gosh! What is this?" Mikolaj shrieked as the dusty old lamp started shaking violently.
"Is something going to come out?" Mikolaj was rooted to the spot in shock.
"Wow..this is so magical!" Mikolaj gasped as she saw the reflection on the wall.
"I'm a genie in a bottle, baby. Gotta rub me the right way, honey. I'm a genie in a bottle, baby, Come, come, come on and let me out." The dusty old lamp started to sing Genie in Bottle by Christina Aguilera!
The dusty old lamp shook violently and all of a suddenly, something magical happened!
A fat blue genie popped out of the lamp! "I'm Thad the Genie! What would you like, Master? Your wish is my command." The genie said in a monotone voice to Mikolaj who was obviously thrilled that she can make a wish.
"I want my Mum to be back at the Sierras!" Mikolaj said without any hesitation.
"Your Mum?" The Genie was puzzled.
"Yes, my Mum! Her name is Cadence Sierra. Can you bring her back?" Mikolaj said. "Well, that's a tough one! You can't wish for that! My dear Master." The genie cannot fulfil Mikolaj's wish.

"But you said my wish is your command! You liar! Liar liar pants on fire!" Mikolaj was angry. "You can only wish for world peace, more wishes, resurrect a sim, love, long life, large family, happiness, fortune, beauty or you can choose to free me. That's all! Understand?" The mild tempered Genie suddenly flared up.
"Then in the first place you should not have said my wish is your command! It is too misleading!" Mikolaj reasoned. "I'm sorry for the error, Master." The genie became all quiet and docile when Mikolaj said that. "Alright, alright, I haven't had twins or triplets for a long time. I want the large family wish." Mikolaj sighed.
Before Mikolaj could finish her sentence, the Genie eyes and mouth shone with purple light.
That totally scared the wits of Mikolaj!
"Oh my god! Am I dreaming or something?" Mikolaj stepped back for fear that the Genie would hurt her.
"Abra Kadabra Alakazam....!!! Large Familllllllieeeeeeeeeeee......MMMMIkoooooooooollajjjjjjj Sieeeeeee Sieeeeeraaaaaaaa....." The Genie went into a trance mode.
"What is this?" Mikolaj suddenly felt light and faint.
Before she knew it, she started floating and she was lifted from the ground!
"Put me down! Put me down!" Mikolaj was so scared that she started shaking and shivering for fear that something would happen to her.
"Am I flying or what?" Loud shrieks of Mikolaj's voice pierced through the air.
"You are doing good!" Thad the Genie praised her.
"What?!?! I feel terrible! I don't want my wish! Put me down!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy.
"Now!! Right now!!!" Mikolaj floated higher into the sky.
"Please?! Argbsbakfyqhqqf. Ababababaa.." Mikolaj started to spout rubbish as if she was possessed.
"Mikolaj Sierra! Domestic Diva Dada!" Mikolaj was lifted higher up from the ground.
"Alza! Down!" The Genie shouted a command and Mikolaj returned to normal immediately.
"You will have twins or triplets for your next pregnancy, Master." Thad said.
"Can I have another wish?" Mikolaj asked. "Your wish is my command, Master Mikolaj!" The Genie said loudly. "I want to have Genie babies!" Mikolaj cooed.
"And thank you for granting my first wish of having a large family. My Mum would have been so proud that I chose this wish over the beauty." Mikolaj thanked and hugged the Genie.
"I would love to grant you genie babies but you would need to free me first..." Thad said as Minnie the Sierra cat looked on. She must have been intrigued by the sight of the huge blue Genie.
"Really? Is it that simple? I just free you and you can have genie babies with me? Do they come in a bottle or lamp too?" Mikolaj asked naively.
" will find out!" The Genie laughed as Mikolaj wasted no time to flirt with him.
"Mission Complete! I need to go back to my lamp! It's my home!" The Genie posed as Mikolaj nodded her head relucantly.
"I'm going to free you soon!" Mikolaj walked away leaving Thad the Genie alone.
"Free me one day? Does that spell freedom for me?" Thad the Genie talked to himself.
"Aha! Freedom? How does it feel like?" For a Genie like Thad who has been trapped in a dusty old lamp for years, he had no idea what does the word Freedom meant.
"Freedom! Freeeeedommmm to meeeee!! Freedom!" Thad started singing.
The day finally arrived when Mikolaj used up all her wishes on beauty and riches. She freed Thad the Genie which made him a really happy Genie!
He kept to his promise to grant Mikolaj the wish of Genie Babies. Mikolaj was a tad nervous not know how the Genie babies would arrive in.
"Are you kidding when you said the genie baby would arrive in a lamp?" Mikolaj quizzed Thad who was happily relaxing in the hot tub.
"Let's wait and see!" Thad grabbed Mikolaj and began their quest to genie babies!
With that, Thad vanished into thin air with a blue pout, leaving Mikolaj all confused in the hot tub.
Love is in the Air! The Picture is Clickable!
Little Loopsy as a toddler!
Baby 31 Loopsy looking very asian with his slited eyes and fair complexion.
The Sierra's genetics were going very strong, expecially the pink-blond hair!
It was getting tougher and tougher for Mikolaj to cope by the day ever since Cadence's departure from the Sierras. She had no idea why her kids were fussing and crying all the time!
Loopsy wailed loudly as he screamed for a diaper change while Mikolaj on the other hand, had no idea why he was crying. To her, she had just fed Loopsy and changed his diapers.
Little Cocoa whining and crying as she sat on a dirty pile of clothes. Cadence! Mikolaj needs your help, desperately!
"Mummy! Mummy!" Poor Cocoa was screaming for attention.
But where is Mikolaj?
Aerius could not stand the cries of Cocoa and quickly carried her for her feed and diaper change.
In anticipation for the genie babies, Mikolaj sang Genie in a Bottle with Aerius.
"I feel like I've been locked up tight. For a century of lonely nights; Waiting for someone. To release me." Mikolaj sang as Aerius danced to the tune.
"If you want to be with me, baby, there's a price to pay. I'm a genie in a bottle, you gotta rub me the right way. If you want to be with me, I can make your wish come true. You gotta make a big impression..." Mikolaj sang. "Oh yeah!!!" Aerius reached the high pitches without much effort.
In bid to explore Starlight Shores, Mikolaj walked around and found a new venue.
Mikolaj sang "One more Grey Day" yet again!
She checked out another venue when the sun sets.
She was mobbed by fans and papparazzi even though she was just starting out as a Level 1 singer.
Poor little Tullula doing her homework alone in a dirty environment. Spot those dirty pile of clothes and the mountain of dirty laundry in the background.
"Mikolaj Sierra! You promised Mum not to cry! What are you doing here?" Mikolaj scolded herself for letting the tears flow.
Aerius trying the Sierra's new toy: The pull- up bar.
Aww! That was a painful fall!
"Don't give up! Aerius! Try again!" Aerius encouraged himself.
"Doing good!" Aerius shouted.
"One more!" Aerius used all his strength.
"Good job son! This is good training for you!" Mikolaj walked past and saw Aerius working on the pull up bar.
Mikolaj the hot mama showing off her ability to do pull-ups effortlessly!
"Domestic Diva Dada....Dada..." She pulled up.
"Opps!" Mikolaj gasped as she gave a cute look when she fell off the bar.
She looked like she was giving birth!
Pregnant ladies like Mikolaj should not do pull-ups.
Little Cocoa was fussing again. "What do you want my dear sister?" The responsible big brother Aerius carried her.
"AHHHHHh...AAAhhh.." Cocoa was not very articulate in expressing her needs.
The pregnant Mikolaj practicing her singing skills yet again.
She seemed to be never sick of singing "One more Grey Day".
When will Mikolaj learn other songs other than "One more Grey Day"?
"My tummy is getting huge! Definitely twins or triplets!" Mikolaj felt that her tummy was bigger than usual pregnancies. She was praying for triplets so as to speed up her 100 Baby Challenge.
"It's a boy for your firstborn, Mikolaj! Congratulations!" Dr Blueflame predicted Mikolaj's baby gender. Mikolaj was so happy to see Dr Blueflame at Starlight Shores. Her appearance would always mean more multi-gendered twins or triplets!
"Here, eat this! It is good for pregnant ladies like you." Dr Blueflame offered Mikolaj a huge pill. "What's that? Looks exotic!" Mikolaj inspected the pill.
"Is it safe? I hate taking pills! Especially a huge one like this! How do I shove this down my throat?" Mikolaj looked at the pill, puzzled.
"Just listen to me, why would I harm you? It is not a poison apple and I'm not the evil witch! I have seen you since you were inside your mother's tummy, Mikolaj!" The kind Dr Blueflame gave Mikolaj a vitamin for pregnant women. "Argh! The pill felt so stuck in my throat!" Mikolaj gagged.
"Boy for firstborn! Watermelon for girls!" Mikolaj got ready and gobbled up 10 watermelons to achieve multi-gendered twins or triplets!
"Aerius! Get the ambulance!" Mikolaj shrieked as her waterbag broke. "Bro, what happened to Mum?" Little Tullula looked on in shock.
"Alright Mum! Ambulance is on the way! Coming! Breath in and out!" Aerius tried to calm Mikolaj down.
"It's coming out! It's coming out! I can feel it!" Mikolaj huffed.
The ambulance arrived in a nick of time and there were genie babies indeed! Two to be exact! Welcome to the Sierras, Baby 32 Smurfy Sierra! He had cool pasty blue skin and was definitely a genie to be!
A little genie girl! It was a set of boy-girl twins! Double joy for the Sierras! Baby 33 Smurfette Sierra being lovingly cradled by big brother, Aerius.
Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Miko is becoming a great independent Mom but it's still so sweet that she thinks about Cadence so much.

  2. @anon: yeah..mikolaj misses cadence alot:)

    @entelligent: Thanks:)


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