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Sing! Sang! Sung! The Starlight Shore Baby 31!!

"Awww...It's's time to little home with my beautiful daughter, Mikolaj and those lovely grandkids..." Cadence looked around the house and was so relucant to part.
"Goodbye Mickey! Don't fight with Minnie anymore! She is very adorable!" Cadence carried Mickey and bade farewell to the dog that she had adopted. Cadence was the one who suggested adopting pets for the Sierras so that the kids could learn how to love and care for these furry creatures.
In the meantime, Mikolaj was wepting at one corner. She was crying so hard that it was as if Cadence was dying!
"Mummy! Mummy! Don't leave me alone!" She was crying like a bawling baby.
Mikolaj sniffed hard with tears streaming down her face.
Cadence walked around the Sierra's compound to take a last look at the house. To Cadence, it was not just a house made of walls and beams, it was a home built with love and dreams. She has fought hard with Mikolaj who wanted to live in an apartment badly. It was so cramped that the kids had no space to roam wild and free. She painstakingly built a nursery and a outdoor area as she believed the kids need alot of room for creativity and imagination.
"Ah....look Mickey! I will miss the laughter and joy coming from this playground. The sounds of my grandkids's crying and their joyous laughter...I will miss them..." Cadence looked at them and reminisced about the happy times she had during Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
Cadence also made space for these water slides which were very well-liked by the Sierra kids. How fortunate are they to have such a doting grandmother!
Then she walked to the "adult" section of the house. It was a place dedicated to Mikolaj and specially requested by Mikolaj as she wanted a space for her own solitude. "Oh...the times I soaked in this hot tub with Miko....I will miss that so much...." Cadence gazed tenderly at the outdoor hot tub. Soaking in the hot tub was one of Mikolaj's trademark activity and the mother-daughter pair had so much bonding time in the hot tub.
Cadence then looked at the indoor hot tub where Mikolaj would often "skive" in and make excuses for not doing household chores. "Ah....Memories to cherish forever!" Cadence muttered and sighed. How she wished that she can stay forever in this house but Mikolaj had to learn how to be independent for her 100 Baby Challenge. There was also more to Cadence's life after these 100 Baby Challenge.
"Grandma! Can you not leave?" Gwenda hugged her tight and did not want Cadence to leave.
"Be good, Gwenda! You can also visit Grandma when you are free. You are now a teen, one of the eldest in the family. Do help Mummy around the house!" Cadence instructed the sweet Gwenda.
"I will, Grandma! I wish you all the best in your future endeavours! I hope you will find a man of your dreams soon! I want to be your bridesmaid!" Gwenda winked at Cadence. "I am equally excited to see my little Gwenda donning the bride's gown one day and walking down the aisle with your loved one." Cadence smiled and a drop of tear rolled down.
"No more drinks for me..." Cadence looked at the drinks bar and said. As Mikolaj's Mum, she was her guinea pig when Mikolaj just started mixing drinks. She had experienced the worst of drinks that made her puked throughout the night, even worse than her pregnancy nausea. She knew Mikolaj had a special interest in mixology and had maxed her mixology skills. As much as she objected to Mikolaj's obsessive drinking habits, Cadence would miss Mikolaj's late nights at the drinks bar trying to concoct a new drink and those loud clanging noise when Mikolaj drops the drink bottle.
"I can't believe Grandma is leaving...Time really flies..." Dai did not think that the time would arrive that fast and it was really time for Cadence to leave the Sierras.
"The man of the household...take care of your Mummy and your younger siblings. Learn to embrace this responsibility and you will be a great man in the future. Grandma promise you that." Cadence told Dai who looked really upset at Cadence's departure. "Where are you going, Grandma? Why can't you stay with us?" Dai whispered.
"I'm going to find my castle of dreams and hope." Cadence mused. "Wow! Grandma is going to be a princess! Just like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?" Dai clapped childishly.
Little Aerius yelled "NO WAY!" when he knew Cadence was leaving.
"Everything will be fine with Mummy around! She is the superwoman! Goodbye, my dear child. Grandma loves you." Cadence gave Aerius a warm tight hug.
"See you tomorrow, Grandma!" Aerius did not grasp the concept of Cadence's departure. He thought that Cadence was just going out for a while just like what Cadence always does for her weekly grocery shopping.
" little Tullula! You look like a mini Mikolaj! How precious!" Cadence carried Tullula who have no idea what was happening.
"Will you ever remember Grandma Cadence when you grow up?" Cadence teased her. Those words were such tear inducers!
Little Tullula smiled at her and Cadence gave her a farewell snuggle. Dai saw the scene and couldn't help but dropped a tear or two.
"I hope you will remember me! I'm Cadence Sierra, your Grandmother!" Cadence repeated her words as Dai looked on sadly.
"Can't wait to see how you look like when you grow up! My sweet little Cocoa." Cadence tiptoed softly to Cocoa's crib for fear of waking her up from her sleep.
" can't be happening! This can't be happening to me!" Mikolaj can't believe that it was the day for Cadence to leave.
"Why are you crying, Mummy? Are you okay?" The concerned Aerius asked Mikolaj who was busy wiping her tears.
"My poor girl...." Cadence was heartbroken to see Mikolaj so upset over her departure.
"Don't cry, Miko. Wipe your tears, Mum don't want to see you like this.." Cadence told Mikolaj.
"I just can't help.....but cry....The tears just keep dropping..I can't control it, Mum.." Mikolaj weeped.
"Come child...Thanks for completing my life by accepting the baton of this 100 Baby Challenge and allowing me to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge. It really meant the world to me to see my dear daughter doing this challenge. I know it has been hard on you but I have seen you blossomed from a little girl to a gorgeous lady." Cadence hugged Mikolaj.
"Mummy...Thanks for accompanying me for the first 30 babies for my challenge.." Mikolaj's tears had soiled Cadence's clothes.
" me something?" Cadence looked at Mikolaj in the eye.
"Yeah?" Mikolaj looked up. "Promise me not to cry ever again..choose to smile instead! Smile! Give me your winsome smile, Miko!" Cadence tried to cheer Mikolaj up.
Cadence then whipped out a present which she had prepared for ages, "Here's a gift for you and everyone. It is something to fulfil your dreams as well as bond the Sierras together. I hope that the Sierra family will stay close knitted with this present! Open it after I leave!" Cadence chirped. "Wow! What's that? Makeup set or perfume?" Mikolaj's eyes brightened up at the sight of the present.
" may help you to achieve real glamour and beauty! But remember, real glamour and beauty is not just mascara, Chanel No.5 perfume, and perfect lip gloss. It’s being a role model, being beautiful on the inside, and caring more about others than you do yourself" Cadence said. "Thank you, Mum. I will remember all your teachings and lessons. I will be strong and not drop a tear ever again..." Mikolaj promised Cadence.
"That's fantastic to hear! And don't drink so much alcohol! It's bad for your health. Don't party too often! Spend more time with your kids. You will realise that it would be all worthwhile. The cars, the houses...your assets may be ample, but the best inheritance you can leave your kids
is to be a good example." Cadence gave Mikolaj one last farewell hug.
"Thank you, Mum! All the best! I sincerely hope that you can be happy, whatever you embark on next! I look forward to seeing your next chapter of life!" Mikolaj embraced Cadence so tight that she almost couldn't breathe.
"Argh! The dreaded phonecall! Why must it ring at this inappropriate time?" Mikolaj whined as Cadence picked up the call from the movers. They were all ready to help Cadence for the big move.
"You guys are outside? I'm coming. I'm coming. Can you kindly just help me shift those huge brown boxes outside my house to your truck? I will be out in a minute!" Cadence talked to the movers as Mikolaj looked on.
"Bye my dear Mikolaj... " Cadence waved goodbye to Mikolaj. "Mum, you have not told me about your whereabouts and which town are you going and where will you be staying!? I don't know when can I see you again?" Mikolaj was all anxious and antsy.
"Soon! Soon! We will meet again. Till then, take care and be your very own domestic diva! I'm proud and confident that you can make it! You are my Sierra girl! Don't cry! A happy girl is a pretty girl." "Goodbye Mum! Everyone at the Sierras would miss you!" Mikolaj waved sadly. Cadence was tightlipped about her whereabouts. She did not want Mikolaj to think that she could rely on her all the time. Where will Cadence go and what will she do? Stay tuned to this blog to find out!
Mikolaj can't bear to look at Cadence's backview when she left the Sierras. She wished Cadence all the best and hoped that she can do something that she loved. Mikolaj reckoned that she would fall into depression if she stayed at Appaloosa Plains. It reminded her too much of the times she had with Cadence and how Cadence was always around to help her in all aspects of her life. With the introduction of the Sims 3 Showtime, she took the opportunity to go for a makeover as well as prepare for the move to a brand new town Starlight Shores where she can start afresh. To prep herself for great "stardom", she chose the Katy Perry "Fruit Salad Chic" dress which she wore it to the 2009 Grammy Awards.
Mikolaj had a princessy braided hairstyle for this Katy Perry look. She had a star on her face to represent her status as a rising star in Starlight Shores.
Check out her lovely back braided profile!
The Sierras shifted their current home to the Starlight Shores as this home was specially designed by Cadence. Cadence would be so sad if Mikolaj destroyed her masterpiece. Mikolaj found a perfect spot next to the beach and looked at their brand new home at Starlight Shores. Founded by monks over 300 years ago, the city known today as Starlight Shores has always attracted Sims on a mission! Aspiring singers, musicians, and other performers make pilgrimages here looking for their big breaks--with its beautiful coastal setting, unique local culture, and eclectic and array of entertainment venues, performance competitions, and concerts--the city draws large crowds from all corners of the world. Many famous careers have been launched here, and new stars are being discovered every day. Who will be the next unknown Sim with the talent, passion, and determination to take them from rags to riches and make their dreams come true?
"I'm so going to be the next superstar! The next big thing here!" Mikolaj said in resolute determination. With the three new careers like Magician, Singer and Acrobat, Mikolaj was the most interested in the Singer Career where she gets to perform in front of masses and she loved the sounds of applause and the fan's adoration was what kept Mikolaj moving.
Thinking of informing Cadence about their move, Mikolaj picked up the phone to call Cadence. "Wonder what is Mum doing now..." Mikolaj thought's wandered.
"Mum!...." Mikolaj chirped but there was no dialtone. Dejected, Mikolaj put down the phone.
"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile!" Mikolaj sang to herself to cheer herself up. She rode around the new town to explore the new features and facilities.
"Feels like Hollywood! Wow!" Mikolaj marvelled at the architecture and greenery.
"Mick's Master Karaoke? Karaoke? Hmm..Can I sign up to be a singer there?" Mikolaj walked into the new community lot: Mick's Master Karaoke.
"Hello hello? Testing 123..." Mikolaj spoke into the microphone and giggled. It was the first time she heard her voice on the microphone and thought it felt funny and her voice was strange.
"One day..I'm going to conquer Starlight Shores and hold my gigs here!" Mikolaj was ambitious and looked at the newly renovated Mick's Master Karaoke. It was nice, spacious and smelled of fresh paint.
"Ahem...Hello?" Mikolaj warmed up as she tried the Karaoke machine.
"Th.....There's a fire starting in my heart. Reaching a fever pitch and it's bring me out the dark...." Mikolaj sang the hit single "Rolling in the deep" by Adele. She sounded weird on the microphone and her voice was slightly croaky.
"The scars of your love, remind me of us. They keep me thinking that we almost had it all...The scars of your love, they leave me breathless" Mikolaj was enjoying her karaoke session! Good for her, hope she can forget all her troubles and get over Cadence's departure with something to keep her occupied.
She was so engrossed that she kneeled on the floor to sing.
In the afternooon, people started streaming into Mick's Master Karaoke.
Apparently, they weren't fans of Mikolaj's singing and starting booing her.
Mikolaj did not realise that her singing was quite atrocious until she saw people booing at her.
Mikolaj did a duet with one of the onlookers who boasted that he had one of the best voices in town.
"Higher! Higher! Sing higher!" The bald man advised Mikolaj.
"AAAahhhhh...." Mikolaj sang while the bald tanned man seemed totally absorbed in his own world.
The duet was quite well-received!
Mikolaj looked like a seasoned entertained with her moves.
"Woohoo! You da man!" Mikolaj pointed to the bald man who was crooning the latest hits.
Don't they look like a couple singing love songs?
The return of the Photo Booth! It is located on the 2nd storey of Mick's Master Karaoke. "Looks interesting! Shall capture my pretty face in there for a bit!" Mikolaj laughed as she boasted and entered the spanking new photo booth.
"Hmm...let's see how we operate here or here?" Mikolaj muttered to herself as she explored the different settings of the photo booth.
"Ah! Who is this girl in the photo? Gorgeously picture perfect!" Mikolaj giggled and was not shy of her good looks. Pictures taken in this photo booth can be placed on a wall or kept in inventory and given as a gift. Perfect for superstars like Mikolaj! She can now give her fans autographed photographs.
There was also a pool table on the second storey of Mick's Master Karaoke.
"Target the white ball....then shoot!" Mikolaj was practicing on her pool skills.
Is that a fishing rod that Mikolaj was holding? No! It's a pool cue!
Don't bend so low, Mikolaj! You are wearing a low-cut dress!
Mikolaj looking very professional with her moves.
Mikolaj decided that she wasn't very good at the game after some shots.
At sunset, Mikolaj did not want to go home directly, home reminded her too much of Cadence and how she had to handle the 100 Baby Challenge all by her own now. She proceeded to walk around Starlight Shores and spotted a venue with neon signs. "My favorite colour! Purple!" Mikolaj was so excited when she saw the bright lights.
"And it changes colours!" It was the first time Mikolaj was exposed to neon lights and signboards. She was fascinated by it. She spotted the name of the venue: Port-A-Party Warehouse.
"Wow! Exactly what I see in the movies! Stars have these lightbulb mirrors too!" Mikolaj walked around Port-A-Party Warehouse.
"Cool! This is ultimate coolness!" Mikolaj was loving the new town Starlight Shores.
Then at the corner of Port-A-Party Warehouse stood the proprietor. "Oh my gosh! The proprietor! Here's my chance to make it big as a singer!" Mikolaj gasped and quickly walked up to him. Proprietors are the business owners who can enrol you in the three performance careers: Acrobat, Singer or Magician.
Mikolaj used her best low husky voice to speak to him, "Hi, I'm Mikolaj Sierra! A new Starlight Shores resident! I'm a five star celebrity and am doing the 100 Baby Challenge. Ever heard of it? I'm really interested in becoming a singer and have in fact shifted from Appaloosa Plains to this new town for the chance to be a singer." Mikolaj flirted with the proprietor.
"Sorry, but I see that you do not have any singing skills, improve on it first before looking for me.." The proprietor said. "But...I'm really interested and I'm sure I can do very well in the singing career. Can you let me try?" Mikolaj then proceeded to give the proprietor a gift, hoping that he would accept it and consider her request.
"'s bribery. I do not accept any bribery here...We do clean business and I will only select those who are worthy to be in the singing career." The proprietor was firm in his stance.
"What do you mean? You mean I'm not worthy of the singing career? Do you know who I am? I'm Mikolaj Sierra, the five-star celebrity! How can you say that of me?" Mikolaj was insulted and snatched back the gift.
"One day, you are going to regret your decision when you see me performing on the big stage! I'm the ultimate money tree! Too bad if you can't see the potential in me!" Mikolaj said, angry at the proprietor's decision of not accepting her for the singing career.
"Hmmpph..I'm going to prove to him that I'm not only suitable to be a singer, but also a singer who can perform acrobatic tricks!" Mikolaj was very determined to be an all rounded entertainer.
"The Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor...What a mouthful!" Mikolaj tried the mean looking machine at Port-A-Party Warehouse.
"Here we go..Mikolaj!" She was in for a thrilling ride.
The Plasma Punch Gyroscopic Conductor was said to go round and round at lightning speed.
The daredevil Mikolaj was all ready to rock and roll!
"Conquer the world! To infinity and beyond!" Mikolaj screeched.
"Woah! Woah! I'm flying without wings!" Mikolaj was perched in mid air.
"Ahhhh!! My head!" Mikolaj nearly bumped her head into the machine.
She held on to the handle so tightly that she could almost feel blisters forming in her hands as the proprietor looked on. She wanted to prove to him that she can make it in this entertainment industry.
"What?!!" Mikolaj shrieked when she felt the electric currents running through her body.
She was shellshocked for a moment. The price you pay for fame and popularity!
"Steady does it...steady yourself...Mikolaj!" She looked totally dazed when the machine stopped. She was so giddy that she could not stand straight.
The DJ Booth that came in shades of purple!
DJ Mikolaj in the house!
Mikolaj spinning like a pro!
"Boom Boom Pow!" Mikolaj was enjoying herself.
Mikolaj was really good at adjusting the volume, beats per minute and pitch of the music.
Bring the house down!
Bring the house down! Mikolaj Sierra in the house! She waved her hands in the air!
Seeing that the night was still young and Gwenda and Dai could help to look after the younger kids, Mikolaj took the opportunity to look at the next new venue: Rodeo-Go-Go. Such an interesting name!
The main attraction of Rodeo-Go-Go was the Mechanical Bull which Mikolaj promptly climbed on.
"This is one bull ride!" Mikolaj was thrilled when the mechanical bull started to move.
"YEEEEeeeee HAAaaaaa! Faster!" Mikolaj looked like a perfect cowgirl amidst the desert.
"Woohooo!! So exciting!" Mikolaj's sharp screams pierced through the air.
"Oh my gosh! I'm falling! I'm falling!" Mikolaj almost fell off the bull!
"Ahh!! This is life! This is life, man!" Mikolaj was screaming all her sorrows and troubles away.
"Mum! Where are you? Can you see your little cowgirl here?" Mikolaj shouted to released her pent-up stress! She was really missing Cadence alot even though she seemed to be having great fun at Starlight Shores.
Mikolaj was so daring to conquer this mechanical bull that she decided not to hold the handle!
"Bring it on! Baby! Bring it on! Baby!" Mikolaj swerved on the bull.
It took a lot of courage and bravery for one to stand on a moving mechanical bull.
Be careful! Mikolaj! You still need to continue your 100 Baby Challenge!
Mikolaj nearly fell off the mechanical bull and held on to the horn with all her might.
"WAhhhhhh!!" Mikolaj literally flew from the bull.
"Perfect landing! Yehaaaaaa! I'm a cowgirl!" Mikolaj cheered.
She did not get enough of the mechanical bull and tried the fast mode which resulted her holding on for her dear life!
Mikolaj using her last bit of strength.
And she finally gave way and fell off the bull with a loud thud.
"PheW! My bones are breaking and I'm aching all over...I'm getting old!" Mikolaj sighed.
It has been a long long day for Mikolaj as she hopped around from venue to venue to try out the new things.
"Where's Mum? It's so late now..." Dai looked out of the window for Mikolaj but to no avail. He had promised Mikolaj that he would help to look after his younger siblings.
Baby 30 Cocoa Sierra as a toddler! She had silky smooth brown hair with hints of yellow and had the biggest green eyes, totally deviating from the Sierra genetics of the trademark pink-blonde hair. Just like her name, her skin was of delicious creamy chocolate colour.
Cocoa in her first few moments as a little toddler.
Mikolaj finally arriving home, just in time for Cocoa's birthday. Holding Baby 30 Cocoa reminded Mikolaj too much of Cadence.
"Aw...I miss Grandma...I miss her delicious pancakes for breakfast and her sweet smile..." Dai was being emotional.
"Don't cry, Mikolaj Sierra! Don't cry! You promise not to cry!" Mikolaj sniffled and quickly wiped her tears.
The next morning, Mikolaj woke up with emptyness in her heart. She could not take it anymore. She ran out of the house to cry as she does not want her kids to see.
"Mum! I miss you so much!" Mikolaj was totally helpless and feeling vulnerable about the dirty house and the screaming kids.
She was also feeling bitter that she did not manage to get into the singer career.
It felt like the end of the world to her.
"Mikolaj! You have to be brave and soldier on! You have to! Remember what Mum said? You are a Sierra girl! The Sierra Supergirl!" She tried to encourage herself.
"Stop crying!" She scolded herself.
But her tears just kept flowing.
and flowing....
Little Cocoa playing with her imaginary friend, Peaches.
Mikolaj took a deep breath and walked back to the house and picked up Tullula.
It was time for Tullula to grow up!
Baby 29 Tullula Sierra as a child. She was a mini Mikolaj Sierra with her trademark hair and eyes.
"Awww..Mum isn't around to witness Tullula's birthday. She looked so much like me when I was a little kid..." Mikolaj rubbed her teary eyes.
Now that Cadence has left the Sierras, Mikolaj had to be the main person doing the mundane household chores such as the laundry.
"I hate doing the laundry! Why must we wear clothes? We should all go naked! Then no more clothes to wash.." Mikolaj had completely weird ideas in her mind.
Little Tullula was a water baby and was loving the outdoors water slide.
"Such a dirty pile of clothes! Ugh!" Mikolaj looked at the mountains of laundry to be washed.
She added a new golf range to the children's playground.
Mikolaj practising on her golf skills.
Perfecting her swing...
Testing out her swing and adjusting the angle..
"Is it a birdie?" Mikolaj had her eyes fixed on the ball.
Trying her luck on the greens again.
"Well done!" Mikolaj pumped her fist in the air in triumph as she got the ball into the golf hole.
The home in the new town had the ocean as a background. Mikolaj was feeling sad that Cadence did not shift in with them.
Mikolaj unwrapped the farewell gift from Cadence. And guess what? It was a karaoke machine! No wonder Cadence said it was something to fulfil Mikolaj's dreams as well as bond the Sierras together. She knew of Mikolaj's lofty singer dreams long ago.
And indeed, it really helped to bond the Sierra family together.
Mikolaj and Gwenda singing to their heart's content.
After knowing that the karaoke machine was Cadence's farewell gift to them, Gwenda can't help feeling sad that she did not get to sing with Grandma on the karaoke machine.
It was no doubt Cadence held a very special place in the grandchildren's heart.
Aerius and Tullula testing out their vocal skills.
"Baby, baby, baby, oh... baby, baby, baby, no..." Aerius sang. "Like baby, baby, baby, oh
I thought you'd always be mine, mine!" Tullula sang to "Baby" by Justin Bieber.
"You are doing great, children!" Mikolaj clapped and cheered for her kids.
"They are just like superstars! Just like their Mum. One day if they become stars, I will be a star Mum!" Mikolaj giggled at the thought of it.
When Mikolaj took over the microphone, Tullula also cheered her Mum on.
Mikolaj honing her singing skills before she headed to the Verde Park to try her luck at the singing career.
Simfest was held at the Verde Park.
The proprietor was on stage explaining the rules and regulations of Simfest.
Mikolaj mustered much courage to talk to the proprietor and explained her interest in the singing career.
"Mikolaj Sierra? Wow! Of course! Why not! You are so famous in Appaloosa Plains!" The proprietor immediately agreed. "Really? Really? Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for realising my dreams!" Mikolaj gushed and proceeded on her first assignment. She chose "Domestic Diva Dada" to be her stage name.
Mikolaj teared when she changed into her performance garb. She was so touched and moved to see herself in an entertainer outfit. In this singing profession, one would start out as a singing messenger, delivering "Sing-A-Grams" to various other Sims to help them celebrate an achievement of sorts (like completing a good workout or having a birthday), to raise their spirits after getting yelled at.
"Hello beautiful! Domestic Diva Dada is here to celebrate your success in your new job!" Mikolaj embarked on her first celebration Sing-a-gram.
Mikolaj was great at entertaining people!
And it helped that she looked really good in the figure hugging outfit.
She put in 100% effort in her first Sing-a-gram.
Mikolaj completed her first Sing-a-gram job with much success!
Mikolaj worked hard at securing Sing-a-grams and continued doing a few at Verde Park.
Mikolaj received a request from Javed Meir for a Cheer-up Sing-a-gram. Javed is talented, hardworking and well read, but strangely has a hard time looking for true love and he was very upset over it. Though Mikolaj tried her best to cheer him up, Javed did not smile a single bit.
This was Mikolaj's first failed cheer up Sing-a-gram where she failed her mission to cheer Javed up.
Mikolaj as a dutiful entertainer tried all means to make him smile.
She started singing funny songs at Verde Park. And then came a strange request from Javed, "Can I have a warm hug from you?"
"Sure! Why not?" Mikolaj changed to her normal outfit and hugged Javed tightly. "Is there anything troubling you?" Mikolaj whispered.
"You are so huggable...I have no idea..I'm just lonely I guess...I mean I'm successful in my career but I can't find the love that I'm looking for. Will I have to settle for success as my only companion?" He asked Mikolaj. "Hmm, I think I can give you the love that you need..not the romantic type of love, but parental love..I can make you a father..." Mikolaj had ideas of making Javed as the father of Baby 31 for her 100 Baby Challenge. "Make me a father? Like how?" Javed was curious as Mikolaj winked and ask him to follow her.
They sang at the karaoke machine at Mick's Master Karaoke.
Though Javed was an acrobat by profession, he could hold a tune pretty well!
Mikolaj and Javed engrossed in their songs.
The mood was just right for a little peck on the lips.
Mikolaj explained to Javed the rules of the 100 Baby Challenge and Javed was all ready to take up the challenge. He wanted to know what was like to be a father. He entered the photobooth and was all ready to make Baby 31!
A brand new venue to make babies! And you get photographed all at the same time! What a cheap thrill for Mikolaj.
The photobooth started rocking as soon as Mikolaj stepped in.
Wow! That was some violet movement!
Javed with all the torn evidence of the makings of Baby 31 strewn all over the floor. He was too shy to keep the photographs for keepsake.
As a token of appreciation, Javed also displayed some of his acrobatic skills to Mikolaj.
"Gosh! Be careful!" Mikolaj looked at Javed throwing the firesticks.
"The fire is burning your back! The fire is burning your back! JAVED!" Mikolaj shrieked.
"Ouch! Ouch!" Javed howled in pain.
One of the job hazard of an acrobat: Being singed by fire.
One of Mikolaj's favorite: Juggling swords.
Javed looking very confident at his craft.
Tullula definitely inherited Mikolaj's penchant of makeovers. She decided that her previous hairstyle with the flower was too outdated, she trimmed her hair short and had a cute bun on her head.
It was no brainer what Tullula's favourite colour was. She was decked in blue from head to toe.
Little Tullula looking as adorable as her name! Simply cute with the little bun on her head complete with a polka-dots bow!
"Mum...What is it like to be a teenager?" Aerius asked Mikokaj on his birthday. "You will find out soon!" Mikolaj said in jest.
Aerius was all excited to find out about teenagehood.
Baby 28 Aerius Sierra grew up to have completely different looks from his childhood. He had thick brows and hairs in tight curls. The most interesting thing was that his big eyes from childhood became small and beady after his teenage birthday!
Download him at
Without Cadence in the house, the Sierras was in a huge mess! Fancy watching television with flies flying all over the place!
With numerous indivdual births, Mikolaj was hoping that she can have twins or triplets this time round.
Mikolaj posing for her fans.
"Baby! Mummy is aching all over! Come out soon?" Mikolaj rubbed her tummy.
It was as if the baby could hear her. She felt labour pains almost immediately!
"Mum! Mum!" Mikolaj had totally forgotten that Cadence had shifted out of the Sierras.
"Oh no! Mum is not here!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy.
Welcome to the world, Baby 31 Loopsy Sierra! (Thanks to Violet Newbie!) "Wow! He's so cute and adorable! I wonder if he has gotten my genetics! I'm a father now! Thanks Mikolaj! Can I bring him home for a night?" Javed was thrilled at the birth of Loopsy Sierra.
"No..didn't I told you the rules of the 100 Baby Challenge? I thought I made it clear that you could visit him but not bring him home.." Mikolaj said. "Ok, I understand I understand. But I really want to thank you for showing me what is love and little Loopsy just completes my life. I don't feel lonely anymore.." Javed turned serious and looked at Mikolaj.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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