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A Tough Labor of Love! Baby 29!!

"Lance? Did you steal the cookies from the cookie jar?" Mikolaj lashed her fury on poor Lance.
"I...I...was just hungry..sorry...I did not meant to steal it!" Lance was the innocent victim. He was just feeling hungry in the night and saw the cookies in the kitchen and ate them.
Mikolaj knew she was wrong to scold Lance for eating the cookies. To calm herself down, she knew she needed a brand new makeover.
A new bun up hairstyle for Mikolaj complete with a tight fitting pink dress.
Time for Santa Baby Lance to grow up!
"Woopee!!" Mikolaj cheered loudly hoping to make up to Lance. She felt so sorry for scolding Lance for stealing the cookies.
Baby 24 Lance Sierra grew up into a completely hilarious young adult. He grew out his hair and tied them into two ponytails! He was often mistaken for a girl with this funny hairstyle!
What a weird choice for Lance! He was pondering hard if he should become a Little Santa in the making and one day become a Real Santa just like his dad! With his round figure and features, he looked like he was ready to be a little Santa!
"Hmm...Baby 28....Aerius..Aerius...can't you feel Mum's pain and worries? Grandma is leaving the house soon..." Mikolaj was totally clueless on how she can cope without Cadence.
"Can I hire a maid or babysitter to look after the baby?" Mikolaj asked Cadence.
"Of course not!" Cadence then repeated the 100 Baby Challenge rules to Mikolaj. "But how? How can I cope with 7 kids at one go? I am no superwoman like you!" Mikolaj said in exasperation.
"You got to try! Try handling the 100 Baby Challenge yourself and you will find that the end result will be fruitful and satisfying..." Cadence said. "Then I might as well give up this 100 Baby Challenge! I'll change it to the 30 Baby Challenge instead!" Mikolaj said and thought about giving up the challenge.
"Mikolaj...listen... To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. You have to believe in yourself. Look, you wanted to be a 5 star celebrity and you did it! I'm sure Mikolaj will definitely become a domestic diva, the first 5 star celebrity to complete this 100 Baby Challenge, not a 30 Baby Challenge..." Cadence tried to encourage Mikolaj.
"But...." Mikolaj continued. Before Mikolaj could finish her sentence, Cadence interrupted her, "No more buts..Even when the world says, "Give up," always remember... "Try it one more time." Never never give up." Cadence told Mikolaj her mantra in her own 100 Baby Challenge.
"But it is really really hard to raise a child...properly!" Mikolaj whined as she carried Aerius. "It is not what you do for your children, but what you taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings. Okay?" Cadence said.
"Wow! That's quite a mouthful! Easier than done? Right?" Mikolaj sighed and put Aerius into the crib. "Actions speak louder than words, my dear daughter!" Cadence hinted to Mikolaj and walked away.
"Gwenda! Am I a good mother? Tell me!" Mikolaj played with Gwenda.
"Why are you asking a toddler this kind of questions? How do you expect her to answer?" Cadence laughed at Mikolaj.
"This is called mother-daughter bonding time!" Mikolaj said as she tickled Gwenda. "Good! You should spend more time with them, like this!" Cadence was proud that Mikolaj was improving.
Baby 28 Aerius Sierra as a little toddler boy! With his pink brows, it was predicted that he had the Sierra's trademark hair even though he was bald now.
Little eccentric Nova was all ready to grow into a teen. She had lots of fun deciding what to wear for her teenage years.
The resident dog, Mickey was extremely attached to Nova since her birth. Mickey was especially intrigued with Nova's skin colour.
The little shining star, Nova completely covered with sparkles and light.
Baby 25 Nova Sierra in her very interesting getup. She had taken a long time to chose her hairstyle and clothes.
She was grounded due to her failing grades and lousy results. She was instructed by Cadence to stay home and brush up on her studies. However, with Nova's creative mind, she managed to sneak out of the house and visited the Brightmore at Appaloosa Plains!
"Oh no! That's Mum!" Nova managed to sneak past Mikolaj who was carrying Gwenda and so deep in thoughts that she did not notice Gwenda sneaking behind her at the Brightmore.
"Oriana?" Mikolaj was really happy to see Oriana at the Brightmore as a confident young lady and was glad that she was doing well after she left the Sierras.
Nova sneaking past the bar to have her very first sip of the alcohol!
"I hope Mum did not see me!" Nova laughed and giggled. She can't believe that Mikolaj did not see her at The Brightmore.
"Awww...! Thats supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!" Nova said with her bombastic language.
"I like to move it,move it! She likes to move it,move it. He likes to move it,move it! You like to MOVE IT!" Nova rocked to the song "I like to move it" from the movie Madagascar.
"And when ya move ya body,and move it! Nice and sweet and sexy,alright!" Nova showed her moves at The Brightmore. Her green luminous skin shoned and gleaned beautifully under the warm spotlight.
"Woman!physically fit, physically fit, Physically,physically, physically fit! Woman!physically fit, physically fit!" She sang and moved to the loud booming music. Nova was enjoying herself so much that she had totally forgotten that the time and the fact that she was grounded.
It was bright daylight and the next morning when Nova finally left the club. "Gosh! 52 missed calls and 23 messages from Cadence and Mikolaj? Oh uh! I'm in trouble!" Nova's eyes nearly popped when she saw the missed calls. "YOUNG LADY!! Where did you go? Do you know what is the time now?" Cadence shouted at her granddaughter. "NOVA SIERRA! You are in deep deep trouble!" Mikolaj warned.
"Do you have any idea how worried we were? We were wondering if you were dead or alive!" Cadence totally blew her top at Nova.
"I'm..I'm sorry, grandma...I'm so sorry! I did not notice the time!" Nova apologised as Mikolaj looked on. "EXCUSES!!! Excuses! Stop making up stories! And what is the use of your phone? Didn't you hear it ring?" Cadence tried to control her anger but to no avail.
She stayed up the whole night waiting for Nova to come home but there was no sight of Nova throughout the night. She peeped at the window at the slightest noise outside but it was never Nova at the door. "The music was too loud for me to hear anything...I'm sorry, Grandma..Mum..." Nova was really frightened as she has never seen her Grandma this angry!
"I told you to stay at home to study! Didn't I? You are grounded for three more weeks! And you can't attend your school's prom!" Cadence said firmly.
"What? That's the biggest event of the year and the coolest thing that I have been waiting for!" Nova was sorely disappointed. "No more words from you! Go back home now!" Cadence barked.
"This girl ought to be disciplined, Mikolaj!" Cadence told Mikolaj as Nova sneaked off.
"First you ask me to shower them with lots of you want me to discipline them! What should I do? I'm so helpless!" Mikolaj was really confused.
"Disciplining them also means you love them. You want the best for them. Can't you use your common sense for a while?" Cadence was getting very agitated from the lack of sleep.
"I need some sleep!" Cadence returned home after one sleepless night.
"Mum asked me to use my common sense? Is she implying that I do not have common sense? Maybe common sense isn't really that common after all!" Mikolaj frowned and pondered on Cadence's words.
Little Gwenda all ready to grow up! Will she turn into an imaginary friend toy form when she grows up?
Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra looking very bright and radiant as a little girl. She had sparkly eyes that shone brightly in the sun. She was a carbon copy of her father, Lucky the imaginary friend.
Time for Gwenda's twin brother to grow up while Aerius looked on.
Aerius was wondering what his brother Dai was doing.
He was leaping into childhood!
Baby 27 Dai Sierra looking every bit like Mikolaj with his purple eyes, face shape and complexion! He had a fashionable hairstyle which was deemed too long by his teachers.
Cadence attempting to give Mickey a bath. She made it a point to give the furry creatures at the Sierras a bath every week so that fleas would be kept at bay.
It would also be safer for the kids to interact with them if they were kept clean.
Mikolaj was having very bad nightmares about her mother leaving the house.
Then she saw this email which cracked her up. "Hello, Mikolaj the mega superstar! I'm Mischa Krase! I'm your huge fan and I'm so crazy in love with you! So crazy in love that I have this perpetual lovelorn look on my face! Looking at my bulging eyes and tongue that has stretched so long while waiting for your response! It will grow longer with every second and minute of your non-response!"
"Eventually my tongue will fall off and I will become a zombie like this if you do not response to me! So, Mikolaj the megastar..can you bear to see your biggest fan to look like this? A sorry and pathetic zombie?" The email continued. Mikolaj giggled and was very curious what lies beneath the lovelorn and zombie face.
You may zombified your sims and make them lovelorn at this link
"Wanna see what the lovestruck zombie and Megastar Mikolaj's baby will look like? Choose me!" Mischa said as he tried his hand at the babymaker. "Okay! Set! This shall the father of Baby 29! He calls me Megastar Mikolaj! Wow, and it rhymes!" Mikolaj was exhilarated that someone was calling her a megastar. Looked like Mischa's effort has paid off!
Mikolaj emailed Mischa to meet him at the most popular hangout, the Brightmore. Mikolaj also chanced upon her son, Falon who was having a drink there. "Is that the next father of the 100 Baby Challenge?" Falon asked Mikolaj. "Yup!" She chirped. "Hmm..nice profile!" Falon commented on Mikolaj's great choice.
"Megastar! Megastar! How privileged to meet you here! Can I get you a drink?" Mischa praised Mikolaj to the skies. Mikolaj's face flushed red with shyness.
"Hmm...let me see what drink do they have befitting for our Queen Mikolaj!" Mischa looked at the drinks menu as Mikolaj looked on. "Looks like a nice guy!" Mikolaj thought.
"Drinks for my Majesty!" Mischa knew how to sweet talk. As he was passing the drinks to Mikolaj, a random passerby booed Mikolaj. "BOO! MIKOLAJ! BOO! Giving birth to a baby out of wedlock!" "What do you know? She is doing the 100 Baby Challenge!" Mischa was really agitated and spoke up for Mikolaj.
"Don't bother about him! Just ignore him!" Mikolaj reminded Mischa to control his temper. "What's so great about you? So what if you are a five star celebrity? Shameful! You don't look that good in real life anyway!" The passerby hurled verbal abuse on Mikolaj.
Mikolaj breathed in and out hard to simmer down. Though she was very angry, she recognised the fact that she has to pay a price for fame and popularity.
"You are fantastic at handling this! I would have screamed at him if it was me!" Mischa applauded Mikolaj's calmness and maturity in handling the situation.
"No point, I can't please everyone in this world. There are bound to be some Mikolaj's lovers and haters..." Mikolaj's words trailed off as she sipped the drink.
"Nice..full respect for you. I'm defnitely a Mikolaj's lover!" Mischa assured Mikolaj.
"Cheers! Thanks!" Mikolaj toasted the drink with Mischa.
"Is the drink good?" Mischa asked Mikolaj who was deep in thoughts.
"Is the drink good?" Mischa repeated as Mikolaj did not answer him.
"Hmm..yup!" Mikolaj was wondering who had spread those malicious rumours about her while Mischa was being cheeky and planning to make his move on Mikolaj.
"That's good! Good to hear...." Mischa said as he stretched his hand to put behind Mikolaj's back.
"Ah..." Mischa said as Mikolaj was totally oblivious with the surroundings.
"Paparazzi! There! Mikolaj!" Mischa tried to divert attention. "Where?" Mikolaj's eyes widened as Mischa successfully placed his hands on Mikolaj's shoulders.
"Where?! You tricked me!" Mikolaj jumped up and Mischa was shocked.
"Aha! Gotcha! You tried to make your move on me?" Mikolaj rejected his advances.
"No way!" Mikolaj waved her hands frantically.
"Only me, Mikolaj Sierra can make my move on people and noone can make their move on me!" She cackled evilly like a witch.
"Really?" Mischa leaned forward and flirted with her.
"Yup! I make the first move, not you!" After this sentence, she proceeded to kiss Mischa.
"Your lips are so soft!" Mischa exclaimed.
"Of course! I'm Megastar Mikolaj! Didn't you coined that term?" Mikolaj said as she shared another kiss.
"That's so scandalous! Mikolaj making out with a new guy in a club! Such audacity! The life of a celebrity is so complicated!" The random passerby exclaimed.
"Let me sit back and enjoy the show!" The passerby clapped and cheered.
Falon did not even bat an eyelid when he saw his Mum in Mischa's arm. He was so used to the 100 Baby Challenge and the different fathers and men that appeared at the Sierras.
He enjoyed his game of darts while Mischa and Mikolaj kissed in the foreground. How weird is that!
"I'm dedicating a dance to you!" Mikolaj wanted to dance for Mischa.
"Really? I'm so honoured! Be careful! Be careful of your steps!" Mischa warned as Mikolaj climbed up the table gingerly.
"Woohoo! Sexy lady!" Mischa cheered.
"Come on! Dance and shake your booty!!" Mikolaj egged Mischa on.
"Shake it! Shake it!" Mikolaj gyrated to the loud booming music as Mischa was totally memerised with Mikolaj's charms.
"Watch me and my moves! Mikolaj Sierra the Megastar!"Mikolaj was slightly tipsy from the drinks.
"That's right! Shake it mama! Shake it!"Mikolaj and Mischa worked on their moves at the dancefloor.
"Can't believe I'm dancing with the megastar Mikolaj! And your figure is so va va vroom!" Mischa was really good at honey coating his words as Mikolaj smiled sweetly.
"Mikolaj, is your dad an astronaut?" Mischa asked.
"No, why?" Mikolaj answered.
"Because I thought he took the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes! They are so sparkling!" Mischa praised.
"Silly and cheesy pickup lines don't work on me!" Mikolaj was turned off by Mischa's cheesy pickup lines but was impressed by his dancing skills.
"Sorry about that! Just thought that you have lovely eyes! I couldn't find a better way to describe it!" Mischa apologised.
"Let's make Baby 29 now!" Mikolaj said in jest. "Now? Where?" Mischa asked. "The elevator!" Mikolaj's eyes glinted with mischief.
"Wow! That's so exciting! What if we are caught with my pants down?" Mischa laughed. "Then you will be in the headlines and hog the headlines for a week or so! Nothing much!" Mikolaj smirked.
"Take good care of my mum!" Falon told Mischa who gave him a knowing look.
"I think this guy can produce good looking babies!" Falon commented as the elevator's doors was closing.
"Baby 29! Here we come!" Mikolaj pouted her lips and flirted with Mischa.
"I only just one baby. ONE baby, no twins or triplets." Mikolaj did not want to hit Baby 30 with this birth. Baby 30 would meant that her Mum would be leaving the Sierras.
"How can we control that? Why?" Mischa asked curiously as Mikolaj inched forward.
"Don't ask..." Mikolaj said in a husky low and sultry voice.
Mikolaj mesmerizing Mischa with her electrifying eyes.
"Good luck and all the best to you!" Falon wished Mischa good luck as he tried for a baby with Mikolaj.
Tender loving moments for Mikolaj and Mischa. Looked like a perfect Kodak moment!
Love is in the air!
The makings of Baby 29!
In the elevator of The Brightmore at Appaloosa Plains!
And the lift opened! GOTCHA! You guys are caught on camera!
"Mum?" Falon muttered. It was an utter embarrassment to be caught offguard by your son making a baby in the elevator! The exciting and bizzare things that Mikolaj does in her 100 Baby Challenge!
"Ahem..." Mischa uttered as he arranged and straightened his clothes while Mikolaj appeared composed.
"That was a cheap thrill! And I heard the sounds of the baby lullaby! Baby 29 is conceived!" Mikolaj clapped as Mischa appeared dazed.
Mikolaj went back and told Cadence about her good news and introduced Mischa to her. "We were happily making Baby 29 in the elevator when Falon saw us when the elevator door opened!" Mikolaj giggled as Mischa grimaced, "Oh..spare the details! Please don't tell your Mum such things! It is an embarrassment!"
"What's there to worry! She has been through this. She did and completed her 100 Baby Challenge. Nothing to be shy about!" Mikolaj teased the shy Mischa whose cheeks were flushed red from blushing.
Mikolaj with little Aerius at the toilet. She was suffering from a bad case of nausea for this pregnancy.
"I'm holding a great feast at the Prince and Pauper Castle up in the tree!" Dai said to his twin sister, Gwenda who was strutting near the tree.
"Sista! Gwenda! Here! Here!" Dai had placed the "No girls" allowed sign on the castle and there was no way that Gwenda can play at the castle.
"Dai! Dai! I wanna go up now! Let me in! Brother!" Gwenda shouted not knowing what mischief was Dai up to.
"Let me in! Why do you have a no girls allowed sign! I wanna hold a grand feast up in the castle too!" Gwenda whined.
"Sister, wait while I take off the sign!" Dai has gotten ready his "weapon", a pail full of water all ready to splash on his poor unsuspecting twin sister. What a evil twin!
"Here you go! You can come up now!" Dai tricked Gwenda and poured the pail of water all over Gwenda's head.
Before Gwenda could look up and find out what was happening, she was totally drenched from head to toe!
"Hahaha! Hhaha!" Dai was reeling with laughter when he saw his twin sister drenched like a wet chicken.
"GOTCHA! You have been tricked! You are so stupid!" Dai laughed at his poor wet sister.
"Hmph! Shan't bother about you anymore!" Gwenda realised she had fallen into Dai's trap.
The poor Gwenda did not manage to play at the castle but instead was wet thoroughly.
But the kind Gwenda was very gracious and forgave her mischevious brother for the prank. She invited him to play at the seesaw.
"Bro, you know we are actually imaginary friends and can transform into a toy form..." Gwenda said while Dai was cautious and was wondering if Gwenda wanted to play any pranks on him. "Yeah, I know. Our father is Mum's imaginary friend." He replied with his eyes darting.
"I want to transform into the toy form just for the fun of it.." Gwenda told Dai. "What?!? What's so fun about that? The imaginary toy form looks clumsy, fat and dumb. It looks so difficult to walk in them.." Dai was curious at Gwenda's decision.
"Well, it is about returning to one's roots and I have made my decision about it. Anyway it is reversible and will not do any damage to my body. So why not?" Gwenda was firm in her decision. "Whatever, up to you. Just don't force me to transform into the toy form. I like being me now!" Dai said.
"Gwenda, are you ready?" Gwenda gave herself sometime to compose and a prep talk. She had read intensively about turning into a imaginary toy form and the effects of it.
"There you go! Gwenda! Gwenda the imaginary friend toy form!" Gwenda turned into a toy form without telling or consulting Cadence or Mikolaj.
"Shall scare the hell of Dai now!" Gwenda wanted her revenge!
"Wow! Sister! You really became a toy form? How does it feel like? Do you have eyes, nose and mouth? Can you eat?" Dai was abit taken aback with his twin sister's new look.
"Can I touch you?" Dai requested. "Of course!" Gwenda said in a robotic tone and reached out to hug Dai. "Wow, you feel soft and squishy!" Dai exclaimed.
"And your eyes...are so round like a button! And you have a triangular nose like a snowman! Hilarious!" Dai laughed as he examined Gwenda.
Cadence in the animal themed bathroom, not knowing that Gwenda had already transformed to the toy form.
Shock! Stunned! Disbelief were words to describe Cadence when she first saw Gwenda in the toy form. She was speechless for a while until she tried to compose herself. "Is that Gwenda?" Cadence bit her lips. "Guess so! She looks really cool with all the colours on her body!" Nova had weird tastes.
Gwenda was not really used to her imaginary toy form as yet. She felt that her head was too heavy for her tiny body and could not take the weight of it.
"Gwenda! What happened to you? What did my adorable granddaughter go to?" Cadence cried out loud.
Cadence scratched her head and pondered when and where did Gwenda transform into a toy form.
"Gosh! We haven't been paying enough attention to these kids!" Cadence got a wake up call.
"Gwenda! Why didn't you tell Grandma or Mum about your transformation? How can you transform without heeding our advice?" Cadence expressed her disappointment while Nova supported her sister's idea.
"I thought I can return to my roots by doing that. Dad was also Mum's imaginary friend...I can transform back anytime too..I just want to try it out." Gwenda explained. "It is okay to transform to the toy form. But you have to talk to an adult when you do anything...there is nothing wrong in returning to your roots. What you did wrong was that you have to speak to me or your Mum about anything major in your life." Cadence explained.
"Okay, I'm sorry, Grandma." Gwenda apologised. "Always talk to us when you want to do something, okay?" Cadence rattled on. "So naggy!" Nova muttered under her breath.
"Grandma, Can I go to prom please?" Nova decided to interrupt into their conversation. "Nova...later! Can't you see I'm talking to Gwenda?" Cadence snapped. "Awww...No one cares about one..not even Grandma!!" Nova was such a drama mama!
"I am a misfit and a loner at the Sierras. I am nobody's kid...." Nova tried to attract Cadence's attention.
She was trying to play the pity cards, in bid to gain sympathy from Cadence. She wanted to attend the prom party so badly that she was shedding crocodile tears.
"Nova, you are grounded and your punishment is not able to attend prom. Stop whining and reflect on your actions. If you complain further, you will be grounded for another week!" Cadence said sternly.
Minnie was still very hostile to Mikolaj who wanted to give her a bath to rid of the fleas on her body.
"Hmm...finally conquered you!" Mikolaj said, pleased that she was finally cradling Minnie in her arms.
Alas! Minnie refused to co-operate! Minnie tried to struggle out of Mikolaj's hands and scratched her hard in the process.
It was a tough struggle and tussle between Mikolaj and Minnie. Someone help them!
"Argh! That was a nasty scratch!" Mikolaj looked at the scratches on her hands.
Cute litte bald Aerius playing at the blocks table.
Cadence spoke to Mikolaj about Gwenda and Nova. "Mum, I really can't handle this household! Really can't. I can't even bath a cat properly!" Mikolaj raised the white flag. "Slowly, my the lyrics of the song "Greatest love of all" from Whitney Houston goes...I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be. You can do it!" Cadence encouraged her daughter.
After quoting lyrics from Whitney Houston, Cadence sniffed and had tears in her eyes. Whitney Houston was one of Cadence's favorite singers....
"Being a mother come from here...Give them love, patience and warmth." Cadence pointed to her heart as Mikolaj listened.
Cadence was also feeling sad that she was leaving Mikolaj for the challenge.
"Mum, I'm aching all over! Can you wash the dishes?" Mikolaj was in her first trimster and experiencing many aches. "I need to go to bed. You got to learn to manage your time and do it yourself." Cadence had to learn to be very firm and not accede to Mikolaj's requests.
No amount of pouting and whining from Mikolaj could move Cadence.
Mikolaj's tummy getting bigger and bigger by the day!
Cadence's famous words...All you need is love in the background as Mikolaj's waters broke!
"Argh! Mum! The baby is coming! Right now! There is no time to go to the hospitalllllllllll..." Mikolaj screeched.
"Lay down here! Here!" Cadence quickly propped Mikolaj on the bed as Mikolaj clutched her legs in pain.
"I can see the baby coming! I can see the head! PUSH! PUSH harder! 1..2...3...PUSH!" Cadence gave Mikolaj clear instructions.
"I think I'm going to die! I'm going to die!" Mikolaj cried in agony and pain. "Concentrate on your breathing! Miko! Mummy is here!" Cadence waited with bated breath, the arrival of Mikolaj's Baby 29.
"A bit more! You are doing great!" Cadence egged Mikolaj on as if she was a professional doctor.
"ARGHH!!! AHHHHH!!! This is living hell!!" Mikolaj pinched her legs so hard that there were bruises on her thighs.
"Come on! Push! PUSH!" Cadence egged Mikolaj on.
"I can't! I can't! Mum! Save me! The baby is stuck!" Mikolaj said as tears streamed down her beautiful face.
Her face was filled with red blood vessels that has burst due to all the pushing.
Mikolaj propped herself on the bed to get into a comfortable position.
A Sierra girl never ever gives up. Mikolaj was determined to get Baby 29 out!
"ARGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" Mikolaj gave one last huge push.
"GO GO GO!" Cadence felt so helpless when she saw her daughter in agony. After two big pushes, the Sierras were greeted to the sounds of a wailing baby.
Its a girl for the Sierras! "Baby more to go..." Cadence reminded Mikolaj who was exhausted after a entire day of tough labor. "I really don't what to do without you. Mum..." Mikolaj cradled her latest pink bundle of joy.
Baby 29 Tullula Sierra (Thanks to horseyhorsey!), meet World! and
World, meet Baby 29 Tullula Sierra!
Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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