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Be Strong! Mikolaj! You can do it! Baby 3-0!

"Tullula, Tullula...I wanna cry..." Tears welled up in Mikolaj's eyes as she held her newborn daughter, Tullula. After 1 more baby, she will be all alone and independent for this 100 Baby Challenge.
"It's gonna be a long and winding road and journey to 100 is going to leave me! 70 more babies all by my own! What?! How?!" Tears streamed down Mikolaj's face. She did not seem to be happy for a single bit with her latest arrival of little Sierra girl, Tullula. "Mum..are you okay? Why are you crying? Our little sister, Tullula is so adorable!" Nova commented as Mikolaj kept quiet and look away. She did not want to show her vulnerable side to her kids. Cadence knew Mikolaj was weeping and she walked away.
"And so we talked all night about the rest of our lives. Where we're gonna be when we turn 25. I keep thinking times will never change. Keep on thinking things will always be the same. But when we leave this year we won't be coming back. No more hanging out cause we're on a different track." The cheeky Nova sang to the Graduation Song by Vitamin C with complete actions and funny expressions. It seemed as though she was pretty confident of her young adult life!
"Live it up, Nova Sierra!" She was all hyped up for her birthday!
The ever young Grandma Cadence Sierra, still looking as fantastic and pretty as ever!
Baby 25 Nova Sierra as a young adult! Check out her outrageous hairstyle!
Mikolaj was definitely not having post natal depression. She was just very upset about the next baby, Baby 30 where Cadence would leave the Sierras.
"No..please don't do this to me!" Mikolaj whined as she imagined how life will be without Cadence.
"I had everything going for me so far, my career, my challenge, my great mother.." It was a mega blow for Mikolaj that she no longer gets help from Cadence.
Though Cadence broke this news to her a while back, it was hard for Mikolaj to accept the news and sink in.
She cried as if she was mourning for someone's death! Cheer up, Mikolaj! It's not the end of the world!
"Should I just end my challenge at 30 babies?" Mikolaj entertained a thought to end her 100 Baby Challenge.
"! I'm a Sierra girl! I can do it!" Mikolaj had major mood swings.
Be strong! Mikolaj! Cadence was heartbroken to see Mikolaj in this state. She knew she had to leave her alone to sort out her thoughts and accept this harsh reality.
She cried even harder when she saw Baby 29 Tullula.
"Tullula! The next baby is the big 3-0!" Mikolaj cried.
To distract some attention, Cadence suggested Mikolaj to do what she loved best: A Makeover. She chose a short dress for Spring.
A new and polished hairdo for Mikolaj. She had short bangs and bunned up her hair.
"You look good in bangs!" Cadence approved Mikolaj of her new hairstyle. "What's the use of looking good? I have to look after babies, toddlers and kids, clean up after them and cook for them..." Mikolaj whined as Cadence kept quiet.
Little Gwenda became a little girl after her short stint of becoming an imaginary friend toy form! Doesn't she look better as a little girl?
Baby 29 Tullula as a little toddler! Looking very adorable with Mikolaj's genetics! She had an upturned mouth which looked like she was smiling all the time!
"WAaaaaaaa!!" Aerius screaming for his feed.
The cheeky Tullula was a really active and agile toddler. She found a way to climb all the way up to her crib and sat dangerously and precociously on the edge of the crib. It was definitely a dangerous stunt and an accident waiting to happen! Where's Cadence and Mikolaj?
She managed to make her way down and cried hard as her diaper was wet. Mikolaj definitely could not handle without Cadence.
Kids definitely cannot sense the danger! How on earth did Tullula managed to make her way up the oven with her dirty diapers? Can someone hurry bring her down!!
Poor Tullula! She could have been electrocuted if the oven was plugged on. This was a major danger for her. Tullula was such an active toddler! She looked as if she was enjoying the view from above.
Sit tight, girl! Don't fall!
Tullula once again made her way up the crib! What a daredevil toddler!
"GOSH! TULLULA! Stay there! Don't move! Don't move!" Cadence gasped and got a major shock of her life when she saw a crying Tullula on the edge of the crib. "Mikolaj! Mikolaj! Look at your daughter! Where are you?" Cadence screamed and hurriedly carried Tullula.
"MIKOLAJ SIERRA! What were you doing in the hot tub! Your daughter's life was in danger, you know? Do you have any idea what she did?" Cadence berated Mikolaj.
"I did not know! And I have already told you time and time again that I cannot handle this 100 Baby Challenge alone! I really can't!" Mikolaj said exasperatedly.
"I don't want to hear any more excuses! No more! You are already a mother of 29 babies! Don't tell me you can't handle this challenge!" Cadence said.
"Being a mother...means you ought to be responsible for everything! Your household, your kids, your life...everything is intertwined. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." Cadence said calmly.
"But I still want my life! My celebrity life of glamour and glitz! I want to have my time for hot tub!" Mikolaj griped.
"You can do it, Mikolaj! I'm sure you can handle your kids as well as your celebrity career. You can unwind with your hot tub after all the chores.." Cadence reminded. "After all my chores? I want to soak in my hot tub in the mornings!" Mikolaj whimpered as she carried Tullula.
"Say goodbye to the old carefree Mikolaj! Say hello to the Mumsy Mikolaj..." Mikolaj sobbed as she envisioned her life without Cadence.
She tried to drown her sorrows with alcohol. She may not even have the luxury to go to bars or clubs when Cadence leave the Sierras.
"You are going to see less of me..." Mikolaj told the mixologist who listened intently to her grouses.
"You look good, Mikolaj!" The paparazzi commented as he snapped a photo of her.
"Well...I look good on the outside, not on the inside..." Mikolaj muttered under her breath.
Mikolaj's evil trait was acting up. Her huge mouth and big round purple eyes were enough to scare people out of their wits!
"Shall I eat up Baby 30?" The crazy Mikolaj had out of this world thoughts.
Mikolaj walked to the nearby garden to take a breather. Her cries caught the attention of a purple hair man. (Thanks to Marsalott!)
"Booohooo...Stop crying..Mikolaj!" As much as Mikolaj wanted to stop crying, her tears just kept flowing down her face.
"Hey...Are you okay?" The purple hair man asked in concern.
Mikolaj was so engrossed in her emotions that she did not hear the man.
"Gosh, she must be so troubled to ignore me totally!" The man commented.
"Hey! Hello! Knock knock!" The man tried to gain Mikolaj's attention but to no avail.
Mikolaj sat at the bench, deep in thoughts as the purple hair man decided to approach Mikolaj.
He sat down but Mikolaj did not even turn to look at him.
Mikolaj and him sat at the bench quietly for a few moments before Mikolaj got up and walked away.
"Hey there, I'm Marsalott. I noticed that you had been crying for a while. Is there wrong? Are you okay?" The man asked and was worried that Mikolaj was suicidal.
Upon closer look, Marsalott noticed that she was Mikolaj Sierra the hottest star in town! "Wow! Mikolaj Sierra? Are you Mikolaj Sierra? Woah! Woah!" Marsalott got really excited as Mikolaj turned her tear-streaked face away from Marsalott. She did not want the public to see her in this sorry state.
She braved a smile and said, "Yeah! I'm Mikolaj Sierra!" Marsalott opened his eyes really wide, "Woo! Flawless skin and beautiful features! A superstar indeed!"
Mikolaj beamed and proceeded to rest on the bench. Marsalott playfully tapped on Mikolaj's shoulders, hoping to cheer her up.
"Hey there, Superstar! Give me your megawatt smile!" Marsalott teased her. Mikolaj beamed as she was very pleased with the Superstar tag.
"Is there anything I can help you? You look really upset. Is something bothering you?" Marsalott tried to console Mikolaj.
"I...I...." Before Mikolaj could start, tears rolled down her flawless cheeks.
"Here, here's my shoulder for you to lean on... Have a good cry and everything will be alright after that. There will be sunshine after the rain." Marsalott said.
"Thank you, Marsalott. Thank youuuu..." Mikolaj sobbed.
"Your shoulders are so sturdy and strong. How I wish I had a man in my life...But I can't...." Mikolaj was bitter that she had to do the 100 Baby Challenge and could not get married.
"If you like, you can lie on it for as long as you want! It's my honour, really!" Marsalott said.
"Poor thing..I always thought stars and celebrities like you lived in the high life full of glamour and riches...I did not know you guys are just normal beings with worries and woes like us..." Marsalott said.
"I may have big dreams of becoming a megastar and a domestic diva. Deep in my heart, I'm just a simple girl. I just want to be happy and have simple pleasures like catching butterflies like this...." Mikolaj smiled as she caught a butterfly.
"Poor are finally smiling! You look so radiant and lovely with your sweet smile!" Marsalott melted as he saw Mikolaj's smile.
"Thank you Marsalott! Thanks for your sturdy shoulder..." Mikolaj leaped into Marsalott's arms.
"I love your purple hair by the way! It smells good too!" Mikolaj tousled Marsalott's hair.
Mikolaj invited Marsalott for some soaking in the hot tub at the Sierras and in the midst of it all, sounds of the lulluby were heard. The deed is done and the inevitable has happened. Baby 30 is on the way!
"Argh! I'm totally dreading this pregnancy!" Mikolaj was puking badly with the stress and sadness. She detested the arrival of Baby 30, much to the disadvantage of poor Baby 30, whoever he or she may be.
"Ride on! Mikolaj! Ride on!" Mikolaj rode on the bike to destress as well as to escape from the Sierras for a wee bit. She just could not accept the reality that Cadence's time at the Sierras was shortlived.
"Gosh! Baby 30 can feel my vibes and reluctance to have him or her...kicking so badly! Baby, Mummy is so sorry!" Mikolaj rubbed her tummy.
"Mikolaj! Can I have a picture of you? You are so thin in real life!" An eager fan whipped out her camera. "Do you mean I look fat on television?" Mikolaj laughed and posed in front of the camera like a pro.
"Dr Blueflame! Hello! Have not seen you in a long time!" Cadence waved to Dr Blueflame. Cadence had secretly followed Mikolaj out for fear that she would do something silly.
Cadence and Mikolaj's mother-daughter bonding time under the pale moonlight.
"How's the pregnancy coming along?" Cadence asked in a concerned tone. "Well...still the same..How can this pregnancy be good when I'm carry the big 3-0 baby. I mean you are leaving after that ...this baby is like a jinx!" Mikolaj whined.
"How can you say that of your baby?! Every baby is a heaven's gift! Love them and appreciate them. Be thankful that you are surrounded with kids!" Cadence berated Mikolaj. "I was just joking..." Mikolaj said and paused.
"Don't drink so much after I leave. You are the head of household when I leave the Sierras. You ought to be responsible for your actions. At least stay sober for your kids. Be a great example for them." Cadence reminded. "You are such a nag..Mum! Stay sober for them? You only think about the kids, never about me!" Mikolaj questioned.
"Miko, you are my daughter and your well-being is of my utmost importance. And to keep yourself sane for the rest of the 100 Baby Challenge, you need to take good care of your kids, only then can you succeed in this challenge. Remember, educating and raising them to become useful people in the society is crucial. You can't just give birth to them and let them survive on their own!" Cadence said.
"Why not? Maybe they can learn more out of it? That will teach them to be independent!" Mikolaj joked. Cadence glared at Mikolaj. "Mum! You know I'm joking!" Mikolaj giggled like a little girl.
"On a more serious note, Mummy is gonna miss you, my little girl!" Cadence looked at Mikolaj and smiled as she was reminded of how Mikolaj was once a rebellious teenager and was heartened that she has blossomed into a fine young lady. "I will miss you truly madly deeply, Mummy!" Mikolaj gushed.
"What are your plans, Mum?" Mikolaj asked Cadence who shrugged her shoulders. "Hmm..That's a good question. I have been pondering over this for a long long time but have not come to a conclusion. I might travel the world before I decide!" Cadence pondered.
"Mum! Let's forget all the troubles! Come, this setting is perfect for a ghost story!" Mikolaj brought out her inner child as she whipped out a torch, all ready for her ghost story.
"And then...there was a blood curdling scream..." Mikolaj said in a hush hush tone. "Ah!" Cadence was so frightened that she let out a scream. The sight of an old lady joining them for the ghost story made it even more creepy!
"Ah huh! And then?" Cadence listened to Mikolaj intently.
It was a great bonding session for the mother and daughter who were always engrossed with baby rearing and mundane household chores for the 100 Baby Challenge.
It has been some time since Mikolaj had so much fun.
"Aww...I wonder when can we sit down and have our meal together after Baby 30..." Mikolaj said wistfully.
"Very soon! Don't think so much! You can always visit me!" Cadence remained optimistic.
"AH! I bit on the chili! So spicy!" Cadence stuck out her tongue. "Mum! You are so hilarious!" Mikolaj laughed.
"Mikolaj Sierra! And Cadence Sierra in action! Wow! Two superstars having their meals! How honoured am I!" The elderly man gushed like a little fan.
"Mum, as much as I don't want you to leave, I really hope that you can do and pursue something that you really like. Maybe find your true love? I would love to be your bridesmaid!" Mikolaj suggested as Cadence smiled but did not answer.
"Can we stay here for a little while more? I want to spend more time with you." Mikolaj pleaded. "It's time to go back. We have been out for so long. Time to check on the kids!" Cadence told her daughter.
"Just an hour more?" Mikolaj begged.
"Miko..." Cadence repeated as Mikolaj looked dejected.
Time for the imaginary friend twins to grow up! Here's Gwenda looking very adorable as she awaits for teenhood!
"Hurray! Hurray!"Gwenda can't wait for her birthday.
"Eh? Will I become a human or imaginary friend?" Gwenda was all confused when she was surrounded with the rainbow sparkles.
Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra looking very gorgeous with her natural curls and those mesmerizing grey eyes! She was an exotic beauty with her lovely tanned skin and pink pouty lips!
Twin brother Dai was more excited with the birthday presents.
Baby 27 Dai Sierra as a teenager! He had nice flowy tresses which was the envy of many girls. Unfortunately for him, he grew up to have the clumsy and slob trait. Poor Dai!
An growth spurt at the Sierras! Baby 28 Aerius Sierra finally grew out his hair when he was a child. He had Mikolaj's pink-blonde hair but the rest of his features resembled his dad's.
Mikolaj's emotions were a wreck and went up and down like a rollercoaster.
She could even cry when the gumball machine wasn't working well.
"Let's kick it!" Mikolaj looked around and made sure the kids weren't looking.
"Aha!" She cheered up after a gumball spinned out of the machine when she gave it a good hard kick.
Little Tullula was very amused by her own name. She would laugh whenever someone called her name.
"Tullula! Tullula!" Mikolaj tickled her as she broke into peals of laughter.
Hot mama alert!
Who could tell that Mikolaj was pregnant from the back!
"Come to Mama! Tullula!" Mikolaj attempted to teach her young toddler to walk.
"Here! That's right! Few more steps!" Mikolaj encouraged Tullula who picked up things really fast.
It wasn't before long that little Tullula was running all over the house!
Cadence had a major meltdown when the reporters and paparazzi came to the Sierras to interview her on the departure of the Sierras after Baby 30. "Can you guys inform us beforehand? Let me get ready and give me some time! Can you please let me change into my trademark white and red outfit?" Cadence was annoyed that she was photographed in her pyjamas.
"Stay away..." Cadence warned the paparazzi.
"I said stay away! And I meant it!" Cadence blew her top and the paparazzi was taken aback that the gentle Cadence could be so fierce!
It was only after Cadence changed into her trademark outfit that she allowed the paparazzi to take photos of her.
Gwenda and Aerius having fun at the sandpit.
"Isn't it very blissful to bask in family love, surrounded with all your kids like that?" Cadence was heartened to see so many kids surrounding Mikolaj.
"'s cool to see your genetics all over your kids...but raising them is another matter all together!" Mikolaj said.
"And your maternity outfit...You should cover up more! You might catch a cold with this outfit!" Cadence commented on Mikolaj's choice of maternity outift.
"I'm loving this outfit! I can show my tummy and figure in full glory! Au naturale!" Mikolaj chirped. "I don't understand you youngsters nowadays! Don't you feel cold with this out of this world outfit?" Cadence looked at Mikolaj's maternity outfit which resembled a spiderweb swimsuit.
"Mikolaj, I'm so proud of you. You have come so far for this challenge and have exceeded my expectations of you even though you may have your own quirks and bad habits. You have even surpassed my abilities by becoming a celebrity and star in your own right, so much so that you do not have to work to earn your keeps yet providing a comfortable life for your kids. I remembered I had to struggle to play the guitar for tips, write novel and work on paintings to make ends meet. I'm so heartened...." Cadence expressed her inner thoughts. "Aww....Mum...I seldom seen you so emotional..." Mikolaj looked at Cadence.
To Cadence, Mikolaj is a daughter with the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.
"Nice round tummy!" Cadence rubbed Mikolaj's tummy.
"What happened? Are you in pain?" Cadence looked at Mikolaj who was frowning. "Nothing..I just feel so sad that you will no longer be at the Sierras touching my tummy for Baby 31..." Mikolaj cried.
"Miko...don't be sad...You can always visit me! Anytime!" Cadence tried to cheer Mikolaj.
"Mum! I will miss you so much!" Mikolaj hugged Cadence.
"Thank you for always being there for me, throughout this challenge. I apologised for my wilfulness, playfulness and bad temper in the past. I'm sorry if I have made you worried, angry or sad." Mikolaj apologised to Cadence who was also tearing. Mikolaj has indeed grown up...
"It's okay. Mum understand. You don't have to apologise. You are still my dear little girl, Mikolaj." Cadence responded as Mikolaj cried on her shoulder.
"The 70 other kids will never get the privilege of having a doting grandma living with them.." Mikolaj said.
"Mikolaj, I'm sure you can give them all the love they need. You will be fine. You are now the heartbeat in the home; and without you, there will be no heart throb." Cadence consoled Mikolaj.
"What if I can't?" Mikolaj had another meltdown.
"Calm down! Miko! Be strong! You can do it! Believe in yourself!" Cadence calmed her down.
Catwalking runs in the genes! Little Tullula was imitating how Mikolaj walked.
It was quite sad thinking that these were the very last times you can see Cadence and Mikolaj living in the same household, sharing a joke....
...and laughing over them...
The two remarkable Sierra ladies of strength and achievement: Cadence Sierra and Mikolaj Sierra.
Mikolaj was loving her new maternity outfit.
As the days of her labor loomed, Mikolaj was anxious about Cadence's departure. In the meantime, Cadence also thought hard about her future and directions in life.
"It's here! It's here!" Mikolaj clutched her round and big tummy.
"Where's the phone?" Cadence rushed to get the phone to call the ambulance.
"This is so awful and scary!" Dai freaked out in the background as Mikolaj screamed in pain.
With a heavy heart, Mikolaj delivered Baby 30. She was named Cocoa Sierra (Thanks to Juls Smith!) due to her tanned skin. Mikolaj carried Cocoa and walked out of the hospital slowly and sadly.
Though she was ferried by a limousine and chauffeur, she wasn't wee bit happy with the special celebrity treatment.
Instead, she sat there sombrely as if she was mourning. She was totally dreading to bring Baby 30 Cocoa home.
"Oh! Another pink bundle to the Sierras! She has got great skin! How adorable!" Cadence cradled Cocoa as Mikolaj looked away. "Alright...Mikolaj...I guess it is time...." Cadence spoke as if she was delivering a verdict and Mikolaj did not want to face it.
Hang on tight to the next post where the Sierras have a major change: Cadence is leaving! Can Mikolaj cope? Check out how the Sierras' lives would change with the Sims 3 Showtime featuring Katy Perry!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. So sad that Cadence is leaving! I just recently found Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge. But, Cadence leaving the Sierras is so sad!


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