Sunday, January 29, 2012

The NPC Baby! Mr Fix-it-all Baby 28!!

The Sierras started off with a bang with birthdays for the girl-boy twins, Oriana and Falon!
"Bro! Come here for our birthdays! Falon! I hope we don't grow up looking like pigs!" Oriana shouted for her brother and prayed hard that her looks would change.
"Pigs? What? I gave birth to pigs? Then I must be a pig too!" Mikolaj was emotional upon hearing what Oriana commented.
"This is so insulting! My daughter says she looked like a pig...But I think she look gorgeous..How can she say she look like a pig?" Mikolaj said in between sobs. Mikolaj seemed to be suffering from a bad case of post natal blues after giving birth to Gwenda and Dai. She cries at the slightest thing and even sobbed when she watched comedies.
"I hope she grows up looking like a princess....or a hot superstar star like me...." Mikolaj wiped her tears while Oriana was totally oblivious at her Mum's emotional state. She was way too excited to experience teenhood!
Then Oriana suddenly turned serious and kept her fingers crossed, "I don't want to be Miss Piggy ever! Again.." She was really firm in her birthday wish.
Poor Baby 22 Oriana Sierra grew up with some excess fat and a very pronounced nose which spells "PIG!" She donned braided pigtails and was teased incessantly in school for looking like an in-between of Princess Fiona in Shrek and a little pig. Though she had strange features, she had beautiful and lovely eyes.
Oriana's side profile with her very protruding nose.
"Oriana seems fine.." Mikolaj bit her lips as she witnessed her daughter's transformation.
"Why did I ended up to look like that? My friends say I look like Princess Fiona in the pig form! I'm so upset! Why did you give birth to such an ugly me?" Oriana said in a fit of anger, totally not regarding Mikolaj's feelings.
"Isn't it good to be a princess? Princess Fiona and Shrek lived happily ever after! You will find your prince one day..." Mikolaj consoled Oriana who rolled her eyes. "Mum! I'm no longer a three year old kid! Fairy tales don't exist in real life!" Oriana said.
"I hate myself! And I hate you for giving birth to me, an ugly piggo! I can't even see my waist! Grandma was so good! She gave birth to you, looking so pretty! This is so unfair!" Oriana whined. "How can you say that of me? I'm your mother, I gave you life and you should be thankful for it!" Mikolaj was hurt by Oriana's words and tears welled up in her eyes.
"I rather that you don't give birth to me!" Oriana retorted. "Are you sure? Oriana Sierra?" Mikolaj whimpered as she looked at Oriana in the eye. She can't believed that this was happening to her. Her daughter was scolding her for giving birth to her. "This must be Karma, what comes around goes around.." She whispered as Oriana reminded her of her young wilful self where she would argue and quarrel with Cadence over the slightest thing. She finally knew how Cadence felt when Oriana "blamed" her for giving her less than perfect features.
"Do you have any idea what I went through to give birth to you and your brother? You will understand one day when you become a mother! Please reflect on your actions!" Mikolaj shrieked at Oriana who was taken aback by Mikolaj's sudden outburst.
Then all of a sudden, something snapped in Mikolaj's brain and she become more normal. "Sorry, my girl for that outburst. I really did not mean it... Oriana, listen...Nobody loves a person because he or she is handsome or ugly, stupid or intelligent. We love because we love..To be able to find the confidence in our beauty is something that is within us. All we need to do is believe and never judge." Wow! Finally Mikolaj was talking some sense as Oriana kept quiet and listened.
"Everyone loves the beautiful and the gorgeous..who would like the ugly? You are so pretty, Mum. You will never understand me..." Oriana reasoned. "My dear daughter, you are so beautiful in your own ways. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. These are the words of Audrey Hepburn. She is an amazing lady. I'm sure one day my little girl, Oriana Sierra will become a lady of poise, kindness and knowledge. Be patient, my girl..." Mikolaj was defnitely becoming more like her mother, Cadence!
"Really?" Oriana was touched at Mikolaj's words. Mikolaj gave Oriana a wide smile and reached out for a big hug.
All was well between this pair of mother and daughter! "But I do hope I can slim down so that I can feel my waist for a bit!" Oriana joked and laughed.
Falon's turn to leap into teenagehood!
Mikolaj realised that many of her kids were cross eyed and wondered what kind of genetics did they inherit.
Baby 23 Falon Sierra looking more matured than his twin sister, Oriana. He could easily pass off as a young adult. Just like Oriana, he grew up to have his father's unique features though he inherited Mikolaj's eyes. Unlike Oriana who was very bothered with her looks, Falon was least than bothered about how he looked.
Look at his side profile! The multi-gendered twins do have something in similar!
Falon was a caring young man who loved babies. He adored his baby siblings, Gwenda and Dai.
More joyous celebrations at the Sierras! Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra grew up! She was a split image of her father, Lucky the imaginary friend! She did not inherit a single bit of Mikolaj's genetics. Definitely a daddy's girl!
Gwenda was an intelligent toddler who grasped things at an amazing speed. She was a gifted child in the making. "Where's your nose, Gwenda? Point to your nose!" Cadence played with her and Gwenda promptly pointed to her nose. She had not even learnt to talk and walk!
"Where's your mouth?" Cadence wanted to make sure that she actually knew what she was doing. Then Gwenda listened to her instructions and shifted her little finger to her mouth.
While Gwenda was a splitting image of her father, Lucky, twin brother Baby 27 Dai Sierra was a carbon copy of Mikolaj! This set of girl-boy twins has really interesting genetics! With the trademark pink-blonde hair and bright purple eyes, one would have thought Dai was little Mikolaj if he had long hair!
The everchanging diva, Mikolaj Sierra with her new look!
Cadence spared no effort in educating her grandkids.
The toddlers working on their musical and logic skills. The twins practically had nothing in common! One would have thought that they belong to different fathers or mothers.
The adorable little Dai with his toy.
"Grandma, what's for dinner today? I'm famished!" Little Lance was a real foodie who enjoyed food. He was the kind of person who live to eat and not eat to live.
"Spaghetti bolognese with extra meatballs just for you!" Cadence told Lance what was on the menu.
"Again? I thought we just had spaghetti bolognese last week..." Lance was picky about food. "Then tell Grandma what would you like to eat?" Cadence really doted on her grandkids.
"Hmm...I want pancakes with lots of whipped cream and maple syrup!" Lance said after pondering and scratching his head, thinking of what to eat.
"Pancakes for dinner? Pancakes are for breakfast!" Cadence laughed at her grandson. "But..I'm craving for pancakes! I'm drooling at the thought of the dripping maple syrup on the pancakes. Would be perfect to top it up with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!" Lance sure know how to enjoy his food!
"Shall we have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow? Lance?" Cadence asked.
"Please! Grandma..I want pancakes! My stomach if growling and telling me that it needs pancakes!" Lance was very imaginative. "Alright alright! We will have pancakes for dinner!" Cadence relented. "With lots of maple syrup! And cream!" Lance chipped in as Cadence smiled at her grandson.
"Gwenda! Guess what we are having for dinner tonight!" Lance played peekaboo with his baby sister.
"Pancakes! Woo!" Lance teased Gwenda who was very amused at her brother's antics.
While all the Sierra kids were already in bed, the determined Oriana worked on the threadmill.
"I must..I must...shed off my fats! Argh!" Before she could finish her sentence, she fell on the threadmill machine. It was indeed tough to be an official gym rat for Oriana!
Mikolaj went upstairs to take a look at the commotion and realised that Oriana has been working hard on the threadmill everynight. She felt guilty and upset that she has given birth to Oriana with less than perfect features. "I'm so sorry, my girl....if only I could have control the genetics...I am not a perfect mother and I will never be. You are not a perfect daughter and you will never be. But put us together and we will be the best mother and daughter we would ever be, okay?" Mikolaj whispered to Oriana sadly. "Mum, it's okay. I have straightened out my thoughts. Life is never fair, so instead of whining and blaming everyone about my looks, I shall work hard on it. I must apologise for screaming at you on my birthday..I'm sorry, Mum.." Oriana said.
Oriana hit the gym almost every single night. She was resolute to become fitter and stronger.
"Go...Oriana! You can do it! Stand up on your feet!" Oriana motivated herself and was quite harsh in her training. She want to see results as soon as possible.
In the meantime, Cadence invited Mikolaj for some relaxation at the hot tub. Yes, you heard right, Cadence invited Mikolaj to soak at the hot tub, not vice versa. Cadence had some "serious" issues to speak to her daughter, Mikolaj. "Wow, Mum. Pigs can fly! This is the first time that you are inviting me for a soak at the hot tub! What's up?" Mikolaj was suspicious. "We are busy all day long with the chores and kids, we seldom have our mother-daughter bonding time! How's your 100 Baby Challenge so far? Coping well? Mum is so proud that you have come thus far and at the same time fulfilling your own dream of becoming a five-star celebrity!" Cadence said.
"Of course! I'm a Sierra kid, Cadence Sierra's daughter! I am a superwoman because my mother is one too! I'm coping okay with the challenge but still hating the baby and toddler's stage! Why can't I give birth to teenagers?" Mikolaj quipped as Cadence chortled. "Don't be silly! Everyone is born as a baby! Babies and toddlers are just so amazing, they are incredible beings, how can we skip that stage? Remember I promise to help you in this 100 Baby Challenge..but I can't do that forever, I will not be here forever and you have to become indepedent one day. Mikolaj, now that you can cope with this challenge... its time for me to let go...Alright?" Cadence spoke softly for fear that Mikolaj would have a meltdown. "WHAT?!?! But! promise that you would help me! ...You promise you would!" Mikolaj was so furious that she walked out of the hot tub.
"I'm so hurt! This is the first time that you are inviting me to soak in the hot tub and you are telling me this! You had a motive when you did that! I'm so sad!" Mikolaj wiped her tears while Cadence looked on helplessly.
As much as Cadence wants to help Mikolaj in the 100 Baby Challenge, she cannot "hold her hands" forever. She needs to learn to be "cruel" to her daughter and let go. This was the only way that Mikolaj can finally grow up and learn how to be a successful mother and domestic diva.
"I can't imagine what my life will be without you! I really cannot imagine! I can't do without you, Mum!" Mikolaj pleaded for Cadence to stay but to no avail.
"You are my girl, my girl with lots of achievements in life! Remember that you are Cadence Sierra's daughter, you are the greatest! The superwoman that can do wonders. Be a superwoman to your kids. I am sure my daughter, Mikolaj Sierra can do it and even do the 100 Baby Challenge, better than I did!" Cadence assured Mikolaj. "I can't do without you. Can you please stay? Don't leave...Mum..Ahhh!! I need a drink right now or I will go bonkers!" Mikolaj shrieked.
"I'm not leaving just yet...I will give you some time..." Cadence sat at the bar looking at Mikolaj concocting her drink. Though Cadence was harsh in her words and leaving Mikolaj to be independent in her 100 Baby Challenge..deep in her heart, she can't bear to leave Mikolaj and her grandkids. She had to control her tears when she saw Mikolaj mixing the drinks, she might not have so much chances to see her daughter in action when she shifts out officially.
"Really? Can you give more some time until my 100th Baby? Then we can retire at some little cottage somewhere!" Mikolaj was being cheeky. "Of course not, I can't be with you forever throughout the whole challenge...I also need to follow my dreams and do my own thing.." Cadence said.
"I will really miss you, Mum! Won't you miss me? My cute smile, my lovely face, funny actions and the grandkids? You won't get to see them as much once you shift out, are you sure you wouldn't have withdrawal symptoms?" Mikolaj tried to convince Cadence to stay.
"My decision is final. I will leave once you have Baby 30. No more whining from you." Cadence tried to evade Mikolaj's questions and was very firm in her decision.
"Baby 30? What?!? I'm already at Baby 27!" Mikolaj cried while Cadence pretended to be engrossed in her drink.
"Gosh! What did you concoct for me? It is really bitter!" Cadence stuck out her tongue.
"Of course it's bitter. This drink tells it all about my feelings. I'm feeling so bitter about this..." Mikolaj showed her drama mama side by frowning so hard. Cadence looked away and ignored her.
"Then I'll stop at Baby 29 then! Then you will never leave then!" Mikolaj said wilfully. Now we know where Oriana got her genes from!
"Mikolaj! Stop acting like a kid. You are already a mother of 27! I also did this challenge all by myself. Without any help. You can ask around! Which 100 Baby Challenge mothers get help from their mothers?" Cadence questioned her.
"Maybe none...but they did it voluntarily! Unlike me who was obliged to do it! Can you stay till I give birth to Baby 50?" Mikolaj tried to negotiate with Cadence who shook her head immediately.
"Then who is going to help with my chores and the kids when you leave? How can I cope alone? I can only cope well when you are here. You are the Wise Granny, remember?" Mikolaj was trying to change Cadence's mind.
"Baby 30..nothing else. More negotiation? What about Baby 29 then?" Cadence knew how to handle Mikolaj. "29?!?! No!!! Baby 30...What about leaving at Baby 40?" Mikolaj tried her luck. Cadence gave her a stern glare. "Time to grow up and be a true blue domestic diva! I will give you my moral support.." Cadence's voice trailed away.
"Why don't you start and learn now? Pick up the plate of hotdog behind you. It has been there for days and there are so many flies hovering around it!" Cadence wanted Mikolaj to start from the basics and slowly come to terms that she has to do this all by herself.
"Dishwasher?! Mikolaj? Dishwasher?! Mikolaj?! Dishwasher and Mikolaj doesn't gel! I'm a famous celebrity! How can I be associated with the dishwasher!" Mikolaj was going crazy.
Nevertheless, she had to complete her dishwashing chores under Cadence's supervision.
While all these drama between Cadence and Mikolaj was brewing, Oriana seemed to have slimmed down a fair bit after hard work at the treadmill.
"Nova! You look like a blueberry in a banana!" Falon teased Nova as he carried her. "How can you say that of your younger sister? You are totally destroying her self esteem!" Oriana said in the background.
Little Nova was oblivious to Falon's words, she was more interested in celebrating her birthday!
Little sprinkles of magic sparkles surrounded her! Even Mickey the resident dog wanted to join in the fun!
Quarter way mark Baby 25 Nova Sierra had a penchant for bright and loud colours. She dressed herself in mismatched bright colours. Someone call the fashion police!
She adored her bright outfit complete with neon colored socks!
"Wow! That's one outrageous outfit! So cool!" Cadence praised Nova for her daring outfit.
To make sure that Mikolaj was feeling alright about the Cadence moving out saga, Cadence spent more time with Mikolaj hoping that she will feel better. They relieve childhood memories of Cadence pushing little Mikolaj on the swing in their old home. "Gosh! I feel like I'm a little girl, the past just feels like yesterday!" Mikolaj enjoyed herself on the swing. "Yeah! And woosh! You are already a mother of 27 babies!" Cadence reminisced about the past.
"Don't remind...I just feel so sad about reaching Baby 30 soon..I will miss you so much Mum and the kids will miss you too...I wonder how can I cope with you. Moreover the 100 Baby Challenge rules state that I can't hire any domestic help or whatsoever..." Mikolaj pondered as Cadence gave her a push. "Scream out loud...MIKOLAJ SIERRA CAN DO IT!" Cadence motivated Mikolaj.
"I CAN DO IT!! MIKOLAJ SIERRA CAN DO IT!! I am a SUPERWOMAN!!" Mikolaj shouted at the top of her voice. "That's my girl! That's the spirit of the Sierras! Never give up and do your best! To infinity and beyond!" Cadence said as she pushed Mikolaj's swing.
Minnie looking very satisfied after a serving of the gourmet meal.
"Orange! Orange! Come and play this video game! I need some competitors or else I'll be very bored!" Falon called out to Oriana. He loved calling his twin sister Orange as her name sounds like Orange and she was always seen donning an orange jacket for her exercise regime.
"Stop calling me Orange, will you? I have enough stupid nicknames! Miss Piggy, Princess Fiona in pig form and now, Orange! I'm definitely not as round as an orange!" Oriana joined Falon at the video games.
"Fine! Shall call you sister then! Anyway I got things to discuss with you..." Falon said while furiously punching on the buttons. "Things to discuss? Now? What a weird timing. Can't you choose a better timing?" Oriana retorted.
"It's so hard to catch you! You are always in the gym room, exercising your head off! All the time!" Falon said. "Okay, what? Shoot! Yay! I won! And you lost to me!" Oriana cheered. "Okay, serious stuff. Let me summarize what I want to say. The summary is that our household is already at the maximum and we need to shift out so that our amazing Mum can continue her fantastic feat of the 100 Baby Challenge. And for us to shift out, we need to grow up!" Falon did not want to beat around the bush.
Falon and Oriana seemed to love to discuss serious issues over video games. They belonged to the newer generation of kids who loved indulging in computer and video games. "I'm fine with growing up! I hate this awkward teenage stage!" Oriana voiced her opinion.
"Good then! Let's grow up after this round of video game! I am so going to win you!" Falon pressed on the controller. "Are you sure? By the way, I have a condition before I grow up." Oriana suddenly shoot Falon a condition.
"First you say you are okay with growing up, and now you say you have a condition!" Falon complained. "My only condition is that I have to slim down before growing into a young adult! Simple right?" Oriana said with her eyes affixed on the television.
"Slim down? But you are already slim and pretty enough!" Falon commented. "Wow! Think I'm going to pass my exams with the highest honour! My brother, Falon Sierra actually praised me for the first time in my life! He actually said I'm pretty! Hahaha! Thank you for your compliments!" Oriana was on cloud nine.
"You are so welcome, sister! Looks don't matter, its the heart that matters!" Falon tried to convince Oriana to grow up immediately after this round of game. "Since when have you become so philosophical? Give me some time to shed off some extra fat around my waist. Be patient, my handsome brother! Be patient!" Oriana giggled.
In bid to shed the excess fat and to grow up faster, Oriana took up yoga lessons from the yoga guru, Grandma Cadence. The benefits of yoga are extensive. Not only does yoga affect the physical aspect of the body, it addresses the mind and spirit as well. Daily exercises are a great way to help relieve the stress of your day and can bring a sense of well-being to your life. Hence Cadence suggested Oriana to have regular yoga exercises.
"Ahh...I'm so going to flip....My back is breaking..." Oriana tried out the "Camel" Yoga pose.
Cadence and Oriana practised yoga almost every night without fail.
Oriana slowly progressed to more complicated poses.
Cadence perfecting her "Tree" pose. Breathing in and out while feeling your connection with the ground.
Yoga poses are a knowledge by itself and has interesting names. Oriana mastered one of the tougher poses, "The Scorpio" pose.
"This feels so good! I feel so flexible and can almost feel the fats burning in my body! Good riddance!" Oriana muttered while Cadence concentrate on getting inner peace.
"Oriana my know...don't make pursuing thinness and beauty a obsession. Nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful." Cadence dispensed some wise words to Oriana.
"Like the quote goes...Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it eludes you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes and sits softly on your shoulder." Cadence told Oriana who kept very quiet listening to Cadence.
Oriana was always full of respect for her grandma Cadence and always loved those inspirational quotes from her. She felt that it made her stronger, faster and better.
"Alright..the last dash before my birthday!" Oriana told Cadence in conviction.
"Remember..don't exert yourself too much. Learn when to stop and when to start..." Cadence supervised Oriana for fear that she would overexert herself.
"Grandma! Push me! Train me so that I can ride on your powerful wings!" Oriana said as she ran and ran on the threadmill.
"Run! Oriana! Run! You got the support of Grandma!" Cadence shouted.
"Imagine that you are running in a race. It is the last 100 metres! Run with all your might!" Cadence encouraged Oriana.
In the meantime, let's check on the other Sierra members, Santa's Baby 24 Lance loved water sports, he enjoyed the water slide alot!
"Whee! This is so much fun!" Lance was defnitely loving the water slide!
"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please! Unveiling to you the brand new Oriana Sierra! The svelte and sexy Oriana Sierra! No longer Oriana the Princess Fiona in pig form!" Oriana made a grand entrance for her birthday.
She was no longer clothed in her usual orange sports jacket but a sexy outfit which revealed her taut tummy! Oriana is now a confident lady with her excess fat shed off and there was even a difference in the way she walks! She now walks with a spring in her steps!
"A very Happy Birthday to me indeed!" Oriana was very pleased at herself for achieving her goals and targets. She really deserved a pat on her back for being so determined!
"I hope I can do something to that piglet nose of mine!" Though Oriana could exercise to lose weight, there was no way she could change the way her nose looks.
"Sister is looking good huh!" Falon commented as Oriana looked very satisfied with her new look. "Let's hurry and grow up soon! Time for Mummy to continue her challenge!" Oriana rushed Falon.
"Who was the one who wanted some time before growing up? Stop rushing me! Don't rush a sexy lady!" Oriana laughed.
"Wooahhh..." Oriana was already transforming into a young adult as Falon prepared to blow the candles.
Baby 22 Oriana Sierra as a young adult! She maintained her great figure and lovely eyes. However, as if with age, her nose also grew bigger. She was the most dissatisfied with her nose and mega thick lips.
"Drats! My nose got bigger!" Oriana told her twin brother who was getting ready to grow up.
"Happy Birthday my set of lovely twins!" Mikolaj cheered.
"OOOOHhhhhhhhhhhh.......Oriana's nose....Why?! How can such a lovely girl have such a nose?" Mikolaj cried.
"Can you stop that? You are making Oriana even more upset! Don't let her see you in this state!" Cadence was the wise sensible Grandma.
"I can't help it..." Mikolaj whined as Cadence blew the horns to distract the attention.
But it was all no use, Oriana had spotted Mikolaj's upset and disappointed face.
"Another piece of cake? Isn't that already your third piece of cake? Lance? Too much sweet stuff is no good for you!" Mikolaj advocates healthy living for her kids. "Mum, last one! I promise! Last one!" Lance was definitely a potential Santa to be!
Lance took the last slice of cake sheepishly as Mikolaj and Cadence looked on.
Baby 23 Falon Sierra as a young adult with long slick brown hair!
"Woosh! Yesh! Finally no more school! I graduated!" Falon was so happy that he no longer had to go to school!
"Remember to take good care of yourself and your sister once you move make sure that she doesn't get obsessed with her weight and looks.." Cadence was worried for Oriana.
"No worries, Grandma, don't worry about me! I'm as strong as a bull! As for sis, I already told her she is pretty! And she doesn't seem to believe me a single bit!" Falon told Cadence who looked very anxious about them shifting out.
"Argh! Dirty plates..dirty plates and more dirty plates! I ought to train those kids to clean up after their meals! I can't be serving them all the time like a maid!" Mikolaj complained. Cadence has now cut down on her household chores and left most of them to Mikolaj.
Mikolaj thought of an idea for Baby 28. She wanted a NPC to be the father of Baby 28. Non-playable characters (NPCs) are characters that cannot be played by the player from the game's start.
Mikolaj was hoping that the father of Baby 28 would be either a firefighter, policeman or repaiman. So the cheeky her thought of a hilarious and outrageous idea to "lure" them into the house. She wanted to cook and hopefully burn the food, which will in turn start a fire! With a fire, the firefighters would rush to their house, she will strike a conversation with them and voila! Baby 28!
"I'm getting better and better at this 100 Baby Challenge! Thanks to my powerful brain!" Mikolaj was very proud of herself.
"Stir..Stir! Stir!" Mikolaj went through the whole process of cooking macaroni and cheese.
"Come on! Burn! Burn! Burn!" Mikolaj deliberately left the food on the stove for a very long time hoping that it will catch fire but in vain.
" fire?" She proceeded to make Gourmet meals for the Sierra pets after a futile attempt at burning her macaroni and cheese.
"Fire! Hurry! Come to the Sierras! I'm getting impatient!! Fire! Burn!" Which person in a sane mind would wish for a fire to start in their house?
"I don't care! I'm just going to leave it here! And wait for it to burn and create a big fire! Then the firefighters would come!" Mikolaj totally left the pot of food burning on the stove.
After many futile attempts at the burning the food and failing to lure the fightfighters to the house, Mikolaj decided to try another route.
She decided to make a false alarm to the firestation! (Kids, please do not learn from naughty Mikolaj! This is all in the name of fun for the 100 Baby Challenge.)
"Help! There's a fire at the Sierras! Please help! Please help!" Mikolaj said in a desperate tone hoping to trick the firefighters.
"Coming in a minute!" The steady firefighter on the other line answered Mikolaj. "Hurry!" Mikolaj said.
Mikolaj even proceeded to alarm the police and called the repairman to repair the spoilt dishwasher so that she can pick one of them to be the father of Baby 28! Such a bad role model to her kids!
Little Lance loved the dark and he enjoying telling ghost stories by using a torch for special effects. How creative!
"Suddenly, a cold gush of air creeped down her spine...and...." Lance was spooked by his own story.
"Grrrr...the white figure with no legs pounced on the innocent victim! Boy!.." Lance continued his ghost story in the wee hours of the night.
"Ah! Finally! I hope to see a dashing firefighter coming to save me!" Mikolaj was fantastizing as she welcome the arrival of the firefighter not knowing that she would get into big trouble for false reports of fire at the house.
"A girl for a firefighter?" Mikolaj scratched her head and was really disappointed that a lady firefighter turned up.
"I asked for a fireman not a firewoman!" Mikolaj told the firefighter. "Is there a difference? There is no fire at your place! Mikolaj, you have abused our hotline and do you realise the repercussions of your prank? By rushing here, there might be other serious emergencies that I cannot attend to!" The firefighter said sternly and was really pissed at Mikolaj's prank call.
"You shall be fined $250 for this prank call. This is a warning for abusing our hotline. You might be jailed if you make another prank call again!" The firefighter warned. "Errm...please! Please! I...I ...did not make the call. My little son, Lance accidentally press the phone and dialled your number..Please don't fine me!" Mikolaj pleaded and realised the seriousness of her joke.
"Nope! I can't let you off. As a celebrity and mother, you should be accountable to your own actions and pay a price for your wrongdoings!" The firefighter slapped a fine on Mikolaj and left.
"Argh!" Mikolaj stamped her feet angrily.
"Nevermind, there is still a policeman and repairman on the way!" Mikolaj said as sounds of the police siren could be heard in the background.
Cadence was woken by the commotion and went out to take a look. "Is there a burglar at your house? We received a call from your family members "Burglar? What burglar? There's a burglar at my house? I think you got it wrong..." Cadence told the policeman and did not want to interfere. She knew that the wilful Mikolaj has gotten into trouble again..
"Please do not make prank calls! If you do so, you are occupying the emergency lines and are grabbing the opportunity of a real caller. What you are doing is detrimental to public safety!" The dark skinned policeman scolded Mikolaj.
"Aren't you Mikolaj Sierra? The top celebrity? Why are you doing this? Your bad behaviour cannot be condoned! You are fined! I need to call all major newspapers and magazines to report this news: Star Mikolaj makes prank calls!" The policeman was really agitated that he sped all the way for this false alarm.
"What is the world coming to? Tell me! Why did you make the prank call?" The policeman shouted.
"Sorry! Please don't alert the media! I..I..I just want a NPC father for Baby 28 of my 100 Baby Challenge..." Mikolaj sobbed and covered her face. "What?!?! Just because you need a father for your challenge? That's a joke of a year and I can't entertain this nonsense!" The policeman said and walked off.
A roaming paparazzi outside the Sierras saw the incident and took photos of Mikolaj and the policeman. "No! Please! Don't take my photos and report them! Please!" Mikolaj pleaded.
"I won't report it, just a photo of you!" The paparazzi was telling a lie. This was fantastic news fodder for the entertainment industry!
Mikolaj only had one last choice: The repairman. Calling the repairman was no false alarm as the Sierra's dishwasher has broken down. "I need to get him to be the father of Baby 28 by hook or by crook!" Mikolaj muttered.
"I'm done! Dishwasher working again!" The repairman Jak Reynard told Mikolaj. He was one of the best repairman around in Appaloosa Plains and was quite popular amongst the housewives for his cute looks.
"Thanks Jak! You look so good when you are serious at work!" Mikolaj praised Jak whose cheek's flushed when he heard that. He was a shy and reserved man.
"Can you render more services to my household?" Mikolaj requested. "Sure! I can fix anything from broken pipes to ovens to toilets! You name it, I can fix it! People call me Mr Fix -it-all!" Jak told Mikolaj as the paparazzi clicked away in the background.
"Really? Could you fix a problem for me then? I need a father for Baby 28 and I hope the father is a NPC like you. Can you fix my problem by helping me with Baby 28?" Mikolaj asked. "Huh? I can only fix broken appliances and household products. I'm afraid I can't fix this problem for you." Jak rejected Mikolaj.
"Oh please! The paparazzi is watching! Please don't reject me! I don't want the papers to publish that I got rejected by a repairman! Please!" Mikolaj whispered into Jak's ears.
"Hug me! She is taking down notes!" Mikolaj told Jak who promptly agreed.
"Thank you so much for your help just now! I really hope that you can help me in the 100 Baby Challenge." Mikolaj invited Jak for a soak at the hot tub.
"Hmm..what do I stand to gain from this?" Jak was pretty practical about this.
"As a celebrity, I have much influence power. I can endorse your services and tell all my celebrity friends and the media that Jak Reynard is the best repairman ever!" Mikolaj promised Jak. "Really??! Then let's do it!" Jak was so excited that he accepted the challenge right away!
Baby 28 was conceived in the King's and Queen's hot tub.
"Thank Jak for realising my dream of having a NPC father!" Mikolaj said as she enjoyed the hot tub with Jak. With Baby 28, she can't help but think of Cadence's departure when Baby 30 arrives.
Twins Gwenda and Dai waiting for their morning feed. Gwenda was so hungry that she sucked on her fingers while waiting for milk!
Mikolaj spending more time and effort on her kids. This was her trying to train Gwenda to walk.
"Are you okay, Mum? Are you sick?" Lance was really worried when he saw his Mum puking her guts out at the toilet. He was too young to understand that that was a symptom of pregnancy.
"Lance, I'm okay! That's so sweet of you! I'm having a baby so I am feeling sick in the stomach..." Mikolaj explained while vomiting. "You are vomitting the baby out? Is that where I came from? Did you vomit when I was in your stomach?" Lance was so innocent as Mikolaj smiled weakly.
Don't you think little Dai resembled alot like Mikolaj? The hair, the eyes and the face shape!
On the other hand, his twin sister Gwenda did not inherit any genetics from Mikolaj at all!
"How does it feel like to grow up?" Nova asked Lance who was ready to grow into a teen! "Ho! Ho! Ho! Incredible?" Lance said.
Baby 24 Lance Sierra literally "grew" into a teen!
Lance looking more and more potential to look like his father, Santa Claus with his round big tummy!
Lance thought hard about his future and his major in school.
"Don't kick Mummy so hard! My tummy is going to burst!" Mikolaj told Baby 28 as she rubbed her belly.
"Ouch! My back is breaking! I need a massage!" Looks like Baby 28 was one active baby!
Cadence rubbed Mikolaj's tummy and she can't help feeling sad. "Mum, stay with us...I want you to rub my tummy till the arrival of Baby 100.." Mikolaj tried to persuade Cadence.
"Mum...I really hope that you can stay..Please?" Mikolaj told Cadence who looked away. "It is all for your own good..." Cadence was very firm.
The stork has arrived at the Sierras! "Argh! OUCH! OUCH! My tummy hurts! Nova! Call for the ambulance!" Mikolaj shrieked. "Mum! What's wrong with your stomach? Do you need the washroom?!?" Nova was quite calm about the whole situation.
After a night of long labour and struggle, Mikolaj emerged from the hospital with a blue bundle! It's a baby boy for the Sierras! Mr fix-it-all to be?
"Baby 28..then 29...then 30...gosh..." Mikolaj doesn't seem to be especially estastic with the arrival of Baby 28 Aerius Sierra (Thanks to topcrust!). Nonetheless, welcome to the family! Aerius!

The Sierras would like to invite you for a chance to win the iphone 4 brought to you by productrewards!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. How did you get your sims to do yoga poses?

    1. I use pose packs.


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