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Imaginary Bliss! Baby 26 & 27!!

Thank you Alvina Selene for this lovely photo montage! What a great way to showcase the love-hate relationship between this mother and daughter pair: Cadence Sierra and Mikolaj Sierra. Mikolaj has indeed come a long long way since her baby days!
"Woosh! Woosh!" Cadence was playing with her latest granddaughter, Nova.  
"Twinkle twinkle little star!" Cadence loved singing this song to Nova as it was a meaningful song for Nova. Her name, Nova means a shining star in the sky.  
Baby 25 Nova Sierra grew up into a toddler! Her superstar mother, Mikolaj dressed her up in a cute yellow bunny suit which screamed extreme cuteness! Nova was like a mini celebrity whenever Cadence brought her out for walks. Everyone could not resist pinching her adorable cheeks. Needless to say, her interesting genetics and skin colour also attracted much attention. Judging from her pink eyebrows, she seemed to have inherited the Sierras trademark pink-blonde hair.  
Mikolaj's evil vampire trait was acting up again. "This place reeks of blood!" Mikolaj looked at the surroundings. 
"Ah! I feel like preying on someone and sucking their blood dry now!!" Mikolaj screamed to release her pent up anger within her.  
"Can't stand it! Argh!" Mikolaj clenched her fists as she tried to control her temper. 
"I need to stop this! Stop it, Mikolaj Sierra!" She shouted to herself as if she was a lunatic.
To distract herself for those evil thoughts, she went for a complete makeover. She wanted a sweet look this time round and opted for long crimped hair with a diamond crusted hairband.
Mikolaj wore a black romper and knee high boots for her new image.
She was feeling calmer after her makeover. "Muffinieha! Ankha! Where are you?" She shouted out to her teenage kids.
Mikolaj was all ready to rock the town with her new look.
"Where is Mum bringing us to?" Ankha asked Muffinieha. "To the brand new Eugi's at our town! They are trying to urbanise Appaloosa Plains! Haven't you heard, sis? Why did you bring Nova along to the nightspot?" Muffinieha laughed at her twin sister. "How would I know? I thought I would just bring her along for the walk..." Ankha mumbled and grumbled.
"Hurry! Sister! Hurry! I can't wait to have my first sip of the alcohol!" Muffnieha ran after Mikolaj. "Okay! I'm coming! You look really silly with these tights with huge holes in them! Don't run so fast lest they spilt!" Ankha took a jibe at Muffnieha. "They won't! They are made of high quality lyra!" Muffinieha answered as she ran.
Little Nova looked terrified as Ankha ran and pushed the stroller at high speed.
"Can we go up already?" Muffinieha stretched and can't wait to look at the new nightspot while Ankha checked out the surroundings. " familiar hangout..." Mikolaj was in a daze as the Eugi's reminded her of Bridgeport.
"Wow! Mum moonlighting as a mixologist! How cool is that!" Muffinieha marvelled at Mikolaj's skills.
"Hmm..when I can achieve such skill?" Muffinieha pondered as she sipped the drink made by Mummy dearest.
Teenage Muffinieha was so "Mikolaj" when she climbed up to the table top and let loose and dance! "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag! Drifting through the wind. Wanting to start again? Do you ever feel...Feel so paper thin....Like a house of cards..One blow from caving in?" Muffinieha started grooving to the top hit song, Fireworks by Katy Perry.
"Cause baby you're a firework. Come on, show 'em what you're worth. Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh" As you shoot across the sky-y-y...Baby, you're a firework...Come on, let your colors burst...Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh"..You're gonna leave 'em falling down-own-own.." Muffinieha sang on top of her voice as she bring down the house.
"Boom, boom, boom...Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon..It's always been inside of you, you, you...And now it's time to let it through-ough-ough!! You go girl, Muffnieha! You are the next superstar!" Mikolaj cheered and sang with her little girl who was all grown up now.
"Everyone! Hello! Lift your hands and wave them in the air! Hello to everyone at the back! Can you hear me?" Muffinieha imagined that she was holding a live concert at the Eugi's.
"Yeah! I love you, Muffinieha!!" Mikolaj was ever the supportive mother who pretended that she was one of her fans!
"Childish!" Ankha uttered. She totally rolled her eyes at Mikolaj and Muffinieha's antics. She preferred to sit at the bar drinking her drinks.
"Wow! The paparazzi is here!" Muffinieha was so fascinated with cameras, lights and action. "It's normal! Just keep dancing!" Mikolaj advised her teenage daughter.
"Is my hair okay? Is my makeup okay?" Muffinieha was feeling insecure about her looks. "Muffinieha, insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in. Just be yourself!" An impressive wisdom quote from Mikolaj. Cadence's teaching and quotes seemed to have rubbed onto Mikolaj! "Understand?" Mikolaj looked at Muffinieha as she nodded.
"Okay! Let me test you! What do you do when someone laugh at your tummy like this! Oh my! What is this? Is this a tummy or a beer belly? What's this extra piece of meat hanging here?" Mikolaj asked Muffinieha if she knew how to handle such situations. "I will stand there upright and say that I am proud of my own figure and have no qualms about it!" Muffinieha told Mikolaj who applauded her actions. "That's right! That's my Sierra girl!" Mikolaj approved. She certainly has some strange parenting ways!
"She wears high heels, I wear sneakers!" Mikolaj shouted "She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers! Dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find...That what you're looking for has been here the whole time!" Ankha continued. "Muffinieha! Your turn!" Mikolaj said as they spent the rest of the evening jamming to the song "You belong to Me" by Taylor Swift.
After spending a night out at Eugi's entertaining herself while her mother and sisters paint the town red, little Nova was so exhausted that she did not have much strength to even crawl!
"Lance! Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy..." Muffinieha whispered to Mikolaj. She must have been very affected by what Mikolaj said at the Eugi's. Lance was however too young to understand!
The little yellow freezer bunny biting on her little "carrot stick"!
"Ah! I have confidence that I can potty train you today! Lance!" Muffinieha was definitely going overboard with this confidence issue. Every sentence was peppered with "Confidence".
"First! Let's put you on the potty! Red potty for you, Lance?" Muffinieha murmured and lifted Lance onto the red potty.
" are so adorable with your round button nose! Just like Santa! That's right, stay on it! You are doing great!" Muffinieha told Lance patiently.
Mikolaj was hoping to convert her childhood friend cum imaginary friend, Lucky into a real and regular sim. She had a fantastic idea of romancing him and making him into the father of Baby 26 of the 100 Baby Challenge! However, it was an ardous task to make the imaginary friend into a real sim. There were two ways to do it: When you're super good friends, the option to Offer to Make Real will appear on the social interaction menu. If you have the Imaginary Friend Metamorphium potion, which any Sim can learn to make through Chemistry. If you didn't learn Chemistry, your child or older may get an opportunity to make the Imaginary Friend real. You'll need to collect a rainbow gem and deliver it to the Science Lab in order to do so. If you know for sure you'll want to do this, you can start looking for the gem early and hope to find it. Mikolaj decided that the rainbow gem was too hard a task to achieve and decided to embark on getting the Metamorphium potion with a chemistry set.
"One quarter of the morphium juice...." Mikolaj gingerly poured the juice into a small testtube.
"BOOM!!" A loud sound bellowed at the Sierras! Mikolaj was unsuccessful on her first attempt and singed herself in the process. "Ouch! OUCH!! Help! Help!" Mikolaj shrieked and her first reaction was to quickly cover her face. She was indeed a superstar and really needed to look good for her career!
"Mikolaj! Mikolaj! What have you gotten yourself into? Can't you just pulled a man on the street to be the father of your 100 Baby Challenge? Why must you do this to yourself?" Mikolaj berated herself but at the same time was really keen to make the Metamorphium potion to change her imaginary friend, Lucky into a real sim.
With days of working on the chemistry set to get the Metamorphium potion, fatigue has gotten the better of Mikolaj. "Wrinkles..crowfeet...and deep lines..they are all coming out! Pass me my anti-aging potion!" Mikolaj cried.
"Master, I have found a house for you and your twin sister, Ankha! It's fantastic and has a nice cosy bedroom. And the best part! You don't have to share a room with your twin sister! Isn't that your dream?" Muffinieha's imaginary friend, Patches told her.
"Really? Thank you so much, Patches! Yay to my own room!" Muffinieha jumped for joy as she anticipated her young adulthood.
"Grow up with confidence!" Muffinieha said her favourite word.
Uh oh! Muffinieha grew up to have crossed eyes! Poor Muffinieha! She really needed the extra confidence!
After looking at her twin sister, Ankha was really afraid to grow up with crossed eyes too. "Please let me grow up beautifully! Please!" Ankha was keeping her fingers crossed.
"God bless!" Ankha cheered for her birthday. Lucky for Ankha, she grew up perfectly fine. Goodbye to Muffinieha and Ankha Sierra! Till we meet again!
Finally the Eureka moment has arrived for Mikolaj! She has finally completed her Metamorphium potion. And a warm round of applause for the arrival of her imaginary friend, Lucky!
"Oh bother! Why must the phone ring at this crucial moment?" Mikolaj snarled and ignored the call.
"Lucky! It has been so long! I miss you so!" Mikolaj hugged him as Minnie remained confused and wondered what Mikolaj was doing. Imaginary friends can only be seen by the owner and not the rest. So Minnie must have been wondering why was Mikolaj hugging the air! "You have not been entertaining me for a while!" Lucky complained.
"Well..I was really busy with my 100 Baby Challenge and making the Metamorphium potion..." Mikolaj told Lucky. "Miko! What are you doing there? Talking to yourself?" Cadence looked at her, totally puzzled. "I'm talking to my imaginary friend! We are talking serious issues here..Mum...I'll tell you later!" Mikolaj answered as Lucky looked on.
"What's with the Metamorphium potion?" Lucky asked. "The Metamorphium potion and the 100 Baby Challenge are all interlinked! I am going to use the Metamorphium potion on you to make you real..then make you the father of Baby 26 of my 100 Baby Challenge! Sounds cool?" Mikolaj explained to Lucky. Cadence tried to hear as much as she could.
"Hmm..imaginary friend to be the father of the 100 Baby Challenge! That's creative! That's my girl!" Cadence beamed with pride as Mikolaj and Lucky interacted. "Really? Are you going to make me real? Is it for real? You are such a great master!" Lucky said in his robotic tone.
"I feel like I'm Pinocchio! You are Geppetto the woodcarver! You will bring me to life! Just like Pinocchio, I have dreamt of being a real sim for the longest time!" Lucky whispered to Mikolaj who laughed at Lucky's analogy. "I did not know that I'm Geppetto the woodcarver!" Mikolaj giggled.
"Are you ready for it?" Mikolaj prepped Lucky for the transformation. "Ever ready for it!" Lucky took a deep breath and closed his eyes.
"Here we go! The father of Baby 26 unveils!" Mikolaj announced. Mikolaj passed the Metamorphium Potion to Lucky who drunk it up promptly. Within minutes and with sparkles surrounding Lucky, he transformed into a dark-skinned young man.
"Master! Master! Flowers for you! An appreciation for bringing me to life!" Lucky was really grateful to Mikolaj.
" look pretty good as a real sim! Can't imagine that you have been accompanying me as a baby!" Mikolaj took a good look at Lucky.
"You have got mesmerizing eyes..." Mikolaj looked at Lucky bashfully. " are making me blush!" Lucky looked away as he felt his cheeks flushed red.
While Mikolaj was working on her relationship with Lucky, Cadence was working on her new project! She became a game tester with a fantastic product!   
Cadence was totally thrilled at the fact that she was being paid in real dollars to test the newest and most popular releases months before anyone else! The more games you play, the more you get paid!
The best part of this game tester was that you get to keep all the games you test! Imagine how much you can save on video game costs alone! Cadence was hoping that she can get to try the trial version of the Sims 3 Showtime with this game tester since it showcases new games from EA Games!
And the best part of it! Cadence can use the money earn from testing new games to pay the bills at the Sierras! You can also do that by trying this great game tester!
Lucky doing his strut as Mikolaj invited him for a dance.
Lucky looking very robotic and stiff with his weird strut.
"Wait for me! Lucky!" Mikolaj shouted as she ran behind him. "Catch me if you can!" Lucky teased Mikolaj, it was as if they had turned back time and returned to the past. Mikolaj and Lucky loved to playing tag when Mikolaj was a little girl.
"Come on, Lucky! Come and do your thing on the dancefloor!" Mikolaj egged Lucky on.
"Who is that? What's this?" Lucky was not used to the paparazzi and the unwanted attention. He was totally blinded by the camera flashes.
"They are just annoying paparazzi..I have a love-hate relationship with them. I hate them for intruding my privacy but I need them to elevate my celebrity status..Ironic isn't it?" Mikolaj shaked her bon bon with Lucky.
"They barge into your house like that?" Lucky asked. "Well, there is always a price to pay for stardom! Nothing comes for free! The perks are that they send me lots of gifts so that I can bring home some bacon for my kids to sustain my 100 Baby Challenge! I don't have to work so hard like what my mother, Cadence did for her 100 Baby Challenge. She had to go out and play the guitar for tips..tough work there..." Mikolaj confided in Lucky, her imaginary friend.
"Let's forget all troubles and just dance!" Lucky hollered as Mikolaj showed her moves on the dancefloor.
"A dancefloor in the bedroom! A first for me!" Lucky said. "Well, I must say that you have been cooped up in your little mascot self for too long! The world is all for you to explore, Lucky! Come! Let me toast you!" Mikolaj then proceeded to the bar to concoct a drink for Lucky.
"For all the years that you have been such a great imaginary friend to me, I shall dedicate a drink to you! I shall name this drink "Imaginary Bliss!" It is sweet and tangy with a hint of bitterness to it. This signifies the up and downs that you have been through with me over the years!" Mikolaj said as she mixed the drink.
"Here's for you, my Imaginary Bliss drink, just for my imaginary friend, Lucky!" Mikolaj presented the drink to Lucky who felt really honoured that Mikolaj concocted a special drink for him and even named it specially for him!
"I have got something to tell you.." Mikolaj said softly. She was worried that Lucky would not be able to take to the news and might even give up the chance to be the father of Baby 26. "Yeah?" Lucky asked. "You know, being the father of Baby 26 meant that you will go back to your imaginary friend self...I mean after the woohoo, you will go back to your original form again.." Mikolaj said and anticipated Lucky's reaction. Lucky paused and kept very quiet.
Then he sipped the drink and said, "I will do anything for you. You gave me life and hope. It is okay if I go back to my original self because you will give birth to Baby 26 and the baby will continue my life for me. The baby will have my blood and genetics. You gave me life and in turn, I will give the baby life." Mikolaj nodded and said, "I'm so glad that you are so kind. I guess the days of working my butts off at the metamorpium potion was worth it.. now that you have agreed..then it is time for some fiery passion to make Baby 26!!" Mikolaj rubbed her hands in glee.
"Music, checked! Fire of passion effects, checked! Colourful lasers, checked! Perfect ambience, checked! Father for Baby 26, checked!" Mikolaj was all ready to conceive.
"Don't you think it is a little too bright?" Lucky asked Mikolaj who begged to differ, "Fiery balls of fire with passion and colourful lasers casting their spotlights on us! Isn't it great!" Mikolaj told Lucky.
"Hmm..anything that pleases you!" Lucky was really accomodating.
"Can't believe I'm cuddling my imaginary friend! Are you for real?" Mikolaj touched Lucky.
"Of course I am!" As Lucky finished his sentence, he leaned forward to kiss Mikolaj.
Under the pale moonlight, Baby 26 was conceived!
"Lucky? Are you there?" Mikolaj touched Lucky who has changed to his original form. "I can't wait to see my baby!" Lucky told Mikolaj who thanked Lucky for the sacrifice.
"I'm so sorry that you became your original self again! I promise that I will work hard at making another metamorphium potion and give you life once again!" Mikolaj looked at Lucky in the eyes. "I think I look cuter in my original form!" Lucky consoled himself.
"Awww..I can't believe I made Baby 26 with my imaginary friend! Will the baby be borned, doll like?" Mikolaj's heart was thumping hard when she thought of the idea of giving birth to a cloth puppet, just like her imaginary friend in the original form.
Enough of the serious issues! Time for some fun at the Sierras! Multi-gendered twins, Falon and Oriana were ready to grow up!
Happy Birthday to Baby 23 Falon Sierra! He had inherited his father's nose and face shape. The only 'Mikolaj' feature that you can spot on him was the violet eyes. He was often teased in school with the nickname, "Mr Piggy" for his round fat nose.
Oriana's turn to grow up as Grandma Cadence looked on lovingly!
Alas! Baby 22 Oriana Sierra was a carbon copy of her father! While her brother Falon was Mr Piggy, Oriana was nicknamed Miss Piggy by her peers! Oriana was often very taunted and disturbed by her nickname in school. Her friends even suggested her to perm her hair so that she would resembled Miss Piggy more! How evil!
"Miko! Miko! I'm trying to get the kids ready for bedtime! Your loud music is not helping!" Cadence can't stand the loud booming music that Mikolaj was playing.
"Turn down the volume! Please! My eardrums are hurting!" Cadence covered her ears.
"But the baby in my tummy seemed to be loving it! He is kicking in return!" Mikolaj rubbed her tummy.
Santa's Baby 24 Lance Sierra grew up into a little boy! Isn't he so adorable with his round chubby cheeks? He definitely inherited Santa's features but kept Mikolaj's best features: the pink-blond hair and the purple eyes.
Just like Santa, Lance was on the plump side. Little Santa in the making?
Cadence was enjoying every bit of the game tester. She loved the fact that she can point out the mistakes, glitches and flaws in the latest games. She felt that by doing that, she was contributing much to the gaming industry!
"One of the easiest job that I have ever gotten!" Cadence was totally engrossed in her game.
Though he wasn't old enough to try the game tester, Falon played on the new games that Cadence downloaded.
"I can tell my friends that I am one of the very first to try this out!" Falon was excited.
"Hello! Can you hear me! Baby! Grandma is here!" Cadence talked to Mikolaj's growing tummy.
"Mickey! Let's go for a swim, shall we?" Lance had changed into his swimsuit and all ready for a splash with the Sierra's dog, Mickey.
"Here we go!" Lance took a deep breath and jumped into the water. Mickey was already wading and enjoying himself in the swimming pool.
"Mickey! Mickey! Swim to me! Here! Mickey! Swim to me!" Lance was calling out to Mickey hoping to train him for the dogs swimming competition but to no avail. Mickey refused to turn and look at Lance.
Lance loved the outdoors. He practically tried on almost every toy out at the playground. He just could not sit still in the house!
"Look, Lance! Can you do this?" Oriana demonstrated and stood on her ride. "Of course I can!" Lance then proceeded to stand on his horse ride too.
The trio, Oriana, Lance and Falon were almost inseparable during their playtime. They get along so well with one another that many has mistaken them as triplets even though only Oriana and Falon were twins.
Mikolaj's tummy was getting so huge that it looked like a big balloon ready to burst anytime!
And indeed! The "balloon" is bursting! Mikolaj was rushed to the hospital in minutes.
Lucky was so nice that he waited at the Sierras for Mikolaj to arrive with the Sierra's latest addition! In fact, there were two! The Sierras welcomed a set of girl-boy twins! "Wow! This is incredible! I can't believe that I have given them life! I'm so glad that they don't look like a puppet! They are real!" Lucky gushed as he carried his daughter, Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra! (Thanks to Laura Zahirovic!) 
"Thank you my imaginary friend for accompanying me throughout my childhood and all the years...It would have been so empty without you in my life. And now that you have given me this lovely set of twins, it's fascinating how life can be!" Mikolaj thanked Lucky for being the father of Baby 26 & 27. Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra looked exactly like Lucky! Another daddy's girl at the Sierras!
"Gwenda! Gwenda! It's a pity that my son is sleeping..I would love to cuddle him too!" Lucky said as Mikolaj looked on.
"You will grow up to be a gorgeous and kind girl!" Lucky played with Gwenda.
"Alright! It's time to leave! I'll come back and see my baby son another day!" Lucky then proceeded to pass little Gwenda to Mikolaj.
"One last kiss from Daddy to you!" Lucky was a doting father.
It was a pity that Lucky did not manage to cuddle Baby 27 Dai Sierra. (Thanks to Laura Zahirovic!) Even though they are twins, they looked completely different with Gwenda having tanned skin like Lucky and Dai inheriting Mikolaj's skintone.
The bouncing joyous bundles of the Sierras: Baby 26 Gwenda Sierra & Baby 27 Dai Sierra!
And of course the happiest person on earth: Their Grandma Cadence Sierra loving them to bits!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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