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Auld Lang Syne! Its 2012! Baby 25!!

Happy New Year! A first new year gift from Dawn Turner aka Hailey! Thank you for the Cinna-Sweet Hair Rolls.
Santa's Baby 24 Lance Sierra grew up as a toddler! He had the best of both worlds from his parents. He had Mikolaj's trademark pink-blond hair as well as striking violet eyes. His features resembled alot like his father, Santa Claus. He had his cute round button nose and round tubby face. Mikolaj dressed him in a adorable tee that says Chick Magnet!
More birthdays at the Sierras! Baby 21 Bois Sierra leaped into teenagehood! He kept his hairstyle and looked very much like he was as a child. His traits were an oxymoron. He grew up to have the athletic and the clumsy trait. Would that meant that he would fall down alot when he exercised? Poor Bois!    
The everchanging diva Mikolaj Sierra with her brand new look. She wore huge heart-shaped glasses that attracted alot of attention wherever she went.
She wore a figure hugging dress which showed off her curves. Just like Cadence, Mikolaj was a hot Mama with 24 kids under her belt.
"Lance is so adorable! You should visit him soon! I taught him how to say Papa! And he inherited your round button nose!" Mikolaj visited Santa and thanked him for accepting her 100 Baby Challenge. "Really? The last time I saw him, he was just a little baby in his crib! How time flies! Have you found the next father for your 100 Baby Challenge?" Santa asked. "Not yet..I have yet to screen through my mails of requests to be the next fathers. I'm pretty stringent about it, you know? The next baby is Baby 25! The quarter way mark! Woohoo! Plus my household is already full! Maximum at 8 Sims!" Mikolaj laughed. " I have someone in mind for you, he is perfect for the 100 Baby Challenge." Santa suggested.
"Who? Any good recommendations? I trust you Santa for good taste!" Mikolaj chirped. "Over there! Tyrone Turner (Thanks to haileygleisner aka Dawn)! My new tenant! He flew in hoping that he would get a chance in the 100 Baby Challenge! How sincere can that get?" Santa pointed to the blue skinned man standing at the yard. "Wow! Flew in for the challenge? I must take a good look at him! Tyrone Turner? Turner? Sounds familiar!" Mikolaj turned around and looked at the blue-skinned man.
"Oh my gosh! Oh my! Mikolaj the megastar is looking at me! Looking at me!" Tyrone gasped.
"She is so gorgeous! She is smiling! She is smiling to me! Wow! Unbelievable!" Tyrone was almost hyperventilating.
"Tyrone, don't panic. Just be yourself!" Tyrone's rubbed his sweaty palms.
"Tyrone Turner? Hmm...Turner sounds very familiar. Turner...Dawn Turner?" Mikolaj recalled. "You know my Mum?" Tyrone was surprised. "Yeah! Of course! Dawn is doing the 100 Baby Challenge, just like my Mum and I! No wonder I find your surname so familar! How's your Mum?" Mikolaj sent her regards to Dawn Turner.
"She is doing good! I'm actually Baby 39 of her 100 Baby Challenge and I really hope to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge! Can I?" Tyrone whispered without much confidence. "Wow! A 100 Baby Challenge baby as a 100 Baby Challenge father! How cool is that! You are totally suited to take part in the challenge and I heard from Santa that you specially flew in for my challenge!" Mikolaj agreed. "Yup! I just had to take part in your challenge! Your 100 Baby Challenge is so wildly popular! And...can..I..." Tyrone hemmed and hawed. "Yeah?" Mikolaj questioned. "Can...I..have...your..your..autograph? I have seen you so many times in magazines and newspapers. I'm a little nervous talking to you..You are so popular!" Tyrone muttered. "Oh definitely! My pleasure!" Mikolaj then whipped out her ever ready pen to sign an autograph for Tyrone.
"Hmm...looking good! I hope Tyrone can successfully be the next father of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge!" Santa was happy that Mikolaj got along very well with Tyrone.
"My mother would be so happy if she knew about this! This is my little surprise for her!" Tyrone whispered to Mikolaj. "Why do you have to speak so softly? She can't hear you from here! Don't worry!" Mikolaj giggled.
"Let's start by getting to know each other! Shall we go on a date? My household is full right now so I would need to wait for my son, Bois to grow into a young adult and shift out before making Baby 25! No hurry! Let's go to the watering hole!" Mikolaj took the opportunity to go drinking. "Sure! I just reached this town and loved to explore around!" Tyrone answered. "Let's go!" Mikolaj chirped. "Wow! What a nice car you have! Such posh seats and great sound system!" Tyrone admired Mikolaj's car. "This is the perks of being a celebrity! This limousine is like a reward for reaching the top of stardom!" Mikolaj explained.
"Enjoy the ride!" Mikolaj told Tyrone to relax.
"Welcome to the only bar in Appaloosa Plains! What a pathetic night scene we have!" Mikolaj lamented. "Don't worry! I heard a tycoon is coming in to build a replica of The Brightmore at Bridgeport!" Tyrone told Mikolaj who got very excited. "Really? I hope these are not just rumours!" Mikolaj said and showed Tyrone the way.
"When will Bois be growing up? I can't wait to embark on my little 100 Baby Challenge journey!" Tyrone said. "Don't rush things! Take things easy and slowly! I don't want my kids to have premature ageing!" Mikolaj adviced while Tyrone listened.
"Is that Mikolaj! Gosh!" Kimberly Mcmillan was so starstruck when she saw Mikolaj.
"Welcome to Appaloosa Plains!" Mikolaj treated Tyrone to a welcome drink. "You are so kind! Totally no airs!" Tyrone was impressed by Mikolaj's hospitality.
Then all of a sudden, a naughty idea hit Mikolaj. "Do you dare to hit on strangers? I dare you to kiss Kimberly!" Mikolaj smirked. "Kimberly? Kiss her? Who is that?" Tyrone was all puzzled. "There...the one with blond hair.." Mikolaj pointed in Kimberly's direction and challenged Tyrone. "Why not? I'll show you how!" Tyrone was unfazed with the challenge and turned around and walked towards Kimberly. Under the influence of alcohol, Tyrone was tipsy and became quite daring.
"Haha! Men! They can be so egoistic!" Mikolaj laughed at Tyrone who was standing in front of Kimberly.
"Go! Tyrone! Go! Woohoo!" Mikolaj clapped and cheered, enjoying the "show" that Tyrone was putting up. "A kiss for you, my beautiful lady?" Tyrone worked on his moves.
"Get away from me! Your cheesy pickup lines don't work! Get away! You pervert! I'll scream molest and get the police to lock you up in jail!" Kimberly shouted. "Uh oh...Mission failed..." Mikolaj muttered under her breath.
"Why not? It is not everyday you get hugged by a handsome young lad like me!" Tyrone was defnitely drunk. "Get lost! Get out of my sight!" Kimberly pushed Tyrone away.
Mikolaj continued with her drink and pretended that nothing was happening. She did not want Kimberly to find out that she was the mastermind behind this prank.
"Ahhh...This is so embarrassing! Why did Mikolaj suggested it? What a first night at Appaloosa Plains! My reputation is all ruined!" Tyrone was feeling so embarrassed when he was slightly more sober. He just wanted to disappear there and then.  
Little Lance playing with his toys.
"Mum, do we really need these spotlights, strobe lights and side effects in our gym? It's making me dizzy!" Bois complained. "Why? It makes gyming really exciting! I get pumped up with adrenaline with these party effects!" Mikolaj told Bois who rolled his eyes.
With the athletic and clumsy traits, poor Bois was very prone to falls when he exercised.
"Watch your steps, boy! Watch where you are going and you would not fall! Legs with bruises don't look good!" Mikolaj adviced Bois. The mother and son pair spent the night working on the treadmill.
The multi-gendered twins, Oriana and Falon still very fascinated with their Christmas gifts!
The lovely twin girls, Ankha and Muffinieha! Don't they look very similar other than their hairstyles. Mikolaj had them in different hairstyles to tell them apart!
The two girls were inseparable. They did almost everything together. "I hate geography lessons! So not looking forward to tomorrow's geography lesson!" Muffinieha confided to her twin sister, Ankha.
"Why not? I like geography!" Muffinieha then threw the sand into the air. "Stop that, Sis! Grandma and Mum will scold us for dirtying the area!" The sensible Ankha told Muffinieha.
Mikolaj enjoying her soak in her new swimsuit.
While the virtuous Cadence whipped up a delicious japanese meal of anchovy sushi. Mother and daughter are indeed worlds apart in terms of character, traits and hobbies. The only thing that bind them together is the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Mikolaj! Appaloosa Plains Brightmore is here!" Tyrone told Mikolaj over the phone. "Where? The rumours are true?" Mikolaj quickly put down the phone straight after Tyrone told her the address. She did not even wait for Tyrone to finish the sentence and started running out of the house. "It's just round the corner!" Mikolaj started her 500 meters dash.
"Which kind tycoon came to Appaloosa Plains to build Brightmore? I must thank him personally! This is a glimmer of hope for Appaloosa Plains nightlife!" Mikolaj muttered as she ran.
"Woo!! I saw it! The familiar building! Woo!" Mikolaj went ecstatic when she saw the Appaloosa Plains Brightmore. 
"Mum!! Where are you going? Wait for me!!" Bois ran and chased after Mikolaj as instructed by Cadence. Cadence feared that something would happen to Mikolaj after seeing her running out of the house after a phonecall. Never did she know that Mikolaj was dashing to her favorite nightspot.
"Ahh! Lovely! Finally a decent nightspot in Appaloosa Plains!" Mikolaj looked at the building in awe. Appaloosa Plains Brightmore was built in attempt to spruce up Appaloosa Plains's image. The town was known as a sleepy town with no nightlife. The tycoon also hoped to urbanise Appaloosa Plains by building more skyscrapers and tall buildings in the town. Mikolaj would definitely say Hooray to that while Cadence would defnitely frown upon his idea.
"Ahh..elevators....! I miss ya! It's been so long since I stepped into one!" Mikolaj missed the cool elevators. The saying "You will never cherish something until you lose it" was totally apt for Mikolaj. When she was at Bridgeport she had never realise the beauty of elevators until she came to Appaloosa Plains where you can see literally no elevators around.
"Wow! This machine is so cool! Is it a robot? Where will it bring us to?" Bois was admiring the elevator. Born and bred in Appaloosa Plains, poor Bois has never been exposed to elevators. "It's an elevator, a lift that replaces the stairs. Come on in! Poor Bois! You can see this alot when you go to Bridgeport one day!" Mikolaj pressed on the elevator's buttons.
Mikolaj attracted attention everywhere she went, many residents were snapping photos of her, never mind if they cannot get to take a photo of her face, her back view is also suffice for them.
"Argh!!!" Bois totally freaked out after his "adventure" in the elevator. Being his first time in an elevator, he was claustrophobic and felt very trapped in the elevator. Seeing Brightmore in its full glory made Mikolaj really happy and totally oblivious to her son freaking out.
"Let's go, Bois! Paaaarrrtaay the night away! Why do you look so stoned?" Mikolaj told Bois. "Okay!" Bois thought it was so cool to party with his mother the mega superstar.
"This will perk you up!" Mikolaj ordered a starter for Bois. "Mum..." Bois uttered. "Yeah?" Mikolaj turned to look at her son. "...Hmmm..." Bois paused.
"What's up? Speak your mind, son. Mum will support you in whatever decision you make." Mikolaj assured Bois who looked dazed.
As he was in low spirits, Bois drank the drink to muster more courage to talk to Mikolaj. This issue has been bothering him ever since he became a teen.
"Mum..Am I your obstacle in your 100 Baby Challenge?..I mean you can't progress if I don't turn into a young adult and shift out. Why don't I age earlier so that you can carry on with your 100 Baby Challenge. The next baby is Baby 25, your quarter way mark, Mum. It's so significant and important to you! And me, Bois Sierra is impeding in your 100 Baby Challenge, stopping you to advance further!" Bois was choked with emotions. "This has been bothering you? Haha! Don't be silly, my boy! You are doing me a favour! I need a break in between babies too! You think your Mum is a baby factory? Producing babies non-stop?" Mikolaj laughed and brushed off Bois's concerns.
"But Mum...I really hope to see you advance in your challenge and I know you have found a father for Baby 25. I feel like...I'm the troublemaker of the Sierras!" Bois confided in Mikolaj who was enjoying blowing bubbles. "Don't think it that way! Every Sierra kid is my gift from God! You know what? I may not like babies but I really like my teen kids, teen kids like you who can accompany me to soak in hot tub, blow bubbles with me, drink at bars and hold intellectual conversations! So stay as a teen longer, Bois!" Mikolaj told Bois.
"But..." Bois remained unconvinced and pensive. "No more buts! Enjoy the night!" Mikolaj blew the bubbles into the air.
Have you ever seen a little girl climbing up the pole with a plate of pancakes in her hands?
Muffinieha Sierra was performing a feat at home!
She even tried to protect the plate of pancakes when she fell off from the pole! How hilarious can that be!
A joyous celebrations for the Sierras! The twin girls are due to grow up!
"Sister! Sista! Stop climbing that pole with that plate of pancakes! You look silly with it! Time to grow up!" Ankha shouted.
Though Bois was cheering for his twin sisters, his mind was revolving around growing up so that Mikolaj could continue her 100 Baby Challenge.
Ankha can't wait to grow up!
Finally, Muffinieha put down the plate of pancakes and cheered for her birthday! Will Muffinieha hold a plate of muffins when she grows up?
Grandma Cadence cheering for her grandkids.
Baby 19 Muffinieha Sierra grew up to have very strong features just like her father. She had a square jaw and protruding ears that looked like an elf. She grew up to have the slob and snob traits.
Twin sister Baby 20 Ankha Sierra had similar features though her eyebrows were slightly thicker.
Can you tell them apart if not for their different hairstyles?
Muffinieha continued her obsession with climbing poles and stairs even though she was already a teen. She loved to slide down the spiral staircase. Check out her cool stockings with lots of huge holes at the side!
"Row, row, row your boat! Gently Down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,  Life is but a dream!" Muffinieha sang as she slide down the stairs while Ankha looked on. On the other hand, Ankha was a demure and gentle girl who was always dressed in little dresses and would never be caught dead doing things like sliding down the stairs.
"Perfect landing!" Muffinieha balanced herself. "Childish! Won't you grow up?" Ankha told her. "Everyone is young at heart! Why lose the child in you when you become a teen?" Muffinieha reasoned.
Cute little Lance playing in the toy box.
"No one can find me!" Lance chuckled to himself in the toybox.
"Time for bed!" Mikolaj carried little Oriana to her crib.
The doting Grandma carrying Lance to ride on the ship ride.
"Isn't it fun? Lance?" Cadence asked Lance who was squealing with delight when he rode on the ride.
"Great job! You are doing good!" Cadence praised Lance for his great motor skills.
"Falon..Bro Bois have decided to grow up and move out of the house..I miss you and everyone so much..." Bois confided in Falon who did not understand what Bois was talking about. He knew Mikolaj and Cadence would either brush off or object to him growing up so fast.
But he knew that him moving out would meant that Mikolaj can carry on with her 100 Baby Challenge. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realised that he had to move out of the house once he aged up.
"My Grandma, my Mama, brothers, sisters, Micky and Minnie! I will miss you so much!" Bois whimpered.
"But for my Mum's challenge! I will sacrifice myself! I don't want to be an obstacle in the family!" Bois reminisced about the good times at the Sierras!
"We had joy we had fun we had seasons in the sun...Goodbye my family! I love you guys.." Bois cried. He was feeling really down in the dumps.
"My family! You gave me love and helped me find the sun. And every time that I was down, you would always come around and get my feet back on the ground" Bois sang softly to his favorite song, Seasons in the Sun.
"Alright! Cheer up! You don't want Grandma and Mum to worry about you when you grow up!" Bois consoled himself and braved a smile.
"Bro! We are so proud of you! You are the most suave brother at the Sierras!" Ankha cheered.
"Time to face the reality, Bois!" He prepped himself as he was covered with birthday sparkles.
Baby 21 Bois Sierra still looking very young as a young adult. You could almost see his sadness in his face while taking this photo.
"I love you guys!" Bois tried not to look back when he was ready to move out of the house. He was afraid that he would break down into tears if he looked back. "Mum, I hope to see Baby 25 soon!" Bois remained cheerful.  
So as to not disappoint Bois, Mikolaj quickly embarked on the makings of Baby 25. She called Tyrone who came over to the Sierras within minutes. "Are you ready?" Mikolaj said in her husky sexy voice.
"Don't worry! Why do you look so tense up? I will not eat you up!" Mikolaj giggled. "Err..Can I have a request?" Tyrone frowned and fret. "Yeah?" Mikolaj answered. "Can you not publish the photos when we are woohooing? I'm so shy! I don't want to let my mother, Dawn see it! She will definitely be reading your blog!" Tyrone requested. Mikolaj nodded and pushed Tyrone into the hottub. Sounds of the lullaby floated in the air soon after.....
Lance requested Cadence to carry him to the ship ride. That is officially his favourite toy in the house!
"Time for dinner!" Cadence coaxed Lance who refused to get out of the ride.
"" Lance said in his limited vocabulary. "Be a good boy! Your stomach is growling! Grandma cooked your favourite porridge!" Cadence melted at the sight of the cute Lance who was fuming mad that the ride ended.
"I donch want...Hmmph..." Lance sulked.
"Come on...boy!" Cadence put her hands on her hips.
Who can resist such a adorable toddler's request to go for another ride?
Everyone say...AWWwwww....
"Be good, you are Santa's Baby! You have to be on the nice list! Not the naughty one!" Cadence told Lance.
It was as if Cadence's words worked its magic on Lance. He lifted up his arms unwillingly and did not want to look at Cadence. Santa's baby, Lance definitely does not want to be on Santa's naughty list!  
Checking on Mikolaj belly's progress: First trimester!
Cadence was trying to amuse the little Baby 25 inside Mikolaj's tummy.
Second trimester! Looking good!
And growing bigger and bigger! Third trimester!
"Argh! Mum! The waters broke!" Mikolaj shouted in pain.
A little green baby girl for the Sierras! Mikolaj came back from the hospital with the baby in the stroller. She was born in the middle of the night where the stars were shining brightly in the sky so she was named Nova Sierra! (Thanks to Dawn Turner!) The name Nova means a shining star!
Mickey the resident dog was very intrigued with the skin colour of Baby 25. Mickey sniffed her and guarded her. Looks like someone has a favourite pet, soon after she was born!
"Mikolaj! Why did you leave Nova on the floor? I'm busy in the kitchen! Pick her up in case Minnie scratches her! She will blame you forever if that happens!" Cadence shouted from the kitchen. It seemed like the pets were very interested in Baby 25 Nova.  
"Wow! Pretty baby! Can I make a lovely baby with you?" A fan and admirer of Mikolaj came knocking on the Sierra's doors almost straight after Nova's birth. "Thanks! But I'm pretty strict about choosing the fathers. Sorry about that!" Mikolaj rejected the blond hair man's request.
Mikolaj was certainly very pleased with her newest creation, Baby 25 Nova Sierra! Welcome to the family with lots of warmth and love! Nova was almost a significant milestone in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge, the quarter milestone for Mikolaj. "75 more babies to go! You can do it! You go girl!" Cadence encouraged Mikolaj and was heartened that Mikolaj did not give up doing this challenge. "Mama is really proud of you!" Cadence whispered.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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  1. Wow! I loved the fact that Dawn's son wanted it to be a secret! Aww.... Lance is such a cute toddler! Can't wait for the next post!

  2. Loved this post and had to do a double look when I first Tyrone. He looks so much like his dad whom I created. LOL. I love Nova and can't wait to see who's features she gets, but how is she green?


  3. Aww, I love the little blueish green baby Nova! I hope she gets more of her father's genetics!

    I love how Bois turned out. He's a really good looking young adult!

    ~Calista Smith

  4. WEEE!! When I saw Tyrone I was like O.O No Way! This is so exciting, thank you soooo much for allowing Dawn's son to join your challenge. I love Nova's green skin and I can't wait to see her grow up into a beautiful young lady. It's such an honor that Dawn's son could bring you to your quarter mark in your challenge. Loved the post like I love all your posts.

    ~Dawn Turner aka Hailey

    P.s. YAY! Thank you for using one of my name suggestions. :D

  5. @snaggle: Tyrone was really shy about it!

    @Ashby: No idea about her skin colour, maybe beige skin plus blue equals green ?

    @Calista: I hope she get Tyrone's genetics too!

    @Dawn: Yeah! Tyrone was really fun to play with! Thanks for your gift too!


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