Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa Baby 24!! Hurry Down the Chimney tonight!

"Mum!! Look! Look at this! An avalanche of gifts for the Sierras this Christmas!" Mikolaj squealed in delight when she opened the mailbox. Thank you pamela_tokiohotel for Lock and Key Wall Sculpture! 
"Wow! 8 gifts from kaylavarnell4736! Gosh, how generous!! It must have cost a bomb! I gotta thank her personally!" Mikolaj was so excited when she browsed through the gifts. She wanted to see if there were any presents for her! Thank you kaylavarnell4736 for Festive Fencing.
A lovely Pixie Blossom Crown for the little Sierra girls!
"A Queens Toilet! Only fit for the Queen and a hot diva! Specially for me! And the Queen is me!" Mikolaj giggled to herself as she complimented herself. She already had plans to put this only in her bathroom but not the rest of the house.
Mikolaj shrieked when she saw the next gift. It was her favourite hottub, the King and Queen of Steam! "A perfect hottub for me and my 100 baby challenge fathers to soak in! Something to motivate me and to keep me going on!" Thank you kaylavarnell4736 for fulfiling Mikolaj's wishlist!
Something for the kids! A brand new top, Overcoat and Posies for them! This top is very versatile as it can be worn by both genders. 
Another premium content gift from kaylavarnell4736! A Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station for the Sierras pets, Mickey and Minnie!
"How thoughtful of kaylavarnell4736!! I no longer have to clean or wash those nasty toilet ever again with these!" Mikolaj was very pleased with this premium content gift, Uber Sani-Sim Toilet!
New spells for the Sierras! A Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book o' Spells! The Sierras are such a lucky bunch to receive so many gifts from the readers.
The Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing was indeed a heavensent gift for the Sierras. The multi-gendered twins Oriana and Falon were sound asleep minutes after being put in the swing. The most amazing thing of this swing was that it helped increase the moodlets and needs of the babies or toddlers!
The gorgeous Heaven awaiting to grow up!
Mikolaj? Heaven? Mikolaj? Can you tell them apart? Sporting the same hairstyle as Mikolaj when she was a teen, Heaven was a complete carbon copy of Mikolaj! The only difference was that Heaven had thicker brows while Mikolaj had well defined brows. Unlike Mikolaj whose character was wild and free, Heaven grew up with the disciplined trait.
To gear up for the festive season and christmas mood, Mikolaj specially bought a christmas bunny outfit! As with every new baby, she changed her hairstyle to suit her outfit. She looked perfectly radiant in this new getup.
Mikolaj Sierra the five star celebrity! Her bunny outfit was complete with a red bow, fire red hot fishnet stockings, red velvet gloves and a little round white tail at the back.
She attracted alot of attention with this new look. The paparazzi swarmed the Sierras but Mikolaj limited the entry of the paparazzi, allowing one photographer at only one time.
Teenage Heaven was learning the ropes of the entertainment industry from Mikolaj. She was selected for The Sims 3 Teens Magazine January cover and was actively learning how to pose beautifully. "Is that how you kiss and pout when posing for photographs?" Heaven tried to imitate Mikolaj's pout. "Ahh..with your good genetics and charm, you have the potential to be the next big thing! Give them your winsome smile like this before you pose for photographs!" Mikolaj enthusiasically demonstrated to Heaven.
Then Mikolaj then proceeded to show Heaven the correct posture and angle for media shoots. "What are you girls doing here? Standing like this?" Cadence asked as she carried Muffinieha. "Well! We are ahem! Practising the moves for Heaven's photoshoot! We are perfecting the pose!" Mikolaj said in jest. "Don't teach her the wrong stuff! Heaven, the entertainment industry is so complicated, be careful of that!" Cadence warned. "Teach her the wrong stuff? Don't worry, Mum! I'm one of the top celebrities, I will only teach her the good things and the right things! Trust me on that. The entertainment industry isn't that bad, it's all about survival skills and I believe with such great Sierra genetics, Heaven will make it very far in this industry!" Mikolaj said confidently while Heaven smiled and nodded as Cadence shook her head and walked away.
"Stretch your arms and hold them higher!" Mikolaj barked her instructions as if she was Heaven's modelling instructor. "Like this?" Heaven lifted up her right arm. "Now, breathe in, hold your breath! Tuck in your stomach, stretch your arms and give an attitude when you pose. Lift your arms higher so that your muscles will look more defined." Mikolaj instructed. "Come on! Stretch more! Breathe in because your tummy is showing!" Mikolaj said as Heaven followed her instructions. "That's right! Hold it there then change your pose." Mikolaj was definitely one experience celebrity who knew how to work in front of the camera. The camera was her favorite friend.
"A successful and famous celebrity must learn how to soak in a hot tub. Conversations, friendships and deals strike in a hot tub! Come, Heaven! Take a dip!" Mikolaj walked to her latest gift, the King and Queen of Steam!
"Is it hot? Or is it very cold?" Heaven asked. "Nope, the temperature is just right! Not too hot or too cold." Mikolaj then demonstrated how to change and go into the hot tub gracefully.
"What are you waiting for? Come on down and enjoy the hot tub!" Mikolaj hurried Heaven who was still hesistant in joining Mikolaj. "I'll soak with you, don't worry! You are safe here with me. Grandma will protect you!" Cadence assured Heaven.
Cadence's words worked like magic for Heaven. She gingerly dipped her feet into the hot tub and followed Cadence into the hot tub. "You are doing good!" Cadence said to Heaven.
"Hmm..feels quite good I must say!" Heaven commented as she enjoyed the hot tub. "Told you so! Soaking in the hot tub is a very significant milestone of every Sierra teen! It is almost like a rite of passage." Mikolaj said.
"Mum!! AHHHH!!!" Heaven screamed when Mikolaj playfully splashed water on her daughter. "Don't be so uptight! A celebrity must learn to be flexible and take things easy! The paparazzi would love to write juicy gossip and stories about you when you are famous." Mikolaj said while Cadence laughed at Heaven's reaction. "What if the water scald my face? I will be disfigured!" Heaven was concerned about her looks. "Gosh! Don't be silly! This water is not hot to begin with!" Mikolaj laughed and tease Heaven.
It was time for the twins to grow up! Baby 19 Muffinieha Sierra looking alot like her Dad. She sported a sweet looking hairstyle with a lovely hairband. Mikolaj dressed the kids in either red or green for the Christmas season.
Baby 20 Ankha Sierra had a side ponytail and looked alot like her twin sister, Muffinieha. They had the same purple eyes and same facial features. If not for their different hairstyles, it was hard to tell them apart.
The cute little Bois all ready for his stride into childhood!
As a son of a Mummy, little Bois had no traces of the Mummy genes. In fact, the Mummy baby had grown up looking very yummy! Baby 21 Bois Sierra had a really cool hairstyle and hazel brown hair. The Mikolaj's purple eyes were also seen in Bois.
"Wow, not only does this magnificent porcelain throne self-clean, automatically flush, and lift the seat for me, it has music!" Mikolaj was incredibly amazed with the Uber Sani-Sim Toilet. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better it finishes the job by freshening Mikolaj with a light mist, reducing the need for a follow up hand washing. Perfect for lazy sims like Mikolaj!
"Falon! Christmas is coming, have you been naughty or nice?" Mikolaj laughed as Falon does not even understand what Mikolaj had been saying.
Cadence playing with the adorable Oriana.
"Mikolaj! Time to age up Oriana and Falon! Where are you, carry Falon to the cake!" Cadence shouted across the room as she cradled Oriana in front of the birthday cake.
"I'm here! Don't hurry me!" Mikolaj stood in front of the birthday cake with Falon.
"Happy birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you..." The Sierra kids sang the birthday song for their little siblings.
"Happy Birthday to Oriana and Falon! Happy birthday to you!" The kids cheered.
With her black hair and strange weird nose, Baby 22 Oriana Sierra inherited majority of her genetics from her Dad.
Oriana's interesting side profile.
Her twin brother, Baby 23 Falon Sierra also looked alot like their father. The only inherent genetic from Mikolaj was his sparkling purple eyes.
Falon's side profile, looking alot like Oriana.
To further elevate Heaven's status and career as a celebrity, Mikolaj brought her to the watering hole to expose her to the nightlife. "Wow! This is so cool! This is a watering hole?" Heaven was fascinated as this was her first exposure to the night life. "Yup..this is nothing! This is just a dive bar. We used to live in Bridgeport, the city that never sleeps! That is the real nightlife, this is just amateurish! This is the ONLY Watering Hole Saloon in Appaloosa Plains! How pathetic can it get?" Mikolaj grumbled.
"A Sweet Hijinks please!" Mikolaj ordered a drink. "Your sister?" The mixologist asked.
"Hahah! Gosh, I'm so flattered! That's my daughter, Heaven! I already have 23 kids!" Mikolaj beamed with pride. "Wow! She looked exactly like you! Gorgeous!" The mixologist said. "Good genes perhaps?" Mikolaj laughed.
"The paparazzi is here! Look your utmost best!" Mikolaj whispered to Heaven when she saw the paparazzi coming into the bar.
"Like this?" Heaven gave her best Kodak moment as Mikolaj nodded in agreement.
"Just carry on drinking and don't look at the camera when they take your photos! Your photos will look unnatural and posed when you look straight into the camera." Mikolaj told Heaven.
"The flashlight is totally blinding my eyes! I can hardly keep my eyes open!" Heaven whined. "Get used to it. The camera must be your best friend when you work in this industry! Pry your eyes open, girl! You don't want to have photos with your eyes half closed!" Mikolaj said.
"A Spline Reticulator please!" Heaven ordered her second drink. "Learning fast huh! Drinking is definitely in your blood!" The mixogist said in jest.
"Let Mum make you a drink!" Mikolaj told Heaven as she proceeded to the counter. 
"Mr Mixologist, will you let me moonlight as the mixologist for a while? Please?" Mikolaj pleaded. "Hmmm...What's your mixologist skill level" The mixologist asked. "I'm at level 8! Please! I'll strangle and kill myself on the spot if I can't moonlight as a mixologist!" Mikolaj threatened.
"That serious?" The mixologist said. "Really!" Mikolaj then squeezed her throat and gagged real hard. "Okay! Okay! Stop that! Please! You can moonlight as a mixologist!" The mixologist finally relented and Mikolaj finally broke into a smile.
"Any orders for Mikolaj the Mixologist? Little Babe!" Mikolaj asked Heaven.
"Mikolaj the Mixologist! It rhymes, Mum!" Heaven giggled as she marvelled at Mikolaj's mixing skills.
"A drink specially for my beautiful daughter...Heaven Sierra!" Mikolaj served the drink to Heaven.
"Wow! How do you do that, Mum! You are way too cool!" Heaven looked at the drink on fire.
"Tasty yummy stuff!" Heaven said as she sipped her drink and that obviously made Mikolaj's day.
The Sierra kids seemed to be more of a cat lover rather than a dog lover. Minnie was the more popular pet amongst the Sierra kids. Bois spent lots of time with her everyday.
Animals are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions and pass no criticisms. 
"Minnie! Minnie!" Bois played with Minnie the resident cat.
Muffinieha loved to play pretend with Bois as they had wild imaginations. She always imagined that she was presiding over the royal court.
While Bois imagined that he was the prince of the kingdom.
Then Muffinieha changed to a princess outfit and the two Sierra siblings then re-enacted a Sleeping Beauty Scene. "Well, I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we've met before" Muffinieha the "Princess" said. "Where?" Bois the "Prince" said. "Once upon a dream..." Muffiniehad answered.
Mikolaj upgrading the Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station so that the feeder would have a smart sensor which fills the bowl when the pets are hungry.  
Mikolaj was playing with yet an new toy for the Sierras. She was learning how to cast a spell with the Lady Ravendancer Goth's Book o' Spells.
After mastering the Enchant Spell, she then proceeded to learn the Summon Relation spell.
"I'm an F1 racer! Zoom! Zoom!" Bois enjoying a joy-ride on the sofa.
"Number 10 racing car overtaking me? No! Full gear! Step on the accelerator!" Bois screamed!
"Ascending the castle now!" Little Ankha also joining her twin sister for some royal theme fun!
Ankha love to sleep on the top of the bunk bed.
"Time for bed!" Ankha climbed to the top.
Mikolaj was still hard at work with her spells.
Cadence giving Mickey a good scrub before Christmas.
"I want to be a superstar! Even more famous than Mummy!" Heaven made her birthday wish.
Heaven looking exactly like Mikolaj when she was young!
"Ah! The familiar tingly feeling!" Heaven "transforming" into a young adult!
The Mum and Grandma cheering Heaven on.
Mikolaj's "masterpiece" Baby 18 Heaven Sierra had finally grown up into a young adult. A little Mikolaj in the making! Heaven permed her hair for a more sophiscated look for her budding celebrity career.
At the Sierras, it was always a sad moment when kids grow into young adults and are ready to leave the home that they grew up in. Cadence and Mikolaj were visibly sad when Heaven bade farewell to them.
"All the best, my child! Remember not to confuse fame with success. Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Cadence dispensed words of wisdom as Mikolaj looked on.
"Never succumb to plastic surgery when you get famous! Remember that you have fine Sierra genes! Or else you might end up looking so fake like the celebrity we saw at Bridgeport!" Mikolaj gossiped with Heaven.
"I'm never going to look like her! I will never do plastic surgery. I am very confident with my looks. Look at you and Grandma, you two look so ravishing!" Heaven said.
"Let me called the press and the paparazzi that my little girl, Heaven is going to be the next big thing in town. I'll ask them to give you a big spread tomorrow as the latest starlet in town!" Mikolaj then called her contacts, given her wide network in the media industry. Heaven was so touched by her Mum's gesture. Even there was still room for improvement, Mikolaj was definitely improving leaps and bounds as a mother.
"Mum! Thank you so much! Thank you for teaching me and giving me so many tips on how to become a successful celebrity. I will make you proud one day!" It was evident that through Mikolaj's interactions ith Heaven, Heaven was definitely one of Mikolaj's favourite daughter thus far. It was as if Mikolaj could connect with her on all levels, be it their identical looks, ambitions and interests. The only difference was that Heaven was not "burdened" with the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Goodbye, my dear girl! You are going to be a megastar!" Mikolaj tried to lift her spirits up and think postive. She saw the young her in Heaven. Deep in her heart, she envied her daughter for not being chosen for the 100 Baby Challenge. She thought of how her life would be without the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Grandma! Mum! MUM! Is that Santa Claus? Is that Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer at the front?" Ankha was so stunned and shocked when she saw the spectacular sight. Cadence totally stood rooted to the spot, speechless. 
"MUM!! Hurry! Santa is here! Grandma, are my eyes playing tricks on me?" Ankha almost hyperventilated at the sight. This was then Cadence recovered and said, "I saw Santa with a big package too!" By the time Mikolaj walked out of the house, Santa had left in his sleigh.
There were then many reports of sightings of Santa Claus with his reindeers and sleigh at Appaloosa Plains. The Sierras kept a close watch on the news, hoping to catch Santa again at their doorsteps.
The new age Santa Claus in his sleigh.
"Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone! Have you been naughty or nice?" Santa Claus said in his booming voice.
His eight hardworking reindeers working its magic.
"Where is Santa? I want to see Santa and his reindeer!" Bois was so disappointed that he did not managed to see Santa. In order not to disappoint Bois, Cadence said,"Bois, just keep singing Christmas songs, he will be here soon!" Mikolaj hoped to attract Santa with her interesting outfit.
"You better watch out! You better not cry! Better not pout I'm telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town!" Bois sang loudly. Just as Bois finished his sentence, Mikolaj shrieked and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Mikolaj spotted Santa and his reindeers!
"SANTA! SANTA! Wait for me! I have been really NICE this year!" Santa then slowed down his sleigh and got down. "Wow! What a lovely Santarina outfit! I have been really busy this Christmas! I need a Santarina to help! You seemed to be perfect for the job with this great looking outfit." Santa commented. "This is not a Santarina outfit! It is a little Christmas bunny outfit!" Mikolaj told Santa.
"Hmm..but it really matches my outfit here! Don't you think?" Santa exclaimed. "Santa, I'm Mikolaj Sierra, doing the 100 Baby Challenge. Nice meeting you!" Mikolaj introduced herself. "100 Baby Challenge? I love babies! Let me see, you are on my nice list this year! What would you like?" Santa told Mikolaj who was thrilled at Santa's words.
"I want a Santa Baby! A baby on Christmas day by Santa!" Mikolaj announced. "Hmm..that is a very tall order even though you are on my nice list!" Santa said.
"What about a gift instead?" Santa whipped out a gift to divert the attention.
"Ooh! A personal gift from Santa! Thank you so much!" Mikolaj thanked Santa.
"I guess I'm on your nice list this year! But I would be even happier if you could fulfil my wish to be the father of my 100 Baby Challenge!" Mikolaj said sincerely.
"Well..Let me consider. I might if you be my Santarina for this Christmas!" Santa said as Mikolaj was admiring her gift, "Your gift is colour co-ordinated with my clothes! Red and white! Lovely!"
"Purple flowers to match your lovely eye colour!" Santa presented Mikolaj a bunch of purple roses.
"My favourite colour!" Mikolaj was thrilled.
"Thank you Santa! I really hope you can be the father of Baby 24!" Mikolaj hugged Santa.
"Be my santarina?" Santa asked Mikolaj.
"What do I have to do?" Mikolaj asked. "Just follow me on my sleigh on Christmas day! That's all!" Santa said. "That's easy! I'm okay with that!" Mikolaj finally accepted.
"Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I'm finally having a santarina this Christmas! And a hot sexy one to boot!" Santa laughed. "Ho! Ho! Ho! That also means you have agreed to become the father of Baby 24! I must tell my Mum, she will be so ecstatic if she knew. Santa Claus is coming to town!!" Mikolaj imitated Santa.
Mikolaj brought Santa home knowing that the kids would be so happy to see Santa in person. "Santa!! I been waiting for you the whole time!" Bois rushed to hug Santa.
"Bois? I heard you have been a very nice boy this year!" Santa said. "How do you know?" Bois asked innocent.
"Of course! I'm Santa! I know who is on my naughty or nice list! A gift for you!" Santa passed Bois his present.
"Wow! Thank you so much! How do you remember who wants what for Xmas?" Bois was amazed.
"Little boy, Santa has little elves to help me!" Santa explained. "Really? Where do you live? Do you live in the North Pole? What do you do when it is not Christmas? Will Santa grow old and die?" Bois had thousand and one questions for Santa. 
"My dear boy, you will know when you grow up. Study hard and be good." Santa adviced while Bois gladly accepted his present.  
Santa was a hit with the Sierra kids! Here was Santa tickling little Oriana.
Even Minnie was excited to see Santa!  
"Nice sexy legs you have!" Mikolaj teased as Santa prepared to soak in the hot tub. 
"Mummy is kissing Santa! Bring out the mistletoe!" Mikolaj laughed and started singing, "I  saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus. Underneath the mistletoe last night. She didn't see me creep. Down the stairs to have a peek! She thought I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleep...." "Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming to town!" Santa played along with Mikolaj.  
"I need to conceive today to have a Christmas Baby on Christmas day!" Mikolaj told Santa. "After which you will be my Santarina for the day!" Santa cheered and clapped in glee. 
"Awww...such cute kittens you have!" Mikolaj gushed when she saw Santa's cats.  
"They looked so friendly! They are purring at me..My cat, Minnie hates me! She attacked me and refused to be carried by me!" Mikolaj told Santa.  
"Shall we make Baby 24 in the shower? That's a new exciting location to woohoo!" Mikolaj looked at the shower cheekily.  
"I'm all ready! Ho! Ho! Ho! Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Here comes Santa Claus! Here comes Santa Claus! Right down Santa Claus Lane!" Santa sang in excitement in the shower.  
"Then I'm coming in! Ho! Ho! Ho! Joy to the world!" Mikolaj slipped into the shower with Santa in it. 
"O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree! How are thy leaves so verdant! O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, How are thy leaves so verdant!" Santa sang loudly as faint sounds of the baby lullaby was heard.  
"It's going to be a wonderful Christmas for the Sierras!" Mikolaj walked out of the shower with pride. 
Then Santa and Mikolaj cuddled in bed. "Wow..Santa with Mikolaj! Congrats Mikolaj! Which baby are you on now? I hope Bois is doing fine!" Eade Dragoboy accidentally walked into the room without realising that they were there. Eade Dragoboy was the housemate of Santa and conincidentally the father of Baby 21 Bois Sierra.   
After the awkward situaton with Eade and Santa, Mikolaj went down to play with Santa's kittens. One of the little kitten, Pepper Cat was especially affectionate with Mikolaj. 
"If only Minnie was this friendly!" Mikolaj said as Pepper Cat sniffed her.  
" adorable! I would have adopted you if my house wasn't full!" Mikolaj gave Pepper Cat a peck. 
"Deck the halls with bought of holly, Fa la la la la la, la la la la! Tis the season to by jolly, Fa la la la la la, la la la la!" Mikolaj sang as she decorated the house for Christmas.  As she looked at the Christmas tree, she remembered how she gave birth to Baby 6 Klaus Sierra last Christmas. Though her progress wasn't as fast as her mother, Cadence, she was making good progress with 18 babies in a year.
She had grown from a mature wild child to a mother of 23 babies. Though the christmas decorations seemed somewhat the same, Mikolaj just felt that she had changed. Though she was still a alcohol loving wild girl, she has mellowed over the year to learn to love and care for her kids. She may be rebellious at times, but she has given in alot by trying to complete her 100 Baby Challenge and moving from her favourite town Bridgeport to Appaloosa Plains. She still misses Bridgeport alot and hope to shift back to the city one day.
"Hmm..I hope the baby arrives on Christmas Day! I shall have a home birth next to the Christmas tree, just like what I had with Baby 6 Klaus." Mikolaj prayed hard. 
To get into the festive mood, Mikolaj strummed christmas songs on the guitar hoping that the baby in her tummy would love it and arrive in time for Christmas.  
"Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me. I've been an awful good girl. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight. Santa baby, an out-of-space convertible too, light blue. I'll wait up for you dear Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight!" A Santa Baby song for her very own Santa baby!  
"Santa baby, hurry down the Sierras on Christmas day!" Mikolaj sang.  
A major puke for her first trimster of pregnancy.  
Little Bois posing for the camera.
Muffinieha playing in the playground.
Mikolaj was feeling very sick in her first trimester of the pregnancy.
Now we know where did Bois learn from.
Mikolaj watching some kids television to have a good pregnancy.
Her evil trait acting up once in a while while little Ankha looked on.
"Are you okay? Mum?" Little Ankha was worried about Mikolaj's mental health.
"Am I going to have a little sister or brother? Or both? Just like Oriana and Falon?" Ankha rubbed Mikolaj's tummy.
Mikolaj was chosen for a maternity shoot for a leading magazine. She was perfecting her pose for the shoot.
Mikolaj was keeping her fingers crossed on the arrival of Baby 24 on Christmas Day.
"This pregnancy is killing me! My back is so sore and I'm aching all over! All over!" Mikolaj whined to Cadence about her tummy. This time round, her tummy was really huge and it was definitely taking a toll on her petite frame.
"Might be triplets this time are so big for this pregnancy! Bear with it, it will be out soon!" Cadence tried to comfort her daughter but to no avail. "If this is not triplets, then it must be one big baby!" Mikolaj howled in pain as she supported her back.
"Little Santa baby, be good to your Mum. Grandma has lots of presents for you when you arrive!" Cadence rubbed Mikolaj's tummy.
"The baby said okay!" Cadence said as she listened to Mikolaj's tummy.
It was as if the baby could really hear Cadence's words. The baby has arrived to relieve Mikolaj's pain in her back. "Oh no! Two more minutes till the clock strikes twelve. Two more minutes, baby!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy as she looked at the clock.
"One more minute!" Mikolaj screamed and howled in pain. She hoped that Baby 24 would be a Christmas baby.
"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!" Mikolaj did a countdown. She gave a big push and she was surrounded by the magical sparkles.
Baby 24 arrived on the dot! The stork had been so kind to the Sierras to deliver 2 bundles of Christmas joy on consecutive Christmases.
It was a precious little boy for the Sierras! "You did it! Mikolaj! Well done! A Santa's baby on Christmas Day! How special can that be?" Cadence jumped in happiness. 
"So cute! Did you see it? He's giving us a little wink!" Mikolaj laughed. "He will be one cheeky fellow!" Cadence was so amused.
Baby 24 Lance Sierra (Thanks to buublyface!) had tanned skin and lovely eyes. His cries was so loud that the neighbours could hear his wails. He was just in time for the Christmas celebrations at the Sierras! Welcome to the Sierras, Lance! You are very much loved at the Sierras!
"Kids! Let's pose for a family picture and say cheese for the camera!" Cadence gathered the kids for Christmas.
"Can we open the presents under the tree after taking photos?" Bois asked Cadence and Mikolaj.
"Of course, you can!" Cadence smiled. "Give your widest grin and smile! Look at the camera, Oriana and Falon!" Mikolaj was a natural in front of the camera. "MERRY CHRISTMAS!! EVERYONE!!" Every member of the Sierras shouted as the camera flashed.
The mischevious Ankha stuck out her tongue and gave a victory sign. "Don't stick out your tongue, Ankha!" Cadence said. "Let her be! They are kids anyway!" Mikolaj commented.
"Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers to more babies for the Sierra household! The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other!" Cadence said. She was so glad that she had embarked on this amazing journey of the 100 Baby Challenge and now Mikolaj was continuing it. "Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight! Hurry down the chimney tonight! Santa Baby has arrived! Yahoo!!" Mikolaj sang as she cradled Baby 24 Lance Sierra! She was all ready to be the Santarina of the day with Santa Claus!

The Sierras wishes all readers a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a blessed new year! May you enjoy the holidays with friends and loved ones.

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace,
The gladness of Christmas give you hope,
The warmth of Christmas grant you love.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.
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  1. The post was good. How original, Santa baby! The hoto of the Sierras at the end was cute. Did u download all those poses? Heaven looks so pretty in the outfit and hairstyle she had as a young adault! However, what happened in the middle, when Bois was called Falon? Was that purposely or a small accident? Keep it up, ur doin gr8!

  2. Thanks Kaya for pointing that out! I have changed it:) Yup..I downloaded the poses:) Thanks for loving the post:)

  3. Awesome post! I love the song Santa Baby, Santana sang it on the TV show Glee recently in their Christmas episode, what a coincidence! Heaven grew up gorgeous as well, keep it up!

  4. Aaawww,Bois just keeps getting cuter! :3

  5. Cute kids!! I loved the sleigh and Santa. The family photo at the end was so cute!

    I can't believe it's been a year since Klaus was born! Time flies by so fast!!

    ~Calista Smith

  6. @Sarah: I love the song too, hence the title! Yup, Heaven is gorgeous!

    @Kayla: Yeah! Yummy Mummy Baby!

    @Catlover: Thanks! Yeah..time really flies...

  7. Aww, cute post! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  8. Thanks Cassie! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year:)

  9. I finally got caught up. I loved this post. I can't wait to see if Lance gets Santa's white hair.

    Ashby Lemi

  10. It was by sheer chance I came across your blog and I love it! I did a Google search to find a formula to get multi-gendered twins when this popped up and I became intrigued. I started to read the excerpt you had on babies 22&23 after I finished it, I started from the begining. Your challenge reminded me so much of the one my sister and I embarked on years ago with Sims 2, only ours was much less ambitious and more for us, not to post online. It was our alphabet challenge in which we used Nina Caliente, giving each of her children names in alphabetical order until we reached Z. I always hesitated to continue the challenge because of all the new features in Sims 3, I can never seem to kick my young adult children out because of my need to control their fates whereas in Sims 2 I could stash them at college. This being said, your blog has rekindled my desire to finish the project me and my sister worked so hard on (we were plagued by several hard drive crashes unrelated to the Sims and never got to finish). Maybe I'll even start a blog to track my progress. Keep it up, and all my best wishes for you to continue your project.


    PS: I am curious to know how you keep Cadence and Mikolaj young to continue the challenge.

  11. @Ashby: Thanks for reading! Hang on for the next post!!

    @Juliette: Wow! Thanks for reading from the beginning! The alphabet challenge is cool too! I hope u can continue your stories because I can see that u write well:) Hope u will carry on reading Mikolaj's challenge. They are on epic lifespan so they are still young:)


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