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Born this way: Girl - Boy Twins! Baby 22 & 23!!

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Wow! What a rare sight to see Mikolaj helping to age up her kids.
Seemed like her "masterpiece", Baby 18 Heaven was definitely one of her favorite kids as she resembled her alot! "Blow the candles, Babe! Grow up pretty and lovely!" Mikolaj whispered to Heaven.
She was hoping that Heaven would take her footsteps and succeed her in her successful superstar and celebrity career.
The berrylicious twin sisters, Megumi and Kasumi cheering for their little sister, Heaven. Twins definitely do the same thing, as seen here in this set of twin girls.
"Happy Birthday! Heaven!" Grandma Cadence would definitely not miss out on her precious grandkid's birthday.
Mikolaj can now pin her hopes on little Heaven to be the next superstar. Baby 18 Heaven Sierra grew up to have the most gorgeous long silky hair. She had such delicate features which looked exactly like Mikolaj's when she was a little girl. Unlike Mikolaj who was rebellious and evil when she was young (She still is now but she has mellowed alot after her 100 Baby Challenge), Heaven was the sweetest girl who spoke softly and politely. Being the exact carbon copy of Mikolaj, it seemed like Mikolaj has contributed mainly to Heaven's genetic pool!
Cadence and Mikolaj won a free two day vacation which made Megumi really pleased and excited at what she could do without parental supervision for two whole days. "No mischief and hanky panky allowed! Be good for these two days and take good care of your siblings." Mikolaj instructed and it was as though she could read Megumi's mind. "Alright..fine! Enjoy your vacation with Grandma, Mum. Have a great time!" Megumi smirked. "What's that smirk for?" Mikolaj sensed something amiss. "Nothing! Just enjoy your break! You deserve a good break, Mum!" Megumi chirped and tried to act normal so that Mikolaj would not suspect anything.
"Kasumi and Megumi! You guys are in charge of the Sierras for these two days. Take good care of the house and your siblings! I don't want to see the house burnt after two days!" Cadence joked and entrusted the house and the kids to the two teenagers.
"Don't worry, Grandma. Have a great time there!" The sensible Kasumi reassured Cadence that everything was going to be fine.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Megumi whispered to Kasumi excitedly after Cadence and Mikolaj left for their vacation. "What?" Kasumi was all blur about Megumi's grand plans. "Tsk! Tsk! You are obviously in a different frequency! Who says twins always think alike?" Megumi sighed. "Tell me then!" Kasumi said impatiently. "I'm planning a teen party!" Megumi whispered into her sister's ears.
"But...But...Grandma and Mum told us to look after this house and our siblings...aren't we going a little too far with this party thing? I mean it will be noisy and all..the neighbours might complain and eventually Grandma and Mum might find out..then we will be in trouble.." Kasumi was worried about her sister's idea. "Gosh! Sister! We keep it low profile and no one would know!" Megumi gave Kasumi a glint. "But...but....." Kasumi was hesistant about this. "No more buts! Grandma and Mum are far far away..they wouldn't know about this!" Megumi told Kasumi confidently.
Then she happily proceeded to call all her pal at school to inform them about the teen party.
The obedient daughter, Kasumi helped around the house by cleaning the bird cage.
"Aha! I have never been successful with my pranks. Mum and Grandma would always catch me before I manage to execute them! One great chance to catch Kasumi offguard! This is so much fun!" Megumi decided to play a big prank on Kasumi. She was obviously taking advantage that there was no parental supervision at home.
"What?! What is this?!? MEGUMI SIERRA!! Is that you?" Kasumi had water splashed all over her when she went to wash her hands after cleaning the cage. "GOTCHA!" Megumi stood at a corner and gave an evil grin.
"MUST you do that to your twin sister? You are the evil twin!" Kasumi could not see what was in front of her, thus not able to close the tap.
"Oh! Gosh! Come and help me! You devil!" Kasumi was annoyed at her twin sister who was standing there laughing at her twin sister's misfortune.
"How do I turn this off? MEGUMIIIII!!!! I hate you for this!" Kasumi shrieked.
"Just turn off the tap, reach out your hand to turn off the tap. Simple as that!" Megumi cackled like an evil witch.
"I'm going to tell Grandma and Mum about this! You spoilt the tap!" Kasumi whined. "Whatever, must you take this so seriously! Take it easy!" Megumi said.
"Megumi was so evil to me! You are the nicest to me in this family, right? Minnie!" Kasumi pouted and whined as she picked up Minnie.
"You will never do that to me, right? My twin sister is so evil! Give me a kiss, Minnie!" Kasumi seeked solace in her favourite pet, Minnie.
"Don't you feel so stupid complaining and whining to a little cat? She can't understand for goodness sake! Stop behaving like an idiot!" Megumi laughed at her sister. "She CAN understand me, totally! I have this connection with her that no one can understand! Don't make assumptions!" Kasumi gave Minnie a peck on her cheeks.
To get back at her twin sister, Megumi, Kasumi decided to play a prank on her too.
"Let's see what's on television today!" Megumi was all ready to sit on her favourite couch and watch the telly.
"Aaahhh...!! What's that? A bomb or something?" A loud explosion sounded when Megumi sat on the sofa.
Kasumi had finally gotten her sweet revenge. She wanted Megumi to know how it felt to be pranked. 
Just like Mikolaj, Megumi had strong interest in mixology but Mikolaj would never let her try mixing lest Megumi broke her precious bottles of drinks. Take advantage of the situation, Megumi tried her hand at mixing some drinks.
"AH!! Oh no!!" A bottle slipped off Megumi's hand and dropped on the ground with a loud clang. "Opps! Better clean up to destroy all evidence so that Mum would not know that I was meddling with her bar counter!" Megumi uttered under her breath.
"Let's see where's my skill level..." Megumi took a sip of her drink.
"Aargh...this is bad...this is bad...." Megumi sticked out her tongue.
Luckily, Cadence and Mikolaj had Kasumi around the house when they were away. She dutifully fed her younger siblings and took care of them.
She did very well in terms of taking care of the household.
Little Muffinieha playing with some playdoh.
Kasumi even helped repair the broken items in the house! She definitely deserved a pat on the back!
Her younger sibling, Ankha being entertained by her.
Then the time that Megumi has been waiting for: The teen party! Her classmate, Jacoby Grubb was the first to arrive. "I hope there is no water activities! I'm hydrophoic..." He explained.
"No worries! There will only be pillow fights and lots of fun at the party! No water activities!" Megumi said and then attacked her classmate with the pillow.
"That's cool!" Jacoby responded with a pillow attack on Megumi.
"You are so going to get it from me!" Megumi used all her strength to hit Jacoby.
The two had such a fun time pillow fighting while waiting for the rest of their friends to arrive.
Then all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Megumi rushed to the door thinking that it was her friends arriving for the party. "What's that voice? Sounds familiar..." She strained her ears and realised that it was Cadence and Mikolaj! "What??! Grandma and Mum are back? Aren't they supposed to go on vacation for two days?" Megumi was crestfallen. "That's the end of my joy...." She was almost in tears.
"Kasumi! Megumi! Open the door!" Cadence shouted at the door. Megumi quickly asked Jacoby to leave by the back door and picked up Bois. She was pretending that she had been so dilligent in looking after her younger siblings. "What took you guys so long to open the door?" Cadence asked. "Well...I...I was busy attending to Bois! Wow, Grandma..Mum.. aren't you two supposed to go on a two day vacation? Back so early?" Megumi stuttered.
"Aren't you guys happy to see us back home? We were so afraid that Kasumi and you could not cope with your younger siblings. Plus, the delivery man told us that he had just delivered the Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing! I can't wait to try it! It's top of my wishlist and Christmas seemed to be quite early for the Sierras this year!" Cadence then carried Muffinieha to try the swing.
"First to try out the swing! You are one fortunate little girl!" Cadence told little Muffinieha who was intrigued by the new toy.
"Ah.." Little Muffinieha responded to indicate her joy and happiness to sit on the swing.
"Let's see how do we operate this..." Cadence was looking and toggling with the buttons.
"Hmm...slow mode! This shall be it. The fast mode will make you nauseous! That's not a great feeling." Cadence then turned the swing to slow mode.
Check out Muffinieha on the Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing in slow mode. For the 2 hours of auto swinging you get with every push of either the slow or fast button on the Snugabunny Baby Swing, your child’s needs for Hunger, Bladder, and Hygiene will also begin to magically fulfill! Tired babies and toddlers will sleep in the Baby Swing when they need an energy lift, and when you watch your child in the swing, you’ll both receive fun and social boosts too!
Muffinieha was obviously enjoying her ride on the baby swing. She loved the music that came with it too!
So much so that she fell asleep in it!
"What a useful crib cum toy! We no longer have to rock the baby to sleep!" Kasumi commented as she saw little Muffinieha sound asleep in the baby swing.
"Looks like we have to get more of this! I really love this baby swing! So functional and useful! Brings so much joy to the kids!" It was as if Cadence was endorsing the baby swing!
Mikolaj seemed pleased that Megumi had been looking after Bois while they were away.
She had no idea how many pranks Megumi pulled, how many bottles of drink she broke and the teen party she organised.
"Bois had been very good and obedient! Such a joy to look after!" Megumi told a lie.
"And he deserve a ride on the new baby swing!" Megumi then carried Bois to the baby swing.
Bois was mighty pleased that he was placed in the swing.
Whee! Bois lifted his hands in glee.
Cadence thought that the baby swings were the best buys of the thing. "A definite must buy for all the 100 Baby Challenge mothers out there!" Cadence giggled as she looked at the funny expressions of Bois.
"Little Bois! Bois! Are you enjoying the ride?" Cadence watched Bois.
"Is it good? Shall we go for another round?" Cadence teased little Bois.
As Cadence walked away to pick up little Ankha, Megumi quickly took the opportunity to switch the baby swing to the fast mode. "I wonder how fast it will go? Like a roller coaster?" Megumi, being Megumi was curious and itching to see how her little brother would react.
Poor Bois! See him in the baby swing in the fast mode.
Bois was screaming his lungs out as he was about to throw up any minute from the fast swinging of the baby swing.
"Gosh! Who put you on the fast mode?" Cadence was very sure that she placed him on the slow mode.
"My poor grandson! Here! Grandma will carry you out!" Cadence tried to pacify the crying Bois but to no avail.
"So noisy! What's wrong with the fast mode? It's so thrilling like a mini version of the baby roller coaster!" Megumi could not tolerate Bois's cries.
"Megumi?! You did that to your younger brother?" Cadence asked. "Did what? I was trying to make him sleep!" Megumi felt that she did nothing wrong. "You turned the baby swing to fast mode? You will make him sick in that fast mode!" Cadence said as Mikolaj picked Bois up from the baby swing.
"I....I...." Megumi was taken aback by Cadence's temper. Cadence has never lost her temper at her.
"I was just trying to experiment the fast mode...." Megumi finally admitted that she turned the baby swing on fast mode. "What were you doing? Experimenting with the baby swing? At the expense of your little brother?" Cadence screamed at Megumi.
"He will feel nauseous with the fast mode! Why did you do that?" Cadence tried to seek an explanation from Megumi.
"I already said...I just thought it was fun. I'm sorry! I said I'm sorry!" Megumi nearly broke down. "What kind of attitude is that? Screaming sorry to your Grandma! Little girl, you ought to be disciplined!" Cadence said sternly.
"You are grounded! Officially! From now onwards!" Cadence said. "I'm sorry, Grandma. I really did not mean it!" Megumi spoke softly hoping that Cadence would not punish her but in vain.
After all that drama with the baby swing, Baby 21 Bois Sierra grew up with much anticipation. He was a Mummy baby and Mikolaj was really hoping to see Bois all wrapped up in bandages like his father. But Bois grew up looking pretty normal and in fact inherited much of Mikolaj's features.
With this new look, Mikolaj was very much inspired by Lady Gaga's Born This Way song. Have to admit that she looked pretty good with this cutting edge hairstyle!
The berrylicious twins were ready to spread their wings and soar into young adulthood!
Mikolaj cheering in her new look and outfit.
Will Megumi change her ways or will she be as mischievious as a young adult?
Little Heaven cheering for her twin sisters.
With the berrylicious twins shifting out, it also meant that it was time for Mikolaj to embark on her 100 Baby Challenge journey. "Let's see who apply to be the next father!" Mikolaj was poring through her emails.
This email was really eye catching. This was the photo in the attachment that the prospect emailed to Mikolaj. "All you need is L-O-V-E! I can give you some love to your 100 Baby Challenge! Spread the love!" The man claimed and there was a weird looking photo with him posing with a love shape.
Then another strange photo was also included in the email. He tried to act cute and adorable with this teenage girl pose. "Wow..this man is so interesting! I need to meet him! And his name! So funny! Maxed Out? What a name!" Seemed like this man had really caught Mikolaj's attention with his weird and funny antics.
"Maxed Out?" Mikolaj could recognised him from afar. Mikolaj had invited him to the Sierras on a bright Sunday afternoon. "Yah! Nice meeting you! You look better in person than in those magazines! I like your new look!" Maxed said. "Can you explain your name? Maxed Out? What were your parents thinking?" Mikolaj giggled.

"Oh! Maxed Out! My parents want me to live life to the maximum and fullest! Hence this name!" Maxed explained. "Wow, quite meaningful I must say! By the way you are chosen for the 100 Baby Challenge. Shall I explain the rules to you?" Mikolaj said.
"No need! I'm very familar with the rules! Let's get this on!" Then Maxed suddenly posed in a breakdance manner.
"This is hilarious! Gosh! What are you doing?" Mikolaj was very amused with Maxed's actions. "I'm doing some stretching exercises to get ready for the 100 Baby Challenge. It's a big thing in my life you know?" Maxed said while rubbing his bald head. "Don't you think my legs resembled a Nike tick! It represents my adage in life "Just Do It!!"" Maxed explained. "Oh wow! I can see you have very strong arms! It's not easy to balance this pose with just one arm!" Mikolaj praised Maxed Out.
"What's that? Paparazzi? What! I'm unprepared for this! I'm going to be on headlines tomorrow?" Maxed Out freaked out when he saw paparazzi taking photos.
"Don't worry. This is normal. I'm a superstar, that's why they are here. Just be natural and act normal. You will be fine!" Mikolaj gave him some tips.
"Why did you choose me out of so many people?" Maxed Out was curious on why he was chosen. "Reason is simple. This!" Mikolaj then proceeded to show Maxed out the LOVE sign that he posed in the photo that he sent Mikolaj.
"Yeah! I promised to give you some LOVE! Here's some of it!" Maxed out then proceeded to whipped out a present. "Aww..that's so sweet of you. Thank you! And the ribbon matches my jacket!" Mikolaj thanked Maxed for the little gift.
Mikolaj then took the intiative to hug Maxed.
"A little LOVE to you too!" Mikolaj smiled and kissed Maxed.
"That's alot of LOVE!" Maxed was definitely enjoying the kiss with Mikolaj.
"Why are you dressed like this in a hot tub?" Mikolaj asked Maxed.
"I'm feeling a little shy..." Maxed cuddled up to Mikolaj.
"Ready for more LOVE?" Maxed asked Mikolaj who nodded and wasted no time in making the next baby for the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Here we go!" Mikolaj cheered.
Fire of passion was in the air as they made Baby 22 in the hot tub.
Little Heaven was exploring the toy box and ready for some role-playing.
She was in the mood for some royalty and decided to be a princess.
"Hello to all my people! A dream is a wish your heart makes." She was trying to mimic how a princess would act.
In the meantime, Cadence was helping Mikolaj to oversee the household. "You really need to pay more attention to the house and the kids. You can't be soaking in that hot tub all day long!" Cadence reminded Mikolaj. "I was doing serious stuff! I was trying to conceive for my 100 Baby Challenge! See, how efficient am I, I'm pregnant already!" Mikolaj boasted.
Little Heaven could be well on her way to stardom! She was a budding little actress in the making. She acted as a dinosaur pretty well!
"Do we belong to the same species? We are of the same colour!" Little Heaven said to the parrot perched on her hands.
Practice makes perfect! Mikolaj had finally reached the top level of mixology.
She was so happy that she did not realise that some of her bottles of drinks were missing. She was so glad that she finally learnt the skill of blowing fire into her drinks!
"Wow! I'm so amazed at my mixing skills! One word: Fantastic!" Mikolaj was trying her new drink.
"Yahoo!!" Mikolaj threw the can into the air. She was trying to enjoy mixing as much as she could before her tummy got bigger.
A new rainbow drink!
She wanted Cadence to try her new drink.
After the baby swing saga, Cadence kept a close watch on the babies and toddlers on the baby swing.
Little Bois did not seem to have forgotten his bad episode with the swing when he was a baby. Boy! He must have been really traumatised that he started crying when the swing started to move.
"No! NO! No.." Bois was protesting and wanted to get out by using his limited vocabulary.
"It's okay, everything is fine! Grandma will get you out of here..." Cadence tried to calm him down.
"Bois! Look! Mickey is here to play with you!" Cadence tried to distract his attention from the baby swing.
He was so much happier sitting in the crib looking at his Grandmother playing with Mickey the family dog.
"Argh! This pregnancy is tough.." Perhaps Mikolaj had too much to drink?
"I feel so sick!" Mikolaj can't wait for this pregnancy to end.
Minnie the cat was eyeing at the fish in the aquarium. So food for this hungry cat?
"Tummy not showing yet!" Mikolaj took the opportunity to drink some alcohol and kept insisting that it was alright to drink as her tummy wasn't showing yet.
Little Heaven was also a dog lover and loved to stroke Mickey's fur.
She loved to entertain Mickey by playing tug of war with him.
This pregnancy was a rough roller coaster ride for Mikolaj. She had severe mood swings. One moment she could be really happy and the other, she could be seriously pissed off at nothing in particular. This was her throwing her temper at the sand pit.
"Argh!! I can't control my emotions!" Mikolaj said in a fit of anger.
This was her in her happier moments, stroking her tummy, patiently waiting for the arrival of little feet.
"I'm feeling so sad...Awww...." Mikolaj was expressing her feelings and describing them to Cadence. "You might be having a case of pre-natal blues..don't worry. It will go away after giving birth." Cadence assured her.
"Pre natal blues? I'm feeling evil!" Mikolaj said. "You are no longer a vampire, Miko. Snap out of it!" Cadence was worried for her daughter.
The paparazzi continued to intrude Mikolaj's privacy by snapping her pregnancy photos. Mikolaj did not mind a single bit as she was enjoying the attention.
"Wow! I came from here?" Heaven rubbed Mikolaj's tummy. It was as if Heaven's rub was magical, Mikolaj immediately went into labour after that!
Out popped two babies! It was a natural set of girl-boy twins! Mikolaj did it naturally without the usual formula for mixed gendered twins/triplets. Cadence was thrilled with the new arrivals at the Sierras. She immediately put them on the baby swing.
Mikolaj was also glad that with these new arrivals, she had snapped out of the natal blues.
Welcome to the Sierras! Baby 22 Oriana Sierra (Thanks to Keyra Tolen!) and Baby 23 Falon Sierra! (Thanks to Marishka Moran!) More pitter patter of little feet at the Sierras! Aren't they adorable?
It was amazing how silly adults can look in front of babies! I guess they would do anything for their little precious tots!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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  1. Aww, the new babies are so cute!! Poor Bois, now he's official freaked out by that swing....

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  3. @Catlover: Thanks! Yeah! He is offfically traumatised by it!

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