Sunday, November 6, 2011

Yellow Plus Green Equals to Baby 19 & 20!!

As with every new arrival at the Sierras, Mikolaj would update her look with a brand new hairstyle and outfit. Though she was very tempted to dye her hair in some outrageous colour, she was warned sternly by Cadence to keep the Sierra's trademark pink-blonde hair.
"Aww...squishy squashy babies.." Cadence gushed as she carried the newborn Heaven Sierra.
Looking at newborn babies reminded Cadence of her own 100 Baby Challenge and how she completed the feat and passed on the baton to Mikolaj. She also wondered when Mikolaj would be ready to take on the 100 Baby Challenge without her help around the house. As much as she would love to take care of her grandkids, she cannot stay by Mikolaj's side all her life.
A brand new decal to adorn the Sierra's wall. It was a meaningful quote from Cadence to her grandkids: Wherever you go, Whatever you do. May your Guardian Angel watch over you. The Sierra grandkids were so fortunate to have such a devoted grandmother.
Mikolaj was loving her brand new house, expecially the adults' building. She felt so proud of herself when she strut around the house as if she was doing catwalk on the runway.
Time for the vampire triplets to grow up! "Aren't you so excited about entering into teenhood?" Leyshon was so happy that this day has finally arrived. "What's so interesting about teenhood? I heard it can be quite bad for some...." Shizuka was totally dreading teenage life. She had heard too many weird stories from her seniors about the pains of growing up.
"Why not, Sis? You can learn to drive! You can start dating! You can try sneak to clubs and so many more..." Leyshon clapped as he welcomed his teenage life.
"Well, with greater power comes greater responsiblities..." The mature Sergio answered solemnly. ", you sound so learned!" Shizuka pondered over Sergio's words.
"Woo woah! More teens in the family!" Mikolaj cheered as Cadence clapped to the Happy Birthday song.
"See you in a while! In teenage life!" Shizuka joked as she "transformed" into a teenage vampire.
Baby Shizuka Sierra looked so stunning as a teenage vampire! She had the most mesmerising neon purple eyes, shiny silky hair all bunned up and the sexiest plump lips. Her hair which was naturally streaked with blue, purple, pink and white was the envy of many.
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With the rebellious teenage streak in her, she put on a statement long sleeved pullover which screamed: Good girls love bad boys. Was Shizuka indicating that she was a good girl at heart?
Baby Leyshon Sierra looked like a fierce vampire who would go around sucking people's blood with his killer stare. His hair and brows were so black that it shone brightly under the sunlight. He was also very muscular as he visited the gym regularly. Don't mess around with this vampire when he officially turns into one during young adult stage!
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With tousled hazel brown hair and neon purple eyes, Baby Sergio Sierra gave the impression of a gentle vampire who would not bite. You might not even realise that he was a vampire until you spot the mark on his neck.
Though she had grown out of her teenage stage, Shizuka was still a young girl at heart and very much attached to her imaginary friend from childhood.
With the introduction of The Sims 3 Pets, Cadence made a important decision for The Sierras. "Mum, are you sure we should have pets in the house?" Mikolaj was not very keen in having furry creatures in the house. "Yah! Why not?" Cadence answered decisively. "I mean with all the kids running and stomping around in the house..we still want pets to create more trouble for us?" Mikolaj had no idea why her Mum was insistent in having pets at the Sierras.  "Miko, a child who learns to care for an animal, and treat it kindly and patiently, may get invaluable training in learning to treat people the same way. And until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened..." Cadence was waxing lyrical about the benefits of having pets. "What rubbish? What if they hate pets and trample all over them?" Mikolaj reasoned.
"Then that is the role of you as a mother! To learn to teach them to love, care and treat the pets well!" Cadence pushed Kasumi in a stroller and walked away from Mikolaj. She wondered if she gave birth to Mikolaj. She definitely had traits that were so different from her. Cadence, Mikolaj and Kasumi took a trip to Graham's Pet Swap Shop to prep their house for the arrival of furry creatures. How exciting!
"Err...Hi?..I'm Miko....laj...errr..." Mikolaj saw a parrot at the Pet Swap Shop but had no clue how to interact with it.
"Hello? Can you see me?" The parrot totally did not look at Mikolaj a single bit. Mikolaj looked defeated and not faring well amongst these small creatures.
On the other hand, Cadence took to the critters very well.
"Peekaboo! Aww! Shall I bring you home?" Cadence was playing with the chipmunk in the tank.
Cadence took the chipmunk home and looked every bit like an animal ambassador. The poster at the background totally summed up life with the pets: All you need is love! Can someone nominate Cadence to be the official spokesperson for the Sims 3 pets?
No wonder people always say that we can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.
Cadence must be one kind soul! "Children! Come here and look what Grandma has gotten for everyone!" Cadence said and laughed, very tickled by the actions of the chipmunk. She can't wait for the arrival of the new kitten that the Sierras had adopted. It will be arriving shortly after it is cleaned.
"Pets? I don't play with pets...I only eat them!" Leyshon laughed and cackled to himself. "Gosh! Bro, you are really a true blue vampire..." Sergio disapproved of his brother blood sucking attitude. "What? I am a vampire, that is a fact that I can't deny. Don't forget that you are a vampire too!" Leyshon reminded his brother Sergio.
Mikolaj trying her very best to interact with the parrot that she had chosen at the Pet Swap Shop. "I look pretty cool with this parrot on my shoulder uh?" She was apparently very pleased that the parrot acted as a beautiful accessory for her.
The kitten had finally arrived with the personnel from the Pet Adoption Centre. "I see that you are a great pet lover!" The lady said when she saw the parrot on Mikolaj's shoulder. "Err.." Mikolaj paused as that was not the truth.
"Thank you for adopting our cat from the Pet Adoption Centre. I'm sure your family will love the new pet and it will settle in very well in your house. Congrats on having a new pet!" The lady said while Mikolaj listened to her. "Well...yah.  My mother is a pet lover! I guess my kids will love the new cat too!" Mikolaj finally said after pausing for a moment. "I'm glad that the cat will be in good hands! Thank you once again!" The lady smiled and left the Sierras.
Welcome to the family! The cute cat was named Minnie Sierra by Cadence. The Sierras will definitely have lots of fun with this new furry addition! "Mum! Mum! The new cat is here!" Mikolaj was totally helpless as she looked at the cat. It was a furry white cat with brown and grey patches. It looked pretty fierce as it had the aggressive but neat trait. "Coming! Let me carry Kasumi to her crib first!" Cadence shouted in the background.
"MEEEEEOOOOOOWWWW!!!" Minnie gave a loud purr and this gave Mikolaj a big shock. The cat was unfriendly as it was a total stranger to the new surroundings.
The cat hissed at Mikolaj when she tried to pick her up. "No! No! Don't come closer! No! Minnie! No! MINNIE! " Mikolaj was so scared that she kept moving back when the cat kept meowing loudly at her. "I'm your new owner, don't worry. I won't hurt you!" Mikolaj told the cat. It was as though the cat could sense her dislike for pets.
"MMMEeeeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" Minnie purred loudly at Mikolaj again. "Mum!! Come quickly! Have we gotten a tiger instead of a cat? It is growling loudly at me! Mum!! Help!!" Mikolaj obviously could not handle the kitten.
However Minnie seemed to like Kasumi alot. It went closer to sniff her. Minnie was perhaps very intrigued by Kasumi's unique skin colour.
It seemed like the affection was mutual. Kasumi reached out her tiny hand to touch Minnie's head and Minnie did not even make a single purr.
"Meow.." Minnie purred softly and walked towards her as Kasumi reached out her hands. Cadence was right! The kids will get along fine with the new pet.  
"My imaginary friend! Aye!" Kasumi was showing Minnie her imaginary friend. With the arrival of Minnie, Kasumi has since learnt the importance lesson of sharing.
"Ahhh!" Cadence was stunned when Minnie tried to scratch her when she picked her up.
"All you need is love..all you need is love..Minnie..let me brush your hair..." Cadence gave Minnie lots of tender loving care.
Minnie did not take to the new home well. Cadence had thoughtfully bought a scratch post for Minnie to vent her frustrations.
However its aggressive trait got the better of her. Minnie went around the house scratching anything in sight. Shizuka was so engrossed in her book that she was oblivious to what Minnie was doing. The scratching got so loud that she was distracted by it. "Oh no! What have you done!!" Shizuka gasped as she realised that Minnie had scratched the sofa.
"You must be so bored..Come! Let's play with this!" Shizuka whipped out a laser pointer and pointed to the ground.
It was hard to tame Minnie's aggressive trait. She started scratching the table at the entrance.
Mood swings for cats? Minnie was certainly having one when she shredded the newspapers.
"Minnie! How are you feeling today?" Mikolaj asked Minnie as she walked towards her.
" no...Minnie!! Noooo...!! MUM!!" Mikolaj was behaving like a little girl screaming Mummy for help. Minnie had thought that Mikolaj was bullying Kasumi, her favorite person in the house. In bid to "save" Kasumi, Minnie decided to pounce on Mikolaj and scratch her.
"No! Don't touch me! My beautiful legs!" Mikolaj gasped in digust!
Minnie continued to jump around and attack Mikolaj despite her repeated pleas.
"AHHH!! Get away from me!! Go away, you crazy cat!!" Mikolaj shrieked in her high pitched voice.
Minnie thought that Mikolaj was fighting back so she was on defensive mode to protect herself from getting hurt.
"Okay! Enough! Get your dirty paws off my legs! Please! Minnie!! MUM!!! Where are you?" Mikolaj was howling in pain as Minnie attacked her left leg. She was left totally helpless as she knew that if she shooed Minnie away, Minnie might even attack her further.
"GRRRR...MEOWWWWwww!" Minnie knew that she was winning as she scratched Mikolaj's leg. Mikolaj was totally aghast at what their family cat did to her while Kasumi watched on.
Cadence quickly rushed down after hearing the loud commotion to see what was happening. "Mum! We need to get rid of the family cat as soon as possible! No, I mean right now!! See what she did to my legs!" Mikolaj whined to Cadence. "What did you exactly do to make her so angry?"
Cadence was curious, she believed that Minnie would not attack anyone without any rhyme or reason. "I DID NOT do anything and it just came and attack me!!" Mikolaj complained. "Let's monitor her actions and behaviour before we do anything rash. Mikolaj, you need to shower her with more love and care...Pets can feel it." Cadence tried to comfort Mikolaj but in vain.
"I can't take this rubbish anymore. Today, it might be my legs bruised, tomorrow it might be my face! I need my face to earn a living! Please, Mum, can you just listen to me for once and send this crazy cat away!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence.
"Please! Mikolaj, listen to me. You got to change your perspective. You need to be a good role model for your kids, be kind to animals and the kids will learn from you. Children who are taught to be kind to animals grow up to become compassionate adults who treat both humans and animals with kindness and respect throughout their lifetime. That, in my opinion, is a priceless lesson to learn. So you see, pets can teach children a great many skills that will help them grow up to become well-adjusted members of our society.
When you add in the pure delight pets can bring to a child, it seems unthinkable to let them grow up in a house without one..." Cadence tried to knock some sense into Mikolaj. "Try being attacked by a cat's claw and see if you would say all these crap!!" Mikolaj stormed off knowing that Cadence would not change her mind.
"How can I make Mikolaj like the pets?" Cadence pondered while trying to unclog the toilet bowl. Cadence was still very much needed in the Sierras as Mikolaj totally had no idea how to do things like unclogging the toilet bowl.
"Arrgh..the smell from the washroom is making me sick..." Cadence had spent too much time in the washroom unclogging.
Birthdays at the Sierras! The berry twins grew up! Baby 17 Kasumi Sierra had Mikolaj's purple eyes! Her blond hair curled perfectly into place. She inherited her father's jade green skin but one had no idea where she got her blond hair from. Neither Mikolaj nor her father had the blond hair.
Twin sister, Baby 16 Megumi Sierra looked exactly like Kasumi except for the skin and hair colour. They had the same eye shape, nose and mouth. Megumi had Mikolaj's hair and skin. Just like her twin sister, her hair was perfectly coifed in place.
Grandma Cadence with her berrylicious twin granddaughters. Megumi was such a heavy sleeper that she slept on the floor while waiting for dinner to be ready.
Now that Kasumi had grown out of toddlerhood, she could finally interact and play with Minnie proper. Minnie was still very much attached to Kasumi, making her the official BFF for Minnie.
"You are such a sweetie!" Kasumi cuddled and hugged Minnie as she licked her face.
Minnie perching gently on Kasumi's shoulders.
"Your fur is so soft! Thanks for accompanying me throughout my toddler days!" Kasumi had fond memories of Minnie following her around.
"Meow..." Minnie purred softly as if she could understand what Kasumi was saying.
"Sis, would you stop meddling with Minnie? You have been carrying her the whole morning. Let's play at the treehouse!" Megumi was so bored at home. "Okay! You can go to the treehouse first, I will be there right away!" Kasumi said while holding Minnie.
"All those days watching from the windows..All those years outside looking in..All that time never even knowing..." Megumi sang loudly to the Rapunzel song while peering out of the window. She was imagining that she was Rapunzel, waiting for her prince to arrive. "Sis, you are so funny! Where is your long hair? Your hair is too short to be Rapunzel!" Kasumi laughed as she climbed up the stairs of the Prince and the Pauper Castle treehouse.
The berrylicious twins had a fun time at the treehouse laughing and chatting. "Do you think I will meet my prince charming one day?" Megumi was obviously living in her fairytale dreams. "Wake up, sis! Have you been reading too much fairytales? Happily ever after may not happen in real life! And princes don't arrive in white horses!" Kasumi was definitely a practical girl.
"OH!! Ice cream! My love! I love the ice cream truck!" Cadence smiled to herself when she saw the ice-cream truck passing by the Sierras.
"I must get one! Such a pity that the kids are in school. They would love it too!" Cadence muttered as she was disappointed that her grandkids would have to give ice-cream a miss as they were all in school.
"Let's see what they have here..." Cadence peered into the ice-cream truck.
"An ice-cream cone please!" Cadence told the ice-cream man. "Cadence Sierra?! Mother of the 100 Baby Challenge? You shifted to Bridgeport?" The ice-cream man used to live in Sunset Valley, Cadence's previous town. "Yeah! I'm Cadence. My daughter, Mikolaj is doing the 100 Baby Challenge now and she prefer to live in a big city like I'm here with her!" Cadence was so excited that she was being recognised by the ice-cream man. "Ice-cream cone on me! I'm a huge fan of your 100 Baby Challenge! This is to thank you for bringing so much joy to me while following your challenge!" The ice-cream man gave Cadence a treat.
"Thanks so much for your treat!" Cadence smiled so broadly that almost all her teeth could be seen.
"What a beautiful day! A nice surprise to see the ice-cream truck and an ice-cream treat!" Cadence mused as she enjoyed her sweet treat.
"Hmm..yummy!" Cadence licked the ice-cream and told herself that she must buy for her grandkids when she sees the ice-cream truck again.
"Aha! I almost forgot! Time for Heaven's birthday!" Cadence suddenly remembered.
"Mikolaj! It's Heaven's birthday! Don't you want to come and hold your 18th masterpiece as she turns into a toddler?" Cadence shouted for Mikolaj who was busy soaking in the hot tub.
"Grandma Cadence can hold it too!" Mikolaj was finding excuses and trying to push her motherly duties to Cadence. "Wooo! Little Heaven is growing up!" She cheered.
Baby 18 Heaven Sierra looking every bit like Mikolaj! Her purple eyes, peach-coloured skin and the pink-blond hair. She was the first toddler that looked exactly like Mikolaj!
Seeing double? No, do a double take. This is actually blast from the past! It was Mikolaj Sierra as a toddler. Spot the difference! The only difference they had was the skin colour. Mikolaj had a lighter skintone compared to her daughter, Heaven Sierra.
Minnie creeping slowly down the stairs, was she up to mischief again?
Minnie's latest scratching victim: The computer table. No wonder she was behaving out of the sorts. She knew that she would be punished for scratching the table. Minnie the culprit was standing next to her newest scratching artwork. Mikolaj would be so pissed if she saw it.
"Gosh! What have you done to the computer table?" Leyshon asked Minnie who looked at him innocently. "Stop giving me that innocent look, I know you, the evil cat did it!" Leyshon sounded fierce this time round. "Do you have to be so fierce to a cat? She is just a little cat..." The kind Shizuka said.
"Oh! Enough of your kind words! I can't take it anymore. Get this furry creature out of my sight! I heard she is an attacker, she attacked Mum's legs! Sis, you better be careful too!" Leyshon warned. "No, I see Kasumi getting along really well with Minnie! The problem lies with you!" Shizuka reasoned.
Life at the Sierras got lively with the introduction of pets, they added much life and colour to the household.
Shizuka wanted to teach Leyshon a lesson for being so mean to Minnie by playing a prank on him.
But, alas! She was caught doing it by Cadence. "I will never do it again, Grandma! I promise!" Shizuka said.
A model in the making? Shizuka seemed to have inherited Mikolaj's modelling skills.
Heaven screaming and wailing for attention.
"Heaven! You are really Mini-me! Gosh look at the similarities!" Mikolaj teased her.
"Look at this! The claw!" Mikolaj laughed as Heaven looked at her bewildered.
"Lucky you! You will be as beautiful as your mother when you grow up!" Mikolaj was not shy about her beauty.
"Come on! Strut it! Flaunt it like a supermodel! Walk straight!" Mikolaj had thoughts of grooming Heaven into a supermodel walking on the runway even though she was just taking her first steps!
Family cat Minnie sleeping soundly in her crib.
Will curiousity kill the cat for Minnie as she explored the toilet bowl?
"Meowwww..." She purred as she sipped some water from the toilet seat.
With almost all the kids in school, Cadence and Mikolaj finally had some alone time to themselves. They got ready for some fun at their new home in their swimming gear. Look at them, who could tell that they were grandmother and mother to so many grandchildren and kids?
"How do we play with this?" Mikolaj had no idea how to play with the water slide. "Like this!" Cadence demonstrated to her daughter.
"Whee!! Haven't had so much fun in a long long time!!" Cadence relieved her stress on the water slide. It has been hard on her ever since Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge started. She had to make sure everything was in order at The Sierras and this was no mean feat.
"Now I know why the kids love this! Gosh! This is so cool!" Mikolaj screamed as she went through the water slide.
"How is your 100 Baby Challenge going so far? Coping okay?" Cadence asked her daughter as they shared some precious mother-daughter bonding time.
"Mum, there you go again! Can you not talk about the 100 Baby Challenge when I'm relaxing. It feels like work to me." Mikolaj whined. "Fine, the finances are healthy? I mean you should have spent a bomb on this house..." Cadence had given Mikolaj full authority over the Sierras' finances. "Yup, don't worry, Mum. See I told you, being a celebrity is so good! I had so many sponsored furniture and I could even sell those in the family inventory for our daily expenses!" Mikolaj was proud of herself and glad that the Sierras can get by by selling the sponsored items. Being a five star celebrity would meant that she can get big ticket items like cars and grand pianos free!
"Let's see who will grow up first!" Shizuka threw the contest to Leyshon who was fighting to blow the candles first.
"Cheers to the vampire triplets! We are growing old! Awwww.." Shizuka was the livewire of the party while her two brothers looked on quietly.
"Wow, what's the red sparks surrounding Bro Sergio?" Kasumi asked Cadence.
"Bro Sergio belonged to a different breed called vampire sims. He will officially become a real vampire after this birthday!" Cadence cheered as she remembered how flabbergasted she was when she saw her own daughter becoming a vampire and sleeping on coffins. Cadence and Mikolaj had a tough time looking after the vampire triplets. They had to be away from the sun all the time. This meant that they were very different from the other Sierra kids who could play in the daytime.
Baby 15 Leyshon Sierra was very pleased to become a full-fledged vampire. He could not wait to carry out his blood sucking activities as a young adult vampire.
"You look scary and mysterious with your hat.." Sergio commented on Leyshon's look. "That's exactly my point! A vampire need to look fierce. You look like a silly clown with your floppy brown hair! Do you need me as your image consultant?" Leyshon poked fun of his brother's looks.
"Silly clown? I think I look pretty cool in this look!" Sergio insisted. "Whatever!" Leyshon said.
Baby 13 Shizuka Sierra as a sexy and good looking vampire.
"GRRRRRrrrr..." Shizuka practising on her hunting skills while Minnie looked a little startled with Shizuka's new look. 
Shizuka's eyes widened upon seeing her prey but she just could not bring herself to suck people's blood. She thought that it was a cruel thing to do.
"Mum, how did you do it when you were a vampire? I don't have the usual sharp fangs that vampires have! That's so weird. I'm destined to be a kind vampire! Haha!" Shizuka queried Mikolaj about the blood sucking activity.
"Your Mum was a pro at it! She even sucked my blood when she was a vampire! And let me tell you, it was painful! Really painful! She had some sharp fangs." Cadence said with a laugh.
" Shizuka, you have to learn how to do it! A true blue vampire cannot survive without knowing how to hunt or suck people's blood." Mikolaj said. "But how?" Shizuka had no idea. She obviously did not inherit Mikolaj's evil trait.
"Come! Try it on me! I have not tried having my blood sucked before!" Mikolaj bravely volunteered her hand for Shizuka's experiment. "Are you sure? It is really painful! Are you sure you can take it?" Cadence warned Mikolaj. "Mum, no! I can't do that. It is the most unfillial thing to do! Sucking my mother's blood!" Shizuka rejected Mikolaj's kind offer. "Come on! Don't be whiny! Just do it! It can't be as painful as giving birth. Letting you suck my blood is my mother's love to you!" Mikolaj was all gamed to do it.
"Huh...Are you sure?" Shizuka said meekly. "YES! Lift up my arm and do it right now!" Mikolaj said sternly and instructed Shizuka to do it. She then lifted up Mikolaj's arms gingerly.
"Now, open your neon eyes wide! And give a ferocious look, open your mouth and get ready to bite!" Mikolaj said with confidence. Shizuka then followed her instructions accordingly.
This was when Mikolaj started having jitters. "Having jitters now? So now you know how I feel when I was bitten by you!" Cadence was laughing at Mikolaj who was now in turn bitten by her own daughter.
"Ignore me, just carry on biting!" Mikolaj mustered up her courage. Shizuka was in full vampire mode and sank her teeth into Mikolaj's soft skin.
"Awww..ouch!!!" Mikolaj tried to hide her fears but to no avail. "Don't worry it will be over soon..." Cadence was heartened that Mikolaj was teaching her own daughter how to be a proper vampire despite the pain involved.
"This is mother's love, I'm so proud of you..." Cadence beamed in pride. "Wow, that was one adventure!" Mikolaj was exhausted after bitten by Shizuka. "Sorry! Mum! Did I hurt you? Thanks so much, I can finally suck blood like the rest of the vampires!" Shizuka was slightly embarrassed that she left her teeth marks on Mikolaj's arms.
It was Graduation day for the vampire triplets also known as Commencement day: The day life begans for them!
Shizuka was feeling sad that she was leaving school and entering the society proper. Another sad thing for her was that it was also the day that the vampire triplets were leaving the Sierras. "I will miss everyone..Grandma..Mum..sisters..brothers..."Shizuka thought sliently to herself.
"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish! What does that mean?" The speaker at the Commencement ceremony was quoting famous words from Steve Jobs which left Sergio very puzzled.
Leyshon looking triumph with the degree scroll in his hands. He was all ready to embrace young adulthood!
"Hmm, when will I get to wear the mortar board? Looks so cool! Just like Harry Potter!" Megumi was all envious that big sister Shizuka get to wear Harry Potter like outfit.
"All the best, my dear girl! I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known." Cadence said and hugged Shizuka.
"Thanks Grandma! I will not forget your words!" Shizuka held the degree scroll proudly.
"YAY! No more school!" Sergio cheered and it was obvious that he did not really like the school and homework bit.
"The vampire triplets are shifting sad..." Cadence reminisced about the happy times he had with them. "Shifting out means carrying on the 100 Baby Challenge..." Mikolaj was even more worried about her stamina in the 100 Baby Challenge and eventually finishing it.
What a rare sight to see Mikolaj whipping up dishes for the kids. "Mum, are you sure about it? Can you give it a second thought? I don't want another scratch on my legs again!" Mikolaj said to her mother. With the triplets shifting out, Cadence had decided to adopt another pet to accompany Minnie. "Minnie might be too lonely so she is displaying signs of aggressiveness. Another pet would be good for her!" Cadence has made up her mind. "A dog to keep her company? A dog? You must be kidding. Don't you know dogs and cats are natural enemies? I bet they are going to fight like no one's business!" Mikolaj said when stirring the pot of macaroni and cheese.
"Welcome to the Sierras! We already have a Minnie Sierra, so you shall be named Mickey Sierra! How about that? Mickey and Minnie! Lovely!" Cadence welcomed the new dog into the house.
The new dog, Mickey looked forlorned with his looks, he looked at Cadence with anxiety. He had no idea how lucky he was to be adopted into such a warm and happy family like the Sierras.
"Woof Woof!" Mickey tried to spread some love to his new owner. As much as he missed the Pet Adoption Centre, he would try his best to fit in to his new home.
"Hello, Mickey! Let's see if you follow some simple instuctions. Sit!" Cadence signalled to Mickey but he did not react at all. "Never mind, we will try again another day!" Cadence smiled and picked him up.
Unlike Minnie, Mickey was pretty friendly and allowed Cadence to pick him up. "Let's take a tour around the house and I'll show you whether you can have food and some rest!" Cadence eagerly showed Mickey around while Mickey wagged its tail to show his excitement.
Seeing that there was a new pet in the house, Minnie guarded her turf closely. She refused to share the crib with Mickey. 
"MEEEEEooowwWWWW" Minnie hissed loudly at Mickey when he was close to her crib. It was Minnie's way of asking Mickey to get lost. However, Mickey did not meant any harm, he just wanted to be friends with Minnie.
Seeing that Mickey was too close for comfort, Minnie leaped forward and stretched her paws. Mickey was startled and barked loudly at her. 
Within minutes, the two pets of the Sierras were fighting with one another for no reason. 
What a great and unusual way to welcome Mickey into the Sierras. Looks like Minnie was suffering from some attention and jealousy issues. 
It was a cat and dog's life at the Sierras. Will they ever get along?  
"My I even have to share my food with someone else and he looks like he has no food etiquette!" Minnie looked on as Mickey tucked into his dinner.  
Cadence engaged a dog trainer called Yellow Green to train Mickey the family dog. Yes, you heard right. His name is Yellow Green because his skin is green and he was always in yellow boots, hence his name. 
"Wwooooooffffffffff...." Mickey barked at Yellow and wagged his tail. Mickey was so happy to see Yellow at the Sierras. Yellow was a frequent visitor at the Pet Adoption Centre as he was a pet lover. He would often help Mickey to brush his fur whenever he was there. "Mickey! Nice new name you have!" Yellow was pleased to see Mickey settling well at his new home.  
"Let's get started with the training!" Yellow was all hyped up.  
"Let's play fetch! I'll throw the stick and you will go pick it up! Okay? Easy?" Yellow seemed to be able to speak dog language pretty well. 
"Mickey! Here! Pick the stick up!" Yellow threw the stick some distance away. 
"That's right! Steady does it! Well done! Mickey! Well done! You deserve a treat from me!" Yellow was all praises for Mickey when he got the stick. "Now bring the stick back here..Mickey.." Yellow instructed Mickey who obediently brought back the stick to him.  
"Oh my! Oh my! What is this standing here? Green skin, purple hair and yellow boots! Gosh! I need to call the fashion police!" Mikolaj laughed at Yellow. She had no idea such a weirdo existed in Bridgeport.  
"Hello there! I'm Yellow Green, the dog trainer engaged by your Mum to train Mickey. Wow! You are so pretty! You must be Mikolaj the superstar!" Yellow introduced himself. "Thanks! You are so funny! I have never seen such a funny fellow like you!" Mikolaj laughed.  
"Is that a compliment?" Yellow asked. "Well, maybe! Aha! I know! Why don't you take part in my 100 Baby Challenge?" Mikolaj suddenly had this idea in her mind. Yellow Green would definitely contribute to some interesting genetics for the baby challenge! 
"100 Baby Challenge? What's that?" Yellow Green was quite interested. "You are so funny! I can't stop laughing when I look at you! Pardon me! Hahaha!" Mikolaj laughed and then proceeded to explain the rules of the 100 Baby Challenge.  
"Sounds good! Who in the right frame of mind would give up this chance of having babies with Mikolaj Sierra the mega super star?" Yellow said logically and accepted the challenge. "Whee!! Thanks for your compliments! You are so hilarious with your yellow boots! You remind me of the construction workers with your boots!" Mikolaj was being mean in her comments again.  
"I'm glad I made you laugh! I like my yellow boots! Taking part in the challenge means I have to woohoo with you?" Yellow was certainly excited about the idea.  
"Yah! But don't fall in love with me! There is no love involved in this challenge. No commitments and no strings attached. Even if you fall in love with me, I wouldn't!" Mikolaj joked and made a silly face at Yellow. 
"Hahah! You are so funny!" Yellow laughed. "You are the funny one! Not me! I just can't stop laughing looking at your face!" Mikolaj said.  
"Na Na LA LA!! How's this? Laughing is good you know? Makes you lose weight!" Yellow commented. "Then why are you still so ....erm..fat? Gosh! I'm so mean!" Mikolaj was being evil again.  
"Let's get into the mood!" Mikolaj took the initiative and held Yellow's hands.  
" have sweaty palms?" Mikolaj asked. "No...I'm just nervous. I have never held a girl's hands..." Yellow whispered. "Wow! Then that's my honour!" Mikolaj giggled.  
When the night fell, Yellow and Mikolaj sat under the moonlight looking at stars. "Why would they sit on the floor with cockroaches running around?" Mickey pondered.  
How romantic can it be to be sitting next to the rubbish bin to look at the stars?  
Then they kissed under the pale moonlight... 
Seeking adventures and excitement, Mikolaj suggested making Baby 19 at the treehouse. "Why not? Let's do it!" Yellow then proceeded to climb up the treehouse. "Be careful! Don't break the ladder!" Mikolaj laughed at Yellow's clumsy actions.  
Sounds of the lullaby floated at the Sierras that night and a baby was on the way!  
"Woah! Sounds of the lullaby..." Cadence smiled knowingly as she cuddled little Heaven.  
The chipmunk that Cadence brought home from the Pet Swap store has passed away... 
"Rest in peace! My very first pet..." Cadence weeped as Kasumi and Megumi mourned its death. "They must be pretty lousy at taking care of pets..." Minnie stood in the background, rather worried about her fate at the Sierras. 
"How are you today?" Cadence talked to the parrot who was perched on Cadence's arms.  
"Sis! This is so fun! Come and ride on this!" Megumi shouted to her twin sister. With such a big family and many siblings, the Sierras kids learned how to share the good things with their siblings.  
"This horse is so cool! It can spout air!" Kasumi was enjoying her ride.  
"To infinity and beyond! Blast off to space!" Megumi had great imaginations.  
Megumi with her imaginary friend, Bobby. He was her companion whenever Kasumi was not beside her.  
Presenting the Mickey and Minnie of the Sierra household. Seemed like they can only get along when they are sleeping. Minnie was dreaming of Mikolaj in her sleep, was she trying to attack her in her sleep too? Poor Mikolaj!  
Due to the fact that Mikolaj was laughing alot with Yellow, this pregnancy was a smooth and happy one with absolutely no nausea. "Your belly button is protruding out, Mum! Looks kinda scary!" Kasumi looked at Mikolaj's growing belly.  
Mikolaj can't wait to see Baby 18. "I hope that it would be green in colour! Then I will make the baby wear yellow boots!" Mikolaj laughed and keeping her fingers crossed. She hoped that the baby will have Yellow's interesting genetics. 
The stork had arrived at the Sierras!  
Mikolaj was huffing and puffing away just like the wolf in the Three Little Pigs story. Despite her 100 babies, Cadence was still flustered when she saw Mikolaj in pain.  
"Hold on for a while, my dear! The ambulance is arriving any minute!" Cadence shrieked.  
"I can't wait any longer! I can't feel the baby's head coming down!" Mikolaj was already surrounded in sparkles which meant that the baby was on the way.  
Within seconds, loud wails could be hear. It was Baby 19! "Mum! It's here! A precious pink bundle!" Mikolaj held the baby as if it was her trophy. 
Though Mikolaj was slightly disappointed that Baby 19 did not inherit her father's green skin, she was happy that the baby was a healthy bouncing one. As Yellow brought Mikolaj so much laughter, she decided to name Baby 19 Muffinieha because it ends with HA. Hahaha was in so much of the conversation that Yellow and Mikolaj had, so it was appropriate for Baby 19 to have her name ending with HA. Welcome to the Sierras, Baby 19 Muffinieha Sierra! (Thanks to Sam Gadbois!) 
Then came another surprise! There was another baby in Mikolaj's tummy! "Let him or her be green!" Mikolaj chanted as she welcomed Baby 20's arrival. It was another girl for the Sierras! She looked exactly like her twin sister, Muffinieha. Baby 20 was named Ankha Sierra, her name also ended with HA. "May their lives be filled with lots of laughter!" Mikokaj said as she cradled her new arrivals.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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