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Mummy Daddy! It's Mummy Baby 21!

"Hush now baby, go to sleep...Mummy has got work to do!" Mikolaj tucked Baby Ankha in for bedtime even though it was still quite early.
" to get a Mummy baby?...Mummies are ancient kings preserved and wrapped in cloth, guarding their treasures from Adventurous tomb-raiding Sims..." Mikolaj muttered as she searched online for tutorials to get a Mummy baby. It was the latest celebrity trend to have weird babies of unique genetics. Being a 5 star celebrity, Mikolaj was pressured for the need to have a baby that other celebrities did not have as yet.
"When will you learn to clean up after yourself? You are now a mother of 20 and the future mother of another 80 kids! You expect your poor mother to clean up after you all the time?" Cadence shoved the dirty laundry to Mikolaj. "Mum! I'm busy right now! I'm busy working on my 100 Baby Challenge so leave me alone!" Mikolaj said impatiently. "Yah right!" Cadence did not believe Mikolaj's words. "Really! Look at this! I'm looking to give birth to a Mummy baby next. I'm researching on how to get one!" Mikolaj said. "Mummies? You mean those wrapped up in white rolls of toilet paper? I think you can only find them in Egypt!" Cadence laughed but was pleased that there was a surge in celebrities having babies hence prompting Mikolaj to be more serious about her 100 Baby Challenge.
A new look for Mikolaj! "This look might attract Mummies. No?" Mikolaj was hoping that her fresh look will help in attracting a Mummy Daddy.
"This dress looks like I'm all bundled up like a Mummy!" Mikolaj giggled as she chose her outfit. Seemed like she had not grasped the idea of a Mummy very well!
"Ah...All ready for Baby 21! Now I just need a Mummy Daddy!" After having a string of five girls, Mikolaj was hoping for a boy for Baby 21.
Spot the difference for Minnie? Mikolaj gave the Sierra's cat a mini makeover, adding splashes and spot of her favourite colour, purple to Minnie's coat of fur.
Baby 19 Muffinieha Sierra as a little toddler girl! She had the Sierra's trademark pink-blonde hair and Mikolaj's eyes. The Sierra's genetics were really very dominant in the kids! Her father, Yellow Green's genetics could be seen in Muffinieha's facial features.
Baby 20 Ankha looked very similar to her twin sister, so much so that Cadence and Mikolaj could not tell them apart. They had to put Ankha in purple pants so as to differentiate the twin sisters.
Muffinieha was the more cheerful twin while little Ankha was often sombre and quite an introvert.
Ankha was whiny and screaming her head off for attention.
"Gosh!! Ankha! You stink! What did you do? You need to be potty trained! Pronto!" Mikolaj almost puked when a pungent smell greeted her. Ankha had just soiled her diapers.
"Mum, do me a favour pleaseeeeeeeeeee....please say yes!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence as she walked past. "Yeah?" Cadence looked up and asked Mikolaj. "Your granddaughter stink big time! Can you help to clean up?...Er...I need to feed Muffinieha, she's hungry!" Mikolaj tried to act busy so that she does not need to attend to Ankha's dirty diapers. "You are a mother! You are supposed to be a superwoman to your kids! Multi-task! My child! You need to learn how to multi-task!" Cadence shook her head. "I'm still learning..." Mikolaj said in the sweetest voice, hoping that Cadence would change Ankha's diapers. "Argh! One last time!" Cadence then lifted up Ankha from the high chair.
"Thanks Mum!" Mikolaj grinned widely. "You know what, I read the papers and saw that there was a Mummy living in Appaloosa Plains, he used to be from Egypt but something happened and he left the country for Appaloosa Plains. Shall we shift to a new town?" Cadence told Mikolaj.
"What?!? Leave Bridgeport? My city of skyscrapers and where my dreams come true! No way!" Mikolaj raised her voice. "Listen, my girl. This town is running so slowly that our times are slower than other towns. One hour here feels like half a day! We need to shift to another town to make sure that the times are accurate." Cadence was complaining that Bridgeport was really laggy in the gameplay. "No!! I like Bridgeport! It is where I started my challenge, my stardom and my everything! I just can't leave this town!" Mikolaj was red-eyed. "Change is the only constant. Appaloosa Plains has got a good environment for the Sierras as well as the pets. You can see horses, dogs and cats roaming around! More importantly, you get your Mummy Daddy! Give birth to a Mummy baby and your celebrity career will shine even further!" Cadence tried to coax Mikolaj.
Upon hearing that there was a chance to make a Mummy baby which will propel her career to greater heights, Mikolaj was more receptive to shifting to Appaloosa Plains. "Really?" Mikolaj's eyes brightened. "Yeah, definitely! You will seal your status as a A-list celebrity! We will also shift this house to Appaloosa Plains!" Cadence whispered to Mikolaj as if it was a top secret. "Hmm..sounds like an okay idea..I mean we can shift to Bridgeport anytime I want, right? I'll do anything to remain as a A-list star!" Mikolaj tried to comfort herself about their move to Appaloosa Plains.
Megumi tucking into a slice of birthday cake and some orange juice to boost her vitamin C intake.
"Sis! Hurry! I'm waiting for you to start the game! MEGUMI!" Kasumi can't wait to start off her game of hopscotch.
"One, two, three, four, five and six!" Kasumi was careful in her steps. She had been practising all day, hoping to win her twin sister, Megumi.
"Your turn! Sis!" Kasumi had completed her turn. "I'm so going to win you!" Megumi declared and walked over confidently to the hopscotch mat.
"Argh!! Oh no!" Megumi missed a step and lost the hopscotch game to her twin sister. "Whee!! I won! I won!" Kasumi gave the thumbs up and gave herself a pat on the shoulder.
"Awww..Why did I miss that step! Argh!" Megumi was crestfallen about her loss in the hopscotch game.
"Do you need to be so happy? Sis, you are so evil! Laughing about my loss!" Megumi rolled her eyes as Kasumi cheered in the background. Seemed like there was some sibling rivalry going on at the Sierras!
"Of course! I won! That's a cause for cheers and celebrations! I practiced the entire morning on this! My hard work paid off! Woo! You lost because you were eating the entire morning! Orange juice, birthday cake..what have you...." Kasumi was so proud of her win.
"What's that, Mum?" Kasumi saw an orange reptile crawling in the tank. "That's our new pet, it is an iguana." Mikolaj told her daughter. "Igu...what?....Looks like a lizard to me! It looks slimy and wet!" Kasumi was all excited about the new reptile in the house.
Unlike normal girls who would be squeamish with creatures and reptiles, Kasumi was one brave girl who took to the new iguana very well. "Hello there, Igu...ana! I'm Kasumi! Welcome to the Sierras! Your skin colour matches my dress!" Kasumi gave the little reptile a warm welcome.
"Ugh! You are so digusting, sis! Fancy putting your face on this wet and slimy creature! Your face is going to rot." Megumi warned her twin sister and was totally digusted that Kasumi placed her face next to the iguana. "I'm an animal lover! You are so unfeeling! Show more tender loving care to animals and pets..." Kasumi told her twin sister.
"Liberation!! Appaloosa Plains, here we come! Goodbye! Skyscrapers and high towers!" Cadence was thrilled when they shifted to Appaloosa Plains. Appaloosa Plains in the past was a cowboy ranch town in the Midwest, on the edge of the highway. As time progressed, the city has degenerated into a bit of a neglected a ghost town before finally turning into a big city. The town is named after the Appaloosa breed of horse. Appaloosa Plains is perfect for the Sierras, it is centered around pets and pet-related activities, with most households owning at least one pet. The countryside theme of the neighborhood can be seen from the abundance of ranch-style houses with barns along with its hilltop, riverside location, making it a most conducive environment for the kids to grow up.
"Blue skies, open spaces...large open yard, fresh air!" Cadence ran around the neighbourhood. Appaloosa Plains was totally different from Bridgeport where space was a constraint and the skies were always dull grey in colour. "Eh! What's that? Are my eyes playing tricks on me?" Cadence rubbed her eyes and ran even faster. "Is that a Mummy? The Mummy that is living at Appaloosa Plains?" Cadence quickened her steps.
"Mikolaj is in luck!" Cadence ran nearer and confirmed that it was a Mummy. "Told her it was a good move to shift here!" Cadence was already panting.
"Hello...there..." Cadence was quite afraid to approach the Mummy (Thanks to Flesrayne!). She has never seen a Mummy in her life and had no idea how they would react. "Hello!! I'm Cadence Sierra, a new resident of Appaloosa Plains! How do I address you?" Cadence waved her hands but the Mummy looked away, refusing to acknowledge Cadence's presence.
"Who are you? Are you my food? Cadence the cereal?" The Mummy spoke in a scruffy and deep husky voice. "FOOD? Cereal? No!! No! You must be joking!" Cadence was scared out of her wits.
"Then what are you doing here? By the way, I'm Eade Dragoboy" The Mummy replied and introduced himself. "I came to Appaloosa Plains to look for you!" Cadence chirped. "Look for me? Are you sure?" The Mummy said, totally not believing what Cadence has said. "Well, sort of..My daughter, Mikolaj Sierra had been looking for a Mummy Daddy for your 100 Baby Challenge. She is on her Baby 21 of the Challenge. Do you mind helping her out?" Cadence said softly, for fear of angering Eade. "100 Babies? Your daughter must be mad! I cannot make 100 babies with her..." Eade rejected Cadence. "No, she is definitely not mad to have 100 babies. I did the challenge and completed the feat! And you don't have to make 100 babies with her, just one! One will do! Is it okay? Please!!" Cadence pleaded with Eade.
"In our culture, to make babies means that your daughter has to marry me." Eade said in all seriousness. "No!! No!! The rules of the 100 Baby Challenge says that she cannot get married! There is no commitment and strings attached for this challenge. No emotions involved too! I cannot have Mikolaj to marry you!" Cadence was perturbed.
" babies!" Eade proclaimed and walked away. "Wait! Please don't go! I came specially to Appaloosa Plains to look for you. And having a Mummy baby is very crucial and important for my daughter's career! Please! I beg you! I can kneel down if you want me to!!" Cadence said in a sincere tone. Seeing that Cadence was such a great mother who don't mind sacrificing for her kids, Eade was slightly touched and said, "Well..I have to see if your daughter is pretty...I don't mind if she is a ravishing beauty."
"Really?! You don't have to worry about this. You know Mikolaj Sierra the five-star celebrity? She is my daughter! Her beauty is definitely in a class of her own!" Cadence was delirious that Eade had agreed to be the father of Baby 21.
"Mikolaj Sierra? No idea who is she. I have no interest in the media industry. Ask her to look for me then..." Eade said and limped off. "Sure! Sure! I will let her know. She will be so glad! You are such a kind soul!" Cadence smiled and looked at Eade.
"Kids! The ice-cream truck is here! Grandma will give everyone of you an ice-cream treat as a welcome to Appaloosa Plains!" Cadence went to stop the ice-cream truck. Upon hearing that, Kasumi raced out for her sweet treat.
Kasumi's favourite dessert was the ice-cream. "What would you like to have? My dear girl?" Cadence looked at the menu.
"I want a pink freezer bunny, Grandma!" Kasumi requested.
Cadence bought a rainbow-coloured popsicle.
"A happy day for the Sierras!" Cadence can't wait to break the news to Mikolaj who was out grocery shopping.
"Is it good? Don't bite the ice-cream! It's cold!" Cadence told Kasumi who was biting off chunks of the ice-cream instead of slowing savouring it.
"Grandma! It is so yummy! Can I have the ice-cream at the top of the ice-cream truck next time?" Kasumi said. "Don't be silly, my child. It is just a decoration. You will get a toothache after eating such a huge ice-cream cone!" Cadence laughed at Kasumi's comments.
"Appaloosa Plains is so small! And the point is that it only has one watering hole for drinks! It does not even has a proper dance floor!" Mikolaj was complaining to Cadence. "This will help you curb your drinking habits! We already have so many dance floors in the house. Why do you need to dance in clubs?" Cadence queried Mikolaj. "You don't understand, Mum. It is the atmosphere...the ambience. It is different dancing at home and at clubs..I miss Bridgeport! I wonder when will clubs come to Appaloosa Plains?" Mikolaj was building sandcastles in the air.
"Enough about drinking! I got really good news for you!" Cadence smiled. "Really? A new drink?" Mikolaj had her minds filled with alcohol. "Of course not. I saw this Mummy at the corner of the road. He is Eade Dragoboy and he had agreed to do the 100 Baby Challenge! He even joked that he would only do it if you are pretty enough!" Cadence broke the good news to Mikolaj.
"Really? He must be joking! Did you tell him that I'm a five star celebrity. It is his honour to make Baby 21 with me! Where is he?" Mikolaj joked. "Be humble, Mikolaj. Be humble. I told him that." Cadence said.
"How does he look like? Is he creepy?" Mikolaj was curious yet relieved that Cadence had found the Mummy at Appaloosa Plains. At least it made their shift to this new town more worthwhile. "Well..He is all wrapped up in blue paper. He has the deepest husky creaky voice and he walks with a limp." Cadence was all animated when she started to describe Eade the Mummy.
"Hmm..okay! At least I know who to look for to get a Mummy baby! Thanks Mum, you're the greatest! Love ya!" Mikolaj kissed goodbye. "Where are you going?" Cadence quizzed. "To the one and only pathetic bar in Appaloosa Plains. I'm invited to drink there!" Mikolaj said and got into her new ride.
Mikolaj and her newest gift for being a celebrity: A brand new Margaret Vaguester. In fact, she was given two! She sold off the other one so that she does not need to play on the guitar to earn her keeps for the Sierras. Ahh! The high life of being a celebrity!
"What? Just two storeys? Looks like a rundown village house! This is where the Appaloosa Plains folks drink?" Mikolaj was totally disappointed. She knew there was no dancefloor, but she was expecting a glitzy tall skyscraper for the watering hole. Or at the very least, a building like the Waylon's Haunt at Bridgeport.
Mikolaj entered the The Watering Hole Saloon thinking that she must have been too overdressed for this watering hole.
"I need to inject some life into this sleepy old town!" Mikolaj said as she entered The Watering Hole Saloon.
"A watering hole with no one except for the mixologist? Wow! That's sooooo exciting. What do the Appaloosa Plains folks do in their leisuretime? Train horses or dogs? Or maybe cats?" Mikolaj looked at the empty bar.
"Mikolaj Sierra the five star celebrity? Oh my gosh! I can't believe the rumours! She really shifted to Appaloosa Plains! I can't believe this! A city girl like her shifting to our town!" The mixologist was starstruck when she saw Mikolaj.
"Opps! Sorry!" The mixologist at The Watering Hole Saloon was so nervous preparing the drink for the superstar that he dropped the cup. "It's okay! Accidents do happen and even I do drop the cup sometimes when I mix!" Mikolaj was being very nice.
"How was it?" The mixologist asked Mikolaj for her opinions.
"Not too bad! But can be better!" Mikolaj took the drink and started to explore the bar.
She went to the second level. "Gosh! Just like this? Another bar counter?" Mikolaj was sorely disappointed at the spartan decor and atmosphere. "What do folks at Appaloosa Plains do? There is almost zero nightlife here!" Mikolaj exclaimed to the well-endowed mixologist.
"Appaloosa Plains is a very pet-centric town where the townies spend almost all their time grooming their pets, taking them for walks, teaching them skills and raising them!" The mixologist explained. "What a boring life! And Mikolaj, look what a mess that you have got yourself into!" She sighed.
The paparazzi had a field day when they knew Cadence and Mikolaj Sierra were shifting to Appaloosa Plains. They got ready their cameras, all ready to shoot the biggest star of Appaloosa Plains! "Lift the drink higher! That's right! Looking good, Mikolaj!" Gloria Bedlington the paparazzi was the first to arrive at The Watering Hole Saloon to take pictures of Mikolaj in action.
Unlike Cadence, Mikolaj loved to be in the limelight. She knew which were her best angles and how to look natural in front of the camera.
After a few drinks, she was a little tipsy. "Are those real?" Mikolaj pointed out to the busty chest of the mixologist. "You mean?" The mixologist knew Mikolaj was slightly drunk. "I mean your chest. Are they real? They are so HUGE!" Mikolaj said in a slur. "Of course they are!" The mixologist beamed in pride, obviously very proud of her assets.
Then more reporters started to stream in.
"Remember to publish only the lovely photos! No ugly ones of me picking the nose etc! I know you guys from the paparazzi loved to publish those unglamourous photos of celebrities.." Mikolaj told Josy Clover who was busy taking Mikolaj's photos.
Another nerdy looking reporter came in and took some shots of Mikolaj.
The reporter also asked her several questions on Cadence as well as her 100 Baby Challenge.
"So stunning! You look absolutely stunning in person!" The reporter whipped out his handphone and took a photograph of Mikolaj for his handphone's wallpaper. "Thank you! Thank you for photographing me!" Unlike some celebrities who hated being followed by paparazzi, Mikolaj was definitely very media savvy.
After getting herself tipsy, she mustered her courage to meet Eade Dragoboy the Mummy. "Your mother is right! You are da bomb! Lovely! I accept your 100 Baby Challenge!" Eade said without any hesitation after seeing Mikolaj in person.
Eade was definitely smitten by Mikolaj's charisma and beauty. On the other hand, Mikolaj was not too receptive to Eade even though she badly wanted a Mummy baby. She was frightened by his looks, voice and actions.
"Burp!! Opps!" Eade gave a loud burp. "Yucks! Ugh! This is the kind of person that I am going to make the father of Baby 21?" Mikolaj almost threw up.
"Calm down! Calm down, Mikolaj! You want a Mummy baby will need a Mummy father! Right? Okay! Then just tolerate and make Baby 21!!" Mikolaj prepped herself.
"Let's pillow fight!" Eade suggested a ice-breaker. "Huh?!?" Mikolaj thought that was the strangest ice-breaker that she have ever encountered in her life.
Before Mikolaj could even say yes or no, she was already pillowed by Eade. "Ouch!! That was a hard hit! Watch my face! I rely on it for a living!" Mikolaj shouted.
"You are going to get it from me!" Mikolaj used all her strength to pillow fight with Eade.
"It is all in the name of fun!" Eade laughed creepily. They had fun that day but there was no chemistry between them hence the Baby 21 plans had to be shelved for a later date.
Do your kids look this sombre and sad when they have to go to school? The berrylicious twins, Kasumi and Megumi hated school. They dreaded to go to school everyday.
"Mickey! Minnie! Let's go for a walk!" Cadence decided that being cooped up at home does no good for the pets.
Cadence brought the pets to the nearby Dog's Day Town Plaza.
Minnie finally met her own kind at the park.
"Isn't this the same as the one at our house?" Mickey pondered.
Minnie was trying to show some affection for her newfound friend. However, her new friend does not seemed to be very pleased with her "hug".
Josy Clover the paparazzi came to take a look at the "commotion".
Are the cats hugging or fighting?
The white cat thought that Minnie was attacking her so she hissed at Minnie.
Poor Minnie! "I'm just trying to be nice and friendly! Why must she hissed at me?" Minnie thought.  
Cadence put Mickey on the leash so that he would not roam around and get lost in the huge park.
"Cadence, you are so sweet and kind to your pets!" Gloria the reporter took notes when she saw Cadence petting Minnie. "Hmm..well...Don't follow me...Go take pictures of my daughter, Mikolaj  instead. She is the real star!" Cadence was uncomfortable with the unwanted attention. "Why not? You are a celebrity too! The first to complete the 100 Baby Challenge at Sunset Valley! Is there anything you would like to say to your neighbours at Appaloosa Plains?" Gloria asked.
"I would like to say a big Hello to them and hope we can all get along well!" Cadence said happily. "That's all?" Gloria said. "Well...Hmm..can I have a little request?" Cadence said softly. "Of course!" Gloria said in jest. "My daughter is doing the 100 Baby Challenge and I saw this Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing( ) . I hope some kind soul would donate to my grandkids as a welcome gift to Appaloosa Plains. Does that sound weird?" Cadence laughed.
"Hmmph..time to visit Eade. The makings of Baby 21 is taking way too long!" Mikolaj muttered under her breath as she carried Muffinieha.
The first sighting of horses at the new town! "Nice! Hope to get horses for the Sierras soon!" Cadence was really excited to see horses walking around the neighbourhood.
Mikolaj taking little Muffinieha for a stroll as well as to hop over Eade's house to check whether he was at home.
Josy the paparazzi spotted Mikolaj with Eade. "OH MY GOD! Mikolaj with a mummy?!? Latest gossip!! Headlines for tomorrow!" Josy almost hyperventilated when she thought of the juicy news.
"Oh! You are here!" Eade rushed to hug Mikolaj to welcome her.
"That's very affectionate of you! Are all Mummies this romantic?" Mikolaj worked on her charms and flirted with Eade.
"Just me I guess!" Eade was obviously lying through his teeth. To further impress Eade, Mikolaj told him that she had this mini makeover just specially for him.
"Aww...that's so sweet of you! It could have been better if your skirt is shorter!" Eade blushed as he spoke.
"Next time perhaps!" Mikolaj then leaned forward to share the first kiss with Eade.
"I can't wait to see our baby!" Eade embraced Mikolaj. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Mikolaj hinted to Eade.
"Hurry! Eade!" Mikolaj was getting impatient looking at how Eade limped up the stairs and walked over to the bed.
"I want a boy next!" Mikolaj declared. "Why? I like girls too!" Eade said. "I already had a string of five girls before this baby. I need some boys to balance the gender ratio!!" Mikolaj explained.
Little hearts flew everywhere and there was a bun in the oven!
"Woo!!" Mikolaj felt a strong sense of pride after conceiving Baby 21.
It was her walk of pride!
"Mummy Baby! Mummy Baby! Coming Soon!" Mikolaj was imagining the number of newspapers and features she would be in when she gave birth to a Mummy Baby.
A quick soak at the hot tub before her tummy shows.
Mikolaj was still working hard toward achieving the maximum skills for her mixing skills.
"Argh! Not again?" Mikolaj dropped her glass. She worked at her mixing skills throughout her pregnancy.
Sisters will be sisters. Even though they may have disagreements or fights, Kasumi and Megumi were still the best of friends.
Aren't they lovely? It was such a blessing for the Sierras to have such beautiful kids. Indeed gifts from heaven.
"Teenagehood! Here I come!" The animal loving Kasumi was going to grow up into a teen.
Baby 17 Kasumi Sierra as a teenager. Being such a animal lover and fighting strongly for animal rights, she became a vegetarian and swore off all meat. It was really ironic that someone so kind like Kasumi would grow up with an evil trait.
Baby 16 Megumi Sierra had the most memerising eyes that could electrify! She had pouty lips which made her looked very sexy.
"Mikolaj, you are getting really big! Time for your delivery soon!" Cadence looked at Mikolaj and predicted that Baby 21 coming soon.
"One more day! Just one more day and it would arrive!" Cadence was psychic.
True enough, Mikolaj howled in pain when it was time for the baby's arrival and Cadence cringed looking at how Mikolaj suffered.
"Hang in there! Ambulance is coming!!" Cadence tried to stall for some time.
"Wa Wa WA!" Baby 21 has arrived! It was so amazing that the Mummy Baby 21 cried in a strange deep husky voice just like his dad. Baby 21 was named Bois Sierra (Thanks to Lewis Smith!). Notice anything different about him? Yes! He had clothes on! Thanks to the amazing download from AaronMarie! Download the clothes here .
"Wow, absolutely adorable with these clothes on! AaronMarie deserved a pat on the shoulder!" Cadence told Mikolaj as she cradled Bois.
"Will you grow up to look like your father?" Mikolaj asked the innocent Bois who looked like an ordinary baby.

Stay tuned to find out!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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  1. Great post! I've never tried having a mummy for a father. Little Bois is so cute, esp with his clothes. I shall definitely download them. Thanks!

  2. @Catlover: Thank you!! Yeah, I was practically screaming when I saw the clothes and download immediately! :)

  3. A MUMMY BABY!!! ^_^ I'm so glad she finally got her boy! :D

    ~Dawn Turner
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  4. Can you please upload the house? It is so beautiful! And Bois is super cute!

  5. I can't wait to see what Bois looks like as a toddler. He should look pretty interesting since his dad is a mummy.
    Minnie looks so cute with the purple in her fur! ^.^

  6. @Forever: Yay! After a string of 5 girls at the Sierras!!

    @Emmy: Sure, will upload it as soon as possible! Do keep a lookout for it:)

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    pretty please i love those names and would be so proud if you put them in a great story like this. I love your series :D

  10. I was wondering where you will put the house up. Will it be on your sims 3 page?


  11. @bubbly: Will keep it in mind:)

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