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The Architectural Work of Art: Baby 18!!

Thank you BlueShines18 for the Little Lullaby Crib! Perfect for the little Sierra girls in the house!
"Mikolaj! Mikolaj! How can you leave Kasumi out in the cold like this?" Cadence spotted little Kasumi lying on the grass patch outside the house. If not for her pink blanket, her green skin would have blended into the green grassy patch. "Mum! Take care of her for a while, I need to do something...." Mikolaj's voice trailed in the background.
Baby 17 Kasumi Sierra grew up into a little adorable toddler! It was pretty obvious that her favorite color was pink. She has her father's skin but Mikolaj's purple eyes.
Her non-identical twin sister, Baby 16 Megumi Sierra looked alot like Mikolaj Sierra with the sunkissed skin and trademark pink blonde hair. She would have been a carbon copy of Mikolaj if not for her light grey eyes inherited from her father.  
"Ta- Da! Proudly presenting the new Sierra home (Original home adapted by lovingreds)!" Mikolaj declared with pride. This was the "something" that she was busy with for weeks. She had been very unhappy with her housing agent for the bad choice of house and location. She felt so cheated that she started looking for a home almost straight after they shifted to the new home. "Mum! Let me tell you! This house is so so perfect! The two storey building with color themes of orange, yellow and purple is for the kids while the four storey building is for me..well..I mean the adults!" Mikolaj described to Cadence in excitement. "How can you separate your life from the kids' lives? I mean how will you be able to look after them when you are so far away from them?" Cadence does not like the idea. To pacify Cadence, Mikolaj left a huge open space at the back of the house for Cadence to place the furniture and toys for her grandkids. "You can look after them!" Mikolaj said in jest while Cadence rolled her eyes. "Isn't it good? Experts say that mothers need to have a life on their own! This is the best arrangement, Mum! I need to have a break at times!" Mikolaj tried to cajol her Mum into liking the property that she chose.
"Come! Take a look at this! Perfectly co-ordinated colours! And I got the interior designer to put your favourite quotes up on the wall!" Mikolaj was literally pulling Cadence into the house. This was the living room of the "Kids" Building.
A cute animal theme for the Sierra kids' washroom.
A cosy kitchen for Cadence to whip up dishes for her beloved grandchildren. The Sierra kids would definitely love the adorable animal chairs for the dining table!
A child's dream come true! All sorts of toys in all shapes and sizes to choose from!
Cots and cribs at the corner of the room. A winding spiral staircase leading to the second floor of the kids building.
Another perspective of the kid's living area. "Isn't this perfect, Mum?" Mikolaj's eyes sparkled as she showed Cadence around.
This was the area that Cadence was most pleased about. She loved the cosy feel of the cribs and she could almost imagine her grandkids sleeping soundly in these cribs.
The basic essential for the Sierras! A dedicated birthday section for the happy occasions and celebrations.
Nature or Nurture? Looks like The Sierras believed strongly in nurture with all the musical instruments and easels to hone the skills of the Sierra kids.
The bathroom looking almost like a safari zoo. No kid will ever dread long baths again!
A little corner for the kids to enjoy some telly time.
The little corner had yellow, orange and purple wallpaper which co-ordinated well with the theme of the kids building. 
"I bet you will love this!" Mikolaj muttered as she showed Cadence the kids' room. The walls were adorned with "Keep Calm" posters, a mantra that Cadence loved.
It was a royal theme for the bedroom with a bed fit for the kings and queens of The Sierra family. In the case of the Sierras, the kids were definitely the kings and queens.
A nautical boat for the aspiring sailors to be!
A quiet corner for some reading and homework. "Faces the sea...hmm..." Cadence muttered under her breath.
A dreamy castle tree straight out from the fantasy world!
The playground corner with endless activites and possibilities for imagination and play.
Cadence the doting grandmother made sure that she did not miss out any toys and equipment for the Sierra kids. Seesaws, slides, swings, sandbox, name it, you got it!
A brand new feature for the Sierras: The water slides on the right!
An bright and sunny area reserved for the mundane washing and drying of laundry.
Now on to the adult's section! Mikolaj has always envisioned living in a waterland. She loved the sound of water, hence her love for hot tubs. She took the chance to turn her backyard into a water arena with lots of sprouting water fountains and splashes.
Mikolaj's favorite activity: Hot tub! She had an outdoor hot tub and placed the special effects generator next to the hot tub so that she can bask in the special effects! She also placed fountains behind the hot tub; it was her dream hot tub! A hot tub that she can only dream of in the past. "I can't believe this is happening!" Mikolaj gasped as she saw the final product.
"What can you do in such a mini lap pool?" Cadence was puzzled and asked Mikolaj. "Tons! It is aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, I love it!" Mikolaj beamed in pride.
A simple white themed living room for the adult building.
"Do you need another hot tub here? Right in front of the kitchen? You had better think of ways to work harder and earn more simoleons!" Cadence wasn't too pleased at Mikolaj's decadence. "You won't understand, Mum! I need to have quality life to have quality babies! Happy mums bring about happy babies, haven't you heard of it? Look, that one that you saw is an outdoor pool, this is an indoor pool. I can soak in this when it is pouring outside!" Mikolaj tried to come out with lame excuses.
"Is this a bedroom? Or a lounge? A dancefloor next to the bed? What are you thinking, my dear daughter?" Cadence scratched her head and looked at the bedroom in disbelief. "Let me tell you my concept, Mum. To make 100 babies and complete my 100 baby challenge, I need the mood and atmosphere! So, you see..I can make drinks for the father to be, then we can dance on the dance floor then blow some bubbles and produce some happy babies!" Mikolaj was very creative in her space management.
"Then why do you need those special effects machines and the strobe lights at the bed? How are you going to sleep? I have no idea! You are going to wake up with a headache the next morning!" Cadence lamented. "Mum! You are so outdated! You need some omph and fanfare when you woohoo with the father to be. Imagine fire and sparklers when you make the next baby. Isn't this going to be so special and unique? I'm a five star celebrity, I need to be unique and outstanding! Let your creative juices flow, Mum!" Mikolaj said in jest.
"I have no idea what is running through your mind!" Cadence then proceeded to the third floor where there is the gym and recreational area. "So you need special effects when you exercise too?" Cadence asked. "Yeah! Definitely. I am a star. I need glamour and light shining on me all the time!" Mikolaj was one attention seeker.
True to her rockstar and diva spirit, the fourth storey was a dance floor with all sorts of muscial instruments to jam away the stress.
"With the brand new home, it's time for a brand new look!" Mikolaj clapped her hands in glee.
Mikolaj chose a youthful looking ponytail hairstyle for her new look.
Mikolaj forced all the kids to undergo a mini makeover before shifting to their new house. Baby 14 Sergio Sierra with his brown tousled hair.
Baby 13 Shizuka looking pretty with her new braided hair!
Baby 15 Leyshon Sierra with a cool windswept hairstyle.
Baby 12 Sterling Sierra looked very refreshed with this spiky look.  
To ease some pressure off the kids from the constant moving of homes, Cadence did a final check of the house to ensure that the kids would love the place.
"Looks good!" Cadence walked round the house to make sure that it was child friendly.
True enough, the backyard lovingly designed by Grandma Cadence was a big hit with the kids.
"Whee! Come and play with this! Bros!" Shizuka had a great time on the water slide.
"What's that stupid muscular suit that you are wearing?" Shizuka laughed at her brother, Sergio.
"That's a padded swimsuit! A swimsuit that will prevent me from getting any bruises or injuries!" Sergio retorted and had a go at the water slide. Cadence was heartened that the kids had no issues with the moving of homes within such a short timespan.
"Bobby! Bob! Bob!" was one of the first few words that little Megumi had learnt to say.
She adored her imaginary friend Bobby and loved him to bits.
Shizuka tried her hand at the seesaw. "Grandma! We have this in school too! Whee! I can play this at home too! I'm going to tell my friends about the big playground in my house!" She shrieked.
Sterling was still very introverted in nature. He played in the sandbox alone.
"Woosh!" Sterling picked up a handful of sand and threw them up into the air.
He had such a great time building sandcastles that he did not notice that he had dirtied the place with sand.
"Hmm..what shall I do next?" Sterling stared blankly at the sandcastles. "Sterling! Sterling Sierra!" His thoughts were interrupted with Mikolaj's sharp screams.
"Sterling Sierra! This is only our first day at the new home! Can you play properly? Do you know that you have dirtied the area with all those sand? I want you to keep this area clean!!" Mikolaj gave little Sterling a stern warning.
"Eh! Eh! Ah! Ey!!!" With her limited language and some pointing, little Kasumi was trying her best to tell Cadence she want to ride on the ship ride.
Cute little Kasumi looking very satisfied on the ship ride.
"How was it? Having lots of fun?" Cadence asked Kasumi.
Twin sister, Megumi was sulking and throwing a tantrum when she saw Kasumi on the ship ride. She also wanted to try on the ride.
"Hold on! Let Mummy answer this phone call first!" Mikolaj tried to pacify Megumi while trying to answer the ringing phone. The quick tempered Megumi was struggling to get off the stroller and walke to the ride herself.
"Patience, my dear! Patience. Give me a minute." Mikolaj said. Seeing that her little girl could not wait, she quickly placed Megumi on the horse ride.
Megumi was mighty pleased that she finally got her way.
"Let's clap to the music and dance!" The party loving Mum started to jiggle to the music.
Megumi cracked into peals of laughter when she saw her Mum dancing to the music. She was highly amused.
Not before long, the music faded and the ride stopped. "Time for bed!" Mikolaj announced. Megumi crossed her arms and gave Mikolaj the most sulky face ever. "No? Not going to sleep soon? Mummy is tired too and the ride has ended. Shall we have another ride tomorrow morning?" Mikolaj asked her little girl who was throwing another major tantrum.
How can anyone say no to such an adorable sight? Mikolaj's heart melted when she saw her little Megumi crossing her arms with an annoyed face. She allowed her to go for another ride on the horse.
"Okay! Let's call it a day! Time for bed! Look! It is so dark! There might be monsters out there! Mummy is so afraid!" Mikolaj tried to carry Megumi but the little toddler threw a little fit and refused to allow Mikolaj to carry her. She was definitely testing the patience of Mikolaj.
"Hands up! Please!" Mikolaj gave her a little tickle. Then Megumi relented and allowed Mikolaj to carry her to her crib.
"Oh my gosh! Will this catch fire? What is Mikolaj thinking?" The cautious Cadence was looking at the outdoor hot tub.
"Ahh!! This is life!" Mikolaj unwind after a long day. She had shown slight improvement for her performance as a mother. She had at least waited for the kids to go to bed before she start her activities. "Mum, join me for a soak! This is incredible! The feeling is so indescribable!" Mikolaj leaned at a corner of the hot tub.
"Great, isn't it? Bubbles floating in the air, fountain water splashing on you, soaking in warm hot tub water and the lights shining like you are walking on the red carpet. You should stop and smell the roses, Mum. Enjoy life!" Mikolaj said to Cadence.
The mother and daughter enjoyed some quality time in the outdoor hot tub. It has been a rough month for the Sierras with all the shifting, moving and settling down in their new homes.
"Do you have to soak in two hot tub at one go?" Cadence asked Mikolaj who hopped from the outdoor hottub to the indoor one.
"Well...I'm test driving it! To see if it's working properly!" Mikolaj and her excuses.
"If only I haven't done the 100 Baby Challenge....I would have been soaking in all the hot tub around the world...." Till this day, Mikolaj had not gotten over the idea of the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Time to hone my mixing skills!" Mikolaj made sure that she did not lose her skills.
Then all of a sudden, Mikolaj suddenly remembered that she had a assignment from her agent. She need to go for a shoot the next day for the 100 Baby Challenge Club. Being the hottest celebrity doing the 100 Baby Challenge, she was invited to to be the spokesperson for the 100 Baby Challenge Club. For all fans and readers of the 100 Baby Challenge, do support Mikolaj's new assignment at
"This pose is to tell everyone that Mamas can be hot and sexy too!" Mikolaj was testing a new pose that she had learnt in the modelling class.
"What do you think?" Mikolaj was a natural at poses.
"I want to grow up like you too!" Shizuka was envious of Mikolaj's long legs.
"Then make sure you eat your veggies! They make you healthy and strong!" Mikolaj striked another pose.
"I'm sure the 100 Baby Challenge Club will be so pleased of my wholesome yet celebrity image!" Mikolaj gave a peace sign.
"Mothers are wonder women! They can do anything, including floating on the hot tub water. Something which non-mothers can't do!" Mikolaj giggled.
A brooding pose from Mikolaj.
Mikolaj never ran out of poses. She was perfect for the cutthroat media industry.
"100 Baby Challenge Club: Where all fans and mothers meet!" Mikolaj was practising on the slogan.
"A flying kiss for your support!" Mikolaj worked on her charms.
Another one amidst the backdrop of bubbles.
One wonders if Mikolaj would be tired from all these posing all night.
Seems like she was not! In fact, she was getting the hang of it and all ready for her 100 Baby Challenge Club shoot.
An intimate moment of Cadence Sierra in the washroom.
"Digital fish...what's that? Are they real or not?" Little Shizuka pondered as she was presented the option of feeding the fish digital food.
Little Leyshon had always wanted to try on a submarine dip and adventure in the bathtub. He found the perfect chance to do it in their squeaky clean bathtub in the new house.
"Slowly does it..." He whispered to himself.
He was all excited about the little submarine adventure all in the comfort of the little bathtub.
It looked like soaking in tubs definitely run in the Sierra family genes!
"Will I see corals? Will I get to see Nemo?" Leyshon's favorite cartoon was Nemo.
"Wow! Under the sea! Under the sea!" Leyshon chanted as he imagined the beautiful underwater world.
A little diver in the makings!
The mischevious Leyshon then set a trap for Mikolaj. She would have the water sprayed on her face if she used the tap.
However, Leyshon was caught red-handed by Mikolaj. "How could you do that? You! Go for some time out and repent on your actions!" Mikolaj berated him.
Look who is having a birthday celebration!
It was little suave Sterling's birthday!
"Haha! Why do brother Sterling have to open his mouth so big to blow the candles?" Little Shizuka laughed in the background.
The Sierras cheered Sterling on as he welcomed teenhood with open arms.
Mikolaj hoped that he would grow out of his hermit shell and interact better with others. He had been too quiet and introverted as a kid.
"Huh?" Sterling was stuck in between childhood and teenage life.
Leyshon laughed as Sterling was all confused while Mikolaj cheered him on. "It's normal, my son! Go on! You can do it!" Mikolaj encouraged him.
Baby 12 Sterling Sierra grew up to have the grumpy trait. Like the saying goes, a leopard never change his spots. It seemed like he remained pretty introverted even though he looking like a sunshine boy!
Download him at
"Go! Sterling! Be yourself!" Cadence encouraged her grandson and dispensed a wise saying: Silence is a true friend that never betrays. Wise words indeed!
Kasumi with her imaginary friend.
Leyshon being a true blue vampire having his fill of plasma juice.
"Mum, can you teach me how to drive? All my friend are learning to drive. I want to learn too!" Mikolaj was so surprised that Sterling had this request.
He was so quiet that he hardly spoke at home. Mikolaj defnitely acceded to his request.
"Let's go! Did you remember your car key?" Mikolaj asked. "Of course!" Sterling whipped out the car key with a silly grin. He was really happy as he felt like an adult gaining independence through driving.
"Alright, tap on the accelerator lightly...yes, that's right.."Mikolaj was giving Sterling instructions.
"Doing good! Step on the brake slowly when approaching a bend..." Mikolaj said as Sterling clutched onto the steering wheel tightly, afraid that he will lose control of the car.
"Relax, Sterling! Take it easy. Hold the steering wheel lightly and you will find it easier to drive!"
Mikolaj laughed as she saw beads of perspiration forming on Sterling's forehead.
"Ah! The bridge leading to all the lounges and clubs in Bridgeport! It has been a while since my last visit! Sterling, I will bring you there one day to experience the night life!" Mikolaj suggested while Sterling was too busy concentrating on driving to listen to her.
"It's pillow fight time!!" Shizuka declared as she took a pillow and hit Sergio on the back.
"Gotcha!" Shizuka laughed at her brother's stunned expression.
"You are going to get it from me! It's payback time!" Sergio hit back with another pillow.
"Look at the posters! It says Keep Calm! Keep calm, Bro!" As Sergio turned back to look at the posters, Shizuka took the chance to attack him.
"You are so childish!" Sergio said as Shizuka laughed. They had a great time having a pillow fight. These were the joys of having a large family with lots of siblings!
"Another teenage rite of the Sierras! Hot tub!" Mikolaj literally forced Sterling into the hot tub.
"I don't like this feeling! I feel so insecure in here..." Sterling said. "Son, you need to learn how to relax. You have been way too uptight. Just look at the way you drive and hold the steering wheel. I'm so glad that the steering wheel did not fall off! Take a rest, a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop! Opps..I feel like I'm your grandmother with these quotes!" Mikolaj giggled like a young schoolgirl. 
"What's for dinner today?" Kasumi looked at the food prepared for her.
"Hmm.." Kasumi looked at Cadence with innocent eyes.
The food was too hot for Kasumi's liking.
While Cadence was not looking, she lifted the plate...
...and stick out her tongue and flung the plate to the ground.
"Kasumi!" Cadence shouted to stop her actions but to no avail.
Cadence knew it was no use to discipline such a young toddler. Instead she tried to knock some sense by playing with Kasumi. "Did you just knock the plate off?" Cadence tickled Kasumi who was laughing non-stop.
"Can you do that again?" Cadence asked Kasumi who nodded her head playfully.
"Are you sure? Grandma will not cook for you if you do that again!" Kasumi immediately turned teary eyed. A budding actress at the Sierras!
"Good night, sweetie!" Cadence tucked Kasumi in.
Another brand new toy for the Sierra kids: The Gumball Machine!
Being all curious, Shizuka just had to make sure that she was the first in the family to try it. " do I operate this?" She fidgeted around with the knobs.
"Wow! It's coming down! It's coming down!" Shizuka was all fascinated with the gumball that was coming down from the machine.
"Looks yummy! And it's red! My favorite colour!" Shizuka quickly retrieved the gumball from the machine.
"Gosh! My vampire brother is so weird! There are beds in the house, why must he sleep in the sleeping bag, out in the cold.." Leyshon was pondering over Sergio's choice of bed.
Sterling was all psyched to grow up into a young adult. "Yippee! Time to spread my wings and fly!" Sterling was excited about being a young adult.
Baby 12 Sterling Sierra as a young adult! He looked almost the same if not younger than his teenage self. Good luck Sterling with your young adult life!
Having a celebrity Mum meant that the kids would be under constant media scrutiny. The Sierra kids were very used to having paparazzi outside their house.
"Lovely! I like the way they put life into my work of art!" A pale looking young man walked into the Sierras as the door was left open.
"Woo! Hot tub in the house! Great!" He thought to himself. He was Erick M, (Thanks to Nin22!) the renowned architect who had designed the Sierras house. He was the man behind this design of the kids building and the adult building, a concept that allowed the adults and kids to lead separate lives yet they can have bonding through the integrated design.  He was a mysterious man who seldom surface as he preferred his work to speak for themselves.
"Hey you! Thief! What are you doing in my house!" Mikolaj shouted so loudly that Erick stood rooted to the spot in shock.
"Don't get me wrong! Calm down..please! Hear me out!" Erick tried to explain himself. "What else have you got to say? Get out of my house right now!" Mikolaj shrieked.
"Please, lady! I just walked past and saw my masterpiece and your door was open. So I just stood here and took a glance at what you did to my masterpiece. I must say you are pretty good at turning a house into a home!" Erick gave Mikolaj compliments. "What masterpiece are you talking about?" Mikolaj was all confused. "Well..I'm the architect of this house.." Erick said softly. "Gosh! You are Erick M? Erick M?" Mikolaj stared at the pale looking man in disbelief as Erick nodded.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! My apologies!" Mikolaj apologized profusely.
"Well..." Erick paused as Mikolaj continued to apologize. "It's too late to apologize! But on the account that you are as enchanting as my masterpiece, I shall forgive you!" Erick announced.
"Here, I'll make you a special drink to express my sincere apologies. This is a special concocted drink and I shall name it Erick M." Mikolaj went on to pour the new mix. "Wow..that's cool! The Erick M. drink! I'm so honoured!" Erick said.
"Yummy! You are good at this, huh!" Erick was obviously happy with Mikolaj's drink.
"Do I have the honour of inviting the renowned architect for a dance?" Mikolaj asked. "Definitely! I love how you have inject fun and relaxation into the bedroom! A dancefloor in a bedroom! This is new! A new inspiration for me!" Erick laughed as he joined Mikolaj on the dance floor.
"And prancing around in a bikini in a bedroom is new too!" Erick was obviously attracted to Mikolaj's svelte figure.
Mikolaj thought that Erick would be a good choice to be the father of Baby 18. "Well, this bikini is nothing! I'm a celebrity so I need to be in tip top condition all the time! Erick, you are the creator of this architectural masterpiece, I'm also a creator of masterpieces too!" Mikolaj told Erick. "Really? How so? I'm interested to see your masterpieces!" Erick was intrigued. "Well, you can see my masterpieces, they are lovely! They can run, shriek and even poo too!" Mikolaj laughed. "What's that?" Erick responded. "I'm actually the mother of a 100 Baby Challenge. Technically speaking, I am the creator of 100 masterpieces. I am on my 18th masterpiece, care to create it with me? My renowned architect...Erick M." Mikolaj looked into Erick 's eyes hoping that he would say yes.
"I already have a Erick M. drink! I don't mind an Erick M. baby!" Erick said yes and Mikolaj said, "I'm sure it would be a fine masterpiece!"
"Are you ready to make the best work of art that you have ever made in your life?" Mikolaj flirted with Erick.
Erick then whipped out red roses for Mikolaj. "This is to thank you for making my architectural masterpiece so lovely and allowing me to have an Erick M. baby!" Erick was an expert in sweet talking.
"This is the first time that I am receiving roses from a guy! Thanks so much! I will always remember this moment! This special moment in my life!" Mikolaj was touched by Erick's romantic gesture.
"The first time I'm surrounded with lasers in bed! Another great idea! You are so creative, Mikolaj!" Erick looked at the special effects.
"Spices up the creation of the masterpiece process, huh?" Mikolaj held Erick's hand tightly as the lasers were shining into their faces.
It was a special experience for both Mikolaj and Erick to be creating their masterpiece under strobe lights. It added the extra omph to their baby making process. 
The 18th masterpiece on the way!
"I'm sure this baby is going to be artistic and creative just like the father!" Mikolaj told Cadence who was listening to her tummy.
As the days passed by, Mikolaj's tummy grew bigger and bigger.
She totally detest the idea of ugly maternity dresses. She ditched them for a sexy bikini.
Watch out, World! Get ready to embrace a little budding work of art!
The phone just had to ring at such a wrong timing!
The stork had arrived at the Sierras! Presenting to you: The Sierras' Architectural Work of Art! Mikolaj and Erick's loving masterpiece...
Baby 18 Heaven Sierra! (Thanks to Jasmineee Rickypony!)
Hang on tight to the next post where the Sierras welcomed pets into their house!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

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    Great post, and cannot wait for pets to join their household!

  2. @Destiny: wow! U are so fast! I just updated the new post and u commented! Haha!! Mikolaj was trying to act like a school girl with her ponytails!!

  3. Mikolaj's new look is certainly original. I cannot wait for the Sierras to get pets.

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