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Berrylicious Twins: Baby 16 & 17!!

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A cool green Puzzled Wall Sculpture from 27dizzie. Thank you so much for this new addition for the Sierras!
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"What?!? Our house is on reserved ground and we have to shift out? Do they know who they are messing with? This is the megastar Mikolaj Sierra's house! How dare they!!" Mikolaj screeched in her diva like tone. The Sierras had no choice but to move. Mikolaj tried to argue her way through but the city council threw them some mumbo jumbo about their house being on "reserved ground", so the Sierras were forced to pack their things and find new housing. Fortunately, Mikolaj wasn't without contacts in the right places.
"My agent says the place is GREAT! Right in line with the celebrity houses. Though why they did not send a limo to pick us up is beyond me... This is going to be a long walk..." Mikolaj was whining and complaining under the hot sun.
A long walk it was, indeed. Carrying toddlers a few miles is no easy job. Poppy seemed to be the only one smart enough to whip out the ol' pram!
"I better get extra credit for thinking of this," Poppy muttered to herself.

After rounding a wrong corner and getting lost, the Sierras finally made it to their new home. Large, yes. Up to celebrity standards, not so much. "ERrrr...this is it?" Mikolaj was expecting a mega huge and luxurious penthouse.
While Mikolaj was dreading the fact of living in the big blue house, Cadence took the opportunity to explore the grounds.
"I think it's nice. Look at all the space for the kids to play outside! Miko? Miko!" Cadence tried to get her daughter's attention but to no avail. Mikolaj was absolutely shocked.

"I am going to ki-... Seriously hurt my agent. What a liar! This house... It's not for me, no no!" Mikolaj had a hard time keeping evil thoughts of revenge out of her head. Time for her agent to find a hiding place!
The front of the new home. It consists of two storeys, two garages, lots and lots of rooms and bathrooms, and a great area outside with lots of playground things (including a pool!) for the kids. Cadence was so thrilled with this new home.

The dining room area was one of the rooms of the house that wasn't painted blue.

The kitchen, which includes a bar and a extra lounge area to the side.
(Not in the picture though!)

The main living room area.

The biggest bathroom of them all, and Mikolaj's personal one connected to her room. It was exactly to her standards, radiating an air of luxury.

Mikolaj's room has a darker tone to it, but fits her needs! It includes a fireplace, for when she ever wishes to get cozy in front of a fire.

Cadence's room is very open and light, with lots of windows and a view to the outside where the kids would be playing. A totally thoughtful idea for the ever doting grandmother.

And now to the second storye. On first glance there's another living room area, with a foosball table and a stereo.

The study is not only the place to be thinking, but also for some relaxation! It comes with it's own lounge area.

The girls room has the girly flair to it, with the red-pink mixture to it.

The cramped space that will be called the gym. For all the celebrities that need to be kept in shape.

Though the house looks primarily like a family home, it does have some luxuries and sculptures on the inside, for example a beautiful fountain!
The boys room came with a lot of pictures of cars and the color blue, so hopefully it suits the likes of the boys and teens!

The nursery includes a variety of toys for everyone, and of course the cots. The green furniture fitted in perfectly with the green wallpaper.

At the side of the house, there waited a rather large pool for the entire family.

The house also included Mikolaj's beloved hot tub which overlooked the sea!

And last but not least, outside on the patio there was an area perfect for barbecues and family time.

Mikolaj was often found pausing for a few seconds, with a defeated look on her face. "Why... Why did the council have to take our house from us?"

Worries aside, there was a special birthday approaching: that of the fair-skinned Sterling!
"Happy birthday, little Sterling!" Mikolaj called out while Cadence held the birthday boy. Secretly inside, she worried about the trait Sterling might develop. Would he perhaps be the mirror of his father?

It was a huge celebration, with cheering and blowing horns. Poppy and Lottie were putting on extremely happy faces, hoping that their mom would notice their enthusiasm and give them a birthday too.
Woah! Woah! "Grow up into a handsome young lad!" Mikolaj cheered on.
Sweet Sterling is just as happy growing up, that he literally dances his way into childhood!
As a child, Baby 12 Sterling Sierra showed such an interest in space activities that he's been wearing t-shirts with alien drawings on it!
"It must all be a conspiracy... Why would the city make us move? It's all for their own gain!" Poppy was the most affected by the change of housing and voiced her opinion out loud.

The tiger twins loved the seesaw even though they seemed to be too big for it. "Don't you think life is like a see-saw, it has its ups and downs..." Poppy lamented to her twin sister. "Since when you became so philosophical?" Lottie laughed.
Sterling loved playing with sand. He always made random piles of sand and loved running his fingers through the sand.
"Wooooo!!" Sterling threw the sand into the air. Sterling had an interesting set of traits, ranging from evil, grumpy and to the newly developed trait, snob. But even with that, he was still a kid at heart and loved kids activities.

The house was filled to the brim with kids, and it was time to continue the challenge. Poppy and Sierra had to focus on their education first, but it didn't mean some of the other Sierras couldn't age up.
"Miko, wouldn't you say it's time for the vampire toddlers to grow up?" Cadence confided to her daughter.

She was hesitant to answer. The toddlers were the only things remaining from her short life as a vampire, and seeing them grow up so fast was devastating. But to get rid of the crying babies would be nice.
"They haven't been taught all their skills, mum.. Maybe you could help with that?"
"Help, yes, but I won't be doing everything for you, Mikolaj!" Cadence kept her voice stern. It was time her daughter did more than just deliver the babies.

The house was eerily quiet that afternoon, with everyone either outside or teaching the toddlers to talk.
"Come on Sergio, you can do it! Say ce-le-bri-ty... Hopefully that's what you will become one day!" Mikolaj was the one teaching Sergio, and before her eyes flashed dreams that maybe one day he'll become a vampire celeb.

Old habits die hard. Poppy was soon back too laying booby traps around the house. Unfortunately, the paparazzi spotted her doing this.
"Will this mean that news of me pranking everyone will land on the front page of the news paper?" Poppy wondered.
It didn't lead to a new front page of a magazine, but it sure did lead to a scolding for Poppy!
To get back on Mikolaj's "good side", Poppy started out by helping with the toddlers. A hard job indeed.
Sterling had been plotting evil deeds for a while, and started out with the most easiest one: scaring one of his siblings. Lottie was the chosen candidate for the night.
"RAHHHH!" he yelled from behind her.
"AH!" Lottie yelped. Struggling to breathe, she held her hand on her chest. "Sterling! Why did you do that? Your not supposed to come into the girls room."
The instant she yelled at her brother, Lottie felt guilt. Maybe trying to be nice could help?
"Sterling, I'll say this slowly... You are not supposed to go into other people's rooms and scare them. It's very bad of you."

"Ugh," Sterling rolled his eyes and left the room.
"Come on Leyshon.. Just on more step.. There you go!" Cadence encouraged her grandson through his first few steps.
Mikolaj was in desperate need of a makeover. In her mind, she was beginning to look like a respectable mother instead of a five-star celeb. That was a big no no for her.
To remedy this, Mikolaj settled for a loose ponytail instead of a braided one, and went for hot pants and a tight top with a jacket.
No point being subtle about it, Mikolaj absolutely rocked her new look!
Poppy was really trying hard to make up for her pranks. Her mum caught her in the act of teaching Sergio to walk.
 "Five more steps, Sergio... Just five more steps..."
The sight of this softened Mikolaj's heart, but also gave her some nasty ideas.
"If I never let her off the hook, she will continue to help me... Making my life so much easier! I would never have to work another day in my life!" Miko laughed quietly to herself.
In the end, the mother side of Mikolaj won over, and made the hard decision to let Poppy stop working so hard.
"Poppy, Mum sees that you are sorry for what you did. So.. You don't have to go and make up for what you did. You are off the hook!" Mikolaj patted Poppy's shoulder.
Just because Poppy was off the hook now, doesn't necessarily mean Mikolaj can't relax!
Oh joyous tidings, the vampire triplets are aging up!
For a vampire, Baby 13 Shizuka Sierra was an sweet, innocent girl obsessed with the color purple. She had Mikolaj's bright purple eyes and her father's purple hair. She was much quieter than her brothers who find entertainment by creating chaos.
Baby 15 Leyshon Sierra's eyes mesmerized everyone around him. He and his brother formed the troublemakers in the house for the time being.
Baby 14 Sergio Sierra was by far the most evil brother of the triplets, in an adorable sort of way. His purple eyes inherited from his mother just increased the evil look.
"This stuff is for dummies... Yet it's so hard... I don't see how we will use this after school," Poppy complained while doing her homework. She found it pointless, and not assisting their education.
"Oh! I just had a brainwave. They keep dummies from graduating by giving us homework? Maybe? No? Okay, no..." Lottie seemed to be the better thinker of the two, yet didn't want to be too obvious about it.
Bonfire at the Sierras! Remember those marshmellows!
"Hehehe, my marshmellow is on fire! Awesome!" Sergio cheered.
While everyone else was enjoying their time at the fire, Lottie and Shizuka enjoyed a time of bonding by doing some traditional old pillow fighting!
To keep her celebrity body in shape, Mikolaj climbed back on the treadmill for a training session.
"Mikolaj, where are you hiding today?" Cadence sighed as she started picking up laundry around the house: a task that Mikolaj should have done.
A surprising revelation took place the next day. The five star celeb Sierra got up early in the morning, and actually went to get the newspaper and mail. Along with the bills, there was an invitation to a party.
Mikolaj's eye only fell on the word party and the location, not bothering to check the occasion or what she should wear.
"It's going to be fabulous! I already have a dress I've been saving for a party.. I bet I'll be the best dressed diva and the life of the party!" she confided to her mum, who was busy making breakfast.
"Mikolaj, what's the occasion? Isn't there a reason behind the partying?" Cadence wondered.
"Sometimes people just throw parties. They're social butterflies and such. And celebrity like me need to attend such parties for exposure! Anyway, I threw away the invite already.. All I know, it's around 9PM, and at Waylon's Haunt." Mikolaj said in between chomps.
Mikolaj started early with preparations for the party, sporting a short red dress and matching stiletto's.
Another round of birthdays, this time that of the teenager twins.
Baby 10 Lottie Sierra, the more obedient twin, kept the dream alive of becoming an ace investigator, and hoped to become one of the next Sherlock Holmes. For an perceptive girl, she sure has a sense of style!
Baby 11 Poppy Sierra, the prankster of the twins, adopted her mother's style, keeping her hair in two long ponytails. For all her tricks and pranking, Poppy ultimately decided to become a musician, having a real talent to play the piano.
"Well, my granddaughter, I wish you good luck on your journey to become a private eye, and I'm sure you'll be successful just like all your other siblings!"
It was an emotional day again for Cadence Sierra, to see another grandchild leave the nest to live their own life.
"Thanks Grandma! Watch the television and newspaper headlines. I'm sure you'll see me there soon when I unveil a big case!" Lottie was all confident about her future.
When Mikolaj gets an evil glint in her eyes, you can't help the feeling of queasiness that follows.
"Why does mum always stare at nothing and get that look on her face..?" Poppy got all uncomfortable.
The girls bid their goodbyes, but Poppy didn't leave before telling her grandma a good joke.
 "So did you tell Mom about the party that she's going tonight? I can't believe she's actually going, based on what it's for, y'know..." Poppy whispered.
"I hinted that she should read it, but let it go. Who knows, maybe she could learn something from it!" Poppy laughed.
No walking to clubs this time around. For a five star celeb, there had to be a limousine.
Just before Mikolaj entered the club, she gave herself a pep talk. "Alright, I have the best dress... I'm hot, I will catch the eye of any guy that sees me... Okay, I can do this!"
Taking a deep breath, she walked into Waylon's haunt with her head held high, only to be shocked upon entrance.
"Oh my gosh, look at what Mikolaj Sierra is wearing...! This should catch the headlines!" said a bystander, and quickly took a photo.
Another witness, herself a celebrity, couldn't help freaking out at the sight of the five star celeb.
"What's going on here...? What is everyone wearing?" Mikolaj asked in confusion.
Something was definitely wrong tonight! Everyone were wearing...old people's clothing? Long dresses? Not a single short dress in sight.
"Look at the way Mikolaj is ruining the image of a celebrity... We're done for! Not a single good word will come of this!" The four star celeb Emmy Star said to fellow celeb and friend, Moxie Logan.
Unfortunately, the paparazzi were there, ready to report the latest gossip, which ended up being Miko's outfit.
"I don't understand this... Never in the history of parties have I worn the wrong outfit. So what happened here? Why does everyone look so weird!? I'm so embarrassed..." Poor Mikolaj suffered the consequences of not reading the invitation properly. Cliched as it sounded, Mikolaj was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide in some hole on the ground.
But to her surprise, she was saved from eternal shame.
"Good evening, everyone, and thank you for coming to the Donation Drive for the senior citizens of Bridgeport for 2011!"
"We are grateful for all the messages and donations we have received, and a special thank you goes out to Mikolaj Sierra for making the biggest donation of them all! It would explain her choice of outfit, seeing as she is the guest of honor... So please, Ms Sierra, join me on the stage."
Mikolaj clearly remembered never sending anyone money, especially not to some charity for the older people of the city. But this guy saved her hide, and she wasn't going to let her chance of limelight go by.
"As all of you know, I am Mikolaj Sierra, five star celebrity, the hottest thing in town at the moment.. But, eh, enough of me. We're, um... Here to...celebrate, the old people, and all their...contributions... to the city." Mikolaj had a hard time coming up with an appropriate speech to thank the people, and couldn't help but stutter.
To prove the way she "felt", Mikolaj opted to dance with celeb Aria Trill, someone well on her way to elderhood.
The party ended being great, with lots of dancing and drinking, as the standard party goes. As the host disappeared from the club, Mikolaj rushed off to find him.
"Hey, you there. Thanks for saving me in there... I should learn to properly read the invitation next time!" Mikolaj expressed her thanks.
There was a moment's silence between them.
"My name is Turq Bubbleyum (Thanks to berrypie27!), by the way," he said, sounding extremely shy in the process.
"Well, Turq, to thank you, I will give your name to her agent, and maybe you could become a hot shot celeb just like her!" Mikolaj answered.

Along with this exchange, a brilliant idea bubbled into her mind.
"Turq, it may be a lot to ask after tonight.. But could you help a girl out? I'm doing this baby challenge, and my Mom is always after me to find the next father.. How would you feel to be father of Baby 16?" Mikolaj went straight to the point.
An hour later, the unusual couple were lounging in a hot tub. Turq agreed to be a father, as long as Mikolaj actually donated money to the organization.
"I could get used to the life of luxury. Being able to sit in the hot tub all the time, have no worries.. The senior people would love this!" Turq relaxed in the hot tub.
"Shhhhh, enough talking, more kissing!" Mikolaj interrupted Turq with a quick kiss on the lips...
...And now Mikolaj is well on her way to becoming pregnant!
"YAHOO!" Sergio yelled from where he was perched on the space ride.
 "BEST... DAY... EVER!" Shizuka replied in turn.
Sadly, Sterling didn't have a play partner as the triplets spent time only with each other and not with him.
Mikolaj was left with cleaning up around the house as Cadence was working out in the gym.
"That's it, I'm not picking this pile of stinking clothing up. I'm just gonna leave it here, nobody's gonna notice it anyway..." And just like that, Mikolaj sneaked out of the dining room.
The kids used the dining room as a study that evening. Their classmate, child star Jupiter Belle was narrating a ghost story. They were so enthralled and engrossed in the ghost story.
"They don't have faces...?! Oh my goodness, how did that happen? Tell us more, please!" Shizuka chirped, very afraid yet very interested in the story.
"I've heard worse.. And come on, they don't have faces? Ugh, that's so old already...," Sergio was unimpressed by Jupiter's tall tale.
Soon enough, it was celebration time, as Mikolaj finally found out she was pregnant.
Cadence joined Mikolaj for some fun time in the pool.
"Miko! When I said I'd have some fun time with you I didn't mean splash me with water right in the face!"
 "Oh, Mum, don't be such a downer!" Mikolaj scowled.
As the kids were at school, Mikolaj dragged Cadence through the streets of Bridgeport until they arrived at a stylish looking building.
"Wait till you see what I have planned for you...," Mikolaj did an evil laugh.
"Oh, Miko, I don't need a makeover! People know me by my trademark look, as they know your other siblings by the Sierra trademark pink blonde hair!" Cadence preened in front of the mirror.
"Just for a minute. So you can see that you COULD look good in other clothing..." Mikolaj was so tired of seeing Cadence in the same outfit all the time.
Cadence relented, and the first outfit was a sassy business dress that fit her snugly.
"It's modern, and you look great!" Mikolaj commented.
And for the more motherly look, Cadence chose jeans, accompanied by a top and jacket. It wasn't that of a fashionista, but it still looked good.
Leyshon and Shizuka were extremely curious about their heritage and what it meant. The thing that bothered them the most was their vampire skin, and whether it would burn in the sun light.
"We run outside every day, but we don't stay there too long.. Maybe we should try now?" Shizuka suggested.
The shadow was dissipating and the sunlight was coming closer and closer. It almost touched Leyshon's feet, when he gave up and ran inside.
"No way! I'm not gonna die now!" he yelled and ran safely back into the house.
Sterling definitely was smart, but to get that extra attention from his grandma, he always asked for help with his homework.
The vampire triplets are indeed inseparable. They can't even play imaginary car chases without each other at their side!
After having been commanded by her mom to clean up the laundry that was lying all over the house, Mikolaj went to have a long shower to wash all the germs off of her. But it came with some repercussions.
"AHHHHH! Help me, I'm dying!" Cadence heard a scream emerge from the bathroom.
"Mikolaj, are you in there? Are you alright?"
"Of COURSE not! I'm in LABOR!" Mikolaj screeched before erupting in a fit of hisses and clenching of teeth.
After much struggle and screaming from Mikolaj, everything became calm and normal again. The world just got a little brighter, with the arrival of  Baby 16 Megumi Sierra (Thanks to Mimomgurl!), and her twin sister...
...Baby 17 Kasumi Sierra, the berry baby of the duo. Both names have Japanese origins and have beautiful meanings. Just like the two new girls! Welcome to the world, the berrylicious additions to the Sierras!!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

A big thank you to Destiny Rose for her contributions.


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