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The Open Ended Baby?

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Mikolaj was still enjoying every bit of being a vampire. It was refreshing for her as she had always adore the nightlife.
"Hmm..why do I feel nauseous? I'm not even pregnant." Mikolaj felt sick. It has been a long time since she fed on human blood and she was definitely craving for some.
"Time to change for the vampire triplets' birthday bash!" Mikolaj dressed up to her nines and she could not wait to see the triplets grow up into full-fledged vampires. Vampire babies looked exactly the same as normal babies, they only evolve into vampires after they grow into toddlers.
Baby 15 Leyshon Sierra as a true blue vampire toddler!
Baby 14 Sergio Sierra inherited Mikolaj's bright purple eyes. He was a moody young vampire with his gaze often fixed in space. He had hazel brown hair which was swept to one side. He looked really adorable with his matching purple overalls.
Leyshon Sierra had a head of jet black hair and eyes that shone brightly in the dark.
The rose amongst the thorns: Baby 13 Shizuka Sierra! She was the only one amongst her siblings to inherit their dad's unique hair colour. She also had Mikolaj's trademark purple eyes.
This was the first time that Cadence was looking after vampire babies. She was constantly worried that her vampire grandkids would be exposed to too much sunlight and in turn stunt their growth. The doting grandma ensured that the trio were well taken care of.
"Have you forgotten what you promised me?" Cadence reminded Mikolaj. Mikolaj had promised to go back to her normal self once she gave birth to the vampire babies. "Huh?" Mikolaj pretended not to hear anything when Cadence walked past.
"Mikolaj, it's time to go back. Back to the normal Mikolaj Sierra." Cadence said as Mikolaj looked away.
"Am I not normal now? I feel perfectly comfortable and well in this vampire self!" Mikolaj seemed relucant to shed her vampire status. "Hey! Mikolaj..." Cadence's voice trailed away as Leyshon cried loudly in the background. "I'll settle this with you in a while!" Cadence stormed off angrily as she attended to Leyshon.
"GRRrrrr...I wanna be a vampire!" Mikolaj flashed her sharp fangs.
"I want to suck people's blood! Suck them dry!" Mikolaj was getting more convincing as a vampire.
"Hmm..shall I prey tonight?" Mikolaj was really craving for some fresh blood.
"Mikolaj! Miko!!" Cadence tried to snap her into reality. "You can't go on like this! You really cannot go on like this. It pains me to see you in this manner." Cadence tried to knock some sense into her rebellious daughter. "Just for a day? Mum? Please!!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence. "Nope! Not even for a single day! I want the normal Mikolaj to be back! How can you say you are normal when you have to sleep on coffins, avoid the sun and prey on normal human beings for food? You will get into trouble one day if you continue to be your vampire self!" Cadence said. "Please, Mum! I'll just prey for this last night and I will be back to my normal self! I promise!" Mikolaj begged Cadence for some time.
"You want to prey? Okay fine! Here! Drink my blood then! But promise that you will shed your vampire self." Cadence willingly stretched out her hand for Mikolaj to prey on. This was mother's love in the greatest form. Though Cadence was really afraid and frightened to be bitten, she did it just for Mikolaj. "Are you sure, Mum?" Mikolaj was hesitant though she was really blood thirsty.
"Yeah! Just do it! At least I know you won't be going around biting on people's neck tonight! And I want you to go to the science lab to get the antidote right after this! Understand?" Cadence lay out her rules. "Sorry Mum!" Mikolaj agreed and nodded her head.
"Here I go then..." Mikolaj brandished her sharp white fangs and Cadence's face cringed in horror.
"Argh!!" Cadence cried out. Though it was not the first time that Cadence was bitten by Mikolaj, it was still a painful experience for Cadence, both physically and emotionally.
It was so painful that Cadence's mouth was totally crooked and her eyes crossed.
"Time for a trip to the science center!" Cadence reminded Mikolaj for the umpteenth time. "Alright, Mum. I'll do that now..." Mikolaj was satisfied after drinking Cadence's blood.
Off she went to the local science center to buy the antidote to shed her vampire status.
" more preying on more cool pale more shiny bright more plasma more worries about being exposed to the sun.." Mikolaj was cherishing her last few moments of being a vampire.
She was feeling all sad and emotional about shedding her vampire self. She really enjoyed her evil and scary side of her. "No more sharp white fangs too!" She muttered under her breath, visibly sad that she had to say goodbye to the vampire lifestyle.
" least I still have my vampire triplets!" She rubbed her hands in glee as if the triplets were her only presents and memories of being a vampire for a small part of her life.
"Are you ready? Mikolaj?" She prepped herself to eat the vampire antidote.
"GRGGGHHHH!" Mikolaj flashed her sharp fangs for the last time...
"I can't wait to have my Mikolaj back!" Cadence thought to herself. She was so thrilled that Mikolaj has finally taken the big step to the local science laboratory to purchase the vampire antidote. "This is it!" Mikolaj drew a deep breath as she clutched on tightly to the bottle.
"Mikolaj Sierra is going to be back!" Mikolaj shouted to muster more courage. "You can do it! Go on!" Cadence egged her on.
"Argh...Mum! I feel so queasy...I feel like I am going to puke!" Mikolaj was feeling very sick after drinking the antidote. "Just imagine that you are drinking your favourite alcoholic drink! You always feel sick after drinking too much too!" Cadence laughed but at the same time she was worried that the antidote had no effect on Mikolaj as yet.
Suddenly, a gush of red air surrounded Mikolaj. "Woo! Finally!" Cadence looked on as Mikolaj was feeling really terrible.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Mikolaj screamed out of frustration. It was one of the worst feeling that she ever had, something that was indescribable. She could feel her skin stretching and veins bursting out of her body. "Bear with it! Girl, you can do it!" Cadence watched on helplessly. There was nothing she can do to help her girl.
"Yucks! Get away! Shoo!!" Mikolaj tried to swat away the annoying bats that were surrounding her. "Away with the evilness! Let peace and quietness descend on the Sierras!" Cadence chanted, hoping the bats would leave Mikolaj.
After much struggle and agony, it was official! Mikolaj Sierra is BACK! Cadence heaved a sigh of relief. It had been a rollercoaster ride for the Sierras ever since Mikolaj became a vampire. It was as if everything became topsy turvy.
"Aww! Mikolaj! Miko! You are back!!" Cadence reached out to give her dear daughter a big hug.
"I have always been here, Mum!" Mikolaj joked with Cadence.
"I mean the real you, not the vampire Mikolaj!" Cadence embraced her tightly. "Don't worry, Mum! See, I have kept to my promise!" Mikolaj was proud that she did it.
"I miss my sharp fangs...." Mikolaj was still not getting used to her normal self. "I certainly don't miss your sharp fangs! They were so scary when you sucked the blood from me!" Cadence was so glad that there would not be such horror episodes again.
"I miss being evil! Miss brandishing my sharp white fangs like this..." Mikolaj demonstrated her past vampire self to Cadence.
"Don't do that anymore! You are Mikolaj Sierra, the mother of the 100 Baby Challenge, the domestic goddess to be. Not the vampire to be!" Cadence reminded Mikolaj.
"Get a makeover! I want the sweet endearing Mikolaj to be back!" Cadence said to Mikolaj. Mikolaj opted for a long side braid complete with a white hairband. Her hairstyle made her looked like a teenager.
She had wore the latest fashion which was hot short denim shorts with pockets hanging out.
"Can you recognise me? I am your vampire mother, Mikolaj! But I'm normal now!" Mikolaj teased little Leyshon.
"Hmm....puberty..I will experience puberty soon...Whats that?" Little Poppy was really curious about teenhood.
While her twin sister Poppy was up reading, the lazy and messy Lottie was taking a nap. She was so lazy that she did not even bother to clean up her clothes before she took the nap.
Time for birthdays at the Sierras! "You will go first!" Little Poppy looked at her twin sister, Lottie who was all ready to blow the candles. She was worried about the changes that she would undergo during puberty. She wanted to see what would happen to Lottie before she took the plunge.
"Woah! Your chest would just explode and grow weird stuff!" Poppy told Lottie about what she read. "Stop being a drama mama! I have never seen that happened before to anyone! I just want to get this over and go back to my sleep!" Lottie was totally nonchalent.
"Whee! Does growing up means more freedom? I can sleep whenever I wanted to?" Lottie wondered.
It was finally time for Poppy to step into teenhood. She kept looking at her body to see what changes would she have while Grandma Cadence and Mum Mikolaj cheered her on.
"Woah! Yeah!!" Celebrations was definitely in the air for the Sierra household.
The tiger twin girls grew up looking really identical! Apart from their hair and eye colour, they had the same sharp nose and oval face. Baby 10 Lottie Sierra grew up to have the over-emotional trait.
Presenting to you Baby 11 Poppy Sierra! And no, her chest did not explode during her growing up process. Instead, she grew into a womanly lady with well endowed features. She looked exactly like her Dad, Ti-Gah with her orange black hair and brown eyes.
The tiger twins were often up to much mischief, they were delighted when they knew that the Sierras had recently acquired the Sims 3 Generations!
This meant that the teenager’s lives can now revolve around pulling pranks and setting booby traps on unsuspecting neighbours, family and friends. On a residential lot, child and teen Sims can set traps on different household objects and appliances. There are boundaries and limits to every teenager’s life. Some of these will be restricting, which often sends an adolescent onto a path of destructive and rebellious behaviour. Parents can ban you from playing with your favourite toy, putting you on a timeout or even ground you, so be warned. As you know, teenagers don’t like to be subjected to staying in their rooms and frequently try to escape when their parents aren’t looking.
Poppy tried to set a booby trap for her twin sister Lottie. However, she was totally oblivious to the fact that Mikolaj was standing just behind her when she was planting the booby trap!
"Aha! Can't imagine Lottie's face when she sits on this!" Poppy laughed to herself as she devised her evil plan.
"Poppy! Poppy! What were you doing?" Mikolaj confronted her. "Errr..nothing...nothing..." Poppy was lost for words. "You called this nothing?" Cadence took out the booby trap from the sofa.
"Erm...this is just a science experiment! I heard from my teacher that sitting on this will fly you into the moon!" Poppy tried to lie through her teeth.
"Do you know that this is very dangerous?" Mikolaj berated her. "I'm sorry! I know I'm wrong! I'll strangle myself to prove my innocence!" Poppy was such a drama queen.
"I heard you wanted to trap and trick me with a booby trap. But instead you got scolded by Mum and Grandma, right?" Lottie asked her twin sister.
"No!? Who did you hear this from?" Poppy acted innocent. "Wahahah!! But it backfired! It backfired!"  
"Oh my gosh! This is so funny! The joke of the year! Wahaha! You wanted to trick me but got scolded! Gosh! So funny!" Lottie giggled.
With the Sims 3 Generations, Grandma Cadence was the most pleased with the strollers that actually work! "They should have this long ago! It would be such a great help for my 100 Baby Challenge!" Cadence tried on the new strollers with little Leyshon.
"Hmm..not too bad!" Cadence said as she pushed the stroller. As Leyshon was a vampire toddler, this meant that she could take him and his siblings for walks when the sun has set.
 "Hmm..uh...Hmm.." Though little Leyshon has not learnt to talk, but he seemed to be very satisfied with the new mode of transport. 

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. Wow! That's so cool! What a great way for the readers to get involved into Cadence's and Mikolaj's life. I have a 100 Baby Challenge Blog, maybe I can try that. I'll think about it though, I'm busy with mine right now. I have a big post coming up. :) Great update and I'm glad your back Cadence. :D

    ~Dawn Turner aka HaileyG.

    My 100 Baby Challenge:

  2. Aw, Cadence! What a sweet idea, I'm glad you're going to keep going rather than give up :) I think I would be interested in doing this but am not sure :/ I woule LOVE to go at a later time perhaps...just in case, I'll leave a message on your FB wall. Good to hear from you
    -Amber Lights-

  3. Hmm...that'd be very interesting! I know I don't have many babies (I have 7) and I only blogged for two. Hopefully you will pick me! :)

  4. I am a excellent writer, even if it seems that I am not. I do the editing work for Many Mini McKnights :)

  5. Wow, your idea is such a great way to get people involved! I can't wait to see what people create and it's great to see you back Harmony!

  6. Thanx for mentioning me! I love Cadence and Mikolaj and the babies! Their so cute:) Haha! Sadly I have had the maximum of 6 babies! Three identical, teenage, vampire boys named Monroe, Tiomthy, and Nathen. And three toddler girls named Leah, Whitney, and Anna... or Brittany... or, well I forgot the youngest one's name! But poor Leah is the only human baby! The mom, Annabelle, is a vampire but the dads are all human :)

  7. Can't wait to see who gets picked. I finished my 100 baby challenge and couldn't dream of doing a 2nd one LOL good luck and can't wait to see who wins.

  8. Wow! I hadn't realized how long it had been since your last post. It is good to see a new update. I think it is a really great idea to have your readers help continue the story. I'm looking forward to reading the next update. :D

  9. I do not have Night Life and despise it since it gave me a nasty aging-up bug that prevents CAS Sims from growing up(I had to use altered pre-mades) so I can't but I will be doing a 100-baby challenge of my own in the near future to commemorate this!

    Interesting method of continuing the 100-baby challenge despite your lack of free time(so says the guy who is in a day program which forces him to restrict his computer time to 4 hours a day ha ha ha), having the Sierras move from game to game as your readers have their own baby daddies Try For Baby with Mikolaj. Good luck with that! As I said before, I hate Night Life and will never reinstall it, so I can't participate sadly. I'll still find ways to nod to your Sims. 6_^

  10. Whoo! Good luck Harmony! I would love to help out, but I already juggle two blogs! Can't wait to see what awesome things come out of this idea! Great idea!

  11. @Forever: Thanks! Hope u can join in the fun soon!

    @Amberlights: Thanks! I got your msg:)

    @Ava: What's your email address?

    @Cat: Thank you! Welcome back to the blog!

    @Awesome: No prob!!

  12. Wow this is so great! I'm so happy to see you back :)

  13. What a neat idea, I did a 101 baby challenge and completed it. I can't wait to see what your "guest writers" o with the challenge!

  14. Here are some names for you!

    Saoirse (SEER-shuh)

    Ancel (ON-sell)
    Truitt (TRUE-it)

    P.S love the challenge! ;)

  15. hey can you use my in-game born sim as the next father? He has a huge backstory and was born and raised in Bridgeport:

    I know that it's a whole family, but could you just use Dirk as the father? or maybe his brothers too when they grow up.


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