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GASP!! Mikolaj's Vampire Babies 13,14 & 15!!

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It's time for Baby Sterling to grow up! "Will he grow up to be a jerk like what his father, Diego was?" Cadence pondered as she cradled little Sterling.
The twin girls, Raethynna and Periwinkle cheered on their little sibling.
"Please don't look like Diego! Please don't look like Diego!" Mikolaj chanted in her heart as she watched little Sterling grow into a toddler with bated breath. Lucky for Mikolaj, Sterling amazingly grew up looking nothing like her and Diego. He has tousled blond yellow hair and pale light skin.
Sterling was so fair that one could almost see the veins on his cute and adorable cheeks.
Cadence was so relieved that Sterling grew up with no traces of genetics from the heartbreaker Diego. She was worried that Sterling would stir up Mikolaj's unhappy past with Diego.
A brand new look for the season! Mikolaj experimented with a loose fit bun for her hair.
To welcome the Spring season, she had put on a cute little romper perfect for the cool weather.
"Mum, I still feel much angst after what Diego did to me!" Mikolaj confided in her mum.
"Why did he do that to me? Am I so lousy? Don't I deserve love too? I feel so hurt that it's affecting my sleep at night.." Mikolaj aired her troubles to Cadence.
"Mikolaj, not that you don't deserve love. It's Diego who don't deserve you at all! A heartbreak is a blessing from God.  It's just his way of letting you realize he saved you from the wrong one." Cadence laughed as Mikolaj cheered up a little bit.
Then, Cadence dispensed more words of wisdom to Mikolaj, "“Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it's better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together." "Glass? Is it so fragile? Why can't it be wood or steel?" Mikolaj asked. "The strongest material will break under pressure one day..." Cadence said as Mikolaj pondered over her words.
To cheer Mikolaj up, Cadence finally relented and agreed to visit the bar lounge with Mikolaj. It was Cadence's maiden trip to the lounge ever since she has shifted to Bridgeport. "Though I agreed to take a look at the night life, I think Sterling is too young to be exposed to such lifestyle..." Cadence disapproved of Mikolaj bringing little Sterling to the lounge.
"Mum, enjoy yourself and let loose! Welcome to Plasma 501! Why didn't you change into the dress that I bought for you?" Mikolaj asked. "This is my trademark white and red outfit! Everyone can tell it's Cadence Sierra from afar!" She mused.
"Cadence Sierra? The legendary Cadence Sierra who finished the 100 Baby Challenge?" The mixologist gasped as Mikolaj beamed with pride. "See that's what I red and white outfit defines me!" Cadence laughed as Mikolaj nodded in agreement.
"Alright, everyone! Today is my Mum's maiden trip to Plasma 501! To mark this special and significant milestone, all drinks are on me!" Mikolaj extended this gesture to everyone present at the lounge.
"Does Mikolaj frequent here very often?" Cadence was trying to find out about Mikolaj's nightlife from the mixologist. The mixologist knew that and remained rather tightlipped about Mikolaj's frequent bar visits.
"Bottoms up! Cheers! Mum!" Mikolaj tried to distract Cadence when she saw Cadence asking the Mixologist about her night life.
"Looks like the Sierra girls are getting a little tipsy..." The Mixologist looked at Cadence and Mikolaj who were making a fool of themselves at the Plasma 501.
"Wa la wa la wa la!!! Isn't this fun, Mum? We should let down our hair like this often!" Mikolaj made a funny face while Cadence stick out her tongue.
"Paparazzi? Look at me! Here! Here!" Mikolaj was so drunk that she did not know what she was doing. She was directing her attention to Victoria Boxer the Paparazzi.
"Mikolaj Sierra? Oh! So nice to see you here!" Victoria was so glad that her trip to Plasma 501 was not futile. She would be able to account to her manager with some sensational Mikolaj's drunk pictures.
" that your newest baby? He is sooooooo adorable! Seems like its the latest Bridgeport celebrity trend to have lots of babies! Babies are celebrities' newest fashion accessory!" Victoria immediately whipped out the camera when she saw Mikolaj holding Sterling. "Yup, this is my latest star addition to the Sierras: Sterling Sierra!" Mikolaj smiled to the sulky Sterling.
Fame do come at a price. The five-star celebrity Mikolaj Sierra had to work on keeping her body svelte and taut.
Looking good for the camera was almost like a social responsibility for her.
"Argh! Go on, Mikolaj! You can do it!" Mikolaj encouraged herself after hitting the neighbourhood gym for almost the entire day.
To ensure that her star quality does not dim, Mikolaj instilled alot of discipline in her exercise regime. Even though she was already dead beat, she forced herself to jog back home.
"Poppy Poppy!" Mikolaj played with tiger gal Poppy through the Big Bird toy.
"Ah! Ah!" Poppy reached out and tried to grab hold of the soft toy. Mikolaj teased her by holding it further away from her.
The handsome Sterling awaiting patiently for his meals to arrive. What an absolute darling!
"Lottie! Where did you get your black hair from?" Mikolaj was puzzled with Lottie's asian roots.
"Argh! Argh! AHH!! Help me!" The helpless Raethynna had a fear of heights.
"Don't worry, my child. Grandma is here. You can do it!" Cadence encouraged the frightened Raethynna. "No! No! Save me, Grandma! Save me!" Raethynna let out a blood curdling scream, it was as if someone stabbed her from the back.
"Relax and enjoy the ride! Relax! Breathe in and out, my girl!" Cadence taught Raethynna how to let go. "Help me! Help me!" Raethynna whimpered and let out a cry as she slided down the elephant slide. "Well done, I'm so proud of you, Raethynna!" Cadence cheered her on.
The eccentric twins grew up! Baby 9 Periwinkle Sierra painted a red heart to complement her sun-kissed skin. It was ironic that she loved the outdoors yet was hydrophobic.
Twin sister Baby 8 Raethynna Sierra grew up with Mikolaj's bright purple eyes. She was slightly more tanned and the most eccentric part about her was her lips. She tried to be innovative and creative by drawing a heart on her thick lips.
"Nice lip colour! Won't the lip colour smudge?" Mikolaj was ever the hip mum who would follow the latest fashion trends. "I use everlasting lip colour!" Raethynna chirped. She was very happy that her mum, Mikolaj acknowledged her eccentricness. "Everlasting lip colour? Hah! Sis, you think you are some superstar advertising for some beauty advertisements? Dream on!" Periwinkle scoffed at Raethynna.
"Why not? Mum is also a megastar in Bridgeport, I'm sure I can do it too! Right, Mum?" Raethynna looked at Mikolaj who had since stripped to her bikini, all ready to enter the hot tub.
"Definitely! All my Sierra kids is a star in their own right. I support you, Raethynna! Raethynna the superstar! Sounds good huh?" Mikolaj was very supportive of Raethynna's lofty ambitions. "Thank you, Mum! You are my idol!" Raethynna winked at Periwinkle who rolled her eyes. The eccentric twins then soaked in the hot tub with Mikolaj the entire evening.
"Call me a superstar! Superstar! Say after me, sssuuuu-ppeeeerrr...sssstarrrrr..." Raethynna tickled Lottie after she refused to repeat after her.
In bid to expose the girls to Bridgeport's nightlife and stardom, Mikolaj brought Raethynna and Periwinkle to The Brightmore with little Lottie in tow. "Raethynna, Welcome to The Brightmore: the place where the brightest stars hang out!" Mikolaj introduced to Raethynna who was obviously in awe of the nightlife.
On the other hand, the calm and serious Periwinkle did not seemed to be impressed at all.
"Mikolaj! Mikolaj Sierra?!? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" A starstruck fan at The Brightmore clapped for the attention of Mikolaj.
"Hello!" Mikolaj smiled to the stranger. "Wow!" Raethynna was totally unaware of Mikolaj's popularity level until today. She totally witnessed how popular her Mum was with her fans and secretly wished that she would be as famous one day.
"A star must learn how to hold her liqour..." Mikolaj seemed to be teaching Raethynna all the wrong routes to stardom. Cadence would have been so upset if she heard that.
"Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up, Pick it up up up, And never say never." The eccentric twins danced to "Never say Never" by their favourite singer, Justin Bieber.
"And there's just no turning back, When your hearts under attack...." Mikolaj joined in the fun at the dancefloor.
"Wooo hooo!!" Mikolaj felt as if she was a teenager with boundless energy again.
"What's skinny dipping, Mum?" Periwinkle asked Mikolaj curiously. "Well, it means going into the hot tub naked!" Mikolaj broke into peals of laughter. "EUgh...ekk...Mum, have you ever tried it?" She asked. "Can't tell you that!" Mikolaj giggled.
"Hi! I'm Periwinkle Sierra!" Periwinkle was trying to be friendly to the Paparazzi waiting outside. "Sierra? You are a Sierra? Are you related to Mikolaj Sierra?" Victoria the Paparazzi questioned. "Of course! She is our Mum!" Raethynna added. "Are you sure? You guys look like you are from outerspace! Mikolaj has such great genetics, seems like none of you got her genes! And you, (pointing to Periwinkle) are you being roasted in an oven or something? Your skin look grossly red." Victoria took a dig at Periwinkle.
Seeing that her twin sister Periwinkle was bullied and humiliated by Victoria, Raethynna fought back and argued. "You white hair lady! I heard you feed on gossip for a living? So shallow? I shall ask my Mum to stop giving you interviews and headlines. Stop feeding on the Sierras for news, you flated chested woman!" Raethynna argued. "Who are you calling a flat chested woman? How dare you!" Victoria was visibly hurt by Raethynna's words. "You! You are the flat chest woman. And can you change your paparazzi clothes. I'm so sick of seeing you in this outfit. Don't you change your clothes? I have been seeing you in this outfit since I was a little baby!" Raethynna cackled.
"Victoria? What?" Mikolaj stormed out when Periwinkle told her about the incident. "Victoria Boxer, get lost! Stay away from the Sierras! How could you say that of my precious daughter. She is so pretty. Don't ever think of taking my photos ever again. If I ever catch you doing that, that will be the end of your career! Watch out!" Mikolaj shoved her to a corner. "Fine! It's not as if you are really famous and hot. There is always the next big thing coming out.." Victoria muttered under her breath.
"What did you just say?" In a fit of anger, Mikolaj lifted Victoria by the collar and slammed her onto the ground. A brawl had started between Mikolaj and the Paparazzi.
"Hmph! Get lost! This will teach you a lesson!" Mikolaj smirked as Victoria winced in pain.
Little Poppy loved bright colours. She especially loved her bright yellow sports car.
She finally put down her favourite sports car when she literally glittered and sparkled into childhood.
Baby 11 Poppy Sierra was the purrfect tiger girl with her smooth and silky lion mane. She has thick black brows just like her Dad, Ti Gah. She grew up having the insane and clumsy trait, totally unlike the traits of tigers.
"Eh? Eh?" Poor little Lottie was all confused when her limbs suddenly grew longer.
Baby 10 Lottie Sierra grew up into a bright-eyed lass with superbly shiny black hair that shone under the sun. She also had thick brows that resembled that of her twin sister, Poppy.
Though Lottie looked demure and innocent, she was a boy at heart. She was often dressed in tees and shorts. Cadence and Mikolaj would often find her climbing up and down the slide or exploring at the playground. She was hyperactive and could not stop for a moment.
Lottie single-handedly helped elder sis Raethynna to overcome her perpetual fear of heights. "We are on the top of the world! Whee! Look! That's the tower that I want to climb one day!" Lottie pointed to the building afar. "Please don't count me in!" Raethynna laughed at Lottie's adventurous side.
Though Mikolaj was gradually forgetting about the hurt and heartache caused by Diego, she would have her emotional outburst from time to time.
"Opps!" The clumsy Periwinkle fell with a loud thud when she was so excited to blow the candles on her cake.
She can't wait to grow into a young adult.
"Go! Girls! Go! A word of advice if you are seeking fame. Your grandma, Cadence wrote this in a postcard when I became a celebrity: Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful." Mikolaj was definitely following in Cadence's footsteps in dispensing words of wisdom to the Sierra kids. Well done, Mikolaj!
Baby 9 Periwinkle Sierra as a young adult. Her green eyes and pink skin complemented one another. She was all ready to join the workforce. However, unlike her fame and fortune seeking twin sister Raethynna, she was more interested to work for the charities and contributing to the society. Cadence was indeed very pleased with her decision.
Baby 8 Raethynna Sierra was determined to make her mark in either the movie industry or modelling industry. With her good looks and figures, she had what it takes to become the next top model.
"Goodbye everyone! Miss ya! Hello to stardom!" Raethynna waved goodbye. "Take care my child! Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." Knowing that the entertainment circle was a complicated one, Cadence was worried for Raethynna as she seemed resolved to make it in the entertainment industry.
Now that there were less kids in the house, Mikolaj was on to her next mission of making the next baby. Having the next baby was a traumatic one for her as it reminded her of the hurt that Diego had inflicted on her. She weeped silently outside the house, hoping that Cadence would not see her shed tears. "Are you okay? Lady?" A green skined man was concerned as he notice Mikolaj crying for quite some time.
Mikolaj was totally oblivious to the surroundings and instead, she wept even harder.
"Hello? Hello?" The man tried to draw Mikolaj's attention but to no avail.
"'s wrong with this lady? Is she deaf or something?" The man scratched his head and was all puzzled as Mikolaj wiped her tears.
"Hello! Excuse me? Are you okay?" The man asked again. His deep husky voice gave Mikolaj a startle and she immediately turned to look at him. Before he could speak, Mikolaj gasped when she saw the sign on his neck, "Vampire? You are a vampire? What are you doing in the sun?" Mikolaj could recognise the sign on his neck as she often frequent the vampire bar, Plasma 501.
"Yeah! I'm William Merryweather the vampire! You are so smart! How do you know I'm one?" William was surprised, not many people could tell that he was a vampire. "I am a frequent patron of Plasma 501! In fact, I'm a VIP there!" Mikolaj mused. "Wow! VIP! You must be a celebrity then!" William said.
William is an edited version of the vampire created by AnnieBonnie007
"Let's get indoors before you melt in front of my very eyes!" Mikolaj laughed. "Thanks! Good to see you smile, you have been bawling for quite some time just now..I was wondering what happened..." William said. "Nothing...nothing much..." Mikolaj's eyes wandered. William knew that Mikolaj did not want to tell him so he diverted the topic.
"Can you lend me your shoulder? I don't mean to be rude, but its quite a novelty to lean on a vampire's shoulders!" Mikolaj requested and William agreed. "Hmm..feels kinda warm! I always thought you vampires would be as cold as ice!" Mikolaj felt that the hug from William was very comforting.
"What about kisses? Will I die from kissing you?" Mikolaj asked cheekily. "Well, you gotta try to find out!" William then leaned close to Mikolaj and gave her a peck on the lips.
Mikolaj was really interested and curious about the lives of vampires. She invited William to try her newly mixed drinks and asked him alot of questions about vampires.
"What do vampires do in the day? What do vampires eat?" Mikolaj constantly bombarded William with lots of questions, even when they were enjoying themselves on the dancefloor.
"Ah! I got a great idea! Why don't you take part in my 100 Baby Challenge? I want to raise vampire babies! That's so cool!!" Mikolaj chirped. "Are you sure? Vampires are a different breed, it's really difficult to raise vampire babies, they have different needs." William explained and rejected Mikolaj's proposition.
"Why not?! You should be honoured to take part in the challenge, ya know? I seldom invite people for my challenge. People look for me for my 100 baby challenge.." Mikolaj was quite surprised at William's reaction.
"That's because I don't want you to suffer, it is definitely an ardous task to take care of a vampire baby..." William looked into Mikolaj's eyes. Mikolaj tried to stay firm, she did not want to fall into the love trap again. "Tell you what, why don't you transform me into a vampire too? I would love to become one for the fun of it!" Mikolaj said. "It's certainly no walk in the park to be a vampire, you lose all your friends, family and can't function like a normal human being, taking long walks in the garden and do gardening in the day..." William's trailed off.
"I like the nightlife anyway! I think I'm a pretty good candidate for a vampire, why don't you try drinking my blood?" Mikolaj offered William to bite her neck. Feeling a little hungry, William decided to pass some of his love to Mikolaj by biting her neck.
"Go on, it's okay!" Mikolaj assured William everything was fine.
"Thank you, Mikolaj! You are so kind to quench my thirst!" William held Mikolaj's face close to his.
"And I must say your blood is really tasty and sweet!" William wiped off the bloodstains on his sleeves.
"Yummy!" William licked his tongue. "Really?! How I wish I could try too!" Mikolaj grinned.
"Look at me, William! Don't I look like a perfect vampire to you? I'm born with the evil trait!" Mikolaj mimic the actions of a vampire.
"This is so funny! I don't think vampires behave like that!" William laughed out loud. "They do! They put their hands like this!" Mikolaj tried to remember what she saw at the Plasma 501.
"Then they would cackle loudly in the dark after biting on their preys!" Mikolaj recalled. "Cackle loudly? I think you are describing werewolves! Haha! You are making us vampires sound so scary!" William smiled.
"Oh well, now that I have direct contact with a vampire, I know they are nice people, just like you, William! I'm sure I can be a nice vampire too! A vampire celebrity that everyone loves!" Mikolaj held William's hand, hoping to convince him to turn her into a vampire.
"Pleassseeeee!! I promise to be a good vampire just like you, doing good deeds for the people of Bridgeport!" Mikolaj pleaded with William.
"Drop the idea, Mikolaj. I'm sure no one wants to see you with pale light skin and luminous bright scary eyes." William said. "Pleassseeee...." Mikolaj gave him the sweetest smile.
"Are you sure your Mum won't mind? It's a life changing experience and a turning point of your life..." William was worried that Cadence would be upset. "Hush! Don't say so loudly, she is too engrossed with the television!" Mikolaj said softly.
"I'm already a adult and a mother. I know what is best for me. Besides, I can produce vampire babies! Isn't that way too cool?" Mikolaj whispered to William.
"Fine, then. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. The transformation will take place in a minute..." William then proceeded to bite Mikolaj's neck, just like what he did to quench his thirst.
"Awwww...gosh! This is so magical and amazing! Even more amazing that giving birth!" Mikolaj was thoroughly enjoying the whole process.
She was shrouded in cold red air and hundreds of bats flocked all around her.
"Why do I still look human?" Mikolaj was getting impatient. It was the first day after she has been transformed but there seemed to be no changes to her appearance. "You have to wait for a few days before you officially become a vampire! Be patient, my dear." William said. "In the meantime, we should just have vampire babies!" Mikolaj smiled cheekily.
William finally relented and sounds of the lullaby floated in the air.
"I need to confess. I have sinned." William told Cadence solemnly when he met her at the door. "Huh?" Cadence was all puzzled.
"I transformed Mikolaj into a vampire, she will turn into one in a few days time..." William said slowly. There was a pregnant silent for almost a minute. "YOU WHAT?!?! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MIKOLAJ? YOU TRANSFORMED HER INTO A VAMPIRE?!? You must be kidding!" Cadence was so furious that one could almost see smoke coming out from her ears.
"You ugly green creature! Get lost! You will have your retribution for doing that to my daughter! What goes around comes around! It's karma, you know!" Cadence bellowed into William's ears. "But she wanted it badly! She begged me to turn her into a vampire!" William retorted.
"I don't want to hear anything from you! Please! Please get out and don't ever appear at the Sierras ever again! What did Mikolaj do to deserve all the rotten guys in the world? First, it was Diego, then it's you!" Cadence shouted.
Cadence then quickly confronted Mikolaj about this vampire issue. "Mum, listen to me! Being a vampire is just for the fun of it. You can always undo it in the science laboratory." Mikolaj assured Cadence.
"You think it's so simple? I'm utterly disappointed in you." Cadence was so upset that tears welled up in her eyes.
"I really...don't....." Before Mikolaj could finish her sentence, Cadence interrupted, "Stop, I don't want to hear anything from you anymore. I'm exhausted. Please, go reflect on this yourself." Cadence then carried Sterling to his crib and walked off dejected and disappointed with Mikolaj. Mikolaj has really gotten herself into big trouble.
To atone for her wrongdoings, Mikolaj became very nice and helped around the house hoping to appease Cadence.
"Argh! Nausea again! Pregnancy can be such a bother, I wonder if vampires experience nausea during their pregnancy too..." Mikolaj felt sick.
"Eh! Ack! EH! EK!" Mikolaj was practicing on her vampire moves, she was all ready and excited to be transformed into a vampire the very next day.
This was the scene that totally smashed Cadence's heart into a million pieces. Presenting to you: Mikolaj Sierra the Vampire. All complete with scaryingly pale light pasty skin and neon bright purple eyes.
Where did the normal Mikolaj go to?
She had the signature mark on her neck to signify that she has joined the ranks of the vampires. Though she looked scary, Mikolaj still looked attractive and pretty for a vampire.
"Oh my! My gosh! Where did my cute and adorable daughter go to?!" Cadence cried buckets when she saw Mikolaj.
"Mum! It's just temporary, stop crying as if I have passed away!" Mikolaj laughed. "This is not funny, you can never understand...! I gave birth to a human being and now, you have gone to the dark side and became a vampire?!?" Cadence was inconsolable.
Cadence's heart was aching badly. "Where is my Mikolaj?!? Return me my Mikolaj!!" Cadence furrowed her brows. "Mum, stop being so dramatic! You are such a drama mama! I will transform back after I give birth!" Mikolaj told Cadence. "I'm a little hungry, can I drink your blood, Mum? It's really cool. Always wanted to try it when I saw William doing it..!" Mikolaj was all excited to drink blood for the first time as a vampire. "Gosh! My daughter wants to drink my blood? What is the world coming to?" Cadence was really sad.
Nonetheless, this was the power of a Mother's love. No matter how sad or disappointed she was with Mikolaj's decision, she "sacrificed" herself just so that Mikolaj would not be hungry.
"AHH!!" Cadence was so frightened when she saw Mikolaj's sharp fangs all ready to bite her arm. Mikolaj looked exactly like a carnivore all ready to eat her prey.
"ARGH! AHHH!!! This is so painful!! Worse than having 100 babies!" Cadence's face was totally crooked from the shock and pain. Mikolaj however was enjoying herself biting onto Cadence's arm.
"Softly! Mikolaj! Softly!" Cadence grimaced in pain. Mikolaj seemed to be totally oblivious to her cries and screams and continued preying on her poor mother.
It was so scary that even little Sterling stared at them for a long time.
"This is so SO SO satisfying!" Mikolaj seemed to be on cloud nine when she finished "eating".
"When did you grow such sharp fangs?" Cadence inspected Mikolaj's teeth.
"Poor me...What did I do to deserve this! Mother's day is just around the corner. Is this the mother's day gift that you are giving to me?" Cadence was heartbroken.
She has never been so sad in her entire life. "Mum! Please! Just for a while! Let me enjoy vampire life for a while!" Mikolaj pleaded with her.
"I tolerated everything! EVERYTHING! You wanted to move to the Bridgeport City. I was relucant to leave Sunset Valley but I did. You wanted to live in a small cosy tall apartment initially and I tolerated it! You did not want to look after the babies, I kept quiet and helped you to look after them! That's because I feel guilty throwing you into this realm of the 100 Baby Challenge! Now that you decided to become a vampire, you have crossed the line! You have indeed crossed the line!" Cadence aired all her grouses and unhappiness that she has been experiencing ever since she shifted to Bridgeport. Mikolaj felt slightly sorry for causing Cadence so much unhappiness, she kept very quiet and listened to Cadence.
"WHY?!?! I'm already so old and here I have my daughter becoming a vampire and feeding on me! This is so absurd!" Cadence can't believe that this was happening to her. "Mum, you really need to calm down!" Mikolaj walked out of the house, leaving Cadence whimpering to herself.
It was Mikolaj's first night out in town as a vampire. She was determined to make full use of it and at least use some of her vampire abilities. "Hah! Succulent flesh! Yummy!"" Mikolaj spotted her "prey".
"I'm so not going to let her go!" Mikolaj flashed her sharp fangs. She looked really evil as a vampire.
"Arh! Arh!" Mikolaj wasn't quick enough to pounce on her. Her "prey" has gone into the lift. It was a failed mission and a futile attempt for Mikolaj the Vampire.
"Hah! Another one!" Mikolaj crouched behind the victim and made a swift attack.
"Gotcha! Whooo! Yummy! Fresh supply of blood!" Mikolaj licked her tongue as the victim looked on bewilderedly. Mikolaj had been so swift in her attack that he could not even react in time.
"Something is churning inside! The baby? Is a vampire baby more violent? I don't seem to feel that when I was pregnant with normal human beings!" Mikolaj felt uneasy and clutched her tummy.
"WAHHHHH!!!" Little Sterling could no longer recognise Mikolaj. He was really frightened and afraid of Mikolaj's vampire looks.
Mikolaj no longer ate like a normal sim, the Sierras had to stock on Plasma juice which Mikolaj relied on when she could not find victims to attack on.
"Gosh! What happened to Mama? Where's the old Mama?" Poppy was sad that her Mum could only function properly in the night. Mikolaj was always tired and lethargic in the day.
"Mum, why can't you go for Parent's day tomorrow? Every one else parents are going, all except you...." Poppy and Lottie told Mikolaj, they were dejected that Mikolaj can't leave the house in the day for fear of being scorched by the sun. "My dears, I will definitely attend the next one! This is only temporary!" Mikolaj explained.
Adjustments had to be made for the Sierras. To accomodate Mikolaj as a vampire, the whole family literally roamed in the house in darkness. Mikolaj was especially sensitive to light, Cadence and Mikolaj had to watch television in the light. 
Cadence was Mikolaj's constant source of food. Poor Cadence!
Though she had experienced it many times, she was still very traumatised by this whole blood sucking affair. Now that Mikolaj was pregnant, she needed even more blood to satisfy her hunger.
"Can you hear the vampire baby?" Mikolaj asked in curiousity as Cadence listened to her tummy.
Being a vampire meant that Mikolaj can no longer sleep on beds. Vampires need to have their own coffins!
Cadence was really down in dumps seeing her own daughter resting on a coffin. She prayed hard that the baby would arrive soon and she can get the old Mikolaj back.
Finally, the day has arrived! A vampire baby was about to arrive at the Sierras! What changes would a vampire baby bring about at the Sierras?
It's not just one vampire baby! It's three vampire babies, a set of multi-gendered triplets. Chaos was about to descend at the Sierras! Can they cope with three vampire babies?!
"Hmm...they look pretty normal as vampire babies...Maybe they aren't?" Cadence pored at the latest addition to the Sierras. "The doctors said that they were definitely vampire babies..." Mikolaj affirmed. Welcome to the Sierras, Baby 13 Shizuka Sierra! (Thanks to josieandrews96!) She was born with the friendly and genius trait.
Next bundle of joy was Baby 14 Sergio Sierra! (Thanks to keleya!) He was a artistic and brave baby.
Another blue bundle of joy! Baby 15 Leyshon Sierra! (Thanks to JustMerry!) He was a tad lighter than his siblings. He would grow up loving the outdoors and he had the evil trait, a perfect trait for a vampire! 

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. I make my vamps sleep on normal beds :D I haven't had any since Abby, who is now human. Her oldest son is a vampire though.

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  3. Haha, this is kinda ironic. The name Sterling I gave up came from Sterling Knight, and Miko's little Sterling looks just like him with that hair ;D

  4. The red and white outfit really is Cadence's signature outfit! :)

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  7. @chey: Thanks!

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    @Jalosims: I tried but its really way too tedious!!

    @Mel: That's really really cool isn't it? Coz Sterling did not really get any genetics from his parents

    @dorkney: Absolutely!

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    @cat: yeah, that's mother love for you. I hope so too!

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