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Marriage: The Road to Bliss and Happiness? Baby 12!!

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"Seems like Mikolaj is getting better and better at the 100 Baby Challenge!" The proud mother, Cadence muttered and beamed with pride as she looked at how Mikolaj handled the twin newborns.
However, old habits die hard for Mikolaj. Her evil pangs started to kick in badly, minutes after Cadence left. Poor little Lottie was lying on the floor blissfully and innocently, totally oblivious to what was happening.
Her mum was rubbing her hands in glee...
...all ready to steal a lollipop from her!
"Ahah! Got it! There is finally some use for these babies other than crying and whining! I can derive some joy from stealing lollipops from them!" Mikolaj totally did not sound like a mother of eleven children.
Little Lottie wailed loudly and Mikolaj stood there without doing anything to soothe the little baby girl. Poor Lottie! What did she do to deserve a strange mother like Mikolaj?
Baby 10 Lottie Sierra grew up into a cherubic little toddler girl with jet black hair and adorable rosy cheeks.
"Look straight at the camera! My baby tiger girl!" Cadence was happily taking photos of little Poppy. Cadence loved to take these growing up photos to document the growth of her Sierra grandkids. From time to time, she would take out those huge photo albums to reminisce about the past.
"That's right! So pretty! Smile and say cheese!" Cadence praised little Poppy as she looked straight into the camera. Baby 11 Poppy Sierra was truly a tiger girl in the makings with her orange brown hair, thick dark brows and huge brown eyes. Her hair was tied up in the most traditional chinese buns, her features totally resembled her father, Ti Gah.
The Sierra's tiger girls were a pretty easy pair of twins to look after. They often entertained themselves with their favourite activity: Watching the television. They seldom would fuss around unless they were very hungry or had a wet diaper.  
Christmas baby is turning into a young adult! All ready to spread his wings and soar out of the Sierras!
"I want to look normal!" Klaus whispered, secretly hoping that he would have normal features like his siblings and peers. He was sick of being taunted and teased for his strange features. His friends always called him Grumpy Old Man as his mouth made him looked sad perpetually.
"Hmm..still pretty much the same, Klaus Sierra..." Baby Klaus Sierra was visibly upset that he still looked the same as he did when he was a teenage boy. 
"My dear Klaus, it does not matter how you look, it is the confidence that you exudes that matters. To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting" Cadence gave Klaus a tight warm hug before Klaus officially moved out of the house.
Little Fleur put on the new dress that Mikolaj bought for her birthday bash. The little child genius was already mapping out her teenage years and path even before she turns into a teenage girl. She had great dreams and hopes of making into the most prestigious schools and universities around the world.
Unlike other kids who would be so excited to blow the candles and check out the presents, Fleur was more interested to explore the meaning of Birthday. "Happy Birthday? Why Happy Birthday? What is the origin of the Happy Birthday song? Who came out with the song? Can I invent a new song?" Little Fleur had high levels of critical thinking. Her analytical skills would work on anything and everything, even on trivial things like the birthday song.
Will Baby 7 Fleur Sierra grow up to be a professor? Let's wait and see. She grew up with the hydrophobic trait and had lovely thick pink-blonde hair. She was the epitome of elegance, beauty and brains. Her green skin made her even more unique and special.
"Time for a brand new look! Woo!" Mikolaj opted for a elegant hairdo.
"I think I look like Audrey Hepburn with this hairstyle!" Mikolaj laughed as she preened in front of the mirror.
Mikolaj inherited great genes from Cadence, she still looked very good for a lady with eleven kids!
Lots of growth spurts at the Sierras. Baby 9 Periwinkle Sierra as a little girl. Just like her elder sister Fleur, she also grew up with the hydrophobic trait. This was such a pity as the Sierras enjoy a huge swimming pool at the ground floor.
"Potty! Potty!" Little Raethynna loved her red potty so much that she took her time to grow up into a kid. She would not be needing that potty when she grows up! Her potty would be sorely missed!
Baby 8 Raethynna Sierra's hair finally grew out when she grew up into a little girl. She had cute brown braids and had Mikolaj's signature purple twinkling eyes. A heartbreaker and superstar in the making!
"Gosh! Isn't that the mega superstar Mikolaj Sierra?" A bespectacled man gasped at the entrance of The Grind. He was completely smitten and drawn to the charisma and confidence that Mikolaj had when she entered The Grind with much fanfare.
"A big round applause for Ms Mikolaj Sierra!" The nerdy looking man clapped loudly as if to welcome the arrival of Mikolaj. "Hah! Thank you! Thank you, you are so kind!" Mikolaj said. Though she did not show it out, she was obviously very pleased with the attention that she was receiving. She loved to be in the centre of attraction.
"Look here, Mikolaj! Here! To your right, Mikolaj!" As Mikolaj entered the club, she was surrounded with swarms of fans who wanted her autographs and photographs. Now that she is a five star celebrity, her popularity level has since climbed to a higher status.
"Hello Mikolaj! My honour to meet you here! I'm Harlan Blakely. Can I take part in your 100 Baby Challenge?" The topless dark skin man approached Mikolaj. "Wow, that's very direct of you! Ha, let's see! You gotta impress me then!" Mikolaj giggled like a teenage schoolgirl.
"Miiiiiiiiiiii Miiii Mikooooo Mikoooo Mikolaj...I...ermm.." The geeky young man stuttered badly when he spoke to Mikolaj. "Don't worry, take your time! Take your time! I'm Mikolaj Sierra! You are?" There was certainly no airs about Mikolaj even though she craved for attention and fame. Cadence has taught her well, always to be humble and down to earth no matter how famous she may be. "I'm ummm ummm..." The man was so nervous that he could not even articulate his words properly.
"Slowly...slowly...Breathe in and out..." Mikolaj tried to calm the shivering man. "You look like you are in labour, going to give birth!" Mikolaj laughed. The nosy paparazzi Victoria Parker was standing beside them, documenting their conversation. Mikolaj did not mind a single bit, she was totally used to such attention from the media. "Diego Santio! (Thanks to Skip45!) Call I am your huge fan!" The bespectacled man finally introduced himself after much effort.
"See! You managed to do it! Just stay calm and composed whenever you stutter." Mikolaj advised Diego. "Do I have the honour of treating you to a drink? Thank you so much. You are such an idol. You are lovely, beautiful, charismatic, perfect, elegant, sophisticated and..." Diego went on and on about Mikolaj's positive traits.
"Stop, stop! You are praising me to the skies! I'm not that perfect! I'm just human, just like anyone else. I do have my bad days too! Maybe those people who know me well will not think of me as a perfect diva!" Mikolaj chortled as she accepted the drink from Diego. "I'm sure they would. Do I have the honour of knowing you better?" Diego asked bashfully. "Why not? I don't mind a new friend!" Mikolaj chirped.
"You are such a role model! I heard you are a mum of eleven too! How did you manage to maintain your svelte figure? I'm so impressed! Your husband is so lucky! He must have accumulated some great karma to have you as his wife." Diego gushed.
"I'm do have eleven kids, but I do not have a husband. In fact, I have never married and will definitely not marry. I'm happily single. I'm doing a 100 Baby Challenge, a legacy which is passed from my mother, Cadence Sierra." Mikolaj then patiently explained to Diego some fundamentals of the 100 Baby Challenge, like how she can never marry and all the kids had to be from different fathers. "Woah, I'm so so so impressed by you and your life. Isn't that such a huge sacrifice? I mean you lose the chance of falling in love and falling out of love. These are going to such great memories when you grow old one day." Diego looked at Mikolaj in the eye.
"Well! That's my fate i guess. There is nothing to worry, like what my Mum tells me, I will be surrounded with 100 children and umpteen grandchildren when I grow old." Mikolaj was definitely more positive about the 100 Baby Challenge, a vast difference when she first started.  
"Wanna try my mixology skills? I'm pretty good at it!" Mikolaj invited Diego and Harlan home as The Grind was closing for the day.
"Gosh, you are so multi-talented! This drink is so good!" Diego gulped the drink that Mikolaj mixed.
"Woohoo! Yeah yeah!" Harlan tried to impress Mikolaj with his fantastic dancing skills while Diego danced alone.
"Come on, Diego! Dance away! Dance away your troubles!" Mikolaj egged Diego on. "That's right! Let's rock the house!" Harlan did a breakdance.
"Argh, I'm such a good for nothing! I jus..just...can't do anything well! I have got two left feet!" Diego said in an exasperated tone.
"I'll show you how!" The dance master Mikolaj showed Diego her moves. "Opps! So sorry!" Diego apologised as he stepped on her feet.
"You are quite talented too, why did you say that you can't do anything well?" Mikolaj and Harlan listened to the lovely music played by Diego.
"This song is specially dedicated to the most wonderful lady that I have ever met in my life....Ms Mikolaj Sierra." Diego said slowly and with all sincerity. "Aww..!" Mikolaj's heart melted. Never had she had someone said such mushy and romantic stuff to her. Harlan knew that he was of no fight to Diego and left the Sierras soon after.
"Let's jam together! Miko!" Diego was totally immersed in his own musical world. He was the most comfortable and confident when he was playing the musical instruments. Mikolaj enjoyed his company alot and felt that he was very different from the other fathers of the 100 Baby Challenge where they would only flirt with her and take part in the baby making process.
Diego went the extra mile. "Yup, you blow the bubbles like this. Can't believe that you have not tried this bubble blowing thing before! It's a must try thing in your life! Good?" Mikolaj taught Diego how to bubble blow.
"Diego, thanks! I really enjoyed your company. Can I have a little favour from you?" Mikolaj finally raised this question to Diego. "Yeah? Anything for you!" Diego was prompt in answering.
"Can you be the father of Baby 12 of my 100 Baby Challenge? Do I have the honour?" Mikolaj looked at Diego with doleful huge eyes. "What?!?! Father of Baby 12?" Diego choked and started to stutter again. "I did not befriend you to join the 100 Baby Challenge. I was genuinely looking for a friend." Diego confided in her.
"Are you feeling hungry? I'll whip up my favourite dish for you! Food in a while!" Diego then proceeded to prepare the food, choosing to ignore Mikolaj's question on becoming the father of Baby 12.
"Hmm..interesting! One of the few guys who would refuse to become the father of my 100 Baby Challenge! I gotta turn on my charms!" Mikolaj entertained a thought while Diego busied himself with the cooking in the background.
"Looks like you are a pretty good cook too!" Mikolaj gave a thumbs up after tasting Diego's soup. She felt all warm and loved for this was the very first time that a man was specially cooking for her. "Give some thought to what I asked you, not many people has the chance to be part of the 100 Baby Challenge. It's a lifetime opportunity, don't miss it!" Mikolaj laughed.
"Periwinkle! Periwinkle! Time for bed! You need to wake up early for school tomorrow!" Cadence shouted out to her granddaughter, Periwinkle who was playing on the outdoor slide.
Mikolaj felt warm and snug in the arms of Diego. They cuddled in the hot tub like any couple would. Little did they know that love was slowly blossoming between them.
"Diego, can you help me with Baby 12? My mum is so concerned about my progress of my 100 Baby Challenge..." Mikolaj hinted to Diego. "'m a very traditional and conservative guy at heart, I can only make babies with the woman I love the most..." Diego told Mikolaj who rolled her eyes at his traditional views.
"How about a kiss then?" Mikolaj purred. Diego leaned forward and puckered his lips while Mikolaj looked at him with her mesmerising eyes.
Diego knew that Mikolaj enjoyed the night life, drinking and visiting different clubs and lounges. But he decided to show her the finer side of life other than drinking and dancing the night away. "Why did you bring me to the butterfly park? What are we doing here? Shall we go to Plasma 501 instead, I heard they concocted a new drink!" Mikolaj was obviously not very pleased at Diego's choice of outing. "Drinking is bad for health, you should not drink so often. Take some time off to enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful nature and the surroundings. Take a breather, stop and smell the roses. This is life!" Diego hoped that Mikolaj can embrace nature like he did.
"Diego! Diego! I caught it! I caught it! Come here!" Mikolaj said excitedly when she tried her hand at catching butterflies. Though she was initially pissed that Diego did not want to drink and dance the night away, she found that she did enjoy the simpler pleasures of life.
"Wow, so pretty! I have never realised that mother nature is so wonderful to create such pretty creatures like the butterfly." Mikolaj took a closer look at the intricate details of the wings of the butterfly.
"Do you know why I brought you here?" Diego asked Mikolaj who shrugged her shoulders. "I wanted to bring you closer to nature, a place where one can be at ease. One must first seek to love plants and nature, and then to cultivate that happy peace of mind which is satisfied with little. I hope you like it. Bring your kids here, I'm sure they will love it!" Diego dispensed his words of wisdom.
Mikolaj looked at Diego and really felt blissful to be in the company of Diego. "Why do you treat me so well?" Mikolaj queried him. "I just want you to be happy. Mikolaj, sometimes, it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all. Simplicity in life is the ultimate sophistication. Here, try fishing. It's really an art to learn! Lots of patience needed here!" Diego insisted that Mikolaj try out fishing.
"Like this? This is easy isn't it?" Mikolaj held on the fishing rod confidently while Diego laughed," Trust me, you need lots and lots of patience for this!"
"What? Just a small fish like this? After hours at this!?!" Mikolaj scoffed at the sheer small size of the fish. "Well, Just treat fishing as a form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self." Diego said. "Ermm...That is kind of too deep for me to understand! Hhhah! Oh no! I think I sound like a bimbo!" Mikolaj chuckled.
As they cuddled on the garden bench, Diego finally plucked up much courage to confess to Mikolaj and told her how he felt about her, "You know Miko, initially I was like a little fan of yours. Meeting you at The Grind was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you is something that I had no control over." Diego said while Mikolaj's cheek flushed red. "But, know I'm tied down with the 100 Baby Challenge. I can't fall in love, I can't let my mother down, she has high hopes for me to finish my 100 Baby Challenge...." Mikolaj's voice trailed.
""Listen, falling in love with someone isn't always going to be easy. There will be anger, tears, fury, laughter and joy. But I really want to be with you despite it all. I'm sure of this, Miko" Diego looked at Mikolaj with much tenderness. Do you love me as much as I love you?" Diego asked sincerely. Mikolaj pondered and kept quiet. In her heart, she knew that she had fallen in love with Diego. Sparks flew between them without her realising it. Her heart would always beat fast and furious whenever Diego looked straight into her eyes, this was something that she has never felt before for the previous fathers of the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Have you heard about love knowing no boundaries? I'm sure our love can overcome all odds and obstacles. The 100 Baby Challenge issue is just a minor one." Diego said. "Can we? Can we really overcome it?" Tears welled up in Mikolaj's eyes as they faced an uncertain future.
They continued their dates and Diego continued to bring Mikolaj to places where she has never visited. "Superb piece of art!" Mikolaj marvelled at the work at the art museum. If not for Diego, she might never have stepped into an art museum in her life. Mikolaj would be still enjoying her booze.
Diego promised Mikolaj to bring her to the Boggard's Overlook to watch the sunrise. They were there for the night and the loving Diego prepared hot dogs for Mikolaj.
"Are you sure that's how you do it?" Mikolaj was uncertain about Diego's grilling skills. "In a minute! In a minute you will get to enjoy hot and piping hotdogs!" Diego said with much aplomb.
"Erm...erm...sorry that you have to eat burnt hotdogs. I'm such a lousy cook!" Diego apologised. "It's okay! It's the thought that counts. Anyway, anything that it cooked by you tastes good!" Mikolaj chomped on the hotdog. That was the power of love, even burnt hotdogs can taste as good!
"Glad you like it!" Diego finally smiled, then in all seriousness, he spoke slowly, "Mikolaj, you look stunning tonight. I feel like I'm the luckiest man on earth right now!" "Don't be silly!" Mikolaj blushed and giggled like a little girl.
"See the lights, See the party the ball gowns. I see you make your way through the crowd and say hello. Little did I know that you were romeo!" Mikolaj dedicated "Love Song" by Taylor Swift to Diego who was so pleased that he grinned from ear to ear!
"At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear. It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us. You can love completely without complete understanding. Mikolaj, just like our love for each other, it may not be very clear at this moment, but it definitely is luminous and bright. That's the reason why I wanted to bring you to see the sunrise. Like the sunrise which will appear every single day without fail, I hope to be there for you till the end of time...." Diego confessed to Mikolaj. These words totally made Mikolaj weak in the knees.
"Your phone is ringing.." Mikolaj said. "Ignore it, you are more important than this phone call!" Diego held Mikolaj's hands tightly.
"With you in my life, I finally know my aims and goals in life. I hope that we could walk this journey together till the end of our lives..." The two shared a passionate kiss amidst the backdrop of the Bridgeport cityscape.
"The face of an angel, the body of a temptress! You are so perfect, Miko." Diego gushed. "What a way to describe me! But I'm very flattered and I must admit that I do have a hot body!" Mikolaj said and laugh out loud.
"You smell like a bed of roses...Mikolaj.." Diego swooned as Mikolaj leaped into his arms.
"Who taught you these cheesy pickup lines? It's pretty funny though! This is so unlike the shy and introverted Diego I met at The Grind. You could not even introduce yourself properly then!" Mikolaj laughed.
"Msssss Msss Mikoooo Mikkoo..." Diego wanted to ask Mikolaj if she would like to be his girlfriend, but stuttering and stammering again when he got very nervous. "Yeah? Why are you stammering again? Calm down..." Mikolaj wiped away the beads of perspiration that formed on Diego's forehead. Diego took a deep breath and mustered much courage, "Ms Mikolaj Sierra, would... would you be mine? Shall we go steady?" 
Mikolaj nodded and smiled. "YESH!! BABY! YESH!!" Diego hugged Mikolaj so tightly that she almost couldn't breathe and gave her the wettest and sloppiest kiss of the century!  
Diego serenading Mikolaj with a self-composed song "To Mikolaj, with love..." He had spent hours composing the song for Mikolaj who was visibly touched by his actions. No one has ever showered so much tender loving care on Mikolaj before.
Mikolaj then asked Cadence to listen to the song as well. "Nice lyrics, totally befitting for my precious daughter!" Cadence smiled. However, she was totally oblivious that they were already a couple. Mikolaj has chosen to hide the truth from Cadence for fear of upsetting her. In the 100 Baby Challenge, there was no love and commitment for the mother of the challenge. Cadence herself has devoted her entire lifetime to her 100 children and finishing the ardous 100 Baby Challenge.
"I have something for you...Hold on!" Diego said. "So what do you have for me? The sun? The moon?" The humourous Mikolaj asked jokingly. The couple was back at Boggard's Overlook and this time round, Diego has been thinking for a long time to propose to Mikolaj.
Then at this moment, Diego went on his knees. "What are you doing, Diego! Get up...Everyone is looking at us..." Mikolaj said.
Mikolaj was clearly embarrassed by his actions.
Diego then proceeded to whip out a little box from his pockets.
"Erm...what's this?" Mikolaj asked, she totally had no time to react.
"Could it be a ring? A proposal ring?" Mikolaj thought to herself and gasped as she saw the blue box. She was totally unprepared for this. Millions of thoughts raced through her mind. What about my 100 Baby Challenge? Do I give up just like that? What about my mum? Will she agree? What will she say? What? How? When? were the questions that were churning inside Mikolaj's mind.
Diego opened the box with his hands shaking; he was so nervous and was afraid that he would drop the box. "Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!" Mikolaj almost hyperventilated when she saw the diamond ring. Diego said all in seriousness, "Mikolaj, you are without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me. You enrich my life in ways I could have never imagined before I met you. A life without you would not be complete. I will always be there for you. I'll catch when you stumble, protect you when you're scared, comfort you and hold you when you're feeling down. Be my wife, and give me the privilege of being your husband, always and forever."
"You mean you had this planned all the while?" Mikolaj was still recovering from shock.
Her eyes nearly popped out and she cupped her face in disbelief.
"I specially customised this two carat diamond ring just for you. Would you be my Mrs Santio? Mikolaj?" Diego looked at Mikolaj with bated breath. He was so afraid that she would reject him.
"I know how very special you really are and am so in love with you. You showed me what is love, how to love and be loved..." Mikolaj finally composed herself and said. She was so touched by Diego’s romantic gesture.
"So, I take it as a yes?" Diego asked.
Mikolaj did not answer but instead, she stretched her hands to indicate her answer. Diego happily slipped the ring onto her slim finger.
"Looks quite pretty!" Mikolaj admired her new bling. "The ring has our names engraved on it!" Diego explained. He was so excited and overjoyed that he was still kneeling on the ground.
"AW! I can't believe a person like me is engaged! A person who is doing the 100 Baby Challenge is engaged! I'm going to be Mrs Santio soon!" Mikolaj was still reeling from shock.
Mikolaj looked radiant and was glowing with happiness all over.
"We can conquer the 100 Baby Challenge together!" Diego gushed. "We will! We definitely will!" Mikolaj answered with conviction.
"Thanks for the surprise, dear!" Mikolaj gave Diego a tight embrace.
The wedding proposal plan was a huge success. The speech that Diego delivered has totally swept Mikolaj off her feet.
"I'm still very worried about my Mum's reaction, what will happen to my 100 Baby Challenge?" Mikolaj whispered to Diego worriedly. As much as she loved Diego, she hoped that she can still continue to do the 100 Baby Challenge. "Don't worry about it, just concentrate to be my happy bride. I'll convince your mum that I am going to be the best husband and man for you forever. You can continue the 100 Baby Challenge with me! I would love to have lots of babies with you!" Diego assured her. "But...but the 100 Baby Challenge has to be different fathers all the times...this is defying the rules!" Mikolaj raised up this point. "No buts..." Diego hushed.
At the Sierras, Diego tried hard to impress his future mother in law by doing the household chores dutifully. Cadence still had no idea that Mikolaj was engaged to Diego.
"Is Diego the father of Baby 12? How's your pregnancy getting along?" Cadence asked in a concerned tone. "Yup, Diego is going to be the father of Baby 12 but I'm not pregnant yet though...soon..soon.."Mikolaj answered.
"What? He has been hanging around the house for quite some time and you are still not pregnant with baby 12?" Cadence was worried for the progress of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge. Mikolaj felt that it was not time to drop the bombshell to Cadence. She will announce her engagement when she is finally pregnant with Diego's baby.
Fleur pondering about which universities to go to. She had been selected to several top universities PHD progammes around the world and has had a hard time choosing which one. Such were the troubles of being a top prodigy and genius.
"Grow up well, my child! I'm sure you will excel in life! No doubts about that!" Cadence said to Fleur who was all ready to leave the Sierras.
Baby 7 Fleur Sierra looked exactly like her teenage self. She grew up into a confident and outspoken lady who was unafraid to offer her frank views. She aspired to be the top lawyer at Bridgeport.
Now on to serious baby making issues for Diego and Mikolaj. "Now that we are engaged, can we proceed on to make Baby 12?" Mikolaj said in a seductive voice.
"Definitely!" Diego smiled and faint sounds of the baby lullaby floated in the air.
"I'm pregnant, Mum!" Mikolaj announced proudly. "Really?!? Everyone in Bridgeport and Sunset Valley were so concerned about the progress of your 100 Baby Challenge. They bombarded my mails and my blog documenting your 100 Baby Challenge. Some even threatened to stop following my blog if they did not hear from you soon! You don't know the pressure that I'm under" Cadence sighed but was relieved that Mikolaj was finally pregnant. "Really? So serious? Stop following your blog? How could they? Don't they know that this kind of thing cannot be rushed and takes time?" Mikolaj said.
"Well done, Mikolaj! I can't wait to spread the news to everyone! Time to update my facebook account!" Cadence gave Mikolaj a thumbs up. "Wow, you are so IT savvy, Mum!" Mikolaj responded.
"Mum...I actually have something to tell you. Promise that you will not be angry or upset..." Mikolaj approached the topic gingerly. "Okay, pray tell. What is it?" Cadence was curious to find out. "I'm engaged to Diego.." Mikolaj said in a calm tone, as if nothing has happened.
"WHAT?!?! Say that again?!?!" Cadence flared up at Mikolaj. "You promised not to flare up! I say I was engaged to Diego. Diego Santio. Mum, he is a nice man. He will treat me well..." Mikolaj retorted.
"Then what about your 100 Baby Challenge? Are you telling me this is an indication that you will give up? How well do you know Diego? Do you really know his character. You only knew him for a few months and you are engaged to him?! This is absurd!" Cadence tried to talk some sense into Mikolaj.
"He promised to be there for me all the time! Always! Till the end of time..." Mikolaj whimpered, she was really upset that Cadence opposed to their relationship. She was hoping that Cadence would give them her blessings. "Hur! Promised to be there till the end of time? You believed that? These might be empty promises. Trust me, I have seen so many men in my lifetime...even your grandfather made such promises to your grandmother! In the end? They broke up shortly after I was born!" Cadence told Mikolaj.
"Wake up, Mikolaj! Wake up! Don't lose yourself in this!" Cadence gave Mikolaj a stern warning. "It's all about trust! I trust him when he said that he will take care of me!" Mikolaj fought back, she was adamant about marrying to Diego.
"Whatever! You made this decision and don't regret. You can halt your 100 Baby Challenge for all I care. I just don't want to see you hurt. I want to see you happy." Cadence truly wanted Mikolaj to be happy.
"Are you sure? You are so selfish! You just want me to finish my 100 Baby Challenge. I will continue my 100 Baby Challenge with Diego. So you don't worry about this part." Mikolaj totally hurt Cadence with her words. These words pierced through Cadence's heart and she stormed off angrily.
Cadence sat on the patio and thought hard about Mikolaj's words. Was she really selfish? Was she really denying Mikolaj of her happiness by asking her to do the 100 Baby Challenge? Is Diego the One for Mikolaj? After much thinking, she decided that she had to let go. Mikolaj shall decide for herself what was best for her, even if that means she will not finish the 100 Baby Challenge.
"I will love and comfort you, hold you close, prize you above all others, and remain faithful to you all the days of our lives." Diego held Mikolaj close to him.
"Lottie! You are going to have a new Dad and new sibling soon!" Mikolaj was in good spirits.
To ease Cadence and Mikolaj's burden of doing mundane household chores, Diego hired a butler to take care of the Sierra's needs.
The butler was a hardworking lad, he started on his work as soon as he reached the Sierras.

"Why do we need a butler? We can handle everything ourselves!" Cadence told Mikolaj. "Diego just wanted to ease our burden, isn't he so sweet?" Mikolaj gushed.
To score more brownie points with his future mother in law, Diego visited the Sierras often and took care of the Sierra babies. Though Cadence was still cold towards Diego, she took note of his actions to see whether he was suitable for Mikolaj.
"Here! Lottie! Come to me!" Diego taught little Lottie how to walk while Cadence looked on.
"Argh! Stupid nausea hits again!" Mikolaj was feeling sick from the pregnancy.
"Mikolaj, I have thought for a long long time. I will give my blessings to both Diego and you. I just wanted you to be happy, I'm sure you understand now that you are a Mum yourself. As for the 100 Baby Challenge, I trust you to make the right decision on this." Cadence was glad that Mikolaj found her happiness in Diego.
"All the best, my baby girl. You will always be my baby girl, forever and forever." Cadence gave Mikolaj a tight warm hug. "Mum, Diego and I have reached to a consensus that we will carry your legacy and finish the 100 Baby Challenge hand in hand, together." Mikolaj assured Cadence.
"I'm so delighted that your Mum has finally accepted me! I thought she would object to our marriage." Diego heaved a sigh of relief.
"Shall we go for a skinny dip to celebrate?" Diego suggested and quickly stripped down to his birthday suit.
"This is so thrilling! Skinny dipping in the public like this!" Mikolaj the daredevil thought that skinny dipping at The Brightmore was fun.
"This is bliss! The simple pleasures of life!" Mikolaj proclaimed as she dipped in the hot tub with her beloved Diego.
They woohooed in the hot tub when no one was looking.
As the days passed and Mikolaj's tummy got bigger, she could no longer join Diego in the hot tub at The Brightmore. "Where's your fiancee the superstar?" A well-endowed lady in the hot tub asked Diego. She was Katie, the bartender of The Brightmore. While Mikolaj was pregnant, Diego often took the opportunity to go out and enjoy in town. As a result, feelings eventually developed between Diego and Katie the bartender. 
"Can you stay here for the night? I'm so lonely now...I just broke up with my boyfriend." Katie tried to gain sympathy from the soft-hearted Diego. They were locked in an embrace and a kiss.
Their love escapade did not last long. Mikolaj suspected Diego and followed him after realising that he had been spending many nights at The Brightmore. She chanced upon them kissing passionately in the hot tub where both of them skinny dipped. When Mikolaj first saw it, she reacted pretty calmly to it. She stood there, looking at the adulterous couple kissing.
They were so caught up with themselves that they did not notice Mikolaj standing beside them, fuming mad. It was calm before the storm, trouble was indeed brewing...
"DIEGO SANTIO!! So what have you got to say? I have caught you red-handed! My Mum was right! How well do I know you?" Mikolaj bellowed as Diego and Katie quickly came out of the pool. "You airhead! Get lost!" Mikolaj lost her top at Katie.
"You have no right to scream at me! Blame it on yourself! You don't have such a great figure like me!" Katie bellowed at Mikolaj. "How dare you!?! Do you know who am I? I am one of the most famous stars in Bridgeport. I'm Mikolaj Sierra, mind you!" Mikolaj yelled. "So what?!? So what if you are famous? You are just a pathetic lady who can't even capture the heart of your fiance!" Katie totally went overboard with her words. "YOU!!! Say that again?!" Mikolaj was about to slap her when Diego signalled Katie to leave the scene.
"You cheated on me! How dare you?!!" Mikolaj glared at Diego.

"I quit! I quit! I call it quits. It’s a wrong union right from the start! Let's not get married!" Mikolaj bellowed into Diego's ears.
"I'm so sorry! I'm so so sorry for this! I did not mean too!" Diego said in between tears. Deep down in Mikolaj's heart, she still loved Diego and this was the first time seeing Diego cry. This totally melt her heart. "Please! Please please forgive me...I will never do this again!" Diego buried his face in shame.
"Let's get married soon!" Diego suggested. "Sorry, not now..." Mikolaj rejected Diego's marriage plans, she wanted to monitor Diego's actions for a while before she decided on anything. Marriage was too much a risk for Mikolaj to take since Diego had the tendency to cheat on her.
"MUM!! MUM!!" Mikolaj cried when she saw Cadence. Cadence hugged her while Mikolaj cried her heart out. Cadence knew something was wrong but did not want to probe further seeing that Mikolaj was so sad.
"Diego was cuddling and kissing another girl in the hot tub! I should have listened to you!?! But I have decided to give him another chance to repent since he said he was terribly wrong." Mikolaj said sadly. "WHAT?!? He what? Kiss a girl in the hot tub?" Cadence was startled and stormed off to look for Diego.
"How dare you do that to my daughter!! Do you know how much of a sacrifice she made just for you? Watch out, young lad!" Cadence warned Diego. "I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I had already apologised to her..." Diego was stunned by Cadence's sudden outburst.
Feeling down in the dumps, Mikolaj mixed a drink at the bar.
"ARGH! YUCKS! Why does the drink taste so bad?" Mikolaj grimaced.
"When something goes wrong, everything goes wrong as well..." Mikolaj cried as she drowned herself in sorrows.
She went to the Waylon's Haunt to relieve her stress.
She moonlighted as a part-time bartender there.
At the Waylon's Haunt, she mixed her first drink to her very first customer.
"Looking good!" The customer praised Mikolaj for her mixing skills.
"Thumbs up!" Mikolaj smiled widely when her first customer enjoyed the drink.
"Gosh! Isn't that Mikolaj's fiance and another girl?" Pinhead gasped when he saw Diego making out with another girl. He quickly alerted Mikolaj who was busy moonlighting as a bartender.
"What have you got to say this time round?" Mikolaj grabbed Diego by his collar. There was complete silence in the air, it was as if time stopped when Mikolaj screamed at Diego. "I'm sorry, I could not control myself..." Diego muttered softly. "Just a word of sorry? I thought you said you will never do it again??" Mikolaj bellowed.
"Get lost! I don't want to see you anymore!! What did you say during the proposal? That you will always be there for me. Those promises! Those words! You will catch when I stumble, protect me when I'm scared, comfort me and hold me when I'm feeling down. Ring a bell? Those words you said during the proposal?
"They are all lies! All lies! You liar! I should have known right from the start!" Mikolaj almost broke down while she said these words. "I call it quits for our marriage. I'm so glad that I did not marry you officially! I shouldn't have given you a second chance! I hereby declare our engagement as invalid!" Mikolaj snapped at Diego. Everything came so quickly, leaving Diego confused and dazed. He could not accede to Mikolaj's request of breaking up, "Are you sure you want that? You are saying it in a fit of anger right?" "No, I am very sure. I CALL IT QUITS! Can't you understand? Right now! Then you can kiss forever with all the young ladies! Isn't that what you want?" Mikolaj was firm with her stance.
"Neither of us will interfere into each other's life. You are a great liar too. All those rubbish you said about walking this journey till the end of our lives! All rubbish! Our journey ends here today. From today onwards, I don't want to see you in my life. I don't want to have anything to do with you." Mikolaj was pissed. Diego had no choice but to leave the Waylon's Haunt. He knew that he was wrong.  
For days following their breakup, Mikolaj would wept silently outside the house, for fear that Cadence will see her crying.
"Why?!? Don't I deserve my own happiness? Why did such a thing happened to me?" Mikolaj sobbed.
"Alright! Ms Mikolaj Sierra, this is not the end of the world. You have the entire life ahead of you. You will definitely find happiness one day!" Mikolaj wiped her tears and gave herself some encouragement.
"At least there is the baby to look forward to..and I can do my 100 Baby Challenge!" Mikolaj comforted herself.
"Mum! Look! We must get this! The brand new expansion pack, its so suitable for my 100 Baby Challenge!" Mikolaj decided to channel all her energies to the 100 Baby Challenge. Information on the fourth expansion pack, The Sims 3 Generations has emerged thanks to a leaked trailer. The expansion looks to humorously explore the various milestones in life, from childhood birthday parties and teenage pranks to weddings and mid-life crises.Though the specifics have yet to be officially unveiled by publisher Electronic Arts, the trailer shows some of the goofier things your Sims can do while struggling with hormones, parenting, relationships and old age.Bachelor parties, stink bombs, egg tossing, tree houses, water slides, strollers, prom night, classrooms and more are depicted within the trailer.
The Sims 3 Generations Trailer.
"Mum, you are so right. I shouldn't have been so rash to say yes to Diego's engagement. I should have listen to you..." Mikolaj brought up the issue one night. "Well, Mums know best and put everything behind you. It's all over. At least something good came out of it, our mother-daughter bond is strengthened and there is a new baby on the way! Look on the bright side, girl!" Cadence said.
"Help me! Mum! Help me!" Mikolaj screamed as she went into labour.
Cadence quickly called for the ambulance. In no time, Mikolaj came home with a blue bundle of joy: Baby 12 Sterling Sierra. (Thanks to Melanie!) He was a sleepy baby boy who was born with evil and grumpy traits. Though sometimes he reminds Mikolaj of Diego, Mikolaj sincerely hoped that she would forget him and move on in life.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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