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Goodbye Tiger! Hello Rabbit Babies 10 & 11!!

Thank you GirlLikesCake13 for the Sleep Loud! set! The Sierra teens love to sleep with the music on!
"Alright, we have a crisis at hand here. Yoomee, being the eldest amongst the triplets,y ou need to do something to get Mum back home. Poor her is stranded at another house with two newborns, she must have felt miserable and vulnerable. We need to get her back as soon as possible." Baby 2 Tinka said as a matter of fact. She was so concerned about the Sierra crisis that she came over to see if she could help. "How can we help?" Yoomee said as Cadence looked on silently. Cadence knew that the only way was for the triplets to grow up and move out of the Sierras to make space for Mikolaj and the newborn twins.
"You need to convince your brothers to grow up and move out of the Sierras. If you guys can't find a place in time, three of you can live at my place temporarily." Big sister Tinka cut to the chase and wasted no time in getting Mikolaj back to the Sierras. "Grow up into a young adult and leave the Sierras...." Yoomee's voice trailed in the background. "Yeah, this is the only solution." Tinka said in a firm tone. "But...." Yoomee pondered while the soft-hearted Grandma Cadence said, "Give them some time.." Cadence was in a dilemma. On one hand, she would love to have Mikolaj back but she felt that it was unfair to the triplets to ask them to move out of the Sierras immediately.
"Grandma! Mum needs to be back at the Sierras. Have you ever been separated from your kids during the 100 Baby Challenge?" Tinka felt that Cadence was too soft on the triplets. " Calm down, Tinka. Everything can be solved eventually..." The calm and composed Cadence smiled.
"Every cloud has a silver lining..Hmm...Okay, so every cloud does have a silver lining...How am I going to convince Yuron to grow up and shift out of the house? Will he become emotional?" Yoomee was worried about Yuron's mental state.
"Argh! Hearing your news that we have to grow up and shift out of the house is making me too nervous! You mean we have to shift out like now? I want to pee!" Kai said in a shaky tone. Everything happened way too fast. "Kai! I need you to stay composed before I break the news to Yuron. Get a life! You are making me laugh in this stupid and silly position. Please proceed to the washroom to relieve yourself!" Yoomee was laughing at Kai.
"Are you done? Kai? What's taking you so long?" Yoomee shouted for Kai as she wanted him to be around when she broke the news to Yuron.
" you know..Mum is stranded in another house with our two baby siblings. She needs to be back here to continue her 100 Baby Challenge. Being the eldest Sierra kids in the family right now, we ought to take the initiative to grow up and leave the house to make space for them." Kai said slowly and almost could not breathe when he broke the bomb. Yoomee was looking at Yuron's expressions and reactions as she clenched her fists nervously at the outcome.
"Huh? Grow up? Leave the Sierras? Now? It's midnight now. Do we really have to?" Yuron scratched his head. "Well, to get Mum home as soon as possible..seems like this is the case." Yoomee answered. "Wait..growing up means...NO MORE SCHOOL? NO MORE TESTS AND EXAMS?" Yuron's face suddenly brightened up. "Kind of!" Kai told him.
"YAY! Then what are we waiting for? Let's grow up now!! I want to grow up first!" Yuron pumped his fists into the air indicating his triumph over school, exams, tests and his most hated subject, Math. Yoomee and Kai were very shocked at Yuron's willingness to grow up and leave the Sierras. They heaved a sigh of relief knowing that they did not have to spend much effort convincing Yuron to leave the Sierras.
Baby 4 Yuron Sierra grew up into a suave handsome young man with the most stylish hairstyle. He had thick dark eyebrows and chiselled features which made many girls swoon over him.
"Quick! Say goodbye to school, annoying teachers and irritating exams!" Yuron shouted to Kai who was about to grow up.
"Cheers to a great adulthood!" Yoomee clapped her hands as she was ready to "transform" into a young adult. "Remember, my children. Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years." Cadence dispensed her words of wisdom to her grandkids.
Baby 3 Yoomee Sierra had the sharpest and thinnest nose bridge that one could ever have. Many of her peers thought that she had some plastic surgery done on her nose. Her looks did not change much from her teenage years. After watching gory animal documentaries on Discovery Channel, she had decided to become a vegetarian since then.
Baby 5 Kai Sierra grew up into a soppy hopeless romantic who would cry over a sad movie. He had floppy brown shiny hair that matched his personality.
"Goodbye Grandma! We love and miss you! Thanks for your teachings and lessons. I will remember them. And, maybe you should get a maid for these neverending housework..." Yuron bade farewell to Cadence. "Take care, my grandson. You will definitely do well!" Cadence encouraged him.
"Finally! Phew! We are home, Raethynna! This is your home!" Mikolaj finally came home after much obstacles.
"Aw! HOME SWEET HOME! My precious child! My precious grandkids. You must have had a rough time out there!" Cadence comforted Mikolaj and looked at her grandkids.
"MUM!! I thought that I would never see you again! I almost died at labour! It was such excruciating pain! No one could save me. I am so glad that this episode is all over.." Mikolaj related the horrible experience to Cadence. "My poor child, I'm so sorry to put you through this ordeal. Blame it on Mum, I brought this upon you. I made you do the 100 Baby Challenge and made you suffer. I'm so sorry!" Cadence was very apologetic towards Mikolaj. She felt that all this would not have happened if Mikolaj did not continue her 100 Baby Challenge.
"It's okay, Mum! This is my life and fate, I guess I'm chosen for this 100 Baby Challenge for a reason. Maybe I may not even know the reason right now." Mikolaj let out a laugh after so many days. Both mother and daughter shared a warm and cosy hug.
"Mikolaj, you have grown up so much..." Cadence was heartened to see her daughter becoming more sensible.
In preparation for the Lunar New Year, Mikolaj ditched her old look and went for a brand new oriental look compete with an elegant french twist, pearl necklace, jade bangle and cheongsam.
"Goodbye Tiger! Welcome a Rabbit baby?" was the caption that caught Mikolaj's eyes when she read through her emails for the next potential father. Then Mikolaj continued to read his introduction and biodata. "Dear Mikolaj, This is Ti Gah (Thanks to Lufferkinzify!). I'm half sim and half tiger. I have a sexy purr and I feel that I'm purrfect for your 100 Baby Challenge during this Lunar New Year season. Last year was the year of Tiger and we are all ready to usher in the year of the rabbit! So, it is totally apt that you end the Tiger year with Ti Gah! And start the Rabbit year with a bouncy rabbit baby!" "Hmm..sounds interesting! Half tiger half Sim, I wonder how he looks!" Mikolaj met him at the Bogaard Overlook for a chat.
"Ti Gah?" Mikolaj approached an orange haired man. She knew it was Ti Gah as he donned tiger striped pants.
"Oh my gosh! Mikolaj? You look ravishing in this getup! An oriental beauty!" Ti Gah was an expert in flirting. "Wow, are those face paints or your face look like this when you were born? And, your rippling muscles! They are hugeeee!" Mikolaj was admiring Ti Gah's huge rippling muscles.
"You know, not every lady can look that good in this figure hugging dress. Only you, Mikolaj Sierra, can carry off this look.." Ti Gah looked passionately into Mikolaj's eyes. Sparks were definitely flying in the air.
Then, Mikolaj leaned forward and gave Ti Gah a kiss to get things going. " prefer my lady to be shy and demure. Guys should take the first initiative!" Ti Gah rejected Mikolaj's advances. "Fine..." Mikolaj was surprised that Ti Gah pushed her away.
"Will my face turned orange after kissing you?" Mikolaj chortled at her own joke.
"You gotta try and see!" Ti Gah teased Mikolaj as they shared a kiss amidst the backdrop of the hustle and bustle of Bridgeport.
"My face is still fine after kissing you. No orange face!" Mikolaj giggled like a schoolgirl.
"Oh gosh! Isn't that Mikolaj Sierra? Is that her new love? I got to take this photo!" Victoria the paparazzi had a field day after spotting Mikolaj kissing with Ti Gah. She immmediately whipped out her camera to take photos of them while Mikolaj and Ti Gah were engrossed and lost in their own little world.
"Nice legs you have!" Ti Gah praised Mikolaj who was admiring her long slender legs.
The makings of the rabbit baby! This officially marked the end of the Tiger year!
"Grow Raethynna grow!" Mikolaj was anxious to see Periwinkle and Raethynna grow up as she had a bad scare while delivering them in a tough labour. She can't wait to see if they had any abnormalities or defects which would only be detected in toddlerhood.
"Happy Birthday, my little girl!" Cadence cradled Periwinkle in her arms, getting all ready for the birthday.
"YAHOO!!" Mikolaj cheered as the babies grew up. After her difficult labour, she had some reservations and phobias about this impending delivery. She wondered if this labour would be as ardous as the previous one.
Much to Cadence and Mikolaj's delight, the twin girls grew up without much issues and obstacles. In fact, they grew up well and healthily. Baby 9 Periwinkle Sierra looked alot like her father with her red skin and light green eyes. She however inherited Cadence's pink-blonde hair.
Baby 8 Raethynna Sierra grew up looking neither like her father nor Mikolaj. The only thing that resembled her parents was Mikolaj's huge beautiful purple eyes. She had tanned skin and seemed to be lacking in the hair department. Both twin girls had one similar trait which was the eccentric trait.
Fleur Sierra was all pensive and ready to become a little girl. She was one child prodigy. She had learnt and max out all skills like logic and music on top of the basic skills like walking, talking and potty training. A genius in the making at the Sierras!
"Look at sis Fleur! She is growing up! You will grow up like her too!" Mikolaj told Periwinkle who looked at Fleur intently.
"Haha!" Little Fleur laughed out loud as she was tickled by the sparkles surrounding her.
Little geniuses are often very unique and special in their own ways, little Fleur grew up with the over-emotional trait, a trait that none of her siblings have thus far. As her mind was often preoccupied with thoughts, she had that pensive look on her face. She was like a mini-adult when she spoke.
"Mum, I'm really worried about this birth. Will I encounter the same thing again? I might die from the excessive bleeding if it's a difficult labour again..." Mikolaj confided in Cadence about her fears and worries.
Though deep down in her heart, Cadence was also fearful for Mikolaj's safety, she did not dare to show or convey her fears but instead she comforted and tried to instill courage and confidence in her daughter, "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Another nugget of wisdom from Cadence Sierra.
Little Raethynna favorite toy was the bright yellow helicopter while her twin sister Periwinkle preferred to play with the dollhouse.
To forget about her troubles and worries, Mikolaj seeked solace in Mixology, she aimed to max her skills at Mixology so that she can moonlight at lounges and bars for some extra income.
"Hmm...not bad! Not bad at all!" Mikolaj took a sip of her concocted drink.
"Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance the night away! Woo!!" Mikolaj showed off her moves at the dance floor.
"Klaus! Klaus! Come and join in the fun!" It was Klaus's birthday party and Mikolaj had specially prepared this party to cheer up Klaus.
Klaus has been feeling really lousy about himself after being teased about his looks at school. "I like to move it, move it! I like to move it, move it" Mikolaj tried to entertain Klaus with his favourite song from the cartoon Madagascar. 
"Move it!" Klaus and Mikolaj shouted in tune with the music.
"I like to move it move it!" Klaus enjoyed it so much that he repeated the song thrice.
The Christmas Baby is turning to a teen! Hurray!
It was a special birthday party for Klaus as he grew up with those special light and sound effects.
"Jump higher! Move it move it!" Mikolaj encouraged Klaus.
"I'm so glad that Mikolaj put the dance floor to great use. The money and effort spent on the dance floor was all worthwhile." It was a heartening sight for Cadence when she saw Mikolaj and Klaus forging strong mother and son bonds over the dance floor. This was another milestone for Mikolaj in her 100 Baby Challenge.
Baby 6 Klaus Sierra grew up looking exactly like his father, Pinhead. His face grew bigger and his defects looked more pronounced. He had a bad squint in his eyes. With his mouth, he looked perpetually sad with this look.
"The Sierra ritual?" Klaus questioned. "Yeah! All Sierra teens are honoured and privileged to join me in the hot tub after they reached puberty!" Mikolaj was excited.
"Do I really have to, Mum? I'm not so keen on this...." Klaus hesitated. "Come on in! Move it! Move it!" Mikolaj took the lead by hopping into the hot tub.
"Just sit back, relax and enjoy!" Mikolaj told Klaus who did not know what to do.
"Like this?" Klaus imitated Mikolaj's actions. Mikolaj beamed with pride.
"Wow! Grandma! Share your beauty secret! How did you manage to stay so young, your skin still looks great!" Klaus teased Cadence who donned a sexy swimwear to soak in the hot tub. "My secret? Doing the 100 Baby Challenge and have lots of babies! 100 to be exact!" Cadence laughed. "So, I'm gonna stay youthful forever too?" Mikolaj chipped in.
"Great soak, wasn't it?" Mikolaj asked Klaus who wore a pokerface.
"Let's practise Mixology together! Guys need to know how to hold your liquor." Mikolaj suggested but Klaus was not too keen. "Erm...I need to go to the washroom.." Klaus gave an excuse in bid to distract Mikolaj's attention.
"I'll wait for you at the bar!" Mikolaj chirped, she was in good spirits. "Hmm..okay.." Klaus had no choice but to practise Mixology with his Mum.
"Opps! Sorry for that!" The glass slipped Mikolaj's hand and fell on to the floor with a loud clang.
"A Christmasy drink for my Christmas baby!" Mikolaj said as she concocted a pink like drink.
"Baby? I'm already a teen!" Klaus tried to correct his Mum. "Like what Grandma says, you guys will forever be my babies, no matter how old you may be! I'm Grandma's baby too! How's the drink?" Mikolaj grinned widely when Klaus gave her the thumbs up.
"The formula for density is..." Fleur rattled as she pored over the tremendous amount of information and data in the internet. Unlike her peers who would spend copious amount of time playing on computer games, she would make use of the computer to search for more information and learn new things everyday. Sometimes, Cadence nagged at her for fear that she would spoil her eyes from staring at the computer screen the whole day.
"You look exactly like sister Tinka when you were young! She had the same cute bow too!" Cadence tickled her little granddaughter, Raethynna.
"Come over, come over to Granny!" Cadence patiently taught Raethynna how to walk.
"Haha! Miko! Look at Raethynna! You did the exact same thing when you were young! You kicked your legs like this when you learnt to walk too..." Cadence laughed in amusement as Mikolaj looked on.
"Guess what Grandma cooked for you today!" Mikolaj tried to make Periwinkle excited with the new menu for lunch.
"Cabbage and carrot broth with corn!" Mikolaj whipped out the dish for Periwinkle who looked excited with the plate of broth.
Instead of helping herself to the food, the naughty Periwinkle dug her hands into the food and splash it all over Mikolaj's dress.
"Periwinkle!! What are you doing! NO! STOP THAT!" Mikolaj shouted at Periwinkle who happily shoved the plate on the floor.
Mikolaj decided to take a break from mother duties at the Sierra and went out to take a breather. She took a drive to the Vampire Bar Plasma 501. She ventured to the basement - a place where she had never been to. "Oh! Oh! Sorry to disturb! So sorry!" Mikolaj bowed politely to the coffins that were placed at the basement and quickly ran out of the place.
She promptly ordered a drink to calm herself down.
"Yoomee!! So happy to see you here! How's things on your side?" Mikolaj was thrilled to see Baby 3 Yoomee at Plasma 501. "Great! I just found a job, all ready to embark on the science career. Both Kai and Yuron are doing fine. We will pop by the Sierras when we have time!" Yoomee answered.
"Baby 10 is coming soon, another 90 more babies before I complete the challenge!" Mikolaj told her daughter Yoomee. "You are so awesome, Mum. I'm so proud of you. But do cut down on the aloholic drinks, it's not good for you and my little sibling.." Yoomee was concerned for Mikolaj's health.
"You did it, Raethynna! You did it!" Cadence released her hands and little Raethynna was walking on her own!
"I think I look good in this tubedress! I look positively radiant too! I'm sure this pregnancy will be a good one." The narcissistic Mikolaj looked at her pregnant self in the mirror.  
"Awwww..Oh no! Can he survive?" Cadence was totally entralled with the television programme series, she was so upset when her favourite character was dying.
"Mum, it's just a television programme!" Mikolaj rolled her eyes as she relaxed on the bed while watching television.
Forty winks for Mikolaj.
Klaus loved kids and he helped Cadence and Mikolaj look after his younger siblings.
"I'm praying for a smooth delivery for you, Mikolaj. Everything will be okay!" Cadence assured Mikolaj. "Hopefully..." Mikolaj went into a pensive mode.
"Another baby, more diapers to change, more milk feeding, more crying and whining in the house..." Mikolaj was still not accustomed to having more babies in the house.
"But, after the birth, it's time to PARTAYY!!!" Mikolaj entertained a thought and winked to herself.
"You look huge, there might be twins!" The experience mother rubbed Mikolaj's tummy.
Mikolaj had settled into the routine of finding potential fathers for the next baby. There would be tons and tons of applications for the 100 Baby Challenge, but Mikolaj would only select those that caught her eye.
"ARGH!!" Periwinkle was throwing yet another tantrum. Sometimes, Mikolaj and Cadence would ignore her screams so that she would not grow up like a spoilt brat.
Not only did Mikolaj had a tough labour for the twin girls, they also proved to be difficult to look after and manage. Look at the evil glint in Raethynna's eyes.
She just had to get her way while Klaus had no idea what she was bawling about.
"Klaus! Get the ambulance! OUCCCHHhhh!" Mikolaj shrieked as contractions kicked in. "Huh?" Klaus was all bleary-eyed as he just woke up and saw Mikolaj howling in pain. "Get the ambulance! RIGHT NOW!" Mikolaj winced.
Hot Mama arrived in style with a baby carrier. It was indeed twins! It was another set of twin girls for the Sierras. Both Cadence and Mikolaj were relieved that it was a normal and pretty painless delivery for Mikolaj.
To kickstart the Year of Rabbit, the Sierras welcomed their newest addition, Bouncing rabbit Baby 10 Lottie Sierra! (Thanks to Rosie!) She was born with the loner trait and perceptive trait.
To get them accustomed to the Sierras, doting grandmother Cadence bought the cute hospital cots for the twin girls. "Sleep tight, my child." Mikolaj patted Lottie.
Another rabbit baby, Baby 11 Poppy Sierra! (Thanks to BrightFashion!) She was tanner than her twin sister, Lottie. Poor little girl was born with clumsy and slob traits. "Where do babies come from?" Curious little Fleur asked Mikolaj. "You will know when you grow up!" Mikolaj giggled.
Little Poppy during the first few minutes of her life.
"Lottie and Poppy! Such cute names! I love them!" Mikolaj was very satisfied with their names.
"These cots are going to come in handy for the rest of the 100 Baby Challenge. Aren't they cute, Periwinkle?" Cadence looked at her newest grandchildren with tender loving care.

The Sierras wishes all Chinese readers a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year! May the Rabbit Year bring you wealth, fortune and luck!
Happy Valentine's Day to all readers!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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