Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Incredible Hulk? Welcoming Baby 7!!

 Thank you Lufferkinzify for the Clamtastic! You are never too late to gift the Sierras!  

A cute Rinse 'n Roar bathtub for the Sierra kids! Thank you haileygleisner!

Thank you CUTEBINA for the Potted Bamboo Glory!

A unique Titanis Wallerie Wall Fan from oiwillbringit! Thank you!

A new stylish hairstyle! Thank you so much, EllisRocks101 for The Straw Boater Hat with a Choppy Hairstyle.
Cadence loved this beautiful Feathered Table Sculpture. Thank you Koolsim9!

The talented Dawn Turner made this for Mikolaj which made her thrilled to bits. "MUM!! Take a look at this! I'm on Simmer's Gossip, the top selling magazine in Bridgeport! I'm so picture perfect on the cover! You are featured in the magazine too!" Mikolaj shrieked when she saw the magazine.

In the magazine spread, Mikolaj was touted to be the Domestic Diva to be.

The caption of "The Next Big Thing" made her grinned. Mikolaj went around so many newstands to buy copies of the magazine for keepsake. At times, she would flip the magazine when she was bored and smile foolishly to herself. Thank you, Dawn Turner for making Mikolaj famous!

"Those paparazzi are a bother! Why are they intruding into my personal life and spreading rumours about me?!" The frustrated Mikolaj complained as rumours of her having a baby out of wedlock spreaded in Bridgeport. "Mikolaj, there is always a price to pay for being famous. Your life will be placed under the microscope and always in scrutiny. You are expected to be on your best behaviour all the time." Cadence dispensed some wise advice.  

"Argh! I can't stand it! I'm so vexed over these stupid rumours!" In a fit of anger, she cropped off her locks and hoped that with the new short bob, she get a new lease of life. However, with her four star celebrity status at Bridgeport, it seemed like those rumours and news would stick with her for quite some time.

The colour red seemed to suit Mikolaj really well. She looked like she was a few years younger with this brand new look.

"How I wish I could have this rabbit! Why is this rabbit sitting here with this presents. Is there going to be a party soon?" The ever inquisitive Tinka wondered.  

Seeing that no one cleared the buffet table, Tinka took the initiative to help Cadence and Mikolaj clear up. She was a potential little helper around the house!

"Look, Kai. Mummy has short hair just like you!" Mikolaj carried the Mummy boy Kai who enjoyed Mikolaj's company.

"Mikolaj, the rumours are getting out of hand. It's affecting your celebrity status, you ought to do something to it, lest you lose your footing in this cut-throat industry!" Mikolaj's agent warned her about the rumours. "Alright, fine! Argh! I shouldn't be doing the 100 Baby Challenge in the first place. I might have become a megastar without the challenge..." Mikolaj frowned.

Mikolaj then took a trip down to the cityhall and sued for slander. She demanded justice and prayed hard that she would win the case.

After a long and ardous battle at the City Hall, she finally won the battle against the bad rumours. "Woohoo! I won! I won!" Mikolaj smiled and beamed in pride.

"Mum, you should have seen how smart your daughter was at defending herself! I think I'm so smart!" Mikolaj boasted to Cadence who was relieved that she managed to win the case. "Congrats Mikolaj, did you tell them and explain to them that you are doing the 100 Baby Challenge?" Cadence asked in concern.

"Yes, I did. The judge kept saying that I shouldn't be dragging the 100 Baby Challenge into the picture, then I keep defending myself and told him that the 100 Baby Challenge was the exact reason why I keep having these nasty rumours of having a baby out of wedlock! He dismissed the point until I showed him the blog and he was pretty impressed with it!" Mikolaj carefully described the long tedious process to Cadence who patiently listened to her daughter's grouses.

"When I walked out of the City Hall, it was as if the birds chirped for my victory and the wind blew gently on my face!" Mikolaj said and exaggerated.

"Yay! Mikolaj Sierra, the megastar and diva won the case! Yay!" Mikolaj raised her arms in triumph.

"This calls for a celebration! Time to prepare for a big party!" Mikolaj said excitedly.

"Yawn! Sleeping time!" Tinka let out a big yawn and retreated for the night.

On the other hand, big brother Wies was having some time to himself in the kitchen. 
 "Why did I fail my math? Why? I am supposed to be good with numbers!" Wies was angry at himself.

"Wies Sierra! You have totally disappointed your Grandmother and Mother! Wake up, Wies! Wake up!" He berated himself for his lousy grades in school.

"Smile for the camera, Yoomee!" Cadence took a photo of little Yoomee playing the toy tiger.

Little Yuron had dreams of being an astronaut!

"Miko! Yoomee needs to brush up on her potty skills. Bring her to the potty!" Cadence's voice bellowed from the second floor. "Yucks! Potty?! Why can't toddlers have a mechanism to clean up by themselves? UGH! This is totally digusting!" Mikolaj looked at the potty and totally ignored Cadence's words.
Instead, she thought about the big party that she was hosting and imagined the number of celebrities that she was inviting. She was definitely on cloud nine when she thought about the party.

To divert attention from the potty, Mikolaj picked up little Klaus and fed him some milk. "I hope Mum will forget about the potty training for Yoomee.." Mikolaj whispered as she fed Klaus.

Unfortunately for Mikolaj, her Mum Cadence has a crystal clear memory. "Why did you not bring Yoomee to the potty?" Cadence scolded Mikolaj.
"Ermm..em..I was busy feeding Klaus! He was so hungry that he cried so hard!" Mikolaj tried to give excuses. In fact, Klaus was not even whimpering when Mikolaj picked him up from the crib.
"And...and I don't know how to potty train toddlers. I'm sure Mum can do a better job." Mikolaj said. "My dear girl, you are now the Mum of six babies, you really need to learn! It's really simple. I'll show you how to do it." Cadence was patient with little Yoomee.

"You sit them down gently on the potty. That's right, Yoomee. You are so smart! Sometimes, you need to dish praises for the kids when they have did well for the potty training." Cadence was such an experienced Mum.
"That's all?" Mikolaj asked. "Yup, wait for them to be done. So, the cleaning up of the potty shall be done by you, Mikolaj Sierra, the mother of Yoomee Sierra!" Cadence pointed to Mikolaj who sulked at being allocated to do the "dirty" job of cleaning up the potty.
"My gosh! Being a mother is like the toughest job ever! As if giving birth to them wasn't painful and tough enough! Yoomee! Look at what you did!" Mikolaj crinched at the thought of cleaning up the potty. Little Yoomee laughed innocently in the background.
"OH! This smells bad! It's emitting a rotten stench!" Mikolaj almost puked as she plucked up the courage to clean the dirty potty.
"The world's most digusting bag ever! Ugh! I can't imagine the next big thing of Bridgeport is doing such menial tasks at home!" Mikolaj whined.
"Aha! All ready and set to go for the biggest party of the year!" Mikolaj prepped the dance floor.
"Enjoy yourself, Miko! Just make sure the music is not too loud, the kids are all going to sleep." Cadence was ever the doting and caring grandmother.
The clock striked five and the guests started streaming in. There were also many celebrities attending the party. Mikolaj busied herself by dancing with the guests and hosting the party.
"Thank you everyone for attending my party. Hope you guys have enjoyed yourselves!" Mikolaj gave a thank you speech at the end of the successful party.
"Hope I can organise this more often!" Mikolaj beamed proudly at her insanely fun party.
At the post party, Cadence and Tinka also joined in the fun.
"Mum, you got to check out this! This bubble machine makes one go into a state of euphoria!" Mikolaj introduced the bubble machine to Cadence. "Are you sure? I thought only drugs make you high?" Cadence quizzed and doubted Mikolaj's words.
"Yup! It's like oxygen! So breathing in more air makes you energized and refreshed! How is it, Mum?" Mikolaj asked as Cadence tried her hand at the bubble machine.
"Hmm...the blowing bubbles part is fun but I don't exactly feel very energised." Cadence responded as she took another puff of bubbles.
"You need to constantly blow bubbles for twenty minutes before this takes effect." Mikolaj further explained to Cadence.
"Tinka, you have been at this for some time. It's time to go to bed. You need to go to school tomorrow." Cadence shooed little Tinka to bed.
"Grandma, can I dance for another five minutes?" Tinka pleaded with Cadence. "Um nope!" Cadence shook her head and switched off the music. Disappointed, Tinka walked to her bedroom.
"Wooo! Pufferfish! Pufferfish taste really good!" Mikolaj entertained an evil thought as she looked at the aquarium.
"Happy Birthday to myself!" Wies was waiting for everyone to arrive before he blew the candles.
"Grow up well, my precious grandson!" Cadence cheered Wies on.
"WOah! WOah!" Wies was surrounded by a tingling bright sparkle and he literally jumped into puberty.
"Happy Birthday! Wies!" Cadence wished Wies.
Cadence was really happy that Mikolaj's Baby 1 was finally a young teenage boy.
Baby 1 Wies Sierra totally resembled his father, Apollo Bloom. The only genetic trait that he inherit from Mikolaj was the purple eyes. He grew up with the neat trait and it looked like the Sierras have gotten themselves a great helper to tidy the house!
"Grandma, there are already 8 members in the household, how is Mum going to continue the 100 Baby Challenge then? Maybe I should grow up faster?" Wies suggested and was worried that he would impede the progress of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge. "Oh, Wies! You are such a sensible little boy. I'm so proud to have you as my grandson. You are indeed a true blue Sierra kid, always caring and loving towards the family." Cadence was touched by Wies's kind gesture.
"Not to worry, you will not need to grow up immediately. We will see how things goes..." Cadence said. Though Wies seemed as if he was eager to grow up, deep down in his heart, he could not bear to leave the Sierras. The one that he would miss most is his Grandma Cadence, someone who was so close and dear to him. Then he popped Cadence a strange question, "Grandma, would you move out with me when I become a young adult?" Cadence was surprised at Wies's sudden question, "Silly boy, all Sierra kids move out by themselves. You will have to learn to spread your wings and fly. Your Mum needs my help in her baby challenge." Wies listened quietly at Cadence's answer and spaced out.
Little Tinka's turn to grow up!
"Haha! This feeling is so ticklish! I can't stop laughing!" Tinka giggled as she was surrounded by the familiar sparkles.
Grow! Tinka! Grow! Who knew that growing up would warp your body like this?
Baby 2 Tinka Sierra as a teenage girl. She had the most kissable plump lips, well contoured eyebrows and lovely purple eyes. She was an elegant lady who was Miss Popular in school with her vivacious character.
"Mum, is the hot tub really hot? Why is it called the hot tub then? I used to think that the hot tub was boiling hot!" Tinka did not lose her habit of asking questions. "Tinka, I thought you have grown up! But seems like you did not! You still like to ask alot of redundant questions! Like they say, a leopard never changes its spots! This seems so true for you, Tinka!" Wies laughed.
"Come on in, Tinka! You will love it." Mikolaj ushered Tinka to join them in the hot tub. "Are you sure, Mum? Will I burn my skin?" Tinka asked innocently. "Don't be silly, look at Wies and I! We are all fine in the hot tub!" Mikolaj smiled.
"It's great to grow up isn't it, Tinka? We get to do adult things like soaking in the hot tub!" Wies relaxed himself in the hottub. "Yeah! When I was younger, I really hated adults saying things like you will understand it when you grow up." Tinka expressed. With the first two babies all grown up, Mikolaj seemed to enjoy motherhood better. She loved soaking in the hot tub with her kids.
"Hmm..How I wish all the babies are born teenagers! They get to soak in the hot tub with me! No crying, no dirty diapers, no feeding and no potty training. The best part of all, Wies and Tinka have finally reached the legal age to drink alcohol!" Mikolaj thought. She finally get to revel in the joys of motherhood and appreciated the 100 Baby Challenge a little more.
"Time for you to grow up, my Christmas Baby! Grow up quickly and we can soak in the hot tub together!" Mikolaj muttered under her breath as she blew the candles, totally unaware that something was brewing at the Sierras.
"What's that smell?" Mikolaj pondered as she carried Klaus and waited for him to age up.
"AHHHH!!! MUM!! EVERYONE!! It's a FIRE!! HELP!!" The quick-witted Mikolaj quickly carried little Klaus to safety.
"Where is everyone??!?" Mikolaj panicked as the flames seemed to be engulfing the entire table.
"Argh! The fire is so huge! What should I do?!?" Mikolaj looked on helplessly.
This was the first time that Mikolaj had seened such a huge fire and it was only natural that she was so shocked that she stood rooted to the spot.
"Can someone come quickly? Am I going to die?" Mikolaj could almost feel the hot flames licking her.
"Mum!! Put out the fire with this!!" Wies ran to the fire scene armed with a fire extinguisher. The fire was bigger than he expected and he freaked out on the spot.
"Be careful, Tinka! Don't get burnt!" Mikolaj warned Tinka who also ran in to help put out the fire.
However, the fire just kept spreading and spreading. "Oh no! Are we all going to die here?" Tinka cried. "This is not the time to ask questions! Shut up!" Wies said in panic.
"Mikolaj! Look out!" Cadence screamed as Mikolaj fought hard to put out the fire.
After twenty minutes of effort and struggle, the Sierras managed to avert a calamity. "Gosh! That was a close shave!" Mikolaj heaved a sigh of relief as the neat Wies proceeded to scrub the burnt floor.
Tinka then scooped up the little Klaus whose birthday celebrations was totally ruined by the fire.
With an eventful birthday, the Sierras waited with bated breath to see how the Christmas Baby would look like. Baby 6 Klaus Sierra was an exact carbon copy of his father with his strange facial features and orange brown hair.
Even little Klaus himself was frightened by his own looks when he looked into the mirror.
"Kids, welcome to the nightlife! This is Plasma 501! Enjoy! You might have been to clubs and lounges when you were young but you will only truly get to enjoy it when you are a teenager!" Mikolaj was thrilled to introduced clubs and lounges to her two teenage kids. Wies, in particular was excited to take his first sip of the alcohol.
"Wow, your hair is cool!" Tinka commented about the mixologist's quirky hair. "Tinka! Trust you to say the darnest thing!" Wies laughed.
"Cheers to the Sierra family!" Mikolaj toasted.
"Like it?" Mikolaj asked Wies. "Hmm.. I loved it! Yummy! I want more!" Wies declared as he tried his first glass of drink at Plasma 501. Suddenly, emotions gushed and Mikolaj had never felt so proud doing the 100 Baby Challenge. Her first son Wies enjoyed drinking, just like her!
"Wow, she is so good at this!" Tinka praised the mixologist of her skills.
" far so good...But I feel alittle tipsy already..." Tinka could not hold her liquor very well.
"Mikolaj! Looking good with this new bob hairstyle!" Herbert exclaimed when he met Mikolaj on the dancefloor. "Oh! Herbert! Your daughter Tinka is upstairs! I get her to meet you!" Mikolaj said.
"Tinka, you reek of alcohol. Have you been drinking?" Herbert was an uptight father. "Just a few sips! Don't worry, Dad!" Tinka brushed off.
"Mikolaj, don't let her drink so much! She might get drunk." Herbert said in a worried tone. "It's okay. She needs to drink more to train up so that she can hold her liquor better." Mikolaj had no idea why Herbert was so uptight about Tinka drinking. "My dear girl, don't drink so much. It's bad for your health." Herbert told Tinka.
"Argh! We were here with our Mum so it's alright that we are already past our curfew hours!" Wies tried to explain to the policewoman who insisted that Wies and Tinka take a ride home in the policecar. "Can't you understand? It is with parental consent that we are out so late!" Wies lost his temper.
"Bro, calm down. Look on the bright side, they are giving us a free ride!" Tinka tried to comfort her agitated brother.
"It's not a free ride, sis. It's a ride in the policecar! Not something to be proud of!" Wies grumbled.
"How was the ride home? Smooth and good?" Mikolaj laughed as the policewoman escorted them home. "It was terrible! I had no idea why they did that. We were with you, Mum and the policewoman refused to believe me!" Wies complained. "Definitely a ride to remember, Wies! Haha!" Mikolaj chortled. "Mum! Are you okay? If it was other mothers, they would be so concerned that a policewoman escorted us home! You are still laughing at our plight? Incredible!" Wies stormed off angrily.
"Wies!" Mikolaj's voice trailed in the background as she tried to stop Wies. "Don't bother about him, he is having some mood swings. I thought that the policecar ride was pretty cool. Bro may have hated it, it was definitely the most memorable ride of my life!" The optimistic Tinka chirped.
"Wies! Wies!" Mikolaj called out as Wies ran back into the house.
"Here, let's get out of this crib! It's growing up time!" Big brother Wies picked Kai up from his crib.
Yuron waiting patiently for his turn to grow up.
Baby 3 Yoomee Sierra inherited the Sierra's trademark pink blonde hair. She adored butterflies and would wear this tee almost everyday! Though she grew up well, she grew up with the meanspirited trait.
Baby 4 Yuron Sierra was the only kid amongst the triplets to have inherited Mikolaj's purple eyes. He grew up with the snob trait. As he was very lazy, he opted for a fuss free tousled hair look so that he need not comb his hair in the morning when he prepared for school.
Baby 5 Kai Sierra resembled his father and Uncle Misty Sierra the most. He had the most sparkling green blue eyes and brown lemon cream pie hair. If you looked carefully, Yoomee and Kai's face were identical, albeit different hairstyles and hair colour.
The sensible Wies helped his mother with her most hated chore, the laundry.
"Suddenly, I feel that kids are so useful. Look, Wies and Tinka are now big enough to enjoy the hot tub with me. And Wies is so obedient, he helps me with laundry all the time! Mum, I think I'm enjoying motherhood a wee bit more now!" Mikolaj mused. "Haha! You shouldn't think this way, you should not be exploiting the kids to your advantage. Slowly, you will find motherhood very rewarding as the kids grow up and excel in their niche area. Like they always say, youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship falls, but a mother's secret love outlives them all." Cadence hoped that Mikolaj would understand the true meaning of being a mother.
"What are my siblings doing?" Little Klaus pondered as he looked at the set of triplets.
"What? Our television time will be cut?" Yoomee gasped exaggeratedly.
"What? Our television time will be cut? No way!" Kai freaked out just like his elder sis Yoomee did. There was definitely some resemblance in them!
"What are we going to do with less television time? How?" Kai asked Yoomee who frowned. "We can play at the playground!" The smart Yuron suggested.
The trio then proceeded to the playground area and Yoomee climb up to the treehouse excitedly.
"Woo! Let me see..Isn't that our school! It's our school! It's over there, can you see it? Bro?" Yoomee looked at the scenery.
"Whee!! I'm on the elephant trunk!" Kai raised his hands up in the air as he tried on the slide.
"This is so fun! Sis! Bro! You got to try this!" Kai call out for Yoomee and Yuron who was also enjoying themselves at the treehouse.
"I spy...I spy..with my little eye!" Yuron sets his sights on afar.
Their treehouse enjoyed a fantastic panoramic view of the cityscape of Bridgeport.
"Breathtaking views!" Yuron gushed as he was enthralled with the bright lights.
Just as they were playing happily, Victoria Boxer from the paparazzi appeared at the Sierras. She was there to get the latest scoop on Mikolaj's wedlock case.
"The pink blonde hair that Mikolaj has! Definitely Mikolaj's daughter! I must take this down!" Victoria then proceeded to whip out her paparazzi's all important tool, the camera. She quickly took the photos before the kids noticed it.
"Why are you taking photos of us? Who are you?" Little Yoomee confronted Victoria as she saw the flashes of light. "Ermm..I'm your Mum's friend..." Victoria hemmed and hawed. "Are you sure? I'll get my Mum here! Mum!!" Yuron shouted. Victoria quickly took her leave as the kids shouted for Mikolaj.
Little Klaus was anticipating his meals from Cadence.
"I'm so exhausted! Why does a family of eight has such neverending laundry to do?" Wies expressed as he stopped to rest for a while before finishing his chores.
Little Picassos in the making? Brothers Yuron and Kai seemed to have some interest in the arts.
"AH! AH! AH!" Wies gave a loud scream and that startled Yoomee. "Bro! You scared me! Stop shouting! It's irritating!" The mean spirited Yoomee was frustrated.
"I"M GROWING UP!! I'm the first Sierra kid from Mum's challenge to grow into a young adult! Aren't you happy for me, Sis?" Wies told Yoomee animatedly.
It was an emotional day for the Sierras. On one hand, Cadence and Mikolaj was glad to see Wies gaining his own independence as he leave the Sierras to strike out on his own. On the other, Cadence was especially sad to see her grandson leaving the house. Wies was also upset yet excited that he had grew up into a young adult. "Keep a check on your grandson.." Cadence reminded Wies as he grew up with the hot-headed trait.
"Thanks, Mum! Thanks for bringing me into this world. Though you were an unconventional Mum, I really want to thank you for exposing me to some things that other Mums would never allow their kids to drinking and clubbing. I am proud and honoured to be Baby 1 of your 100 Baby Challenge!" Wies thanked Mikolaj who was obviously touched by Wies's little farewell speech.
"Do come back and visit! Or we can do meetups at lounges and clubs! We can have a great dance together!" Mikolaj chirped as Cadence was overwhelmed with sadness.
"Grandma, I love you so much! You are the greatest! I will miss you so much!" Wies felt indebted to Cadence as she was the one who had singlehandedly brought him up. When he was born, Mikolaj practically "threw" him at home and went out to party everyday.
"Take care, Wies. Always remember that the back of every achievement of yours is a proud grandmother and mother. We will always be behind you, no matter what happens." Cadence gave Wies a tight hug.
"Thank you so much. Words cannot express my gratitude towards you, Grandma." Wies cannot bear to leave Cadence.
"Rock on, son! Hope to see you successful one day!" Mikolaj was more cheerful as Cadence looked on sadly.
"I will, I will make the Sierras proud one day!" Wies made a promise to Cadence and Mikolaj.
"I'm leaving, Grandma and Mum..." Wies said as Cadence looked away. She was holding back her tears.
"Goodbye Grandma! Goodbye Mum! Goodbye brothers and sisters! Goodbye everyone!" Wies bade a final farewell as he moved to his new home.
With more space for a new family member, Cadence quickly nagged Mikolaj to continue with her 100 Baby Challenge. She trolled the forums for a suitable father and arranged Mikolaj to meet with the next potential father of Baby 7. "Are you Chester Daniels? I'm Mikolaj Sierra, the daughter of Cadence Sierra. I guess my mother has been liaising with you for quite some time?" Mikolaj met up with Chester Daniels (Thanks to minpin45!). "Yes, I am! Nice to meet you!" Chester greeted. "Wow, I see my mother has some unique tastes for men. Your skin colour and hair colour just blows me away. I can't imagine holding a green baby like you! Haha! Jokes aside, let's waste no time. I need to get on with the challenge." Mikolaj said impatiently.
"What are the rules of the challenge? Mind me asking? The forum wasn't really clear." Chester inquired. "You need to contribute $10,000 every month to the Sierras and once the baby grows up and leave the house, you need to give him or her a monthly allowance of at least $5000." Mikolaj whispered into Chester's ears. "What?!? $10,000 a month? Your Mum did not tell me that!" Chester was taken aback with the rules and regulations of the 100 Baby Challenge. "You believed me? Just kidding! GOTCHA!!" Mikolaj cracked into peals of laughter as she saw Chester's puzzled look.
"Alright, no more nonsense. I want to get pregnant right now!" Mikolaj was impatient and wanted to conceive there and then.
"What? You don't even have a queen size bed in your house?" Mikolaj was furious that the whole process was taking way too long. "I'm so sorry, I'm a bachelor...can we go over to your house then?" Chester said sheepishly.
"I feel like punching someone now!" Mikolaj growled angrily. She felt that Chester was wasting her time. Getting pregnant was a no brainer for Mikolaj and should not take such a long time.  
"Alright, a kiss from me to you..." Mikolaj kissed Chester with no emotions.
Sounds of the baby lullaby floated in the air. Mikolaj succeeded in becoming pregnant!
"I can't believe I'm going to be a father soon!" Chester strode in pride.
"A father! A father! I'm getting a child!" Chester whistled happily as he walked with light footsteps.
"Hmm..that's a very strange baby..." Victoria the paparazzi spied at the Sierras through the window.
When Cadence saw the paparazzi outside the house, she quickly scooped up Klaus for fear for his safety. She then drew the attention to herself and called Mikolaj to hide in her bedroom. "May I know if this child belongs to Mikolaj? Are you the legendary Cadence Sierra who completed the 100 Baby Challenge?" Victoria tooked out the voice recorder and probe further. "No! No! This is my child, not Mikolaj's. Can you leave her alone and stop bugging her!" Cadence denied that Klaus was Mikolaj's baby and tried to direct all rumours to herself. This was the true testament and the power of a mother's love.
"But I thought you had completed the 100 Baby Challenge? This is Baby number? Who is the father?" Victoria asked and took photographs of Cadence and Klaus. "Stop that! Don't frighten the baby. I decline all interviews and answering of questions. Please leave the house..." Cadence said sternly.
Tinka was a dilligent girl who had good grades for school. Her secret to success was consistency. She made sure she finished her homework everyday.
Another member of the paparazzi, Hannah lurking outside the Sierras.
"Er...what now? What do I do?" Mikolaj asked Cadence for help. Cadence insisted that she helped Klaus to learn how to walk.
"You move backwards and tried to get him to walk towards you..slowly..." Cadence gave her instructions clearly.
"Come closely..come closer...Klaus! That's right!" The inexperienced Mum Mikolaj encouraged Klaus to walk closer to her.
"Doing good! That's great!" Cadence cheered. Mikolaj was finally taking some baby steps in her role as a mother to her kids. Eventually, Cadence hoped that she would be able to manage the entire Sierra household all by herself. This was one of Cadence's proudest moments and a significant milestone in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
It was a heartwarming sight to see her daughter holding the little hands of her grandson, teaching him how to walk .
"Klaus, you balance yourself like this..." Mikolaj demonstrated to Klaus.
"Yes! That's right!" Mikolaj said as Klaus imitated her balancing actions.
"Wow, cool! Did I learn to walk like this too?" Yoomee asked as she walked past. "Of course! Everyone started out like this!" Cadence smiled to little Yoomee.
"Mikolaj, keep it up. You have improved! I'm so happy for you!" Cadence gave Mikolaj a pat on her shoulders.
As a reward, Cadence promised to practise Mixology with Mikolaj, sipping on her drinks to check if her drinks were up to standard.
"BLEARGH! Yucks! These drinks sucks!" Mikolaj puked out all the contents.
"UGH! I really need to improve on this!" Mikolaj sticked out her tongue.
"Can't be that bad? Isn't it?" Cadence picked up a drink that Mikolaj had prepared.
"Let's see.." Cadence took a big gulp of the drink. "Be careful, Mum. Don't drink so much at one go!" Mikolaj warned Cadence.
"Bleargh! Oh!! What did you do to the drink? It tastes like some mud water!" Cadence gave Mikolaj her frank comments, hoping that she can improve. "Told you not to drink so much at one go!" Mikolaj said.
"Gosh! I thought you had been practising hard on your mixology skills?" Cadence queried as Mikolaj shrugged her shoulders.
"My tongue! Feels like it's burning!" Cadence coughed.
"I don't feel good...after drinking this...I feel like I'm having morning sickness though I'm not pregnant!" Cadence frowned.
"ARgh! I need to run to the washroom! Now!" Cadence ran and vomited.
"Must I drink this?" Cadence picked up the wine glass gingerly. "Please Mum, I need some that I can improve...Just don't take such a big sip.." Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence.
Poor Cadence, she was the guinea pig of Cadence's poorly mixed drinks.
"Help me!" Cadence raised her hands as she did a projectile vomit of the drink.
Tinka helped to look after little Klaus as Cadence and Mikolaj experimented with different mixology skills.
"I like Grandma better...what about you?" Yoomee asked Kai. "Well...I love both Mum and Grandma!" Kai loved to sit on the fence and does not want to take sides.
Grandma Cadence doted on her grandchildren and often regaled tales of her 100 Baby Challenge. The kids loved her stories as Cadence was a great storyteller.
"Tinka, shall we sneak out to party before I give birth?" Mikolaj whispered to Tinka, it was as if Mikolaj was also a rebellious giggly schoolgirl. "Let's go to Bridgeport Sportszone tomorrow!" Tinka whispered into Mikolaj's ears. Mikolaj agreed and nodded. Then she winked at Tinka, smiling at their secret plan.
"I want milk! I want milk!" Little Klaus slammed on the highchair to seek for attention.
"Wow, you look so radiant! Looking good, Mikolaj!" The mixologist at Bridgeport was in awe that a pregnant lady could look so good.
"Here you go!" The mixologist prepared a flaming drink for Tinka.
"Yummy!" Tinka was pleased that she chosed the right drink.
"Wow! I did not know that you could dance on counters! Is it fun? But be careful, Mum. It's so dangerous to dance in heels when you are heavily pregnant!" Tinka marvelled at Mikolaj's dancing. "You bet, come try it, Tinka!" Mikolaj egged Tinka on.
"You are right! Mum! This is so fun! Whee!" Tinka tried counterdancing for the first time. "It would be even more fun with music!" Mikolaj jested.
Just as they left the Bridgeport Sportzone, Mikolaj felt strong contractions. "AH!! Tinka, call for the ambulance! ARGH! I'm in great pain!" Mikolaj shrieked.
Though it was a painful delivery, it was a swift one. The Sierras welcomed a little green baby girl! Let's put our hands together to welcome Baby 7 Fleur Sierra! (Thanks to Starling68!)
"It's a green baby! Alright! Yesh!" Chester cheered when he saw the Fleur had inherited his skin colour. "Wow, this feeling is weird. I have never held a green baby! Will she grow up to look like the incredible hulk? Haha!" Mikolaj laughed as she cradled Fleur in her arms.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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