Sunday, January 30, 2011

100 Baby Challenge Crisis: Baby 8 and 9!!

More gifts and loving from the beloved readers of the 100 Baby Challenge! Thank you chavette12 for Contented Sighs which is perfect for the upcoming Lunar New Year!
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Thank you Skyakella for the big gift of the Animals Abound Playground Bed + Bath. It was a great addition to the existing Animals Abound set that the Sierras have. I absolutely agree with your comments on Cadence and Mikolaj's relationship. It is a riot and a true reflection of a mother/daughter relationship indeed! 
A beautiful Tot's Apron from Smellymonkey11! Thanks!  
To usher in the Year of Rabbit, a new Stuffed Toy Rabbit from Werpy! Thank you so much!
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"Yahoo! Push the swing harder, Bro! I want to fly higher and higher!" Little Yoomee beckoned to her brother, Kai who was pushing the swing.  
"I'm already at my maximum strength! Aren't you afraid that this swing will break?" The little worrier, Kai asked Yoomee curiously. "Well! Maybe then I can fly to a faraway land where there is lots of candies and fun?" Yoomee's imagination went wild. "You must have been reading too much fairytales! Faraway land don't exist! Sis!" Kai tried to bring Yoomee back to reality.
"Okay, little practical man. It's your turn. Grandma always say that we the Sierra kids should always care and share everything. Give it a go, Bro!" The kind Yoomee remembered Cadence's words and got off the swing promptly to let Kai try on the swing. " it really that fun? Don't push so hard, sis. I'm afraid of heights and I don't want to be flung out of the swing!" Kai looked at the ropes of the swing worriedly.
"Fine! I'll use my medium strength." Yoomee gave Kai a push.
"You are so right, sis! This is way too much fun! I feel like I'm flying! Whee!!" Kai enjoyed himself thoroughly on the swing. "See...I told you there was nothing to worry. Just relax, sit back and enjoy the fun!" Yoomee laughed.
"Fleur...Fleur! Time to grow up! Will your skin still glowing when you grow up?" Cadence cradled her little granddaughter, Fleur and carressed her luminous smooth jade-green skin.
Baby 7 Fleur Sierra as a toddler. The pink-blonde hair made its appearance again at the Sierras! Fleur had her hair tied up in loose braids and she had slightly darker green skin as compared to her baby skin. Her skintone and almond-shaped blue eyes made her stood out from the rest of the Sierra kids.
"Granny, pleaseeeeee...!!! Can I go to the club tonight? My friends are going to celebrate my birthday with me..pleaseee.....Grandma!" Tinka pleaded with Cadence, hoping that she would allow her to go to the lounge tonight. "No way! You came back so drunk that day! This is not how a lady should behave! Tinka, what if someone takes advantage of you when you are drunk?" The concerned Grandma had Tinka's interests at heart. "But, all my friends are going! I have to be there...." Tinka frowned. "Don't tell me your friends are going, you are different. You are a unique and special Sierra kid! If your friends are going to take drugs, are you going to follow suit?" Cadence questioned Tinka who was sorely disappointed that she had to miss the celebrations.
As with all new posts, Mikolaj changed her hairstlyle with the arrival of the new baby. She opted for a sweet look with two ponytails.
"Ah..Mikolaj never learns..." Cadence grumbled as she cleared up all the dirty laundry at the Sierras.
"Well, Grandma says no but Mummy says YES!" Mikolaj told the excited Tinka. "But but...Granny says I can't go to the lounge without her permission...I don't want to upset her, Mum." Tinka said, though deep in her heart, she was itching to go to the lounge to meet up with her friends.
"There is no harm in going to the lounges occasionally. Don't worry, Tinka! Mum will accompany you there! Mum will be answerable if Granny asks." Mikolaj assured Tinka. In fact, Mikolaj backed Tinka up because she would love to spend a night at the lounge drinking and dancing to her heart's content! "Really?!? Thank you, Mum! I love you so much!" Tinka was so thrilled that Mikolaj gave her special permission to the lounges. "But, don't tell Grandma about this! She will be fuming mad if she found out! Let's tell her we went grocery shopping!" Mikolaj was a bad mother who taught Tinka how to lie.
"Mum, are you sure this is going to be okay?" Tinka asked Mikolaj in a worried tone. Tinka was afraid that Cadence would find out eventually about their little secret. "Grandma will not know if no one leaks out. Tinka, we are already here. Forget about all your troubles, leave them behind, let down your hair and have fun!" Mikolaj comforted Tinka.
"I would like to order a special drink for my little princess, Tinka. She is my first daughter of my baby challenge and she is going to grow up into a young adult soon! little princess is moving out soon..." Mikolaj requested a special drink from the mixologist.
"Thank you, Mum! I feel so honoured to have such a cool Mum like you! None of my friends' parents allow them to club and drink, much less go clubbing with them!" Tinka thanked Mikolaj in between sips of the drink.
"Woo! MUM! I feel something tingling all over my body! I'm turning into a young adult! I'm turning into a young adult!" Tinka clapped her hands and welcomed young adulthood with open arms.
"May I grow prettier and wiser!" Tinka muttered under her breath as she "evolved".
"Take care of yourself, Tinka. We will miss you..." Cadence said sadly.
"Mum, I think Grandma doesn't know about our secret!" Tinka whispered into Mikolaj's ears as she gave her a farewell hug.
"This little secret is safe with me!" Mikolaj gave Tinka a wink while Cadence wiped off her tears. She was feeling very emotional that Baby 2 Tinka Sierra was going to leave the Sierras.
"Grandma, hush..don't cry. I will definitely be back to visit you!" Tinka comforted Cadence.
"How time flies...It seemed like yesterday that I brought the little Tinka to the Bogaard Overlook for a walk... You were so adorable with your fine brown hair and cute bow on your head. Grandma will definitely miss your chuckles and smiles." Cadence reminisced fondly about the past. "Oh yeah! Bogaard Overlook! I love the breathtaking views! I will miss the time spent with you, Grandma and you, Mum. Thanks for being the unconventional Mum. I'm so glad that I have the best of both worlds, a traditional and caring Grandma and hot cool Mama!" Tinka smiled as Mikolaj beamed with pride. Though she had not played an active role in raising Tinka when she was a baby, she was glad that she had the support of her understanding Mum, Cadence. She was also slowly reveling in the joys of motherhood.
"All the best, Tinka! Go on and live your dreams. A dreamer lives for eternity! Wish it, dream it and do it!" Cadence dispensed her wise words to Tinka as she bade the Sierras goodbye.
"Little Fleur! When will you grow up and soak in the hot tub with me?" Mikolaj teased the innocent Fleur who could not understand what her Mother was talking about.
"Anyone in? Hello!! Is this the Sierras?" A red-skinned man came knocking on the doors of the Sierras early Sunday morning. He was all ready and excited to enrol for the 100 Baby Challenge. He was a casanova who had decided that he would not settle down but instead he would take part in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge to have his very own offsprings.
"Yes? What can I do for you?" Mikolaj went out to greet the man.
"You must be Mikolaj Sierra! I'm Mark Bounty! (Thanks to SmartSnowball!) I'm here to bring you the world's greatest gift!" Mark remarked in pride.
"World's greatest gift? A gem? Woman's favorite gift, diamond? Are you here to give me a diamond gem or something? Woo! I would love to have one! Wait a minute...did you just call my name? How do you know my name? And why do you have such a strange skin colour? And your hair? It's pretty queer I must say!" Mikolaj talked non-stop and bombarded Mark with thousand and one questions.
Just then, Mikolaj felt queasy, she must have had a drop too much last night. "Sorry..Mark. Wait a minute. I don't feel so good." Mikolaj turned away from Mark and tried to find a washroom.
"Err..what are you doing? Are you going to perform?" Mark waited in anticipation as Mikolaj clutched her stomach. Mark thought that Mikolaj was putting up an act.
"BLEARGH!! Argh! This is bad!" Mikolaj burped and grimaced in pain. "AWW...that was awful!" Mark looked away.
"Argh! AHHhh..!" Mikolaj puked out green contents. "Wow, what an interesting way of welcoming me!" Mark said and can't believe that Mikolaj vomited in front of him for their first meeting.
"Hmm..feeling better? Hmph..that was a very surprise welcome gift from you! You are such a unique lady. I'm so attracted to you!" The casanova Mark flirted with Mikolaj. "Pray tell! What's the greatest gift that you are going to give me?" Mikolaj quizzed him. "Heaven's greatest gift!! Children! I'm here to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge. I have heard of your Mum, Cadence Sierra and her legendary baby challenge and found out that you are carrying on her legacy. I would very much want a piece of action!" Mark jested.
"You think it's so easy to be the father of my challenge? Tell me why should I even allow you to take part in my challenge? Convince me!" Mikolaj posed the challenge to Mark.
Mark picked up Mikolaj's hand tenderly and said, "Look at me..I'm red, white and blue, just like the USA flag! Don't you want your baby to don these cool colours of the flag?" Mark joked. "Bhahah!!" Mikolaj burst out laughing at his joke. "Alright! You made me laughed really hard. You are recruited for Mikolaj Sierra's challenge! Congrats to you, Mark Bounty!" Mikolaj said in a serious tone.
"May our baby don the national colours of red, white and blue! Woohoo!" Mark said as they cuddled in bed.
Mikolaj took the initiative and leaned forward to give Mark a kiss. "You know what's so cool about your skin colour? I don't even know if you are blushing or not. Your cheeks are always flushed red!" Mikolaj chortled.
"Haha! You are funny and witty!" Mark smiled as they shared a passionate kiss.
"Red, white, blue! Red, white, blue!" They chanted as the makings of Baby 8 begun!
Whose genes would Baby 8 inherit?
Mikolaj thanked Mark for the "heaven's greatest gift" before she left. She was so proud that she managed to get pregnant in record time. She was blissfully unaware that trouble was looming ahead and she was set to have her biggest crisis of the 100 Baby Challenge thus far.
"Fleur! We have the same pink-blonde hair! Look! BOOO!!!" Doting sister Yoomee played peekaboo with little Fleur.
"Eh?!" Fleur looked at Yoomee who was covering her eyes.
"Woo! Fleur!" Yoomee teased her little sister.
"Mum, can you practise Mixology with me, please?" Mikolaj requested. "Not again? I was sick for so many days after practising Mixology with you the other day. I can't afford to fall sick, the kids need me." Cadence gave an excuse. "This time you will not fall sick. I have improved on my skills and my drinks are better now. Please, Mum! You are the only one whom I can trust for frank comments. I need someone to comment on my drinks so that I can improve!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence.
Mums are the greatest. Even though Cadence was relucant, she finally relented after Mikolaj's umpteen pleads. She hoped to be the supportive mother, always giving her kids the support that they need.
"Uh no! You need to have a better grip of the bottle." Cadence adviced Mikolaj who had dropped the bottle on the floor. "Sorry, let's try again!" Mikolaj shrugged her shoulders.
"How is it? How is it? How is it?" Mikolaj was raring to hear Cadence's comments on her latest concocted drink.
"Though it doesn't make me vomit, it makes me drowsy..I feel like I'm drifting to lalaland.." Cadence said.
"So is it a good thing or a bad thing?" Mikolaj asked. "Good thing is that it's near bedtime and I can sleep well with the drink. It would be a bad thing if I had this drink in the morning, one can be knocked out with this drink." Cadence gave her frank comments.
"Let me try it out..." Mikolaj muttered to herself.
"Argh! Pregnancy nausea or queasiness from the drink?" Mikolaj had no idea what exactly was making her sick.
"Ahh...I'm feeling so uncomfortable!" Mikolaj whined.
"Can someone help me?" Mikolaj winced in pain.
"Argh! It's coming out..the vomit is coming out!" Mikolaj tried to stop herself from puking on the floor.
Mikolaj quickly ran to the washroom to vomit.
"Woo! Yay! The triplets are turning into teens! Finally! Can't wait to expose them to the night life!" Mikolaj was excited that the triplets are celebrating their birthdays.
"Grow up well, my grandkids!" Cadence cheered for the triplets.
While Kai was looking forward to becoming a teen, little Yoomee was more apprenhensive about growing up. She had heard horror tales about puberty, of acne, pimples, awkward bra issues and cramps!
"Eh? This is it? I don't feel anything?" Yuron gave a blank stare when he became a teen.
"Grow! Grow! Grow! Three companions for my hot tub! Woo!" Mikolaj can't wait. Check out Cadence and Mikolaj's expression and hands, there was certainly some resemblance between the mother and daughter.
"Sis, see you in teenhood! We are waiting for you!" Kai chirped as he "jumped" into teenhood.
Baby 4 Yuron Sierra grew up to have the insane trait. He had weird looking furrowed brows which made him look perpetually angry. His dark brown hair stood up rebelliously. He was the only one out of his triplet siblings to have inherited Mikolaj's purple eyes.
Baby 5 Kai Sierra had floppy light brown hair which looked windswept. His look and doe eyes were enough to melt girl's hearts. To top it all, he had the hopeless romantic trait. His sharp and chiselled nose resembled that of his uncle, Misty Sierra.
Baby 3 Yoomee Sierra's fears were unfounded. She grew up into an attractive teen with shiny smooth pink-blonde hair and luscious neon pink lips. Her thick pink brows and aquiline nose made her looked really cute. She was a little drama mama who had the dramatic trait.
"Where's Kai?" Mikolaj asked Yuron and Yoomee. "He's probably on the way, coming soon...Mum, why are we asked to gather here?" Yuron pondered while looking at the bubbling hot tub that Mikolaj had prepared.
"Kids, listen up. This is the Sierra's rite of passage for all teenage Sierras. Everyone will have to soak the hot tub when they reach their teens." Mikolaj proclaimed proudly. She was so excited to have the triplets soaking the hot tub with her, it was her favorite activity other than drinking. "Rite of passage? Wow, what kind of rite of passage is this? Will this transform me from a boy to man? Then I don't mind trying!" The talkactive Yuron blabbered on while Kai listened intently.
"Mum, can I not try? These bubbling jets in the hot tubs look evil to me! I don't fancy myself soaking in it.." Yoomee frowned upon Mikolaj's rite of passage for all Sierra teens.
"Yoomee, be brave and try it. Being the eldest among the triplets, you shall have the honour of having the first dip into the hot tub!" Mikolaj clapped to encourage Yoomee as she walked gingerly into the hot tub.
"AHHH!! It's way too hot! It's ticklish and my skin feels weird. Will my skin rot?" Yoomee literally hopped out of the hot tub.
"It's supposed to be good for your skin! How can your skin rot after soaking in the hot tub? Look at Mum's skin. It's soft and supple thanks to the hot tub!" Mikolaj tried to talk some sense into Yoomee. After much coaxing and encouragement, Yoomee finally took to the hot tub.
"Ahh! It's really great to have triplets! How relaxing to soak the hot tub with three of them!" Mikolaj thought to herself as she looked at her "accomplishment". She could not believe that she gave birth to Yoomee, Yuron and Kai.
"Alright! The world's coolest mum is bringing you to.....**drumrolls***...TADA! The Prosper Room, where the rich and famous are! "Rich and famous? Wow! That's cool! Can I spot the hottest stars there?" Yoomee can't wait to enter The Prosper Room. "Well, one of the hottest diva is your Mum, Mikolaj Sierra!" Mikolaj broke into peals of laughter.
"Kids, this is the bouncer. If you do not have a celebrity status, you have to beg or bribe him to get in. Mum has VIP status here. So, the next time you visit here, just tell them that you are the children of Mikolaj Sierra!" Mikolaj said with pride. "Awesome!" The triplets said in unison, this was the first time that they knew that their Mum had so much power, celebrity status and authority in the Bridgeport. Everyone at the Prosper Room greeted her and treated her with royalty.
"Are you okay, Mum?" Yuron asked with a concerned tone. "Your little sibling in my tummy is making me a little sick. I'm fine.." Mikolaj forced a smile despite her nausea. Baby 8 was one baby that would make history in the books of the 100 Baby Challenge. Its entrance into the Sierras almost made Cadence and Mikolaj broke down. So far, there were no signs of an abnormal pregnancy except for the usual morning sickness and nausea.
"Cheers!" Yuron had a go at the alcohol.
"Mikolaj? Your brood of kids?" The mixologist asked. "Yeah! I have more kids at home! And another one in my tummy!" Mikolaj announced proudly, she had never been so proud of her 100 Baby Challenge. "Kids, you are so lucky to have such a hot Mama! Are you sure you are pregnant? You look svelte!" The mixologist was astonished by the number of kids that Mikolaj has.
"Pretty Mom, handsome son, what a cute combination! Mikolaj, you look like his sister instead of his Mum!" The mixologist certainly knew how to sweet talk.
"How is it?" Mikolaj asked Yoomee on her first alcoholic drink. "Hmm..kind of bittersweet. Just like life...and love...." Yoomee was getting philosophical.
Kai took to drinking very well. This was his third cup and he showed no signs of slowing down.
Another first for the teenage triplets: Bubble blowing machine.
"Look Mama! I can shake my boogie boogie! I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it!" The mischievous Yuron showed Mikolaj and Yoomee his moves. "Shake on Shake on! My son!" Mikolaj bellowed and cheered him on.
"Mum, thanks for showing me another side of teenage life. I used to think I will be drowned in tests, exams, homework and stress in teenhood but you have proved me otherwise." Yoomee said while dancing with Mikolaj.
"There's more to life than just school and exams. I want every Sierra kid to live life to the fullest. Most importantly, like what Grandma always said, I want everyone of you to be happy." Mikolaj said.
Yuron and Kai showed off their slick moves on the dance floor.
With the triplets in tow, Mikolaj had enough people to start a jamming session. The talented Yoomee played on the guitar, the passionate Yuron on the grand piano, the virtuoso Kai on the drums and the hot diva, Mikolaj on the bass.
"I actually given birth to talented kids who can jam with me! And soak in the hot tub with me!" Mikolaj was feeling very proud of herself.
"We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun....but the hills that we climbed..." Yoomee and Yuron singing to the tune of "Seasons in the Sun".
"Time really flies huh! I remembered concocting the first drink for you when you were heavily pregnant with Baby 1 of your 100 Baby Challenge. And now you are pregnant with Baby 8! Mikolaj, you look so positively radiant and glowing, I guess you must have enjoyed motherhood! You seemed to have gotten past the denial and angst stage that you were at when you were having Baby 1!" The mixologist, Daniel told her. "Well, change is the only constant. You may call me shallow but I only came to realise the joys of motherhood after my kids became teenagers and could accompany me to soak in hot tub and go drinking with me. I still can't stand crying babies though I try not to show it. My mother, Cadence Sierra is the most patient and caring lady that I have ever seen in my life, she is my pillar of strength in my 100 Baby Challenge. I don't know what I would do without her. Motherhood has honed me in many ways. You learn to deal with lots of things. I've become a juggler, it's all a big circus and nobody who knows me believes I can manage, except for my mum who instills this courage and belief in me." Mikolaj was emotional as she spoke.
"That's great! I was slightly worried for Cadence and you when you told me that you feel like a puppet in this 100 Baby Challenge. And that you have no control of your own fate and future. I'm glad that something good had came out of it and I'm sure your Mum is very proud of you, Mikolaj. You have blossomed into a mature and sophiscated lady. Congrats, Mikolaj." Daniel the mixologist said. "Yeah, as they all say...birth takes a woman from one place in her life to another. It certainly did. I'm still learning how to become a good mother and daughter. I still fail in certain aspects like doing the laundry, taking care of babies and toddlers and discipling the kids." Mikolaj was very upfront about her flaws. "I'm sure you will excel one day, both as a celebrity and a mother. You will be a domestic diva, I have faith in you!" Daniel encouraged her as Mikolaj sipped her drink.
"That's the way! Way to go, Kai! You are doing good!" Mikolaj praised Kai on his bass skills.
"Do I reek of alcohol?" Mikolaj asked Yoomee. "Why? Mum? A little..." Yoomee leaned forward and took a sniff.
"Grandma doesn't like me to expose you guys to the night life. So, please don't breathe a single word to Grandma, okay?" Mikolaj instructed. "My lips are sealed, don't worry, Mum." Yoomee assured Mikolaj. "I'm dead beat, I just want to sleep!" Kai let out a yawn and stretched himself. "Mum, are you telling me that I have to lie to Grandma?" Yuron was a man of principles.
"Yuron, just do what Mum tells you! She is not asking you to lie, just don't say anything!" Elder sis, Yoomee instructed as Yuron quietly nodded in the background.
"Little bear! I'm taller than you now! Watch me grow!!" The Christmas Baby Klaus was all ready to grow up!
"What is brother doing? Will I grow up like this too?" Little Fleur looked out from her crib as she heard some commotion coming from the corner of the room.
Baby 6 Klaus Sierra grew up looking alot like his father, Pinhead. He had round beady eyes and "downturned" mouth which made him looked sad. Though he did not have perfect facial features, his crop of orange brown hair made him look suave. He grew up to have the workaholic trait.
"Why do I look like this? Why do I seem to have holes in my mouth? Why can't I be a normal kid?" Klaus ran off in a fit of anger after looking at himself in the mirror.

Innocent little Fleur had no idea what was happening when Klaus ran out of the room.
"Klaus, here, sit here with Grandma..." Cadence tried to comfort little Klaus who was feeling really down about his looks. Klaus reminded her of her daughter, Anako, Ayako and Aiko who were borned with defects, but beautiful in their own way.
"Grandma, why am I so different from my siblings? I hate my face! I hate the holes in my mouth. How am I going to face the world like this? What can I do? Will eating more vegetables and fruits make me grow stronger?" The innocent Klaus asked Cadence. "Klaus, look. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own right. Beauty is only skin-deep, one will see beyond this. Your aunties, Anako, Ayako and Aiko could not accept their looks initially. But they overcame it and embraced their looks, they are now doing very well in life!" Cadence then proceeded to show Klaus their photos.
"But everyone is laughing at me! Even if I overcome it myself, everyone still laughs at me for my looks." Klaus confided in Cadence. As Cadence lifted up her cup, she said, "Klaus, do you know why you are named Klaus?" Little Klaus shook his head. "You are so special, you are born on Christmas Day. You are our greatest Christmas gift. We hope that you are as jolly and kindhearted as Santa Claus who would bring presents to children all over the world, hence your name Klaus. My dear grandson, see beyond the taunts, laughs and bullies. Don't care about what people say, they aren't as big-hearted as you. Beauty comes from a life well-lived. If you lived well, your smile lines will be in the right places. What more do you need?" Cadence the wise sage said while Klaus listened and nodded.
The sensible Yoomee helping Mikolaj with the laundry.
"Argh! Did not know that wet laundry could be so heavy!" Yoomee complained as she tugged the bag full of laundry.
"Stupid phone! Time to change for a new one!" Mikolaj pressed on her faulty phone.
Unknown to Cadence and Mikolaj, Yuron was feeling down in the dumps due to his poor grades and performance in school. Everything just did not seemed to go well for him. He was Mr Unpopular at school, everyone in class outcasted him and he was often alone during lunches and breaks. He failed his subjects badly and was called up for many extra classes. He simply just could not concentrate in his studies anymore. It did not help that both his siblings, Yoomee and Kai were scoring stellar grades for their studies. The teachers can't helped but compare him with his triplet siblings. "Am I the most worthless Sierra member in the family? Shall I just end my life like this and disappear from the surface of this earth?" Yuron entertained suicidal thoughts.
Little Fleur having a good time with her play-doh.
In a fit of anger, Yuron vandalised the walls of the attics to vent his pent-up anger. Though his mind is telling him that vandalising the walls is a wrong thing to do, he just cannot control his thoughts and actions.
"To hell with these math formulas and theorems!!" Yuron scribbled math formulas on the walls.
"Get away from my life!! I don't want to see you anymore! No more! No more mind maps! Get lost!!" The angry Yuron clenched his fists and punched the walls.
"Can't hear me? Don't understand english? Get out of my life! If not I'm going to punch you! Don't regret!" The insane Yuron talked to the walls as if they could understand him. His emotions overflowed and was totally out of control.
"Yuron! Yuron! Wake up! You are talking to the wall!" A voice in his head told Yuron to wake up.
"Get away, you tiny voice in my head. No one can stop me!" Yuron continued to vandalise the walls.
"No more math, no more geography, no more history! No more literature! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" Yuron could not control his emotions.
"Let's more school? Stop school completely?" Yuron definitely need some help here.
"Nobody is going to save us! Yuron! Nobody is going to save you. You are alone! You are alone in this!" Yuron screamed.
"End this now, Yuron!" The tiny voice in his head spoke again.
"Get away, you stupid voice in my head! It's none of your business!" Yuron bellowed angrily.
"Neh neh ne poo poo! You cannot catch me!!" Yuron had totally irrational thoughts.
Just then, Cadence and Mikolaj heard strange noises at the attic and came up to take a look. "Oh my gosh! What's happening?" Cadence gasped as Mikolaj waddled to take a closer look.
"This boy, you will get it from me for vandalising these walls!" Mikolaj flexed her muscles as if she was ready to hit Yuron.
"Are you insane? You must be crazy! What's wrong with you, YURON?" Mikolaj shouted at the top of her voice. "Huh?" Yuron was seemingly jolted out of his own little world.
"I say, you must be CRAZY! INSANE!! No one in the right frame of mind will do this! Even your little toddler siblings know that writing on walls is a wrong thing to do!" Mikolaj shrieked. "Miko! Watch your words, that's not the right way to discipline your kids." Cadence intervened.
"I want you to clean up the walls right now! Get it?" Mikolaj totally lost her temper on Yuron. "Why? Why can't I write on walls? I may not be the perfect son, but Mum, you are not the perfect daughter too! You taught me to lie, drink and slack. Why must you scold me for such trival things?" Yuron was showing signs of teenage rebellion. Cadence's eyes widen when she heard Yuron mentioning about Mikolaj teaching him to lie and drink.
"Do you want me to give you a tight slap so that you can wake up?" Mikolaj yelled as Cadence looked on helplessly.
"I dare you to!!" Yuron challenged.
"Yuron Sierra, stop being rude to your mother! Apologize to me, RIGHT NOW!" Mikolaj instructed. "Why must I? Why? Why should I show my respect for you? Have you done your part as a mother other than giving birth to me?" Yuron's words pierced through Mikolaj's heart and broke it into a million pieces.
Just as Mikolaj wanted to lift her hands to slap Yuron, Cadence stopped her in time and intervened. "Yuron, please respect your Mum. What's troubling you? What triggered you to write these things on the walls?" Cadence tried to approach the subject carefully.
Yuron refused to budge and keep very silent about it. "Still won't speak?" Mikolaj shrieked. "Mikolaj, go downstairs first, I'll deal with this." The calm Cadence said. "Yuron, there must have been something troubling you. Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith. Which handle will you choose?" Cadence asked. "Handle of faith..." Yuron muttered. "That's right, you may not want to say about your worries and troubles. But always remember that you have a family. Family is here for you no matter what happens. Mum may be harsh on you with her words, but she meant well. She is just worried sick hence her harsh words on you. If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live. This is just a phrase. Everything will pass and it will be okay. Trust me, Yuron. Grandma has been there, done that..." Cadence gave Yuron a assuring smile. "Really? Grandma always seems to be so happy and contented in life..." Yuron said. "I just don't want to spend precious hours fearing the inevitable, I would want to use that time adoring my kids and darling grandkids, cherishing my friends and living my life.." Cadence told Yuron patiently. Yuron finally nodded and smiled for the first time in many days. Cadence indeed could do wonders.
"Everything okay with Yuron?" Mikolaj asked Cadence. "Yah, he is fine now, probably cleaning the walls right now.." Cadence said. "Wow, Mum. I still need you in the house, you are a mighty Mum!" Mikolaj praised.
"Miko, you were too harsh with your words. You can't scold a kid insane or crazy like this, they will be so hurt. Kids, especially teenagers have pride and ego. You ought to watch your language when talking to them." Cadence advised.
"I was so furious when I saw those dirty walls. I just could not bring myself to calm down." Mikolaj explained. "Next time, just breathe hard and count to three before blasting out. You need to keep a check on your temper too. Flaring up is no good for your pregnancy too. Talk sense to the kids instead of scolding them. They have a mind of their own. If you talk sense, they will listen and comprehend. Tell them the logic behind it." Cadence said. "I'm learning but I have a long way to go though..." Mikolaj voiced out.
"Mum...." Yuron took up the courage to speak to Mikolaj. "Have a good talk, guys..." Cadence left the mother and son alone.
Then, Yuron bowed to Mikolaj, "I'm sorry, Mum. I'm sorry for vandalising the walls, I'm sorry for shouting at you and challenging you. I'm sorry for everything..." Yuron mustered much courage to apologise to Mikolaj.
"It's okay, son. Mum is wrong for scolding you too.." All was well at the Sierras again.

"I did not know what went through my mind when I was writing on the walls. Something just compelled me to write on the walls..You are right, Mum. I must have been insane.." Yuron described. "Don't say that!" Mikolaj hushed.
"Let's forget these unhappiness..let's think happy thoughts! When is my little sibling arriving?" Yuron rubbed Mikolaj's tummy. "Soon!" Mikolaj said.
"Can't wait to see my little sibling, he or she will be cute like you, Mum." Yuron said as Mikolaj laughed. "He or she might look like a flag! Because the father looked like one!" "A flag? Huh?" Yuron was all confused.

"Faster! You can do it, Kai! Woo! Yay! A milestone for you!" Cadence trained Kai who was slightly lagging behind in the physical fitness department.
Yoomee and Mikolaj watch television peacefully in their living room, totally unaware of the Sierra's crisis that was going to befall on them. This was the worst disaster and crisis ever in both Cadence and Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
"Yay to new baby! I love babies, they are so adorable and smells really good!" Yoomee cheered for the impending arrival of Baby 8.
"Yuron! Yuron! Come here, help Mama to improve her mixology skills." Mikolaj beckoned for Yuron.
"Try it! Mama is almost qualified to moonlight in lounges ya know..professional standard!" Mikolaj told Yuron to try her newly concocted drink. She also hoped to spend more quality time and bond with her son over mixology.
"Mum, do you want to take a seat?" Yuron asked worriedly. "It's okay, your little sister or brother is getting so huge that I'm aching all over..." Mikolaj clutched her aching back.
"Mum, you need to improve on this. It's way too sour!" Yuron sticked out his tongue.
Then, came the biggest crisis in the Sierra family. "The baby is here! The baby is here! MUM!! Get me to the hospital! The waters has broke!" Mikolaj screamed at the top of her voice. She has never experienced such acute and sharp pains for her births. She almost fainted from the pain. When Mikolaj was about to give birth, the game crashed. Mikolaj persevered and tried several times but to no avail. The game just kept crashing when the baby was about to make its appearance into the world. After about fifteen crashes, Mikolaj seemed almost ready to give up. "Mum, will this baby never ever arrive? Will I stay pregnant forever? Will I die? Is this the end of my 100 Baby Challenge?" Mikolaj burst into tears. "Breathe hard, Mikolaj and push hard...." Cadence tried to remain composed.
Millions of thoughts were running through Cadence's mind. "The end of the 100 Baby Challenge? Will my daughter die during labour? What have I gotten her into?" Cadence blamed herself and was most worried about Mikolaj's safety. Through umpteen tries, the game just keep crashing and crashing, Mikolaj was now exhausted from the ardous and long labour. Just then, the doctor said, "I think I see two heads, it might be twins. There is not enough room in your house to have twins. Mikolaj needs to shift out." True enough, miraculously. Mikolaj quickly shifted to an empty house next to the Sierras and finally gave birth. It was a strange phenomenon as this has never happened in Cadence's 100 Baby Challenge. One would normally have single birth in the family if the house already had 7 members in the family. Mikolaj was carrying twins though there were 7 members at the Sierras, hence her difficult labour. "It's all over, my dear daughter. It's all over..." Cadence wiped the tears and perspiration on Mikolaj. She teared when she finally saw her set of twins.
A big welcome to the world! Baby 8 Raethynna Sierra! (Thanks to Mischaila!) Due to the long saga and drama at the hospital, Mikolaj and Cadence only managed to hear that Raethynna had the virtuoso trait, they did not manage to catch the other one.
"Thank you, Mikolaj. Poor thing, it was a torture watching you struggle with the long labour. Mum's the greatest!!" Mark Bounty thanked Mikolaj as he cradled Baby 9 Periwinkle Sierra (Thanks to friendliellama!) She was born with an eccentric and loves the outdoors trait. Cadence was glad that Mikolaj and the Sierras tided over this crisis! Tomorrow will be a better day!

Cadence and Mikolaj would like to thank each and every one of the readers for supporting this 100 Baby Challenge. A big thank you to those who had offered suggestions when the game crashed badly, thank you to those who supported the blog fervently, keeping it very much alive with comments and visits, thank you for coming back to visit despite the long wait, thank you for the patient wait.

It was YOU that kept me going for the 100 Baby Challenge. I almost wanted to stop trying when the game crashed for about twenty to thirty times. I just could not figure out why. I know that the end of this 100 Baby Challenge would make alot of people upset.
Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. great job cadence i can't wait for the next because posts are always worth the wait!

  2. @Alexandra: AWWW...such a sweet comment..thank you!!

    @mamabear: thanks! Glad u like it:)

  3. I'm sorry your game crashed because Mikolaj was having twins and that overfilled the house, so she had to move to an empty lot to give birth.

    This is why I sold all my Sims 3 games and am back at Sims 2 - Sims 3 is so horribly horribly bugged and with all your mods and stuff, I fear you're going to suffer an Amalgam situation where you cannot continue the challenge. :(

    I'm not trying to be depressing but bugs happen. I don't know why the game caused twins to appear when it knew there wasn't enough room. I think you'll have to start moving kids out to clear out room.

    I'm sorry you have run out of space for the pictures and now have to pay for your blog. May I suggest moving this story to another blog? I have ten separate blogs I got for free so it's not problem to create extra blogs.

    Anyways, to cheer you up, I am going to do a blog on a Sims 2 baby challenge and would like to ask if it will be okay if I use Candence as a distant relative for my baby mommy. I'll put up the first part after I get through it(haven't started yet) and will link to it. Please e-mail me if you want to know the story.

  4. @ralt: Wow! that's a long comment, but much appreciated:) Yup, gotta start moving kids out of the house!

    I'm sure my readers have gotten used to this blogsite...and I can't bear to move to another site..:( hehe...

    Definitely..feel free to use and look forward to your story!

  5. Wow, I'm so sorry about all the crashing, I'm glad you were able to pull through! The world of simming just wouldn't be the same without your challenge.
    What a strange glitch...
    Anyways, I'm happy everything worked out and there's two beautiful babies.
    Great job, as always.


  6. @Daisy: Thanks! Your comments made my day:) Thank you!!

  7. Great post! I can't wait to keep reading. I hope the twins have their dad's patriotic hair. Anyway... I was listening to Shakespeare in Love on your playlist and I liked it so much that I put it on mine. Also, did Mikolaj have the twins on a seperate lot?

  8. I too have to pay for my posts! I hope that all is well with your game and that you are able to complete Mikolaj's challenge!

  9. @Cat: Thanks!! I hope so too! Yup, she had the twins on a separate lot..

    @sims: Yup! Hope everyone helps in clicking my ads to support this blog. Sorry that u also have to pay for your posts..Thanks!!

  10. Hi Harmony! I just got into your blog and have been catching up reading (its so much better than doing homework)and I just wanted to let you know that I've been clicking on some the ads and letting them sit while I do my homework on another tab. I want to see you keep "Simming" and posting on your awesome blog! Its too bad that you couldn't make another account and just have a link to each of Candace's and Mikolaj's story. Perhaps you have thought of this?

    Keep on robbin' the cradle! Haha.


  11. @Jesse: Thank you for your lovely comments:) I'm so flattered! I did think of posting on another blog...but I mean this blog has gained its popularity as the completed 100 baby challenge..can't bear to leave it. So the best I can do is to pay the subscription fees. So do support by clicking on the ads:) Thank you!!


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