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The Sierra Baby Boom! Baby 3, 4 and 5!!!!

Thank you SPANETTE for the O.M.G Chair! Mikolaj loves her diva chair!
A Sports Car Double Bed from cannibaleyes! Thanks for your gift!
A cool new look for the Sierra Kids! Thank you for aldanagirl for The Shaggy Look for Boys!
Thank you sim3luvva2010 for the Northern Lights! Hope the light will lead the Sierras to a bright future!
"Mikolaj! What did you do?" Mikolaj's celebrity agent bellowed over the phone. "Did what? I did nothing...Why shout at me over the phone?" Mikolaj was puzzled. "You have been publicly disgraced! The news is everywhere now...rumours are flying everywhere that you, Ms Mikolaj Sierra, the four star celebrity  raised a child out of wedlock! How shameful! Do you know how much this would affect your celebrity status?" Her agent berated her. "What?!? I have been publicly disgraced? But...I'm doing the 100 Baby Challenge..I can't marry the father of my child!" Mikolaj Sierra was very worried about her star status.
"Look!! I have been publicly disgraced and scrutinised! Thanks to the 100 Baby Challenge!" Mikolaj said sarcastically. "How can you blame on the 100 Baby Challenge? You chose to be a celebrity and you should be responsible for your own actions! Doing the 100 Baby Challenge is an honour and you should be proud of it, Miko!" Cadence reasoned with Mikolaj.
"I don't care! I can't tarnish my goody two shoes image!" Mikolaj screamed at Cadence who was taken aback at her sudden outburst.
"Everyone hates me now! I raise a child out of wedlock and now I will be publicly disgraced after every birth! Great 100 Baby Challenge, huh?!?" Mikolaj talked to herself and was in disbelief that her shining star had dimmed alittle.
To ensure that no one would recognise and publicly disgrace her on the streets of Bridgeport, Mikolaj decided to go for a mini makeover. She let down her pink-blond hair and had short straight bangs. To up her cute factor, she painted three heart shaped motiffs below her right eye.
"Hmm! No one would know I'm Mikolaj Sierra! Ahah! I'm such a smart, intelligent and beautiful lady! I'm da bomb!" Mikolaj was confident that no one could recognise her with her "new look". "Alright! With a brand new look, its time to PARTYYYYYY!!! Now to plead Mum to allow me to go out for the night!" Mikolaj was all dressed up and ready to party the night away.
"Mum, may I request something from you? Can I go out to celebrate Tinka's birth for the night?" Mikolaj spoke in her sweetest possible voice. "Again? And come back drunk again? What did you do to your hair anyway?" Cadence asked Mikolaj who looked at her with doeful huge eyes. "Pleaseeee, just treat it like a "push gift" to me! I think I deserve something for bringing you an adorable little granddaughter!" Mikolaj tried to reason with Cadence. "Let's see how's your performance before allowing you to go out for the night!" Cadence hoped to train Mikolaj to be a better stay-at-home Mum.
"Argh! Naughty Wies! You dirtied the chair again! What a bother!" Mikolaj tried to clean up the mess to get into Cadence's good books.
"Nah nah..not clean enough...Mikolaj. You gotta put in more effort in these household chores to ensure a clean environment for your kids!"
Mikolaj used all her strength and might to scrub those dirty stains and grime that Wies left on the highchair. "Argh! Kids!" She muttered to herself.
"Mikolaj, you are scrubbing way too hard! Look, the paint of the highchair had come off!" Cadence picked on her daughter. Mikolaj kept quiet and tolerated all these as she wanted to go out for a night of fun and enjoyment.
"Tinka! Tinka Tinka little star. Will you be a star like your Mum in the future?" Mikolaj harboured dreams of Tinka becoming a celebrity.
"Little Wies, it's sleeping time!" Wies smiled to his grandma. He enjoyed Cadence's company.
"AHHhh..bars, lounges and dive near yet so far..." Mikolaj sighed as she looked at the scenic cityscape.
"Alright, did play your part in taking care of the babies, you can go out tonight." Cadence said in a resigned tone. She knew Mikolaj could not stay for a single minute in the house. "Yeah! Thank you so much Mum! I promise I'm going to be a baby churning machine after some relax and recreation tonight!" Mikolaj cheered. She then proceeded to a nearby food truck next to the subway for some snack before heading to her destination.
Food trucks is a feature included with The Sims 3 Late Night. Different food trucks will drive around town, set up their shop at a parking space and sell different meals. Food trucks will appear and disappear as the day goes by.
Being a four-star celebrity, Mikolaj Sierra could enter almost every venue without any obstacles.
"A Winning Streak please!" Mikolaj ordered at the bar counter at the Bridgeport Sports Zone. "Definitely! Anything for you, pretty lady!" The mixologist flirted with Mikolaj.
"Hmm..I don't think anyone can recognise me! So far so good!" Mikolaj thought and sipped the drink happily.
She tried her hand at the dartboard game at the Sports Zone.
"Woohoo! Bullseye! You are good, Miko!" She praised herself for her accuracy at the game.
Mikolaj saw a nearby small round table and entertained a thought. She has never tried dancing on the tabletop and wanted to give it a go.
"Opps! Did I just reveal my knickers? It's okay, no one recognise me anyway!" Mikolaj climbed onto the tabletop.
"Give me a photograph to hang on my wall...Superstar....Sweet, sweet superstar..Superstar" She danced and sang her hearts out to the song Superstar by Taylor Swift.
"Let's boogie! Put your hands up in the air!" Mikolaj pretended that she was holding a mini concert.
"Mikolaj Sierra? Ugh! Such a disgrace! You gave birth to a child out of wedlock! Shame on you!" An elderly lady recognised Mikolaj despite her makeover. "You got the wrong person, I'm not that Mikolaj Sierra. I just look a little like her..." Mikolaj vehemently denied. "You are! You are Mikolaj Sierra! I used to be your fan, I can recognise you!! Mikolaj has purple eyes just like you! Purple eyes are so rare in Bridgeport. Now that you had such bad reputation, I don't even dare to tell people that I used to be your fan! HMPH! Shame on you!" The old lady scoffed at Mikolaj. "I'M NOT! I SAY I'M NOT Mikolaj Sierra! Hear that?" Mikolaj screamed and stormed out of the Bridgeport Sports Zone.
She then proceeded to another hangout, The Aquarius. "Wow! Your outfit is so cool! But you probably need to do something to your bulging tummy!" Mikolaj was one who would never mince her words. Luckily the mixologist was jovial and not offended by Mikolaj's words.
"Mikolaj Sierra? BOO!! Shame on you! Shame on you for being such a lousy role model for your fans!" A dark skinned lady approached Mikolaj at the bar counter. Mikolaj refused to acknowledge her presence and ignored her totally.
"Why? Dare not admit that you gave birth to a child out of wedlock? It's all over the papers!" The lady said in an agitated tone.
"Get out! Get out of here! I feel so digusted to be in the same venue as you!" The dark-skinned lady was very hostile to Mikolaj. She still refused to budge.
She drew a deep breath and told herself to calm down. She ordered an extra drink and went up to the lady and offered her the drink. "Hi, Madam. You seemed to be very disturbed. Here's a drink for you. For your information, I am not Ms Mikolaj Sierra and I do not know who is she. Please check your facts before scolding me." Mikolaj said, trying to keep as calm as possible. "Am you sure you are not Mikolaj Sierra?" The lady looked at Mikolaj suspiciously. "She is probably hiding at home crying after being disgraced. Do you think she will come out and be shamed?" Mikolaj posed the lady this question. "Well, if you aren't Mikolaj, then I'm sorry and hope you will accept my apologies!" The lady said. "Apologies accepted!" Mikolaj smiled cheekily and gave herself a pat on the back for being such a great actress and liar.
"Blow away! Blow away all my troubles!" Mikolaj blew bubbles to relieve her stress.
"Blow away! Dispel all stupid rumours!" Mikolaj used her nose to blow the bubbles.
"Finally decided to return home? Your daughter is waiting for you to grow up. Where's her birthday cake?" Cadence said in a sarcastic tone. "I forgot! Opps, but its okay. She is too young to understand birthdays anyway!" Mikolaj tried to give excuses. "You forgot? You forgot Tinka's birthday cake? I bet you were too drunk to remember anything!" Cadence berated her.
"No purple hair?" Mikolaj was disappointed that Tinka did not inherit the purple hair from her father. Baby 2 Tinka Sierra was the most adorable toddler girl with gentle brown curls and purple eyes. Her cheeks were flushed pink and she had the most innocent smile.
Little Tinka had athletic and grumpy traits. As Cadence spent much of her time at home, her grandkids were very close to her. 
Cadence brought Tinka to the Bogaard Overlook for a morning walk.
"See the bridge over there? Look at the clear blue sky!" Cadence educated Tinka who clung on tightly to her.
"Tinka, look! Our house is there! The green and grey tower, see that? We live there!" This was the very first time that Cadence ventured out of the house ever since she moved over to Bridgeport. She had a tough time adjusting from a suburban life to a cosmopolitan one.
"Tinka! Do you know your name means heavenly? My sweet little Tinka!" Cadence tossed Tinka into the air amidst the Bridgeport backdrop.
"Tinka! Can't wait to see how you look like when you grow up!" Cadence teased Tinka as she chuckled loudly.
"Let's take a stroll back! Shall we?" Cadence tickled little Tinka. 
With the "invasion" of a new toddler in the house, Baby 1 Wies felt threatened with the presence of a new little sister. He had to share his toys with Tinka and he was obviously not very pleased that Tinka was playing with his blocks set.
On the other hand, Tinka seemed to be oblivious to the surroundings and played happily with those blocks.
Big brother Wies walked away angrily after Tinka refused to budge. There seemed to be some sibling rivalry going on at the Sierras!
"Woo! Man! This thing is tough!" Mikolaj hit the local gym and trained hard for a svelte body. It was almost mandatory and a celebrity's responsibility to look good and attractive all the time, lest the paparazzi caught them unaware.
"Argh! I can do it! Woah, that guy in the mirror has big biceps! Woo, my motivation to workout! Some eye candy for me! Aha!" Mikolaj laughed as she saw a handsome young man across the gym.
The man across the gym was a good looking young man who worked on the exercise machine effortlessly. He did not pant like the rest of the gym goers.
Both Mikolaj and the young lad worked on the treadmills. "Woah! This speed is too fast!" Mikolaj exclaimed as she tried to keep up with the machine. "You need to toggle those buttons up there to cater to your indivdual needs." The man answered.
"AHHHH!! AAAAAH!!!" Mikolaj lost her footing and fell flat on the treadmill. "Oh no! Miss! Are you alright? Do you need any help?" The man gasped as he saw Mikolaj falling in front of him.
"Miss, do you need any assistance? I am Declan Manus (Thank you keleya!), a fitness instructor in this gym. I can help you with those exercises, specially tailor a fitness regime for you and plan a food diet for you." The blonde-hair lad introduced himself to Mikolaj. "Really? I'm a celebrity moving on to becoming a diva one day! I'm Ms Mikolaj Sierra. I really need such assistance. How much do you charge?" Mikolaj asked Declan.
"I can give you trial lessons if you want! It's my pleasure to be working with a four star celebrity like you, Ms Mikolaj Sierra." Declan showed Mikolaj some basic exercises to slim down.
"Ms Mikolaj Sierra...Ms Sierra...Is Ms Cadence Sierra in anyway related to you?" Declan asked Mikolaj as the word Sierra rang a bell. "Cadence Sierra? Of course! She is my Mum!!" Mikolaj chirped. "Wow, its really a small world afterall! I'm the twin brother of Lemon Cream Pie! So I'm actually the uncle of your siblings, Misty and Laura!" Declan said excitedly, his voice a notch higher. "Really? Wow! I'm actually Baby 96 of my Mum's 100 Baby Challenge. I was chosen to be the Sierra heiress, that is to do the 100 Baby Challenge, fortunately or unfortunately depends on how you look at it." Mikolaj said.
"Cool! I would say you are privileged to be the chosen one out of so many siblings to do the much hyped 100 Baby Challenge. I have heard such rave reviews about your Mum's 100 Baby Challenge. I'm sure you could do well if not better! Even my twin brother, Lemon Cream Pie could not stop gushing about how gorgeous Misty and Laura was. Which baby are you at now?" Declan queried Mikolaj. "I just gave birth to a cute little girl called Tinka. She is so adorable, just like me!" Mikolaj boasted. "Mikolaj, can I take part in your 100 Baby Challenge? Lemon Cream Pie kept telling how wonderful it was to hold your own kid in your arms. I want to experience that feeling, I wonder if you could accede to my request?" Declan asked. "Definitely! Save me the trouble of looking for the father of Baby 3 and you are so hot, it is my pleasure too!" The flirty Mikolaj winked at Declan.
Declan and Mikolaj then proceeded to the swimming pool where Declan attempted to teach Mikolaj how to swim. "Nice rippling muscles you have!" Mikolaj teased Declan who blushed shyly. He was not used to being praised about his well-defined muscles.
"Hold on a bit more, keep circling your arms..thats right!" Declan instructed Mikolaj. Mikolaj was a fast learner, she had learnt how to tread water within an hour of learning.
"Have you tried trying for a baby in the elevator? It is thrilling to the max! Imagine making the baby in mid air!" Mikolaj suggested to Declan. "Are you serious? Trying for a baby in the elevator?" Declan was puzzled. As the elevator's door shut close, Mikolaj worked her charms on Declan and within minutes, sounds of the baby lullaby was heard. A life was created!
"Mum! I will be coming home later tonight! Anyway I got great news for you, there will be a baby on the way soon!" Mikolaj said and quickly put down the phone lest Cadence told her to come home earlier.
Declan and Mikolaj went for a date at The Aquarius. Because of Mikolaj's celebrity status, Declan was able to enter the club as well.
"Declan, let's make a bet here. I dare you to skinny dip in this hot tub." Mikolaj challenge Declan. "So what if I managed to do it?" Declan asked.
"If you do it, I will do a public woohoo with you in this hottub. Deal?" Mikolaj giggled.
Without much hesitation, Declan took off all his clothes and stepped into the hot tub. Then, Mikolaj laughed madly and shouted to the lady in the hot tub, "Look! He's crazy! He's crazy! He's naked!"
"WAHAHAH! Oh my gosh! Declan, you are such an obedient boy! Wahah!" Mikolaj pointed to Declan's naked body and laughed.
"Wahah! I can't believe you stripped naked and went skinny dipping in public! I should have gotten the media here to take pictures of you!" The evil Mikolaj cackled impishly.
"Hmph! You tricked me into skinny dipping? I thought you said you will do a public woohoo with me in this hot tub?" Declan said in his naked glory. "Come on! Declan, I'm a celebrity! Do you think I will be so stupid to do a public woohoo in front of so many people?" Mikolaj answered, looking at Declan's clothes with devious thoughts in her mind.
"WAHAHA!! If I steal Declan's clothes, he will have no clothes to wear when he comes out of the hot tub!" Mikolaj entertained a devilish thought.
"Woo! That's so exciting! Imagine Declan dancing naked on the dance floor and drinking at the counter bar without any clothes! Woah! What a sight!" Mikolaj's eyes widened as she imagined.
She creeped softly and picked up Declan's clothes. While Declan was looking away, she quickly hid his clothes and tucked it into one corner of the sofa. Mikolaj then innocently stepped into the hot tub and enjoyed the soak at The Aquarius.
"Where's my clothes? I remembered putting them next to me...! Mikolaj, did you see my clothes? Did you take them away?" Declan scratched his head and thought hard on where he placed his clothes. "No, I did not! Why would I want to take your clothes? I thought I saw them beside you just now?" Mikolaj acted as if she was an angel.
Declan had no choice but to wrap himself in a towel so that he could at least look decent in The Aquarius. "Haha! Declan is so dumb!" Mikolaj muttered under her breath and smirked.
"Let's dance on the dance floor, shall we?" Mikolaj told Declan. "Errr...better not. I feel so uncomfortable with just a towel! What if the towel drops when I dance? I will be the laughing stock of 2010!" Declan declined Mikolaj's offer. "Coward! Do you know that is novelty? You might spark off a trend of people dancing in bath towels in clubs!" Mikolaj giggled.
They spent the rest of the night blowing bubbles at the bubble machine.
"Argh! The effects of nausea start to kick in...what a bother. I hate being pregnant!" Mikolaj felt her stomach churning and her chest was tight.
She did not have time to rush to the toilet and did a projectile vomit right in front of the Aquarius's entrance.
"Here, try some of my drinks! I have been trying to concoct some new cocktails at home." Mikolaj offered Declan her concocted drinks. "Wow, thanks! I did not know you knew mixology as well." Declan asserted. Mikolaj had invited Declan home for a drink or two before Declan headed home for a rest.
"Gosh! Taste like some murky water! So sour!" Declan sticked out his tongue when he took a sip of the drink. Luckily, Mikolaj was already in the house and did not hear Declan's comments about her specially concocted drinks.
Little Tinka exploring the wings of the helicopter.
"You seemed to be pretty good with babies. Want to apply to be the official Sierra nanny?" Mikolaj suggested, seeing that Wies enjoyed Declan's company alot.
"If I don't have a day job, I don't mind. Your kids are so cute! I'm looking forward to see my baby!" Declan proclaimed as he tossed Wies into the air.
"Hi Cadence! Do I look familiar to you? Yellow hair, brows and light freckles...any idea?" Declan said as she greeted Cadence. "Hmm..let me think..I'm sorry. I have no idea who are you. But I would like to thank you for taking part in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge." Cadence responded.
"Lemon Cream Pie! Ring a bell? I'm Lemon Cream Pie's twin brother!" Declan declared proudly. "Oh!! Both of you have the same eyes and freckles! How is he doing? Such a coincidence. Your brother took part in my 100 Baby Challenge while you took part in my daughter's baby challenge. Baby 3 is definitely going to be really cute! Misty and Laura were beautiful, Laura even had the lemon cream pie aroma. I wonder if Baby 3 would have such genetics too!" Cadence expressed. "Yeah! My twin brother is doing fine. He is still in Sunset Valley while I shifted to Bridgeport to become a fitness trainer, that is how I got to know Mikolaj. I did not manage to get the lemon cream smell genes, but I hope Baby 3 gets our family unique lemon cream smell! Nice meeting you, Cadence! " Declan spoke.
"Some tummy cream to ensure no stretch marks so that I can still wear my bikini." Mikolaj rubbed cream on her tummy.
"Ahah! I can look for Dr Blueflame. Didn't Mum say that she is a miracle baby doctor? I want to have twins or triplets this time round. I need to speed up my 100 Baby Challenge and finish it as soon as possible. I want to have less births but more babies!" Mikolaj suddenly thought of an idea.
Dr Blueflame lived in a little house under the bridge.
"Dr Blueflame! Nice seeing you at Bridgeport!" Cadence was glad to meet her long-time friend, Dr Blueflame who has helped her a great deal in her 100 Baby Challenge. She was a miracle doctor who could predict the gender of the baby. "Congrats Cadence! You did it! You completed your 100 Baby Challenge! I'm so proud to be your baby doctor, you are one of my first patient to complete this feat!" Dr Blueflame sincerely congratulated Cadence. " Thanks! I was on cloud nine when I completed the challenge! Now my daughter, Baby 96 has taken on my baton of the 100 Baby Challenge. She is pregnant with Baby 3 right now. I guess you would be seeing her pretty often. She needs some help from you. She wants to have twins or triplets this time round, preferably multi-gendered twins or triplets! That would be great!" Cadence introduced Mikolaj to Dr Blueflame.
"Hi, Mikolaj! I'm Dr Blueflame! Feel free to come to me for consultation, I'm best of friends with your Mum!" Dr Blueflame and Mikolaj shook hands upon their first meeting.
"I hear that you often go drinking and clubbing. You need to cut down on that, excessive drinking is bad for your body and baby. It is best to keep your body healthy for healthy bouncing babies." Dr Blueflame advised Mikolaj who rolled her eyes at the piece of advice. She just could not stop her habit of drinking.
"Dr Blueflame, just tell me what to do for twins or triplets. Then I will know what to do." Mikolaj said impatiently. "You have to read pregnancy books, listen to kids music and watch kids television. You are having a girl for Baby 3, so to have multi-gendered twins or triplets, you need to eat at least 10 apples to ensure the next baby is a boy. Apples for boy, watermelons for girls." Dr Blueflame dished out the advice to Mikolaj. "Okay, watermelons for girls, apples for boys. I'm off to buy some apples! Thank you, Dr Blueflame!" Mikolaj expressed.
To achieve more babies with less births, Mikolaj followed closely to Dr Blueflame's advice. She read the pregnancy books and...
listen to kids music and watch kids television all at the same time.
"Baby 3 is a girl, so an apple for a boy for Baby 4!" Mikolaj looked at the apple with an evil grin and devoured it right away.
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!" Mikolaj chanted as she ate apples for snacks throughout her pregnancy.
"Wahh!! AHHHHH!!!" Wies screamed for the attention of Cadence and Mikolaj.
He was feeling very grumpy after his short nap and wanted to get out of the crib.
Mikolaj and Cadence was relaxing at their lobby with Tinka, chatting about the impending arrival of Baby 3. "I think there will be twins this time round. I can feel it! There is like two pairs of feet kicking around in my tummy." Mikolaj described the feeling to the experience Mum, Cadence.
"Well done, Mikolaj. You have been doing very well for this pregnancy. Keep it up." Cadence praised Mikolaj as she rubbed her tummy. Mikolaj have been very domesticated for this birth, she has not gone out since the visit to Dr Blueflame's house.
Mikolaj was also especially jovial for this pregnancy. She would tell funny jokes or made silly faces which made Cadence rolling with laughter.
"Mum!! Mum!! It's coming! ARGH!! I'm dying again!!" Mikolaj held on to her tummy as contractions kicked in.
Cadence quickly called the ambulance and very much wanted to go with Mikolaj but she had to stay behind to look after Wies and Tinka. "Hope she is alright..." Cadence waited at home, worried for Mikolaj yet excited to see her new grandkid or grandkids.
The next morning, Mikolaj emerged triumph with great news to the Sierras. It was a Sierra baby boom! It was a set of multi-gendered triplets! Cadence had three new grandkids! "Mum! Look! The baby carrier! I did it!" Mikolaj ran all the way to the lobby.
"Congrats! Mikolaj! You did it! Triplets! WOOhoo!!" Cadence cheered as she carried Tinka to the crib.
It's a girl for Baby 3! Welcome to the world, Baby 3 Yoomee Sierra! (Thanks to Cyazurai!) She was born with excitable and genius trait.
Another blue bundle of joy: Baby 4 Yuron Sierra! (Thanks to Clairakitty!) He had the brave and eccentric traits.
Another baby boy for the Sierras! Its Baby 5 Kai Sierra! (Thanks to emilzUTD10!)
The beaming grandma Cadence feeding Baby Yoomee.
"With the triplets...where do we place the cribs? The apartment is so small!" Cadence grumbled about the lack of space. "Let's cram a little or the babies can lie on the floor!" Mikolaj said nonchalantly. "WHAT?!? Place the babies on the floor? Are you out of the mind? Its time to move to a bigger house..." Cadence's voice trailed on as Mikolaj pretended not to hear the suggestion.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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