Saturday, December 18, 2010

An Invitation to the Sierras!

Thank you jarroda for the Hanz Trainer's Treadmill! Izziebelle, thank you for being so kind to post my name on the wishlist giveaway!
Thank you DeathNoteSim for the Haute Hip Wall Tree Light! Mikolaj loved it and good luck for your 100 Vampire Challenge!
Thank you lulo333 for your two lovely gifts! A Four Step Stair Shelf to adorn the Sierra's new home!  
A cool Champions Display Shelf! Thanks!
"Mikolaj, I found an ideal home and we are going to move there next week! Aren't you excited? There are huge sprawling grounds for the kids to run, beautiful safari themed playgrounds, big kids rooms....and...." Cadence went on and on about the house that she had secretly chosen and bought without Mikolaj's consent. She knew Mikolaj would not shift out of this high-rise apartment, so she decided to make the decision to purchase the property and tell Mikolaj after that. " what? You bought a house? When was that? And you secretly did the renovations without me?" Mikolaj was shocked at Cadence's swift decision. "Yup! Will you ever move out of here if I don't decide to shift? Are we going to carry the babies in our arms forever just because we can't find space to place the cribs? I thought I already told you that we need to get a new house as soon as possible when you delivered the triplets?" Cadence tried to reason with Mikolaj who was fuming mad at Cadence's decision.
As Cadence and Mikolaj were deep in conversation, the Sierras received a tinker: Major News! Rumors are spreading around town that Mikolaj Sierra had a child out of wedlock! "Drats! Not again?! How many times am I going to receive this warning? This 100 Baby Challenge is seriously obstructing my path to riches and stardom!" Mikolaj cried as she saw the news.
"Accept it. This is the reality and you are doing the 100 Baby Challenge. Listen, my girl. Being a star and diva might be your dream but being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs in my field, since the payment is pure love. You will soon realise it, my dear daughter." Cadence consoled Mikolaj who was very disturbed by the rumours. "I'm so upset! Now, not only am I losing my star appeal, I'm also losing my personal rooftop hot tub and infinity pool! Hmph!" Tears welled up in Mikolaj's eyes.
"Stop crying, will you, Wies! Mama has her hands all full up with your little brothers and sisters!" Mikolaj snapped and vented her anger on Wies.
In a fit of anger, Mikolaj underwent another "transformation". She wanted to look different so that people will not recognise her on the streets.
"You changed your hair again? How I wish you could place as much effort on the 100 Baby Challenge and your babies as you do to your image, hairstyle and looks!" Cadence sighed. "I need to upkeep my image. You will never understand, Mum!" Mikolaj retorted. "You can do anything as long as you do not dye your trademark pink-blonde hair, change the colour of your eyes, do piercing or tattoos on your body!" Cadence lay down the rules for Mikolaj.
"Mum, where is the location of our new home? Is it near to the hustle and bustle of the city?" Mikolaj's eyes brightened as she looked at the cityscape. She was hoping to stay near to the nightspots, clubs and drinking areas.
"You will know in due time! It's a surprise!" Cadence stretched and yawned. She was dead beat from shuttling to and fro the new home and their present apartment. Cadence spent so much time and effort doing the decorations and renovations, hoping that Mikolaj would like it. Most importantly, she hoped that the kids would have a nice and conducive environment to grow and nurture.
"Here! Take a look at your Mum's masterpiece!" Cadence ushered Mikolaj to their rooftop balcony. "What's up, Mum?" Mikolaj was still sleepy and half-awake in the morning. "TA-DA! Our new home! Lovely, isn't it?" Cadence chirped excitedly.
"That's our new home? rooftop pool? No high-rise apartment?" Mikolaj peered at their new home, obviously displeased at Cadence's choice.
"The pool is so huge! I bet Wies and Tinka would love splashing in the pool! See the kid's room on the upper deck? I bought so many toys for the kids!" Cadence's voice trailed as Mikolaj walked away nonchalantly. "Miko? Mikolaj?" Cadence turned around and realised her daughter had walked away.
The day that Cadence had been waiting for..! Cadence woke up bright and early for the BIG day! "We are moving to a brand new house! Aren't you happy?" Cadence cooed to Tinka who smiled sweetly at her grandmother.
On the other hand, Mikolaj refused to believe that this day had finally arrived. "Little zebra sofa..I'm leaving...Will you miss me? Will you be coming with us?" Mikolaj looked at the living room, relucant to leave her very first home in Bridgeport.
"My dear grandson, you will love this new home! Lots of toys for you!" Cadence told little Wies.
"Mikolaj! Mikolaj! where are you? Time to leave and move to our new place!" Cadence called out for Mikolaj. "Alright! Alright! Coming soon! Let me bid farewell to my infinity pool and hot tub..." Mikolaj pouted as she carried little Yoomee.
"Hurry! The cab is waiting for us!" Cadence could not contained her joy and happiness. She has never felt so liberated ever since she moved to Bridgeport with Mikolaj. She felt so stifled and limited in the high-rise apartment as compared to their previous home in Sunset Valley, now she was finally moving into a proper house with bedrooms, kitchen, dining area and kids' room. "Argh! I don't feel good about this...Are there elevator in the new home?" Mikolaj pulled a face.
"Definitely, the new home is catered for you and the kids! Don't worry, you will love it!" Cadence was confident that her daughter, Mikolaj will love the new home. "I don't think so! This is the perfect home! Nothing can compare to this house! I love this apartment to bits!" Mikolaj cringed as she took a last glance at the apartment as the elevator's doors shut close.
"Why must we shift? Thanks to the triplets! Now we got to shift out of the house..." Mikolaj muttered as she took a last walk at their lift lobby.
Cadence felt relieved and exhilarated that she need not return to this tiny and small apartment ever again. Even though Mikolaj kickstarted the 100 Baby Challenge at this high-rise apartment, she was pretty sure that she would not miss this house with almost absolutely no room to walk.
"Such a bother! What a long walk to the new home! I'm perspiring again!" Mikolaj complained and sulked all the way to their new home.
"Whee! We have arrived! A brand new life begins here! Can't wait!" Cadence squealed as Mikolaj kept very quiet. Their new home sat in the middle of the mountains and hills, it also enjoy the panoramic views of the urban landscape of Bridgeport. The layout of the house was simple and efficient, with curved swimming pools at the front of the house and playareas for the Sierra kids at the back.
This house has been modified. Download it at 
"Ah! Nice done! The renovation contractors did a beautiful job!" Cadence admired the living room. It had a cool blue theme, just like their living room in Sunset Valley.
Cadence was especially proud of the aquarium wall piece that she acquired. The living room seemingly came alive with the little fish swimming in the aquarium!
The living room was complemented by a neat and well-furnished kitchen.
One could watch television and catch up on the television programmes as she prepared the meals for her loved ones!
A new addition for the Sierras! The amazing fountain pool which gave a new dimension to the Sierras. In the background is the animal safari playground set which comprised the treehouse and the swing.
The Sierra kids would adore this elephant inspired slide. The Sierra kids will get to enjoy the scenic views of Bridgeport as they slided down the elephant's trunk!
The doting Mum, Cadence had this gym for her image conscious daughter, Mikolaj. Mikolaj would no longer need to hit the local gyms to get herself in shape.
A huge curved pool for the Sierras to dive in on a hot and humid day!
The master bedroom specially designed for Mikolaj! Cadence made sure that this bedroom was conducive enough for Mikolaj to complete her 100 Baby Challenge!
Cadence even took great pains to co-ordinate the colours of the washroom. This shown how much work and effort she put in for Mikolaj and her grandkids.
The room for Cadence as well as for Mikolaj's future teenage kids.
The highlight of this room would be the scenery that they would be overlooking.
Then came the all important Kids Paradise for the Sierra kids! This room was painstakingly designed by Grandma Cadence dearest who took weeks to draft out the plan and decor. It was indeed a kids paradise with all sort of toys of different shapes, sizes and colours. There were sesame street plushtoys, balls, dices, trains, soft toys...and the list goes on. The wallpapers were also specially chosen to match the cheery atmosphere of the children room. Just like their previous home, the kids room adopted a thematic zone concept. Each part of the space was of different themes where it would catered for kids of different age group and gender.
The kids area where the older Sierra kids could hang out.
A pink theme for all things girly! Cadence made sure she placed inspirational posters on the walls to inspire and spur on Mikolaj and her 100 Baby Challenge.  
A wilderness and explorer's corner for the adventureous Sierra kids. This corner is complete with the jungle theme with lots of wild animals like giraffe, tigers, monkeys and pandas.
A serene corner for the sleepy Sierra kids to rest, relax and enjoy the Bridgeport view.
The Sierra kids were a lucky bunch. They had almost all the toys that were available in Bridgeport. Cadence literally bought everything she saw in the toystore.
Of course, other than toys and fun, Cadence did not want to neglect on the Sierra kids' cultural development. To develop their music skills, she placed a grand piano and guitar in the Kids Paradise. To cultivate their patience and logic, she had a chess set complete with cute animal chairs!
Next up, the highlight and surprise for Mikolaj: A room that looked exactly that the nightspots that she frequents. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Am I seeing things? Is this all true?" Mikolaj rubbed her eyes as she saw the dancefloor complete with effects.
"Yeah! Definitely. All for you, my daughter Mikolaj Sierra. This is to thank you for the hard work put in  and sacrifices made for the 100 Baby Challenge. Enjoy!" Cadence smiled as she cradled little Yoomee in her arms. "Oh my gosh! This is fantastic!" Mikolaj did her evil dance, totally forgetting her unhappiness over leaving the previous high-rise apartment.
"You are the best, Mum!" Mikolaj said in a grateful tone.
"I hope this attic will keep you occupied so that you will spend less time at those nightspots!" Cadence said. "Huh? What?! You mean you had an ulterior motive when you did this?" Mikolaj was slightly upset that Cadence had wanted Mikolaj to stay home more often. "I have your interests at heart. When I saw you getting so upset over the rumours that you had a baby out of wedlock, I decided to do this dancefloor for you so that you could enjoy at the comforts of our home, away from the prying eyes of the public." Cadence explained. Though Mikolaj walked off angrily, she was still happy that she had a dancefloor at the attic where she could dance away her troubles when she was feeling down.
"Little Yoomee, did I do anything wrong by building this dancefloor for your Mum? She don't seemed too happy about it." Cadence whispered to Yoomee as she looked at the attic.
"Ahh! Finally a crib for every single one of you!" Cadence was glad that they had finally settled down into a more conducive environment.
"Here you go, Yuron! Time for a good night's rest!" Cadence carried Yuron to his brand new crib.
"Panoramic city views! Lovely, isn't it, Kai?" Cadence rocked little Kai to sleep.
Baby 1 Wies Sierra was obviously very pleased at the Kids Paradise. The red fire engine caught his eye and he could not stop pressing the buttons of the toy the entire night. Cadence laughed as she watched little Wies meddling with the buttons of the toy.
Mikolaj tried her hand at the new gym specially designed for her. Though she did not express it, she was rather satisfied with the new home, save for the fact that it does not have an infinity pool and hottub.
"Alright! Let's see where can we place Mikolaj's beloved and most favorite item, the hot tub." Cadence walked around the house to look for an ideal spot. Cadence always place her kids and grandkids first, saving the best for them. Though she was exhausted and tired after a entire day of shifting and moving, she was determined to have the hot tub in the house so that this would complete Mikolaj's dream of having a hot tub in the house.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

Do look out for the next post for the special Christmas Edition!!


  1. Wow!! I love the house!! How long did it take to decorate? You can continue to visit my 100 Baby Challenge at Thanks! (Hey, I noticed you finally got the Arcadia nursery that you liked. I have it too, although it took forever to find it for free and not as a donation set).

  2. Awesome House and I love how Cadence is so caring at the end she thinks of a place to put the Hot Tub!

  3. @Catlover: Yup, finally got to downloading the arcadia nursery! Yup, I have been reading ur challenge, I like the background! Heheh...coz its the same as my harmonyloft site..haha

    @Anon: Yup, she is a doting mum..

    @octodoodle: Thanks! Glad u like it:)

  4. The house looks nice! I loved the dramatic add to the story, her confusing between the challenge and fame and fortune is making it more exciting! :)

  5. @deathnotesim: Yup! Certainly..I had fun playing with Mikolaj and watching her struggle with Fame and the 100 baby challenge! :)

  6. Where can I download the dress that Mikolaj wears after her new transfomation? :) x

  7. when is the next one coming

  8. I don't want to seem rude, but octodoodle, you've always seemed pushy about the posts. Give her a break, she can't do it everyday of her life 24/7!

  9. I doubt that a makeover will ever change the fact that you will be recognized, Mikolaj. :( At this rate, Mikolaj will have to undergo a sex change and identity change to prevent any more nasty rumors. She should download a mod that moderates the amount of public disgraces she has.

    Anyways, just got back from a two day respite without a computer, so I haven't been around. I hope we get the kids as children soon.

    Nice plan for Candence to make the home just near the old apartment and cater to her desires. If you need a place to put the hot tub, build a basement! That's what I do! ^_^

    Happy holidays and enjoy the new year, Harm!

  10. @Chloe: I think I got it at all about style, will load it in my Sims 3 Tots:)

    @octodoodle: Probably xmas:)

    @Anon: Thanks for speaking up for me! Yup, its the holiday seasons so let's relax!! :)

    @Raltmaster: Yup, she naively thinks she can hide with a new makeover..haha. I don't support mods coz it screws up my game. Soon! Next post will see all of them growing up! Thanks for your hot tub suggestion:)

  11. i dont mean to sound pushy i just like the posts and want to know and i dont think it was rude

  12. @octodoodle: Its okay, I'm sure she/he did not mean it. You actually gave me some motivation for my next post:) So its a good thing!

  13. I had a 100 baby challenge it corrupted and i lost the family

  14. @Penny848: totally feel for you..coz my game crashes too..

  15. Hey I haven't played the game in a while and I had to stop doing my challenge because it messed the game up. I also wanted to add that CC can be just as harmful to your game as Mods, CC is the reason that my game doesn't run as smoothly. I am enjoying your challenge tremendously however, but I was wondering why Wies hasn't had his birthday yet. Oh and name suggestions!
    Girls: Merri, Quincy, Faye
    Boys: Rey, Zeke, Warner

  16. @harmony mine doesnt crashit corrupts which means when you go to play the family again it has no picture at main menu you go to play it and it comes up with an error. therefore you lose the family's latest save

  17. i did???? can you please tell me

  18. @mystic: True, I agree that CCs are as harmful as mods, but I just can't stop adding CCs to my game! haha...coz there is more variety and more fun! The sierras are too busy with their new post!

    @penny: Oh no..that reminds me to backup my game...!!

    @Octodoodle: Yeah! I'm motivated to play my game! Hehe!

  19. Yeah im starting another 100 buby challenge today!


  20. Good luck!! All the best!

  21. thanks just made my founder

  22. Their house is so cool!!! Could you put the modified version on the exchange? I really want to use it in my baby challenge (Started a new one)! :)

  23. @penny: Thats great:)

    @Tinka: Will post it up when I complete the entire house:)

    @Alexandra: Merry Xmas to you too!

  24. Hi Harmony! I have some names for you! (for girls) Hope Mikolaj likes them!
    Celestia,Malaika(Means Angel),Zelestia,Zasha,Cara,Belle,Bella,Ella,Stella,Torie,Chantelle,Chyanne,Toria,Gloria,Lorie,Nicola,Natalie,Abby,Lydia,linda,Mindy,Mauii,Hawaii,Keva,Eva,deniz,Emma,Laurel,Mandy,Crystal,Kat,Inaaya,Mila,Josie,Jinger,Makiya,Khadeeja
    Hope you can use some! ~CUTEBINA~ We are friends on the sims 3 site!

  25. Yay! I figured out how to get my name the comment above was from me!

  26. hi harmony! here are some names:

    Kyler, Imogen-Faye, Danielle, Katelyn, Jaelyn, Yvette, Justice, Taylor, Lindsey, Layla, Annabelle, Mariah, Genisis, Lynn, Jordyn.

    Liam, Carson, Carter, Joel, Adley, Dylan, Daniel, Wyatt, Tyler, Lucas, John, Zachary, Nolan, Nathan, Isaac, Samuel, Matthew, Jake.

  27. @Cutebina: That's great! Glad u figured it out! Thanks!

    @Rayzie: Thanks for the names!

  28. OH MY GOD! where did you get all those cute plushies? Must know! :D

  29. Yes, I am reading this in 2011 because I wasn't catching up. :'( BUT, this was posted on my birthday! :D December 18th. I was wondering, could you please name a baby girl Brittany?

  30. Where did you get those cute cribs that are in the shape of a circle

  31. awesome house but the sunset valley one looks a little bit better


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