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Bringing Joy, Peace and Happiness! The Christmas Baby 6!

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"Oh my god! Oh my gosh! Mum! Look! I'm on the billboards of the malls. I'm on the headlines! Look! I'm famous! I made it in Bridgeport!" Mikolaj almost hyperventilated when she saw her face as a part of the neon cityscape in Bridgeport. She was featured as the next big thing and her 100 Baby Challenge was almost mentioned in many of her articles. "Told you the 100 Baby Challenge will make you famous one day!" Cadence chirped. "Mum, I don't think its the 100 Baby Challenge. Look at me, I'm pretty, I have lovely features, I'm slim...I am gonna make it big one day!" Mikolaj said in a determined tone.
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"Mothers may wish but that wish may never be truly accepted in her daughters heart. Ah..How aptly true..." Cadence muttered as she received a photo montage from angel99950! Thanks so much for the effort!
As Baby 1 Wies's birthday loomed round the corner, Cadence took special efforts and pains to decorate the house for his big birthday bash. "Happy Birthday! Wies! Like the decorations?" Cadence pointed to the banner that she had put up. With the shifting of the new house, this birthday bash also doubled as a housewarming party for the Sierras.
"Time to grow up!" Cadence cradled Wies as she blew the candles on the birthday cake.
"Hurray! Go! Son! Go!" Mikolaj cheered as she stood in the background.
"Mum, why does Wies grow up like this? Strange, I don't remember my younger brothers or sisters growing like this, with the butt sticking out and eyes crossed!" Mikolaj laughed as Cadence and her witnessed Wies's growing up process.
Though Baby 1 Wies Sierra grew up strangely, he turned out to be a fine young lad with his Mum's clear purple eyes and his Dad's tanned dark skin and white tousled hair. He was an eco-conscious young man who often reminded his grandmother and mother to do car-pooling to reduce the ecological footprints.
"Eat slowly, Wies. Don't use your hands to pick up the cake! Mind your manners!" Though Cadence was a doting Grandma, she was firm in educating her grandkids. She believed that good manners start early at home. "It's okay, Mum. Let him enjoy the cake since it's his birthday!" Mikolaj and Cadence seemed to have some conflicting views on parenting.
"Etiquette means behaving yourself a little better than is absolutely essential. All Sierra kids are expected to behave properly at all times, especially since you are Baby 1. Your good behaviour will serve as a role model for your younger siblings. Grandma meant well, you will understand when you grow up..." Cadence dished out her wise sayings to precious grandson Wies who listened intently.
Cadence took a break at her newly renovated kitchen, sipping on latte and enjoying life.
The lazy Mikolaj took a long afternoon nap to "escape" from household chores.
"AHhh...This is it! This is life. Pity there are no great views to look at." Mikolaj relaxed at the hot tub. Cadence had managed to find some space next to the living room for Mikolaj's desired hot tub. She knew that Mikolaj would never be satisfied with the new house until she got her hot tub.
"Whee!! Jump! Jump! Higher! WHoop! I can jump even higher than the bridge!" Wies exclaimed as he admired the million dollar view that the play-area enjoyed.
"Daughter, you really need to get moving with learning the household chores. You can't do the 100 Baby Challenge without learning the basics. Let's start from doing the laundry today." Cadence nagged at Mikolaj.
"Ermm..not today, Mum. I'm having a headache. Maybe tomorrow?" Mikolaj came up with thousand and one excuses for not doing the household chores. "Then, you should at least take a look at how I do the laundry." Cadence said and sighed.
"Doing laundry is very simple. You just load the dirty laundry, pour a suitable amount of washing powder, set to the correct mode and voila, the washing machine starts spinning!" Cadence patiently explained the steps while Mikolaj stood at one corner.
"After you hear the beep, you are a step closer to clean clothes! The wet load can be a little heavy, but it's okay, you can tone your muscles with it!" Cadence struggled with the wet laundry.
"Then you just hang it on the clothesline to dry or you could use the dryer!" Cadence asserted. "Whatever..." Mikolaj replied nonchalently.
"Mum, I need a new set of colouring pencils for school." Wies requested from Mikolaj. "Ask your Grandma! I don't know where to get colouring pencils..." Mikolaj shrugged and pushed all parenting responsibility to Grandma Cadence.
Baby 2 Tinka Sierra spending some time at the blocks table.
The adorable Tinka loved to play in the toy box. She could spend numerous hours entertaining herself in the toy box.
"Ey? Eh? Ah!!" Tinka adored a game of hide and seek in the toy boxes.
"Yums! This taste great!" Cadence checked on the buffet table as she prepared for Tinka's Birthday party. As the birthday party was very near to Christmas, this party also doubled up as a Christmas Party for the Sierras!
"Wow! How come I did not have this reindeers lights for my birthday party?" Wies looked at the decoration and jealous pangs were creeping out.
"The presents! Are they all for Tinka?" Wies pondered as he spotted presents at one corner of the room.
"Snowman! Wow! I love this! I love Christmas!" Wies squealed.
" unfair! My birthday party wasn't so grand and great. Tinka had it better.." One can sense some sibling rivalry here. Often, sibling rivalry starts even before the second child is born, and continues as the kids grow and compete for everything from toys to attention. Being the first child, Wies might have felt that the attention was shifted to his siblings.
The cupcakes and birthday decor for the first little princess, Baby 2 Tinka Sierra!
"Woah! Christmas is here! Christmas means presents! Woohoo!" Mikolaj cheered as she saw the Christmas decorations.
"Argh! Unfair! I demand justice!" Wies clenched his fists. Even though he was feeling upset at Tinka's grand birthday party, he did not dare to voice out his unhappiness.
Instead, he bottled up his feelings and kept to himself.
"Maybe I'm not important at all! I should just strangle myself and die!" Wies entertained suicidal thoughts. "Wies! Get a hold of yourself! What are you doing? It's your sister's birthday! You should be happy about it!" Wies berated himself.
The party has started! It was time for Tinka to blow the candles and grow up!
"Yay! Happy Birthday!" Wies cheered his younger sister on.
"Blow the candles, my child! Go on!" Cadence encouraged little Tinka to blow the candles on the birthday cake.
"Woo! One less toddler in the house! One less toddler whining and crying! Phew!" Mikolaj applauded as Tinka grew up.
Baby 2 Tinka Sierra grew up with the perceptive trait. She had bonnie brown hair which was tied up into two ponytails and she had the most unique almond-shaped purple eyes.  
"Mum, what are you doing?" Tinka asked Mikolaj curiously. "I'm practicing the art of mixology! Ain't your Mum cool?" Mikolaj boasted as she mixed the drinks.
"Mixology? What's that? Is it like magic?" Tinka said in the most innocent tone. "Hmm..not quite. But something to the extent! You will know it when you grow older." Mikolaj chortled at Tinka's innocence. "Why do all adults like to say that? Will I really know it when I grow older? Then I want to grow older fast!" Tinka proclaimed. "Well..I wish too!" Mikolaj muttered under her breath.
"Mikolaj! Come here! What is Tinka doing at the bar? She is too young to be exposed to alcohol! Please be a more responsible Mum!" Cadence bellowed at Mikolaj.
"Mum! She was just sitting at the bar area asking me what I was doing. I did not tell her a single thing! I swear! Please be fair, Mum!" Mikolaj voiced out. "Fine, I give you the benefit of the doubt. You should know too well that your kids are way too young to be exposed to such nightlife." Cadence reminded Mikolaj sternly, for fear that she might let the kids try the alcohol.
"Argh! Eck! ECk!" Tinka ate the birthday cake too quickly and choked on it.
There were more birthdays at the Sierras! The triplets grew up and Cadence was so curious to find out whether they looked like her Baby 93 Misty Sierra and Baby 94 Laura Sierra. When Baby 3 Yoomee Sierra grew up into a toddler, Cadence immediately shrieked, "Finally! Our trademark pink-blonde hair has appeared!" Yes, Yoomee was the first baby of Mikolaj's challenge to inherit the pink blonde hair. She bore resemblance to her uncle, Misty Sierra. The most amazing thing was that her poo smelled like lemon cream pies which never failed to fascinate Cadence and Mikolaj.
Baby 4 Yuron Sierra had a full crop of brown hair. He was the fairest among the triplets and had inherited Mikolaj's purple eyes. He was an active toddler who always needed to be in the thick of the action.
Baby 5 Kai Sierra also looked alot like Misty Sierra. He had the same delicate features and the blushing pink cheeks. He had inherited his father's light brown hair.
Check out the similarities here.
The Sierras decorated their new home in anticipation for Christmas. Christmas was their favorite holiday, especially the kids where they would get to unwrap their presents once the clock struck twelve.
Cadence adored Christmas as it was a time for family togetherness, a time for giving and feasting. She enjoyed the feeling of the entire family huddled around the Christmas tree. "Wouldn't be great if there is a Christmas baby to add to the joy and happiness of the festive season?" Cadence hinted to Mikolaj. "Hopefully! But I don't really fancy giving birth on Christmas though!" Mikolaj said.
The first set of triplets of the Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge. Spot the differences and similarities!
"Mum, I want a new bicycle this Christmas, can I?" Tinka requested. "Don't be rude, kids cannot ask adults for presents. Get it?" Mikolaj told Tinka. "Then why can my friends request for presents?" Tinka loved asking questions. "You already said its your friends. You are different! You are a Sierra kid. Grandma always said that you should be proud to be a Sierra kid. Stop whining." Mikolaj used Cadence's words on her daughter.
"Nom..nom..nom.." Yoomee and Kai stuck their thumbs into their mouths as they watched their favorite television show. This proved that twins and triplets do have the same actions!
"Mum! Look at Yoomee and Kai! They are putting their hands in their mouths! Ugh! That's such a digusting habit! How do I stop them?" Mikolaj's face scrunched up in digust.
"That's pretty normal! They probably inherited this habit from you! You loved to do this when you were young too!" Cadence cracked up while Mikolaj almost puked when she saw saliva dripping from Yoomee's mouth.
The triplets had some playtime before going to bed. The Sierra kids were so lucky to have a panoramic view of Bridgeport as they meddled with their blocks.
"Eh? Aye!" Yoomee said to Yuron in baby language. It was high time to teach these kids how to talk!
Mikolaj was aching to get out of the house for some drinks and dance. Seeing that Cadence was out for grocery shopping, she took the chance to sneak out of the house. "Hmm..shouldn't go wrong...right?" She comforted herself.
Not in the right frame of mind, she decided to "expose" the kids early to the nightlife scene in Bridgeport. "NEVER EVER breathe a word to Grandma about this! If anyone of you leaked out this secret, that's it! No more presents, no more going out and parties. Get it? Tell Grandma that we went to the community library to pick up some books." Mikolaj threatened Wies and Tinka. She had brought them to the Waylon's Haunt and had reminded them not to say anything to Cadence. "Okay, Mum! We promise not to say! But can I get my new bicycle for Christmas?" Tinka asked. "If Grandma doesn't find out about this, you get your new bike. If not, you guys will get a spanking from me!" Mikolaj forewarn her kids.
"What are you doing here, Uncle?" Tinka asked the mixologist at Waylon's Haunt in the most angelic tone. "Oh! Little girl, I'm a mixologist here. I mix drinks!" The mixologist explained to Tinka. "What kind of drinks? Can I try?" Tinka asked. "Well, you will know it when you grow older!" The mixologist smiled at Tinka. "AGAIN? Why do you adults like to use this phrase? What will I exactly know when I grow older?" Tinka was confused. "You are underage now, you can't try the drinks." The mixologist elaborated.
"One Big Mistake, please!" Mikolaj ordered a drink. "Big Mistake?" Tinka repeated. "Yeah! Big Mistake is the name of a drink. You will know it when you grow older..." Mikolaj used the same phrase again. "NOT AGAIN?" Tinka rolled her eyes.
"Sis! Curiosity kills the cat. Heard of it?" Wies wisely advised his younger sister, Tinka.
"Feliz Navidad..Feliz Navidad...Feliz Navidad...Prospero Ano y Felicidad!" Mikolaj danced to the Christmas tunes that were blasting in the Waylon's Haunt.
"Dancing on the barcounter! Woo! Did not know Mum could dance so well!" Tinka admired Mikolaj's dancing.
"Oh! Oh! Oh! Mikolaj Sierra? Mikolaj? You are my idol! Fancy seeing you here!" A man in tattered clothes approached Mikolaj.
"I can't believe that I saw you in person! You look great! A beauty! Those rumours! Those vicious rumours! Were they true?" The man almost hyperventilated when he saw Mikolaj.
"If you are my fan, then you should believe in me!" Mikolaj chirped as she passed the man her autograph. "Definitely! Definitely! I'm your greatest fan! I will support you until I die! Those stupid paparazzi with their rumours..." The fan believed in Mikolaj.
"I did not know Mama was so famous! Did you see the man taking an autograph from her?" Tinka exclaimed. "Sis, there seems to be alot of things that you don't know!" Wies said.
"What other things do I not know?" Tinka asked curiously. "Hmm..nothing else! Just carry on dancing!" Wies chortled.
"Look Bro! I can shake my bon bon! Wee!! Don't you think I look sexy like Mama?" Tinka asked Wies who ignored her totally.
"Where did you go with the kids?" Cadence asked Mikolaj over the phone. "Ermm..we are at the library." Mikolaj tried to say in a confident tone. "Are you sure? Why is it so noisy in the background?" Cadence was one smart lady. "Well...the library is having some Christmas event today so I thought I pop by with the kids to take a look." Mikolaj spun out a tale.
"Smile for the camera, Mikolaj!" The fervent fan whipped out his mobile phone to take pictures of his idol, Mikolaj Sierra.
"Cheeeeeessee! Take a good one of me!" Mikolaj was totally enjoying the attention that she was receiving.
She then tried jamming on the drums in Waylon's Haunt.
"Will I know how to play the drums when I grow older?" Tinka pondered out loud. "Ah! You and your neverending questions! I choose to ignore you and enjoy the music and fun." Wies was irritated by Tinka's endless questions.
While Mikolaj and her two elder children were out at Waylon's Haunt, Kai kept screaming and crying for Mummy's attention.
"Missing your Mummy? She is coming back soon! She might come back with a book or two!" Cadence tried to cajole Kai who had grown increasingly attached to Mikolaj.
Cadence was glad that finally there was a baby out of the five kids who was attached to his Mum. The rest of the kids were closer to her than Mikolaj. "Hmm..when will Mikolaj be back?" Cadence craned her neck to look out of the window while trying to coax the crying Kai.
"Time for an afternoon nap, Yoomee dear!" Cadence carried little Yoomee to her crib.
Little Kai finally stopped crying when Mikolaj cradled him in her arms. "Strange, why is Kai so attached to me? I did not do anything special at all." Mikolaj asked Cadence. "See, thats the power of motherhood! Kids are naturally attached to their mothers." Cadence beamed with pride as Mikolaj made a little improvement in the 100 Baby Challenge.
"WAHhhhh!! AHHH!!! WAAAA!!" The loud crying noises woke up Mikolaj and Cadence in the middle of the night. "The kids are crying? Argh! So noisy!" Mikolaj complained. "Nope, I went to check on them, they were soundly asleep in their cribs." Cadence was puzzled where the crying voices came from. They peered out of the house and realised that the cryings were coming from the Chester's which was the house below them. "Argh! I can't stand it anymore! I'll go and ask them to stop! I can't sleep with that noise!" Mikolaj stormed out of the house and visited the Chesters.
When she reached, she was greeted by a crying and whining Shameka Chester. Her parents were all out of town, leaving her uncle to look after her.
"I could hear her voices from my house! She is loud! Is she hungry or her diapers are wet?" Mikolaj asked the uncle. "I have checked, she just had her feed and diapers changed. She just misses her parents, I guess." The uncle said.
"Let me try carrying her!" Mikolaj said like an experienced Mum. Amazingly, little Shameka stopped crying and even smiled to Mikolaj. "Wow! You are fantastic! You must have some magical touch! She could not stop crying the whole night and once you carried her, she stopped! Amazing!" The man marvelled. "Haha! Well, you know who am I? I'm Mikolaj Sierra, the mega diva to be! And I happened to do a 100 Baby Challenge too. I have not seen you around? You just came to Bridgeport?" Mikolaj asked the strange looking man who had very weird features. His face looked squashed and he was wearing a very strange combination of leopard prints with short pants.
"I'm Pinhead Poodlemeyer. (Thanks to suicidespat!) I specially came over to Bridgeport to help look after Shameka. I'm from the Riverview." The man said slowly. "You are what? Pinhead? What kind of name is that?" Mikolaj broke into peals of laughter and could not stop laughing. "No wonder, Shameka stopped crying when you carried her, she must have felt your mother instincts!" Pinhead said. "What mother instincts? I'm a sexy hot diva! Not a dull Mummy!" Mikolaj corrected Pinhead. "Are you still recruiting fathers? I would like to take part in your smoking hot 100 Baby Challenge!" Pinhead asked. "Definitely! You would contributed some unique genetics to my challenge, Mr Pinhead!" Mikolaj laughed again.
"Okay, now! Serious stuff to tackle. My Mum wants a Christmas Baby so we are on some tight schedule here!" Mikolaj told Pinhead when she invited him home. "Don't worry, my name might be Pinhead but I am strong!" Pinhead flexed his muscles.
"Woo! I like strong men!" Mikolaj was still laughing at Pinhead's name.
"You are such a cheerful girl, Mikolaj. Your smiles brightened my day!" Pinhead leaned closer and hugged Mikolaj.
"Really? Everyone says that about my megawatt smile! They can light the entire room, you know?" Mikolaj took the initiative to kiss Pinhead. "Are we kissing under the mistletoe? Woo! That's so romantic! My most memorable Christmas ever!" Pinhead's cheeks flushed pink with shyness.
"I can't believe cuddling in a hot tub with a celebrity like you! Mikolaj." Pinhead said. "Well, just remember this moment forever! You may not get a chance like this ever in your lifetime again!" Mikolaj boasted.
"There is a paparazzi outside the house! She is taking photographs of you, Mikolaj." Pinhead gasped when he saw the reporters outside his house. "Well, this is normal. Big time celebrities like me get followed all the time. Nothing to be alarmed about." Mikolaj shrugged her shoulders.
"Want your photos to be splashed in the headlines tomorrow?" Mikolaj asked Pinhead. "Huh?" Pinhead did not know what Mikolaj was arriving at. "Then, let's give the media some gossip fodder!" Mikolaj pulled Pinhead close to her and they shared a passionate kiss under the pale moonlight.
"Woah! I can knock off early today! There will be sensational news on Mikolaj tomorrow. The boss will be so proud of me!" The reporter rubbed her hands in glee after she snapped the photographs. She had been tasked to find out whether Mikolaj was having kids out of wedlock.
"Let's do it! Ready? My Pinhead! Haha!" Mikolaj was all ready to make Baby 6.
If this went all according to plan, there would be a Christmas Baby for the Sierras!
"Mum would be so happy about this! I am definitely getting in her good books!" Mikolaj strode proudly out of Pinhead's home.
"Here you go! Catch it quick!" Cadence was enjoying a game of rugby with her precious granddaughter, Tinka.
"Wait! Grandma, wait! I'm not ready yet!" Tinka tried to stop Cadence but it was all too late.
"Woo!!! Yeah!" Tinka cheered as she managed to do a good spin on the ball.
On the other hand, Wies was having some mood swings.
"Jingle bells? Bell rings? Ring bells?" Wies's thoughts were out of this world.
"Bleurgh! Will I choke on food one day? Choke like this?" Wies had a inherent fear of choking. He had since choked on food once and the experience was so fearful that it had left a scar in his memory.
"Eat, drink and be merry! Argh! The morning sickness is getting to me!" Mikolaj totally dreaded the symptoms of pregnancy.
"Ahh! I should drink more before my tummy gets bigger and bigger!" The avid drinker Mikolaj sipped on her drinks.
"Gosh! Why is the vomit coming out of my nose this time? This is serious!" Mikolaj puked.
Cadence helped to look after the grandkids while Mikolaj was having a tough time with this pregnancy.
Yuron honed on his music skills and judging from his skills, its looked like the Sierras will be getting a top notch musician in the family!
As Mikolaj was having a rough pregnancy this time round, she could not go out to enjoy herself in the clubs or lounges. She tried dancing at the dancefloor in the attic.
"Hmm..not too bad, the atmosphere feels like The Grind. A pity that there is no one to dance with me." Mikolaj lamented on a lack of dance partners.
"Woohoo!! Dance the night away! Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la, la la la la." Mikolaj sang her hearts out to the Christmas songs that she blasted.
The loud christmas songs attracted the attention of little curious Tinka who came up to the attic to take a look. "Woo! Snowflakes! So pretty! I did not know the attic was so cool!" Tinka also danced to the music.
Mikolaj also tried the bubble blower that Cadence bought specially for her.
"I shall hold a party here after I give birth! I need some dance partners and bubble blowing partners!" Mikolaj said as she burst the bubbles.
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, see my two front teeth!" Though Tinka did not have the party animal trait, it seemed like she had inherited the party loving genes from Mikolaj.
A mini Mikolaj Sierra to be!
"Dashing through the snow. In a one horse open sleigh. O'er the fields we go. Laughing all the way!" Tinka shaked her little body to the music.
Ironically, Wies who had the party animal trait was swimming in the pool.
Just when you thought Mikolaj was being more responsible as a Mum and teaching Yuron how to talk, she was teaching him how to pronounce "Money".
Wide-eyed Yuron enjoying Grandma's food in his cute Macdonald's outfit.
The adventure seeking Mikolaj tried to climb on the pole even though she was heavily pregnant with Baby 6.
With an inquisitive mind, Tinka never fail to ask her teachers questions. She would jot down her questions for fear that she would forget them when she went to school the next day.
"I'm so excited! The baby is due to arrive on Christmas day! Christmas, how special. A gift from the heavens!" Cadence announced proudly. "Mum, you already had 100 Babies. Why are you still so excited over my babies?" Mikolaj asked. "That is because they are your babies! To me, you are always a baby in my heart. So I will defnitely be excited to see my baby's babies! This Christmas baby is my greatest Christmas gift!" Cadence expressed as they played a game of foosball.
"Christmas baby! Please arrive on Christmas and bring some cheer to the Sierras!" Cadence listened to Mikolaj's tummy.
"On Christmas, we will receive one huge bundle from the stork! Happy?" Cadence teased little Yoomee.
"Can't wait to get this baby out! But, with the new of me having a baby out of wedlock is going to spread again. Such bother!" Mikolaj's spirits dampened as she thought of the rumours.
"Is carrying a Christmas baby extra tough? I feel so sick!" Mikolaj was having a tough time for this pregnancy.
"Hmm..Let's think of the big party that I will have after giving birth! I shall invite the rich and famous to my attic!" She tried to take a rest by lying on the bed and thinking happy thoughts.
On 25th of December 2010, as the clock strike ten in the morning, Mikolaj felt strong pangs of contractions. "It's coming! It's coming! The Christmas Baby is here, MUM!!!" Mikolaj shouted.
"AHHH!! I can feel it coming! There is no time to go to the hospital!" Mikolaj cried in between tears.
"WOOO! Woah!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy as she was surrounded by a rim of magical sparkles and lights. It was indeed a special moment, the Christmas Baby was here. The stork was here to deliver a Christmas bundle to the Sierras!
Cadence was so elated that she teared when she saw Mikolaj holding the baby in her arms, next to the Christmas tree. The moment was so magical that she was temporarily blinded by the sparkles.
"Oh my gosh! I can't believe I had a home birth, next to the Christmas tree! Wow, Mum! Incredible!" Mikolaj said as she cradled the newborn in her arms. The timing was perfect and the newborn was in time to celebrate his Christmas with the Sierras.
"Shall we call him the Santa Claus?" Mikolaj said cheekily. "Oh no! Not Santa Claus, he will be laughed at when he grows older. Let's call him Klaus! (Thanks to kandy!) It sounds like Santa CLAUS and it looks good!" Cadence smiled and looked at the latest addition to the Sierra family. Klaus was born with althletic and hate the outdoors trait. Merry Christmas, Baby 6 Klaus Sierra!

With the new arrival of Baby 6 Klaus Sierra, the Sierras had a very Merry Christmas this year!
With that, the Sierras wishes all readers a very Happy Christmas and Cadence would like to end this Christmas edition with blessings for everyone.

"Let us keep Christmas, holding it close to our hearts...for its meaning never ends and its spirit is the warmth and joy of remembering family and friends...Merry Christmas and Every happiness in the New Year! May your Christmas be wrapped in Joy and filled with Love. Best Wishes for Peace, Health and Happiness throughout the coming year."

-Cadence Sierra-

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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    Plus its a cool name.

  22. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @Icy: Hehe! Thanks for the suggestions!!

    @Octo: Happy new year!!

  24. Harmony did you know that like ForeverHailey said said that you can sue for slander AND deflect the scandal. you know like blame some one else
    This could add some twist to the plot
    just thought id bring that up!

  25. How do u deflect the scandal? I only know that u could go to the cityhall to sue for slander. Thanks!!

  26. it comes up as an option if someone lives with you our you have other celeb friends hope this helped i only did it once though.
    they get really mad at you unless you have a good relationship with them

  27. @Alexandra: I see! Thanks!

  28. I love your posts! This one seems to have a very interesting plot going. When do you plan on posting next? Can't wait to read it :)

  29. Hi, it's me aldanagirl. I wanted you to know this Is my blogger account name and aldanagirl is my account name. I might sign as either name in the future.

  30. How did you get to move your sims from the first town to Bridgeport??

    I keep trying to move mine to different towns and I can't do it...

    I love your posts btw, been following ever since the first baby of Cadence's

    You've inspired me to do my own 100 baby challenge but I think I'll do a test run first and then perhaps make a blog - We'll see :D

  31. The first challenge was good, now it is repeatitive. Cadences sayings of wisdom are annoying as hell, and I will scream and stop reading if I hear you use the following words again: svelte, nugget, chirped. And a lot is two words not one.


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