Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Ready to Make Headlines: Baby ONE!!

Thank you DJPiplup for spending 2.5% of your saved simpoints on this lovely Asymmetri-clock for the Sierras! Hope you will see the clock soon in their new home!
"Hmm..let's see..Blackcurrant and Raspberry..." The serious Mikolaj looked at the label of the drinks. She was trying her hand at Mixology Aka Bartending which is a new skill introduced in The Sims 3 Late Night.
"Woo..whoa!! This is fun! Fun! Fun!" Mikolaj laughed as she threw the bottle into the air amidst the background of the lovely ocean scenery. In The Sims 3 Late Night, Sims may develop the mixology skill by studying skill books in mixology, taking a mixology class at the neighbourhood restaurant or by practicing at a bar.
"Opps!!" Mikolaj gasped as the glass bottle shattered loudly on the floor. The amateur Mikolaj missed the bottle resulting in the minor incident.
"Sorry, guys! One more time!" The imaginative and creative Mikolaj imagined that she was mixing drinks in front of a huge crowd at a bar. She was actually honing her mixing skills at the comforts of her home balcony.
"Woah! Woah! Please don't drop! Please don't drop!" Mikolaj chanted and prayed hard that she would not make a fool of herself. She concentrated so hard that she pried her eyes so huge that they were almost going to drop out of her eye sockets.
"Alright...easy does it...some refreshing orange juice for some zest!" She gingerly poured the juice into a cup.
"Next, some alcohol..." Mikolaj was definitely giving her hundred percent to practising mixology. If only she was so serious for her 100 Baby Challenge, she might have been at Baby 10 already!
"Woo! This is life! This is LIFE! Mixing drinks at the balcony with the backdrop of the urban cityscape! Woo! This is what I want! Who cares about the stupid 100 Baby Challenge? Carpe Diem! Seize the day!" Mikolaj totally dismissed the thought of the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Let's see...Master Mixologist Mikolaj's First Drink! What shall we call it? Mikolaj's First?" She quickly took a sip of her very first mix.
"Ugh! Can do better...Keep on working at it! You can do better.." Mikolaj's face scrunched up upon the first sip. It was way too bitter for her liking.
"Wow! Look at my lovely flawless legs!" Mikolaj Sierra admired her legs at her rooftop hot tub. The hot tubs are a favorite object and group activity for Sims to use in The Sims 3 Late Night. They are so popular that they can even be found around town.
"Can't believe that I'm living the high life at Bridgeport..if only I wasn't chosen to be the heir of the 100 Baby Challenge..I would have been...someone really famous by now.." Mikolaj entertained a thought as she relaxed in the hot tub.
"I'm on the top of the world looking down on creation. And the only explanation I can find is the love that I've found ever since you've been around. Your love's put me at the top of the world." Mikolaj was in good spirits and happily humming to her favourite song, Top of the World by Carpenters. She was literally on the top of the world in her hot tub overlooking the urban landscape of Bridgeport.
"Does the school bus comes to the doorstep for Bridgeport?" The concerned Cadence asked Mikolaj. "Mum! Don't be so worried, Brat 1, opps I mean, Baby 1 isn't even out yet and you are thinking about the schoolbus? Which town doesn't have the infamous yellow schoolbus? Relax! Enjoy the hot tub, Mum!" Mikolaj shot back at Cadence.
"This house is great, isn't it? Fantastic panoramic views, infinity edge pool, rooftop hot! The list can go on and on..This apartment is to die for!" Mikolaj mused about her new house, however she yielded no reply from Cadence who kept quiet about Mikolaj's comments.
After the dead pause and silence, Cadence suddenly turned to her daughter and said in a monotone, "What if I say I do not like this house and would want to shift?" Upon hearing that, Mikolaj frowned and scrunched her face," I don't care! I want to stay here!" She then stormed out of the hottub angrily.
The poor Cadence seemed to be the official "maid" at the house. She does all the housework in the house while her princessy daughter does not even lift a finger to help.
"Mum! I'm going out for a while!" Mikolaj shouted across the apartment, all ready to have a night of fun at the numerous nightspots. "Stop there! Where are you going? You have been going out every evening and coming back drunk every night! Is that what a Sierra kid should do? What kind of example are you setting for your kids?" Cadence screamed at Mikolaj. She had been tolerating Mikolaj for a very long time, she did not want to confront her as she thought that Mikolaj would have some control and stopped visiting the nightspots once she had her fun.
"MUM! I'm a Sierra, but I'm not a kid anymore! Stop treating me like one! I'm already a young adult! Can you give me some freedom? And I don't have any kids yet, who am I setting the example to? And everyone at Bridgeport parties at night? Only nerds and geeks don't! I promise I will stop partying once the first baby arrives." Mikolaj tried to reason with her Mum.
"Everyone parties like this at Bridgeport? So? Don't tell me everyone doing the 100 Baby Challenge? No! You are doing the 100 Baby Challenge. YOU are racing against time to produce 100 babies. Remember that! And keep to your promise that you will stop partying after Baby 1 arrives. I WILL BE WATCHING YOU!" Cadence gave Mikolaj a stern warning.
Its party time! Bridgeport is filled with places to hang out and party. Dance Clubs, Lounges, and Bars dot the city, inviting Sims' money and beckoning them to let loose. Mikolaj decided to try her luck to get into Banzai Lounge.
A fierce looking bouncer stood in front of the entrance of Banzai Lounge. Bouncers are present at all of the clubs that cater to the celebrity Sims. If you don’t have a celebrity status Sim, that is okay, you could still hang out with them at these locations. Some bouncers accept bribes to let you past the velvet ropes. Give them enough money, sweet talk them, and you’ll be allowed inside. The more exclusive the club though, the harder it is to get in.
"Mr love your rippling muscles! I really really want to enter Banzai Lounge. Just for a while, please?" Mikolaj tried to sweet talk the bouncer in her sweetest voice and huge doe eyes.
"Nah! Only for celebrities! Who are you?" The bouncer replied curtly and said in a firm tone. "Me? I'm Mikolaj Sierra! A celebrity to be!" Mikolaj said in confidence.  
"Hur? A celebrity to be?" The bouncer scoffed at Mikolaj's words. "Mark my words! I'm gonna make it big. Let me in, I will remember you when I'm rich and famous!" Mikolaj said with great aplomb.
"Sorry, who knows where I will be when you are famous. Show me the money, girl! Practicality rules." The bouncer signalled to Mikolaj that he wanted money as a bribe. "Let's see how much cash I have on hand. Is $100 sufficient?" Mikolaj counted her cash.
"That's all I have! You have got to let me in!" Mikolaj pleaded with the bouncer as a Paris Hilton lookalike walked past them.
"Hurry on in!" The bouncer took the cash away immediately and shoved it into his pockets. He then returned to his normal position as if nothing has happened.
Due to its exclusivity, Banzai Lounge was pretty empty without much activity. There were no celebrities in sight much to Mikolaj's dismay.
"Can I have a drink please?" Mikolaj requested at the bar. "Sure! I'll do it immediately." The mixologist Daisy Swizzle said. "Oh no! I'm sorry!!" She apologized as she broke a glass while mixing the drink. "Aren't you guys expert at mixing drinks? How did you manage to get this job at Banzai Lounge?" Mikolaj was one who would never mince her words.
"I'm a part-timer. So sorry for that! This drink shall be on the house." Daisy sounded apologetic. Hearing that the drink was free, Mikolaj felt better and tried to console Daisy, "Its okay, I'm an amateur at mixology too. Just thought that mixologists at lounges should do better than this."
"Let's see, hmmm.." Mikolaj took a sip of the drink that Daisy made.
"Taste pretty good!" Mikolaj gave a thumbs up for the drink which made Daisy really thrilled.
Seeing that there was no one at the dancefloor, Mikolaj was getting a little bored and hungry. "I would love to have a plate of sushi!" Mikolaj ordered.
"OH MY GOSH! This is the best sushi that I ever tried! Bridgeport rocks! Even the sushi at Bridgeport rocks!" Mikolaj exclaimed as she tried the fresh sushi roll.
At Bridgeport where land is precious and scarce, public transportation is a welcome addition as Sims now have the option to take the subway. Stations are set up around the city. The actual train ride isn’t shown, however it is an extremely fast way to commute. Mikolaj took her first subway ride and was very pleased with the smooth ride.
It was 3 am in the morning when Mikolaj reached home. Seeing that Cadence was fast asleep, she creeped slowly into the bedroom hoping that she would not find out. Mikolaj's mission was successful! Cadence slept like a log throughout the night.
Bridgeport at its best - at night. As stunning as it looks during the day, it is at night where the city literally lights up, presenting some truly stunning views. 
The breathtaking view of the urban cityscape from the Sierras.
"Ahah! Mum did not know I came back late! This calls for a celebration!" Mikolaj giggled to herself.
"To celebrate, let's try skinny dipping!" The daring Mikolaj looked around and make sure no one was around.
"Let's go then!" Mikolaj whispered to herself and proceeded to peel off her clothes.
"Whee! This is so exciting and thrilling! Even more so than jumping on the trampoline!" Mikolaj squealed. It was definitely a highlight and cheap thrill for Mikolaj to skinny dip at her personal private rooftop hot tub.
In Bridgeport, there were lots of very well-endowed ladies and Mikolaj was very curious how they have managed to achieve such bosom chests.
"You mean I can get more well-endowed by exercising?" Mikolaj asked Bianca Rubble. "Yeah! I got it by hitting the gym! I'm a gym rat!" Bianca told Mikolaj in her husky sexy voice.
Heeding her advice, Mikolaj went to the nearby gym and work on achieving her desired figure. "Go on! Press on! You will be the most beautiful lady in Bridgeport!" Mikolaj encouraged herself and pushed herself to the limits.
"Oh my god! Isn't that the hottest star Katrina Pala?" Mikolaj stopped in her tracks and was star-struck. She finally spotted a celebrity in Bridgeport.
"Katrina? I love your shows and movies! How I wish I could act as well as you could! Can I have your autograph?" Mikolaj was like a little fan in front of Katrina.
"You look gorgeous too, Mikolaj! You are a star in your own right!" Katrina praised Mikolaj who was swelling with pride. Both girls hit off well and became friends. Thanks to Katrina, Mikolaj had gotten a headstart into stardom, she became a celebrity with a one star status. She was so excited and delirious that she could not sleep that night.
Party animal Mikolaj continued her daily ritual of visiting different clubs and lounges.
"Just a one star celebrity? Sorry, we only accept three stars celebrities. Wait till you become famous!" The no-nonsense big-chested bouncer told Mikolaj off.
"Here's something for you!" Mikolaj came prepared, she took a wad of cash from her wallet and shoved it into the bouncer's pocket. The bouncer's face immediately brightened up and quickly opened the door for her, "Ms Mikolaj Sierra, here you go. Welcome to Prosper Room, enjoy your night and may you prosper after visiting Prosper Room!" Money does make the world go round.
"Cadence Sierra? Your Mum is Cadence Sierra? I'm a fan of her 100 Baby Challenge!" The mixologist, Daniel Tigger gushed when he found out that Mikolaj was the Sierra Heiress.
"Then you should quickly start on your 100 Baby Challenge! I have been waiting ages for your Baby 1 to arrive!" Daniel told Mikolaj. "Nah! No hurry! Time is on my side. I'm still young! I still want to enjoy life! Doing the 100 Baby Challenge is so uncool in my opinion." Mikolaj explained while a vampire appeared beside her.
"WOOHOO!! Rock and roll! Rock and roll!" Mikolaj was having lots of fun at the Prosper Room, totally ignoring the fact that Cadence had gave her tons of missed calls through the night. She just refused to pick up calls from her.  
"Where is Mikolaj Sierra? I'm going to give her a tongue lashing when she is back! She is getting out of hand! Its 2 am and she is not home!" Cadence thought, she was very worried for Mikolaj and was not even concentrating on her book.
It was 5 am in the morning and Cadence heard the sounds of footsteps from the lift. "Who are you? What are you doing at my house?" Cadence glared fiercely at a dark skinned man whose uniform made him looked like he had just knocked off from a convenience store. "Mum! Stop that! You are so embarrassing! He is my friend, Apollo Bloom! Apollo, this is my Mum, Cadence." Mikolaj introduced Apollo to Cadence.
"What is this man doing here?" Cadence whispered to Mikolaj. "Mum, Apollo was a friend that I met at the Plasma Room. He has never seen the rooftop hot tub and the infinity pool so I invited him home to take a look at our apartment. Don't get the wrong idea, Mum!" Mikolaj hurriedly explained. "Miko, your Mum is hot!" Apollo grinned.
"Come on in, Apollo! Try the hot tub!" Mikolaj beckoned Apollo to join her. "Woah! I'm so excited and honoured to have a hot babe to join me in the hot tub!" Apollo rubbed his hands in glee.
"So relaxing! So therapeutic!" Apollo proclaimed. "Yeah! Great, isn't it?" Mikolaj smiled.
"What's this switch?" Apollo asked and pressed on the button. "Wow! The colours of the hot tub can be changed? I like purple!" Apollo remarked and watched the hot tub turning to a romantic purple. "I did not know that the colours can be changed! You are so smart, Apollo!" Mikolaj praised him. Under the romantic lighting and music, they cuddled and took a liking for one another without them realising it.
"Ever tried kissing in the hot tub?" Apollo purred into Mikolaj's ears. Mikolaj shook her head and Apollo leaned forward and gave her a peck on the lips.
"You look so gorgeous, Miko..." Apollo murmured to Mikolaj.
They did their first Woohoo in the hot tub under the bright daylight.
"Whee!! This is so thrilling!" Mikolaj shrieked.
Romance was in the air as the bubbles formed into a heart shape.
"Woo! Could Apollo be the Father of Baby 1?" Cadence peeked through the window and saw Apollo kissing Mikolaj. "Hey, Mikolaj, your Mum is peeking through the window.." Apollo was uncomfortable and complained to Mikolaj about the lack of privacy.
"Let's not bother about her! Shall we woohoo in the hot tub again?" The naughty Mikolaj winked at Apollo.
They woohooed in the hot tub without trying for a baby.
Mikolaj was not ready to become a mother as yet.
"If only we could soak in the hot tub all day!" Apollo enjoyed the hot tub experience.
"You could if you want to!" Mikolaj gave Apollo a cheeky grin.
Seeing that things were moving too slowly, Cadence decided to give the 100 Baby Challenge a little push, she hoped that Apollo would become the father of Baby 1. She joined the duo at the hot tub and start chatting randomly.
Cadence found out that Apollo was a vegetarian and had green fingers. He had a garden that were almost ready to harvest. "See! Mikolaj, having a garden is very important to the soul! I can't have a garden at this apartment! How are the kids going to run around? Are you expecting them to be cooped up in the apartment?" Cadence maintained.
"Kids? You have kids? Mikolaj? Huh? I'm so confused." Apollo responded. Mikolaj turned and glared at Cadence. She did not want Apollo to know about the 100 Baby Challenge. Cadence then added, "You mean you did not know? I just completed my 100 Baby Challenge and Mikolaj, being the Sierra Heiress, is due to embark on her very own 100 Baby Challenge!"
"Wow? Really? That is so cool!" Apollo asked Mikolaj who could only manage a weak smile.
The enchanting and mysterious Bridgeport by the night.
"Yeah! Would you like to be the father of Mikolaj's Baby 1?" Cadence did not want to beat round the bush and went direct to the question. "Errr...Apollo. I think we have been soaking in the hot tub for too long. We need to get out." Mikolaj tried to divert the topic and signalled for Apollo to leave the hot tub and avoid the question that Cadence posed.
"I'm so sorry for what my Mum said. She could be very blunt at times." Mikolaj gave Apollo a goodbye hug.
Apollo appeared very frequently at the Sierras to enjoy the hot tub with Mikolaj. Seeing that Apollo was still in the elevator, Mikolaj seized the chance to have some fun in the elevator. "Hold on! Wait for me!" Mikolaj shouted out to Apollo.
"Are you ready for some fun in the elevator?" Mikolaj teased Apollo.
"Huh?" Apollo had no idea what Mikolaj was hinting. Mikolaj worked on her charms and flirted with Apollo.
Mikolaj leaned her body towards Apollo and whispered, "You are so dashing..I love your unique white hair!"
"I don't think I'm ready for this, Mikolaj..." Apollo rejected her advances.
"Argh! Even then, you shouldn't have pushed me! YOU!!" Mikolaj cursed and sweared.
"Opps, sorry. I should be the one taking the initiative. Not you. Guys should take the lead!" Apollo said while caressing Mikolaj.
And Mikolaj got what she wanted: Woohooing in the elevator. In the Sims 3 Late Night, woohoo is now available in elevators as well as hot tubs.
"Gotcha! Caught red handed!" was their expression when the lift opened suddenly.
As Apollo became a frequent visitor to the Sierras, Cadence decided to try asking Apollo the same question. "Apollo, would you please do me a favour by becoming the father of Baby 1? Mikolaj really needs a headstart for the challenge. She needs to conceive as soon as possible. Everyone is waiting eagerly for Baby 1!" Cadence then proceeded on to explain to Apollo the rules of the challenge. "But....but Mikolaj will hate me if she knew I tried for a baby with her. And the I need to come back to visit or something? Do I need to contribute to his or her school fees? I don't have strong financial backings.." Apollo tried to give excuses to get out of the sticky situation.
"No no. You don't have to do anything. Just make Mikolaj conceive. She is taking way too long to start this 100 Baby Challenge! Please! Apollo! I beg you! Do you want me to go on my knees?" Cadence was desperate. "Please, Cadence. Mikolaj might hate me forever. I don't want that to happen." Apollo rejected Cadence's request politely.
"MUM!! What are you doing again? Can you stop forcing Apollo to be the father of Baby 1? Please give me some freedom and pride." Mikolaj snapped at Cadence.
"You sound really desperate, you know!" Mikolaj argued. "Desperate? Yes, you can say that! Do you know that all eyes are on you? Waiting for you to start the challenge! Will you show me some respect by kickstarting the 100 Baby Challenge?
"What's wrong with you? Partying all day and night? You are wasting your life away!" Cadence screamed at the top of her voice. "Whatever!?!?" Mikolaj looked away and stormed off.
"Pleeeassseee!! Apollo, it's really not so bad being the father of Baby 1. Everyone will remember you and you get to have a cute son or daughter. There might even be twins or triplets!" Cadence pleaded with Apollo who listened to Cadence intently. "You know, Apollo, all my life...I have been doing the 100 Baby Challenge and now I am passing all my hopes, dreams and love to Mikolaj. All I wish for is that she could start the challenge as soon as possible. She can't possibly carry on her life partying every night!" Cadence also showed Apollo her blog about her journey of the 100 Baby Challenge. Feeling sympathic towards Cadence, Apollo said," Erm...I don't really mind being the father of Baby 1 but I can't let anyone know that I fathered a child with Mikolaj." Apollo had this simple request. "Sure!! Definitely. I will agree to whatever condition you have as long as you agree to be the father of Baby 1!" Cadence finally let out a smile.
Then the two hatched an "evil" plan to make Mikolaj conceive.
"Are you sure this will work?" Apollo confirmed the plan with Cadence. "Yeah! She loves the hot tub! This will definitely work!" Cadence giggled like a little schoolgirl.
Going according to plan, Apollo cuddled Mikolaj in the hot tub under the blanket of stars. It was a starlit night filled with much passion and love as they soaked in the hot tub where Apollo had changed the colour to a warm red glow.
"Woohoo?" Apollo suggested and Mikolaj's eyes glittered, indicating a yes.
Instead of woohoo, Apollo chose to try for a baby instead. This was done without Mikolaj realising it.
This sealed Mikolaj's fate. She was on her way to Baby 1!
They shared a passionate kiss amidst the backdrop of the cityscape. Mikolaj had no idea that a new life was going to be form in her body and her life will never going to be the same again. She did not even hear the faint sounds of the baby lullaby as Apollo had cleverly switched on the stereo.
While Apollo was carrying out the plan, Cadence was getting antsy and anxious. "I wonder if Apollo was successful? Oh!! I hope so!!" Cadence was keeping her fingers crossed.
Apollo felt a little guilty that he tried for a baby without Mikolaj's consent. He knew that his days at the Sierras were numbered as Mikolaj would definitely hate him for making her pregnant with Baby 1.
"Apollo, are you sure you heard the lullaby? Mikolaj shows no sign of morning sickness..." Cadence called Apollo earlier and was slightly disappointed when she realised Mikolaj was showing no symptoms. Mikolaj was still carrying on her normal activity as per usual.
"Argh! I'm having a bad hangover! I'm still feeling sick, must have a drop too much last night!" Mikolaj was feeling queasy and uncomfortable. Never did she knew that she was baking a bun in the oven!
"Bleargh! URGH!" Mikolaj quickly rushed to the washroom.
"URGGHHHHH" Mikolaj did a projectile vomitting at the toilet bowl.
Mikolaj did not sense anything amiss as she was used to such vomitting, especially after drinks at the bars and lounges.
"Mum, we are running out of medicine. I'm feeling queasy in the stomach. Could you get some for me?" Mikolaj requested.
Cadence was getting real excited and asked Mikolaj lots of questions, she was pretty adamant that Mikolaj was pregnant, not having a hangover. "I'm feeling pukey and dizzy. And I find it pretty strange that I'm aching all over my body.." Mikolaj told Cadence.
"Miko, you know. You might be pregnant for all you know..." Cadence tried to break the news gently to Mikolaj as they stood at the rooftop balcony to admire the scenic view of Bridgeport. A new chapter was definitely unveiling at the Sierras.
"What?!? Pregnant? This can't be! Mum, are you kidding?" Mikolaj was shellshocked at Cadence's comments.
"Yeah, you might be. I was pregnant for so many times. The symptoms that you described totally fits into what I experienced when I was carrying you and your siblings..." Cadence said slowly. Just then, Mikolaj clenched her fists and started tearing. She could not accept the fact that she was indeed going to embark on the challenge.
"Mum, please tell me that this is all not true. Tell me that I'm dreaming, will you?" Mikolaj refused to believe Cadence.
"My dear girl, you told me that you are willing to try the 100 Baby Challenge. Now that you are pregnant, you should embrace it! It is an amazing and magical journey. You will not regret it." Cadence tried to calm her daughter down.
"But..I always see you huffing and puffing like this when you give birth! I'm so scared of pain, Mum!" Mikolaj expressed her fears to Cadence.
"Great job! Apollo!" Cadence applauded his moves.
"Apollo! You are the hero of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge! You did well, young man!" Cadence was immersed in happiness as Mikolaj successfully conceived Baby 1.
"What are you doing here? I thought I told you to stay away! Get out of my sight! You devil! You are the one who made me pregnant and made me so sick!!" Mikolaj bellowed at the innocent Apollo who was obeying Cadence's request. He did not retaliate, instead, Apollo kept quiet.
"Woah! I'm still having a taut tummy!" Mikolaj took comfort in the fact that her tummy was still flat. There was no signs of any tummy bump yet.
"Why did you try for a baby? WHY?! Tell me! Stop keeping quiet!" Mikolaj yelled at Apollo. "Sorry, I did not meant to..I'm sorry! I'm sorry." Apollo did not want to upset their mother-daughter relationship by telling Mikolaj that Cadence was the one who had devised the "evil" plan to make her conceive Baby 1.

"Sorry? Just a word Sorry? Does saying sorry help? Will saying sorry remove the baby? Will it? Tell me!!" Mikolaj was so furious that she looked like she was on the verge of breaking down. "I already apologized! What do you expect me to do? And you are the Sierra heiress. You have to start the baby challenge someday.." Apollo lost his temper and bellowed at Mikolaj.
"Fine! Get lost! I don't want to see you ever again. Get out of my sight. Don't ever come back to visit the baby. Get out of my house! RIGHT NOW!" Mikolaj roared.
As the stress of the impending baby kicked in, Mikolaj seemed to melt under the pressure. She often talked to herself and cackled loudly.
"Eh? My skin around my tummy will sag? I will age? I will never get to slim down after birth? Huh? Hur?" Mikolaj's thoughts ran wild.
"Why? Why am I the chosen one for the 100 Baby Challenge? Am I destined to have 100 Babies? Look at me, everyone! Do I look like a mother?" Mikolaj whined to herself.
"Mikolaj! You know you can do it. It's just 100 Babies. Mum did it, so can I!" She tried hard to comfort herself but to no avail.
"Nah nah! No no! Mum! I'm pregnant! I shouldn't be doing any housework!" Mikolaj told Cadence who asked her to improve her cooking skills.
The caring mother, Cadence doted Mikolaj and made her favourite waffles for her breakfast. She took special care and pains to make nutritious meals for Mikolaj.
"You need to eat more, Miko! You are so thin that your tummy isn't showing.." Cadence advised her daughter to have well-balanced meals. "Mum, I don't want to eat too much. I don't want to be a balloon after I give birth!" Mikolaj said. "The key is to eat in moderation. Look at me! After 100 babies, I am still in great shape." Cadence asserted.
As this was Mikolaj's first pregnancy, she was experiencing an influx of emotions and body changes that she was having for the first time. Because of this, she was unable to accomodate such changes and she often threw tempers. Being the only kin, Cadence bore the brunt of it. She started yelling when Cadence told her to wear more conservative clothes during the pregnancy. "You ought to wear something that covers your tummy! Pregnant ladies don't wear like this!" Cadence advised. "Why not? Why should I conform to social norms? I like to wear like this! I like to reveal my huge tummy." Mikolaj fought back.
"I can't wait to see my grandkid!" Cadence happily rubbed Mikolaj's tummy. "Mum, this isn't your first grandkid! Why are you still so excited?" Mikolaj displayed signs of boredom. "Because this baby is going to be Baby 1 of your 100 baby Challenge!" Cadence was so delighted.
Cadence also excitedly bought the crib and some accessories for her beloved grandchild. As the apartment was really tiny, there was no area to place the crib for the baby. Cadence sold the huge fountain feature that they had at the entrance of the apartment and converted the area to the nursery. "How I wish there was more space for the toys, the playroom, the playground...." Cadence looked at the pathetic baby area which had a crib and a high chair. She decorated the walls with cheery butterflies motiffs and a poster to remind Mikolaj to keep calm and carry on her 100 Baby Challenge.
Cadence also practised on the grand piano so that she could play the tunes to her grandkid when he or she arrived.
The wild child, Mikolaj lied to Cadence. She told Cadence that she would be out grocery shopping but instead, she went to Banzai Lounge.
"No! We don't allow pregnant ladies in our lounge. Pregnant ladies spoil the image of Banzai Lounge!" The bouncer insisted.
Mikolaj increased her bribe and managed to enter Banzai Lounge. She tried on the bubble machine and had a great time blowing cotton candy flavoured bubbles.
"There is so much to try! So much to do at Bridgeport!" Mikolaj was determined to keep her party life active even after having babies.
"One last try at the bubble blower! I must be home by 1 a.m so as not to arouse any suspicion!" Mikolaj did not want Cadence to know that she was out at the lounges.
"What's this! Totally unglamourous! Totally does not fit the decor of my apartment! And where is my sophisticated looking fountain? MUM! What did you do?" Mikolaj scoffed at the baby area that Cadence allocated.
"What? You sold my fountain? You could have just bought a crib and place it anywhere. Why sell my treasured fountain?" The heavily pregnant Mikolaj had another emotional breakdown. "Look! The baby is coming. He needs a place to sleep and rest...Come on. Mikolaj, face the reality. You are ready to pop anytime soon! You are no longer a little girl! Spare a thought for your kid! " Cadence tried to bring Mikolaj back to reality.
"Mikolaj! You are going to be a Mum! Wake up!" Cadence empathised. Mikolaj then conveyed her fears to Cadence. She was really afraid of facing the labour pains and raising the kids alone. "What if I don't have enough money to feed the kids?"  Mikolaj said softly. "Don't worry, Mum is always here. You are not alone!" Cadence assured Mikolaj.
"Can you hear me? This is Grandma Cadence here!" Cadence talked to Mikolaj's tummy.
"He or she is going to have strong legs! I can almost feel it kicking my face!" The experienced mother, Cadence affirmed.
Happiness was written all over Cadence's face as she listened to Mikolaj's tummy. She can't wait to hold her grandkid in her arms.
"Remember to breathe in and out when the contractions kick in. Remember to breathe correctly. Can you remember what I taught you? And when the baby should..." Cadence was sharing her experiences with Mikolaj. "Alright, Mum! You have told me umpteenth times! I had enough of your nagging.." Mikolaj let out a yawn.
"You will understand how I feel when you become a Mum yourself." Cadence related.
"Aha! I shall sneak out before Mum finds out!" Mikolaj insisted on going out even though she looked as if she was ready to give birth.
"Can I have a drink, please." Mikolaj ordered at the Prosper Room. "But pregnant ladies should not touch alcohol...Mikolaj, what are you doing here? You look like you are ready to pop! Congrats! I'm so excited for you and I'm sure everyone will be ecstatic at Baby 1's arrival." The mixologist, Daniel, an avid fan of the 100 Baby Challenge chirped.
"Daniel, customer is always right. I want a drink, right now! I want to drink to drown my sorrows!" Mikolaj demanded Daniel to mix her a potent mix.
"You don't seem to be happy...Mikolaj, what's up?" Daniel was concerned.
"I feel like I'm a puppet. I have no control of my fate and future. I have no say. Without my consent, I am thrown into the unknown world of the 100 Baby Challenge. And unknowingly, I became pregnant. Here I am, sitting here ready to go into labour any minute." Mikolaj confided in Daniel.
"I understand..but really, Mikolaj, you should be very proud and honoured that you are the chosen one. I bet scores of girls would be queuing up to be the heiress of the 100 baby challenge." Daniel explained. "You don't know how it feels. I feel so vulnerable and helpless at times...When I think about my future, I can't imagine. My future is like a blank piece of paper to me. I can't fall in love, I can't settle down like my siblings or peers. Is this fair?" Mikolaj almost teared while saying this.
"Dance! Dance away my troubles!" Mikolaj showed her moves on the dance floor.
"Whoa! Woo! Who says pregnant woman aren't flexible?" Mikolaj wanted to prove to everyone that pregnant ladies can do anything.
She tottered on her four-inched heels and danced with a vampire all night long.
"This is the first time I'm dancing with a pregnant lady! And you really can dance!" The vampire mused. "Yeah! Aren't pregnant ladies human beings too? We can do anything!" Mikolaj strutted her huge tummy at the vampire.
"OHHHH!! AWWWWW!!! This sucks! This is painful!!!!" Mikolaj screeched really loudly and drew everyone's attention.
"Call the ambulance! Call the ambulance!" Daniel quickly instructed the bouncer. "ARGH!! I think I'm going to die!" Mikolaj clutched her tummy and cried out.
Within minutes, Mikolaj was transported to the Bridgeport Hospital where she winced and howled in pain throughout the long labour. She was in so much pain that she almost bit the doctor who was helping her to deliver. Cadence waited patiently outside the labour ward. She was so excited for Mikolaj that she had butterflies in her stomach. It was as if she was the one giving birth.
After an ardous labour, she finally carried the product of her labour: Baby 1! Its was a precious blue bundle of joy! After much struggle and effort, the stork had finally arrived at the Sierras. Everyone! Meet Baby 1 Wies Sierra (thanks to simpixie2255!), the first baby of Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge! Due to Mikolaj's wild partying ways, Wies was born with the insane and party animal traits.
"Mum! You are so wrong! Giving birth is so tortuous! Its like putting me through hell! Why did you tell me that it was magical and amazing? I am never going to believe you again!" Mikolaj did not feel anything special when she carried Wies for the first time. "Slowly, Mikolaj. Your maternal instincts will slowly kick in..." Cadence told Mikolaj to be patient. "The only good thing that happened was that Wies and I will be making the headlines for tomorrow's newspapers! I'm going to be famous!" Mikolaj broke into a smile when the reporters took photographs of her and interviewed her about the 100 Baby Challenge. "Here you go, Mum!
I need a break from this baby thing!" Mikolaj quickly passed Wies to Cadence.  
"Sleep tight, my child...You will grow up well..." Cadence whispered to her grandson, Wies.

The experienced grandma, Cadence adored Wies and showered him with much tender loving care. She wondered how Mikolaj would ever cope with the 100 Baby Challenge if she had not shifted in with her.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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    Congratulations on baby number 1, I hope Cadence and Mikolaj have enough room for more kids in their tiny apartment!

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  9. @Hailey: Thank you!

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    @Lola: Thank you! Sure! I will pick one of them:)

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    @Catlover: Sure! My pleasure!

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    Do I detect a mid-life crisis being used on Mikolaj in the future? That or a fallout with her mother. Ugh, she is such a jerk.

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    @Alix: Thanks for your name suggestions:)

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