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From Suburban to Urban Living: Preparations for Mikolaj's Baby Challenge

"Wow! Mikolaj! Look!!" Cadence chirped excitedly as she saw the gifts flooding the Sierra's mailbox. "Yeah? Mum? What's up?" Mikolaj said in a calm tone. "Look! So many gifts to kickstart your 100 Baby Challenge! There is new crib, playground set, hairstyles, artist have received so much love and blessings from everyone for your baby challenge. Incredible!" Cadence clapped in glee. "Huh? All the gifts are for the babies to be? None for me?" The self-centred Mikolaj asked. "Well, there is a guitar and Stelevision which you can use!" Cadence told the disappointed Mikolaj.
Thank you Jalo312 for the cool Toddler Hawk! Cadence can't wait to see this on Mikolaj's babies!
The Playground High Chair would come in handy for Mikolaj's toddlers. Thank you, haileygleisner!
A big thank you to oiwillbringit for the Serious Artist's Easel. Hope that this gift will bring out the Picasso in Mikolaj's kids!
Thank you friendliellama for the Mid Vicious Teen top. It might be a while before you see this on Mikolaj's teenage daughters as she has yet to start the challenge!
Thanks minpin45 for the lovely gift of Mid-hawk hairstyle.
The Jungle Cheer would definitely brighten up the kid's room! Thank you SmartSnowball for your kind gesture!
Cadence was ecstatic when she saw this gift of Animals Abound Playground Set. It was one of the latest set from the Sims 3 store and she can't wait to see Mikolaj's kids on these cute outdoor set! It was so kind of SPANETTE to send this gift to the Sierras. Thank you!
Thank you KeyraKyllonen for the Lil' Terror hairstyle! Hopefully, Mikolaj's kids would not turn out to be little terrors!
Another gift from KeyraKyllonen! Thank you for the cool gift of Banana Jeff's Wall Mirror!
Another gift to add to the monkey collection! Thank you hugz4life101 for Banana Bulb!
Thank you tylinn for adding to the animal's collection with this Cutesy Canopy Crib!
Another adorable gift from Xur28. Thanks for your Very Beary Towel Holder!
Thank you oiolwillbringit for your second gift of Stelevisison Model V1. The Sierras love it!
"Oh! Finally a gift that I can use! Time for some hardcore jamming sessions!" Mikolaj said as she tried on the Dulcinea Guitar. Thank you emilzUTD10! The Sierras sincerely thank everyone for their love and gifts!
"Miko! Can you stop playing on the video game and start working on your 100 Baby Challenge?" Cadence asked Mikolaj who was glued to her game the entire day.
"Just let me have some fun before the boredom kicks in and I will be tied down with those irritating screams and cries of those babies!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence who rolled her eyes at her daughter's comment.
"You really need to sit down, think hard about your future and how are you going to start your 100 Baby Challenge. You can't just give birth and let the kids suffer with you. You need to have some basic life skills to bring home the bacon. You have to be a responsible mother..." Cadence continued nagging at Mikolaj as she was engrossed with her game.
"Argh! Fine! Stop nagging at me! Will you? Leave me alone! I know what to do!!" Mikolaj was so annoyed that she threw the video game on the floor and walked away, leaving Cadence and Ciento stunned at her sudden outburst.
"Mikolaj! I'm not trying to interfere! But everyone in town is asking me when are you going to start your challenge! Don't disappoint them!" Cadence said in exasperation.
"I can't be bothered with what the rest think, doing the 100 Baby Challenge is what you wanted me to do. I will do it and finish it. That's it, period! I have my life to live, why should I care about what others think of me or my 100 Baby Challenge?" Mikolaj retorted and whined to Cadence.
The mischievious Mikolaj sneaked up on Cadence. She was behaving more like a kid than the mother of an impending 100 Baby Challenge.
"BOOOO!!! MUM!!" Mikolaj's voice bellowed through the living room.
"AH!" Cadence let out a gasp and Mikolaj's eyes glittered cheekily.
"GOTCHA!! Relax mum! Relax! Life isn't all about living to other people's expectations and hopes. Live your dreams and aspirations!" Mikolaj told Cadence who was still reeling in shock.
"And Mum, don't say I'm not serious! I actually glanced through your set of 100 Baby Challenge rules that you left on my table. Though I must say some of those rules were absurd! You must have been so tolerant to do those stuff!" Mikolaj told Cadence.
"You did read through them?" Cadence's face brightened when she heard Mikolaj mentioning about the 100 Baby Challenge rules. "Yeah, I did take a look. I can't imagine devoting my entire life to this 100 Baby Challenge and teaching every single one of my babies how to walk and talk from scratch." Mikolaj further explained. "You just got to do it. Once you hold your first child in your arms, the feeling is just so  magical. You will want to devote your entire life to them, give them the best that you could." Cadence can't stop gushing about babies, toddlers and kids.
"But, Mum, you are different. You have the family-oriented trait which I don't. I can't imagine myself with those screaming rascals running around the house like some silly clowns!" Mikolaj expressed.
"Slowly, my dear girl. You might find yourself liking it..." Cadence coaxed Mikolaj. "Mum, can I change a tiny part of the 100 Baby Challenge rules?" Mikolaj asked her Mum.
"I think this 100 Baby Challenge is too much work. I can't handle it myself. As much as I want to be a domestic diva, I need to work on my dreams of becoming rich and famous too. To me, kids are too much of an obstacle in my path to riches. So I would like to have you living with me and helping me with the 100 Baby Challenge." Mikolaj announced.
"Huh? What? None of the mothers of the baby challenges had helpers or their mum to help them!" Cadence was surprised at Mikolaj request. Though Cadence would love to live with her future grandkids, she was hoping that Mikolaj would achieve independence and do the challenge singlehandedly. "Yes! You! Cadence Sierra, the legend of all 100 Baby Challenge will assist her Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra to complete the challenge!" Mikolaj pointed at Cadence and said in a firm tone.
"BUT, isn't that cheating?" Cadence said in dismay. "Mum! No more BUTS! Rules are made to be broken. All rules are man-made, can I, Mikolaj Sierra, the Sierra Heiress modify the rules?" Mikolaj was very adamant about her request.
"Rules are made to be broken? Mikolaj! Rules are meant to be obeyed!" Cadence griped.
"I am the Sierra Heiress, the domestic diva to be! No one is to argue with me. My decision is final." Mikolaj maintained her stance.
"And Mum, you shall be conferred the title of WG which means Wise Granny while I'm the Domestic Diva!" Mikolaj had lots of weird ideas in her little mind and there was nothing that Cadence could do about her stubborn daughter.
"Wow! Time flies.." Cadence whispered softly as she took part in celebrating Baby 100 Ciento Sierra's birthday.
"Whee!! Mum! I'm becoming a young adult!" Ciento said excitedly.
As thoughts of Ciento leaving the house floated in Cadence's mind, tears welled up in her eyes. She could not believe that all her little babies were now all over the world, some in Sunset Valley, some in River View while some settled down in Twinbrook.
"Go! Ciento! Go! Way to go!" Mikolaj cheered her little bro on. Just then, Cadence could not take it anymore and broke down, sobbing. She could not bear to see Ciento leaving the Sierras.
Baby 100 Ciento Sierra as a young adult, all ready to leave the Sierras.
"Cheer up, Mum! Its not like its the end of the world. You will become a Wise Granny soon!" The optimistic Mikolaj consoled the crying Cadence. "You will never understand until you have your own kids...and who knows when you will ever start your 100 Baby Challenge.." Cadence's sad and raspy voice trailed away.
"Mum, don't worry. I'll take care of myself. Mum, now that I'm leaving the house and you will be joining sis for her 100 Baby Challenge, do take time to do what you really love and I sincerely hope that you can find a man of your dreams. You have slogged hard through your life and it's time to take the backseat and relax." The sensible Ciento told Cadence.
"I have tons of things to do. I need to help your sister Mikolaj with her challenge. She has no clue how to start! Remember she even stole lollipops from you when you were a toddler. I can't imagine if she did that to her kids!" Cadence said. "Still, you have to take good care of yourself. Let sis figure out the 100 Baby Challenge herself. I'm sure she will do fine! She has your fine genes!" Ciento comforted Cadence.
The day have arrived for Ciento to leave the Sierras. "I love you Mum...thanks for bringing me into this world. I feel so privileged to be the 100th baby of your legendary 100 Baby Challenge. Thank you Mum for teaching me the right values and life lessons. I will always remember that." Ciento tried to hold back his tears as Cadence hugged him tightly.
"How I wish that you will never grow up and leave this house. How I wish you were still a little babbling toddler always seeking for my attention..Ciento, take care. Mum will miss you. Do come back to visit us." Cadence said between sobs.
"Goodbye, Mum! You are the best Mum in this world. I love you!" Ciento bade Cadence farewell.
"Bye, Mum! Bye, sis! Good luck with your challenge! Don't disappoint Mum! She has high hopes for you!" Ciento said in his farewell.
"Aww..the house feels so empty..." Cadence whimpered. "Yeah! I miss Ciento too..." Mikolaj was getting sentimental.
"With Ciento leaving the house, can you start your 100 Baby Challenge proper?" Cadence told Mikolaj who seemed nonchalant about her challenge. "Soon! Soon!" Mikolaj answered Cadence while playing the footsie game. "Stop giving me excuses! Start the challenge proper. How long do you want to drag this? When I set my mind on this challenge, I worked on it immediately." Cadence began nagging at Mikolaj.
"Mum, I don't know how to do the dishes. You will do it! Alright?" Mikolaj tried to push those mundane household chores to her Mum, Cadence. They were discussing about their duties and roles in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
"Stop telling me that you can't do this, can't do that. You can do anything as long as you put your mind into it. I can only teach and advise you how to make your 100 baby challenge a great one, I can't do it for you! You will do the dishes. You MUST learn to do the dishes. Its not difficult." Cadence told Mikolaj.
"Whatever!" Mikolaj looked away and pouted.
"Argh! Why? What did I do to "deserve" this challenge? WHY??" Though Mikolaj has accepted that she was the one to take on the 100 Baby Challenge, she still complain and whine about it from time to time.
"You have to ensure that your babies are the correct times. Crying is the only way that they can communicate with you..." Cadence went on and on about the Mummy tales and advices that Mikolaj fell asleep when boredom kicked in.
"Are you listening to me? Will you just listen to me for a while?" Cadence tried to get the attention of Mikolaj but to no avail. She had her mind wandering, she was thinking of how to become a celebrity and fantasizing about the glamourous life that she would lead.
"I'm listening! I'm listening! But, Mum..Can you just listen to what I have to say too instead of you rattling non-stop?" Mikolaj requested. "Go on..." Cadence said.
"Mum, for my 100 Baby Challenge, I would like to shift to a smaller house where it is more manageable." Mikolaj suggested to Cadence. "Oh! I know of a place where it is cosy and have a great environment for the kids to grow up. Its just around the corner!" Cadence started to describe the house to Mikolaj excitedly. "Mum! I already decided on a place. Its in a new town called Bridgeport. It's an apartment of breathtaking views, even prettier than our current house!" Mikolaj tried to trick Cadence to move to Bridgeport. Mikolaj did not want to tell Cadence that Bridgeport was a new town feature in The Sims 3 Late Night where she would get to experience all sorts of wild behaviour in the night locations and have access to the hottest spots in town where she get to mingle with celebrities.
"So, are there good schools there where your kids will get quality education?" Cadence was concerned. "Hmm..yeah..yup." Mikolaj briefly answered as she had no idea if there were schools in Bridgeport.
"Alright then, let's shift there.." Cadence said reluctantly. She knew she would miss Sunset Valley, her house, her memories of the 100 Baby Challenge. But she wanted Mikolaj to be happy and comfortable. Since she wanted to move to Bridgeport, Cadence acceded to her request. "Really?" Mikolaj was surprised that Cadence agreed so readily.
"Yeah! New town, new challenge, new house to fill up with your babies! Isn't that great?" Cadence proclaimed with pride. She was all ready to become the Wise Granny for Mikolaj's kids. Mikolaj was slightly worried and guilty that she had "tricked" Cadence to shift to Bridgeport. It was a totally new world at Bridgeport and she wondered how Cadence would take to the bustling city as Cadence had lived a suburban life throughout her life. The town caught Mikolaj's eye when she saw the slogan, "Its a whole other world after dark." Mikolaj was even more attracted by the fact that there were opportunities to become a celebrity at Bridgeport. Celebrities often receive preferential treatment such as free gifts from local businesses and discounts from venue purchases. Mikolaj's dream of becoming a star would be brought one step closer once she settled down at Bridgeport.
"Look, girl. The crib that so many of your brothers, sisters and you slept in. I will definitely miss this home..I can't bear to throw all these away..." Cadence said as she took photographs of the house for memory sake. "The views in our new home will be even more scenic than this!" Mikolaj claimed.
If not for Mikolaj, Cadence would not have made up her mind to leave Sunset Valley. It was the town that she met all the fathers of her 100 baby challenge, had all her 100 babies and single-handedly raised all 100 babies. She knew almost every single one in town and leaving this town left her very unsettled.
"Alright! Time to pack up everything and leave!" Cadence tried to suppress her emotions as she took a last look at the house. Cadence knew that the hardest part was to pack up her feelings and move to Bridgeport. Sunset Valley was a place dear to her heart and it was the town where she seeked solace in after her nasty childhood.
"All ready? Mum?" Mikolaj, on the other hand could not contain her happiness and joy. She can't wait to explore Bridgeport. "I'm so going to party crazy over there!" She thought. "Yeah, all ready to move. All the more ready for your first baby!!" Cadence reminded Mikolaj about her 100 Baby Challenge.
"One last look at the house! One last check! Wait for me outside." Cadence looked at the empty house sadly. It was once filled with lots of laughter, joy, happiness and fun. Now, its all empty and hollow. Cadence can't help sighing.
"Mum! Hurry, if not we will miss the plane to Bridgeport!" Mikolaj hurried Cadence. She was so thrilled and excited that she was a little dizzy with delight.
As Cadence took a last peep at the house where she spent most part of her adult life, tears fell. "I can't believe I'm shifting house..and shifting to a brand new town...." Cadence wiped her tears as she embraced the major changes in her life.
Life will never be the same for Cadence and Mikolaj Sierra as they transited into The Sims 3 Late Night.
Founded by Ebenezer Alto at the turn of the century, Bridgeport was once a busy shipping town inhabited by sailors and smugglers. However, when the film industry came to the city, celebrities, Simoleons, and the sparkling lights of fame took over. Now a vibrant city with an energetic night life and bustling club scene, Bridgeport has made its mark on the map.
This was the highrise apartment that Mikolaj had chosen for her 100 Baby Challenge. It only had a tiny bedroom, a small living room and kitchen. These rooms and facilities were considered trivial in Mikolaj's eyes. The only thing that Mikolaj looked out for and loved was the hot tub at the balcony which overlooked the panoramic views of the city.  
It was known as the High Tower. It was a drab building painted in grey and fitted with small windows, totally different from what Cadence expected. She was expected sprawling green fields and gardens, huge pools and lovely kids rooms.
"Can't wait to check out the pool and hot tub!" Mikolaj walked briskly into the building. High-rise apartments were fitted with elevators and lift lobbies. It was a different concept from suburban living where one get to see beautifully landscaped gardens before entering the house which were normally bordered by intricate fencing.
"Miko, you did not tell me this is the kind of house that we are shifting to..and what? We have to take an elevator to the house? That's very troublesome..what if your kids get stuck in the elevator?" Cadence followed Mikolaj into the elevator. She was thrown into a different world, an entirely new urban cityscape – “Bridgeport” – complete with high-rise buildings, celebrities around every corner, and a pumping nightlife.
"Hurry, Mum! I'll show you the infinity pool that I was telling you about! You will love it!" Mikolaj told Cadence who stood in front of the elevator. She was slightly afraid to take the lift as she has never ever rode in one before.
"Here goes!" Mikolaj chirped as the Sierras embarked on their new life at Bridgeport.
"Ding!" The elevator sounded as the Sierras reached their apartment.
"Why are there no gardens here? Where do I place the playground? Where can the kids run and play hide and seek?" Cadence had tons of questions for Mikolaj. She was disappointed and angry that Mikolaj chose to hide everything from her. She did not know that they were shifting into a high-rise apartment with such tiny spaces and constrained areas. "Mum, gardens are so passe! The trend now is highrise living! We only move up, up and higher. See those skyscrapers over there? These are symbols of modernity.." Mikolaj told the dejected Cadence who was upset at Mikolaj's choice of abode.
"See! The infinity pool that I was raving about! Look at the scenery! GOSH! 360 degrees views of the city!" Mikolaj marvelled. "What's that? Its just a small pool in the balcony, what infinity pool?" Cadence wasn't too impressed. "Mum! An infinity pool is swimming pool which produces a visual effect of water extending to the horizon or to "infinity"!" Mikolaj explained.
"And!! And! And the hot tub!! OH Gosh!!" Mikolaj almost hyperventilated when she saw the hot tub. Her eyes widened and she was so thrilled that her heart missed a beat when she saw it.
"This is not what I expected, Miko. I am thoroughly disappointed at your choice of apartment. This is not the kind of house for your 100 Baby Challenge." Cadence retorted. "But I really like this home, Mum! Its the kind of dream home I always yearned for!" Mikolaj tried to reason with her Mum.
"This is more for swinging singles..there is no place for the kids place for the cribs, the toys, the playgrounds, the trampoline, the study tables, the laptops, the chess set..nothing! Its so small that we don't even have an extra room! We can't stay here permanently!" Cadence advised her daughter, Mikolaj. "Give it a try, Mum! You might like it...Let's give and take. You try living in this house while I give it a go at the 100 Baby Challenge. Deal?" Mikolaj challenged Cadence. Cadence kept very quiet and nodded silently.
"Fantastic views huh? The view would get even better by the night!" Mikolaj told Cadence who was not too excited about it.
Their new tiny living room.
In a corner was a small kitchen and dining area.
This apartment only had one bedroom and a bed which occupied almost the entire room.
Cadence had a major headache. "Where am I going to place the kid's room?" Cadence thought hard as she tried to clear the house to place a crib. "Shall I convince Mikolaj to move to a bigger house? But this is her dream house..." Cadence had lots on her mind. With the Sierras shifting to Bridgeport, will Cadence ever get to stay in a house with sprawling gardens and grounds and lots of spaces to do up the nursery and kids rooms?

Check out next post where Mikolaj explore The Sims 3 Late Night. And the moment that YOU have been waiting for! The Arrival of Baby ONE!


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  2. Thanks! Me too:)

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  5. Hey how did you put a pool and a hot tub in there, I tried to put them into my high rise building but it wouldn't let me.

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  7. Great post, I look forward to reading the next one. I have a question, actually a few. When Cadence and Miko moved to Bridgeport, did they forget all their relatives back in Sunset Valley? How does that work? Does the family tree still have all 100 kids on it or did that get messed up during the move? I also want to thank you for introducing me to this challenge. I have been reading it for a while now and I have decided to start my own 100 baby challenge. I'm not far at all but I'm working on the first post. You can see it at

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    @Mystickillermooncat: I will, what is your username over there

    @Tinka: Yup, I have already selected a name from your list:)

    @parloom: I downloaded the high tower from the exchange, I have not figured out how to do it either:)

    @Catlover: Hi there! Congrats on ur challenge:) U just save a copy of the family to the library to ensure that the family tree is still intact:)


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