Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheers!! Drink it up for Baby 2!!

Thank you Lellu82 for the lovely toddler girl dress "Say "Aww!""
A big thank you to MiaBrianne for her four gifts! Mikolaj's babies would definitely love this Playground Toy Chest!
A matching Playground Dresser for the kids' room! 
Cadence loves the Bon Vivant Buffet. It would be fantastic to have this in the house when there are birthdays at the Sierras!
Aromatic Decor to add some nice atmosphere to the Sierras!
  Thanks hugz4life101! Cadence hope to see this Comfortable and Comfort Skirt on Mikolaj's little ones too! 
A new hairstyle UpBraids from shadow667! Thanks for your thanksgiving gift!
Thank you Lizi64 for the lovely plant named Reach for the Heavens. Thank you so much for recommending the 100 Baby Challenge to everyone at your school!
Thank you pinkmall356 for your compliments. I'm so honoured to be your favorite simmer and blogger. Thank you for the Block Robot! Sorry that you have used up all your sim points on this.
A FrankenBear from cmhartman. Thank you!
"Aw..I miss the baby's scent and soft touch. Babies are such blessings! They are angels from heaven. Wies is so cute!" Cadence gushed as she cradled her grandson Wies while Mikolaj looked on.
"Blessings? They are such a bother! It was so painful to get him out of my tummy! My gosh! The pain was unimaginable! I have no idea how I am going to cope with another 99 births." Mikolaj whined about the long labour. Cadence laughed and comforted her, "You will get used to it..somehow..."
"Ugh! What's that foul smell? Argh! Seems like it is coming from Wies!" Mikolaj pinched her nose and tried to swat off the bad smell.
"You have to get used to this, girl. Babies burp after they have their feed. It is just the smell of their burp." Cadence thought Mikolaj was kicking a big fuss here. " smells like rotten cheese! Babies are not only a bother, they are such smelly brats!" Mikolaj almost puked from the stench.
"Mum, Wies is all yours! I'm sure you will do a good job!" Mikolaj tried to shift all responsiblities to her Mum, Cadence. "Mikolaj!" Before Cadence could finish her sentence, Mikolaj had already walked away.
"Who says you smell bad? You smell so good, Wies! My darling grandson..." Cadence kissed Wies on his cheeks as Wies gurgled, as if acknowledging Cadence's comments.
"Come, let's get some fresh air out at the balcony. See, this town is call Bridgeport. Bridgeeee POrttt..." Cadence wanted to start Wies early on talking and pronounciation.
"Wee!! Baby 1! Baby 1!" Cadence still could not believe that her rebellious daughter, Mikolaj had finally started on her 100 Baby Challenge. It was an incredible feeling to be holding Mikolaj's first child in her arms amidst the scenic urban landscape. "Mikolaj! Come and hold your son!" Cadence shouted out to Mikolaj who was watching television in the living room.
"Err..Hi! Wies...I'm your Mum...Wow, you are so soft and squishy." Mikolaj held Wies up and said awkwardly. The reality of being a Mum has not set in for Mikolaj, she still felt like a kid at heart. Wies smiled to Mikolaj for the first time and then let out a huge poo as if to annoy his Mum.
"EEEeeeeWWWWWW!!!" Mikolaj shrieked as she felt the warm fresh poo on her hand. She quickly placed Wies on the floor and screamed for Cadence, "MUM! MUM!! Wies pooped! Its all over my hands! Help me!!" Mikolaj screamed as if a disaster had descended on Bridgeport.
"How can you leave Wies on the rooftop balcony? The floor is so scorching hot! He might be burned, you know..." Cadence berated Mikolaj who was happily swimming in their infinity pool, totally turning a deaf ear to Cadence's comments. "MIKOLAJ! Get out of the pool right now!" Cadence warned.
"Wies is digusting, is he made of vomit and poo? That's what he is doing the whole day!" Mikolaj was totally not ready to care for her babies.
"Even then, you should not just throw him on the rooftop balcony! Are you trying to kill him?" Cadence gave Mikolaj a dressing down. "Then what? Am I supposed to wait on this little soft ball? Clean his vomit and let him poo all over my face?" Mikolaj retorted.
"In the first place, I did not choose to be the Sierra Heiress. Out of respect for you, I took on the challenge and now, what? I'm not going to let this baby poo all over me!" Mikolaj hollered at Cadence.
"Mikolaj! Calm down. You are already a mum! Please behave like one!" Cadence tried to knock some sense into her daughter. "Mum? I'm a diva, not a Mum. I'm a diva, trying hard to become a domestic diva...okay?" Mikolaj hated to be labelled a mother even though she was one.
"Look..he's crying again! I wonder what he wants? Is he trying to make me crazy?" Mikolaj can't stand Wie's cries.
"The only thing that a baby can do is to cry. He cries to communicate to us..Miko." The experienced mother, Cadence explained. "Argh! He is crying even louder now! I wonder if I'm allergic to babies! Wies don't seem to like me a single bit!" Mikolaj told Cadence.
"No matter what your kid does or how he whines and cries, you are definitely in the wrong to place him on the floor." Cadence reprimanded Mikolaj.
"What if he rolls over and falls from the rooftop? You will regret for life! Please be more sensible and think of the consequences before you do anything!" Cadence was furious at what Mikolaj had done.
"Fine! I will wash my hands off these baby caring stuff! I will just give birth and leave them all to you since you are the legendary Cadence Sierra who gave birth to 100 babies." Mikolaj said in a fit of anger.
"Mikolaj...listen. A mother's job does not stop at giving birth. In fact, a mother's role begins once the baby is born. A mother is the truest friend that a kid can have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon the kids. When trouble thickens around her kids, she will still cling to them and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, causing peace to return." Cadence was giving Mikolaj some lessons on motherhood. "AH! I do not want to hear such crap! Stop this nonsense! Just bring Wies out of my sight." Mikolaj refused to listen to Cadence's advice.
Mikolaj then seeked solace in mixology. "Hur..Even the drinks refuse to co-operate with me?" Mikolaj sulked as the drinks spilled.
"Ahh! I hope I don't drop this again!" Mikolaj tried her best to catch the bottle.
"Hmm..let's see whether I can match up with the mixologists in the lounges. A little lemon will do the trick." Mikolaj muttered to herself.
Being a seasoned night animal at various lounges, she had observed how the mixologists mixed their drinks and the ingredients for tasty drinks. She tried to follow their steps and methods too.
"CLAng!!" The glass shattered loudly on the floor. "Opps! It's okay, Miko. Try again!" Mikolaj encouraged herself.
Mikolaj found a new place to hang out at Bridgeport. It was called the Waylon's Haunt. Waylon's Haunt is a seedy dive bar near the city’s port. It was located in the industrial centre of Bridgeport. Dive bars offer an unpretentious environment where juice is cheap and memories made are priceless.
"One Llama Head please!" Mikolaj ordered a drink at Waylon's Haunt. Trying out different drinks from various hangouts seemed to be one of Mikolaj's favourite activity.
"Woo! How did you manage to catch the bottle? It was so high up!" Mikolaj marvelled at the mixologist's skills. "Well, comes with experience!" The mixologist answered, his eyes still affixed on the bottles.
"Oh my god! Mikolaj Sierra! You look so pretty in person! Can I take a photograph of you?" A lady approached Mikolaj.
"Yeah! Definitely!" Mikolaj gamely posed for a picture and was thrilled that she was approached by strangers to take photographs. This was the first time the three-star celebrity Mikolaj Sierra felt like a star. In The Sims 3 Late Night, when sims enter the world of celebrity stardom, they unlock new benefits available only to Sims of their stature. Other sims around town start to notice your Sims more and react differently. However, there is always a price to pay for stardom, the public harshly judges any inappropriate actions. Make a wrong move and the celebrity may end up being the fodder of salacious gossip of the week.
At Waylon's Haunt, Mikolaj tried on the Bass.
She jammed together with the resident rock band.
She had lots of fun and attracted alot of attention being the only celebrity and lady of the rock band. Mikolaj was enjoying every bit of the attention.
Mikolaj tried her hand at the piano as well and decided that she preferred the Bass.  
"Cheeesseeeeee...!!" Mikolaj smiled sweetly for the camera. Another request from the public to have her photograph.
Unknown to Mikolaj, a burglar was sneaking her way to the Sierras.
The burglar creeped quietly at the Sierras but the sounds of the elevator woke the light sleeper, Cadence up. "Is that Mikolaj? She is back?" Cadence rubbed her eyes and walked to the elevator to check if it was Mikolaj.
"Huh?" Cadence drew a gasp when she saw the burglar stealing the dishwasher. She was so frightened that she stood rooted to the spot in shock. She was especially worried for the safety of Wies who was sleeping soundly. "Calm down, Cadence! Calm down!" She quickly reached out for her mobile phone.
"Hello, is this police? Our house have been burglared. Please arrive as soon as possible!" Cadence tried to remain composed. Fortunately, the police arrived in time and nabbed the burglar.

"Miko, this bustling city, Bridgeport is really not as safe as the suburban Sunset Valley. We have never encountered burglars in our previous home and town. I worry for your kids, is it safe for them to wander around Bridgeport when they grow up?" Cadence told Mikolaj. "Really? Actually encountering burglars is pretty thrilling! How I wish I was home, then I can be in the thick of action and nab the thief!" Mikolaj cackled evilly. Cadence rolled her eyes, "Wait till the burglar attack you with a weapon, then you will see if that is fun! How I miss Sunset Valley, the tranquil town. I miss our old huge home..." Cadence uttered, trying to hint to Mikolaj to shift to a bigger home.

"Ms Sierra, you are cordially invited to make an appearance at Plasma 501. Drinks are on the house!" A chirpy voice greeted Mikolaj in the morning. This was another perk of stardom, celebrities get invited to enter exclusive clubs and lounges. 
"Sure! I will be there!" Being the hardcore party animal, Mikolaj seized at the opportunity to enter the exclusive Plasma 501, one of the harder venues to enter.
Mikolaj put on her best behaviour and effort to make sure that she was able to attend the exclusive invite. She took care of little Wies to get into Cadence's good books. "Miko, Wies is crying, check if he needs a diaper change." Cadence instructed Mikolaj. She was so surprised that Mikolaj took the initiative to take care of her son.
"Like this?" Mikolaj held Wies and attempted to change his diapers. "That's right! Keep it up! See, who says Wies will cry when you carry him? This is the way, treat babies with tender loving care." Cadence was pleased that Mikolaj was making some improvements and taking on more responsibilities as a mother.
"Woah!!" Mikolaj held on to Wies tightly for fear that he might fall out of her hands. This was Mikolaj's first attempt at changing the diapers for Wies. It was a significant milestone marked in Mikolaj's 100 Baby Challenge.
"Ermm...but he is still crying non-stop! What does he want exactly?" Mikolaj was infuriated at Wies's needs and wants. "Hush! My baby, don't cry." Cadence picked up Wies from the crib.
"He is hungry. See how fast he drinks!" Cadence laughed as Wies finally stopped crying. "Argh! Babies! They are such needy animals! They are so complicated! I hope I wasn't this annoying when I was a baby!" Mikolaj exclaimed. "Haha! I got to say you behaved the same way as Wies when you were a baby!" Cadence chuckled.
"Mum, can you look after Wies for the night. I need to attend this VIP event at Plasma 501." Mikolaj told Cadence. "Huh? Why do you go to lounges and come home drunk every night? Drinking is very bad for your health." Cadence appeared displeased at Mikolaj's words. "But, this is different. I'm a three-star celebrity, I need to be more exposed to such events and party to increase my celebrity level! Mum, please! I'm trying to make it big!" Mikolaj pleaded with Cadence while Wies began to exercise his lungs again.  
"Fine! Whatever! You can do whatever you want!" Cadence said in a fit of anger and carried Wies away. Cadence did not mean what she had said.
Mikolaj wore her new dress to the exclusive event. "Ms Mikolaj Sierra! Welcome to Plasma 501!" The bouncer ushered her to the door. It was a totally different treatment for normal Sims and Celebrity Sims. When Mikolaj first moved to Bridgeport, she even had to bribe the bouncer to get into Banzai Lounge.
Viewing from the front, you might think that Mikolaj was donning a normal tube top dress. But you are wrong, her dress featured a plunging back down to her bum. She just had to dress to impress. The attention seeking Mikolaj made sure that she was the best dressed celebrity in Plasma 501.
"Ms Sierra, a Aristocratic Gimlet for you! It is a drink for the most exclusive, celebrities like you, Ms Sierra. My pleasure to serve you this exquisite drink tonight." Kimmy Knott the mixologist presented a fire drink to Mikolaj.
" are using your hands to wipe the stains on those glasses? Is that what you do at a high class lounge like this?" Mikolaj was horrified and appalled at the hygiene standards at Plasma 501.
"I'm sorry, Ms Sierra. I will wash it immediately." Kimmy apologized.
At the Plasma 501, Mikolaj just kept drinking...
...and drinking...
and drinking before she called for the night.
The next morning, Mikolaj dragged herself out of bed to celebrate her son, Baby 1 Wies's birthday. "Yeah! No more whiny Wies! No more soft beings who cry non-stop!" Mikolaj cheered.
"Woohoo! Grow up well! Grow up well!" Mikolaj chanted. She wanted Wies to grow up well even though she had not put in any effort to take care of him.
The doting Grandmother Cadence cradled Wies in her arms. "Time to grow up! My beloved grandson!" Cadence announced as she blew the candles.
"Time to consider Baby 2 now that Wies is a toddler." Cadence advised Mikolaj. "Baby 2? So fast? My body have not even recovered from Wies's birth! Will I get any money from doing the 100 Baby Challenge?" The greedy Mikolaj asked. "Doing the 100 Baby Challenge, the joy, happiness, love and hope that you receive is priceless." Cadence gushed while Mikolaj remained silent.
Baby 1 Wies Sierra had the best of both worlds. He had his father, Apollo Bloom's tanned skin and silky white hair. These was complemented with Mikolaj's bewitching purple eyes. He was a active toddler who would never sit still due to his party animal traits.
Now that Wies was a toddler, Mikolaj tried to interact with him more, thinking that he would behave better as a toddler.
But Mikolaj was wrong. As they did not forge a strong mother-son bond when he was a baby, Wies preferred his grandmother Cadence rather than his mum, Mikolaj. He was showing his displeasure by playing and dipping the bland baby food that Mikolaj had prepared for him.
"You little brat!! Stop that! My dress!!" Mikolaj yelped at Wies as he impishly threw the baby food at Mikolaj. It was apt to have the pink poster at the wall, reminding Mikolaj to keep calm.
"Ugh! See what you did! You broke your bowl!" Mikolaj berated little Wies who looked at her with innocent eyes.
"You will have no bowl to eat from! Serve you right!" Mikolaj was so annoyed that Wies had spilled the baby food all over the place.
"I will never cook for you again! So much for being nice and cooking for you!" Mikolaj walked off angrily and left Wies in the dirty high chair.
Grandma Cadence to the rescue! Cadence cleaned up the highchair and cooked a delicious baby food meal for Wies.
Wies relished every single bit of the baby food and did not spill any of the food at all.
While Cadence was out grocery shopping, Mikolaj took the opportunity to get out of the house. However, she had a problem. She could not leave little Wies alone in the house. Leaving him in the house alone would definitely receive a tongue lashing from Cadence, so Mikolaj decided to bring Wies along.
Mikolaj decided to visit Eugi's with Wies. Eugi's was a bar that Mikolaj had never visited, Eugi's had a bar setup which resembled an Irish bar. It was definitely inappropriate for Mikolaj to bring little Wies to visit a bar. She figured out that the little Wies would be too young to have any idea where she brought him to.
"Look! Wies! Pigeons!" Mikolaj pointed out to Wies on their way to Eugi's. Wies was so excited that he clapped his hands in glee. Pigeons were also a new addition in The Sims 3 Late Night.
The mother and son finally arrived at the Eugi's. Wies was very out of the place as there were no toddlers at the bar.
However, Mikolaj cannot be bothered, she just wanted to have her drinks and dance to her heart's content. "Yes, sit there quietly. Good boy!" Mikolaj instructed Wies, as if treating him like a pet dog.
Mikolaj sat at the bar and enjoyed her drinks, leaving poor Wies alone on the floor.
"I can't believe this! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Isn't that the A-lister, Lola Belle?" Mikolaj was so starstruck when she spotted the hottest star Lola at Eugi's.
"Wow! Your skin is flawless! How did you managed to achieve that?" Mikolaj was in awe of Lola's great complexion and well defined features as she asked for her autograph.
Mikolaj was also a mini celebrity in her own right. She attracted some attention by bringing Wies to the Eugi's. The paparazzi took photos of her while she was showing her moves at the dance floor.
Little Wies looked on and waited patiently as his Mum enjoyed herself on the dance floor. Having the party animal trait, Mikolaj was definitely starting Wies very early in the night scene!
Poor Wies fell asleep on the dance floor. "Wies!! Son! Get up! It's time to head home!" Mikolaj woke Wies up when it was time to leave the Eugi's.
"WHAT?!?! Say again? Where did you bring Wies to?" Cadence was aghast when Mikolaj brought Wies home in the wee hours of the morning and told her that she brought him to Eugi's.
"Eugi's. I brought him to the bar, Eugi's. He also have the party animal trait, why not let him exposed to the exciting night life earlier?" Mikolaj reasoned.
"Mikolaj! Are you okay? Have you gone out of your mind? No one brings a toddler to a bar!" Cadence lectured Mikolaj. "I'm fine! You can't blame me! When I wanted to go out last night, you weren't home to look after Wies so I had no choice but to bring him out! I was being responsible by not leaving him alone at home!" Mikolaj fought back, insisting that she made the right choice.
"I would rather you leave him at home! Why did you bring him to such places? Bars aren't for toddlers like Wies! They belong to the playgrounds! You are being very irresponsible. Can you ever think properly? Mikolaj Sierra!" Cadence was viled. Never in her wildest dream had Cadence thought that Mikolaj would bring Wies to a bar or lounge. "Then you were to blame too! Why were you not home to take care of Wies?" Mikolaj snapped back.
"You are the mother of Wies, not me! In fact, your 100 baby challenge is an exception. I did not even had anyone helping me for my challenge. Stop pushing the blame! I hate it when my kids do not admit their mistakes when they are wrong!" Cadence was so mad that she clenched her left fist and lifted her right hand to slap Mikolaj.
"Mum!!" Mikolaj cried out as Cadence gave her a tight slap. This was the first time Cadence ever lay her hands on her kids, she has never believed in using violence to solve problems.
However, this time, she felt that Mikolaj had crossed the line to have brought her son, Wies to the bar.
"I'm sorry, Mum. I'm sorry." Mikolaj held back her tears. She has never seen Cadence this furious before and she knew her Mum has never slapped any of her kids. "Don't talk to me! Go and repent for your actions!" Cadence totally ignored Mikolaj.
"Little Wies! Shall we learn how to walk today?" Grandma Cadence teased little Wies.
"Come on! A little bit more!" Cadence encourage her precious grandson, Wies to walk.
"Yes! Way to go! You did it, Wies! That's the spirit of the Sierras!" Cadence praised Wies as he learned to walk in record time.
"Can I buy you a drink, Ms Mikolaj?" A purple-haired man approached Mikolaj at Waylon's Haunt. "Thanks! How did you know my name?" Mikolaj asked curiously. "I have my ways...I'm Herbert Harley!  (Thanks to BrightFashion!) Nice to meet you!" The man gave Mikolaj a cheeky grin.
"You know what? There is something wrong with my mobile phone." Herbert told Mikolaj who was sipping the drink. "Get it repaired, why are you telling me this? I'm a technology idiot." Mikolaj laughed. "Well, there is something wrong with my mobile phone because it doesn't have your number in it!" Herbert said seriously. "Oh wow! Is that a cheesy pickup line to add to my collection? But....I like it!" Mikolaj giggled at Herbert's cheesy pickup line.
"I'll show you something! Here goes!" Herbert climbed onto the bar counter at Waylon's Haunt. "What are you doing?" Mikolaj was puzzled.
"Woohoo! Dancing on the counter is really fun! You should try it, Mikolaj." Herbert egged Mikolaj on.
"Pretty woman, walking down the street. Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet. Pretty woman. Mikolaj the Pretty woman!" Herbert sang on the bar counter. He sure knew how to charm the socks off Mikolaj.
"You can dance pretty well huh?" Mikolaj shouted to Herbert amidst the loud music at Waylon's Haunt.
"Thank you! My pleasure to be dancing with a pretty lady like you!" Herbert was smitten by Mikolaj's beauty and charisma.
"Herbert, you are right! Dancing on the bar counter is so fun! Whee!! Thrilling!" Mikolaj showed her dance moves.
Watch this video clip to see Mikolaj dancing at Waylon's Haunt!
"Uptown girl! She's been living in her uptown world. I bet she's never had a backstreet guy...." Mikolaj was literally singing at the top of the voice as she gyrated to the song of Uptown Girl.
"And when she's walking, she's looking so fineeeeeee....And when she's talking..She'll say that she's mine..eeeee" Mikolaj boogied to the music. 
While she was bringing the house down with her dancing, she was caught on camera by the paparazzi.
Mikolaj was reveling in the attention that she was receiving as a celebrity.
"Take my right angle, I look better on my right side." Mikolaj wanted the paparazzi to take beautiful photos of her so that the newspapers would feature lovely shots of her.
"Pretty lady, can I invite you to the hottest hotspot of Bridgeport: The Grind?" Herbert extended the invite to Mikolaj. "Sure! I would love to! I'm a sucker for dance clubs! But I have a little request, I really hope you can accede to it. Have you heard about the 100 Baby Challenge?" Mikolaj queried. "I heard about one from Sunset Valley. That lady was incredible, she finished the 100 Baby Challenge." Herbert replied.
"Well, Cadence Sierra? Ring a bell? She is my Mum, I'm Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra." Mikolaj said softly, hoping that no one will hear it. "Wow! You are the daughter of Cadence Sierra, the amazing lady who finished the challenge?" Herbert raised his eyebrows. "Yeah, fortunately or unfortunately, I was chosen by the readers to take on the 100 Baby Challenge and I did. I am faced with a crying and bawling baby 1 at home now. So, after this long point is that I need to continue the baby challenge so that my Mum will forgive me. Can you be the father of Baby 2? I mean, look, you have purple hair and I have purple eyes. Wouldn't it be cool if Baby 2 has your beautiful purple eyes and my twinkling purple eyes?" Mikolaj spoke in her sweetest voice. "Forgive you? What did you do wrong?" Herbert was curious. "Well, I kinda brought my Baby 1 to a lounge...." Mikolaj replied meekly while Herbert burst into peals of laughter. "Wow! Mikolaj, that's the funniest thing I have heard in 2010! Definitely, I feel so honoured to be the father of Baby 2, just don't bring the baby to the lounge, bring it to a dance club and I want to see the baby boogie on the dancefloor!" Herbert chuckled.
"Argh! I think I had a drink too much! Mikolaj, you are such a good drinker! I think you drunk more than I did!" Herbert puked in The Grind. "Definitely! I can hold my liquor really well." Mikolaj boasted.
"WOOAAHHH!! Let's party the night away!" Herbert waved his hands in the air. The Grind is built in an abandoned warehouse and resembles a rave. It allows everyone inside to have a good time dancing and enjoying drinks. It has a double dance floor with lasers and gives the rave vibe. 
"The atmosphere is great here! I love these effects they have on the dance floor, bubbles, fire, lasers and all!"
In Bridgeport, the city never sleeps. The city comes alive at night as neon signs and billboards populate the town, searchlights light up the night sky, and Sims in flashy night life outfits fill up streets.
"Herbert! Cheers! Let's drink it up for the arrival of Baby 2! I bet my Mum is going to "cage" me up in the house once I'm pregnant!" Mikolaj was slightly tipsy after umpteenth drinks for the night.
Herbert and Mikolaj, in their drunken stupor kissed for the very first time after The Grind closed for the day.
They were so drunk that they did not know what they were doing. Herbert even puked in between those kisses and Mikolaj did not seem to mind a single bit.
Fame, however, as in the real world, comes at a price. Their intimate actions were caught by the local paparazzi.
"Why do I feel like there are flashes of light on me?" Herbert asked Mikolaj in slurred speech. "Haha! Maybe it is going to rain! It is just lightning!" Mikolaj was totally oblivious to her surroundings.
They were completely unaware that they were going to hit the headlines the next day.
"Purple hair, brows and eyes for Baby 2 yeah?" Mikolaj winked at Herbert. They were at the Sierra's elevator, all ready to make Baby 2 in the elevator.
"And purpleeeeee skin...." Herbert stumbled on his speech. "Purple skin? How can that be achieved? Herbert, you are really drunk!" Mikolaj flirted with Herbert in the elevator.
After the sounds of the baby lullaby floated in the air, they rewarded themselves some time at the hot tub on the Sierras rooftop balcony.
"ARGH! WHY? Why must there be morning sickness!!? WHY?!?" Mikolak screeched as she felt pangs of nausea in the morning.
"Muahahah! Wies! Why?!?" Mikolaj babbled to Wies who was happily playing his new helicopter toy that Cadence bought for him.
Wies looked up at Mikolaj with innocent huge eyes. He was slightly frightened by his Mum's loud cackles.

As Mikolaj transited into the first trimster of her pregnancy, she was a wreck and went through an emotional rollercoaster.
This was made worst when Cadence ordered her to stay at home in order to have a good pregnancy. She was not allowed to sneak out to the bar and lounges for a drink or two.
"Mikolaj Sierra!! What have you done in your past life to deserve this?!?" Mikolaj hollered.
"Can anyone tell me?!?! Who can tell me??!" Mikolaj went hysterical.
"Eh eh?" Wies looked on and smiled with much child-like wonder and innocence.
"The night is still young! I'm yearning for a dance and drink!" The hardcore clubber Mikolaj was aching to get out of the house.
Mikolaj almost went crazy to curb the drinking temptations.
"Oh my god! I think my hands are shaking and shivering!" Mikolaj seemed to have some withdrawal symptoms.
Cadence made Mikolaj to read pregnancy books to keep her occupied. She also made sure that Mikolaj was well within her radius so that she would not sneak out to the lounges and clubs.
This picture oozed the greatest and sacrifical motherly love. Cadence napped on the living room's sofa to ensure that Mikolaj stayed at home. "Argh! I feel like a bird all caged up! Set me free! I want to fly! Set me free!" Though Cadence meant well and wanted the best for her daughter, Mikolaj felt suffocated under Cadence's close scrutiny.
Mikolaj could not resist the temptation anymore and went to their rooftop balcony to mix some drinks.
"Ah!! I feel so much better now!" The pregnant Mikolaj stole some sips of the alcoholic drink.
"Did you just drink? I smell alcohol." Cadence questioned Mikolaj who pretended to be angelic. "No, no. I did not. I wouldn't dare.." Mikolaj cooed and lied to Cadence naturally.
"Heh! I love this shirt! Devil inside! When is the devil coming out? Once the devil is out, I can do my evil dance at clubs again! Woo!" The new maternity shirt made Mikolaj smiled evilly.
Download this interesting shirt here
"You should change your shirt to Angel Inside! Not devil inside...Your tummy looks huge this time round..could it be twins or triplets?" Cadence told Mikolaj when rubbing her tummy. "Mum, they only have the Devil Inside shirt, no Angel Inside shirt." Mikolaj laughed, obviously very pleased that there is no "Angel Inside' maternity shirt.
Cadence taught Mikolaj how to carry a toddler properly with a huge tummy.

"ARGH! When is the devil baby coming out?!? I am aching all over!" Mikolaj whined to Cadence.
"Wies! Little Wies! You are going to have a sibling really soon! Happy?" Wies was expectionally happy in the company of Grandma Cadence.
"I just love the nightlife! Mum, you should go out and see the world instead of cooping in the house all day. Bridgeport is so exciting! Celebrities, the lights, the sounds, vampires, drinking, getting drunk, bands and the list goes on!" Mikolaj said excitedly. "Yes, they might be exciting but you got to put a curb to your binge drinking. It's bad for your health." Cadence prudently advised her daughter. "What's so bad about drinking? Baby 2 was produced from drinking literally!" Mikolaj did not know why was Cadence kicking a big fuss.
"MUM! MUM! Wies is crying again! AGAIN! He had his feed, sleep and diaper change. I have no idea what he wants!" Mikolaj asked Cadence for help.
"I smell freedom! I smell freedom! Devil is coming out!" Mikolaj cheered as her delivery date loomed around the corner.
"OH! Its coming! Breathe in and out! In and out!" Though Cadence had been through a hundred births, she still panicked when she saw Mikolaj in pain. She was teaching Mikolaj the correct breathing techniques for the labour of Baby 2.
"ARGH! ARGH! Mum! Save me! I'm dying! I'm dying! The devil inside is killing me! The devil is killing me!" Mikolaj howled in pain.
"Little devil! Get out of my body right now! Stop torturing me! Enough is enough!" Mikolaj writhed in agony.
Mikolaj was rushed to the hospital immediately, albeit in a celebrity and star manner. Being a celebrity, she was transported in a limousine. Can you spot Mikolaj the diva in the limousine?
It was a long struggle and fight for Mikolaj as she endured the long labour process. "My gosh! The "devil" is finally out!" Mikolaj exclaimed and let out a relieved sigh after the delivery. It was a bouncy pink bundle, a little princess! The Sierras was happy to announce the arrival of Baby 2 Tinka Sierra! (Thanks to Tinka!) Tinka was a fair-skinned baby girl with delicate features. Welcome to the world, Tinka!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. WOW!!!! Thanks for using my name!! :D
    I love your blog!!!


  2. @Tinka: Thanks! Tinka's name is so sweet:)

  3. I have a very pretty name that you could use for a baby girl! Arabella, it's Latin. :) Love the blog, cant wait to keep reading.

  4. whan is the next one coming

  5. I loved it :) Tinka is adorable!
    I have 2 girl name suggestions, Chaley & Lillianna.

  6. a girl name suggestion kaylor

  7. you should have cadence fall in love when mikolaj is pregent with baby 25 or 30.

  8. @Babygurl: Thanks!! Glad u enjoy the blog:)

    @Jordan: Yeah! Tinka is such a sweet name! Thanks for your names!

    @Anon: Thanks!

    @octodoodle: Let's see..Cadence has yet to step out to explore Bridgeport!! Haha!

  9. ok its your story not mine. :)

  10. who long does it take to make a blog like baby 2?

  11. @octodoodle: It takes about about 2 days to upload the pics and write the story, this is not including gameplay. As for the entire Cadence Sierra's challenge, I took about a year:)

  12. I can't wait for the next post!! Glad everyone loves my name!!! :)
    You're so brave for taking on this challenge, twice. :)

  13. Hi, I love your blogs :)))
    I was thinking, mabye you could use Haven, Aurora, Zara, Cinder or Emure as one of you names for the girls. Thanks Sophie

  14. ok thanks

  15. so each one takes a bout 5 days

  16. @tinka: yup! Tinka is such a cute name!

    @Sophie: thanks! Your names are cool!

    @octodoodle: Yup, if you break them down..its about 5 days, I update about once a week..

    @Alix: Thanks! The sierra kids are lovely:)

  17. Could you tell me what Mikolaj's LTW is and the traits of Tinka?

    I feel like Miko is going to whine and complain and make enemies with her kids and Candence will have no choice but to raise all the grandkids, and... I don't like reading this as much as much as I did Candence's mainly because Mikolaj is a horrible mother, but then that's what most women these days are. :(

    I want you to try World Adventures, Harmony. It's a really great expansion and you'd find lots of lovely foreign men to add to the gene pool. :)

  18. @Raltsmaster: Mikolaj's LTW is living in the lap of luxury. I think its really cool that she is like a reflection of the modern society today where some strive for a luxurious life and neglect the tangibles...

    Then again, if Mikolaj was exactly the same as Cadence and share the same views, there is no need to do the challenge all over again:)

    I had much more fun playing this challenge than Cadence's challenge..hehe

    I heard some horror stories about WA, where the entire family is swiped away when a sim go to other country..not taking any chances here:) Thanks for reading!!

  19. @Harmony what are Tinka's traits?

  20. hey cadence could you check out my hundred baby challenge heres the link if you can thanks btw heres some girl names for baby number 3 if its a girl: Mirai wich means Miracle in Basque And heres a boy name: Orlando (idk wat it means lol) oh ya your welcome for the block robot and its no prob on the simpoints i just got 1000 more lol

  21. She's so beautiful! I hope Mikolaj will treat Tinka better than Wies...maybe since Tinka is a girl they'll connect more :)

  22. the next one should come on thursday

  23. girl names kalynn kaylor kinslee from kaylor

  24. @Tinka: Will get back:) can't remember!
    @angel: Cadence started in the same house too! Congrats and thanks for your name suggestions!
    @Aquarius: Yeah! I hope so too!
    @octodoodle: baby is not out yet...
    @Anon: Thanks!!

  25. When will the next post be??????? Can't wait to see what Tinka looks like!!!! :)

  26. @Tinka: Currently no time to play the game! Over the weekends! :)

  27. Hi, as I mentioned earlier, I was using Caleb Sierra as a father for my 100 Baby Challenge. I just wanted to know who his children are in your game. I know he married Coco and had a daughter named Alyssa and another daughter who died but I was wondering if he had any more. Thanks for letting me use him. Just so you know, he had twins, two boys named Cal (after Caleb) and Brendan (after Brendan Vine, Caleb's father). You can visit my cchallenge at Thanks again! :D

  28. At what point did your blog start to get more viewers? What did you do to get your blog to be more popular? Just wondering...

  29. I found an interesting boy name you could use, Brishen, it means "born during the rain", "the rain" could be a metaphor for something going on in Mikolaj's life while she is pregnant for Brishen.

  30. I was listening to the radio you have on your page and Im yours came up right when I was watching Miko dance on the counter. It was awesome because she was right in line with the music!
    Great Blog and i am dying for the next post.
    girl name: Chantrice
    Boy name: Arcaius

  31. @catlover:hi there! Thanks for using caleb, he only had 2 daughters! Ur 100 baby challenge is great! Keep it up! I was one of the pioneers of the 100 baby challenge, so I guess that helped alot. When I was doing the challenge, only peaceluvver was doing it:)

    @Edward: Thanks for your suggestion:)

    @Alexandra: hehe! I was thinking of that when I saw miko dancing on the counter..the music kinda suits her dancing! haha! Thanks for your names:)

  32. when is the next one coming?????

  33. When will the next post be?

  34. thanks for responding to my Comment!
    It means alot to me so i'm going to give you 2 very special names that I only use when Im writing because I really want you to use them.
    These may only be used for twin girls!
    Constanze and Solista!
    Hope you like!

  35. Another boy's name I really like: Perrin.

  36. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments..Baby 3, 4 and 5 are out!!

  37. I hope you see this comment. I am following you, and I am up to this post reading lol. Did you get a baby called Sylvie yet? I know it's cheesy but it's my name and I'd be glad if you could :)

  38. I honestly loooooovvvveeeeee this 100 baby challenge more than Cadence's. Its so interesting!! <3

  39. wow shes beautiful the way her face is amazing this 100 baby challenge is a little bit more interesting than candaces but candace is kinda annoying in this one

  40. I think that the bar tender should have a baby with her. Why don't you test her on lemonade instead of alcohol?
    Keep updates on the 1-100 babies!!!
    Good luck!!!������


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