Friday, October 8, 2010

The Verdict is Out!

A big thank you to those who have voted for Cadence's fate in this 100 Baby Challenge. Out of nearly 300 responses, an overwhelming 52.6% of you chose the 3rd option which was for Cadence to pass the baton to one of her daughters to continue the 100 Baby Challenge! So, the verdict is out! One of the Sierra daughters will be entrusted with the task of carrying out the 100 Baby Challenge. Stay tuned as YOU will be given a chance to vote for your favourite Sierra daughter out of my personal favourites.
These were some of the ideas contributed by some of the voters.
As one of her daughters take on the 100 Baby Challenge, will Cadence eventually find love? Will she get married and settle down? To find out, do continue to support this 100 Baby Challenge.
Thank you, kjoya for this apt gift of Oktoberfest Celebration set. It was indeed a time for celebration at the Sierras as Cadence successfully completed her 100 Baby Challenge!


  1. I voted for 3rd option so I'm pretty happy that the majority agreed with me. Looking forward to seeing which of the girls were your favorites as well as looking forward to voting.

    (Also, three new chapters are out for my baby challenge if you'd like to check them out)

  2. @duckeggpie: ThankS!! :)

    @Ashley: Sure! Will check it out:)

  3. When will the voting be?

  4. Hi there! Voting is over.


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