Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Reality Sinks in for Mikolaj Sierra...

Thank you kjoya for your gift of Playground Potty. This potty would be passed on to Mikolaj Sierra's little tots!
"My precious, Baby 100 Ciento.." Cadence's heart was heavy as she looked at little Ciento. From the results of the survey poll, Cadence knew that she would not be continuing the 100 Baby Challenge. She was determined to treasure every single baby milestone with Baby 100 Ciento Sierra.
"Go to bed! Mikolaj!" Cadence nagged at little Mikolaj. "Mum! Can I play for a little while more?" Mikolaj refused to go to bed even though it was way past her bedtime.
"I want to have a few more rounds on the trampoline!" The cheeky Mikolaj told Cadence happily. She was blissfully ignorant that she was going to take on the mammoth task of the 100 Baby Challenge when she becomes a young adult.
"Alright! Just one more round and off to bed you go!" Cadence told Mikolaj. "Hmm...I have no idea how this little girl would take to the news..." Cadence thought hard. With regards to Mikolaj Sierra being the heiress of the 100 baby challenge, Cadence had chosen to be tightlipped for the moment. She would reveal it to Mikolaj once she reached her teens where she would be able to take control of her emotions and feelings better.
Milo was all ready to leave the Sierra. "WHee!! Time to step into the society!" Milo cheered as he can't wait to start working.
Baby 95 Milo Sierra grew up into a mature and sophisticated young man who had lots of ideas and dreams about his future.
"Mealtime! Here you go!" Cadence whipped up delicious baby food for little Stone.
With so much baby rearing experience under her belt, Cadence was capable of cooking yummy baby food for her Sierra kids. Who said baby food was icky, sticky and yucky? Flint finished every single bit of the baby food that was cooked by Mummy dearest.
"If I had continued my 100 baby challenge, I would definitely be pregnant by now. I miss my pregnant bump..I miss the little amazing life I have in my body..." Cadence's mind wandered as she rubbed her tummy, feeling empty.
In order to keep herself occupied, Cadence channelled all her energies to her little toddlers. She made sure that they were given the best education that they could ever receive. "No! No! Not into your mouth! You use that stick to play on your xylophone!" Cadence tried to educate Stone who was shoving a stick into his mouth.
Baby Destiny entertained herself with the blocks.
"When will I ever get to see little Mikolaj's kids playing with these toys?" Cadence thought as she was worried that Mikolaj would take badly to the news.
"AH AH!!" Flint shrieked as he felt a tingle in his spine. The triplets were all ready to grow up!
"Wooahhhh..." Flint stood up and a magical sparkle surrounded him as his brother Stone looked on intently at Flint's transformation.
Baby 98 Flint Sierra looked alot like the male version of Cadence with those pink brows and huge beady round eyes. He was an active boy who adore sports alot.
Baby 99 Stone Sierra was the exact opposite of his brother, Flint. He had a decent crop of black hair, combed to one side. He was introverted, quiet and often deep in his thoughts. It was as if he had millions of thoughts in his mind.
Their eldest sister, Baby 97 Destiny Sierra was a sweet looking young girl who was curious in everything. Her favourite question was, "WHY?"
Every evening, the triplets would gather at the living room to watch their favourite dinosaur programme. Other than this common interest, the triplets were worlds apart in terms of their personality, behaviour and thinking.
"Mum, have you ever wonder why is the sky blue and the grass green?" Stone threw this philosophical question to Cadence. "Try googling it!" Cadence chirped and laughed at her son who had such complex thoughts.
"Ciento! Time for your birthday!" Cadence cooed at Baby Ciento. She was having a myriad of feelings as Ciento becomes a toddler. On one hand, Cadence was thrilled that Ciento has become a toddler. On the other, she was feeling upset that there will no longer be any more babies in the house for the time being. She would no longer have any more sons and daughters.
Being the son of Liam the Nerd, Cadence was anxious to find out whether Ciento inherited his genes. Thankfully, he did not resemble Liam a single bit. Instead, he had the signature pink blonde hair. It looks like Cadence's genes were pretty dominant!
Little Ciento was fascinated with all toys related to horses. He would mimic the horse's neigh whenever he played with his favourite toy.
"Do you know that you are Baby 100? Ciento means one hundred in spanish." Cadence stroked Ciento's head as she cradled him in her arms.
Ciento laughed as if he understood what Cadence was saying. "Ciento! Your elder sis, Mikolaj is going to take on the challenge. Will she be up to it?" Cadence asked the innocent looking Ciento.
To celebrate Cadence's recent victory in accomplishing the 100 Baby Challenge, the Sierra kids specially organised a get-together at the Central Park. "Whee! I can't wait to see all my kids!" Cadence twirled and waltzed around the living room.
"I still can't believe I did it! I actually reared 100 babies as a single Mom. Am I amazing or what?" Cadence clapped her hands. She thought about how she had embarked on the challenge and how tough it was to get the challenge going amidst her hectic schedule of looking after the kids, changing diapers, feeding, making sure there was enough money to pay the bills and more importantly, educating the kids and teaching them the right values.
Cadence brought Baby 100 Ciento Sierra along for the celebrations party. "Is this little brother Ciento? Wow, he must have been so lucky to be Baby 100!" Baby 6 Jacob Sierra asked Cadence. "Yeah! Ciento! Meet your big brother, Jacob! Say hello!" Cadence said to the shy Ciento who refused to look at Jacob in the eye. Jacob was doing very well as a stay home sculptor and had two lovely kids, Starr and Irvin. "Mum! Have you heard? Sis Bliss (Baby 3) was invited to guest star in the fashion runway show!" Jacob told Cadence the good news. "Wow! I am indeed proud of her. She has really made a mark for herself in the fashion arena. It's cutthroat competition in that industry, she must have been really outstanding!" Cadence beamed with pride.
"MUM!! CONGRATS!! I'm so proud of you!" Baby 57 Essence gave Cadence a warm hug. Essence was pregnant with her firstborn and can't wait to learn some new tips from her very experienced Mum. "I almost puked my life away and this is my first baby! Now I know Mum is the greatest. Mum, you have my utmost respect and admiration." Essence declared. "How's Noah?" Cadence asked Essence about her twin brother, Baby 58 Noah Sierra. "Oh! He wants me to convery his congratulations to you. He is doing very well at Riverview as a magazine editor." Essence said. "That's good to know!" Cadence smiled.
"Look! Mum! I'm wearing your 100 Baby Challenge tee!" Baby 77 Abel Sierra showed off proudly to Cadence. "Wow! It looked really good on you! You are the walking advertisement for my 100 Baby Challenge!" Cadence chortled.
"Oh my god! Is that the legendary Cadence Sierra who completed the 100 Baby Challenge?" A starstruck stranger gasped when Cadence was talking to Baby 36 Olivia Sierra.
"Ciento! Mum! He is so cute!" Olivia cooed. "Then you should start thinking about settling down and having your own kids! I can't wait to cuddle your kids, you aren't getting younger...Olivia." Cadence said to her daughter. "But Mum, I want to concentrate on my career.  If I really wanted kids, I would have done the same 100 baby challenge and carry on your legacy! I want to make a mark for myself. I want to be an independent modern woman!" Olivia proclaimed proudly. "Well, you can do both at the same time. I'm sure my Sierra kids are capable of excelling in both." Cadence said confidently.
Cadence carried Ciento around like a trophy kid, proudly showing him off to everyone in Sunset Valley. Ciento's existance was an indication of Cadence's victorious attempt at the 100 Baby Challenge. She was honoured to be the first person in Sunset Valley to complete it. "Aww...he has your trademark pink-blond hair! Mum, you are so amazing. I'm so proud to tell everyone that I have 99 siblings!" Baby 78 Piper exclaimed with delight. "How's life for you?" The concerned Mum, Cadence asked worriedly. She knew that Piper had been unemployed for about half a year now. When approaching this jobless issue, Piper shook his head and whispered softly, "Not much luck there..." "Keep trying! You can do it!" Cadence cheered him on.
"I was so disappointed when I did not manage to get high votes for the Sierra heiress! I really wanted to take on the 100 Baby Challenge. It's such a noble task and special mission, especially so since I am the daughter of Cadence SIERRA! I'm sure Mikolaj was thrilled when she knew she was the chosen one to continue your legacy!" Baby 64 Hana-Hoseki Sierra said excitedly when she saw Cadence. "Well...I have not told her about it yet. Shall wait for her to turn into a teen before I start prepping her for the 100 Baby Challenge. I'm not sure how she would take to it. I wonder if she could accept the fact that she was going to do the 100 Baby Challenge for a large part of her adult life and she does not seem to show any interest in caring for her younger siblings." Cadence sighed with furrowed brows.
Hana-Hoseki gave Cadence a pat on the shoulder and comforted her, "Mum, not to worry so much. She might be delighted and over the moon when she knows that she was the exceptional Sierra daughter who was chosen to carry on this 100 Baby Challenge. Tell her that so many of her sisters would love to be in her position!" "Let's hope so..." Cadence murmured softly.
Finally, the day has arrived. It was a significant and important date that Cadence has marked on her calendar. It was Mikolaj's birthday, a day where Cadence would finally reveal the truth to little Mikolaj. Cadence was happy yet anxious at the outcome. "YAHOO!" Mikolaj cheered loudly as she excitedly awaited for her teenhood.
Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra grew up into a captivating beauty with bright dazzling purple eyes and well-defined pink brows. She had an alluring smile just like Cadence did. She had a certain X-factor and charisma which made her stand out from the rest.
Download her at
This was Mikolaj Sierra in her teens, the heiress of the 100 Baby Challenge. The most unfortunate thing that happened which Cadence had least expected was Mikolaj's traits. She was hoping that she would grow up having some positive traits like family-oriented, friendly or good. Her traits of Ambitious, Evil and Mean- Spirited totally did not fit into the category of the mother-to-be of the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Mum, thanks for the big birthday bash! I love it!" Mikolaj thanked Cadence for her party, not knowing what lies ahead of her.
Little Stone was totally engrossed in his videogame.
"Sis, where do babies come from?" Destiny asked curiously. It was as if Destiny had a premonition that Mikolaj was going to carry out the 100 Baby Challenge. "They come from the rubbish dumps! Stop disturbing me! Can't you see I'm in the middle of a game?" Mikolaj snapped at her little sister impatiently. "Rubbish dumps? You mean Mum picked us up from the dumps?" Destiny repeated, yielding no answer from Mikolaj.
While Mikolaj was still reeling from the joy and happiness of the birthday party, Cadence drew a deep breath and decided to announce the verdict to Mikolaj.
"My dear girl, you are Baby 96 of the 100 Baby Challenge and Mum has since completed the challenge with the arrival of Ciento." Cadence mentioned slowly. "Uhuh....I know that..." Mikolaj nodded.
"Though there were ups and downs during the challenge, it was an incredible journey and I am really blessed and fortunate to have all 100 of you. I experienced tremendous love, joy, happiness, family bliss, hope and faith when I gave birth to each one of you." Cadence sincerely related her journey to Mikolaj who listened intently.
"Mum...are you okay? Why are you telling me this all of a sudden?" The alert and intelligent Mikolaj sensed something amiss. She noticed that Cadence was especially emotional in expressing her feelings.
"I would really love to continue this Baby Challenge and I even had thoughts doing the 150 or even 200 Baby Challenge!" Cadence mused. "Wow! Mum, are you out of the mind? Giving birth is so torturous!" Mikolaj quipped.
After hearing this comment, Cadence tried to share her birth stories with Mikolaj to ease her fears about giving birth. "Giving birth may be tough and painful, but when you cradle your baby for the first time, the pain is all worth it. It is like you are surrounded by a magical rim of light, sparkling in the darkest of night. I cherish all 100 births and they are the sweetest and most memorable moments of my life." Cadence said with a smile.
"After rounds of surveys and polls, everyone decided that I should take a break and pass on this 100 Baby Challenge to one of my daughters." Cadence approached the topic carefully. "Yeah! I agree. You need to give your body a rest, Mum! Your body must have been so exhausted!" Mikolaj said. "Nah! Being pregnant, giving birth and completing the 100 Baby Challenge were the most wonderful things that had happened to me in my life." Cadence proclaimed.
"SO, who is the "lucky" one chosen to have such "MAGICAL" moments? I wish her good luck then!" The cheeky Mikolaj said in a sarcastic tone. Then Cadence proceeded to show the survey polls and the results of the Sierra Heiress. "The winner of the Sierra heiress is....." Mikolaj read out loud and was speechless when the words Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra flashed across the screen. She stood there rooted to the spot in shock for a good ten seconds.
"ME? MIKOLAJ SIERRA? Mum? Are you kidding me? Pinch my cheeks! Tell me I'm dreaming! This can't be real! It can't be Mikolaj Sierra!" Mikolaj clenched her fists and almost hyperventilated when she saw herself as the Sierra heiress who would take on the 100 Baby Challenge.
"WHY?! Why did you chose me? WHY?" Mikolaj threw a major tantrum. "I did not choose you, the readers did. They thought that you were the most suitable Sierra daughter to take on the 100 Baby Challenge." Cadence tried to calm Mikolaj down but to no avail.
"Well, you should be happy that you were the chosen one out of your 20 sisters. Do you know that alot of them wanted to take on this challenge? They were so disappointed when they lost to you." Cadence tried to reach out to Mikolaj for a comforting hug. "Get your filthy hands off me! Get away! I don't want to see you!" Mikolaj blew her top at Cadence.
"GRR!! This can't be true! This can't be true!!" Mikolaj was so angry and mad that all she could do was to stand there and grit her teeth.
Cadence was so hurt when Mikolaj pushed her away.
"Why did you include me in the survey poll? I hate you! I don't want to see you anymore! I HATE YOU! Why did you do the 100 Baby Challenge and pass on this baton to me! SO when you told me so much crap about your 100 Baby Challenge just now, you had a motive? You wanted me to accept the 100 Baby Challenge. So you knew it all along? I HATE YOU!" Mikolaj screamed rudely at the poor Cadence. Those spiteful words pierced through Cadence's heart and she felt her heart break into a million pieces.
"Its not so bad afterall, Miko! Think about it! You get to have a huge family with lots of kids, grandkids and great grandkids. You don't want to be lonely right?" Cadence tried to talk some sense into Mikolaj.
"Stop uttering your nonsense and crap about your 100 Baby Challenge! I don't want to do the 100 Baby Challenge and my decision is final! OKAY? Stop bugging me!" Mikolaj retorted.
"Is that how you speak to your mother? Is that how you speak to someone who had brought you into this world and painstakingly brought you up?" Cadence glared at Mikolaj with huge eyes. Mikolaj knew that she had gone overboard with her language and stormed out angrily.
After the heated debate with Mikolaj, Cadence weeped softly outside the home so that the kids would not see her shed tears.
The words that Mikolaj used keep repeating in Cadence's mind. "Get your filthy hands off me! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" Cadence cried and broke down.
"Will I ever get to see Mikolaj doing the 100 Baby Challenge? Or will this challenge die off after Ciento becomes a young adult?" Cadence sobbed.
"Ciento? Will the 100 Baby Challenge stop at your birth?" Cadence asked Ciento who had no idea what was happening at the Sierras.
In the meantime, Mikolaj staged a cold war with Cadence. She refused to speak to her or even look at her in the eye. She chose to relieve her stress by gorging on her favorite brownie.
She seeked solace in her favorite activity and only companion: The Guitar.
She was a great guitar player and hoped to become a superstar or rockstar when she grows up. "Hmm..guitar playing is good for earning her keeps when Mikolaj does her 100 Baby Challenge." Cadence muttered under her breath. She still had a glimmer of hope that Mikolaj might change her mind and try the 100 Baby Challenge.
Ever since Cadence told Mikolaj that she was going to take on the 100 Baby Challenge, she was often vexed and bitter about it. Due to this, she could not concentrate on her work and her results slipped tremendously. She often received academic warnings.
"100 Baby Challenge?! HUR! I'm a product of the 100 Baby Challenge? What's the big deal?" Mikolaj rolled her eyes.
She played on the computer games to escape into the virtual realm so that she does not have to worry about her life in reality. When she switched off her game, she accidentally chanced upon the horror screen! The screen where she was featured as the heiress of the 100 Baby Challenge.
The prospect of the 100 Baby Challenge still haunts her and she was going hysterical just by thinking of it. "100 Babies? Oh My God! Save me!" Mikolaj talked to herself.
The angel in her told her to take on the 100 Baby Challenge and not disappoint Cadence. However, the devil in her told her to just ignore the challenge and lead her own life, the life that she wanted and yearned for.
"Stop confusing me! Get away! Angel!" Mikolaj tried to chase those good thoughts away. She really could not accept the reality that she was chosen to be the one to carry on the 100 Baby Challenge.
"Why? Why should my life be predetermined by a stupid poll? Why must I lead such a pathetic life controlled by people?" Mikolaj sighed loudly.
"ARGH!! I'm so confused! I can't take this pressure!" Mikolaj almost tore her hair out over this.
Then the angel in her said, "You should take on the 100 Baby Challenge. You were so rude to your Mum! Do you know that she was so upset over it? Apologise to her right now!"
"But she was being unfair to me! She "forced" me with this crazy 100 Baby Challenge, giving me totally no choice! How are you going to expect me to accept this and just carry out the 100 Baby Challenge obediently? I can't imagine myself as an old hag screaming at the kids and having a saggy tummy after 100 babies!" Mikolaj bellowed.
"ARGH! Stop disturbing me! I'm going mad!! I'm going crazy!" Mikolaj seemed to have succumbbed under the pressure.  
The angel voice in her persisted to convince her to take up the challenge. "Close your eyes, Mikolaj. Put your hands at your tummy slowly. Then feel it,  imagine you have a little life kicking in your tummy. This little life will soon be calling you Mummy..isn't it magical?"
"OHH!!! Spare me! Spare me from this! Go away, angel! Stop bugging me! I'm really exhausted! PLEASEEEEEEeeee...." Mikolaj tried to put a stop on this.
"PLEASEEEee..." Mikolaj begged.
The next few days, Mikolaj threw many hissy fits over the 100 Baby Challenge saga. She still refused to speak to Cadence.
"Get away from me!" She snarled angrily at an innocent butterfly who happened to flutter by. Mikolaj really had a evil and mean-spirited streak in her.
At times, she was emotional. "I can't believe I "need" to complete the 100 Baby Challenge. My life is over when I do the 100 Baby Challenge. I can't fulfill my dreams, hopes and aspirations..." Mikolaj's voice trailed off.
"WAHAH!! Thinking of the bright side, I can steal lots of lollipops from babies and toddlers! MUAHAHA!! I can pinch them when they cry!" The evil Mikolaj entertained evil and scary thoughts.
"If they don't stop crying, I will not let them eat! MUAHAHAH!! Isn't that funny?" Mikolaj was acting like a evil stepmother. She was a lady with many expressions and emotions.
"Let's see how many kids will suffer under me!" Mikolaj cackled like a witch.
After almost three months of cold war, Cadence decided to end it by taking the initiative to talk to Mikolaj about her future. "I hope to be a superstar leading the glamourous and rich lifestyle! Or I can be a doctor saving lives! A world renowned surgeon!" Mikolaj told Cadence about her extreme choices in life. "You could be a world renowned doctor who could predict the gender of the baby! Just like Dr Blueflame! That is such a noble job!" Cadence said excitedly. "Mum! Can you stop linking everything to all things babies, toddlers and kids?" Mikolaj snapped at Cadence once again.
The afternoon, Mikolaj found Cadence weeping by the beach. Cadence was really upset that Mikolaj had such strong rejections for the 100 Baby Challenge. Mikolaj's heart melted when she saw her dearest Mum crying because of her.
"Mikolaj?" Cadence turned around and saw her daughter. "Mum? Can I ask you a question? Please answer me truthfully." Mikolaj asked.
"Do you really want me to do the 100 Baby Challenge? What if I don't?" Mikolaj asked curiously.
"Mikolaj...Mum would really love it if you could take on the challenge. But my simple wish for all 100 of you is to be happy. Just to be happy. If you are upset or not comfortable with taking on the challenge, you can reject it. Most importantly, your happiness comes first, my dear girl." Cadence held onto Mikolaj and spoke with much motherly care.
These words touched Mikolaj deeply and she realised what a great mother she had. All Cadence cared about was her kids' happiness and yet she was so selfish and self-centred, only thinking about herself. "Mum!! I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have shouted at you!" Mikolaj cried on Cadence's shoulders.
"It's okay! You are still my dear little girl, no matter what happens." Cadence smiled and gave Mikolaj an encouraging pat on the shoulder.
Then, the mother and daughter had a heart to heart conversation with the lovely backdrop of the sunset.
After an hour of chatting, the mother and daughter clashed views again. "Why do you keep mentioned about your 100 Baby Challenge again? Are you hinting to me something? Are you driving me to my grave?" The bad-tempered Mikolaj started bickering with Cadence.
"No! I'm just sharing my life experiences with you! I don't mean anything! Calm down! You really need to keep a check on your temper." Cadence warned Mikolaj.
"Then why are you telling me about your 100 Baby Challenge again? Its none of my business!" Mikolaj yelped.
"My entire life revolved around the 100 Baby Challenge. My whole life was devoted to all of you! What do you expect me to say?" Cadence bellowed as she could no longer tolerate Mikolaj's unreasonable temper.
"What's wrong with wanting to set up a huge family? What's wrong with taking up the 100 Baby Challenge? Is it criminal to have 100 babies?" Cadence totally blew her top. Mikolaj was speechless and taken aback at Cadence's sudden outburst.
"Do you know so many people would die for your position? Do you know your sister Hana-Hoseki wanted to do the 100 Baby Challenge so badly? She was gracious and wished you well in the challenge when she knew that she did not win. You did not even appreciate it! What's wrong with giving birth, changing diapers, feeding the kids? You are contributing to the society by raising well-educated, happy and adjusted kids. All your elder sisters and brothers are all pillars of support for Sunset Valley. And you want to lead the glamourous and famous lifestyle? You can be famous just by doing the 100 Baby Challenge! Just look at your Mum! When I walk on the streets, does anyone not know that I'm Cadence Sierra? The first mother to complete the 100 Baby Challenge? You could even be more famous than Lady Gaga by doing the 100 Baby Challenge!" Cadence blasted out!
Seeing that Cadence was fuming mad at her, Mikolaj begged for Cadence's forgiveness. "I'm sorry, Mum! I'll try to see if I can do the 100 Baby Challenge. I'll try, no promises..." "That's better! That's the spirit of my girl!" Cadence finally managed a weak smile.
As the days progressed, Mikolaj slowly accepted the reality of doing the 100 Baby Challenge with Cadence showering much tender loving care and concern for her.
"You are doing great!" Cadence encouraged her when she finished doing the laundry, a skill that she had to learn when she does the 100 Baby Challenge.
"That's right! You are holding Ciento the right way. Doing good, girl!" Cadence egged Mikolaj on.
Just as Mikolaj was progressing by leaps and bounds, the evil trait in her acted up again. She tried to steal a lollipop from the innocent Baby 100 Ciento.
"Yummy!" Mikolaj licked her lollipop as she held it in triumph. She seemed to be so proud that she managed to steal the lollipop from Ciento.
Poor Ciento cried loudly but Mikolaj ignored him and left him to his own devices.
The vain Mikolaj went for a mini makeover and had a new hairstyle with slight waves and bangs.
"New hairstyle?" Cadence quipped. "Yeah! I thought I looked too motherly with my hair bunned up! I thought I should let my hair down before I start on the 100 Baby Challenge." Mikolaj told Cadence.
Cadence was obviously thrilled when she heard these words. This meant that the reality of doing the 100 Baby Challenge had finally sinked in for Mikolaj. She had finally accepted the truth of being the heiress of the 100 Baby Challenge.
"I'll lose all my freedom when I do the 100 Baby Challenge.."Such thoughts do appear on Mikolaj's mind once in a blue moon.
"Don't worry, everything will be fine! You will grow into a fine young man!" Cadence assured little Stone who was apprehensive and worried about turning into a teen.
The triplets' big day!
"Oh my god! A pimple on my face!" Destiny was conscious about her image. She had a pimple popping out almost immediately she became a teen.
Baby 98 Flint Sierra donned long pink-blond hair as a teenage boy. He was often mistaken as a teenage girl due to his long tresses.
Download him at
Baby 97 Destiny Sierra had the cutest pigtails hairstyle which made her looked really youthful. She had the thinnest eyebrows that were so unique and arched like a rainbow.
Download her at
Baby 99 Stone Sierra, the extreme left grew up into a couch potato teen who would spend hours at the telly. Download him at
Little Ciento honing his motor skills with his toy.
Baby 100 Ciento Sierra as a little boy. After Ciento turned into a little boy, there was officially no more babies and toddlers at the Sierras. Cadence can't wait for Mikolaj to officially start the challenge. She was having serious babies withdrawal symptoms.
Being the youngest at the Sierras, Cadence made sure that Ciento was properly educated so that he would not turn out to be a spoilt brat who was pampered by all his elder siblings. Ciento turned out to be an obedient and sensible boy who helped out with the household chores at home.
He was also an absolute darling. He would give Cadence a warm hug every morning before he went to school.
Mikolaj worked on her guitar skills. While Mikolaj still harbour hopes on being a superstar Mom, Cadence hoped that her great guitar skills would help her bring home the bacon when she starts on the 100 Baby Challenge officially.
Cadence also trained Mikolaj on her fitness skills. It was crucial and important for Mikolaj to have high fitness levels as she needed her energy and vitality to keep up with the kids and the neverending household chores. "Come on! Get up! You can do it!" Cadence encouraged her daughter each time she stumbled at the fitness machine.
"Go! Go! Go!" Cadence cheered her on.
"Yeah! A little bit more!" Cadence spurred Mikolaj on the quest to become the fittest Mum.
"You gotta learn to do the laundry! I can't be picking up your dirty clothes for your kids!" Cadence told the lazy Mikolaj. "Argh! I hate doing laundry. My hands will always be dirty after picking up those smelly and icky clothes!" Mikolaj complained.
"Sis! Congrats! I heard that you were the lucky chosen one to do Mum's 100 Baby Challenge!" Destiny congratulated Mikolaj.
"Well, I can't say it's lucky or unlucky. Just look at my bruises on my legs, do you think I'm lucky to be the chosen one? I had to train so hard to prep for the weird and strange 100 Baby Challenge. I don't know if I can be considered "lucky"..." Mikolaj asserted.
"Its okay! I'm sure everything will be fine! Mum will be there for you when you have any problems with the 100 Baby Challenge!" Destiny comforted Mikolaj who buried her head into her younger sister's arms.
"Argh! I need to go to the washroom! See! I don't even have time to visit the washroom! I wonder how my life is going to be when I start on the challenge proper.." Mikolaj rushed to the washroom.
"My house will be filled with kids...running around...screaming...and tearing the house down..." Mikolaj tried to visualise and prep herself for the 100 Baby Challenge.
Cadence took comfort in the fact that Mikolaj enjoyed cooking.
Being a great cook was a bonus for Mikolaj as this would meant that her future kids would get to enjoy delicious meals. They wouldn't need to starve or make do with poorly prepared meals.
" I seeing things?" Ciento rubbed his eyes as he was experiencing blur vision for a while.
He conveyed his problem to Cadence who immediately told him, "Time for a pair of spectacles for you!"
Ciento had a cute geeky black spectacles which made him looked like his Dad. There was no surprise that Ciento had to wear spectacles as his father, Liam the Nerd had very high myopia. The myopia definitely run in the genes!
"AH!! Much better! But these spectacles feel alittle heavy on my nose!" Ciento was getting used to wearing spectacles.
The moment that Cadence had been waiting for ever since she completed her 100 Baby Challenge: Mikolaj was going to become a young adult!
Mikolaj had specially made a lovely silky dress for her BIG day. It was the turning point of her life.
Cadence was so glad that Mikolaj had finally come to terms that she was going to take on the mammoth task of the 100 Baby Challenge. She was so relieved that she had convinced her. Though Mikolaj was fretful and worried about her challenge, she had assured Cadence that she would try her best for the 100 Baby Challenge.
"I still want to be rich and famous, while doing the 100 Baby Challenge!" Mikolaj still yearns for the glamourous lifestyle. "Please give Mikolaj a good trait!" Cadence prayed hard for Mikolaj to get the family-oriented trait so that she can concentrate fully on the 100 Baby Challenge.
"I shall be a domestic diva! Leading the glamourous lifestyle!" Mikolaj cheered as she blew the candles.
"Go! Sister! All the way!!" Destiny cheered for her sister. She wished her all the best for her 100 Baby Challenge.
Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra, the Sierra heiress was an attractive and gorgeous lady with well-defined features. She had a rebellious streak in her as seen in her earrings. She had safety pins as her earrings. And much to Cadence's dismay, she had traits like Mooch, Ambitious, Unknown, Mean Spirited and Evil. All negative traits for the 100 Baby Challenge.
Download her at 
Mikolaj was a vain lady who loved to dabble with the latest fashion trends. She wore a glittery tubetop and the tiniest and shortest microshorts.
"Aren't you wearing too little? How are you going to set a good example for your kids?" Cadence asked.
"And what's these?" Cadence pointed to Mikolaj's safety pins earrings. "These are so fashionable! You are so outdated, Mum! You can't expect me to dress like a Mum right?" Mikolaj talked back again.
"And I don't want people to know that I'm doing the 100 Baby Challenge! I want to change the name of the challenge to something hip and cool! The name 100 Baby Challenge is just so boring! Please don't interfere in my dressing! I am an adult! You have no right to interfere!" Mikolaj spoke in a stern tone.
"Fine! So you have grown up and have your own thinking! I am redundant!" Cadence was hurt.
"Just do anything you want! But keep the spirit and the essence of the 100 Baby Challenge even if you want to change the name. For goodness sake, please wear something over your top!" Cadence coaxed Mikolaj.
Following which, Stone Sierra had became a young adult and was all ready to spread his wings out of the Sierras.
Flint Sierra as a young adult.
Destiny Sierra was most unwilling to leave the Sierra house where she had the most fond memories.
"WHHEEE!!! I am becoming a big boy now!" Ciento cheered as he can't wait to step into teenhood.
Baby 100 Ciento Sierra as a teenage boy. He had bright red spectacles to complement his whole geeky look. He bore slight resemblance to his father, Liam the Nerd.
Download him at
"Mum, I'm so proud and honoured to be Baby 100! I love my name, Ciento! Its so meaningful!" Ciento thanked Cadence.
As Ciento turned into a teen, Cadence was reminded of the fact that he would leave the house soon once he becomes a young adult. Cadence can't help feeling very sad over it.
Ciento was the livewire of the house. He knew that Cadence was sad that he was the last baby, he made a silly face to cheer Cadence up.
"Why is the laundry never ending?" Mikolaj frowned as she does her most hated activity: the laundry.
"Why did you leave the dirty laundry on the floor? Please finish the laundry, Mikolaj. You can't leave half of the dirty laundry on the floor like this!" Cadence chided Mikolaj who did not finish doing the rest of the laundry.
"MUM! I'm really tired! Please do it for me!" Mikolaj quickly disappeared upstairs to sleep, leaving poor Cadence with a huge bag of laundry to wash.
Cadence scanned through the empty nursery and sighed,"When will I ever hear babies babbling and gurgles? Mikolaj seems to be taking her own sweet time to prep for the 100 Baby Challenge."
"The house suddenly feels so empty..." Cadence wondered and muttered to herself. It was definitely a long journey for both Cadence and Mikolaj as they journey through the next lap of the 100 Baby Challenge.

Stay tuned for Mikolaj's official start for the 100 Baby Challenge!
Mikolaj is looking for fresh and refreshing ideas for the name of her 100 Baby Challenge.
If you have ideas, kindly email to
The chosen idea will be duly credited in this blog. Thanks!


  1. Unknown? that's not a trait. I am going to download Mikolaj and check this out.

  2. Hehe! U will find out once u download her:)

  3. YAY! Can't wait. It was sad seeing Olivia. She was my choice for the heir. Ah well.

  4. @Eve: Thanks:)

    @Horsey: Olivia is pretty too, well...Let's see the adventures of Mikolaj:)

  5. That Unknown? Yeah right, it's probably that Miko has four traits only - I've had this messed-up glitch where my kids grew up and the trait I chose from them didn't get applied so I had to have them use a mirror and then testingcheats to reapply the trait. It's ANNOYING. EAxis can't fix that glitch as they're busy counting their $$$ from pawning off Late Night. :p

    Or is this a secret that Harmony is teasing us with and springs on us when she starts again?

    Oh gawd, I hope it's not Dislikes Children! That would break poor Candence's HEART! Why didn't you list the traits for all the kids you had put on that poll, Harmony? I voted for Destiny, mind you. :(

  6. This is totally irrelevant, but you should put your version of the house you live in on the Exchange. it's so much better than the sparkle's one.(no offense sparkle- your's is still awesome)

  7. @RaltsMaster: Well, not listing the traits had a fun element to it. Its quite funny to see how the expressive Mikolaj reacts to the 100 baby challenge. I can't wait to see how she treats her kids.

    @Anon: I tried putting it up, but it is not successful...thanks for your compliment:)

  8. I have to admit I am behind on my Sims Legacies/Challenges and haven't taken the time to read back through all of your 100 Baby Challenge though I have popped in and out and loved it every time! I cannot wait to follow your heiress on her 100 Baby Challenge!

    Oh and I was making a new Sim and when you choose the Trait Shy it shows up as unknown. Surely a glitch they will fix soon enough ;)

  9. @simplyfate: Thanks for popping by and glad u enjoyed the 100 baby challenge. Yeah, I'm not sure why some traits become unknown, that's strange.

  10. I think Mikolaj should name one of her kids Juniper, Grace, or Ashley. No offense, but all those other names you pick are really weird.

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  13. I never post but I guess I am now! And I also have name suggestions. I was thinking Kiotla and Cloudnessa. They might be weird and awkward but I like them

  14. The unknown trait is the Rebellious trait, am I right? And I was wondering if you'd name Mikolaj's girl, or if she doesn't, then another baby Brittany? Thanks.(: I LOVE your story and have been reading it sense the 1st Chapter the first time you posted it!


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