Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And the WINNER is....

The results are in! Thank you everyone for your votes. It has been an interesting survey poll. The poll started with Darcie, Keyra, Laura and Leah leading in the race. Then all of a sudden, the dark horse Mikolaj caught up in the race and managed to beat all her Sierra sisters with a whopping 17.9% out of the 351 votes received.
Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra would take on the mammoth task of the 100 Baby Challenge! It was amazing that she won hearts when her teenage and young adult stage was not even unveiled! I guess everyone was certain that a cute little girl like Mikolaj would turn out to be a young and fine lady! Can her little shoulders carry the huge burden of continuing the 100 baby challenge? How would she react if she knew she had to do the challenge for a huge part of her life. What does the future holds for her.

Congratulations to the 63 readers who have voted for Mikolaj Sierra!!

Hang on tight for exciting developments here! Major changes and revamps will be unveiled soon!


  1. I'm glad the pink-blonde hair carries on! Who did you want to win???

  2. Woo Hoo!!!! She's not who I voted for but she's so cute can't wait!!!!!

  3. @Tinka: Yeah! I'm glad that the pink-blonde hair carries on too!! I'm torn between Darcie, Calypso and Keyra. But nonetheless, Mikolaj has the surprise element since she had not aged to a teen!

    @Sims Fan: Yeah!! She is cute! I can't wait too!! SHRIEK**********

  4. Wouldn't it have been difficult if Darcie was chosen bacause she's an unselectable ghost???

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  6. Oh maaaaaaaan this destroyed my post at once, when I allowed javascript from my security bar. Daaaaaarn. :D

    Well anyway, I was reading with a great joy your challenge blog, and I must say I'm impressed how much effort and time you have put to this! Respect, seriously. I just started up my 100 baby challenge and I'm really embrassed now how little I really added to it if compare to this. It was just oh-this-could-be-fun-idea after too many bored hours with my normal family with Sims 3 :D

    And I will definately continue reading this and will wait anxiously what will happen next. :) Keep it going girl!

    I'll add this link to my own blog as soon I figure out how it work, coz so far none og my links has shown in blog. Don't know why, my personal artblog with same account works just fine.. well, that's not your problem, I'm just in talkative mood haha.

  7. @Mirva: Thanks for your kind comments!! I saw your blog! Its a good start! Thanks for adding my link to your site! Hope u will support Mikolaj's 100 baby challenge too!


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