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The unexpected Triplets! Baby 97, 98 and 99!!

Thanks tylinn for Anna's Living Chair! Its lovely and in a sweet pastel pink.
Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra grew up into a toddler! She looked exactly like Cadence when she was younger. But if you were to take a closer look at Mikolaj, she had her father's purple eyes!
Mikolaj was a television addict, her eyes could be affixed to the television for up to six hours in a day.
"My dear daughter! Miko! Daddy loves you! Look at Daddy! Don't look at the telly! It will spoil your eyes!" Darrel Powers snuggled Mikolaj whom he affectionately address her as Miko for short. Darrel adored Mikolaj to bits and would often drop by to visit her.
Definitely one Daddy's girl! Eyes still glued to the television, she was so excited and engrossed that she chomped on her fingers.
"Hmm, I wonder how will I look like when I grow up? Puberty sounds so scary!" Keyra was worried that she would undergo much changes during her teenagehood.
"Go! Keyra! You will definitely grow up well!!" Cadence cheered her girl, Keyra on.
Baby 91 Keyra Sierra's fear were definitely uncalled for. She grew up into a ravishing beauty with beautiful green eyes, pink kissable lips and luminous green skin. She was one of the rare breeds of the ogre descendents which grew up to look this good!
"WHEE!! Yay!!" On the other hand, twin sister Leah can't wait to grow up!
Baby 92 Leah Sierra looked like an Asian beauty with her jet black hair, defined black brows and dark brown eyes. Though the ogre blood was flowing in her, it does not show in Leah's physical features.
Presenting the Ogre Twin Sisters: Keyra and Leah! They were poles apart in terms of looks, personalities and character. Nonetheless, they share a close-knitted bond and always looked out for one other.
"Milo! Milo!" Cadence called out for toddler Milo but there was no reaction from him. His father's vampire genes were very dominant in him, toddler Milo loved to space out and look in the distance. He has some requests to be uploaded to the exchange.
Baby 95 Milo Sierra as a child. He was a exact replica of his father, bearing no resemblance to Cadence. He often had a melancholic and pensive look on his face. It was as if he had millions of thoughts in his mind.
Milo loved his Aladdin outfit to bits. He wore it almost everyday!
"What's this? Daddy's girl! Do you know how to read the words on your shirt? Miko!" The bubbly Keyra played with her younger sibling, Mikolaj. Keyra loved kids, especially toddlers and babies.
"Mum, let me ask you something. What colour is a burp?" The enthusiastic Keyra asked Cadence a riddle. "Hmm....Burp? Burp has no colour! Let me think...Colourless? White?" Cadence pondered over Keyra's riddle.
"The colour of a burp is.....BURPLE!" Keyra chortled loudly and gave Cadence a funny face. "Hahah! That's funny!" Cadence laughed.
Keyra was the livewire at the Sierra. She brought much laughter and cheer to the house with her hilarious and amusing antics.
"What's a vampire's favorite holiday?" Cadence gave Keyra a riddle. "Blood sucking day? Hmmm...Mum! You are getting good at this riddle thing!" Keyra said. "Give up? The answer is Fangs-giving!" Cadence answered. Keyra's laughter and perky personality was indeed infectious.
Leah working hard at staying slim and losing weight. She would chomp on salads for meals instead of main courses like fish and chips.
"Mum, why do I have a lemon cream pie smell on me? I'm so sick of that smell. Sometimes the smell makes me puke!" Laura voiced her concerns to Cadence. "Laura, you are born with the smell. How can the smell make you puke? When you were born, you were so popular with the doctors and nurses who loved to cradle you because of the smell! This aroma is a gift from your Dad." Cadence said with pride.
"But, I hate it! I want to remove it! Why am I so different from the rest. Even Misty does not have the smell while I emit such a strong lemon cream pie smell. Not fair!!" Laura complained. "Laura, you are special and unique because of this lovely scent. It is something you have to live with, you should learn to accept it. It is the smell of freshly baked lemon cream pies, its a lovely aroma. Take heart that it is not an awful smell. Its a blessing to have it, Laura." Cadence slowly explained to Laura, hoping that she would understand and accept what she was born with.
"Trust me, Laura. Its an alluring and exquisite smell! You are so delicious that I feel like eating you!" Cadence assured Laura and gave her a hug.
"Homework! Homework and more homework! When will I ever finish them?" Misty looked at his undone homework. He was totally not in the mood to finish up his work.
Time for birthday celebrations in the house! "I wish...I wish..." Laura made a wish before blowing her candles. Before she blew the candles, an unfortunate incident happened at the Sierras.
"What's that?!? OH NO!!" She felt something hot coming from her feet. Laura screamed on top of her voice when she saw the table on fire. "MUM!!" The first thing that Laura did was to shout for Cadence while her twin brother, Misty stood rooted to the spot in shock.
"What happened? What happened?" Cadence rushed to the scene. She was shocked to see the fire spreading wildly at the birthday table section. She has not encountered a fire ever since they shifted from the old house. Misty has never ever seen a fire in his life and was not aware that the fire could burn and kill him. He seemed to be oblivious to the surroundings as he carried on with his birthday celebrations and blew the candles.
Once he blew the candles, the fire grew bigger and bigger. Misty seemed to be engulfed by the flames and it looked like his life was in danger. "MISTY! MISTY! GET away from the fire! Run away from the fire!" Cadence shrieked loudly. Just then, the quick witted and brave Leah composed herself and whipped out the fire extinguisher to save her siblings. "MISTY! RUN!!" Cadence felt so helplessly and vulnerable as she saw Misty in the middle of the fire, refusing to budge.
"Oh no!! Laura! Your dress is on fire!" Leah cried out as she tried to put out the fire.
Misty thought that the fire was cool and added much excitement and spice to his birthday celebrations. "Wooo!!!" Misty cheered as he was going to turn into a teenager in such an eventful manner.
Cadence was so nervous and frightened that she choked on the smoke of the fire. "LAURA! Quickly run to the bathroom and put out the fire on your dress!" Cadence shouted the instructions to Laura.
"AHHH!!! I'm on fire! I'm burning hot! My butt is on fire!" The hysterical Laura screamed all the way to the bathroom.
Her skin was singed and burned by fire. Luckily for her, she managed to rush in time to the bathroom to put out the fire.
Misty literally grew up in midst of fire. "Misty! You nearly scare me to death!" Cadence heaved a sigh of relief when both Laura and Misty escaped unscathed from the fire. "Its okay, Mum! What doesn't kill me makes me stronger! No worries! I'm fine! We grew up in the fire! Both Laura and I are too hot! That's why the fire broke out." The optimistic Misty comforted and even joked with the panic-stricken Cadence. "You still have the mood to joke with me, I was so worried when I saw you engulfed in flames!" Cadence managed a weak smile.
And just like what Misty described, Baby 94 Laura Sierra indeed grew up to look very "hot". She was a good-looking young lass with bewitching yellow eyes, delicious pouty pink lips and flowy silky pink-blond hair. On top of that, her lovely aroma of freshly baked lemon cream pies remained much to her dismay. She thought that she could get rid of them after her teenagehood and especially after the huge fire.
She had an interesting but complicated hairstyle which took her hours to braid everyday.
Baby 93 Misty Sierra grew up into a young and handsome chap too. He had prominent double eyelids and an aquine nose. This was complemented with his tousled brown hair. These features made him looked as if he was one of the manga characters, just stepped out of the comic books.
"Mum, you are right. My friends told me that they envied me because of my natural scent of the lemon cream pies. I should be thankful of that. I guess I was too childish back then." Laura told Cadence shyly.
"See...Your smell is so lovely and unique. Adore it and treasure it." Cadence told Laura. "Mum, I would. Thanks for giving me such a unique scent." Laura thanked Cadence. "Remember to thank your Dad too, he is the one who gave you this gene!" Cadence chirped.
"1234, 2234, 3234...." The ogre twin sisters worked hard at keeping fit and attaining their desired weight. Both Keyra and Leah were devoting their entire saturday morning for their exercise regimen.
"Now onto the next exercise!" Leah announced to Keyra who was engrossed in doing star jumps.
"We must, we must, we must increase our bust!" Keyra and Leah chanted as they carried out their exercises. It was a chant from their favorite book, "Are you there, God. Its me, Margaret" by Judy Blume.
"We must! We must....we must increase out bust!" Keyra and Leah's voices trailed off as they worked on the exercises.
"Sisters, what are you both doing?" Laura curiously asked as she heard them chanting in the attic. "None of your business! We are doing exercises, can't you see?" Keyra said impatiently to Laura. Ever since the "copying hairstyle" incident when they were kids, Keyra was never fond of her younger sister, Laura.
"Ah! That's cool! Can I join too?" Laura wanted to join in the fun.
Laura promptly changing into her exercise gear and started to do warmup exercises without any prior permission from her sisters.
Then she started following Leah's exercise routine which made Keyra furious. "Copying us again? Copycat! Can't you have a mind of your own? Stop copying us, we are the ogre twin sisters, you belong to the lemon cream pie twins!" Keyra scoffed at Laura.
"Sis! Ignore her, let her do the exercise alone. We are done for the day. Let's stop doing it." Keyra showed much displeasure and asked Leah to ignore Laura. "Why? We are the Sierra sisters! We are sisters, why can't we do things together like all sisters do!" Laura lamented. "I just don't like it! I don't like you to follow us and sticking to us like a leech!" Keyra retorted.
The ogre twin sisters then proceed to play a game of chess, totally ignoring Laura.
"What's this commotion about?" Cadence asked, with little Mikolaj in her arms. "Well, Mum..Err..nothing.." Laura paused for a moment before answering. Keyra glared at her, hinting to her that she should not complain or say anything to their Mum, Cadence.
Then cheering started at the Sierras! Who were they cheering for?
The ogre twin sisters were going to transit to young adulthood. They were all ready to move out! "Wow! Time really flies!" Keyra gasped as she awaited for young adulthood.
"I want to be a successful and renowned rock star!" Leah wished for the rich and famous lifestyle.
The pretty Baby 91 Keyra Sierra looked alot like Cadence even though her skin colour was green. She had a pretty red flower adorning her long pink-blond hair.
Baby 92 Leah Sierra opted for a dancer look as she transit into a young adult. She had a sharp and chiselled face with delicate features.
"Shall we move to Ogreland? Sis?" Keyra asked Leah jokingly. "You must be kidding! We have to swing from tree to tree if we go to Ogreland. Are you sure you can do it?" Leah laughed.
A parting shot of Keyra and Leah before they left the Sierras.
"Aww...even my Baby 91 and 92 are leaving the by one..they are leaving the house...Soon I will be all alone in this house." Cadence frowned as she entertained the thought of coming back to an empty home.
"Mum, take care! We will be back soon! Miss you!" Laura gave Cadence a warm hug while Keyra turned in the opposite direction so as not to witness this emotional farewell. With that, Cadence had a set of wise words for them, "Girls, always remember that a happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes."
"This is so sad..." Keyra said as tears welled up in her eyes.
"Here, Keyra. Give Mum a hug! Mum will definitely miss you two. I will miss your jokes!" Cadence remarked and hug Keyra as Leah looked on.
"Sister Leah! Take care! I miss you two! I did not mean to copy both of you. But both of you are my role models...forever...Good luck!" Laura wished her ogre twin sisters all the best in their future endeavours.
"Ah! I found it! Cadence Sierra's house!" An unidentified woman with a butterfly tattoo arrived at the Sierras one fine morning. She was so ecstatic that she had finally found the Sierras.
"Anyone at home? Anyone around?" She pressed on the doorbell and waited patiently at the door.
"Hi! Can I help?" Cadence walked out, cradling Mikolaj in her arms. She was in the midst of feeding little Mikolaj. "You must be the legendary Cadence Sierra, mother of the 100 baby challenge. I'm Shaphire Butch (Thanks to haileyglenisner!). I came from Twinbrook town with my twin brother to look for you!" Shaphire said to Cadence. "Wow! Twinbrook? That's quite a distance away! What can I do for you?" Cadence asked curiously. She did not know what did this lady who came from afar want.
"First thing first! Cadence, are you done with your 100 baby challenge?" Shaphire waited for Cadence's answer with bated breath. "Nope, This is my latest baby, Baby 96 Mikolaj!" Cadence pointed to little Mikolaj. "Phew! I was afraid that my twin brother would miss out the 100 baby challenge. We aren't too late!" Shaphire heaved a sigh of relief. "Your brother? Huh?" Cadence was all confused. "Cadence, I have a favour to ask from you. Can my twin brother take part in your 100 baby challenge?" Shaphire asked in a sincere tone. "Wait, wait, wait...You are here with your brother from Twinbrook to look for me to take part in the 100 baby challenge. But where is your brother? I'm pretty stringent and selective when it comes to selecting fathers for my challenge. I won't take in any tom, dick and harry for this challenge." Cadence rejected Shaphire's request.
"My brother? My twin brother's name is Colton Butch. He was way too shy to look for you. I'm here to ask on his behalf. Its the same, we are twins, we are telepathic. I can represent him! " Shaphire explained. "If he is too shy, then I think he should just forget about taking part in the challenge. How can you both be the same? You are a female, he is a male. You can't take part in the 100 baby challenge even if you want to..." Cadence said firmly.
"I would love to have a niece as cute as Mikolaj!" Shaphire looked fondly at Cadence's little daughter.
"I'm sorry, Shaphire. I can't accede to your request. Sorry." Cadence gave Shaphire a affirmed no as an answer.
"Please! Cadence! Pretty please! We really would love to have a kid to carry our family line. We would be approaching elder stage real soon." Shaphire pleaded with Cadence.
"I can't. This is unfair to the rest..." Cadence shook her head as Shaphire continued to plead with Cadence.
"I really really hope that my twin brother, Colton can be part of your prestigious 100 baby challenge...Cadence! Please help us out, both of us do not have partners at all. We might never have a kid on our own. You are our only hope! PLEASE!" Shaphire was on the brink of tears.
"I'm sorry but I really can't do this." Cadence said. With that, Shaphire broke down and cried.
"Please? I really want a niece or nephew. My parents would be so disappointed with us if they knew there were no heirs to carry their family line...We have let them down!" Shaphire said in between sobs.
"Mum! Dad! We are sorry!" Shaphire bawled her eyes out. "Err...Shaphire. You are making things difficult for me..." Cadence looked at the pitiful Shaphire whose eyes were swollen from crying. "Okay, tell you what. Get your twin brother, Colton to look for me.." Cadence was moved by Shaphire's sincerity. "REALLY? You will accept him as the father of Baby 97?" Shaphire's eyes suddenly brightened up. "I need to take a look at him first.." Cadence said.
Shaphire's twin brother Colton Butch was painfully shy. He did not dare to look at Cadence in the eye. He was a bespectacled decent man with an overgrown moustache and beard.
"I heard from your twin sister Shaphire that you are keen in my 100 baby challenge and had travelled from Twinbrook to look for me?" Cadence tried to break the ice with the introverted Colton. "Yeah." Colton answered monosyllabically. "But you don't seem to be excited over this challenge from the looks of it.." Cadence said to the quiet Colton. "I'm sorry. I'm not good with words. I can't express how much I want to take part in the challenge..." Colton said. "Mum, do give this man a try. Look at him, his palms are already drenched in sweat from all the nervousness!" Misty tried to help the frightened Colton.
"Calm down..Colton..Are you shivering with fear?" Cadence tried to calm Colton down by hugging him.
"You are so charismatic, Cadence. Just like what the magazines described you." Colton whispered to Cadence.
"Thank you." Cadence looked at Colton who finally dared to look at Cadence in the eye. "I read about your traumatic childhood and I admire you for your strength and courage to emerge as a stronger person. You are my hero.." Colton said. "Well, life goes matter what.." Cadence jested.
Cadence was attracted by Colton's unassuming and quiet demeanour. He stood out from the rest of the potential fathers due to his introverted nature. Before they knew it, Cadence and Colton were ready to make Baby 97!
How many more times will Cadence hear this sound of the baby lullaby?
"A baby sister or brother will join you real soon! Miko!" Cadence told Mikolaj about the impending arrival of Baby 97.
"Hmm, the pimples are clearing..." Misty looked at himself, satisfied. He had been battling pimple woes for some time and was glad that they are finally clearing.  
"Yawns!" The heavy sleeper Milo stretched himself after a long nap.
"Hmm..what shall I do now?" Milo spaced out and looked into the space again. Spacing out seemed to be his favorite activity.
"Left!! More to left! Milo!" Cadence advised Milo who was playing an exciting video game. Mikolaj was also engrossed in watching her elder brother play the game.
"Hmm, after the 100 baby challenge..I won't be surrounded with these kids anymore. No more laughter, no more screams and shouts, no more giggles at the Sierras." Cadence was in a pensive mood as she visualised how her life would be after the 100 baby challenge.
It was a rough pregnancy for Cadence, she puked and vomitted several times in the day. She had no appetite and lost much weight during this pregnancy.
"Mum! Mum! I made it! I made it to the honor's list! I'm top of the class!" Laura can't wait to share her joy with Cadence.
On the other hand, Misty was grumpy that he did not fare too well in this exam. He was nearly at the bottom of the cohort, unlike his twin sister, Laura who passed with flying colours.
"Well done, Laura! Keep it up! Remember to help Misty with the school work." Cadence congratulated Laura but reminded her to help Misty. "Yeah! I will! Mum!" Laura was over the moon at her stellar results.
"Vegetable broth for today!" Laura served her younger sister, Mikolaj her lunch.
"Nom, nom!" Little adorable Mikolaj helped herself to the food.
"WAHHHH!!!" Mikolaj just could not stop crying. She missed her elder sister, Keyra. Now that Keyra has shifted out of the Sierras, Laura has taken over the duties to help look after her.
"What exactly do you want?" Laura was at wit's ends when Mikolaj just could not stop crying even though she had her feeds and just had a diaper change.
"You ought to do your project now. The deadline is coming soon.." Laura reminded the forgetful Misty.
"Mum is having Baby 97 soon. Being one of the eldest at the Sierras, you have to learn to take care of your siblings and do some housework." Cadence told Laura about her duties as she played on the video games.
"Not to worry, Mum. I will definitely help out!" Laura chirped. "And you, Misty! I thought Laura just reminded you to work on your project. Why are you still here?" Cadence asked Misty.
"Well, let me draw some inspiration from this video game..then I will have more ideas for my project!" Misty gave Cadence a silly excuse. "Er..lame reason and excuse!" Laura rebutted.
"You are having a girl this time round! Congrats Cadence!" Dr Blueflame proudly declared. "Woah! A girl!" Cadence clapped in glee.
"Will I be sitting at the bench like this when I grow old? All alone by myself? Old and frail..." Cadence was worried at her future.
"I'll be so bored, wandering around with no babies and kids to look after..." Cadence sniffled and rubbed her protuding tummy as she pondered about these questions.
"Maybe I should continue my 100 baby challenge for as long as I could? Then I can't call it the 100 baby challenge anymore, it will be more than 100 babies." Cadence seemed to be addicted to giving birth and looking after babies.
"Soon, we will be moving out of the Sierras. Ever thought of what to do after that?" Laura asked Misty. They were discussing about their hopes and dreams and giving serious thoughts to it.
"Wow? Can the baby talk yet?" Laura naively asked Cadence as she listened to Cadence's tummy.
"Of course not! Silly!" Cadence laughed. "I thought I hear the baby say Sister, Sister!" Laura said seriously.
As the days went by, Cadence's tummy grew bigger and bigger. She busied herself with those neverending chores of doing the laundry etc.
Little Mikolaj playing with her favorite dollhouse. She loved it so much that she bit the dolls.
"Where's little Miko?" Cadence asked Laura anxiously. "Isn't she at her crib? I just fed her and left her there..." Laura walked over and said. "No! She is not there! I looked around the entire house and could not find her!" Cadence was a nervous wreck as she thought Mikolaj went missing.
"You should look after her properly and keep an eye on her! I was outside doing the laundry and this has to happen!" Cadence screamed at Laura out of anxiety. Stress was building up at the Sierras now that Mikolaj was nowhere to be seen. "I just fed her a minute ago. And I went to wash her bottles, now she is missing!" Laura tried to describe to Cadence what has happened.
"As her elder sister, you ought to be more responsible..." Cadence said and Laura was furious, "Mum, you know I don't mean it. I tried to take good care of her." Laura was sad that Cadence told her off.
"Miko! Miko! Where are you?" Laura shouted for Mikolaj.
It turned out that little Mikolaj was blissfully playing in the attic, totally oblivious to the commotion that had started because of her.
Cadence resting and relaxing as she awaited for her labour.
"OUCHHhhhhhhh!!!" Cadence screamed as she went into labour. The twins, Misty and Laura freaked out.
"What do I do now???!? Mum!" Laura asked Cadence for instructions as she did not know what to do. "Call for a cab! I need to get to the hospital fast!" Cadence instructed as she yelped in pain.
After twenty hours of labour and excruciating pain, Cadence emerged with the rare appearance of the baby carrier. Was it twins or triplets?
The Sierras warmly welcomed Baby 97 Destiny Sierra! (Thanks to Julianns de Gara!)
It was a set of multi-gendered triplets! Baby 98 Flint Sierra! (Thanks to Caitlyn Hartman!)
Last but not least, Baby 99 Stone Sierra! "Aww...just one more left..." Cadence sighed. She would be so happy whenever she had new arrivals in the family. But for this birth, Cadence had mixed feelings. On one hand, she was delirious with joy at the birth of the triplets, yet was feeling down as she had only one last baby left before completing the 100 baby challenge.


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