Monday, September 6, 2010

The Clown's Grin! Baby 96!!

"Hold on, Misty! Mum will get you some food after I change your little brother's nappy!" Cadence had her hands all full as little Misty obediently waited at the high chair.
Baby 95 Milo Sierra as a boy toddler. He was really adorable with his healthy pink cheeks that made his face have a healthy glow. He had eyes which looked like round glass beads. He was the exact carbon copy of his father.
Little Milo had very strong genetics from his father. He would love to sit on the floor, staring into space blankly, looking at nothing in particular. His expression resembled a vampire. Though he loved to star into space, he was a happy and active baby.
Laura was as usual the bubbly toddler who smelt good all the time! Cadence was amazed that sometimes her poo smelled like lemon cream pies!
"Yay!!" Keyra clapped her hands in glee. It was time to grow up.
Woo! Huge growth spurt as Keyra literally jumped into childhood.
Baby 91 Keyra Sierra as a bright-eyed little ogre child. She had mint green skin coupled with green eyes. Cadence was proud that she contributed the trademark pink-blonde hair for Keyra.
"Time to grow up, dear!" Cadence picked up little Leah who was having a great time playing with the red fire engine.
Baby 92 Leah Sierra grew up into an asian looking girl with her almond-shaped eyes and jet black hair. She did not resembled her father, Mat Smith at all. Both Keyra and her were poles apart in terms of looks, no one could tell that they were in fact twins.
There were many birthdays at the Sierras. Next up, it was the Lemon Cream Pie Twins, Misty and Laura. Baby 93 Misty Sierra had features which made him looked like he had just stepped out of a comic book. He was a handsome young lad with lovely eyes, sharp nose and brown tousled hair.
Misty was an independent young boy who had a mind of his own. Though he was young, he knew what he wanted and had already set his mind on being a renowned scientist.
On the other hand, his twin sister, Baby 94 Laura Sierra was clingy and had no directions. She loved to be a follower. She saw that both her sisters, Keyra and Leah had this hairstyle, she copied them. She even wore the same kind of dress, albeit different colours. However, she was very popular in school as she emitted a lovely lemon cream pie scent wherever she went.
"Copycat!!" Keyra muttered as she walked past Laura. She was annoyed that Laura copied her hairstyle and dressing.
"Huh?! What did you just say?" Laura looked away and pretended that she did not hear anything.
"Still pretending? I say copycat! No idea on your own? No individuality!" Keyra scoffed at her half-sister, Laura.
"Does this hairstyle and dress have your name written on it? Why can't I use it? Anyway I look far better than you with this hairstyle!" Laura rebutted back.
"What?!? What did you just say? Copycat.." Keyra was furious that Laura passed such a comment. "You can't carry off such a look! You little ogregirl! Go back to your ogreland!" Laura emphasised. "But I was the one who chose this hairstyle first! Copycat! You thief! You are a piece of rotten lemon cream pie!" Keyra scolded Laura. "Girls..What are you two arguing about?" Cadence tried to interrupt and stop their bickering.
"Mum, she copied my hairstyle and dressing! I was the one who aged up first. Now she is saying that I cannot carry off this look! She is the copycat!" Keyra complained to Cadence. "Why can't I tie my hair in the same way? And Keyra said I was a piece of rotten lemon cream pie!!" Laura cried out.
"Girls, stop this nonsense!" Cadence warned Keyra and Laura. "She was the one who started this first!" Laura scoffed at Keyra. "I am just half an ogre, I look more like Mum!" Keyra said.
 "You? You look like Mum? I look exactly like Mum, except for my nice smelling yellow skin. You look totally like a ogre who just came out from the jungle!" Laura laughed. "I definitely look more like Mum!!" Keyra screamed at Laura as Cadence looked on helplessly. "Okay! If you dare, let us try on this look-alike meter. This technology is very accurate, you dare?" Laura challenged Keyra on the look-alike meter
"Okay, Mum's picture, my picture and my father, Mat Smith's picture..." Keyra clicked on the pictures and waited with bated breath. "You see! you look more like your Dad by 15%!! I am definitely gonna beat you in this!" Laura was beaming with pride. She was very confident that she would beat Keyra to the results.
"Aha! WOO!!! I won! Told you so! I look like Mum by 51%! A whooping 51%!!" Laura clapped in joy as Keyra was sorely disappointed with the results.
"Mum! I won! I resemble you by 51%!! Keyra is a little ogre girl!" Laura told Cadence happily. "Keyra and Laura, what is your family name?" Cadence asked the both of them. "Sierra." The two girls replied in unison. "That's right, both of you are my dear daughters, my Sierra kids, my babies of the 100 baby challenge. It does not matter who you resemble, what you dress in, what's your hairstyle, skin colour or whether you are smart or talented, Mum love you all the same. I am proud of all of you, every single one." Cadence expressed.
"My greatest wish is for the family to stay united in all circumstances. Have you heard of the saying: Unity is strength? With all 100 of you banded together, I'm sure my babies can conquer the world! So put aside all differences, babies!" Cadence tried to talk some sense into Keyra and Laura. They nodded and smiled at each other. "Sorry Mum! We were being very insensible!" Keyra and Laura apologised. They gave each other a friendly hug and settled their differences.
"Hmm...this is what I want to see! This is better!" Cadence finally smiled.
"Aww..I can't believe its time for our birthdays. Time to leave the house!" Gregoria told her twin sister, Raeleigh. "The feeling is just so weird. I am happy to be a young adult soon. But I can't help feeling so down and sad about leaving this house.." Raeleigh lamented as she cradled little Milo.
A night birthday bash for the little Sun and little Moon!
Baby 88 Gregoria Sierra grew up into a sophiscated chic young lady. She had the perfect oval-shaped face with huge glistening blue eyes that complemented her unique orange skin.
Baby 89 Raeleigh Sierra was a sweet and down to earth lady. She had dark brown hair and brown glinting eyes which made her look very demure.
Beneath that demure facade, she had a crazy streak in her. She would freak out at times and have weird expressions like this.
"I miss my bed, my blanket, the slide, the attic, Mum and the sisters and brothers..." Gregoria looked at the house one last time before they left. "The laptop, the clean kitchen, the beachview, the cool pool, the warmth, the happiness and the joy this house radiates! The list is endless!" Raeleigh continued.
"Mum, what can I do to look more like you?" The naive Keyra asked. Cadence then explained the science of genetics, on how some kids resemble their Mums while some would resemble their Dads.
Laura getting all ready for bed.
The ogre twins, Keyra and Leah. Though they had similar tastes in hairstyles and dressing, they looked poles apart.
"Hey, have you tried on the look-alike meter? You can see if you resembled Mum or Dad more! Its quite cool, sis! You should try it." Keyra told Leah to try on the look-alike meter. "Nah, I'm not interested. Mum already said that no matter who we look like or resembled, she loved us all the same. So does it really matter?" Leah rejected Keyra's idea.
"Laura has been copying our hairstyles and dressing. Everyone in school thought that three of us were triplets!" Leah whispered to Keyra. "Yeah! She insisted on copying us! I also had a hard time telling our friends that only you and me are twins, she belonged to another set of twins." Keyra gossiped.
"No originality! Never mind, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Let her copy us!" Leah and Keyra shared a laugh.
"Hey, Sis Laura! Don't you think we look too much like triplets?" Leah posed Laura this question. "Well, we are the Sierra sisters!!" Laura laughed.
"I think you should do something to differentiate yourself from us. We are the ogre-twins, while you and Misty are the lemon cream pie twins!" Leah told Laura while Cadence and Keyra were deep in conversation.
"Since it has been bugging both Keyra and you so much, I'll change my hairstyle then. I am getting irritated over such conversations. I am no copycat." Laura tried to speak calmly without flaring up.
Laura opted for soft curls for her new hairstyle. She definitely looked more indivdualistic with this hairstyle!
"So are you happy now?" Laura asked Keyra. Cadence was around to ensure that the girls do not argue again. " look good with these lovely curls!" Keyra approved Laura's new look.
Misty fell ill and was running a fever. Cadence stayed up the entire night to make sure his temperature was down at all times. The powers of a Mum's love.  
Little Milo was a happy and bubbly toddler who enjoyed laughing.
The lemon cream pie twins having a game of chess.
Cadence continue to scout for new potential fathers of her 100 baby challenge.
Leah was the officially newspaper recycler of the Sierras! She helped Cadence to pick up the unwanted newspapers.
Then she does her bit for the environment by dropping them into the recycling bin.
A new neighbour shifted in next to the Sierras. He was Darrel Powers (Thanks to Aliskankers!). He worked as a full time clown at the circus. Darrel loved kids and was thrilled when he found out that he was living next to the Sierras, he knew that there would definitely be lots of kids at the Sierras.  
He would hang out at the Sierra's garden on his rest days. His funny antics and clown face was a hit with the Sierra kids, especially Keyra and Leah.
"Show us that card magic trick! Teach us how to do it!" Keyra pestered Darrel. Even little Milo was attracted to Darrel. He would crawl near Darrel whenever he came over to the Sierras.
"Okay! I'll show you but I have one condition! I want to see your Mum, Cadence." Darrel had a strange request. "My Mum? Okay!" Keyra then ran into the house and called for Cadence.
"Hi, I'm your neighbour, Darrel Powers." Darrel gave himself a short introduction. "Oh! Darrel! I have heard about you from the kids! They loved you! Thanks for entertaining them." Cadence thanked Darrel. Milo was still sticking close to Darrel, he was sitting right behind Darrel when Cadence spoke to him.
"Can I take part in your 100 baby challenge? I would make a good dad!" Darrel was straight to the point. "Wow, you are very direct! I like it! But I'm pretty stringent about choosing the potential fathers, especially since this challenge is coming to an end." Cadence told Darrel who looked disappointed.
"Please! I make the perfect Dad! I can make my baby smile all the time!" Darrel continued to pester and beg Cadence. "The challenge is not about being the perfect Dad. You don't get to live with your baby, the baby would have to stay at the Sierras and be placed under my care." Cadence further explained the challenge.
"Hold on..I'll convince you that I am the father of Baby 96!" Darrel said.
"This is bird's dropping dug from the ground..look carefully. Do you want to smell it to verify?" Darrel showed Cadence what he had in his hands. "Er...I don't think there is a need to! What are you trying to do?" Cadence was puzzled and slightly digusted at the bird's droppings on Darrel's hands.
"To prove my sincerity and enthusiasm for your 100 baby challenge, I am going to make this bird's dropping disappear by....eating it!!" Darrel then proceeded to shove those droppings into his mouth much to Cadence's dismay. "No! No! Don't do that!" Cadence gasped.
"So am I suitable for the challenge? Any doubts about my sincerity?" Darrel asked Cadence.
"Congrats! You are selected for the 100 baby challenge as the father of Baby 96!" Cadence gave Darrel a congratulatory hug.
Darrel inched forward and tried to kiss Cadence. "Erm..please don't kiss me. I'll puke! You just ate those bird's droppings!!" Cadence shy away.
"A hug would do!" Cadence leaped into Darrel's arms to get into the romantic atmosphere.
"I can't believe I am going to have a baby soon! I'm so excited!" Darrel was so thrilled that he lifted up his legs just like little girls would.
Thereafter, Baby 96 was concieved within minutes.
Leah and Keyra took turns to play on the slide.
"Hey, Bro. You need to pay more attention to Laura. She is your twin sister, you ought to take good care of her! She has been at the chess table the entire day. She even skipped her lunch!" Keyra told Misty. Though Keyra loved to pick up a fight with Laura, she was still very concerned about her younger sister.
Laura was still at the chess table, practising on her chess. She has not left the table since early morning.
It looked like Misty suddenly discovered the powers of his hands!
Cadence doing the neverending laundry.
Little Misty playing on the laptop, unwinding for the day.
Cadence spent some time cradling Milo who was currently now the youngest in the family. Though it was not for long, Baby 96 would be joining the family shortly!
"Tomorrow, we will learn potty training! Okay?" Cadence talked to Milo who looked blankly at her.
"Mum, I need a new pair of shoes. My old ones are worn out." Laura requested. "There's a pretty pair of shoes in the shoe cabinet, you can wear that." Cadence said. "But sister Keyra and Leah wore that before! They would accuse me of copying them again..." Laura shared with Cadence her worries.
"Not to worry, my dear girl. Okay, I'll buy a new pair for you tomorrow." Cadence gave poor Laura a hug.
"Kids! Cookies for dessert!!" Cadence shouted for everyone.
"Is it good?" Cadence asked Laura for opinions.
"Its good. But I prefer eating lemon cream pies!" Misty jested. "I prefer this! I like everything Mum bakes!" Laura knew the right words to say.
"Can we have cookies for breakfast tomorrow?" Leah obviously loved the cookies.
"Alright, let's try this!" Cadence was an experienced Mum, she had gone through almost hundred times of potty training that she could potty train with her eyes closed.
"Are you ready, Milo?" Cadence tossed him into the air.
"Sit tight, stay there..." Cadence held on to Milo who seemed to be doing very well.
"That's right! Doing good! Milo is so smart!" Cadence praised the little tot.
Milo was a very fast learner. Cadence gauged that he would be potty trained after two more potty training sessions.
What Cadence hated the most after potty training was the cleaning bit. "Can they invent self-cleaning potty? I would pay for it!" Cadence frowned as she cleaned the potty.
"Argh! Reminds me of Darrel eating the bird's poo!" Cadence thought as she looked at the bag of urine.
"Milo! Milo! Time for some potty training!" Cadence called out for Milo.
"Wow! Is this how we learn too?" Misty asked Cadence as he looked on. "Yeah! The exact same potty too!" Cadence chirped. "Cool! Go! Milo! Go! You can do it!" Keyra cheered on her little brother.
Misty heeded Keyra's advice and spent some time talking and listening to his twin sister, Laura.
The soft hearted Laura attended to Milo when she saw that he was licking his fingers.
"You must be hungry! There you go!" Laura gave Milo a bottle of milk.
After his feed, Milo started to fuss and cry for attention.
"Woo! Hoo! BOO!!" Misty played with Milo. Milo stopped crying as he was entertained by Misty.
"Oh! Your pink cheeks! So cute!" Misty couldn't resist pinching Milo's chubby cheeks.
"AAhhhh!! HHAAaa!" Milo shrieked as he peeped and looked at Milo.
As the days went by, Cadence's bump was getting more and more visible.
The ogre girls were a hardworking set of twins. They would sit down and do their homework.
They never needed any prompting from Cadence.
"Bro, can I borrow your homework?" Laura asked Misty. "Borrow? What do you mean by borrow my homework? Do you mean borrow and copy my homework?" Misty said. "Erm...please..I don't feel like doing it today!" Laura was full of excuses. "No! I cannot let you copy my homework. Do you like being a copycat?" Misty refused to lend Laura a helping hand.
"Baby 96! Incredible!" Cadence rubbed her tummy.
"Its moving! Mum! Its moving!! Is it coming out?" Misty was amazed that he could feel the movements of the baby.
The waters broke and baby is on the way!
"Argh! I can feel the baby coming out!!" Cadence howled in pain.
Everything happened too quickly. She felt a surge of energy and gave a big push. The baby was coming out NOW!
Cadence felt the tingling sensation of the sparkles surrounding her entire body. It was definitely a home birth for Baby 96. Will there be twins or triplets?
Its was a little fair baby girl! Cadence held on to her tightly as Baby 96 drew her first breath and gave a loud cry.
The Sierras was pleased to announce the arrival of Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra (Thanks to AMW!).


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