Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cadence Sierra Survey Poll

Dear Readers of the Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge,

Thank you for accompanying Cadence Sierra throughout the 21 single births, 26 sets of twins, 9 sets of triplets which contributed to 55 baby girls and 45 baby boys. It was an incredible journey which Cadence would not be able to make through without your support.

This was the very first crib that the young Cadence Sierra bought for Baby 1 and look how far she has come!

It had been a really tough challenge and there had been many thoughts about giving up the challenge halfway. However, words of encouragement and concerned comments like asking, "When's the next post?" and "It's time for an update" help spurred me on for the 100 Baby Challenge. It was little things like this that made me very determined to churn out good and quality posts and to complete the challenge.

Special thanks to those who had contributed the baby names, daddies and 31 gifts from the Sims 3 store. Cadence would like to apologise to those names and daddies that were not chosen for the challenge. To all readers, thank you for reading and following the 100 Baby Challenge, helping the site garner a total of 114,170 views since it started!

And now, YOU get to choose Cadence's fate in this 100 Baby Challenge! Here's the poll and I will close this survey poll on 7 October 2010. So start voting for it! Please vote once to ensure fairness in this survey. Thank you!

If option 2 is chosen, I will open up the spaces for new baby names and daddies!

If option 3 is chosen, I will have another poll to see which daughter would carry on Cadence's legacy!


  1. I would Really miss Candence if you took someone else! <3 Så i guess.. i think you should let her live a little longer :D mayby setling down ^^ dont know, just love your stories (:

    - Marie

  2. Hi Marie: Me too..I'll see where the poll brings me too:)

  3. I don't know if you got the idea in option 2 on your own or because me (i said it once or twice) or someone else said it, but that is my choice.

  4. Hi Edward,

    Thanks for ur suggestion! Alot of people suggested this as well, so I can't pinpoint a person to credit. :)

  5. I think you should have her marry then carry on but only with that guy... Then when she reaches elderhood have one of the 100 babies do the challenge!

    Congratz by the way!!!! :D

  6. hey harmonysims if its ok i named my baby girl afterr you in my 100 baby challenge herr name is cadence carters!

  7. because you inspired me to right my own!

  8. Hi ninja! Sure! Its my honour! Thanks!

  9. I have read your whole thing 3 times!


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