Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cadence Sierra's Childhood

"Hi! Is this Ms Cadence Sierra?"A sober voice echoed through the phone one scorching hot afternoon when Cadence was on the way to the supermarket for her weekly grocery trip. "Yes, speaking!"Cadence chirped as she picked up the phone.
"Are you the daughter of Ms Jewel Faith? I'm Grace, the social worker from Haven's Nursing Home in Riverview Town." The lady further explained her identity. Ms Jewel Faith was a name that Cadence have not heard ever since she left home as a young adult. She felt a chill down her spine and her heart missed a beat when she heard the name, Jewel Faith. "Yesss yess... I am. What can I do for you?" Cadence stuttered and said softly, almost whispering. "I regret to inform you that your mother, Jewel has passed away last weekend and we have been trying to find ways to reach you but to no avail. Your Mum has been secretive about your whereabouts though she has mentioned once that you were embarking on a 100 baby challenge. We saw your news and tracked you down." Grace said. "Huh...she what?" Cadence stood rooted to the spot in shock.
After spending some time conversing with the social worker, she found out that her Mum had passed away due to a heart attack. Though it was sudden, she had passed on peacefully and wore a sweet smile till her very last moments. Cadence did the best that she could to secure a quiet resting place for her Mum at Sunset Valley.
Cadence was not close to her Mum and her Mum had chosen to ignore her most of the time when she was a kid. She did not even told Cadence where she was; when Cadence once went back to their old house to find her, the neighbours said that she had shifted out long ago. However, being the kindhearted lady that she always was, Cadence was still sad and mourning over that fact that she was not there during her Mum's last moments. "Mum, why did you not contact me at all?" Cadence cried in front of the grave.
Cadence had always bore a grudge against her Mum as she felt that she suffered injustice during her childhood. She had a very different childhood from her peers and envied her friends for having happy families. Her childhood was also one of the driving forces of her taking part in the 100 baby challenge. She had a simple wish of having a happy family, raising adjusted and well-balanced kids. "Mum, I did it. Thank you for bringing me into the world even though you did not want to..." Cadence looked at the grave and said.
"Here you go, dear. My condolences. Your Mum spoke fondly of you when she once mentioned that you were doing the 100 baby challenge. We found this box amongst her belongings, it has your name written on it." Grace, the social worker from the nursing home passed Cadence a creaky old wooden box with her name engraved on it. Feeling blue and down, Cadence took the box to the beach and opened it there. In it, there was a folded letter written by her Mum and all the newspaper and magazines clippings that featured Cadence and her 100 baby challenge.
As Cadence read the contents, tears starting rolling from her face.

"To my dear girl, Cadence.

Mum is very proud that you have come so far. I am very happy to see you well-settled and doing very well in Sunset Valley. Cadence, Mum has let you down in the past and I know that it has left a permanent scar in your heart. I know that the past cannot be erased but I sincerely hope that you can forgive me and remember me as your Mum. In my heart, you would always be my dear girl, no matter how I treated you in the past. I have been through so much and I have realised my wrongdoings and mistakes. I seek for your forgiveness.
"With Love, Your Mum, Ms Jewel Faith."

Now that Cadence is a mother herself, she had learnt priceless lessons on love, giving, forgiveness, kindness, hope and peace. She had long forgiven her Mum but was still very tightlipped about her painful childhood. She has never mentioned about her childhood to anyone, even her kids. It was a piece of memory that she would keep in her heart. However, now that her Mum has passed on and asked for forgiveness. She hoped to have a closure on this matter by chosing to share it. 

A little sneak preview of little Cadence as a toddler.


  1. Looks interesting and I will be purchasing it once I get the money. Out of curiosity, why does Cadence and her mother have different last names? And congratz yet again :)

  2. Hi there! Hehe, you gotta read the story to find out:) Its a long long story...thanks!!

  3. Me and my mum have different last names @:) I took my dads name and even though my parents aren't together any more mine and my sisters names stuck :p


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