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Baby 100!!! Starring Liam the Nerd!

Thank you jensonbuttongirl for this expensive gift of Mischief Makers' Bedroom. It's a nice gift for the arrival of Baby 100!
"Whee! I'm all ready for Baby 100! Can't believe that I'm already at Baby 100! Unbelievable journey! Cheers to the 100 Baby Challenge!" Cadence punched her fist into the air in triumph as the planes flew by in the background.
Little Miko was all ready to embrace childhood! She looked absolutely radiant and lovely in her matching pink and white outfit.
Mikolaj "transforming" into a little girl as the rainbow sparkles and glitters surrounded her.
Baby 96 Mikolaj Sierra grew up into a fair-skinned lass with huge purple eyes inherited from her father, Darrel Powers. Little Mikolaj had Cadence's trademark pink-blonde hair and lovely bangs.
Though Cadence was elated and ecstatic that she was well on her way to completing her mission of 100 babies; deep inside her heart, she was feeling awful and empty that this challenge was coming to an end. She was definitely showing some freaky and weird withdrawal symptoms by displaying strange expressions on her face. The worst part was that Cadence totally had no control over these peculiar expressions and actions. "Argh! What's up with my mouth?" Cadence muttered as her mouth twitched involuntarily.
"Oh no! My mouth is twitching and I can't open my eyes properly!" Cadence gasped as she wondered what was wrong with her. She never had such encounters before, this was her body's way of telling her that she was stressed out and feeling miserable that her 100 baby challenge was ending.
"Am I seeing double?" Cadence blinked hard and tried her best to pry her eyes open. She was experiencing some blur vision and felt faint.
Luckily, there was some happy news to distract her from her misery, Misty and Laura were holding their big birthday bash tonight!
Even Baby 32 Darcie's ghost came back to take part in this joyous occasion!
As Misty and Laura strode into young adulthood, Cadence had these wise words for them, "Achievement is not always success, while reputed failure often is. It is honest endeavor, persistant effort to do the best possible under any and all circumstances."
"Mum, I'll definitely keep these words in mind." Laura clapped as she pondered over Cadence's wise sayings.
Baby 93 Misty Sierra all ready for the young adulthood! He had very pronounced double eyelids and looked dashing with his tousled brown hair. He loved Sylvester the Cat so much that he wore this Tee almost everyday.
His twin sister, Baby 94 Laura Sierra grew up into an elegant lady with long flowing tresses. Thanks to the aromas that she emitted, she had a long snaking queue of suitors who wanted her to be his wife so that their kids would hopefully inherit the lovely lemon cream pie smell.
The Lemon Cream Pie Twins: Misty and Laura all grown up and ready to leave the house!
"Hmm..what's that smell?" Misty sneezed. "Its the lovely aroma, my lemon cream pie aroma! Bro, you grew up with me, you mean you cannot tell its the lemon cream pie scent? Hello?" Laura said proudly, totally forgetting that she once hated the smell when she was younger. She always wondered why she was so different from her peers.
"Don't know why, but it seems to be extremely strong as you age. It was a lighter scent when you were younger." Misty said.
"Haha! It's so irresistable that I have suitors queuing all the way to Twinbrook, ya know? Aren't you honoured to be my twin brother?" Laura laughed while Misty rolled his eyes. "Ahhh...well. You just don't appreciate good things! Let's get cracking! We have serious stuff to do! Like moving out of the house!" Laura said in a matter of fact tone. With the Lemon Cream Pie twins shifting out of the Sierras, the family now had more space to welcome the all important Baby 100!
"Bro Milo, you know Mum is on her way to finishing her 100 baby challenge, will she dote on Baby 100 more than us?" The jealous Mikolaj asked Milo. "I don't think so, Mum loves us all the same. Look, even with the arrival of Destiny, Flint and Stone, she still paid equal attention to us." Milo tried to ease Mikolaj's worries.
A part of Cadence still refused to acknowledge the fact that she was approaching the end of the 100 Baby Challenge. Her body reflex was still acting up, she would occasionally have strange actions that Cadence wouldn't have normally.
"ERr...ahh..woo.." Cadence would make such mysterious noises without herself realising it. She was definitely not her usual self.
"BOO!! MUM!" The attention seeking Mikolaj came from the back and scared Cadence when she wasn't looking. Since young, she was the apple of her father's eye and received much love from both Cadence and her dad, Darrel. She was afraid that Cadence would concentrate on the much hyped Baby 100 and she would no longer be loved.
"Mum, will you love Baby 100 more than you love me?" Little Mikolaj asked Cadence innocently. She was such a dear angel. "Every single one of you are my darlings, my precious gifts from heaven. You too, little Miko!" Cadence told Mikolaj and gave her a assuring hug.
The Sierras have been having a weird visitor in recent days. He would stare at the slide for hours without leaving. Sometimes he would talk to himself and smile for a while. Cadence was worried and had warned her kids not to play at the slide for these few days. This unusual visitor would be there from the morning...
....till the night falls. He could stare for hours without batting an eyelid.
Cadence was slightly worried at this strange occurance and feared for the safety of her children. She would quietly observe him by peering out of the window. "What's this man doing? I have never seen this man around Sunset Valley...He looked really familiar but I can't put a finger as to where I saw him... " Cadence wondered.
After days of observing, Cadence could not take it anymore. She just had to approach the man and asked what was he doing at the front porch of the Sierras. Her kids and her cannot hide in the house forever. "Hi, I notice that you had been staring at my slide for days, anything wrong with my slide?" Cadence asked. "Hi! Pardon me for that, your slide reminded me of my late Mum. She bought a slide for me when I was young, it was exactly the same like yours, with lots of hearts on it. I had alot of fond memories with it. I really miss her." The man said with tears welling up in his eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry about your loss. I'm Cadence Sierra! Nice meeting you!" Cadence said with sympathy. She had just lost her Mum and could totally understand how this man felt.
"I'm Liam the Nerd (Thanks to Alexurt1!)! You are Cadence?! The mother of the 100 Baby Challenge? I have read about you! Wow, such an honour meeting you here. Do you still have places for your 100 Baby Challenge? I would love to take part!" Liam the Nerd gushed. "Liam the Nerd? Such an interesting name! I have not seen you around, but you look very familiar though...Well..I have the last coveted space for the father of Baby 100. I need to know more about you before I recruit you. I have lots of choice, you know?" Cadence told Liam. "Well....You might have seen me when things aren't going as well. I came from Twinbrook to escape from those people who hated me to the core. They were so evil that they wanted me to die..." Liam explained. "Huh? What do you mean?"  Cadence was confused and did not get what Liam was trying to get across. "This site is down for maintenance. Please try again later. Does these words ring a bell?" Liam hinted to Cadence.

"My Gosh! I remember! I remember!! You are the guy who would always appear when the Sims 3 community was down! ARgh! I remember now!" Cadence almost hyperventilated when she found out the real identity of Liam the Nerd. Images of Liam the Nerd announcing to the world that the Sims 3 site was down for maintenance flashed through Cadence's mind.
"OHH!!! You are the one! I really hated seeing you on the screen! So your name is Liam the Nerd! AHhh! Why must you appear here? Are you here to spoil my 100 Baby challenge?" Cadence asked Liam furiously.
"No! I really did not. I escaped to Sunset Valley to hide from those Liam haters. I did not mean to be at your home, I just miss my Mum alot after seeing your slide. I really hope she was by my side and help me tide through this traumatic ordeal." Liam said. "Get out of my house before I do something nasty to you! Get lost! I am already on my way to finish the 100 Baby Challenge. Nothing can come in my way. Seeing you here is like courting with trouble. Everytime I see you on the screen, it meant trouble. I will never get to access the site with your presence. So get lost! RIGHT NOW!! No way I am letting you to be the father of Baby 100!" Cadence said and demanded Liam the Nerd to leave the house. "Oh please! I am penniless and have nowhere to go. Cadence, have a kind heart and let me stay for a night or two before I find a place to shift in. For that, I can repay your kindness by being the father of Baby 100." Liam begged Cadence.
"Hmph! Take you in for a night or two? Okay, but I have some terms and conditions. When I see you on the screen in the past, I always had a secret wish of torturing you and attempting to kill you just like the rest did. I know they attempted to kill you but to no avail." Cadence said. "Errr..." Liam paused and shivered slightly as he thought that Cadence was trying to kill him as well. "BUT, being a Mum and taking into the account of your late Mum, I shall spare your life but I will make you undergo torturous and monster training. Deal?" Cadence flexed her muscles, as if she was ready to crush Liam under her hands.
"GET MOVING! Right now!" Cadence pointed to the exercise machine and pushed Liam the Nerd onto the exercise machine.
"Now! RUN! Run faster!" Cadence barked at Liam. "I'm actually pretty good at running! I enjoy running!" Liam said. "So you enjoy running huh? Let's see you would enjoy running after this!" Cadence growled as she punched on the buttons of the exercise machine. She had adjusted it to the top speed.
"No!! I need a little warmup before I run fast! Switch it back to the normal mode, Cadence!" Liam pleaded as he grabbed on tightly to the exercise machine when he missed a step. "Run! I thought you said you are good at running? The top speed is for good runners like you! Liam! Go! Get up and run!" Cadence shouted at him as Liam struggled to stand up.
"Oh! Please! Cadence. I really can't..I'm losing balance!" Liam begged Cadence to stop but Cadence was just started her way of "torturing" Liam the Nerd.
"This will teach you a lesson! Never to appear on my screen again! Get it?" Cadence yelled at Liam who was having a hard time with the exercise machine. Cadence was finally having her sweet revenge.
"Spare me! I can't get up..." Liam spoke in the weakest tone. "Come on, didn't you say you enjoy running?" Cadence said in the most sarcastic tone.
"Run! FASTER! FASTER!" Cadence bellowed at Liam. This was a side of Cadence that no one had seen before. It was indeed hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
"COME ON! I'm sure you can do better!" Cadence grunted and insisted Liam ran at the maximum speed.
"Aw..I really cannot take it anymore! I have reached my threshold..." Liam said and held on tightly to the handle to ensure that he would not fall flat on his face.  
"This is an inhumane practice! You have pushed my beyond my limits..." Liam whined. "You think I will just let you off like this?" Cadence asked Liam and entertained an evil thought to "torture" Liam for the fun of it.
"Bring it on! Cadence, I can take it. I have people trying to scorch me in a fire, electrocuting me. I am made of tougher material." Liam tried to challenge Cadence.
"Alright, let's see if you can take a million of needles piercing your skin!" Cadence laughed as she thought of Liam the Nerd grimacing in pain. "Tattoo machine? Sounds cool. I would love to have my name tattoo on my arm please." Liam requested.
"Heh! You think that I am going to let you have your way? I am going to make you pay for my agony caused when you appeared on my screen. I remembered you shifted my main forum thread to some stange location that I could not find it. It took me weeks to retrieve back my original thread, it caused me so much distress!" Cadence griped.
"Here it goes..." Cadence toggled with the buttons. She giggled as she chose a cute bunny to be tattooed on Liam's chest. It would be a funny sight to see Liam the Nerd with an adorable pink bunny tattoo.
"Okay! Just relax and enjoy. You will definitely LOVE the tattoo that I chose for you. It suits a nerd like you!" Cadence smirked.
"Here goes!" Cadence lifted the lever of the tattoo machine.
"It feels great! Just like a massage! Thanks, Cadence!" Liam was totally not afraid of the painful tattoo process. "Yeah! You would love your tattoo even more after you have seen it!" Cadence sniggered.
"Oh! I'm the one feeling all exhausted after punishing you for appearing at the down for maintenance screens." Cadence stretched and let out a yawn. "Wow, this lady here do have a perky butt for a mother of 100..." Liam thought but did not dare to tell Cadence for fear of provoking her again. 
"Sorry, there is not enough beds in the house. You can sleep on the sofas or the floor." Cadence told Liam who wanted to retreat for the night.
"Hmm..Let me get some coffee to perk myself up.." Liam the Nerd walked to the kitchen. He was so tired that he could not even hold his head upright.
"I'm feeling so faint..I feel like I'm floating.." Liam lost his balance and almost fainted.
BAM!! Liam the Nerd fainted on the ground with a loud thud and slept there for a few moments before Cadence came.
"Stop blocking my passageway to the kitchen. How am I supposed to walk with you sleeping here? Sleep at the living room!" Cadence scolded Liam who promptly woke up. "I'm sorry! I accidentally fell asleep here..." Liam said sheepishly.
After a day at the Sierras, Liam really enjoyed playing with the Sierra kids and felt the warmth of a happy family even though Cadence was very hostile to him. Liam the Nerd reminded Cadence too much of her unable to enter the Sims 3 site due to maintenance. "Cadence, thank you so much for letting me stay overnight. I am very grateful for that. I really enjoy the company of your kids even though you may not like me. I have a tiny request, can I be the father of Baby 100?" Liam asked Cadence.

"You? The father of Baby 100? I'm not sure whether Baby 100 would blame me for that." Cadence retorted.
"Please? PLEASEEEEeeee...Cadence! I'm sure my Mum would be so happy if she knew I had a kid." Liam almost went on his knees to beg Cadence.
"Why must I let you be the father of Baby 100? You are such a hated character! I don't want my Baby 100 to be hated! Unless you give me a super valid reason." Cadence said. "Its because I am hated, that is why I need to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge. With all the people attempting to kill me, I do not know when it is my last day on earth. I do not know when will I die. There are so many things that I want to do and experience. One of my top list is to have a baby. I really hope you can accede to my request. Let's keep this as a secret. My lips are sealed, no one will know the identity of the father of Baby 100. I will not reveal this to Baby 100 too." Liam pleaded with Cadence once again and started narrating his horrific tales to Cadence.
(Photo courtesy of Alexurt1)
"A few Liam haters tried to burn me alive. They were so cruel, they demanded to see the site immediately or else they would set my house on fire. I was caught in a mega fire once and had severe burns on my skin. It took me ages to recover from that. The pain was indescribable, it was excruciating pain..something that you can never imagine." Liam recounted his frightening experiences.
(Photo courtesy of Alexurt1)
"Another Liam hater tried to electrocute me with a tampered television. It was as if I was struck by lightning. I thought I would die as I was electrocuted. But luckily I was only singed by the fire. Cadence, you will never understand how it felt to be hated by everyone so much so that they would loved to see you dying slowly and torturously." As Liam spoke, he teared.
(Photo courtesy of glitzyangel)
"And they did not stop. They made many attempts to kill me alive. I literally lived in danger everyday. It made me very suspicious of any lurking character and I cower in fear all the time. They tried to set my house on fire many times but I always escaped unscathed all the time.." Liam related his tales to Cadence. "Wow..sounds scary huh.." Cadence looked at Liam with wide wonder.
(Photo courtesy of Alexurt1)
"They even tried to drown me...those days were horrible! That was when I finally decided that this was it! I need to shift out! That's why I came to Sunset Valley to seek a better life here." Liam explained.
"I really hope that you can give me a good kickstart!" Liam said. "Hmm...Let me think about this." Cadence thought hard. 
"You know it was so bad that they even send a Mummy to kill me on the day when I moved out of the house. They just wanted to see me dead. They were so mean!" Liam said angrily as he recounted his unpleasant experience.
(Photo courtesy of Alexurt1)
"The Mummy just kept hitting and punching me. Hitting and punching till I dropped on the ground. My nose bled and my skull almost broke." Liam frowned.
"I had no choice but to leave. I have tried my best not to appear on their page but it is really not up to me to decide." Liam sighed.
(Photo courtesy of glitzyangel)
"Look, I even tried to make this promise when I was at my wits end but it did not work as I appeared on their page time and time again. I just could not find another person to replace this much hated role of mine." Liam showed Cadence the picture that he made.
"Oh! Poor thing! My gosh! I feel so bad that I made you fall on the exercise machine. I did not know you had such a hard time in Twinbrook. It must have been very hard on you." The soft hearted Cadence tried to comfort Liam by hugging him. She was moved by Liam's determination and bravery to live on.
"Its okay, falling at the exercise machine was nothing compared to being burned by the fire. So does this mean that I can be the father of Baby 100?" Liam finally smiled.
Cadence did not answer Liam but instead inched forward and leaned closer to Liam. Liam was so shy that his cheeks were so red from blushing.
"Don't be shy! Is this your first kiss?" Cadence flirted with Liam. Liam nodded and closed his eyes.
Cadence gaved Liam his very first kiss.
"Thanks Cadence! Now I know why you are so successful in doing the 100 baby challenge. You can charm the socks off any man!" Liam said while embracing Cadence.
Then Liam gave Cadence a wet and sloppy kiss.
"Aha! You know, Liam, I'm excited about two things. The first is of course the makings of Baby 100. The second thing I'm excited about is seeing your pink bunny tattoo again!" Cadence laughed.
The makings of Baby 100! The sounds of the lullaby never felt this good before.
"HAHA! This pink bunny kind of fits your nerdy image!" Cadence chortled as she saw Liam's bunny. "Hmm...Its a little weird. Especially its right in the middle of my chest. But I just treat it as a gift from you, a piece of memory that I can never erase away!" Liam tried to look on the bright side.
"Can't wait to see Baby 100! I still can't believe I'm at Baby 100 already!" Cadence told Liam.
In the meantime, Cadence spent some quality time with her new set of triplets. Kids grow up really fast. Before Cadence knew it, they would be all grown up and ready to move out of the Sierras.
Cadence made sure that she was always there for their important milestones such as walking, talking or trivial stuff like smiling and grabbing things.
"Aww! This might be the very last time that I am going to be pregnant!" Cadence frowned as she held Baby Destiny.
"I will miss cradling and snuggling babies! Oh..." Cadence muttered as she patted Destiny who let out a gurgle.  
"Flint! Mommy loves you!" Cadence whispered to Baby Flint who smiled as though he understood what Cadence was saying.
"You understand what I'm saying? Clever Flint! That's my baby!" Cadence played with Flint.
"My little Stone! Had a good sleep?" Cadence kissed Baby Stone.
The baby moments don't last long. It was time for the multi-gendered triplets to grow up. This was Baby 99 Stone Sierra as a toddler. He resembled his father, Colton Bunch with his black hair and eyes.
Baby 98 Flint Sierra was the only one amongst the triplets to inherit Cadence's pink blond hair and pink brows. He had his father's black eyes though.
Their sister, Baby 97 Destiny Sierra resembled their father the most. She was the female toddler version of her father!
Stone loved playing the doll house even though it was meant for her sister, Destiny.
"Put the bottle into your mouth! Not your nose! Flint!" Cadence tried to teach Flint the correct way of handling the milk bottle.
Little Stone was a carefree toddler who would keep himself entertained for hours. He seldom fussed or cried for attention.
"Let's go get your milk bottle!" Cadence said to the hungry Destiny.
The evil Mikolaj tried to bully poor little Stone when Cadence wasn't on the second storey. She was trying to steal a lollipop from him.
Little Stone stretched out his hands thinking that his sister, Mikolaj would hug him.
Little did he know that the evil Mikolaj stole his candy, leaving him all alone to cry it out.
"Hmm! Yummy! Thanks, bro!" Mikolaj said as she licked on the rainbow candy..
"WAH!!!!" Stone who seldom cry was kicking up a big fuss. He was so upset that he threw a big tantrum as he did not expect Mikolaj to steal his candy.
"Sleep tight, my darling.." Cadence slowly carried the sleepy Flint to his crib.
Destiny enjoying herself at the blocks table.
Her two brothers decided to join in the fun. "Hmmm...I wonder if I will ever witness such a heartwarming scene after 100 babies.." Cadence was overwhelmed with sadness.
The triplets spent the entire afternoon building and dismantling the blocks.
Then Cadence's withdrawal symptoms kicked in again. " more babies after this..." She looked at herself in disbelief. She had been pregnant for more than three quarters of her adult life.
The doll house was definitely a hot favorite among the triplets.
"Look! I can hold the doll with my mouth!" It was as if Flint was trying to show off his ability to his elder sister, Destiny.
"Grrr! Give it back to me!" Destiny tried to snatch the doll from Flint.
"You can do it, so can I!" Destiny showed Flint that she also knew how to do it.
Milo stood transfixed for the longest time, staring into space. He was actually thinking of mapping out his goals and aims for the future. He was definitely all ready to step into teenhood!
"Whee!!" Milo cheered and clapped.
Baby 95 Milo Sierra as a teenager! His father's genes were showing very strongly in Milo with those crystal clear eyes, pale skin and black hair. He did not resemble Cadence a single bit.
Mikolaj was still worried that Cadence would favour Baby 100 over her. She got even more uptight when she saw Cadence stroking her tummy, smiling to herself.
Milo was a very sensible child, he helped prepare meals for the Sierras to ease Cadence's household chores burdens.

"Yum! Yum!" Flint devoured the food painstakingly prepared by brother dearest, Milo.
"Oh my god! Baby 100 is in my tummy!" Cadence gently stroked her tummy.
"You go girl! Cadence! You deserve a pat on your shoulder for coming this far!" Cadence swelled with pride.
"You did well! Cadence!" She praised herself.
"Congrats! MUM!!! I heard you are pregnant with Baby 100!!" Baby 3 Bliss Sierra shrieked over the phone. Cadence was grinning from ear to ear at her accomplishment.
Just then, those involuntarily freaky twitching actions started.
It was Cadence's body way of telling her that she still want to continue giving birth and taking care of babies for as long as she could. Cadence never had these strange expressions on her face for the rest of the 99 babies.
"Argh! This birth just feels so different! It seems like I can't control my body!" Cadence gasped as she struggled to keep her eyes open.
"Wow! Is the baby due soon?" Liam the Nerd dropped by the Sierras to visit Cadence and thanked her for letting him win the coveted title of being the father of baby 100. "Not so fast, but soon!" Cadence told Liam who was so excited.
While waiting for the arrival of Baby 100, Cadence grabbed hold of every minute to teach her young triplets basic skills of walking, talking and potty training.
"Woah! Be careful, Stone!" Cadence managed to grab hold of Stone before he fell on the ground.
"My body feels like its breaking down! My bones are breaking!!" Cadence whined as she grimaced in pain.
"Is this karma? Maybe this is retribution for making Liam the Nerd fall badly on the exercise machine! Or is my body telling me to end the challenge at 100 babies. Or is my body signalling to me that I have to carry on giving birth? I can't stop?" Cadence yelped in pain.
Baby 100 was about to arrive anytime soon!!
A Kodak moment for Cadence Sierra as she was about to give birth to her possibly last baby. She might never ever have this cross-eyed expression ever again!
"MUM!!! Are you okay?!?" Milo freaked out as he saw Cadence in pain. He felt so vulnerable and helpless.
"Call for the cab! QUICK! The baby is coming! I can feel it!" Cadence gave Milo instructions.
Let us put our hands together as the Sierras warmly welcomed Baby 100 Ciento Sierra! Cadence had specially selected this unique name for Baby 100 as Ciento means one hundred in Spanish. Therefore, this name was especially meaningful and significant for the 100 baby challenge.
"Is it good?" Cadence asked Ciento as she fed him his very first bottle of milk.
The birth of Ciento marked an important milestone in Cadence's life.
His birth also meant that the 100 baby challenge was coming to an end.
"Will the 100 Baby Challenge end? What does the future holds for me?" Cadence asked Ciento.
"WOAH!! I DID IT! I really did it! Amazing!!" Cadence danced around the house and celebrated her victory.
Everyone in Sunset Valley was sending their congratulations to the legendary Cadence Sierra, she was hailed as the role model for many mothers in Sunset Valley and was invited to give many parenting talks. She was possibly the first person to complete the 100 Baby Challenge in Sunset Valley. Many had come afar to meet her in person.
"Cadence Sierra! You made it through it all, the changing of dirty diapers, feeding milk, waking up on countless nights for feeds, making enough money to feed the kids, educating them, teaching them to talk, teaching them the correct values, hoping that they will grow up well, those pregnancy nausea and sickness, those aches and pains. They are all worth it!! YOU DID IT!!" Cadence shouted into the air and raised her arms in victory!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

Please stay tuned for the survey poll where YOU get to decide whether Cadence Sierra continues on this Baby Challenge. You may get the desired ending you want! Thank you everyone!


  1. Keep it on epic lifespan and continue and see how many she can have until she reaches elderhood.

  2. @Edward: Be sure to take part in the survey poll, I will definitely include this choice:)

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  9. @jessuku: Sure! Definitely!! Thank you for reading my blog!

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  11. I like Liam the Nerd! It means I should go outside and do something


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