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The Teardrop Baby! Baby 90!!

Thanks to bibble90 for the fantastic gift of the entire set of Panda & Friends!
Thank you, JessDiane for the Flutterby and so sorry to hear about your permaban.
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A Bear Stump wall decoration for the Sierras! Thanks to alyssashae!
Baby 89 Raeleigh Sierra as a toddler. The little moon had bonnie brown hair which was tied up into ponytails. Her skin was a cool cobalt blue instead of the purple blue skin that she was born with as a baby.
Her twin sister, Baby 88 Gregoria Sierra had bright orange skin and crystal clear blue eyes. The little Sun had however inherited Cadence's hair colour.
The twins, little Sun Gregoria and little Moon Raeleigh entertaining themselves at the Sierra's living room.
"Don't stick your hands into your mouth! Its unhygienic, girl!" Cadence tried to kick out Gregoria's bad habit.
Gregoria tried to hide behind her twin sister Raeleigh so that no one could see her sucking her thumbs!
"Woah! The ultimate desired item of all inventors of the world! The time machine!" Cadence marvelled and yawned as she spent the entire night working on the time machine.
The time machine allowed one to travel back to the past as well as travel to the future. Cadence had heard from the grapevine that one may get a child from the past or future if they travel in the time machine. "Hmm..I might get a child when I come back from the time machine! Then I don't have to scout around for the father of Baby 90 then! Great idea huh!" Cadence thought.
Cadence meddled with the time machine. She pressed on a button and the gears of the time machine started creaking. "Woah! Let's see how do we open this.." Cadence pondered as she looked at the complicated buttons.
"BOOM!" The time machine made such a loud sound that startled Cadence and gave her a rude shock. It was bright and misty inside the time machine. "Will I get stuck in this machine and never ever get back to my present life?" Cadence wondered and was apprehensive in entering the time machine.
"Cadence, be brave and charge in! There is always the first time for everything!" She gave herself a prep talk before her grand entrance into much hyped time machine. Ready! On the mark! Get set! GO!" Cadence took a deep breath and charged into the time machine. She had chosen to go back to the past.  
Cadence had always been very tightlipped about her past and has never revealed her childhood before. The time machine shook violently and seemed to be transforming itself. Cadence sailed two of the seven seas with Captain Black Barte on the good ship Sunset Mermaid and she enjoyed herself thoroughly.
The time machine made strange sounds as Cadence hitched a ride on a wagon to experience a part of the Oregon Trail. It was rough, just like what it was depicted in the history books but Cadence managed to escape unscathed.
"Woo! What a journey!" Cadence said as she pry herself out of the time machine.
She was completely exhausted from the trip. The journey to the past has drained her physically, emotionally and mentally. Flashes of her past floated in her mind...
"Argh! Why can't I push myself out?" There seemed to be something in the time machine that was pulling Cadence back into history.
"Nice journey to the past! But I'm glad that I'm back to my normal life!" Cadence was dazed and felt like everything was floating when she stepped out of the time machine.
"Did I leave a kid behind?" Cadence turned back and checked if there was any kid who came along with her. She was slightly disappointed that she had not produced any kid from the time machine.
Cadence was determined to have a child from the time machine. She tried her hand at the time machine again, this time she chose to travel to the future. She had a fun time with the robots but just like her previous trip, she did not return with any kid in tow.
Zevran clapped his hands as he welcomed childhood!
Baby 87 Zevran Sierra was a suave young boy with windswept hair. He had brown eyes and brows which made him looked perpetually frightened and scared.
His twin brother, Baby 86 Giovanni Sierra was the split image of Zevran. They looked exactly identical. The only way to differentiate them was their skin colour. Giovanni was darker while Zevran was had fairer skin. If one were to observe carefully, Giovanni had a lighter eye colour too.
Giovanni and Zevran was one of the most identical twins that Cadence had ever had for her 100 baby challenge.
"Ms Mariam was tricked by us! She can't tell us apart!" The mischievous duo laughed. Due to their resemblance, they had a great time playing tricks on their peers, friends and teachers in school.
Ollie was getting stressed these days as his young adulthood loomed around the corner. He had been busy looking for a home and a suitable career. He was so stressed that he would stare into space, cross eyed.
Just like most Sierra kids, Ollie was sad that he had to leave the Sierras. He had many wonderful memories at this beach home. It was time for him to spread his wings and soar.
"Happy Birthday! Ollie, my dear son!!" Cadence cheered him on.
Baby 84 Ollie Sierra grew up into a young handsome man with bright brown eyes. He had tanned skin just like his father, Aidan Miller.
He was so upset and emotional that he had to move out that his insane trait acted up again. He started to mutter to himself.
"Why are you asking me to move out of the house?!!" Ollie shouted to the air.
"Zevran, you can only play on the trampoline after you finish your work!" Cadence reminded Zevran. "Mum! I'm not Zevran, I'm Giovanni!" Zevran said in all seriousness. Giovanni laughed as he knew that Zevran was trying to trick Cadence.
Cadence turned to Giovanni and said,"Zevran! Go do your work!" "Mum! I'm Giovanni!" Giovanni said. "You guys! Always up to these tricks! Next time I will ask the hairdresser to have different hairstyles for you two!" Cadence chided them.
"Goodbye, everyone! Farewell, everyone! I love you guys!" Ollie bade farewell to the Sierras.
The evil Giovanni tried to steal a lollipop from the innocent Raeleigh who thought that her brother was going to play with her.
"Yum! yum!" Giovanni felt a great sense of achievement and satisfaction after stealing the lollipop. Raeleigh, on the other hand was so shocked and stunned at what had happened that she stood rooted to the spot in shock.
After a few seconds of realisation, Raeleigh started to howl loudly. "What happened? My dear girl!" Cadence the dedicated Mum rushed to pick her up and comfort the crying Raeleigh.
"That's right. You are doing great!" Cadence encouraged Raeleigh to take her first steps.
During her weekly grocery shopping trips, Cadence had noticed this man weeping and talking to himself in front of his house. She walked closer to hear what he was saying. "Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not." He started to wax lyrical. "Hmm...what is he talking about? Is he going to commit suicide?" Cadence scratched her head and was concerned. "Hey there. Do you need any help? Are you alright?" Cadence gently tapped on the man's shoulders. The man turned around and looked at Cadence in tearful eyes. "I'm fine. Thank you." The man said in a sorrowful tone. Through further conversation, Cadence found out that his name was Drew Campbell (thanks to zornadog!) and was a divorcee. He was mourning over the fact that his toddler daughter, Dana had mysteriously drowned in the beach one morning.
Cadence invited Drew to the Sierras in bid to cheer him up.  "He must not be left alone lest he does something to end his life.." Cadence thought. When he saw Baby 32 Darcie Sierra's urn and knew that she too had died of drowning, it triggered his tearducts and he cried uncontrollably.
"Life must go on, Drew...I was devastated when Darcie passed away but I take comfort in the fact that I get to see her ghost once in a while. I am happy to know that she is doing well." Cadence tried to comfort Drew but in vain. He kept crying.
"Dana! Where are you? I miss you so much! We have so many things to do and enjoy together.." His voice trailed softly as Drew wept.
Cadence left him alone to let him cool down himself.
Tears of sadness and sorrow fell to the ground as Drew continued to mourn for his daughter, Dana.
"Come! Let's go into the house." Cadence tried to divert Drew's attention by inviting him into the house.  
"My daughter, Dana would have been this big if she was alive..." Drew looked at Raeleigh sadly.
"Time can heal all wounds, Drew. I can totally understand your sadness, fears and troubles. I have been there before." Cadence sympathized with Drew who seemed to be perpetually crying with the teardrops in his eyes. "Why don't you take part in my 100 baby challenge? Having a new addition in the family can help ease the pain. Though you can't get to live with your new kid, you are always welcome to visit the baby at my place!" Cadence suddenly thought of this great idea and Drew's eyes brightened when he heard this.
"Thank you so much, Cadence. You are indeed a legend..the legend of Sunset Valley. I am so honoured to be invited to be the father of Baby 90. " Drew thanked Cadence profusely.
Cadence briefed Drew about the rules of the 100 baby challenge and Drew was all smiles with the impending new baby. Though he missed Dana alot and she held a very special place in his heart, he looked forward to the arrival of his new baby. Dana would always be a piece of memorable history that Drew hold dear to.
"Thank you so much! Cadence! You are such a gracious and wonderful person!" Drew leaned closely to Cadence. "Don't be silly! You have thanked me umpteen times! I should be the one thanking you for taking part in my challenge." Cadence laughed.
At this point of time, Drew was touched by Cadence's words and he became teary eyed again. "Hush, don't cry anymore." Cadence tried to comfort Drew by wiping off his tears.
Both Drew and Cadence proceeded to make Baby 90! Sounds of the lullaby floated in the air..
Poor little confused Rizal swam in the pool without changing into his swimsuit. He was a dazed little boy who sometimes did not know what he was doing.
"Oh no! What am I doing in the pool? My clothes are all wet!" Rizal frowned as he looked at the surroundings. He did not know why he ended up in the pool.
"Time to grow up! Rizal!" Cadence cheered his little boy on. Cadence wished that Rizal can have a lifetime of happiness and joy. "Be happy, boy! The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself." Cadence dispensed these wise words to Rizal.  
"May my life be smooth sailing from now on!" Rizal gave a triumph shout for his birthday.
Though he does not like it, Baby 85 Rizal Sierra does resemble his dad in terms of his facial features. Both of them had green eyes and jet black hair.
Baby Gregoria was learning how to feed herself.
"Brother, why do you talk to yourself sometimes?" Zevran asked Rizal curiously. He did not understand why he had an insane trait and talked to himself.
"None of your business! SHOO off!" the impatient Rizal snapped at the innocent Zevran. Zevran was shocked and quickly ran off.
"Why can't I talk to myself? Is it a crime?" Rizal muttered.
"Neh! Neh! Neh! No one can stop me from talking to myself!" Rizal had dramatic actions.
Cadence knew that Rizal had bore a grudge against his dad, Brandon ever since his harsh words on Rizal when he was a kid. Brandon has not visited Rizal since the last visit. Though Rizal does not say it out, Cadence knew that in his heart, this issue mattered alot. She tried to explain to him that Brandon had a "dislike child" trait and their father and son relationship might improve over time.
"BUT, I want you to remember. I have said this before, no matter what happens, Mum will be here for you." Cadence wanted Rizal to feel loved.
"Thank you, Mum! I love you." Rizal gave Cadence a tight squeeze and hug.
Little Sun Gregoria was a very obedient toddler. She would always wait patiently for Cadence at the high chair. She would never bang her fists on the tabletop and cry for attention. She was definitely the sunshine of the family.
"Boohoo! I'm such a failure!" Rizal got emotional when he realised that he was at the bottom of the ranks for his exams.
"Am I good for anything? Ever? Am I destined for failure?" Rizal questioned himself seriously.
"Maybe I should just strangle myself and perish into this world. This world doesn't need me anymore! I'm just a residue!" Rizal tried to strangle his neck.
"Argh! Arrgh! Goodbye everyone...." Rizal tried to use all force on his neck and end his own life.
"Ah! This feeling is horrible!" Rizal choked. "RIZAL!!! What are you doing?" Cadence screamed on top of her lungs!
Rizal looked at her and said,"Err...I'm just trying to measure something..." Cadence saw his exam papers and knew what he was brooding about. "Rizal, don't be afraid to fail. Don't waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It is okay to fail. If you are not failing, you are not growing. I believe in you, all Sierra kids are exceptional in their own ways, including you, Rizal." Cadence encouraged Rizal.
Cadence suggested to Rizal that he should work on what he was good at: Sculpting.
"Do Mum a favour, the ice sculpture that your brother, Ollie made is melting soon. I hope to see something from you soon!" Cadence gave Rizal a pat on his shoulder.
And indeed, the ice sculpture had melted and was reduced to water.
"The number that is between 67 and 69 is..." Giovanni muttered as he did his math homework.
Cadence organized a party picnic in their garden to spend some quality time bonding with her kids. She made sure that each kid grew up well balanced and happy.
Rizal was in charge of the food for the picnic. He displayed his cooking skills by cooking hotdogs for the family.
"Yummy hotdogs to be served!" Rizal said on top of his voice, he was proud that he cooked for the picnic.
The twin boys got along very well. They did practically everything together.
"Checkmate! I win!" Zevran proclaimed as he won the game of chess.
The almost identical twins sitting in the schoolbus together. It was indeed hard to tell them apart.
"Bro, they changed the schooldriver today. Are we on the right bus?" Zevran asked Giovanni. "Not to worry, boys. Your schooldriver is on sick leave today!" The new female busdriver chirped.
"RAE...LEIGH!" Cadence tickled and teased the little moon, Raeleigh.
"Its just in front of you! Catch them slowly!" Giovanni gave his twin brother, Zevran instructions on how to catch the butterflies.
"Gotcha!" Zevran managed to catch a monarch butterfly. "Thats right! You did it!" Giovanni cheered his twin brother on.
Cadence was heartened to see the twin brothers get along so well. She hoped that their relationship would remain this way even when they grew up.
Rizal helped Cadence to look after Raeleigh...
..while she was busy at the scraptronic bench working on her inventions.
Alas! Cadence wasn't very careful with the fire and was singed in the process.
She was singed so badly that Gregoria could not recognise Cadence.
"Mama! Mama!" Gregoria shouted for her Mama as she totally could not recognise Cadence.. "Mama is here! My dear!" Cadence cooed and laughed. "Mum! You should take a bath! Gregoria can't recognise you.." Giovanni said.
"Woah! Such a huge pile of dirty load to wash!" Cadence looked at mountains of dirty clothes.
Oh no! Weird glitch acting up! Cadence, Rizal, Gregoria and Raeleigh all together as one!
"Don't provoke your brother, Rizal. Promise me, okay?" Cadence warned the cheeky Giovanni who enjoyed teasing Rizal.
The words on Rizal's shirt totally described his feelings. Needless to say, he adored this shirt to bits.
Cadence took some time off the chores to play on the video games. It was a great pastime for her to relax and enjoy.
"Mum! Quick! Brother is talking to himself again!" Zevran asked Cadence for help.
"I wasn't talking to myself! I was listening to the player and singing to myself!" Rizal retorted. "Alright, this time round, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Don't let us catch you doing it again." Cadence said.
"Age is definitely catching up on whole body is aching. I need a spa package!" Cadence's body screamed for rest as her tummy got bigger and bigger.
Gregoria enjoying her nightly feed.
" is coming! Its coming!!" Cadence howled in pain.
It was a long and painful labour. Cadence came back in the morning with a blue bundle of joy. Drew was so thrilled to see Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra. (Thanks to sarabisims!) Sheridan wailed so loudly when he drew his first breath. Drew nicknamed him the teardrop baby. Welcome to this world, teardrop baby!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. The chocking was from the "Dramatic" trait from ambitions, did you use cheats for him to have that trait, or did he just get it?

  2. I'm so sad it's almost over :(. What are you going to do after you reach 100?

  3. you should pass 100, and have as many until she reaches elder (staying on Epic life span)

  4. @Edward: I have ambitions, he did not grow up well so he was allocated the trait. I have thought of that too..but I'll still do a poll:)

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  5. Great update Harmony!! I'm lovin' Rizal, he is fine! LOL!! I completely forgot he's Brandon's, I gues I'm gonna have to make him have heeps of kids in my game then. ;-)

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    -Purple Chickita

  10. Giovanni's homework is EASY! The answer is 68.


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