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The Sights and Smells of Lemon Cream Pies! Baby 93 and 94!!

Thank you, Qwerty126Alex for the cute Pixie Bow. It looked really cute!
Baby 92 Leah Sierra as a little girl toddler. She had an asian look with her single eyelids and slanted eyes. This was completed with her jet black hair tied up into a unique lantern shaped style.
Her twin sister, Baby 91 Keyra Sierra as a cute little ogre toddler. She had inherited her father, Mat's skin and green eyes. Cadence's gene was seen clearly in her pink-blonde hair which was pinned up neatly.
Doesn't Leah looked alot like an asian kid?
The twins, Keyra and Leah enjoying themselves at the blocks table.
"Woah..opps.." Giovanni muttered as he spilled his drinks at the bar counter.
"Have a great birthday! My child!" Cadence cooed as she carried Sheridan closer to his birthday cake. "Go, Brother! Go!" Gregoria cheered Sheridan on while Raeleigh looked on.
Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra finally grew up! He had pink-blonde hair just like his mother and unique almond-shaped eyes.
" I really have to go to school tomorrow?" Sheridan asked Cadence. He was having some school anxiety jitters. "Don't be silly, dear. Everyone has to go to school, there are lots of kids who can play with you and lovely teachers who would love you." Cadence comforted Sheridan. Cadence did not mention about the homework part though.
"So how was it? Was it good and refreshing?" James asked Zevran on MSN. James was one of Zevran's rebellious classmates who had offered Zevran some packets of cigarettes and egged him on to try the first puff. "Well, I choked on the first try. But I feel so macho!" Zevran replied him on MSN. Zevran had left the packets of cigarettes on the table, just beside him.
Zevran was afraid that Cadence would find out, hence he went up to the attic to use the computer there.
But nothing could escape the eagle-eyed Mum, Cadence Sierra. She was surprised to see cigarettes lying on the table and tiptoed closer to take a clearer look. "ZEVRAN SIERRA! WHAT ARE THESE DOING HERE?" Cadence used all her might to scream on top of her voice. "Mum, its not mine! They are my friend's. I'm using the computer, can you talk to me later." Zevran refused to admit and continued using his computer.
Cadence shouted so loudly that the curious Raeleigh rushed up to the attic to find out what was happening. "Are these cigarettes? Why are they here?" She asked curiously. "Raeleigh, can you go down for a while? Let Mum settle this with your brother." Cadence said to Raeleigh who knew something was amiss. She nodded her head and walked off quietly. A storm was brewing at the Sierras. "ZEVRAN! I want you to shut down the computer right now and look at me." Cadence shouted at Zevran who refused to budge.
"Let me count to three. If you do not answer me, you will not get pocket money for half a year! ONE! TWO! THREE......" Cadence threatened. It seemed to work as Zevran shut down his computer.
"Tell me, why did those cigarettes come from? I am really upset, Zevran." Cadence cried. "Mum! I really did not. My friend, James gave the cigarettes to me. I did not try them." Zevran vehemently denied. "Then why are the cigarettes opened? You must have tried them! Tell me the truth. My kids cannot lie!" Cadence was very disappointed with Zevran. She was afraid that he would mix with bad company and take a wrong step and choice in life.
"I really did not!" Zevran was persistant in denying the truth. He knew that if he told Cadence the truth, she would be hopping mad. However, with her mother's instincts, Cadence knew that Zevran had tried smoking. She wanted him to say the truth. She was very angry that Zevran kept denying it.
"Come clean with me!! What's wrong with you?" Cadence screamed. She had never been so angry ever since she started this 100 baby challenge. She was truly concerned for Zevran, yet at the same time was mad at him for lying to her. Zevran was shocked at Cadence's sudden outburst and knew that he had gotten himself in deep trouble.
He had no choice but to admit that he did try the first puff. "Well, Mum. Please don't be angry if I tell you the truth." Zevran pre-empted Cadence. "I would be more angry if you lie to me." Cadence said. "I did try the first puff. But it was just the first puff! I choked and did not like it. I promise I will not do it ever again." Zevran finally spilled the beans.
"Mum, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me!!" Zevran pleaded with the angry Cadence who looked so mad that her eyes nearly popped. "I am angry that you smoked! I'm even more angry that you lied to me! Smoking is bad for you and its addictive! Once you pick up the first puff, you can't stop. Zevran, you have to understand this, the forbidden fruit is always sweet. You have to learn how to say no." Cadence educated Zevran.
"I'm so sorry, Mum. I just tried a puff. I was just curious and my friend said I'm a coward and uncool if I don't try it." Zevran explained. "Have you heard of this saying, curiousity kills the cat? And your friends are cowards to try smoking. The cool thing to do is to reject them, its not cool to smoke, Zevran. Do you understand? It is cool to say no to them. All Sierra kids are cool because you are part of the 100 baby challenge. Are they? No. You should be proud of this fact." Cadence said.
Zevran tried to redeem himself by helping Cadence to do the laundry.
The newest addition to the Sierras. The Sesame Street toys! They can be downloaded here
"Wow! Love it! Sis! Big Bird seems to be talking to me!" Gregoria the little Sun told her twin sister, Raeleigh who had a great time playing with her favorite character, Elmo.
Cadence hard at work to earn some moolah for the endless need for milk, diapers and essentials for the Sierra kids. She worked through the night, till her fingers hurt.
"Oh, Mum! I am going to miss you guys! Especially little Keyra!" Giovanni looked at Keyra who was smiling sweetly at him. She was his favorite sibling out of the whole lot.
Time to grow up for Zevran and Giovanni, the most identical twins that Cadence had ever had. Giovanni looked on Zevran who was blowing the candles. He wished that time could come to a standstill and he would not have to leave the house once he reached young adult stage.
Baby 86 Giovanni Sierra as a young adult. He sported a energetic and youthful look with a bright yellow headband. Though he was sentimental about leaving the Sierras, he was all ready to embrace what the future held for him.
Twin brother, Baby 87 Zevran Sierra was the exact replica of Giovanni! He had a lighter skin but darker eyes. Cadence hoped that he had become wiser and gained more experience after the cigarettes saga. She had warned him not to pick up smoking during his young adulthood.
"Leah! Leah! We are leaving soon! Will you miss us?" Giovanni teased his lil' sis, Leah who seemed to be enjoying his company.
Giovanni Sierra on the right, Zevran Sierra on the left. They are definitely heartbreakers, waiting to melt any girl's heart!
"Mum! Can I have a tattoo from you as a memento. This tattoo will serve as a reminder for me, of all your teachings and upbringing. I will make you proud one day and excel in my field!" Giovanni requested as Zevran looked on. Zevran was too afraid of the pain to get a tattoo.
"Boys, remember to support each other in times of happiness, sadness and troubles. The sky is the limit. But achievement is not always success, while reputed failure often is. It is honest endeavor, persistant effort to do the possible under any and all circumstances." Cadence was sad that her "babies" were leaving the house.
"We will always remember all that you have taught us. To be upright and honest in whatever we do." Giovanni said. "Yeah! I am really proud to be part of the 100 baby challenge, Mum." Zevran chipped in and added. Cadence was heartened and smiled.
"Let's run along! Getting late!" Giovanni rushed Zevran who was taking his time to pack his luggage. Giovanni's tattoo of the Sims 3 plumbob can be seen clearly on his right arm.

"Hi! I'm Cadence Sierra. I noticed you have a unique skin colour, complete with matching hair colour and outfits! I really like how you smell too. You smell like my favourite food, lemon cream pie!" Cadence approached a mustard-skin man while taking Keyra for a stroll near the beach. "Wow, you have a astute sense of smell. My name is Lemon Cream Pie (Thanks to keleya!)! My parents named me that as they felt that I looked like one and strangely, I emit smells of freshly baked lemon cream pies too." Lemon Cream Pie said with pride.

"Wow! That's amazing! I love to eat lemon cream pies too. Would love to have a baby who emits smells of freshly baked lemon cream pies!" Cadence jested. "Are you still looking for fathers for your 100 baby challenge?" Lemon Cream Pie asked. "You know about my 100 baby challenge? Wanna take part in it?" Cadence asked casually.
"Sure! My pleasure! I would love to see my offsprings!" Lemon Cream Pie said and gave Cadence a friendly hug.
In return, Cadence gave Lemon Cream Pie a peck on his cheeks. "You smell fantastic! Makes me feel so hungry when I'm near you!" Cadence laughed.
"Soon, you would have a baby like this too! You are so lovely, Cadence." Lemon Cream Pie said as he embraced Cadence.
The bakings of Lemon Cream Pie Baby 93!
"A for apple, B for ball, C for..." Cadence tried to teach Keyra the basics of ABCs using the plush toy Big Bird. She has read from parenting books that it was an innovative and great way to teach the toddlers how to talk.
"Aaaa....Bbbiiiii...." Keyra tried her best to pronounce the alphabets. This method seemed to be working for Keyra. She loved the Big Bird from Sesame Street.
"That's right! Keep it up, darling Leah!" Cadence encouraged Leah to take her first steps.
The Sierras kids were a bunch of well-disciplined kids. Twin sisters Gregoria and Raeleigh tooks turns at the slide. Coming from a huge family, they learnt to share toys from young.
Keyra showing some interests in the fast lane. She loved the bright yellow toy car which made funny honking sounds.
WOAH! Darcie was back for a visit at the Sierras and she was doing some workout at the living room.
"Are my eyes playing tricks on me?" Cadence muttered and pinched herself to make sure that she wasn't dreaming.
"Darcie!! MY DEAR girl!!" Cadence rushed to give her a long long hug. She missed her very much. "Where have you been? It has been ages since I last saw you." Cadence said tearfully. Darcie remained silent and hugged Cadence, with tears rolling from her eyes.
Cadence decided to try for a multi-gendered twins/triplets this time round. "Its a boy, Cadence! Congrats for coming so far! Its really a feat, I must say." Her regular doctor, Dr Blueflame declared.  "Well, I love kids and its my passion to do this 100 baby challenge. I don't think I am so noble." Cadence dismissed.
"The trick to getting a girl after the boy is to eat ten watermelons for a girl." Cadence pretended that she was teaching a lesson.
"And with your strong teeth, you eat the watermelon with the skin on!" Cadence demonstrated.
"Mum, my teacher asked me to talk about your 100 baby challenge during show and tell this week. How am I supposed to say?" Sheridan asked Cadence to help out in his work.
Keyra does not seem to be an avid book reader. She stared into space and was dreaming when Cadence gave her a book to read.
The twins having some fun playing catch at their porch.
Hunger pangs strike Cadence. She had a strong craving for icecream and she managed to finish the entire tub of ice cream all by herself. 
"Let's see who can jump higher!" Raeleigh challenged Gregoria at the trampoline.
That night, contractions kicked in. It was a premature birth for Cadence!
Everything happened so quickly that Raeleigh and Gregoria freaked out and did not know what to do!
Luckily for Cadence, she was so experienced in giving birth. She clenched her fists and tolerated all the pain. The end result? Two healthy bouncing babies! Brand new arrival for the Sierras: Baby 93 Misty Sierra (Thanks to Mrcool341!)
Another pleasant surprise! A little girl which looked and smelled exactly like his father, Lemon Cream Pie. The nurses and doctors were all in awe of the lovely sweet smell that she had. She was so popular that everyone wanted to carry her and smell her. Welcome to the world! Baby 94 Laura Sierra (Thanks to Laura Lake! Happy Birthday to you!) 

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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