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The Scarred Baby! Baby 95!!

"Laura! Laura!" Cadence played with Baby 94 Laura.
"You smell so delicious! I want to eat you up!" Cadence laughed as she teased Baby Laura. She emitted the exact same smell as her father, Lemon Cream Pie. Since her arrival, the Sierras have been filled with aromatic smells of freshly baked lemon cream pies.
Cadence cherished every single minute of baby moments. After this 100 baby challenge, she would not be able to cuddle a baby like she was doing now. She loved babies at this stage, their basic needs were only changing diapers and milk. They would not run around mischieviously like toddlers, would not dare to talk back to you like children and would not challenge you like teenagers do.
Baby 93 Misty Sierra finally grew up as a toddler. His love for money was displayed proudly on his tee. He had very interesting features which made him looked very different from the Sierra toddlers. He had very delicate features and cheeks that were slightly blushing.
His twin sister, Baby 94  Laura Sierra inherited most of her father's features such as the skin colour, eye colour and smell. Cadence was proud that she contributed to the signature pink-blond hair.
Yes! You are very cute, Misty!
The multi-gendered twins having fun at the blocks table.
"Woah! Ho! Its the familiar tingles again!" Baby 90 Sheridan cheered as he was all prepared to become a teenager.
Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra had double eyelids and precious purple eyes. He grew up to be a sporty teenager who engaged in all kinds of sports, hence explaining his tanned complexion.
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"Hmm...Mum.... I need to discuss something with you." Sheridan hemmed and hawed, he wanted to tell Cadence that he would like to be the next to move out of the house. "Yeah?" Cadence was waiting for Sheridan to continue. Sheridan took a deep breath and mustered the courage to tell her, "Mum, I have chanced on an opportunity, a great career opportunity. The director of this renowned design firm decided to recuit me, but they had a condition. I cannot be a teen, I have to be a young adult to accept their offer of being a designer. I really want this job!" "Huh? But you are younger than Gregoria and Raeleigh, you are supposed to move out after them...Don't you like staying with Mum?" Cadence was taken aback by Sheridan's request. "Of course, I love staying here. But I have given this a long thought before telling you. Eventually, I would still have to move out of the house, it is just a matter of time. Please? They only have one vacancy." Sheridan pleaded with Cadence.
More birthdays in the house! Woohoo! "WOAHhhh....!!!" Gregoria shrieked as she did not like the bright sparkles surrounding her.
"Go! Sister! Go!" Raeleigh cheered for her twin sister as she prepared to embark on teenagehood.
The little Sun, Baby 88 Gregoria Sierra grew up to be a ravishing beauty with clear blue eyes and unique orange skin. As she loved butterflies, she had a little blue butterfly pinned on her hair. Its was made so exquisitely that it looked almost real! 
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Her twin sister, the little Moon, Baby 89 Raeleigh Sierra had cobalt blue skin with hazel brown hair. She looked like a doll and was very popular among the boys in school.
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Even though the twin sisters were poles apart in terms of their appearances, looks and character. They were bosom buddies who shared everything together.
They even had matching school uniforms. Raeleigh had a maroon red uniform which she adored to bits.
On the other hand, Gregoria was dressed in a deep blue uniform, specially tailored for her.
Gregoria was also a source of comfort for Raeleigh who had an neurotic trait. She would freak out anytime, at any place.
"Ahhh! WOooo! EEEEkkkkk.." Raeleigh started making strange noises. "Calm down, calm down, sis!! Get a hold of yourself!" Gregoria tried her best to comfort Raeleigh.
"Thanks for being there for me, all the time..." Raeleigh thanked her sister. Being the emotional one, Gregoria was so touched that tears streamed down her face. "Aw...don't cry. My darling sister!" Raeleigh wiped her tears.
This sentence aptly captured the sisterly relationship between Gregoria and Raeleigh: Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. The twins were very competitive when they were young kids, they would complete in anything from exams to swimming. Now that they have grown, they have formed a tight-knitted relationship that everyone envied.
"Are you sure you are ready? Sure there is no change of mind? Do you need some time? Cadence asked Sheridan solemnly as she chomped on the birthday cake. "Yes! I am. I am all ready to charge into my adulthood!" Sheridan said firmly.
"Grow up well, my son!" This was Cadence's sincere wish to Sheridan as he became a young adult.
As Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra was embarking on an artistic career, he chose a creative mohawk for his hairstyle. He was all excited to start on his new career.  
"Thanks, Mum. I love you!" Sheridan thanked Cadence.
"Good luck, boy! All the best for your career!" Though Cadence was relucant to let Sheridan move out of the house, she respected his wishes. Most importantly, this was what Sheridan want. "I'll make my mark in the design arena one day!" Sheridan gave Cadence a warm hug before he left the house.  
The sensible Raeleigh helped Cadence to look after Leah.
Little Misty loved his books and he always had adorable expressions on his face when he read the books. Cadence could spent the entire day observing and laughing at his cute expressions.
Laura loved the sesame street television programme. Her favorite character was the cookie monster. Just like the cookie monster, Laura loved cookies even though Cadence does not allow her to eat frequently as it was unhealthy.
"Watch this! Look out for my formidable ball!" Cadence used all her strength. She was playing a game with the potential father of Baby 95.  
"Wow! Good ball!" The father of Baby 95 praised Cadence.
This was Christian Allan (Thank you MissLumpies!), the man who volunteered to be the father of Baby 95.
He looked like a vampire with his clear grey eyes, jet black hair, bruised eye and bloodied mouth. Cadence always wanted variety and uniqueness in her choice of fathers, hence she chose Christian for her 100 baby challenge.
"Gasp! Did I hurt you in the face when I was throwing the ball?" Cadence cupped her mouth and was worried that she had hurt Christian.
"Nah! You did not. I am a vampire, my face is originally like this!" Christian assured Cadence that she did not hurt him.
"Hmm...then will I get the blood on my face if I kiss you?" Cadence asked and flirted with Christian.
" have to kiss me to find out then!" Christian teased Cadence and held her hands.
"Let's try it out then..." Cadence gingerly went closer and gave Christian a peck on the lips. "Hmm..I seemingly can taste the blood.." Cadence said as she wiped her lips.
"Hmm..I'm getting some jitters, I'm not sure if I want to do this. I have been getting butterflies in the stomach the entire day.." Christian was getting second thoughts about taking part in the 100 baby challenge.
"That's very normal! Don't worry, let's keep this going. Once you see the baby, you will find this all worthwhile!" Cadence tried to convince Christian.
"Gosh! I think I'm so excited that I'm getting dizzy and seeing some stars here!" Christian said to Cadence.
Cadence was afraid that Christian might back out from the 100 baby challenge, hence she took action quickly. Sounds of the lullaby were heard from Christian's bedroom that night. Baby 95 was baking in the oven!
After the whole night at Christian's house and trying to conceive Baby 95, Cadence had sacrificed her beauty sleep. She was all sleepy and droggy that she developed a headache the next morning when she was back home.
"Mum, are you okay? You look really pale.." A concerned Raeleigh asked her Mum. "I'm fine, dear. Just need to catch up on my sleep." Cadence answered and managed a weak smile.
Though she was dead beat, there were tons of housework and babysitting to do. The toddlers were waiting for their diaper change and feeds. Baby Misty was so hungry that he almost ate his finger.
Baby Laura was attached to Cadence like a little Koala bear clinging on to its mother.
"Don't worry, Mama is here!" Cadence snuggled Misty who was frightened by the loud thunder and lightning outside the house.
The Sierras definitely cannot function without the supermum, Ms Cadence Sierra. She wished that she had four pairs of hands, just like the octopus so that she can do everything at one time.
"ERrrrr...Am I seeing things?" Cadence's vision blurred and she had totally no energy left.
She was so bushed that she nodded off while standing.
OH NO!! Cadence fainted out of exhaustion! Even as she fainted, she was thinking of Baby Leah who was crying in the background. What a dutiful Mum Cadence was!
"Maybe some video games would perk me up!" Cadence was hoping that playing some video games would help to stimulate her senses and keep her more awake.
Cadence tried to keep Leah entertained with her favorite picture book.
As Cadence was trying to keep herself awake, her little daughter, Keyra was looking for her. "Where's Mama?" Keyra thought as she frowned.
"WAHHhHhhhhhh...MAMA...MAMA!!" Keyra screamed and whined on top of her voice.
"OUT! OUTtttttt...!!" Keyra shrieked. She wanted to get out of the crib.
"Aaaaahhhh...AAAahhhhhh...." Keyra continued to kick a big fuss.
"Don't play with your food! Keyra!" Cadence warned as she saw Keyra sticking her hands into the baby food and swirling it.
Its was definitely no walk in the park to take care of four toddlers in a house.
Feeding time for another baby, this time it was little Misty's snack time.
"Hmm..what's wrong with the baby food today?" Cadence pondered as Misty refused to continue eating and starting playing with the food just like what Keyra did. "Tasting good!" Cadence dipped her fingers into the baby food and did a taste test.
"Whee!!" Misty shrieked as he splashed the food onto the floor and Cadence. This totally caught Cadence offguard, Misty was a little cheeky one.
"Misty Sierra!! Don't do that!!" Cadence shouted at Misty who used all his strength to topple the baby food. He had made a huge mess on the floor. This totally irked Cadence who seldom blew her top at her kids.
"No food for you for the rest of the day!!" Cadence scolded Misty who was still smiling, he did not know what was happening. The Sierra toddlers were not very co-operative in the food department today.
Misty seemed to be more co-operative when he played with the aeroplane.
"Hmmph...what is X? Why do I keep getting this wrong?" Raeleigh seeked perfection in whatever she does. She wanted to find out the answer and solution to a math problem that she always had mistakes in. She would do the sums over and over again to avoid getting the same mistakes again.
Cadence quickly did her laundry before she can have a good rest and retreat for the night.
Cadence threw away all the baby food that day, so little Laura did not get her share of baby food. She had a bottle of milk instead. She was co-operative and did not kick up a fuss, much to Cadence's delight.
Neverending piles and piles of dirty laundry for Cadence to wash. It seemed like the Sierras needed more washing machines to help them do the job.
"Mum, the groceries are running low. We need to get some this weekend." Raeleigh reminded Cadence. The family funds were running very low, hence resulting in Cadence being very thrifty and buying just enough for their needs. The money issue was always a problem at the Sierras. With so many kids to raise, Cadence had a huge headache trying to keep afloat and earning money. She sold some of the decorative items in the house and raised some money.
She tried her hand at drawing as another alternative to earn her keeps. Inventing was a good source of income but sometimes it took too long to invent an item.
The hardworking Mum, Cadence trying to perfect her skills.
"Cooking, doing the laundry, taking care of the kids, playing with them, checking if they have done their homework, feeding them, earning money, keeping up with the challenge..." So many things were swarming Cadence's mind. She drew a blank as she was preoccupied with these thoughts. She was one superwoman to have come thus far! She definitely need the caffeine to keep her going.
Little Keyra was showing some talent in music as she tinkered on the xylophone.
To earn more money, Cadence really worked hard for it. She performed for tips from the afternoon...
till sunset.....
till the night falls....
Cadence played till the next morning till her fingers almost bled from the strumming. She was so tired that she could sleep while standing.
"Argh! My head hurts!" Cadence's head was spinning from exhaustion.
"Persevere on, Cadence. For the sake of your babies.." Cadence encouraged herself. She was feeling pretty down for this pregnancy due to all the things happening at a time. Money woes, bad case of nausea, uncooperative toddlers and the list goes on.  
"Stay awake, stay awake, Cadence..." She chanted in hopes to keep herself awake.
"Ahh...Ahhh..I can't take it anymore.." Cadence said as she found herself slowly collapsing. Poor Cadence!
It was a heartwrenching sight to see Cadence's lonely figure lying on the beach. Cadence had always portrayed a happy and glamourous image when she was doing her 100 baby challenge. She was sometimes hit by criticisms and lousy comments, but she has never let those criticisms affect her. She had learnt to embrace them and improve on her 100 baby challenge. Her main concern and focus was to bring up happy and well-balanced kids.
Beneath that happy and ever smiling facade, no one knew she had to struggle to meet ends meet. Everyone thought that she was coping very well with such a huge and lovely beach house and healthy, happy kids. She was exhausted. She was tired. She was burn-out. She needed a break. But whenever she saw her lovely fillial kids, she knew everything was worthwhile.
"Go, Cadence! You can do it! I have absolute confidence in you!" Cadence encouraged herself while she finally woke up from the little "nap". She had to keep going.
"Uhuh....Yeah...." Cadence was already making arrangements for the father of Baby 96 as she was heavily pregnant with Baby 95. She was determined and resolute to finish the 100 baby challenge.
"Why did you shove the food on the floor the other time?" Cadence playfully tickled Misty who couldn't stop laughing.
"This must be one huge baby or triplets! Your tummy is so huge this time round!" Gregoria said as she rubbed Cadence's tummy.
Cadence carried on her housework, she had to deal with and settle the huge pile of dirty laundry before she went into labour.
"Mummy! Mummy!" Misty started to whine and ask for attention. He had been teething recently, hence explaining his tantrums.
Supermum to the rescue! Cadence the repairlady could repair almost everything in the house!
Baby 95 was arriving anytime soon!!
It was a blue bundle of joy! Christian was so excited that he could not sleep the entire night, he accompanied Cadence throughout the long labour process.
Its a boy for the Sierras! Welcome Baby 95 Milo Sierra (Thanks to Samantha Gardner!). He looked exactly like his father, Christian Allan!
"You are so right, Cadence. My worries and fears were uncalled for. My butterflies in the stomach seemed to disappear when I held Milo for the first time. Thanks for this amazing experience!" Christian was so thankful to Cadence.


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  2. Hi Kayla!!

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