Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happily Ever after? Little Ogres Baby 91 and 92!!

Many thanks to CocoBear82 for the Fluffy Dress! It was a pretty and lovely dress!

Little Sun Gregoria was giggling and laughing as she felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She was ready to grow up!
Baby 88 Gregoria Sierra as a little sunshine girl. She had bright orange skin, blue eyes and Cadence's pink blond hair which was tied into a huge bun.
Baby 89 Little Moon Raeleigh Sierra had grown into a cobalt blue skinned lass with bright brown eyes and eyes. She had an inquisitive mind and her favorite pet phrase was "Why?"
"Woah! Sun, why is the bear stepping on the stone filled with worms? Why?" Raeleigh asked her twin sister, Gregoria who was obviously miffed at her question. "Just continue watching! Don't ask so many questions!" Gregoria snapped at her.
"Wow..." Gregoria muttered as she watched the animal documentary. "Sis, why are the bears running away? Did they see something?" The curious Raeleigh was always full of questions.
"Hey! Can you just watch the show in silence? Will half an hour of silence kill you?" Gregoria was irritated with her twin sister's neverending questions. She was trying to concentrate on the show while Raeleigh kept disturbing her.
"Shall we go eat the chicken drumstick that Mum made?" Raeleigh tried to liven up the atmosphere. "Err..totally irrelevant conversation! You can go eat to your heart's content!" Gregoria rolled her eyes.
Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra as a little toddler! He was absolutely the male version of Cadence with the round face, huge round beady eyes and the trademark hair!
"Mat Smith?" (Thanks to Werpy!) Cadence asked as she approached a man with green skin who does not have his top on. Mat Smith was the man who had emailed Cadence and requested to take part in her 100 baby challenge. His green skin caught Cadence's eyes but what was more unique was that he said that he was the descendant of Shrek the green Ogre, the star of the mega blockbuster movie. Shrek was his great great grandfather.
"Well..you said you are the descendant of Shrek lineage, I think you look more like the incredible hulk rather than Shrek!" Cadence laughed. "Over the years, there has been alot of Ogre-human marriages, so much so that I had only inherited the green skin. Even then, mine is a darker shade of green!" Mat explained patiently. "I was expecting to see a huge green tummy and trumpet shaped ears!" Cadence mused.
"So why the interest in the 100 baby challenge?" Cadence questioned Mat. "Oh! Everyone in Sunset Valley would definitely love to be a part of history in the making! Its something to be proud of!" Mat leaned closer and flirted with Cadence who was obviously thrilled at the answer.
"Hold on! My little boy, Sheridan loves Shrek. He would love to see you!" Cadence said to Mat. "Sure! Alright! My stomach is growling, I'll grab a bite and see you in a minute." Mat walked back to his house.
"Here! Meet my son, Baby 90 Sheridan Sierra!" Cadence introduced Mat to Sheridan who looked shy and withdrawn. He was slightly afraid of Mat as his skin colour was different from normal sims. "Wow! Amazing, can't believe this, you are already on Baby 90! You are so near completion for this challenge!" Mat gushed.
Little Sheridan explored Mat's house while Cadence had a more important task to do: To make Baby 91!
"Aha! I'm sure Mat would love this idea!" Cadence muttered as she thought of a great idea.
She thought of dressing up as a Princess to surprise Mat. She wore a lovely velvet evening gown with gold sequins on it.
"You know, my great great grandfather overcame so much difficulties to marry Princess Fiona, my great great grandma...." Cadence listened intently as Mat recounted the tale.
"Thanks for dolling up for me! You look great as Princess Cadence. I think you deserve to be Queen Cadence with your feat at the 100 baby challenge!" Mat hugged Cadence who was so touched by his comments.
"Hey, look...you are already at Baby 90 going on 91..have you seriously thought of what you will do after that?" Mat touched on the sensitive issue. "Well...I'm not sure. Let's just let things flow naturally. I believe things will fall in place." Cadence said pensively.
"Have you ever thought of settling down with someone you love and live happily ever after? Just like Shrek and Princess Fiona." Mat looked tenderly into Cadence's eyes. "No..All I have in mind now is to complete my 100 baby challenge, this challenge involved no love, no commitment and no strings attached. I can't think of so many things at this moment. I just have to concentrate on reaching the big 100." Cadence felt uneasy. "Just remember that when you ever feel tired of this singlehood, I am always here for you. I can give you a happy ever after ending that every girl yearns for." Mat declared seriously.
"Happily ever after...happily ever after..will I really get my happily ever after? Hmm..don't think so much. With my 100 kids, I am satisfied and happy enough." Cadence pondered as she waited for Mat.
"Lets go!" Mat cheekily laughed as they proceeded to make Baby 91! This time round, it was all silence. There was no sounds of the baby lullaby and Cadence had not conceive.
"Its okay! Let's try again!" Mat consoled Cadence who was surprised that there was no sounds of the lullaby the first time round. They were successful with their second attempt.  
However, this made Cadence really worried. "Am I losing my fertility as I age? I always get it the first time round. If I lose my fertility, will it affect my 100 baby challenge? The question is will I complete my 100 baby challenge?"
Mat knew Cadence was worried and tried to divert her attention by talking about other stuff. "Goodbye, little Sheridan! See you around!" Mat teased the little Sheridan.
"Soon, you will have a little ogre sibling to play with!" Courtesy of Uncle Mat! Say thank you...thank you..." Mat tried to teach Sheridan to talk.
Time for some birthday celebrations at the Sierras. Baby 85 Rizal Sierra as a young adult. He sported a rocker-chic style with his jet black long hair.
As a young adult, he was an emotional guy who think and ponder too much.
Cadence hoped that Rizal can step out of his unhappiness and have a fulfilling young adulthood. She knew that Rizal was a worrier and had these words for him,"Rizal, do not worry if you have built your castles in the air. They are where it should be, Now put the foundations under them."
"Woohoo! I can't wait to have my very own motorbike! Bro!" Giovanni said excitedly to Zevran as they got ready for their big birthday bash.
"I want to be a renowned doctor when I grow up!" Zevran made his wish.
"I want the best motorbike in the world!" Giovanni wasn't shy to make his wish known to everyone.
With the 100 baby challenge coming to an end soon, Cadence's mind was preoccupied with many thoughts, "This may be the last few birthday celebrations in the house. With the kids all gone, there won't be these noisy and rowdy birthday celebrations anymore. Will I be able to see these kids chomping on their cakes and hear them shouting and playing happily?" Cadence looked at Raeleigh enjoying the birthday cake.
"Mum, when will it be your turn to have our own birthday bash?" Gregoria asked Cadence as the trio enjoyed their supper.
Baby 86 Giovanni Sierra as a teenage boy with bright grey eyes and tanned skin. His hair was purple-blond, just like his dad.
The twins boy looked incredibly alike. This was Baby 87 Zevran Sierra. He had lighter skin and well defined brows. Other than that, they looked exactly the same. They loved to dress in matching outfits as they loved to pull pranks on their teachers and peers.
Boys being boys, they loved to play on the video games. Other than identical features, what was most amazing is that they even had similar actions and expressions when they played on their video games.
"I'm so gonna win you in this!" Zevran asserted. Notice that their expressions and sitting positions were exactly the same.
Cadence stretched as she finished her laundry. It was time to have a good rest and retreat for the night.
Little Sun, Gregoria and Little Moon, Raeleigh spent some time together playing with the blocks.
Cadence pored over her mails to suss out for potential fathers for the final lap of the 100 baby challenge!
"Looking at you is like looking at the mirror!" Zevran laughed as Giovanni enjoyed a piece of the leftover birthday cake. "Yup, Mum says that we are the most identical set of twins for her 100 baby challenge! Isn't that a feat?" Giovanni said calmly.
"Bro, I got an idea! Tomorrow we will switch identities and trick Ms Mariam during Math lesson. I hate Math! Since you like math, you will attend my math lesson and do my math test for me. Deal?" Zevran whispered this cheeky idea to his brother, Giovanni.
"That's a great idea! You will attend my art lesson. I hate doing those arty crafts! I will volunteer to do your math test for you, I will achieve a high score for you!" Giovanni approved his brother of his "great" idea.
Woo....Cadence was excited to welcome the arrival of Baby 91, the little ogre baby. She was keeping her fingers crossed, hoping that Baby 91 would be green like Mat Smith.
"Are you excited to play with your little brother or sister?" Cadence babbled with Sheridan.
"Once upon a time..there lived a big friendly ogre named...." Cadence read to Sheridan his favorite fairytale, Shrek.
"If only I could sleep in today...I'm so sleepy. This is such a fine weather to sleep in..I miss my blanket.." Giovanni wished that he did not have to get up so early to go to school.
"Wake up! Wake up and be on your toes today! We are on a mission today, remember our plan?" Zevran was all excited to execute his cheeky and naughty plan.
"Argh..I also want to sleep in..." Gregoria told her brothers as she was having a serious case of monday blues.
"Once upon a time..there lived..." Cadence reread the story again. Sheridan loved the story so much that he read and read the story over and over again.
Time to build on the motor skills! Sheridan practised on the blocks to improve on his skills.
"Baby 91...Last few times that I am going to be pregnant. I will definitely miss those duck swaggling walks, huge belly, nausea and aches." Cadence definitely cherished and treasured what she have now.  
"Will I be happy, sitting there idling around? Will I feel empty?" Cadence posed these questions to herself. She had been carrying a huge belly and pregnant almost three quarters of her adulthood. She was worried that she cannot adjust to the lifestyle after her 100 baby challenge.
Little Moon Raeleigh was a hardworking student who had top grades for her examinations. She had gotten into the honours list this time around and Cadence was really pleased with her. Being consistent in her work was Raeleigh's secret to success.
"Everything went so well today! We deserve a hotdog!" Zevran and Giovanni's mission was accomplished. They had managed to trick everyone in school, including their poor teachers.
The little Sun and Moon had a breath contest in their pool. These two girls were competitive in nature, especially since Raeleigh does so well in school. Gregoria sometimes felt left out as people were constantly praising Raeleigh, her twin sister.
"Yeah! I won! Whee!" Raeleigh has yet again won Gregoria in the breath contest.
Gregoria felt inferior towards Raeleigh as she was an all rounder who excels in many fields like sports and studies.
Zevran was a natural cook and had a special interest to invent special and unique dishes for the Sierras.  
"Boys, Mum would be expecting Baby 91 soon. As teenagers, as the teenage kids of the Sierras, you are expected to behave and become good role models for your younger siblings. Can I ask you two if you have been good role models?" Cadence popped this questions to the twins, Giovanni and Zevran. She had found out from their teachers that they had switched identities and Giovanni did the math test for Zevran. The boys looked at one another, not knowing what Cadence was talking about.
"Don't know what I'm talking about? Math test? Ring a bell?" Cadence asked. The boys' faces turned pale as they knew Cadence was furious. They went silent and no one dared to speak up. "All 100 kids of my baby challenge, each one of you, are my pride and joy. Be brave and admit it if you have done something wrong. All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes." Cadence encouraged the boys to speak out.
"Mum, I admit it. I'm the mastermind, I devised and came up with this plan. But I just thought that it was funny and Giovanni decided to play along with me.." Zevran confessed as Giovanni looked on with a sombre look on his face.
"This is no joke, getting someone to take your math test is a serious offence and it is considered cheating." Cadence said firmly. "Sorry, Mum. I will not do it again." Zevran apologized and had a remorseful look on his face. "Sorry Mum, we were wrong." Giovanni muttered. "Glad you know that and please learn from your mistake. Remember to apologise to your teachers! Ms Miram is very upset." Cadence reminded the twin boys.
With that, Cadence felt a sudden surge of nausea and headed to the washroom, leaving the boys to repent on their wrongdoings.
Cadence was all exhausted and took a nap in the living room.
Cadence spent a lazy afternoon with the twin boys by the poolside.
The boys had a great time in the pool, splashing at each other even though they were inappropriately dressed.
Cadence teaching Giovanni on how to do the laundry in the proper manner.
"Bro, can I have nuggets for tomorrow's supper?" Gregoria requested nuggets from Zevran who loved to cook.
Cadence spent some time in the evening, strumming on her guitar. She found it therapeutic to play on the guitar and listen to the melodious sounds.
On the other hand, Zevran relieved his stress on the stress buster: The Trampoline.
He tried on many stunts and backflips on it.
"Woohoo! Fun! Fun! Fun!" Zevran shrieked in joy.
For the first 90 babies, Cadence endured all aches and backpains for all her pregnancy. For the last leg of the baby challenge, she decided to give herself a little treat and pamper herself with a spa treatment at the spa in town.
After the spa treatment, she met Parker Mellott, the father of Baby 18 Diamond and Baby 19 Pearl. He was very surprised to see Cadence sporting a baby bump, "Wow! Still onto the challenge? Frankly speaking, I did not think you would last beyond Baby 30. That's sheer determination! Full admiration for you, Cadence! And I think you look even more invigorated and refreshed than before!" Parker said. "Well, alot of people think I would not make it, but I did! I am on Baby 91! I am proud to come thus far!" Cadence giggled, beaming with pride.
Cadence's baby bump was getting bigger and bigger as the days went pass.
"Woah..I can almost feel the baby kicking me! We have a potential athlete here in your tummy, Mum!" Giovanni tried to listen to Cadence's tummy.
Cadence laughed and said, "Both Zevran and you were great kickers too! Gave me such a hard time when I was carrying you guys!"
"Gregoria, I have a serious question for you, listen up!" Raeleigh looked at her twin sister with all seriousness. "Yes? What questions do you have for me again? I don't understand you, you are always the smart one, scoring full marks for tests and examinations, why do you keep asking questions? I should be the one asking you the questions." The frustrated Gregoria asked Raeleigh.
"Let me ask you, are we from the same father? Why am I blue in skin colour while you are bright orange in colour? Have you ever wondered? And Dad is interesting purple in skin colour." Raeleigh asked Gregoria. "Hmm, good question. This is the best question that you have asked in your lifetime." Gregoria praised her twin sister who looked proud of herself.
"Let's go ask Mum then! She will have an answer for us!" Gregoria suggested. "Cool! This is also the best solution and answer you have given me in your lifetime!"  Raeleigh laughed at her sister. The girls saw that Cadence was fast asleep and conveniently forgot to ask Cadence the question the next day.
"Mum! My friends adore Zevran and Giovanni! Because they say they looked like Justin Bieber!" Raeleigh told Cadence and Giovanni. "Oh really? I did not know they are so popular at school!" Cadence teased Giovanni. "Well, that is because they are all smitten by my irresistable charm and charisma! I turn heads, ya know?" Giovanni strutted around the house, displaying his charm.
"Is the little ogre coming out soon?" Gregoria asked Cadence as she touched her tummy.
The ogre is definitely here! Time to rush to the hospital!
Cadence was proud to announce the arrival of Baby 91 Keyra Sierra! (thanks to Keyra Kyllonen Tolen!) Baby Keyra was the first baby ever in this 100 baby challenge to be hit by bad custom content or glitch. She was born with a lovely light green skin but had a whole patch of black scaly skin which looked as if she was wearing black gloves.
Its was another girl for the Sierras! Welcome to the world, Baby 92 Leah Sierra! (Thanks to Iva Taeyeon and Elinha!) Just like her twin sister, she had a patch of scaly skin on her, but it was white. Cadence hoped that these patches would go away once they reached toddlerstage. Nonetheless, she was thrilled at this set of little ogre twin girls!

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.

If you noticed that Keyra and Leah looked different from other babies, that is because I download a new baby default skin. To download the skin, you can go to


  1. I still think you should keep her on epic life span, and have as many babies as possible until she reaches elder hood, then continue the blog with her living as an elder until she dies

    P.S. once you reach elder take it off epic.

  2. Don't worry, it's not skin. It's a pair of lace up boots. Don't know why it happens though. I had to delete the boots for it to go away.

  3. @Edward: thats a great idea, will keep it in mind

    @pita: Yup! I removed those nasty boots!!

  4. @jessamine: Me too!!

  5. I love your baby challenge and I was wondering if you were short on names for the challenge? You may already have a name in mind for the 100th baby, but I thought I would recommend my idea anyway, I was thinking of 'Száz', (pronounced like 'Saz') it means hundred in hungarian so I thought it might be appropriate for the 100th baby, and i've noticed your use of slightly unusual, unique names so I thought you might like it, no worries if not, I thought i'd let you know anyway. Love the challenge, good luck!

  6. @Anonymous: I already had a name in mind for baby 100!!

  7. The twin boys are just so cute and so alike...

    I really love reading your 100 baby challenge and your one of the reasons i starting my own.
    But mine is a berry sweet 100 baby challenge. Ill start it soon hope you will look by.

  8. @changelegacy: Glad i inspired you! Cool! I think its a great idea to combine the berry sweet thing with the 100 baby challenge:)

  9. This is a pretty late comment- but your twin boys just keep on reminding me of Fred and George Weasly!!Becuase they're trouble makers too.

  10. Hehe! Yeah, they are twins too! :)

  11. When the boys were younger, they did indeed look like Justin Bieber.
    However, I love them because now that they're older, they look like the Tweedles, Ethan and Evan, from "Dalton"!

  12. what the hell is this all about?

  13. the twin boys are so cute ^w-


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