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The Sun Moon Babies! Baby 88 and 89!!

Thank you, penguinstyle9 for the Mystic Butterflies. They really help to adorn the walls of the Sierras!
The Sierras now have a new toy! The Hokey Table! Thanks to simplayer100 for this lovely gift!

  Little Rizal poring over his favorite fairytale.
"Time to grow up, my dear little rabbit!" Cadence carried Rizal who was enthralled by the birthday cake.
"Grow up well, my darling!" Cadence said as Rizal tried to blow the candles. Megan cheered on her little brother.
Woah! The all familiar sparkles surrounded the little blue bunny. He was all ready to "transform" into a schoolboy.
Baby 85 Rizal Sierra has grown into a boyish asian looking boy with clear blue eyes. The most amazing thing was that he has shedded his pale blue skin colour and inherited Cadence's peachy skin colour! Just like his dad, Brandon, he had a head full of jet black hair.
Another growth spurt at the Sierras! Baby 84 Ollie Sierra stepped into teenagehood. He was the male version of Cadence with his pink blonde hair, huge brown peepers and pink brows. He had gotten his dad, Aidan's tanned skin.
The girls were all ready to become young adults. Megan can't wait to be independent while Mimi was just pleased and glad that she had sailed through her teenage years with good and flawless skin. She was always conscious about her looks and beauty.
Their late father, Ripsy Elder had left them a huge fortune where they would inherit once they became young adults. They were little heiress in their own right. Due to this fact, Cadence had taught them since young to be prudent with money. She was especially careful in giving them pocket money and would insist that they learn how to earn their own money to get their desired item. She had these words for them at this turning point of their life: A great fortune is a great slavery.
Mimi was all ready to embark on young adulthood.
"Thank you, Mum for bringing me into this world. Life has been very kind to me and I really enjoyed this ride of life!" Mimi thanked her Mum.
Cadence was so overjoyed to see her Baby 82 and 83 all grown up. She was slightly emotional when she suddenly realised that she had came this far with this 100 baby challenge. Tears of joy welled up in her eyes.
Baby 83 Megan Sierra grew up into a elegant lady full of poise and confidence. She loved long dangling earrings just like the one she was wearing in the picture.
Check out the intricate details of her hair!
This was Baby 82 Mimi Sierra as a young adult. She had adorned anchor like earrings as it reminded her to stay true to herself and be rooted to traditional values that Cadence has always taught her. She did not want to turn out to be a spoilt brat and a wreck just like many heiresses did.  
The twins were pleasantly surprised with the inheritance that they received on their birthday. They finally knew the truth: Their father, Ripsy Elder was a billionaire and left a legacy for them to continue. "Whee! We could buy all the dresses in the world!" Megan said to Mimi in her excitement. "Remember what Mum said? A great fortune is a great slavery. Never be a slave to money. Just treat the money as a bonus and we would lead our lives as we did in the past." Elder sis Mimi gave her twin sister a reality check.
"Alright! I'll follow anything you said. Let's go check out some homes. We need to shift out soon." Megan said. They went around scouting for houses and finally decided on a humble cosy little cottage with two bedrooms. These girls were indeed heeding Cadence's advice on not showing off their wealth.
"Sigh! The day is arriving soon. Its time to leave the house." Mimi looked around the house and sighed. She can't bear to leave Cadence and the house where she had so many happy memories.
"We will be shifting tomorrow..." Mimi said as her voice trailed off. "Yeah..I'm so sad right now..I really want to stay..but Mum can't continue with her 100 baby challenge if we don't shift out."Megan whimpered.
Both Megan and Mimi thought of all excuses to delay their moving out. They even started to have fuuny ideas regarding the weather. "Maybe tomorrow there would be a heavy downpour and we don't have to shift out?!?" Mimi said excitedly. "Yeah! We will only shift out in a sunny day! Let's do the raindance and pray for rain to come!" Megan thought.
The day came and the rain did not come. It was a scorching hot day and it was time for the twins to bid farewell to Cadence and everyone at the Sierras. "Cherish your time at the Sierras! We love you, Mum!" Mimi shouted out to Cadence and her siblings.
Megan was emotional when she had to leave. "Can I not go? I really don't want to leave...I will miss everyone..." She sniffled and held back her tears. She could not stop her tears from streaming down.
"Just give me a minute. I want to look at the house one last time." The teary Megan choked on her tears while Mimi preferred to leave the house to prevent herself from crying.
Charlotte Montgomery, the grandmother of Rizal Sierra had been nagging Rizal's father, Brandon to visit the kid and bond with him. Charlotte's words fell on deaf ears and Brandon had refused to visit Rizal since he was borned. He had not seen him since he was a little bouncing baby. After years of nagging, Brandon could not take her incessant reminders and finally visited the Sierras. "Argh! Why must Mum force me here to look at this kid?" Brandon looked away and had no feelings towards his son, Rizal.
"Oh no! I'm losing! Dad! Come and join me in the game!" Rizal invited his dad to join in the game. "You are so lousy in your game, why should I join in. And what were you calling me? Dad? Who said you can call me that?" Brandon was very unkind in his words. He was someone who would never mince his words when he spoke.
"But Mum said you are my Dad. Look! I have got your black hair and blue eyes! I'm your son!" Rizal was taken aback by Brandon's words.
"Mum! Dad said I can't call him Dad and he said I was lousy at my game!" Rizal complained to Cadence who tried her best to explain. "Lousy little whiner complaining to his mum!" Brandon muttered under his breath. He did not like kids a single bit.
"Brandon! Why don't you join your son in the game?" Cadence suggested that the father and son bond over a video game. "Oh! I don't play with amateurs like him!" Brandon looked at Cadence with huge staring eyes as if it was a incredible request.
"And he is no son of mine! Stop saying he is my son! I thought we agreed on that?" Brandon slapped his forehead. At this point of time, Rizal was totally heartbroken and ran out of the house. Cadence signalled to Brandon to leave the place but Brandon did not get the hint. Cadence did not want Brandon to sprout more nonsense and hurt Rizal's feelings.
"What's Rizal doing there?" Ollie scratched his head when he saw Rizal standing in a corner of the garden.
"WHY?!? Why do I have such a father? Everyone has a father who loves them very much." Rizal was very low spirited after seeing his dad. He had been looking forward to seeing his dad and did not expected the visit to turn out like this.
"And he called me an amateur! He said I was lousy in my game!" Rizal weeped and let his emotions flowed.
Cadence saw Rizal weeping outside the house and left him to have some quiet moments alone. She was heartbroken to see Rizal crying and had regretted allowing Brandon to visit him. She thought that having his father to visit him would cheer him up but to no avail.
"Am I so detestable that even my own father hates me?" Rizal was very affected with Brandon's comments and questioned himself.
"Can't he fulfil my simple wish? I just want to call him dad!" Rizal continued crying.
"I just want to be like the rest of my classmates, to be able to play with Dad. Why does my dad hate me so much? Did I do anything wrong?" Rizal wiped his tears.
"Here you go, baby. Your favorite brownie. Eat something and you will feel better." Cadence baked Rizal's favorite brownie and hoped he felt better after eating his treat.
"Hey! Rizal! Come and play!" Cadence invited Rizal for a round of game.
"Don't worry! No matter what happens, Mummy is here for you. Always." Cadence said to Rizal. Rizal was comforted with the fact that he had a wonderful mum and sweet siblings. At that point in time, it did not seem to bother him that his Dad did not acknowledge his presence.
The trio spent the night playing their video games. This was a picture of bliss for the Sierras.
"Woah! Right turn, Mum!!" Rizal shouted out in excitement. He had felt so much better.
"No!! I can't believe this!" Cadence cried out as she was losing in the game.
Cadence looked at Rizal and smiled. The little boy seemed to be in happier spirits and she really hoped that he can stay happy.
"Hmm..An unforgettable experience...what should I write.." Ollie Sierra pondered on his essay topic.
It looked like Rizal had not gotten over his dad incident. It had since left a scar in his memories that he kept talking to himself. It did not help that he had a insane trait.
"I love my Mum! I HATE my Dad!" Rizal emphasized as he mumbled to himself.
"I'm a pro at my games! I'm no amateur!"
"My Dad must be mad to say that I'm a amateur at the games!" Rizal reasoned out.
While Rizal was troubled and sad, Cadence had her own set of problems. No one had responded to her ads which were looking for the father of Baby 88 for her challenge.
Cadence looked at herself into the mirror. "Have confidence, Cadence. You can do it! You are nearing the finishing point!" She encouraged herself.
Still looking fabulous! Cadence! Don't worry about your looks!
"Hmm..V shaped face. Check! Flawless complexion. Check! Moisturized skin. Check!" Cadence preened and groomed herself.
"Will all the good quality, unique and eligible guys please stand up!" Cadence did an imaginary plead. As she got nearer and nearer to her target of 100 babies, Cadence was more careful and stringent in choosing the fathers for the 100 baby challenge.
"Ugh! Weird personality. Nope. Balding man. Nope. Angry man. Nope." Cadence rejected some of the offers that she received through her mails.
"Hmm..Is it that difficult to find the next father for Baby 88? Are there any good man left in Sunset Valley?" Cadence pondered and frowned.
The next evening, Cadence received a call from a mysterious man with a husky voice, "Hi! Is that Cadence Sierra? I'm Stephan LaMooy. I have to take part in your 100 baby challenge. I am the ONE for the challenge." The man sounded firm and confident in his tone.
Cadence was all puzzled and confused with this phone call. She decided to meet up with him to ascertain if he was suitable for this challenge. She made the decision to meet up with Stephan as Cadence had a weakness for husky voice.
Baby 86 Giovanni Sierra grew up into a toddler! He had windswept hair and huge eyes. Cadence dressed him in a yellow and purple overalls to match his hair.  
Baby 87 Zevran Sierra was the exact replica of his twin brother, Giovanni! The only way to tell them apart was through their skin colour. Zevran was a tad fairer than his twin brother.
To increase their adorable and cuteness level, Cadence dressed them in matching outfits.
"Eh!" Giovanni babbled in baby language that no one could understand. It was as if they were looking into a mirror. They looked exactly the same!
Zevran crawled around the house while Giovanni followed suit.
The exhausted Mum, Cadence took a short nap while the kids played.
The twins even had similiar thoughts! Look at their speech bubble, they were thinking of the swimming pool. It looked like the twins would love to frolick in the pool when they grow up.
The next evening, Cadence finally squeezed some time to find Stephan LaMooy. (thanks to mojot89!) He was a man of deep purple skin colour and greyish hair with green ends. Cadence loved his skin colour as it was her favorite skin colour.
"Why did you say that you are the one for this challenge?" Cadence asked Stephan who tried to act mysterious. "Well, you will know after the makings of Baby 88!" Stephan said in his trademark husky voice.
"What if it is nothing special? Will I regret having you in my 100 baby challenge?" Cadence leaned closer and flirted with Stephan who was obviously smitten by her.
"I bet with you that you will love it and might even want to have one yourself! One hundred percent guaranteed that you will not regret having me as the father of Baby 88!" Stephan spoke confidently. "Have one myself? What are you talking about? Alright, I'll see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeves!" Cadence tried to give Stephan a chance in her 100 baby challenge. His purple skin and husky voice was enough to convince her to let him have a go.  
They proceeded to Stephan's bedroom to conceive Baby 88. "Okay! The moment to be revealed!" Stephan proclaimed loudly while Cadence looked at him blankly.
"Aha! I know what are you talking about now! Your Woohoo tattoo on your left arm! That's so cool! But I guess that's not suitable for a mother of a 100 baby challenge. I'll scare off all prospective fathers of the challenge! Did you just tattoo this on?" Cadence admired Stephan's tattoo. "I made this tattoo to celebrate my participation in the 100 baby challenge!" Stephan declared proudly and showed off his Woohoo tattoo.
"Are you sure? You must be kidding me!" Cadence asked Stephan. Stephan looked into Cadence's eyes and spoke sincerely, "I really did this tattoo for the challenge. I told you that I'm the one for this challenge and I mean it. You see, I have to stand out amongst so many applicants for this baby challenge. I need to do something special!" "Wow! Thank you! I'm glad I gave you the chance to be the father of Baby 88." Cadence gave Stephan a thank you kiss.
The all familiar magical sounds! Cadence's bump was showing slightly!
Cadence really cherished her pregnancy moments as she was nearing the end of her baby challenge. "Ah..I might even miss the vomit, nausea, backaches and the pain from labour!" Cadence gushed.
This was Ollie with his imaginary friend, Huan Yue the Pandadoll. This panda had accompanied him throughout the years. When he was a baby, the presence of the pandadoll never failed to calm him down.
The Sierras had a new mode of transport! It was a rideable dragon which worked like a motorcycle.
Cadence can now scoot around the neighbourhood in this very cool jade green dragon to buy her groceries.
"Woah! Cool! Feels like I'm riding a horse!" Cadence said.
Download your very own rideable dragon here
Ollie was very fascinated with the Sierra's new mode of transport. He loved riding this to school as this dragon impressed all the girls in school!
Cadence did her regular update of her 100 baby challenge on her blog. This detailed her journey, story and thoughts on her baby challenge.
"One, two, three, four. Two, two, three, four." Ollie would work out during the evening at the attic. He would often blast the music as he worked out.
Cadence doing her laundry in very sexy underwear.
Ollie danced to the music. He had a trim and fit figure as a result of his exercise regimen.
It looked like Rizal has not gotten over the hurting incident with his dad. He continued talking to himself and refused to kick the habit even after umpteenth reminders from Cadence.
He was still very bitter over the comments that his Dad made. "Lousy game player! He is not my son!" These words kept ringing in his ears.
Rizal tried to confide in his elder brother, Ollie.
Giovanni having a great time meddling with the blocks.
The Sierra kids had very cool and lovely hair. Ollie helped to look after Zevran who loved his elder brother's company.
The Sierra kids learned to be eco-conscious since young. Cadence had made a conscious effort to teach them the fundamentals on saving the environment: How to reuse, reduce and recycle. She placed a recycling bin at their home and tried to be a role model for the kids.
"Time to wash this pandadoll..Its getting dirty after so many years!" Cadence finally washed the pandadoll after repeated usage.
It was definitely not easy living with two kids with the insane trait, especially if they loved talking to themselves. Much less being a Mum of two kids with the insane trait. Unfortunately, both Ollie and Rizal were such kids and they loved talking to themselves instead of talking to one another.
"I am a good boy! But my Dad don't love me!" Rizal declared.
"I miss my panda panda!" Ollie suffered from withdrawal symptoms as his pandadoll was in the laundry.
"Why? Tell me why?" Rizal muttered.
"I can't concentrate without my panda!" Ollie yearned for his pandadoll.
"I hate my hair! I want pink blonde hair too!" Rizal shouted loudly as he got emotional.
"Argh!" Ollie leaned his foot forward.
"I don't want to look like my dad!" Rizal said.
"I miss my panda panda! I want my panda panda!" Ollie started chanting and repeating himself.
"I am a good boy! I have good grades! Yay!" Rizal laughed and said.
"Why am I talking to myself?" Ollie questioned his insane trait.
"Woo..Ah.." Rizal started making strange noises and sounds.
"Why am I talking to myself? Because my panda panda is in the washing machine. I can only talk to myself!" Ollie pitied himself.
"Hey! Stop making strange noises, will you? I can't concentrate on my thoughts." Ollie berated Rizal who was startled by Ollie. He could not believe that his brother, the kind and gentle Ollie was asking him to stop talking. "No one loves me!" Rizal quickly ran off.
Cadence could tell that Giovanni was a avid book reader.
He could peer at the books for ages without eating or making a sound.
"Hey, Ollie! Why did Rizal stormed off just now? You must have did something.." Cadence was anxious to find out as she did not want Rizal to be hurt again. "Mum! Are you accusing me?" Ollie said.
"No! Don't get the wrong idea! I am not accusing you. I'm just asking you why did Rizal storm off?" Cadence denied. "You did! You said I must have done something to make him storm off." Ollie pointed at Cadence. "Mum! He scolded me! He asked me to stop talking!" Rizal complained in the background.
Cadence looked at Ollie hoping that he would give an explanation. "But he was talking to himself again! So I asked him to stop!" Ollie said. "What?? Rizal was talking to himself again? Oh no! His bad habit is acting up again..." Cadence sighed with her eyes wide open.
"Brother was also talking to himself!" Rizal voiced out. "Huh?!?" Cadence was shocked at Rizal's comment. She knew that Ollie had a insane trait but had never seen him talking to himself. "You did talk to yourself?" Cadence was worried sick. Having two kids with the insane trait was definitely no walk in the park.
"I miss my pandadoll..." Ollie utttered softly and sadly. "Alright, the panda would be dry by tomorrow. Don't ever talk to yourself again!" Cadence warned and Ollie nodded his head in agreement.
Zevran loved playing with the red fire engine. He especially loved the sound that the fire engine made.
Cadence suggested that Ollie take up a hobby to divert his attention. He had a keen interest in sculpting and had a go at the sculpting station.
He was adept in sculpting. Within few days, he had progressed from sculpting clay to wood to ice! He had shown a talent at sculpting and was very swift in completing a sculpture.
Cadence worked hard at inventing a new item. Her ultimate aim was to maximise her skills and invent a time machine.
Wow! Lovely mermaid ice sculpture that Ollie had sculpted.
"Hmm..this piece will have to go here..." Cadence meddled with the screws and bolts.
"Mum! Come here! Come here! I've learnt how to sculpt life sculptures. I want you to be my very first sculpture!" Ollie dragged Cadence to the attic and told her excitedly. To the Sierra kids, Cadence was their Mum, their hero, their role model and confidante. Cadence always ranked first in their hearts, no matter what they did.
"Wow! Great! So how do I pose? Like this? Like that? Or? " Cadence tried her hand at posing.
"Hmm..let me see...this would do!" Both mother and son had a great time figuring out the poses and laughing their heads off at some silly poses.
"Make sure its a comfortable position! Because this will take some time!" Ollie told Cadence.
Cadence was really excited to see her life ice sculpture. "Will it melt?" Cadence asked Ollie who shrugged his shoulders.
"Cool! Woah! Son, you are doing great!" Cadence marvelled as she saw part of her life sculpture. "Give me a perky butt and a great figure!" Cadence laughed and joked.
"But you got to be slightly faster. My arms are aching!" Cadence placed her hands down for a while to rest.
"Almost done! Just hang in a little there!" Ollie encouraged her mum to stay in position.
"Completed!" Ollie felt a great sense of satisfaction with his first life ice sculpture. "Wonderful job, son! Let me admire my pregnant ice sculpture! Look at my perky butt!" Cadence chortled.
"Wow! I can't believe my son did this! You are going to be a great sculptor in time to come, Ollie! Well done!" Cadence gave Ollie a pat on his back.
Cadence's ice sculpture was placed in their attic.
Cadence thought that the sculpture had captured Cadence's pregnant self very well. It was a great memento for Cadence who was perpetually pregnant all her life!
See the resemblance between the real Cadence and her ice sculpture?
"WOW! What's that?" Rizal stopped in his tracks and stared hard at the ice sculpture.
"Your brother, Ollie did this! Its an ice sculpture of me!" Cadence explained to the surprised Rizal. He was totally fascinated and enthralled with the sculpture. "Amazing! I did not know that you could do this with ice!" He exclaimed.
Baby is on the way!
The baby carrier made its appearance once again at the Sierras! The Sierras welcomed a set of twin girls! Double joy!
It was an orange baby! Let's welcome Baby 88 Gregoria Sierra! (Thanks to Greg!) Cadence had no idea how did the bright orange skin colour came about. She nicknamed Gregoria as the little Sun as her skin colour reminded her of the bright sunshine rays.
Congratulations to the Sierras for the arrival of Baby 89 Raeleigh Sierra! (thanks to Gjade!) She was nicknamed the little Moon as her skin colour was mysterious like the nightfall. So there you go, the day and night babies! Little Sun and Little Moon!


  1. what happened to rizal's blue skin?

  2. how did the baby's get diff skin, let me guess, the skin is on the same skin tone slider as their dad, because of this:

    also here is a dramatic thing to do: Rizal will get so sad that his dad hates that he drowns himself (just a suggestion to add drama, if not that, something emo)

  3. Hi Edward,

    I guess so coz I download that before.

    Haha! I'll be so sad if Rizal drowned himself. He's so cute! Yup! I'll add something emo but I won't let him die though!

  4. as a toddler, his skin was blue, how did it change?

  5. Hi Edward!

    He had that skin when he age up! Not sure why, maybe its a glitch?

  6. I dunno how that happened with Rizal's skin, everything I used to make Brandon was default and I don't use Mod The Sims skin sliders.
    I know when Ashley used Brandon in her challenge the babies were born with skin like Rizal's but I think they must of inhereted it from Charlotte. And don't let him die, he's our little bunny wabbit!! XD

    Glad Candance had a girl in this update, a house full of non-girls would of driven her mad!! I'll try and do another dad for you at ome point, it must be quite hard to get a hold of 'em. Anything you want in paticular or shall I just create the strangest-looking guy I can? X Anyways, good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  7. Hi Jessamine, Yup! He is so cute! I won't let him die!!

    Yup! Finally a girl to balance the ratio!
    Sure! Thanks!!

  8. I think the next father will only be apart of the baby challenge if Cadence has short hair. I think she would look like one hot momma with a bob, or a pixie!

  9. haha...I tried it but I think this hairstyle suits her the best! Its her trademark!

  10. Ok, just a thought! I have a blog of my own now, you inspired me!

  11. Hi Alj647, Cool! Well done!

  12. How on earth did Gregoria and Raeleigh get orange and dark blue skin?! Cadence has normal, light skin and their dad has purple. Where did orange and dark blue come from? Does their Dad have brothers and sisters those colors? Is that where they got it?


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