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The Precious Grandson! Baby 85!

Many thanks to SmiggleSims for the cute Franny Bunny Light! Its been a long time the Sierras have received gifts from fellow simmers!
"Ouch!" The hammer that Cadence was holding accidentally hit her fingers. Cadence was not concentrating at all. Her mind was preoccupied on how to break the news to Chasity.
Cadence finally thought of a good reason and took the courage to speak to Chasity. "Hmm..she is made of scraps and metal, she won't be heartbroken even if she was upset, right?" She reasoned out and comforted herself.
She drew a deep breath and spoke to Chasity the Simbot that night," Chasity, look, I'm doing the 100 baby challenge. According to my rules, I'm not allowed to have any help around the house. I'm a full time stay home Mum who has to do everything myself. As much as I love your company, having you in the house violates the 100 baby challenge rules..." "Uhuh.....So..." Chasity paused and did not know what to say. "You have been a great help, Mimi and Megan loves you but I'm afraid that you have to go." Cadence broke the news gently to Chasity. "Oh...." Chasity turned very quiet as her metal arms creaked.
"I really hate to go...but if having me around the house violates the 100 baby challenge rules, I'm willing to go. I don't want to impede your journey to 100 babies...and I take up a space in the house as well..." Chasity was very understanding. She was very sad to leave though her face was devoid of emotions as she was a robot. She went around the house to kiss the kids goodbye.
"Bye! My friend. I will never forget you. You are the first friend that I ever had. Like what people always said, a good friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have. Cadence, you are my lucky clover. I have experienced friendship, love, faith, kinship and hope at the Sierras. Thank you so much for this short but memorable experience. I will miss you." Chasity waved goodbye. Cadence held back her tears. She felt really bad and miserable for "chasing" her away. Rules were flexible and can be changed. But she had her kids' in mind, her daughter Eon really did not like the idea of having a Simbot at home. "Goodbye, my friend. You are always welcome at the Sierras, do drop by to visit." Cadence bade Chasity goodbye.
Cadence proceeded to improve her inventing skills. Her aim was to invent the time machine. She was badly burnt when she accidentally forgot to switch the flame to the weaker mode. Poor Cadence!
She was very persistant in her inventing ventures. She carried on despite her burns.
Mimi Sierra wailed for attention as Cadence could not hear her from the top level.
"Where's mama??" Mimi pondered.
While she was all dirty and scruffy, she decided to dig through the trash can to look for scraps. For those in the inventing profession, this was one way to find scraps though it was an unglamourous way to do so. "Hmm...Hope noone can recognise me in this burnt state..." Cadence looked around, turning and tossing her head to make sure that no one saw her doing such an unglamourous thing.
"Ah...let see if there are more treasures at the bottom..." Cadence totally stuck her head into the bin and rummaged through the rubbish. What a huge sacrifice that she had to make!
"Cadence?! What are you doing here?" She felt someone tapped on her shoulder. She looked up and turned around. It was Charlotte Montgomery, a kind old lady who had always wanted her son to join Cadence's 100 baby challenge. Cadence was so surprised that Charlotte could recognise her in such a getup. "Err...yah? I'm in the inventing profession, so I'm looking for scraps..." Cadence said in a soft tone, slightly embarrassed that she was so dirty and so different from her usual self. "Oh wow! You look kinda different, but I can still recognise your pink blonde hair...though its a little spiky right now..." Charlotte looked at her hair and giggled.
"We are so near my house, just a few houses away! Come! Let me introduce to you my son. I had always wanted him to meet you." Charlotte jested. "Erm..Not today, Charlotte. I'm in a bad state right now." Cadence hemmed. "Don't worry! My son, Brandon won't mind!" Charlotte gestured her to follow her. (Thanks Jessamine for Brandon and Charlotte). Within minutes, they reached Charlotte's house and a blue skinned man with black hair greeted them. "Cadence, this is my son, Brandon Montgomery. Son, this is the legendary Cadence Sierra, mother of the 100 baby challenge!" Charlotte gave a little introduction. "Nice meeting you!" Brandon reached out his hand and gave Cadence a firm handshake. He was hesistant when he saw her all burnt and hair standing. Charlotte met Cadence one day at the Central Park. She approached Cadence and asked if she could help persuade her son to have kids. Seeing that Charlotte was a kind old lady, Cadence agreed. Brandon disliked kids but his dearest mother wanted grand-children. So the best way for them to get what they want was for Brandon to participate in the 100 baby challenge.
"My god! What has Mum gotten me into? Why is she recommending a burnt lady with the hair all standing up to me!?! She stinks too! I thought Cadence Sierra was a ravishing beauty? Can she have better taste?" Brandon was shocked, with his mouth wide open. He excused himself to leave Cadence and Charlotte to talk.
"Brandon doesn't seem to like the idea. Or maybe he was too shocked at my appearance.." Cadence said to the concerned Charlotte.
"I'll drop by next time! I will definitely dress properly!" Cadence told Charlotte. "Why don't you take a bath at our house?" Charlotte was really anxious to have grandchildren. She hoped that Cadence can conceive as soon as possible. She did not want to waste any more time as she was getting older as the days passed by. Her wish was to see her grandkid. Cadence understood her concerns and went to take a bath.
Meanwhile, Charlotte tried to convince Brandon. "Cadence is a very pretty lady...ravishing beauty I must say!" Charlotte said.
"But..that does not seem to be the case when I saw her just now..she looked really scary with her burnt skin and hair all standing up!" Brandon gasped. "Son, Mum is getting no younger, you know what's my wish. I don't wish to nag you anymore. I really hope you know what to do. The 100 baby challenge is a really good opportunity for you to have kids without commitment." Charlotte tried to talk Brandon into taking part in the challenge.  
"Hey there! Brandon..I'm all clean now!" Cadence chirped as she was back to her usual self. Brandon appeared disinterested. "Everything in your hands...I'll leave you guys to talk!" Charlotte winked at Cadence.
Charlotte walked away to give them some personal and private space. Cadence tried to walk closer to speak to Brandon but was violently rejected by Brandon, "Don't come closer! I'm allergic to girls!"
Seeing that Brandon was not very friendly towards Cadence, Charlotte tried to interfere and help ease the tension. "He's just kidding with you! Don't take it to heart..." Charlotte said. "But I'm serious..." Brandon murmured in the background.
Charlotte snarled at Brandon to hint him to shut up. She tried to divert the topic by talking about other things. The trio spent some time talking about mundane and boring issues like how a bird takes flight. Cadence was demonstrating to them how an eagle spread its wings.
Then Cadence started talking about holidays and trips which made Brandon very excited. Cadence knew that she had hit the jackpot! She knew Brandon's weakest link, he had a soft spot for holidays and exotic tours. "The camel ride was so cool!!" Brandon described the entire process in details to Cadence who was a very good listener. Charlotte was very glad that they had made some progress. "Knew Cadence could nail it! I'm right.." She thought and smiled.
"Want to come to a place filled with love, hope, joy and peace?" Cadence whispered into Brandon's ear. "Pray tell! Where is this place? Rome? Paris? France?" Brandon was anxious to find out.
"The Sierras! Its a place filled with love, all the way to the brim!" Cadence declared proudly. "Uhuh!?! No! No!" Brandon gave Cadence a resounding no.
He walked away and suddenly felt very giddy. "Argh! What has Mum gotten me into? I'm in a huge mess right now. Cadence ruined my night's rest..." Brandon was annoyed.
Cadence quickly followed him. All of a sudden, Brandon collapsed on the floor. He had fainted out of exhaustion! "Oh!" Cadence tried to catch him when he fainted but to no avail.
"Wow! He had totally fallen asleep! Amazing! He must have been really tired..let him take a short nap." Cadence thought as she looked at Brandon who was snoring away.
The twins, Eon and Ian did not seem to get along very well with one another. They often quarrelled over trvial issues like toys, computer games and even food. Cadence has talked to them several times about this.
"Mum! Ian drew on my homework! I'll get scolded by my teacher...." Eon complained to Cadence in front of Ian. "Complain queen..always complain to Mum..Girls are nothing but trouble!" Ian thought. "Kids...when you grow up, you will eventually find out that there is no friend like a sibling. In calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray and lift one when one totters." Cadence dished out a wisdom nugget to share with the twins.
"Woah Woo!" Baby 79 Secret Sierra was all ready to step into the young adulthood.
This was him, all pensive as he seriously thought about his life and career path. He was unsure of what he wanted to do in life.
Ian tucking in the delicious birthday cakes.
That night, Charlotte invited Cadence to her house while Brandon was asleep. "He sleeping in the room..." Charlotte whispered to Cadence. Cadence relaxed on the bed while waiting for Brandon to wake up. "What are you doing on my bed?!!?" Brandon woke up with a startle and pushed Cadence away.
"Brandon! Cool down!" Cadence screamed at him when Brandon tried to push Cadence off the bed. "Listen! you are the one and only son of your mum. Do you know that your mother yearns for a kid? She is getting on the years and will not live forever. Can't you just grant her a wish? She is just a lonely old lady who wants to see her grandkid. She has your interests at heart. She told me that she can't be with you forever and you would need someone to look out for you when you are old and frail. Can't you just understand this very simple fact? " Cadence reasoned out while Brandon listened quietly. "But she can't force me into what I don't want, I don't want a kid!" The child hater Brandon retorted. "Just treat the kid like your friend!" Cadence said. Brandon thought for ten minutes and said, "Cadence, I decided to give the challenge a go but I don't want to have anything to do with the kid. I don't want him to know that I'm his or her father."
"You will definitely change your mind when you see the baby, thats the power of love..." Cadence smiled and soon after, there were sounds of the lullaby.
"Whee! We are turning into teenagers! I want to learn how to drive the scooter!" Ian said excitedly to Eon.
Baby 80 Eon Sierra grew up into a dainty and beautiful lady with poise and elegance. She had very delicate features and would turn heads whenever she walked on the streets.
Twin brother, Baby 81 Ian Sierra grew up into a sporty boy who was a technophobe. Both Ian and Eon looked identical except for the fact that they were of different genders. They had the same blue eyes and skin and same brown hair
"Eon! Eon!" Cadence called out for her. Eon quickly ran away as she knew that Cadence had wanted her to learn how to do basic household chores such as laundry and washing dishes. Eon was a lazy girl who did not want to lift a finger to do the housework.
However, every Sierra teen had to go through this rite of passage. They definitely have to learn how to help around the house as Cadence always had her hands full. "Mum, can I wait till tomorrow?" Eon gave Cadence the excuse. "No excuses allowed at the Sierras. You got to learn!" Cadence said firmly. "But....I don't know how to do!" Eon sighed. "That's why you should learn!" Cadence told Eon who was totally dreading to do the housework.
On the other hand, Ian was a keen learner and hoped to learn some cooking skills from Cadence.
Baby 83 Megan Sierra became a little girl. She had a little princessy hairstyle which she loved. She had dark skin and round blue eyes.
Twin sister, Baby 82 Mimi Sierra was a fair skinned girl. She resembled her father, Ripsy who had left them a huge inheritance.
The twins, Mimi and Megan enthralled in their favourite movie, The Toy Story. They had different taste though, Mimi loved Woody while Megan loved Buzz lightyear.
Aw!! Baby 84 Ollie Sierra grew up into a toddler. He wore a cute little shirt which says,"How cute am I?" He was definitely very cute with those huge brown peepers. He had inherited Cadence's hair and Aidan's dark skin.
"You place the bait on the rod carefully....then..." Cadence was going through the entire fishing process with Megan who had a keen interest in fishing.
"Mum, housework ain't that tough after all!" Eon said with confidence. She has managed to find some fun and joy in doing housework. "Well done, girl! Told you it wasn't that tough!" Cadence gave her a pat on the shoulder.
Eon balances herself on the slider pole while Ollie played with his aeroplane in the background.
The sensible Ian helping Cadence with the laundry.
"Sis, why don't you join me? Playing alone isn't fun!" Megan invited her twin sister, Mimi to join in the fun. "Nope, video games are not for me..."Mimi rejected Megan's offer.
" should finish your homework before you play on the videogame. Always remember that!" Cadence reminded the girls and whisked them off to the study room to finish their homework.
The twins were very cooperative.
Both Mimi and Megan took turns to help mop up the puddle.
"Chop! Chop! Chop!" Cadence lovingly prepared healthy and nutritious meals for the Sierra kids.
"Stir it! Stir Stir Stir!" Cadence chanted and whistled as she prepared the meal.
Yums! "Food's ready! Kids!" Cadence called out to the kids for lunch.
"Looks good!" Eon entertained a thought.
Mealtimes were a great bonding activity for the Sierras. It was a time for the family to sit together and talk about everything and anything under the sun.
"Hmm..tomatoes..brinjals..onions..." Ian tried to find out the ingredients in the delicious dish that Cadence has made.
"Once upon a time...there lived..." Eon read out loud to Ollie who loved storybooks.
"Sis, can you read me a bedtime story too?" Mimi requested. "Mimi, I'm very tired. You can read it by yourself." Eon said.
Mimi playing by the blocks table.
Little Ollie had read almost every single baby book in the house. He looked like he would grow up into one big bookworm!
" No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life."
"Ollie..!" Cadence tickled her little boy.
Cadence was glad that the two sisters got along very well.
" sweet and heartwarming.." Ian said when he saw Megan playing peekaboo with Ollie.
"Ommph...!!" Megan loved to play with her little brother, Ollie.
"Wow, Mum! You are a legend! Can I touch your tummy?" Ian was fascinated that a little life lived inside Cadence's tummy. "Sure, you were once inside my tummy, together with your twin sister, Eon!" Cadence said to Ian and beamed with pride.
"Ollie SIERRA!! RA! RA! RA!" Megan teased Ollie who was obviously tickled by his sister.
"Mum, I always see on the documentaries that giving birth is a very scary and bloody process. How did you manage to do it?" Eon was curious. "Haha..just PUSH and PUSH with all your might! Nothing too scary.." Cadence did not want to tell Eon the gory details with regards to giving birth.
"Ollie..hush hush my baby...mummy wants to sleep.." Cadence was so bushed after one whole night of taking care of Ollie who refused to sleep. He was wider awake the entire night.
"Waaa...Waa.." Ollie was very restless and refused to let Cadence put him down.
"Argh..arms are aching..." Cadence said while carrying little Ollie with a huge tummy. Baby 85 was on the way...
Thinking that Ollie might be too bored at home, Cadence took him out to the beach while the rest of the kids were away at school.
This was a picture of family bliss. Carrying a kid in her arms and another one in the tummy, Cadence has never looked back on her choice to take part in the 100 baby challenge. She might have been a career woman, climbing up the corporate ladder if she had chosen not to take part in the challenge.
But being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, since the payment is pure love. Its priceless.
Oh! Baby 85 is coming!!
A brand new addition to the Sierras! Its a boy! Lets welcome Baby 85 Rizal Sierra. (Thanks to Meliaqiz.)
Cadence feeding Rizal his very first bottle of milk! "Charlotte your grandma would be so pleased to see you!" Cadence told the newborn Rizal.
"Thank you, Cadence Sierra. I own you big time.." Charlotte was very grateful to Cadence. "Sure, no problem! I'm doing the 100 baby challenge afterall..." Cadence brushed off. "Oh! My precious look totally like your father, Brandon!" Charlotte's eyes gleamed and brightened when she looked carefully at Rizal.
"What are you doing here?" Brandon told Cadence rudely. "I'm showing your son, Rizal Sierra to your mum. Here, look! The little cutie looked exactly like you!" Cadence showed off Rizal proudly.
Brandon took a glance at the baby and his mood was greatly affected, "I thought I told you I want nothing to do with this kid?"
"Don't be stubborn, try carrying him.." Cadence encouraged him.
"Er...I have no interest in little squashy soft beings, please bring him out of my sight." Brandon appeared uninterested. Poor Rizal, though he was well loved by his grandma and mother, his father did not seem to acknowledge his presence.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


  1. LOL!! Brandon is just like a stubborn child himself!! XD I laughed out loud reading this! If you need any more daddies, just drop me a line I have a great time making them.

  2. Hi Jess! Thanks for Brandon and Charlotte, they really helped me to develop this interesting chapter. Hope u like it!

  3. Awesome chapter, HermonySims. You really put a lot of effort on making this challenge. Well done. This is my first time reading this blog. Seems like Brandon will be a bad daddy... Love the blue colour babies :-)

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    I am sorry if there are bugs and glitches on your game. I am sure everyone is pretty no matter how they look on the exchange photo... :) It could be off-site CC that make this weird nose bugs on your game? :(

  5. Hello HermonySims. Just to let you know I've recommended all your sims at your studio just now. I am wondering though why some sims have strange noses? Like Aiko Sierra on page 7

    I am sorry if there are bugs and glitches on your game. I am sure everyone is pretty no matter how they look on the exchange photo... :) It could be off-site CC that make this weird nose bugs on your game? :(

  6. Hello HarmonySims,

    I love your blog. I came across it just recently and started reading from the beginning. It's great that you put so much time and effort into it and you have inspired me to take on the challenge as well :) It's clear that you have a good time doing this and I hope to do much the same...

    The beginnings of my blog can be found at

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  7. @Istongo: thank you so much for clicking on the ads. I have put in alot of effort into this challenge. Aiko, Anako and Ayako have very strange features because their father have very strange check out that chapter! Its not bad CC. Thanks for reccomending my sims!

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  14. @Edward: I don't have so much cash to spare..

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  16. Phoebe is #71.
    Brandon is a jerk! He's moody, it seems. All the kids this chapter were cute, especially Ollie and Megan. Megan is and looks like such a sweetheart... her hairstyle looks great on her! And what's Cadence doing poking in the trash? LOL, she looks so funny and weird.

  17. @purple: Baby 71:)

    @summer: Thanks! She is digging through the trash to look for scraps:)

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