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Lil' Babes in Uniform! Baby 86 and 87!!

Many thanks to JessDiane for the Giraffe Measurer. I had a great time coming up with the story with Brandon and Charlotte!
A big thank you to briemegsims for the entire Ultra Lounge Girls' Bedroom Set. It costs alot of Simpoints! The Sierras thank you for your generosity.
Thank you, ChrissyR for your expensive gift of the Forest Bedroom. The kids loved it! 

  Thanks to Samaria for the Animal Friends Wall Shelf V.2. Looks like the Sierras' kids bedroom would go for a slightly revamp with all these lovely gifts!
 Fountain of Decadence! Who can resist those flowing delicious chocolate? Thank you zobeida for your gift! 

"Bro...Aren't you alittle too big and heavy for this slide? I want to have a go on it! " Megan asked Ian who was hanging out on the slide.
"Hmmph...why am I on this slide?" the blur Ian was puzzled and wondered why he was sitting on the slide and not sliding down. He probably missed his childhood.
With the teenage Ian on the slide, Megan turned her attention to the trampoline. "Whee! This is so fun, sis!" Megan exclaimed to her twin sister, Mimi who enjoyed the game thoroughly.
"Let's see who can jump higher!" Megan challenged her twin sister, Mimi.
"WOah! This is way too high! AHHHHHH!!!!" Mimi screamed her lungs out.
The obedient Ian helping Cadence to look after his little toddler brother, Ollie.
"Mum, brother Ian sat at the slide the entire night, is anything wrong with him?" Megan raised her concerns with Cadence. "He seems alright, I'll have a talk with him" Cadence said.
Look Ma! I can read without clothes on! Little Ollie loved his books so much that he can read them the first thing in the morning without going ahead with his breakfast.
"Hmm...the porch seems to be a good place to hide.." Megan pondered on where to hide in a game of hide and seek with her sister, Eon.
"Sigh..I hate math. I hate numbers!! Why would I need algebra in real life?" Eon struggled with her math homework.
"Argh..let me see...sine, cosine, tangent...which one to use?" Eon scratched her head and mulled over her problem sums.
"Sis, u know my partner James is pretty cute. He wrote a love letter to me!" Megan confided in Mimi. They were the best of friends and sisters.
"Really? I think he's quite cute with those freckles." The twins start pretty young in the boys department! They were typical girls who loved to share gossip with one another.
"He say I'm the prettiest girl in class!" Megan whispered to Mimi.
"Of course! Because I'm not in your class!" Both roared with laughter at Mimi's joke. Though they were twins, they were in different classes in school.  
"Are you eavesdropping on us?" Mimi asked Eon who was standing behind Megan.
"No!! I'm trying to scare MEGAN!" As she spoke, Eon jumped on Megan who had a rude shock.
"I'll tell Mum about this!" Megan was fuming mad at Eon. "Yes, Megan! I'll be your witness!" Mimi was all for supporting her twin sister, Megan. "Do you guys have to take this seriously? Its just a joke!" Eon laughed at their seriousness.
"I'll tell Mum that somebody is so rude, eavesdropping on our conversation! Right, Mimi? " Megan complained. "Yes!" Mimi replied in unison. "Fine, whatever you say. Childish fellows!" Eon replied nonchalantly. "I wonder who is the childish one to start this first!" Megan scoffed.  
"Can we change channels? I'll get nightmares watching this!" The timid Ian disapproved his twin sister, Eon's choice of television programmes.
"This is so educational and interesting! Mum goes through this all the time!" Eon told Ian. They were watching the discovery channel where they broadcasted the giving birth process. "Argh!" Ian cried out as he saw a stream of blood squirting out.
"Cool! They are getting the baby out soon!!" Eon had her eyes and attention affixed on the programme. "Bleargh..Eon has such weird taste..." Ian had this confused and timid look on his face.
"This game rocks!" Megan said to Mimi. They were playing their favourite game which required them to display their cooking skills to win the highest level.
"Ah! Flip it! Flip it! Toss the burger!" Mimi shouted out in excitement.
Cadence met up with the Crevan McUna (Thanks to Hanekins!) who had emailed Cadence that he was keen to take up in the 100 baby challenge. In his email, he was very mysterious as he said that he had a bigger challenge for Cadence to take up. Being curious, Cadence decided to choose him and meet him to find out all about it. "So what's the challenge about?" Cadence asked Crevan. "I will not take part in your challenge unless you can accede to this request. I like uniformed girls, so u have to be in uniform to take part in the challenge." Crevan smiled to the confused Cadence.
"Uniformed girls?!?" Cadence went back and pondered over it the entire night. She had no idea what Crevan was talking about.
"Yup, uniforms..." Cadence said to Baby 3 Bliss Sierra who was now an accomplished supermodel. "Sure! I totally understand what he means. Mum, don't worry, I'll get you some uniforms. But...are you sure you are going to allow someone with a uniform fetish to take part in the 100 baby challenge. The babies might turn out perverted!" Bliss warned her mum. "Don't worry, under my nurture and tender loving care, the kids would turn out fine!" Cadence assured Bliss.
Toddler Ollie was all ready to step into childhood! He was very amused with the dancing flame on the candle and can't wait to blow them!
Baby 84 Ollie Sierra as a little boy. He was a curious little boy with huge round amber eyes with dark skin. He looked alot like his featured dad, Aidan though he has inherited Cadence's signature pink blonde hair and brows.
Looked like Ollie has gotten the "talking to himself" syndrome. Cadence had noticed this in quite a few of the Sierra kids.
"What?!?!" Ollie growled angrily to himself.
"Quit talking to yourself! Are you insane? Ollie..." Eon was one who would not mince her words. She was very direct in her words, those words must have hurt Ollie alot. He walked away after hearing those words.
"I want a big birthday bash at the beach! All my friends have cool parties at fun places, not at home!" Eon sulked when Ian suggested to have their birthday party at home. "Do you know how much it costs to rent the beach for a party? Mum is doing the 100 baby challenge, we can't waste her money like this!" The sensible and calculative Ian calculated the cost for Eon to see.
"We should just have our party at home, with Mum and our little siblings. You know Eon, as the saying goes, the love of a family is life's greatest blessing." Ian spoke words of wisdom. "Wow, let's give the wisdom guru, Ian Sierra a big round of applause for his wise words..." Eon's words were laced with sarcasm. 
"Are you taking a dig at me?" Ian said. "WAahhaha! Glad you notice that! Mama's boy!" Eon laughed her head off.
"Laughing so who is the insane one?" Ollie murmured as he saw Eon laughing hysterically.
"Neh Neh Neh Poo Poo..." Ollie entertained himself.
"Argh...what's that foul smell? " There was totally no odour at all but Ollie had imagined that there was a smell in the house.
Time for party at the Sierras! Mimi and Megan cheered while the inappropriate Ollie laughed at the celebration.
So, in the end, the family loving Ian won. Due to budget constraints, they had their party at home. "I want to be a supermodel!" Eon wished before she blew the candles.
"Congrats! Welcome to young adulthood. A wise nugget for you guys...A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. " Cadence wished Eon and Ian a very happy birthday.
Ian was first to "evolve" into a young adult as he was surrounded by lovely glittery sparkles!
Aww...Baby 80 Eon Sierra grew her locks and had a head of luscious brown hair. She looked like the lovely Rapunzel with her neverending hair. She was an attractive lady with huge blue-grey eyes and chiselled features. Definitely a heartbreaker!
Baby Ian Sierra grew up into a fun-loving young adult who loved to dance. He embraced life and had a positive and great attitude towards life.
"What's taking you so long?" The expression on Ian's face totally described the words on his shirt. He was annoyed that he had waited Eon for two hours to get ready. They were late for their appointment to view their new home.
"I need to make up, choose my clothes, comb my hair and put on my earrings and stuff...." Eon explained as her twin brother rolled his eyes.
"Let's get going! We are running late!" Ian said while Eon followed.
"So what colour should we paint the walls of the house?" Eon asked Ian for his opinions. They had fell in love with the quaint old house at the corner of the street and had placed a deposit for it. They were all ready to renovate and move in!
"I like white, pure and innocent! Just like me!" Ian said as Eon laughed. "What a bold statement huh!" Eon teased her twin brother.
Baby 85 Rizal Sierra grew up! Cadence dressed him in a super adorable rabbitwear. Everyone who saw him in this outfit would loved to squash and pinch the cheeks of the cute little Rizal!
The rabbit outfit perfectly blended into the pale blue carpet.
Megan was very amused by little Rizal's outfit. She especially loved to tug on the little round white tail of the rabbitwear.
"Peeka......" Rizal covered his eyes with his small hands.
"BOOOO!" Megan teased Rizal.
"I'm ready for your uniform challenge! Are you ready to take part in my 100 baby challenge!" Cadence said in conviction.
"If you are ready, I am here anytime!" Crevan said and was excited to see what Cadence had gotten up to. "You will be so surprised! I had lots of interesting stuff to show you." Cadence told Crevan animatedly.
"But, you gotta remember. If you do not meet my requirements, I will not take part in your 100 baby challenge. I'm very strict! I only want the perfect uniformed lady." Crevan explained.
"Well, let's wait and see then. I'm sure you will be bowled with my uniforms, charisma and beauty." Cadence laughed as she praised herself.
"I'm sure you will look good in uniforms!" Crevan answered. "Can I ask you a question? Do you have a uniform fetish? Because my daughter told me to be careful of you! She says you might have a serious case of uniform fetish!" Cadence giggled as she asked Crevan.  
Crevan looked around and made sure that no one was near.
He leaned forward and whispered to Cadence,"I'm no uniform fetish monster. I'm a fashion designer, working on my latest uniform collection. I need some inspiration!"
"But why do you have to whisper? Is it some secret?" Cadence said softly. "Its a trade secret. I don't want people to know that I am running out of ideas. Can you keep this secret for me?" Crevan said. Cadence nodded and told Crevan that her lips were sealed. After which, Cadence invited Crevan to the Sierras for some uniform fashion "parade".
First up, Cadence dressed herself in a schoolgirl outfit complete with geeky thick glasses. She portrayed a studious schoolgirl with her socks reaching her knees. The outfit gave her a youthful and innocent image, she totally did not look like a mother of the 100 baby challenge!
"So how do you think this look?" Cadence asked Crevan who raised his brows.
"I kind of like my geeky look! I think I can go to school with my kids in this outfit!" Cadence mused as she worked her charms on Crevan.
"You look good in this but I don't think this will appeal to the mass audience. They don't want to look silly." Crevan analysed.
"So..can we proceed on to make Baby 86 then?" Cadence flirted with Crevan.
"Nope, I'm not satisfied with this outfit at all...too amateurish for an established designer like me.." Crevan rejected Cadence's request. "Its ok, I'll change into something else!" Cadence chirped, totally not affected by the rejection. She knew this was just the beginning, she had more to show Crevan.
Cadence changed into a policewoman outfit which showed her svelte curves. She was looking very good in this outfit. She even had black leather boots to complete the outfit.
"Stop there! You are arrested! Crevan!" Cadence laughed as she played the role of a policewoman.
"You would be the prettiest policewoman in Sunset Valley!" Crevan admired Cadence and praised her.
"OOh! That's the first compliment I have received from you!" Cadence gave Crevan a hug.
"Sure! Do you have anything else to show me? Maybe something less coverup?" Crevan asked Cadence.
Cadence then changed into a revealing policewoman outfit with sheer stockings and tight leather shorts. Hot babe alert!
"Revealing policewoman outfit! Though I wonder how would a policewoman run with these sheer stockings? They would definitely tear!" Cadence exclaimed as Crevan marvelled at the outfit.
"This is a nice outfit! I think my inspiration is coming!" Crevan proclaimed as he scrutinised the outfit.
"Cadence, thanks for agreeing to do this uniform challenge for me..You are such a ravishing beauty.." Crevan looked into Cadence's eyes passionately.
"You could have been a supermodel walking on the runways instead of being a mum to 100 kids!" Crevan said. "Oh! Thats a great compliment! But I treasure my family more than anything else in the world.." Cadence said.
"I'll have more uniforms to show you. Wait and see!" Cadence was all ready to change to the next outfit.
The Sailormoon outfit! Cadence was all ready to save the world!
"How about some comic relief? The sailormoon outfit!" Cadence made a silly face at Crevan.
They had a great time doing silly faces and antics. Cadence felt that she had almost returned back to her childhood.
"Are you ready to save the mankind?" Crevan played along with Cadence.
"This sailormoon outfit is similar to the schoolgirl outfit but this encompasses more character and attitude in it.." Crevan inspected the outfit.
"Do you have anymore outfit?" Crevan asked Cadence.
"Give me a break! Let's take five. Changing into these outfits can be very tough work! Its exhausting!" Cadence pleaded for some rest time.
After a little break, Cadence was feeling refreshed, she changed into another version of the policewoman outfit. "Woo..this feels liberating! I can imagine chasing after thieves in this!" Cadence laughed.
"This outfit is really cool, right? Crevan? Little black vest, black tie, short flirty skirt. I can wear this out anytime!" Cadence asserted.
"Yup! I think this is the best policewoman outfit amongst the three outfits that you have showed me! You are indeed saving the best for last!" Crevan replied as he held Cadence's hands.
"I can't wait to see what you have installed for me next!" Crevan's voice was tinged with excitement. "Two more outfits to go! They would definitely make your eyes pop!" Cadence chortled.
Aha! The outfit that all men would be fascinated about: The french maid outfit! Cadence looked extremely sexy with those black fishnet stockings and white pumps.
"Hmm..I did not know I could look good in a french maid outfit!" Cadence checked herself out in front of the mirror.
"Wow! No wonder Bliss told me this is one of the most desired outfit!" Cadence marvelled at the lovely lacey outfit.
"WOAH!" Crevan cried out when he saw Cadence in the french maid outfit.
"I feel like I'm the luckiest man on earth now!" Crevan announced as he leaned forward to give Cadence a peck on her cheeks.
In this french maid outfit, Cadence tried to act all shy and coy. "Don't do that to the maid, Sir!" She joked with Crevan.
"Just a kiss will do! A thank you kiss for cleaning the house and keeping it spick and span!" Crevan tried to force a kiss on Cadence.
"No, no! The maid must now wash the dishes!" Cadence tried to refuse Crevan's advances.

"Since I can't kiss the maid, why don't the maid kiss me?" Crevan suggested to Cadence who was still acting the role of a timid and demure french maid.
"Oh well!" Cadence said and proceeded to give Crevan a quick peck on the lips. She blushed and said,  "Last outfit in the wardrobe! Treasure it, Crevan!"
And finally, the moment that Cadence was waiting for. She had been waiting to change into this nurse outfit. Since young, she had always been keen in the medical field and had wanted to become a nurse. Being in this outfit does helped in realising her dreams to wear a nurse outfit.
However, this nurse costume was a very special one. It was all splattered with blood as if she had just came out of a operating theatre. All the male patients' noses would bleed if all nurses were dressed in this manner. Cadence was dressed in a sheer lace tube dress with knee high white stockings.
"Ahh! This feels like giving birth! The nurses who help in my giving birth process are always splattered with blood after my labour! I should suggest them to wear this outfit!" Cadence envisioned.
"WOO!" Crevan blew the whistle and embrace Cadence. They were locked in a embrace, kissing. It was as if time stopped for them.
"Wow! Definitely the hightlight for the day!" Crevan admired the nurse outfit.
"Shall Cadence the nurse give Crevan a little massage?" Cadence suggested.
"But, Cadence...those bloodstains do make you look abit like the murderer! Haha!" Crevan said to Cadence.
"I do have another outfit without these gory bloodstains. But I thought these bloodstains helped to bring out the essence of this outfit. Nurses always have to deal with blood anyway." Cadence reasoned out.
Cadence changed into the outfit without those bloodstains. She looked like a pure and innocent nurse!
"Aw! Wonderful! I'm totally into the mood for the 100 baby challenge right now! Thanks Cadence for all those inspiration!" Crevan punched his fists into the air.
"Oh! Finally! After one whole day of uniform changing...Let's get cracking then!" Cadence was delighted that she had passed the "uniform challenge" that Crevan had set for her.

"Thanks for giving this chance to take part in your "uniform challenge"! I had fun!" Cadence thanked Crevan. "I should be the one thanking you for giving me the inspiration." Crevan said as they proceeded on to make Baby 86!
If you are wondering where to download the uniforms and outfits, you can download them at
After which, Cadence carried on her usual chores.
There were loads of laundry for her to clear at the Sierras.
Cadence seemed to be addicted to the uniforms and especially loved the french maid uniform. She tried on another version of the uniform and thought that it might be fun to go around the house doing housework with this uniform!
Cadence the french maid doing her job at cleaning the toilet.
Cadence the french maid making pancakes for the kids.
"Stir it! Stir it!" Cadence chanted as she prepared the pancakes.
Cadence the french maid controlling the fire to ensure that the pancakes were not burnt.
Almost done!
Delicious pancakes all ready to eat!
Being in the french maid costume made housework seemed more enjoyable and fun.
Rizal was all confused when Cadence carried him. He could not recognise Cadence as she was not in her usual getup.
"Ah! Fresh clothes ready for the Sierras!" Cadence carried on with her housework.
Cadence loved to do laundry as she loved the smell of the fresh and crisp clothes.
Cadence the french maid running around the house to get the chores done in the fastest possible time!
Cadence operating the knobs of the washing machine.
Pouring in the washing powder.
Voila! Baby 86 is on the way!
Rizal relished his food and would devour anything that came along his way.
"Aw! My little rabbit boy! Simply too cute!" Cadence tossed Rizal in the air.
"Shall we go to the beach today? My little rabbit?" Cadence laughed and thought if Rizal would hate her for dressing him in this manner when he grew up.
The mother and child spent the late morning at the breezy beach near their home.
Cadence knew that the best inheritance a parent can give to her children is a few minutes of their time each day. So she made sure she spent quality time with each kid, especially during their growing years.
"Okay, I'll let go of my hands now..." Cadence tried to teach Rizal how to walk.
"Steady does it...." Rizal walked into the arms of Cadence.
"Yesh! Thats right! My dear boy!" Rizal had learnt to walk after the trip to the beach.
"Oh no! Its lunchtime, the kids are coming back! We need to run back to make lunch, Rizal!" Cadence had totally forgotten about the time as she taught Rizal how to walk.
The "little blue rabbit" has learnt how to walk very steadily!
"I'm totally dreading teenagehood!" Mimi sighed. "But why? We can finally learn how to drive soon! I can't wait!" Megan said. "Sis, you know with puberty, we might get pimples and acne during teenagehood. I don't want pimples!!!" Mimi complained. "Don't be silly! You will be fine with perfect flawless skin!" Megan consoled her twin sister.
The day has finally arrived for the twins. They were all ready to step into teenagehood. Megan was all excited while Mimi was apprehensive. Their father, Ripsy would have been very proud of his two little girls if he was still alive.
"I wish for flawless and perfect skin for my teenage years!" That was Mimi's wish as she was still worried that she would have pimple woes. "I want a red sports car!" Megan wished for the fast lane.  
"WOoooo WWWooooo AAAahhhh!" Mimi shouted in glee as she practically "jumped" into teenhood.
Baby 82 Mimi Sierra as a teenage girl! Her worries were uncalled for as she had a porcelain and flawless complexion. Despite that, she religiously take care of her skin with a facial regimen and enjoying trying on new beauty products. With her fair skin and broad face, she looked exactly like her father, Ripsy Elder.
Baby 83 Megan Sierra looked more like Cadence with her round blue eyes. She was an elegant lady who loved ballet.
Though Mimi and Megan were poles apart in terms of their looks, character and traits, they were bosom buddies, best friends, great sisters, companions and pals.
They had the same taste in clothes. You can see them wearing the same dress, albeit different colours.
"Sis, I'll show u a magic trick! Its amazing!" The daredevil Mimi picked up some soil and dirt from the garden and shoved it into her mouth.
" are making me puke! Mimi! Don't do that!" The prim and proper Megan was digusted by her twin sister's actions.
"See! Its all gone! Nothing in my mouth!" Mimi stuck out her tongue to prove to Megan that nothing was inside. She had swallowed all the soil and dirt! "Argh!! This is sick! Don't do this ever again!" Megan was queasy with Mimi's "magic" attempt.
"I saw a lovely sundress in one of the deparmental stores that day! Shall we go and see it this saturday?" Megan was itching for a shopping trip.
Mimi agreed and Megan was thrilled that they were going shopping this weekend! She can't wait!
The daredevil and brave Mimi tried to pull some stunts on the slider pole...
...but she was greeted with a loud thud and a aching bottom.
"Mum, can Mimi and I have some cash? We are going shopping this weekend!" Megan requested. "Megan, you are a teen now. Its not that I don't give you pocket money. If you want to buy something that is not a necessity, you should learn to be innovative to earn your own pocket money to go shopping. " Cadence does not want her kids to become spoilt brats and ask her for money all the time.
Megan found that inventing was a good avenue for her to earn some cash.
On the other hand, Mimi worked her way through drawing drafts and sketches to sell them. The twins worked till late at night to earn some cash to buy their desired dress. This was the way the Sierra kids were raised. If you want something, you have to try and get it yourself. Cadence wanted them to know that here was no free lunch in this world. In this way, they would learn to treasure and cherish the things they have and not take things for granted.
"Looking good and healthy!" Dr Blueflame proclaimed as Cadence went for her routine checkup.
Mimi helped to look after Rizal while Cadence was out for her medical checkup.
"Ahh! I guess eating a little brownie won't hurt!" Mimi had tried to steer out of desserts and sweet stuff for fear of gaining weight.
Ollie Sierra enjoying his night next to the pool under the starlit sky.
"Er...Oh...Oh..." Ollie was afraid of heights, he was hesitant to slide down for fear of hurting himself. "Come on, Ollie. Be brave and slide down! Boys have to be brave!" Cadence encouraged Ollie.
Sexy mama with her kid in tow!
"Mum, can I go for a jog around the neighbourhood?" Ollie asked Cadence who was worried that it was too dangerous for a little boy like Ollie to run around the neighbourhood without supervision.
Cadence told Ollie that he could jump on the trampoline with his sister, Mimi.
"This is so cool! I can feel the baby moving!" Megan was fascinated with Cadence's protruding tummy.
The Sierras took some time off to watch the television.
"Argh! I'm aching all over! I need to stretch....." Cadence growled as she was numb after sitting at the couch for too long.
"Wow! Can the baby talk to me?" The naive Mimi listened to Cadence's tummy.
"Of course not, my dear! The baby can't talk yet!" Cadence laughed at Mimi.
"Mum! Let me show u something! Watch this! " Mimi said as she proceeded to show Cadence the same trick she showed Megan.
"What are you doing?!?! Mimi!! Its dirt! You will have a stomachache after this!" Cadence was appalled at her daughter's daredevil actions. Mimi had shoved all the dirt into her mouth.
"See? Its gone! Yums!!" Cadence frowned upon Mimi's antics.
"Can you promise Mum that you will never do this again?" Cadence tried to knock some sense into Mimi.
Mimi was one drama mama in the house. Her funny antics and loud laughter brought much vitality to the Sierras. Even as she spoke, she would have dramatic actions to boot.
Cadence was especially amused that she had a joker daughter though she was not impressed with her dirt eating magic trick.
"Ooh! Mama! Mama! You are in such pain!" the ever theatrical Mimi cried out as Cadence huffed and puffed away. IT WAS TIME! Baby is on the way!
After a long labour, the baby carrier made its appearance. Was it twins or triplets?
It was a set of blue bundles! The Sierras would like to announce the arrival of Baby 86 Giovanni Sierra! (thanks to Hannah Artura!)
Another baby boy! Let's give a warm welcome to Baby 87 Zevran Sierra! (thanks to Alix Anderson!). Zevran was fairer compared to his twin brother, Giovanni.

Thank you for reading and supporting the 100 Baby Challenge. It really means alot to me.


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